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What do we have in this story? A case of satyriasis or just a healthy young male making the most of opportunities coming his way?
Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 1.

Marcus opened his eyes and looked lazily round. Boy, this was a great spot. His groin gave a little itch so he moved his hand to relieve it, smiled at the quick reaction, then let his fingers linger. He repositioned his towel to support his head and watched himself harden,
Silly dick.
Well, it was a nice dick really, though it did like being played with. It was interesting how it felt so good, so good that you couldn't stop. For five minutes he tugged, teased, fondled and squeezed till the feelings reached the threshold and the need to finish took over. His eyes closed, his grip tightened and his hand moved faster and faster.
Oh yes, nearly there.
His left hand cupped firmly, his back arched, he moaned, then opened his eyes to watch the white jets of sensation. So good. His body relaxed and his eyes closed again as he made several last slow movements.
There was a great splash, a yell and a whistle.

"Go for it Knightsy!"

Shock, at the surprise.
Shock, as water cascaded on his back.
Shock, at being caught.
Marcus whirled to the source of the water. Oh Nooo! It was Damian Riley.
Marcus grabbed for his towel and looked further.
Jarrod Martin and Stefan Jones.
This was bad. Wrapping his towel, his heart pounding, Marcus took in the smirk on Riley's face, then watched with a feeling of helplessness as the other two approached. He wanted to run.

"Man what a show."

It was Riley speaking and it brought a laugh from the other two as they waded through the knee deep water and surrounded Marcus's sunbathing rock.


It was as much of a front as Marcus could rally, though it wouldn't do any good with these guys. They were all in Year Twelve, which automatically put them higher in the pecking order than any Year Eleven, but that wouldn't have made any difference really, as they were natural idiots, always stirring people and putting on a show wherever they went.
Typical idiot jocks. His life at school was going to be hell now, as there was no way they wouldn't be spreading jokes about this. Suddenly Marcus felt like a total fool, standing on his rock naked, the centre of attention with three smirking faces looking up at him.

"Hey Knightsy! Was it a good one?"


Marcus cursed himself for such a stupid response. It just let them know he was embarrassed, and the spreading grins meant he'd encouraged them to stay on the topic.

"Sure sounded like it. Do you always moan like that?"

This time Marcus really was at a loss. How do you answer a question like that to people you hardly know?
His hesitation was like a signal to Riley, who nodded at the other two. There was a tug at the towel. Marcus hung on, but that brought more laughter and stronger tugs from three different directions. They didn't win till Marcus lost his balance and fell off the rock. Quick as a flash, Jones, the biggest of the three grabbed him and held him from behind in a weird way that lifted his arms and left him unable to use them. The other two closed in and faced him.

"Hey, are you shy?"

How was he going to answer this? If he said yes it would probably goad Riley to embarrass him even more.


Flick. The precariously loosened towel was gone, dropped on the rock. Marcus's surge of defiance wavered when he saw their eyes staring. What? God, he was still all swollen.

"Go on, tell us."

Riley and Martin had finally stopped their staring.

"Tell you what?"

"If it was a good one?"

They were totally enjoying this and the twinge of defiance cut in again.

"No way. You're just going to laugh and tell everyone."

"Well, you have to admit it's a good story. Nerdish Knightsy whacking himself at the river. Moaning like crazy."

"And if I say anything else you'll tell them that too."

A look and a laugh passed between Riley and Martin.

"Well, why not. Everyone whacks. You should hear Stef. He never stops.

"Shut up Damian."

The voice came from close to Marcus's ear, but didn't sound like it really cared. Riley didn't care either.

"He makes weird noises too. Hey what do you reckon Jaz? Will we say how we caught Knightsy in the act? Spooge all over him?"

The eyes went to the liquid patches glistening on Marcus's stomach and chest. This really was total embarrassment.

"Dunno. Maybe."


"Yeah. We could do a deal and if he agrees then we keep it quiet."

"A deal?"

"Yep, listen." He moved closer and started whispering. Riley's grin grew.

"Right oh Knightsy. We'll make a deal."

Marcus wondered what to make of it.

"Um. ... What sort of deal?"

"You answer all our questions and we keep quiet."

