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What do we have in this story? A case of satyriasis or just a healthy young male making the most of opportunities coming his way?
Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 10.

At two o'clock the next day Marcus had the park to himself, so he swam to the centre of the river and floated lazily on his back, waiting and wondering, till a movement at the top bank caught his eye.
A bike, no, three bikes.
There was a yell and the first bike came racing down the path, across the grass, and missing the sandy section, went flying off the small embankment and straight into the water. The bike disappeared in a spray of water and the guy riding it went forward and straight over the handlebars.
What a maniac.
The other two bikes followed but stopped in dramatic sideways skids right at the edge. The guy in the water came to his feet in the waist deep water, gave another yell, and then laughing like crazy, made clucking sounds at the others for chickening out.
Oh no, not Johnny Huntly?
Well, these must be the ones, because they were from school and there was no one else around.
Huntly had given Marcus a hard time over the past few years, calling him a nerd and other uncomplimentary things and generally making life awkward, so that he'd always avoided him whenever he could.
Huntly rescued his bike and Marcus watched them stack the bikes against a big gum tree. Huntly took off his shirt and wringing it out, flicked the excess water at the other two. One of them grabbed the shirt and there was a tug of war till the third one tackled Huntly from behind and dumped him on the grass. Huntly took his runners off and more water got flicked. After laughter and cries of protest, shoes, shirts and shorts went into a pile next to the bikes, and standing in the silver grey speedos of the swim team, they looked at the water.
They knew Marcus was there. He'd seen the glances and he wondered how they'd make their approach. It would be a real turnaround too because they'd have to be friendly. Huntly muttered something, which Marcus couldn't hear, though he was only about ten metres away, then shoved one guy off the embankment and started dragging the other. The push and shove moved steadily closer to Marcus and he moved away to see what would happen.
As if aimlessly, the direction changed and apparently by accident, Huntly backed into Marcus who was now standing.

"Yo Knightsy, sorry about that. Jed's a Whacker."

There was another shove and this time Marcus got knocked from his feet.

"Careful Jed."

Another tussle followed, crowding close, with lots of accidental bumps till Marcus was dumped.

"You idiot Jed."

As if they'd been buddies for ever, Huntly gave a conspiratorial grin to Marcus and pointed at Jed Urquart.

"Get him."

Now it was Marcus and Huntly against the other two, and a frantic minute of yells, laughter and struggles followed.

"So Knightsy, what are you doing down here?"

As if they didn't know. Marcus almost laughed.

"I like swimming."

"Since when? You only read books."

This was what he usually said, except now it had a friendly tone.

"You like it? Can you dog paddle?"

"Shut up Jed. You can't even dog paddle yourself."

"And you're the Whacker Johnny."

Another tussle started with Huntly and Philip Owen ganging up on Urquart, till they had him trapped.

"Wax him. Wax him. Go on Knightsy, while we've got him."

Marcus shook his head.

"Hold him then and I'll do it."

There was another struggle till Marcus used one of the holds he had learned.

"Ready Jed? This's going to hurt."

"You're next Johnny. You're next."

Waxing was grabbing someone's arm and yanking out a few hairs. You couldn't always do it if the guy had smooth skin, and Urquart was smooth, so Marcus wondered why he was struggling so much. Huntly made chicken noises like when they arrived and told him to take it like a man.
Oh boy, no wonder he struggled.
Huntly grabbed the front of Urquart's speedos, then pulled them down enough to yank a couple of pubes which he held up tauntingly. There were grins and laughter as Urquart chased after Huntly, who somehow kept close to Marcus, and then it subsided with Marcus surrounded by the three of them.

"Ever been waxed Knightsy?"

"No way."

The chicken noises came and they moved in closer.

"How are you going to get out of it? It's three against one."

They were really enjoying this, but they were the ones who had to make the overtures so Marcus acted lost.

"Um... I don't know."

They moved right in. Huntly put his hands on Marcus shoulders and the other two grabbed his arms.

"What d'you reckon Phil? Give him a chance?"

"Of course. Everyone should get a fair go."

Marcus nodded vigorously. It was what anyone would do.

"Yeah, right. ...What?"

"We'll go for a swim. If he gets away, he gets away."

Marcus gave Owen a quick look. That was good wording.


"If he gets away from us he gets away with no wax."

"Hey, yeah and if he doesn't he lets us wax him. That's fair."

It wasn't fair really, but Marcus didn't mind and said okay.

"Where do you want to race to?"

That was Huntly again.

"How about the sandbar."

