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Gay love story. High school. Explicit sex.
A well-endowed high school athlete, who considers himself straight, is resigned to being appreciated only for his "equipment" when he suddenly finds himself falling into an unexpected relationship with a fellow jock.



Sweaty, tired and nerves a bit raw after the tryout, Joe made his way out of the gym. He was headed down the hall toward the locker room when a hand clamped down on his shoulder.

Hey Dude, great tryout!” a friendly voice bellowed in his ear. “That was a perfect dismount from the pommel horse!”

Startled, Joe turned to see a blinding smile of even white teeth on the sweaty face of a member of the gymnastics team. “Thanks. I was a bit nervous, but I think I did okay. I hope I make the team.”

Oh, you will.”

Joe harrumphed. “It'll be tough making this team, coming in as a senior and a new guy at mid-semester. This high school is huge and floating in gymnastics talent as far as I can see, especially the seniors.” He gave a self-deprecating chuckle. “The school I came from was tiny, so I was a big fish in a little pond.”

Don't worry,” the guy said soothingly, placing his arm over Joe's shoulders, “you WILL make the team.”

Well,” Joe responded doubtfully, “we'll see what the coaches say tomorrow.” He stopped walking and looked questioningly at his admirer. “Anyway, what makes you so sure I'll make the team?”

That earned him another dazzling smile. “I've been on the team for three years, so I know what these guys can do. Don't worry. You're good enough.”

Joe smiled and stuck out his hand. “I'm Joe. Glad t'meetcha.”

Randy Wade,” he said, taking Joe's hand in a firm grip. They had made their way into the locker room. Randy clapped him on the back. “Welcome to the team my man.” He waved and loped off to the right.

The lockers were ensconced in a series of bays lining the corridor, each bay containing about two dozen lockers. Joe moved to number 276 and stripped. Picking up a towel, he headed for the showers, which were also divided into tiled bays containing four shower heads each. As he walked past each one, it was filled with four naked chattering boys. He stepped into the first bay with an empty shower head, and came face to face with that dazzling smile again.

Randy turned the water on at the empty shower. “Welcome Joe. Come in and get drowned.” Joe thanked him and began to lather himself. Randy pointed to the two boys across the bay. “This is Lynn and Cliff. They're on the team. Their nicknames are Trip and Fall, so you and I are gonna have to work hard to take up the slack.” The two seniors laughed, Lynn giving Randy the bird and Cliff giving him a raspberry. Then, they shook hands with Joe.

Conversation stopped and Joe turned his back to them to lather his hair. He rinsed and began to slowly apply conditioner, taking the opportunity to study Randy as the boy turned this way and that, washing the suds off his body. Joe thought it was a magnificent body! Randy was tall for a gymnast, maybe five feet eight or nine inches. His head was crowned by golden blond hair, cut short; handsome face with blue eyes and full lips; massive arms and shoulders; broad chest tapering down to a tiny waist; flat stomach and narrow hips mounted on muscular thighs that spoke of thousands of weighted squats in the gym. And, his perfectly round six inch penis hanging limply over a pair of heavy balls didn't escape Joe's notice either.

His gaze rose to catch Randy's face in profile, just in time to see it break into another prize-winning smile. Oh God! And, it was complete with dimples! Joe's dick twitched and started to inflate.

Randy's eyes were fixed across the way. Joe followed his gaze to Lynn and Cliff, and his eyes went wide. The boys were sporting impressive erections and grinning like Cheshire cats. Taking in the sight, Joe's dick rose to full staff, while Randy's cock stayed soft.

The three guys just continued grinning at each other for half a minute. “Well, you gonna do it?” Cliff finally asked, stroking his hard-on.

Randy's smile morphed into a bemused smirk as he looked down at his dick and concentrated on it for a few seconds. The piece of meat slowly soared to a forty-five degree angle, bobbing with his heartbeat at more than eight uncut inches. “Hm,” Joe thought, “he's a 'shower' AND a 'grower.'”