Marcus stared at him.

"What sort of questions?"

"Dunno, we'll think of some.
Was it a good whack? You haven't answered that one yet."

"It's always good. You know that."

That set them laughing.

"Good one Knightsy. Now tell us the last time you whacked off."

"What do you want to know that for?"

"I dunno. To see if you answer?"

"How do I know you won't say anything?"

Martin put a shocked look on his face and acted like he couldn't believe Marcus wouldn't trust him. Riley grinned at the show then looked directly at Marcus.

"We won't."

Marcus didn't know why, but he believed him. If he could get through these questions then maybe the school gossips wouldn't find out. It was worth a try because a story like this would spread like wildfire till every kid at the school knew about it.

"All right, I'll make the deal then."

They looked surprised.

"You will? Okay, when's the last time you whacked off?"

"Last night."

"And before that?"

"The night before."

"So you do it every day?"


Riley looked at Martin.

"You ask him something Jaz."

"Yeah, right. D'you ever do it more than once a day?"


"Three times?"


"Hell Damian, he must be randier than Stef."

"Shut up Jarrod."

Once again the voice was from close to Marcus's ear. The other two enjoyed that.

"Let him go Stef. He's agreed to our deal."

The strong arms slipped from behind his neck but when Marcus moved to retrieve his towel Riley blocked the way.

"No towel Knightsy. It's part of the deal."

"That's not fair. You didn't say it was."

Riley shrugged.

"I just thought of it didn't I. Anyhow, what's the matter? You said you're not shy."

There was no answer for that.

"Have you ever tasted your stuff?"

Marcus wondered what stuff he was talking about till he saw Riley looking at his stomach.

"Are you serious? No way."

"Stef has. Haven't you Stef?"

"Get lost Damian."

Marcus couldn't figure out if Riley was serious or not. Was he giving Jones a hard time? Jones didn't look as if he cared.

"Are you game to taste it?"

"No way."

Now they were laughing at Marcus's disbelieving look. They were pushing, which he expected from them, but not this far.

"Go on. It won't hurt you."

He had to be joking, so turning it back on them should get him out of this.

"Sure too, you go first then."

"Go on Stef. Show him."

This couldn't be happening. Jones leaned forward, pressed his finger on one of the sticky spots, transferred it to his mouth then pulled it out with a slurping sound. The laughs were followed by expectant looks.

"Come on Knightsy. Your turn."

Marcus just stood there.

"Help him Stef."

Jones rubbed a finger in another sticky spot then held it close to Marcus's lips.

"Go on. You said you would. Can't we believe you?"

This was diabolical. He'd turned Marcus's question about trust right back against him. There was no way out of this so after a moment's hesitation Marcus reluctantly parted his lips. Instantly the finger went in and the strange taste spread through his mouth. Riley roared with laughter, Martin gave a huge wolf whistle and Jones jiggled his finger. Marcus jerked his head away and waited for them to recover from their amusement.

"Good one Knightsy. We got you that time. Pick him up Stef. We'll sit on the sand bank."

Pick him up? He couldn't be serious. Two seconds later Marcus was slung over Jones's shoulder and carried towards the bank like a little kid. He wished he was wearing something, especially when Riley and Martin started slapping his backside. It didn't hurt, just made him feel even more like a kid, as they laughingly kept at it till he was dumped on the soft dry sand.

"You come out here much?"

"Nearly every Sunday."

"How come? It's a long way just to whack off."

It definitely was a long way, four km, and you had to walk three of those through the bush. That was why it had been such a shock for these three to turn up. Marcus had never actually seen anybody else out here.

"I like it. I can swim and read and have some peace and quiet."

"We spoilt it did we?"

"Um.. Yes."

"Every week? I didn't think you'd walk that far."

"Why not? I walk everywhere."

"Well, you don't do any sport."

"Not at school, but I walk a couple of kilometres every day and I swim a bit."

Marcus was kind of surprised. These were ordinary questions and Riley actually sounded genuinely interested, even friendly.

"Two km every day and eight every weekend? That's more exercise than we do. And where do you swim? You don't do that at school."

Marcus nodded up the river to the three hundred meter stretch of deeper, slow-moving water.