They looked to the bank ten metres away, the only sand in sight, and made more chicken noises.

"That's too close."

"Not that one. It's round the bend."

Beauty, they looked quite startled.

"Way down there? ...As far as that?"

"Unless we have to dog-paddle all the way."

That made them laugh again.
Marcus put up a great effort, only a couple of metres behind Huntly and about five metres ahead of the other two. He felt really pleased with himself.

"Holy Moly Knightsy, you're good. That was a gut buster. Hey Jed, want to learn how to dog-paddle?"

Jed Urquart was still too puffed to answer. Huntly saw the sandy little beach and led the way over.

"Ready to pay up Knightsy? What do you want? Three or five?"

"Three or five what?"

"That's for you to find out."

"Ah.. Three."

They looked delighted. He'd been tricked somehow.

"What's three mean?"

"Well there's three of us aren't there.

"I'll change to five."

"Too late... Stand here and put your hands behind your neck. You can't move till we finish."

Marcus got suspicious. This was rather elaborate for a quick yank of a couple of hairs. He went along though. His hands went behind his neck and the three of them closed in, looking like they'd won the lottery.


"Are you going to move?"

Should he say no? That was what they wanted. Curiosity killed the cat.


They high-fived each other.

"Who gets first go Knightsy? Jed or Phil?"

Marcus had a good impression of Phil.


Phil knelt right in front of him.

"I can't see any hairs."

"I can."


"Under his arms."

Phil reached up and gave a soft tug to the hairs in Marcus's armpits.

"No. That would hurt too much."

"Keep looking then."

It was quite disconcerting. His head was right in front of Marcus's speedos and he was looking directly at them.

"There's nothing."

"There has to be. Look closer."

"Hey yeah, but they're too small."

"Have a go anyway."

Phil's thumb and forefinger pinched unsuccessfully at the fuzz just above the band of Marcus's speedos.

"It's too short."

"Try lower."

The fingers tried again, touching quite lightly behind the band this time, and then a third time.

"You have a look Jed."

Now there were two heads right in front of Marcus's groin and when Jed's finger snagged the speedo band and tugged it down a little it was the last straw.

"Look at this Johnny."

"What? Found some hairs?"

"Not yet."

Johnny knelt and there was no doubt as to what they were looking at. It certainly wasn't fuzz. Johnny's finger made a second snag, the band went lower then caught on the end of Marcus's dick.

"Undo the lace Phil. Those speedos look too tight."

The bowstring knot only took a couple of tugs.

"They definitely are too tight now. Make them comfortable Jed."

Jed fiddled, pushing Marcus's dick to one side. It was momentarily more comfortable but there was a pulse of feeling from the touch.

"Not that side. Dicks are meant to go to the left."

There was another pulse, stronger this time from Johnny's manipulations. Flaming Damian and Tony. He'd kill them. By now Marcus's dick was on the rise.

"Wax Him Phil."


"Go on. You're first."

Phil glanced up. He had a worried look, as if he thought things had gone too far. Marcus liked him even more.

"Quick Phil ... So I don't have to stand here looking stupid."

They all looked at him. Philip's fingers went in, there was a sharp tug and he held up a couple of curly brown hairs.

"Go Jed."

Jed didn't hesitate. He held Marcus's boner down.


A few more curlies dropped to the sand. It was Johnny's turn now and he made the most of it. First of all he pushed Marcus's boner to the side, then as if it was still in the way pressed it forward and down.

"Did the other two hurt?"

Marcus shook his head. Johnny's hand slipped as if by accident and he went through his routine of manoevring Marcus's boner out of the way all over again. He even sneaked a quick squeeze which made Marcus draw in a sharp breath, then took twice as long as the other two to find a few hairs.
This guy sure did like dicks.
The tug came short and sharp, but not too bad and Marcus took off for the water. He sat down where it was deep enough for cover then did his own checking as the others approached. Good, all three of them were boned, Johnny and Jed full on, and Phil almost as much. There wasn't time for much of a look as they immersed themselves straight away. They all kept looking towards Marcus and he felt like laughing. They were all wondering how long it would take for his boner to subside.

"Hell Knightsy, how did you last so long?"

"What you mean?"

"We thought you'd be gone as soon as we touched you."

We? That was interesting. It meant they'd planned the whole thing beforehand. Jed had even been the sacrifice.

"I nearly did. It was pretty freaky, but I did agree."