The smile slid off Cliff's face. “Son-of-a-bitch, that's amazing!” he muttered, echoing Joe's sentiments precisely. “I get the biggest charge every time I see you do that!” Cliff continued, shaking his head in wonder. With apparent difficulty, he raised his gaze from Randy's throbbing cock to the boy's face, and his grin returned. “C'mon man, I gotta have me some of that” All three turned off their showers and moved toward the locker room.

As Randy passed, he noticed Joe's erection and nodded for him to follow. Thoroughly curious, Joe shook himself, grabbed his towel and padded along behind the guys. As they made their way, the noise of bare feet slapping concrete was the only sound echoing off the tile walls. They were the last boys in the locker room. When the quartet arrived in front of Randy's locker, he shoved a bench against it and sat down. Leaning back, he spread his legs. His long cock pointed straight up, describing lazy circles as Cliff knelt on his folded towel in front of it. Lynn and Joe took up positions on either side of Cliff.

The boy immediately adopted the demeanor of a worshiper in church. Reverently, he placed both hands on the tower of flesh and began to stoke it, alternately covering and uncovering the pale pink head with the foreskin. Joe and Lynn were no less intent on Cliff's worship, slowly stroking their dicks.

Presently, a clear drop of pre-cum appeared at Randy's piss slit. Cliff crooned in appreciation. He pulled the foreskin over the big dick head and inserted a finger, spreading the natural lubricant around. All four boys moaned in unison.

Cliff and Lynn's eyes never left the big cock, but Joe allowed his gaze to take in all of Randy for a moment. The boy sat with his eyes closed, head leaned back against the locker, his hands clinched lightly at his sides. He was obviously enjoying Cliff's ministrations, but the look on his face betrayed almost amused indifference. Joe thought that was curious.

But apparently, Cliff was an accomplished masturbator, to which no one could be immune, including Randy. Gradually, ardor was aroused in all four boys. The scent of male musk permeated the area. Randy began to sweat as Cliff slowly masturbated him with first one hand, then the other, then both hands.

A few minutes later, Lynn moaned as his nut sack drew up tight. He took another few pulls on his cock and arched his back. Groaning loudly, he shot his load over the bench. Satiated, he relaxed and smiled down at Randy. “Thanks Buddy. That was soooo hot!” Randy acknowledged him with a smile, and Lynn picked up his towel and left.

Meanwhile, Cliff, busy worshiping Randy's dick, was oblivious to everything going on around him.

Fascinated—and excited—by the whole episode, Joe abandoned his own cock for the moment. He couldn't understand Randy's lack of reaction to this super-hot scene, even though it was just locker room horseplay. So, he sat on the bench and began stroking Randy's stomach and chest. Randy's eyes flew open and looked at Joe with curious wonder. Joe smiled at him, but continued to stroke his body. Randy gave Joe a cockeyed smile in return and closed his eyes once more.

As Joe stroked the boy's body, he luxuriated in the feeling of soft skin stretched over rock hard muscles. Presently, his fingers found Randy's nipples, hard nubs crowning hairless pectorals. Joe stopped stroking them and stared for a few seconds. His mouth watered. Those beautiful wonders of nature demanded to be sucked. Unable to resist, he slowly lowered his head to one and took it between his lips.

Rand's eyes flew open once more. His lips parted, emitting a soft sigh. His hand began to caress Joe's hair.

Thoroughly aroused by Randy's taste and scent, Joe's fingertips continued to stroke the muscular stomach and nipples while his lips kissed their way up to his shoulder, then to the soft skin of his neck. Randy moaned and hugged Joe to him.

At this point, Cliff--smothered in a cloud of lust--began to jack the head of Randy's dick rapidly with one hand and his own cock with the other. He stuttered, “A-a-are you about there Randy?”

Joe pulled away and Randy stared down at his dick. After concentrating for a few seconds, he gave a loud groan, tensing every muscle in his body. His cock swelled and erupted. Ropes of semen blasted out of its tip. The first shot smacked against the locker to the left of Randy's head. The second hit him on the left cheek. The third landed on his Adam's apple. The fourth, fifth and six shots came to rest on his chest and stomach. Each blast laid a neat line of cum along the length of the boy's torso.