"Sounds like you're pretty fit. Are you really a nerd like everyone says?"

"I suppose so."

They were all looking, waiting for more explanation.

"Well, I read all the time, and I don't get on with most people."

Riley and Martin looked at Jones.

"Just like you Stef."

Jones read a lot? That was news to Marcus. He'd never seen him in the library at school. Or did that mean he didn't get on with people? That didn't make sense. They must be just talking about the reading. Marcus was so intrigued he automatically asked a question.

"What are you reading at the moment?"

"Tanya Huff. Have you heard of her?"

Marcus blinked in astonishment. Jones read Tanya Huff? That was amazing.

"Wow, yes. The vampire stories. All the Blood books."

Jones's face lit up.

"Have you read Gate Of Darkness, Circle Of Light ? It's the best of them all."

Marcus blinked again. He thought he knew all the Tanya Huff books.

"Ah... No. Which series is it in?"

"It's not. It's a standalone."

"Fantasy crap."

That was Riley.

"Shut up Damian. At least it's not thriller crap."

Marcus's blink function was getting overworked. Riley was a reader too? He obviously was because they traded insults in what sounded like a practised routine.

"Hey Knightsy. Ever done any wrestling?"

Riley swapped completely away from the reading topic and took charge. He had a look which told Marcus something was in store. It was.

"No, never."

"Why not? With all that walking and swimming, you must be stronger than you look."

"... I've never been interested."

"Well, now you are."

Marcus waited, wondering what he meant.

"Which one of us are you going to wrestle? "

"Me? What's the point? I couldn't beat any of you."

"Hey yeah, I suppose not. But if you try hard enough Jaz might find your clothes for you."

Oh no. Marcus's eyes swivelled further up the bank to where he'd left his day pack. Gone.

"That's not fair. You're all on the school wrestling team aren't you?"

"Of course it's fair. You don't have to win, just put up a good enough effort. Who's it going to be? Stef's the strongest, I know the most moves, and Jaz is the weakest but he's tricky too."

Marcus was sure now that he'd get his clothes. He was understanding Riley better all the time, but he also knew he had to go through with this wrestling business. They were all bigger, and, for sure, stronger than he was, but Jarrod Martin was the smallest. It had to be him.

".. Martin."



"That's doesn't sound very friendly."

"Um. ...Jarrod."

Jarrod jumped up, and extending his arm, pulled Marcus to his feet. This was awful.

"Can I ....wear some shorts?"

"You said you weren't shy."

Well it had been worth a try.

"So, what do I do?"

That made them all smile like he'd said something crazy. Stefan came to his rescue.

"Hold him down Marcus. That's all."

As if he could do that. He would try though. Jarrod shook his hand which was a bit weird, and then, without quite realising how it happened Marcus found himself flat on his back. His wrists were grabbed, and in a couple more seconds, pressed against the sand next to his head. Jarrod grinned then let him up.

"Watch him Knightsy. Don't let him trick you."

Marcus was tricked, again and again, and each time his hands were pinned to the sand.
He picked up on some of the things happening and learnt to dodge them, but then something else would happen and he'd end up underneath. Surprisingly the two onlookers seemed to be barracking for him and not Jarrod. Even more surprisingly Marcus realised that apart from the weirdness of being nude this wasn't so bad. Jarrod wasn't hurting him in any way, and kept laughing whenever Marcus wriggled out of one of his holds.
Wow, somehow Marcus managed to push Jarrod on his back then even more amazingly, he pinned one of his wrists.
Cheat. He'd let that happen.
Marcus struggled to get the other wrist but couldn't. Jarrod twisted somehow, tipped Marcus on his side then put him in the most embarrassing hold.

"I bet you can't get out of this one."

Marcus didn't know what to do. If he moved at all it pressed his groin against Jarrod's hand and when Jarrod tensed up it had the same effect. God. Jarrod's hand was right against his balls. It felt weird. In fact it was having an effect.

"Hey, cut that out Jaz."

There was a flurry of movement as a grinning Damian pulled Jarrod away.

"My turn now."