They'd all moved closer now that talking had started, so Marcus stood up.
He was still half boned ...but too bad.
He felt like he'd come out on top, and he could tell that his status had gone way up. All three of them had their eyes riveted on his speedos.
Yes, they were definitely dick watchers.
Marcus laughed mentally at himself, takes one to know one.
To see their reaction he made a casual adjustment of his dick to one side. The eyes were still fixed. Johnny looked up first.

"Man, you get a quick stiff."

"I know, I think I frightened Phil with it."

They all looked startled then Johnny and Jed roared with laughter and attacked Phil when he shook his head and acted like that was crazy. Marcus was attacked next but the ice was totally broken and it was a friendly muck around.

"God Knightsy. You're different."

"I am?"

"Yeah, we thought you were a jerk. Always by yourself."

"I was a bit, but I joined the wrestling team."

"You can wrestle?"

Their mental picture of him was being completely wrecked.

"Yeah, so watch it."

Eyes locked and Johnny accepted the challenge. It had to be him. As well as being the leader he was the strongest. He made a lunge towards Marcus who put up his hands to stop him.


"How are you going to get out of this Johnny? It's one-on-one."

Phil laughed straightaway but Johnny and Jed didn't catch on.

"What do you reckon Phil? Should I give him a choice?"

"Yeah, give him a choice."

"Okay, you beat me Johnny or you let me wax you."

Now Jed was laughing.

"You bugger Knightsy."

Marcus made some chicken noises.

The wrestling didn't take long.
Johnny was pretty much a match for strength but he didn't have a hope against all the things Marcus had learnt from Damian, Stef and Jaz. He kept trying though till it was obvious Marcus could tie him in knots.
In the same spot where Marcus had stood, Johnny put his hands behind his neck and agreed not to move. Jed and Phil were totally enjoying this.

"One or three Johnny?"

"One? What's that?"

Jed burst in.

"That's for you to find out."

Johnny looked daggers at him but they were only fake.

"Um... Well.. Ah.. Three."

Marcus acted amazed.

"Three? Wow, three times for each of us.
...Don't panic. Just joking."

"You are a bugger."

"Who goes first, Phil or Jed?"

"The twerp or the rat? ...The twerp."

Marcus wouldn't have said that in Johnny's position but the others enjoyed it. Phil knelt in place and asked Marcus what to do.

"See if you can find anything."

Once again Phil caught on straightaway. He tugged the top of Johnny's speedos out and had a peek.

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

"You twerp."

"Jed, help Phil."

Jed made an inspection, longer than Phil.

"It's empty in there."

Marcus knelt, undid the string and had his own peek at dark black pubes and a tantalising view of a bit more.

"There's something. I think it's just fuzz. Hey, I know."

Marcus walked across the sand, picked up a smooth stick he'd seen and came back. He put the end of it under the smooth mound of Johnny's balls and lifted. Johnny jumped. Good, that got to him.

"Hey, you're not meant to move."

That was Jed. More daggers flew, then another jump when Marcus lifted again.

"Anything there yet Phil?"

Phil peeked.

"No, do it again."

Marcus did it then had a great idea. He remembered how David carried on when they were here. Yes, that would work perfectly. He took a handful of the soft dry sand, tugged at the band and let it trickle slowly in.

"See any hairs yet Jed?"

"No, try some more sand."




The speedos were chockers, and the weight pulled them further and further down till there were definitely pubes in view. Jed had taken it on himself to give an occasional lift with the stick and things were happening behind the silver grey material. There was a definite conflict of opposing forces, sand trying to pull down and another obviously growing force trying to lift up.

"Whoo, better let that sand out Phil, those speedos look too tight."

"Let it out?... Right."

Marcus helped, making a small gap at the side of the pouch under Johnny's balls and jiggled the sand slowly out. It finished but Marcus kept jiggling as if it hadn't.

"We can't get it all Jed, clean it out."

Jed didn't know what Marcus meant.

"Think how uncomfortable sand is. You'll have to brush it out with your fingers."

It was a big step but Marcus was fairly certain Jed would go for it. He did, after hesitating. It was a two-handed job, one to hold out the front of the speedos while the other fished around inside. Oh boy, that looked rude. Marcus had to adjust his own speedos.

"You wait Jed."

Jed wasn't worried. He was enjoying the moment. They all were. Phil was staring, one hand resting on the swell of his speedos. Time to involve him more.

"Help him Phil."

Phil's eyes goggled, so Marcus guided his hand to the top of the speedos. There was hardly enough room for two hands but they managed. Johnny's eyes were closed. Jed took his hand out. Why was that? Oh, his speedos weren't big enough. Marcus put his own hand into Johnny's speedos and didn't even make the pretence of cleaning out sand. First he cupped Johnny's balls and massaged them the way that drove Stef crazy, then he curled his fingers round the length of the rigid dick and bent it forward.