Cliff watched the display with glazed eyes and did not stop pumping the huge cock, even through his own climax. As the last dribbles of cum oozed out of Randy's dick, he gently petted the quivering column as if it was a holy relic. Presently, his breathing returned to normal; his eyes cleared; and his mind seemed to return to this world and time zone. He grinned up at Randy and shook his head. “Oh man, that was so hot!” He stood, grabbing his towel. “Want me to clean you up?” Randy smiled and shook his head. “Okay then. Thanks man.” He mopped his face with his towel and left.

Covered with his own cum, Randy leaned his head against the locker and looked at Joe with a blank expression. “You didn't cum,” he said simply.

Joe smiled and shrugged. He picked up his towel and began to clean Randy's stomach and chest. When he reached the boy's Adam's apple, he dropped the towel and licked the dollop from the smooth skin. He pulled back to meet Randy's wide eyes. Smiling in return, he licked the sweet cum off the boy's cheek. Their eyes met once again, their faces centimeters apart, their breaths suddenly short. Joe gently licked Randy's soft lips, then kissed him. Randy tensed momentarily, then relaxed, opening his mouth. His arms encircled Joe as they completed a deep kiss.

When Joe pulled away, Randy's face was a mask of wonder, then confusion, then embarrassment. He chuckled nervously and pointed to his still hard cock. “Hey, you didn't pay any attention to my dick.”

Grinning, Joe moved between Randy's legs and placed his hands on the bench on either side of Randy's thighs and performed a hand stand. Looking down at the massive tool, he said, “Hello Randy's cock. I see that you are big and beautiful, and have no end of admirers. But, I want to get to know all of Randy, not just you.”

Randy giggled uncontrollably. He flexed his muscles causing his dick to flip up and smack Joe in the forehead. Then, he leaned forward and nipped Joe's butt with his teeth. Loosing concentration, Joe wobbled and flipped awkwardly to his feet. Randy burst out laughing, “Oh boy, that was the clumsiest dismount I've ever seen.”

Laughing, Joe whined, “Hey, no fair! I was just doing as you asked.”

They smiled comfortably at each other, then Randy said, “I guess I'd like to get to know you better too. Want to come over to my place and hang out for a while?”

I'd love to.”

They dressed and exited the building. Their two cars were the last in the student parking lot, about six spaces apart. Randy drove a sleek, two- door sport car. “Hey, nice wheels,” Joe enthused.

Randy said, “Thanks. My folks gave it to me when I got my drivers license two years ago.”

Joe said, “Yeah, my parents gave me mine when I got my license too.”

Randy stopped in his tracks, looking at Joe's four-wheel drive pickup, with paint scrapes and dents in all four fenders. Laughing, he said, “Are you sure you got your license?”

Joe giggled. “Yeah, I got the damned thing, but it's a well-established fact that I'm a bad driver.” Randy just shook his head. “So, I'll follow you to your house?”

Snickering, Randy quipped, “Yeah, but not too close.”

Grinning, Joe smacked him. “Dipshit.”


Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into the driveway of a nice two-story house with a three-bay garage. Randy led the way inside. “My folks are at work and won't be home until later.” He moved through to the kitchen. “Drink?” Joe nodded. Opening the refrigerator, he asked, “Coke okay?” Again, Joe nodded. Randy extracted two Cokes and threw one to him.

Randy seemed full of nervous energy. His feet were never still and his eyes darted around the room. “Ya know, practice is going to start in earnest next week. We gotta keep pumped until then. I've got a gym in back of the garage where we could work out. Wanna see it?”

Joe's face brightened. “You bet!”

Randy led the way out the back door, across the patio and through a door in back of the garage. Flipping a light switch, he revealed a fully equipped gym, gleaming in the florescent light. Joe roamed the space, touching the bench, weight set, pulleys, stationary bike and treadmill. A large padded exercise mat dominated the center of the floor. “Wow!” he exclaimed. “This is great! Yeah, I'll work out here with you, as often as you want me to.”

Randy was pleased. Grinning he said, “Then come home with me every afternoon this week.”

You got a deal Dude.” Joe noticed a mountain bike and ten-speed against the far wall. “Oh, you like to ride bikes?”

You bet! Want to take a spin? There's a bike path that runs along the back of our property.”