It must have been another ten or fifteen minutes the Marcus wrestled with Damian.
Tried to at any rate.
All he did was get tangled in all sorts of bizarre positions while the other two enjoyed it all.

"That's enough Knightsy. You're a little worm. What do you reckon Jaz? He's a wriggler isn't he?"

Marcus knelt up, and breathing hard, started brushing sand off.

"Well, you didn't stop."

They were all nodding, like three wise old men agreeing about something.

"Get that block of chocolate Stef."

Marcus finished tousling sand from his hair and sagged back to let his body recover, then watched Stefan return from some bushes. The chocolate block was divided four ways and then munched till there was nothing left. They were all kind of smiling at him and Marcus couldn't help giving a quick smile back.

"You game for another wrestle Marcus?"

Marcus? Damian Riley just called him Marcus instead of Knightsy?

".. I suppose so."

"No, you better not. Stef gropes even more than Jaz.

Marcus looked at Stefan, half expecting him to tell Damian to shut up, but he just laughed and screwed all the chocolate wrapping into a tight wad.

"Is that water very deep?"

Damian was looking upriver at the long stretch.

"Not really. Mostly it's about up to my chest and there's one spot over my head."

"Come on, let's go."

Damian pulled his T-shirt off and Jarrod and Stefan followed.

"Can I have my shorts?"

"Nope. You're not shy. Remember?"

"So, does that mean you are?"

More laughs and Marcus saw a glance between Damian and Jarrod.

"We sure are, aren't we Jaz? Stef isn't though. Go on Stef."

"Get lost Damian."

Marcus started to laugh then gawped as Stefan stripped off his shorts and jocks and rushed into the water.

"Go on. After him."

What did Damian mean? Was he supposed to chase Stefan? Wrestle him? He didn't find out because Damian took his arm and dragged him in. As soon as they approached Stefan there was a great water war with everyone against everyone. Marcus could hardly breathe and when the three of them turned against him he dived under and tried to get away. A hand caught his foot, putting an end to the escape attempt, and his other foot was grabbed as well. It was Damian and Jarrod and they wouldn't let him up. It was such an awkward position. Marcus had to struggle to keep his head out of the waist deep water. Stefan saw his problem and lifted his shoulders, but Damian and Jarrod yanked him away again. Stefan tried again and a tug-of-war started. Marcus felt like his legs were going to be ripped off. The tugging suddenly changed, led by Damian, and instead became a push. Stefan fell over backwards, Marcus on top of him, and a second later Damian and Stefan dived to add to the tangle. Gasping for breath, Marcus made it to his feet and watched the continuing struggle between the other three.
Wrestling. Good grief, they were wrestling again.
Stefan went under, succumbing to the combined onslaught, then Jarrod, then Damian. Marcus, seeing the attention shift his way, lunged at the gap between Stefan and Jarrod but they were way too quick. At least he managed to gulp in a big breath of air before he went under.

"Carry him Stef."

"How do you mean?"

"On your back. And don't let him get off."

Marcus was shocked. Piggyback when he was nude? Could he be serious?
Stefan moved in front, and under the urging of the other two, Marcus grabbed his shoulders and jumped into place. This felt rude, pressed against bare flesh and held in place by Stefan's arms under his knees.
Jarrod jumped onto Damian's back and without a word race up the river started. Stefan was so strong they won easily and stopped after about thirty metres. Damian and Jarrod charged into them, trying to trip them over, but had the tables turned. They tried again and then again with the same result, so Damian said to swap.
Swap? Marcus wondered how on earth he was meant to carry Stefan's big body, then managed okay with the help of the buoyancy from the water. He didn't survive the first charge though, or the next. Stefan settled in place again but there wasn't a third and Marcus headed slowly and somewhat unsteadily up the river after the other pair.
It felt so strange carrying Stefan and Marcus started a silent panic.
To make himself more secure Stefan had wrapped his legs at a different angle and with each step his feet pressed in an embarrassing position. The effect was getting stronger and Marcus was longing to reach the deep section where they'd have to separate.
What was Stefan thinking? It was getting obvious now.
The embarrassment continued till the water reached Marcus's shoulders and he collapsed to make Stefan come off. The relief was short lived though, because as soon as they could stand again, it was back to piggyback.