"Hey look Phil, we found some here. Give him a wax."

Tug, Marcus kept holding.
Tug, Jed took a turn.
Tug, and Marcus let go.
Johnny didn't rush off to the water. Instead he dived at Jed, pushed him down and sat on him. That looked very interesting because they were both almost boned out of their speedos.

"Guess what rat?"

He had an evil grin and Jed obviously knew him so well that he had no doubts about what was coming.

"Um.. It's my turn?"

"You guessed right. Can you take it?"

Jed put his hands straight behind his head and when Johnny stood up his grin was even bigger.

"Where's that stick Knightsy?"

Johnny pointed in the direction of Jed's speedos then picked up the stick. Phil didn't hesitate and went straight for Jed's drawstring. With that undone he tugged to make room for the first handful of sand. Jed popped straight out. It was a sexy looking dick and Marcus felt an urge to touch it. It was nice and fat with a shiny pink head. While the sand went in, Johnny did the prodding thing with the stick.

"Hold his speedos out Knightsy."

More sand went in till Jed's boner looked like a column sprouting from a mini desert. Johnny dropped the stick and pushed Jed's dick to the side.

"Is that comfortable?"

"Um.. I suppose."

Johnny took a firmer hold and Jed's head rolled back for a moment.

"Here, you try Phil."

Hands swapped and Phil made a few movements.

"Go on Knightsy, see how long it takes to get him comfortable." Marcus let go the speedos and without the support he'd been giving they sagged a couple of inches. His hand took over from Phil's.

"Do you like that Jed?"

What a question. It was the same kind Damian used for his traps. Jed nodded and a little smile appeared.

Johnny and Phil both laughed aloud.

"Yeah, we know you do."

Johnny pulled one side of Jed's speedos down a couple of inches, then the other side and sand cascaded. One more definite tug and the speedos looped round Jed's ankles.

"Shake that sand off Knightsy."

Shake it? There wasn't much sand there, only a sprinkle in the pubes. Oh boy, that was rude, as if he was doing Jed. Well, he was, in fact.
Johnny took over with more rapid motions which made Jed's balls all jouncy.

"Ready Jed?"

Jed looked ready for anything. Johnny made the first tug, Phil plucked a quick couple of hairs, and Marcus followed. Johnny made a surprise move by shoving Jed. What was he doing? The foot that Jed reflexively put back to keep his balance lifted free of the speedos and Johnny pounced. There was a short scuffle as Jed tried for a recovery but a couple of seconds later Johnny had his booty. Marcus thought there might be a tussle, but Jed knew Johnny.

"How do I get them back?"

"Get Phil's for me."

Phil jumped and went to run but he was trapped on the bush side of the sand. Jed made short work of him and soon Johnny had two pairs of speedos.

"Now get Knightsy's."

Marcus was caught by surprise because he was ogling Phil's dick. There was a mad scramble and lots of laughter but the combination of three against one and only token resistance quickly led to another dick on parade.

They were all having a good look too.
Johnny didn't even struggle when Marcus put him in a restraining hold and Jed took his speedos. What was going to happen now? With all the swollen dicks on view Marcus thought they might head into the water.

"God Knightsy? How long does that stiffie go on for?"

Marcus had to grin. They wanted the dick show to continue.

"Ages, specially when someone gropes it."

"That's Jed. He loves dicks."

"Ha, you can talk Johnny. You're the one who always starts things."

They all moved close and were openly examining Marcus's boner.

"He organised us out of our speedos pretty quick."

"He tricked Jed into wanking for us a couple of weeks ago."

"I didn't have to trick him Phil. He was begging for it."

"You're the wanker Johnny. It's a wonder you haven't worn it off."

"Who's the one who likes doing it in front of the mirror?"

"So? Who ties his balls up?"

"That was mucking round. Every one mucks round. I bet Knightsy does."

They looked expectant so Marcus gave a nod.

"Showers are good."

Johnny and Jed looked at Phil.

"Phil knows what to do with the shampoo, don't you Phil?"

"I put it in my hair."

"Yeah, and we know which hair you mean."

"Hey, did you learn that at wrestling?"

"Learn what?"

"How you held me just then."

"Yes. ...Do you want me to show you?"

Marcus restrained Johnny without waiting for his answer.

"Neat. Now how do I get out of it?"

"You can't. Not with this one, unless I let you."