Love to.”

They retired to Randy's bedroom to change. He rummaged through a drawer, extracting two pairs of bike shorts. Throwing one to Joe, he took the opportunity to observe the boy as they changed. Joe was a couple of inches shorter than Randy, but perfectly proportioned, with the massive muscles of a gymnast. He noted that the icing on the cake was Joe's handsome face framed by dark hair. His big brown eyes seemed to look right into your soul. Randy stopped looking when his gaze came to rest on his new friend's soft red lips, the lips that had kissed him so sweetly.

Back in the gym, each boy grabbed a bike and wheeled it onto the path. Smiling, they mounted and Randy set a good pace through the park-like setting. Fortunately, they could ride side by side, and chatted happily for about ten miles. They dismounted for a break when they reached a small lakeside park. Laying the bikes aside, they sprawled on the grass.

Joe studied Randy for a moment, then asked, “Are you comfortable with me?”

Randy looked up with raised eyebrows. “Yeah, sure.”

Then I hope you won't be offended when I ask you something.”


What was that all about in the locker room?”

Randy snickered derisively. “Well, I did invite you into that scene, so I owe you an explanation. I've known Cliff and Lynn since kindergarten. There's about a half dozen other guys in our group too. We live close to each other and have gone all the way through school together. Physically, I developed faster than them, at least as far as my cock and balls are concerned. I'm also the only uncut one in the group. So, from the time we first began to explore our bodies, my dick fascinated them. And it's become their plaything. Almost every time any of us get together we wind up in a circle jerk.”

"How do you do that trick of concentrating on your dick to make it do what you want it to? It looked like you actually willed yourself to cum."

Randy smiled. "It's just something I've learned to do over the years." He shrugged. "The guys call me The Genital Gymnast."

Joe giggled. “That's wild.”

Randy did not laugh. “Yeah. The whole thing with the guys was ... about ten years ago.”

Joe observed, “Oh. I see. I noticed that you weren't into the scene as much as Cliff and Lynn.”

Yeah, you're right. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for a circle jerk when the guys are. I guess that's why I developed the concentration thing.”

"Then, why do you let it go on?”

Randy shrugged. “It's been going on so long I don't know how to stop it. And besides, they're the only friends I've got, if you can call them that.”

Joe knitted his brow in confusion. “What do you mean?”

Randy thought for a moment. “I don't know how to explain it. We've known each other all our lives; we do things socially; but, the only thing we really have in common is my dick.” He shrugged, helplessly.

Joe suggested, “You can make other friends.”

Randy barked a mirthless laugh. “Not with my reputation.” At Joe's questioning look, he continued. “You know how kids gossip. Well, it didn't take long for the news of my big dick to get around. And among guys, a big cock is intimidating. So, when someone looked at me, all they could think about was my big meat. If they did approach me, all they were interested in was talking about it. Especially the girls. They were all over me. But they were interested in only one thing.” He barked another laugh. “Shit, I can get a date any day I want. But all any girl wants with me is to get in bed. I've probably fucked most of the girls in the junior and senior class – once.”

Joe didn't know what to say. The sadness in Randy's voice was devastating.

I did think that one girl I dated last year was nice. Of course we wound up fucking on our first date. But, I asked her out again. Took her to a nice restaurant. We were sitting in a circular booth; the lights were low; we were away from everyone else, all nice and cozy. I was ready for some conversation when she reached over and began massaging my dick through my pants.” He gave a sardonic grin. “She was really good at it, and I remembered what she had done to it on our first date. So I got hard, really quick. She unzipped my pants and jacked me off very slowly all through the meal. When I was ready to cum, she placed a slice of bread on my crotch and I shot all over it. Guess what she did with the bread?”

Joe's mouth was agape. “She didn't?!”

Randy giggled. “Yep, she ate it.” Then, he turned serious. “I took her home and never spoke to her again.”  He sighed. "I haven't dated another girl since then." He smiled wickedly. "My folks think I'm turning gay."

Joe didn't know what to say, so he kept quiet. Actually, he thought that Randy must be one very lonely guy.

Randy stared at Joe for several minutes, then announced, “You kissed me.”