"On my back Marcus. We're too slow."

"Can we just walk?"

"No, you heard Damian."

This was worse than ever and Marcus kept expecting to be thrown off and laughed at. Stefan didn't say a thing.
Why not? He could feel Marcus's condition.
With every step Marcus jolted against Stefan's back, his mind racing with disbelief that this could actually be happening, with worry about the reaction when they reached the end of the deeper water, and wishing that Stefan's movements weren't bouncing him so much.

"Enjoying the ride, baby cheeks?"

Baby cheeks? Why was Jarrod saying that? Marcus didn't think he had baby cheeks.
A pinch on his behind told him which cheeks Jarrod was referring to. There was another pinch and Marcus unsuccessfully jumped in place to avoid any more. Stefan collapsed. He couldn't help it when Damian grabbed his legs. Marcus stayed sitting in the water but that didn't last because Damian yanked him to his feet.

"Gods, look at the boner on Knightsy."

They did look, a real good look, which sent Marcus's embarrassment to new heights.

"Um.. It just happens. I can't help it."

They kept looking till it was too much and Marcus ducked under the water again. He really felt like running, but knew that would give them something to laugh at. Jarrod grabbed him and stood him up again then Damian put an arm around his shoulder and led him through the shallowing water to the sandy bank.

"It's no big deal Knightsy. We're used to boners. Stef gets them all the time when we're wrestling. Jaz too."

Marcus was totally taken aback. This was definitely not what it expected. Maybe it was a trap?

"Is this your first time? In front of other guys I mean?"

Marcus nodded.

"Hey Jaz, remember Stef's first time, when he kept trying to hide it?"

"Get lost Damian. Jaz used to try and hide his too."

"So? It's not a metre long like yours."

It was a relief to have them stirring each other rather than staring at him.

"Do you stay boned for long?"

The three of them were looking at him again while Marcus wondered how to answer. It felt like Damian was back in the questioning mode.

".. Sometimes."

"Do you bone real easy? You must `cause it's hardly any time since you whacked off."

"I suppose so."

"Are you ready to put on another show for us?"


Marcus answered that most definitely, then saw from their amusement that he'd been tricked.
It was hard to figure Damian with his abrupt changes from serious to stirring.

"Check him out Jaz. See how hard he is."

Marcus gawked, then started to smile. Damian was tricking again. Jarrod held his hands up as if to say no, but when Marcus looked away to see Damian's expression there was a flash of movement. Marcus nearly freaked as his dick was tugged three or four times and given a squeeze. His frantic reaction to push the hands away and leap backwards was exactly what Damian wanted and it set them all laughing.

"Watch out for him Marcus. He'll grope you any time."

Marcus had a feeling that now that Damian had said it, that was exactly what would happen.

"Carry him over to that flat place Stef."

What was with all this carrying?
Like the first time, Marcus was tossed over Stefan's shoulder, carried effortlessly and then dumped on the sand. He brought his knees up and clasped his hands round them and watched the others flop on the sand. What was going to happen now? More embarrassing questions? More wrestling?

"Hey, what's with the shy act all of a sudden? Don't pike out now Marcus."

Blushing furiously and wishing he'd never made his statement about not being shy, Marcus straightened his legs and rested his elbows on the sand in imitation of Damian .

"How long do you stay out here?"

Marcus was tempted to say it wasn't long but he'd kept to the honesty deal so far.

"Usually for three or four hours."

"Are you kidding? What do you do? ...Besides whacking off?"

"I Read. I've got a novel in my day pack and I have a swim whenever I feel like it."

"You can read for three hours? Stef does that and it's sent him funny in the head."

"Shut up Damian. At least my head's got something in it."

Damian and Stefan traded insults about each other's brains for a while then Damian wanted to know about Marcus's swimming.

"How far d'you swim?"

"Up here and back to my rock."

"Your rock? You call it your rock?"

Marcus nodded. Jarrod laughed and they all looked at him.

"It's his special whacking place."

The attention went straight Marcus.

"Is that right?"

Marcus hesitated, then nodded.
They all loved it.

"What? Every time you're out here you whack off on that same rock?"

"Um.. Yes."

"You randy dog. Hey Jaz, how'd you figure that out? Got your own special place?"

"Shut up Damian."

It was funny hearing Jarrod say that instead of Stefan. There was laughter as Damian and Stefan pressured Jarrod to tell them more, but he didn't.

"What about you Stef? You got a special place?"

"No, anywhere's good enough for me."

Marcus thought someone should ask Damian, though he certainly wasn't going to.

"Hey Jaz. You can swim that far. Keep Marcus company while he shows us his style."

"Race him you mean?"


Ten minutes later Marcus was lying on the sand recovering his breath. It wasn't meant to be a race but it turned out that way when neither of them wanted to be last to finish. For Marcus it felt especially good to have come out on top for once.

"Mate, that was good. How many times do you usually do that when you're here?"

"Two, sometimes three."

For half an hour they lazed on the sand, talking and carrying on. Some of the questions were embarrassing. A lot of the time they were stirring each other, and most of the time Damian was smiling at Marcus as if he was pleased with him. It was kind of disconcerting but good too.

"Time to go.
Stef, you can carry Marcus again."

Carry? Again?
God, Damian was definitely doing this to make him get another boner.
It didn't take long either, because after they set off Jarrod alternately pinched his backside to make him buck up and down, and groped to see what was happening. Stefan was no help. He just stopped to make it easier while Damian showed his approval and amusement.

It was a long trip back to the rock with Stefan stopping every time there was a grope attack and Jarrod giving a running commentary on the state of Marcus's boner. What a spectacle he put on as Stefan deposited him at the rock.

"Enjoying the ride Marcus? Sure looks like it."

Marcus didn't answer that.

"Where's my clothes?"

"Clothes? You don't get them yet. You're at your rock. Aren't you going to follow your rule?"

"No way Damian. I've kept my side of the deal so where are my clothes?"

"What d'you reckon Stef? Should we give him his clothes?"

"For sure. He put up with Jaz didn't he?"

"The gropes? I think he likes them. Give him one more Jaz."

Marcus jumped away but it was just a stir.
Jaz headed into the bush while Damian and Stef went to the bank. Marcus grabbed his towel and followed. He wanted to wrap it round but knew he'd lose it if he did. Jarrod returned and gave the pack to Damian who immediately got a smirk that meant trouble.

"Come on Damian. I've done everything you said."

"I know. You're amazing. A couple more things and they're all yours.

"More? Haven't I done enough?"

"Nope. Are you going to keep your rock rule going?"

"Rock rule? ...Um. I might."

Damian shook his head and put the day pack behind his back. Wrong answer. Well, they already knew so what did it matter.


"Every time?"


He fumbled round in the pack.

"Good, here's your T-shirt. Are you coming out here next weekend?"

"Well, I suppose... Yes."

"Good. Stef's coming with you and you'll have the wrestle you missed today."

Marcus, surprised that Stefan had been singled out, looked at him, but he just nodded and gave a friendly smile. Damian handed the pack over and Marcus quickly dressed. He felt like a different person.
There wasn't much said on the trip out. Most of the way was single file with Marcus leading because he knew it best. Jarrod complained that it was too far but no one took any notice. The last kilometre was through streets, and before long the other three turned into a driveway. It was Jarrod's house.

"See you tomorrow Knightsy."

"Um. ...Sure."

Damian held his hand out and Marcus shook it, then couldn't let go till Jarrod dumped him on the grass with some wrestling trick. Stefan gave a nod and a smile and then Marcus was on his own.
That night he thought about everything for ages and ages. It would be a total disaster if word got out at school but he didn't think they'd say anything.
Damian said they wouldn't so it should be all right.
Stefan wouldn't. He seemed too nice.
In fact Marcus was intrigued with the thought that Stefan was coming with him next weekend and wondered what he'd be like by himself.
Jarrod might say something but Damian had some kind of control over him.
That was strange. It was even weirder the way he told Stefan to do stuff.
Why did Stefan strip like that? He'd been nude almost as long as Marcus and whenever Damian told him to do the carrying he just went ahead without a word. He was so strong. Way stronger than Damian or Jarrod.

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