Startled by the sudden change of topic, Joe said, “Yeah.” Then, with a shy grin. “Did you like it?”

Rand thought for a moment. “Yeah. It was a great kiss. When your tongue touched mine, it was like an electric shock.”

Am I the first boy that ever kissed you?”

Um hum. Joe, are you gay?”

Joe looked into Randy's eyes. “I like girls well enough, but yeah, I'm gay. That bother you?”

Randy shook his head. “Naw. I'm cool with that.” He giggled. “The other thing I noticed about your kiss was your beard.”

They laughed. Then, Randy looked at his watch. “We better get back. My folks will have dinner ready in a little while.”

When they entered the house, Randy introduced Joe to his parents as a member of the gymnastics team. They greeted him warmly. Being familiar with gymnastics, they questioned him about his performance in the various events. With an innocent expression, Randy said, “He's great on the floor exercise. You should see him do a handstand.” Joe gave him a what-are-you-up-to look. With an evil grin, Randy goaded him.“Go on Joe, show us what you can do with a hand stand.” Mr. and Mrs. Wade encouraged him, so Joe walked into the center of the room and flashed Randy a you-are-so-dead look before he went into the stand. He walked around the room on his hands for a few moments, then stopped directly in front of Randy.

Randy,” he said, “raise your arms above your head.” Randy complied. Joe bent his knees and encircled Randy's waist with his legs. “Rest your elbows on my legs and grab the under side of my thighs.” Again, Randy complied. “Now, flex your knees. I'm coming up.” Randy flexed his knees to counter-balance Joe's body weight, and Joe slowly lifted his body into a sitting position, placing his arms around Randy's neck. Quickly, he grabbed Randy in a headlock and scrubbed his hair with his knuckles.

Everyone laughed as Joe slid from Randy's arms to the floor. Mrs. Wade invited him to stay for dinner, but he declined, stating that his family was expecting him.

The boys chatted comfortably in Randy's bedroom while Joe changed into his street clothes. “Thanks for inviting me over. I had a really good time,” Joe said as he picked up his backpack to leave.

Randy stopped him with a gentle hand on his shoulder. Staring down at Joe's big brown eyes, he asked softly, “Why did you kiss me?”

Joe's eyes widened for a moment, then he smiled. “It just seemed the right thing to do under the circumstances. I wanted to kiss you, but the important thing was to give you some pleasure.”

Randy returned the smile. “Well thanks, you did.” He paused for a moment before releasing Joe's shoulder. “Will you ever kiss me again?”

If and when the time is right.”

Randy chuckled. “I can see that getting to know you is going to be interesting.”

They returned to the kitchen where Joe thanked Mr. and Mrs. Wade for their hospitality. Randy walked him out to his car, and said tentatively, “Then you'll come over after school tomorrow to work out?”

Joe climbed into the driver's seat. “Wouldn't miss it Dude. We gotta be ready to take up the slack for Trip and Fall.” The little four-by-four roared to life and they waved good bye as he backed out of the driveway.


The next afternoon, Joe met Randy in the parking lot and followed him home. They were both pumped because Joe had made the team. And Joe had additional news: he qualified to enter the regional competition based on his performance at his former school. They took a five mile bike ride to warm up, then spent two hours working out in the gym. After the workout, they bathed in the gym's shower, and Joe went home to have dinner with his family.

This set the pattern for the rest of the week. The bike rides allowed the boys to chat and get to know each other, raising their comfort level higher each day. Joe was astonished to discover that Randy was a musician, a jazz pianist. He was also a composer. His interest there lay in musical theater. He aspired to become another Andrew Lloyd Webber. Randy learned that Joe wanted to be a journalist, an old fashioned newspaper reporter and that he had sung in show choir at his old school. They both found that they had wicked senses of humor and delighted in pulling pranks on each other.

By Friday, Randy had persuaded Joe to stay for dinner after their workout. After the meal, they retired to the family room and Randy played the piano. At Joe's insistence, he played one of his compositions. Randy badgered him until Joe relented and sang along, in a tolerable baritone. Randy sang harmony in a remarkable bass baritone. With this discovery, Mrs. Wade dug out a Rogers and Hammerstein song book and the boys regaled them with an evening of musical theater. The delightful evening came to an end when Joe and Mrs. Wade tried to sing "People Will Say We're In Love" with straight faces. The entire group dissolved into uncontrollable fits of laughter.

Later, Randy walked Joe to his car. “Joe, I have an idea. The music department at the university is giving a performance of West Side Story. How about us having dinner at a nice restaurant and then taking in the show tomorrow night?”

Joe grinned. “Love to. It's a date.”

Randy's eyes widened. He laughed nervously. “I guess it does sound like a date, doesn't it?”

Seeing Randy's discomfort, Joe said, “Hey, it was just an expression. I'd love to see the show with you.” Grinning wickedly, he added, “No strings attached, and I promise not to grope you in the restaurant.”

Randy laughed easily. “Well, you are the perfect gentleman ... but no fun.” Joe giggled. “I just thought that we should celebrate your joining the team and your going to regional competition.” Randy's face turned serious. “You could sleep over afterward too.”

Joe cocked an eyebrow, but refrained from making a wisecrack. He didn't know how Randy was feeling about the two of them. They were solid friends; he was sure of that. He would like to take the relationship further. But, if all Randy wanted was friendship, he would be satisfied with that. He smiled at his new friend and said, “I'll bring my toothbrush.”

Randy's face split into a dazzling smile. “Great! Bring your toothbrush here about five o'clock.”

They enjoyed the dinner and the show very much, and were back at Randy's house about midnight, singing songs from West Side Story. But, their voices fell silent as they undressed in Randy's room.

When they were nude, Randy placed his arms on Joe's shoulders and looked into his big brown eyes. “Thanks for this week and for going out with me tonight. I've enjoyed your company so much. You're fun to be with and to talk to. You've become a good friend.”

Friend, Joe thought, well, I'm willing to give him that ... if that's all he wants.

Still staring into Joe's eyes, Randy continued. “Actually, you've become more than a friend to me.” He became extremely unsure of himself, apparently wanting to say more, but could not.

Joe placed his arms around the boy's neck and said, “I think the appropriate time has arrived.” And, he drew Randy into a passionate kiss. His hands began to caress Randy's flesh, and his buddy responded.

Many minutes later, they pulled apart. Breathing heavily, Randy exclaimed, “Wow!” He grabbed Joe's hand and pulled him down on the bed.

Joe lay on his back, Randy on his side, nervously stroking the boy's chest. Joe took Randy's head between his hands and asked softly, “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Randy nodded. “Yeah, but I don't know what to do.”

Joe smiled. “Just make love to me.” Randy's face morphed into a question mark. “Just make love to me like you would to a girl. My body's not THAT different from a girl's.” Randy didn't seem convinced. “Making love is making love. Go ahead, give it a try.”

Randy began to stroke Joe's face and hair, and seemed to relax a bit. He kissed Joe tenderly, then let his tongue travel. He explored his friend's ears, the soft skin of his neck and shoulders, and his Adam's apple. All the while, Joe murmured encouragement. His fingers stroked every part of Joe's body they could reach as his tongue teased, worried and suckled each nipple.

By this time, they were both very hard.

“Your scent is different from a girl's. It excites me. I can actually taste it when I lick your body,” Randy murmured. “Your skin is so soft, but your muscles are so hard underneath. That's soooo hot!” His tongue found and cleaned Joe's navel, while his fingers tried to find all of his lover's erogenous zones.

Suddenly, he froze as his fingers found Joe's rampant penis.

Joe, breathing heavily and writhing under Randy's ministrations said, “Oh God! Don't stop now! A girl has a clitoris and I have a penis. They feel the same. So go on!”

Tentatively, Randy stroked Joe's genitals, drawing approving comments. Emboldened, Randy moved between his lover's legs, slowly kissing and stroking the inside of each muscular calf and thigh. Writhing with lust, Joe grabbed Randy's shoulders and stuttered, “Make love to me. Fuck me!”

Randy's eyes widened. “Won't I hurt you?”

“Not if you do it right. Have you got any lube?” Randy reached into the night stand drawer, retrieving a tube. Joe flipped him onto his back and knelt between his legs, pushing them to his chest. He took Randy's cock in one hand, slowly jacking it while massaging his rectum with a lubed finger.

Randy yelped and grabbed his knees, exposing more of his butt to Joe. "Oh man, that feels awesome!" he exclaimed. Joe continued to worry his rectum for a few minutes, much to Randy's delight. Finally, he inserted a finger, sending chills of sensation through his lover's body. His finger found the prostate gland, gently nudging it. "Holy fucking shit!" Randy exclaimed.

"That's what I will feel when you have intercourse with me." He removed his finger from Randy, then lubed his penis and his own rectum. "Now, please make love to me." Smiling, Joe rolled onto his back and stuffed a pillow under his butt.

Randy felt unsure, but nodded and crawled between Joe's legs. Locking eyes with his lover, he pressed the head of his cock to Joe's anus. He felt the boy relax, allowing his huge shaft to slowly sink into him. The feeling was intense, but not the same as with a girl. Joe's sphincter gripped him tightly as the boy's muscular legs gripped his waist. His dick never felt so big and so hard. The feeling was incredible.

Joe pulled him down for a long kiss, then said, "Please, make love to me, long and slow."

His eyes still locked with Joe's, Randy began to pump, very slowly. With each thrust, the sensations radiated from his groin throughout his body. For many long minutes, he planted kisses on Joe's face, ears, neck and shoulders. Presently, he saw Joe's eyes roll up into his head and felt the boy's fingers clawing the muscles of his back. As they took their pleasure from each other, the scent of Joe's musk ignited his passion. He licked behind the boy's ears, tasting his lover's lust. Then, he felt his testicles tighten as the hot tingling sensation in his groin spread, reaching his prostate. The gland swelled and he crossed the point of no return.

At that moment, Joe pulled him down for a deep kiss, moaning into Randy's mouth as they ejaculated at the same time. They hunched and ground their bodies together, writhing as the ultimate feeling overcame them.

Gradually, the sensations diminished and they began to relax. As they rolled onto their sides, Joe pulled Randy into an embrace. His eyes were moist. "Oh God Randy! You were wonderful! Thank you."

Tears flowed down Randy's face as he shook his head. "No Joe. Thank you." He stroked the boy's face. "For the first time, I know what 'making love' means. I wasn't just fucking somebody. I was making LOVE to YOU," he said with a look of wonder on his face.

Joe smiled and kissed him softly, then turned off the bedside lamp and pulled the covers over them.

As Joe gradually wakened the next morning, he became conscious of the delicious warmth of Randy's hard body next to him, the boy's head cradled in the hollow of his shoulder, his calloused fingers stroking the hair on his chest. He turned his head and smiled at his lover. "This is such a nice way to wake up," he mumbled.

Without opening his eyes, Randy snuggled closer. "You held me like this all night," he crooned.

"How do you know?" Joe sighed.

"I kept waking up every hour to make sure you were really here," he chuckled softly.

Joe smiled and bestowed a kiss on Randy's nose. "I take it you're okay with last night."

"Oh yeah! It was fantastic. But, in spite of what you said, it was different than being with a girl." He paused, thinking. "I mean, besides the difference in plumbing, it FELT different. I don't know how to explain what I mean."

Joe reflected for a moment. "Yeah, in the other town where we lived I had the same feeling with Brad. First, we became friends, then eventually boyfriends. Once I recognized what I felt for him, I realized that I had never felt the same with a girlfriend. The feelings I had for Brad were much more intense. We resonated together, the highs higher and the lows lower." He sighed. "That's the closest thing I've experienced so far to being IN love."

"In love? Do you think I might be falling in love with you?" Randy asked quietly.

Joe smiled wickedly and rolled over on top of Randy. "Well, let's see. Did you have to concentrate on your dick to get hard last night?"

Randy grinned. "No."

"Did you have to concentrate on it to cum?"


Joe kissed the boy passionately and felt Randy's shaft harden between them. Breathing heavily, he released his lover from the kiss. "I think The Genital Gymnast has given his last performance. I want you all for myself."

"I'm yours Joe." Randy pulled him down for another long kiss.

The End

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