"Really? What if I do it to you? Could you get away?"

"Try it. I won't be able to if you do it properly."

It took a couple of minutes to make sure that Johnny knew what he was doing, but it was fun showing him and Johnny loved it.

"Go on. See if I'm doing it right."

Marcus struggled and Johnny started laughing.

"Now I've really got you."

What? For a split-second Marcus thought he'd made a mistake. No, it was just Johnny being macho.

"Not really. Because you can't do anything without letting me go."

"Ha, well someone else can. Button him Jed. You too Phil."

Marcus squirmed as the fingers jiggled in his belly button. This was fun. What else would they come up with?

"Check his bag's Jed."

Getting your bags checked was another name for a grope of your balls. Jed looked dubious then made a quick tentative grope.

"Has he got any luggage?"


"Check again."

This time it was a real grope, long enough to send Marcus's balls roiling.

"Has it got his stiff going again?"

There was a hint of frustration. From his position behind, Johnny couldn't see anything.

"Not like it was."

"Go Phil. Do it properly."

Phil looked even more dubious than Jed but once he made the move his hand stayed there. Whoo, he really was doing it properly. Marcus's boner surged. Johnny let him go and they had another gawk.

"God, that hold's wicked. Are there any others like it?"

"Are you game?"

Johnny looked at Jed and Phil.

"Yeah, not like these two."

Marcus felt wicked himself. Johnny was easy to trick.

"Kneel on the sand. You can't do this one standing up."

Johnny went down, all eager to comply, and with quick, practiced moves Marcus used the rude restraint Stef had taught him.


Johnny had just realised his predicament. He twisted one way and then the other and each time his balls mashed against Marcus's wrist. Marcus went to the next stage and wrapped his fingers round Johnny's dick. It was a semi at the moment but a few squeezes would soon fix that.

"So, how do you like this hold Johnny?"

There was a snort.

"Better than the other one."

Marcus squished his thumb against the head of Johnny's dick. It was a big, strongly defined helmet and now that it was swollen it was easy to feel the shape of it.

"How are you going? Think you can escape?"

He wouldn't, not for a few minutes yet, when he was all worked up. Marcus squished that nice head again then stilled his fingers. He could feel the strong throb of Johnny's heartbeat. The boner made a sneaky push against Marcus's fingers. Yes, Johnny was really wanting it. Marcus stood up. Johnny came to his knees with a look that said he'd wanted to keep going.

"Just getting your stiffie going Johnny?"

It was going all right, much more than before. The look on Johnny's face changed to a grin.

"My turn now."

Marcus was so tempted. He'd told Stef nothing like this would happen today, but his boner was thinking differently.

"Phil's turn. I'll teach him and he can show you later. Jed, you kneel down."

Jed stared at him while Phil giggled and Johnny laughed.

"Go on Jed. You're going to love this."

Jed knelt and Phil followed Marcus's instructions. Johnny watched like a hawk. Jed tested Phil's hold but it was secure. Johnny was standing close where he could get a good view and urging Phil to get into it. They all thought it was a fantastic game. Jed's fat dick swelled and the pink head kept appearing and disappearing behind Phil's busy hand. Suddenly an arm went round Marcus's neck and Johnny tried to dump him. It didn't work. What was he doing? Marcus was more interested in Jed and Phil than a wrestle.

"Are you game Knightsy?"


"I bet I can do that hold."

Marcus's boner took over.

"I bet you can't."

Phil had let Jed out of the hold when Johnny made his challenge and they were watching closely. A minute later Johnny's hand captured Marcus's boner.

"I got you this time."

"Yep, sure did. Want to try another hold?"

Johnny's hand let go. He thought Marcus had changed his mind.

"...I suppose."

"Lift your leg up and roll over this way."

Marcus's arm was now free and his hand found its goal. A murmur came from Johnny and then another shift to a more comfortable position. Johnny's hand took hold as well.

"It's so hard."

Marcus was used to hearing that. Everyone who got hold of his boner seemed to say it. He grinned and squeezed. Johnny's boner was impressively hard too. Johnny's hand sped up but Marcus didn't want that so he stopped it. This was too good to be over after a few frantic seconds.


"Don't rush."

There was a puzzled look.

"We'll make it fun."


"Mucking around."

This reference to Johnny's earlier comment gave him an inkling of what Marcus meant. Marcus could see the gears grinding. Yes, Johnny was hooked. Now for the big step.

"Phil and Jed too."

Three sets of eyes widened. Marcus thought he'd gone too far but Johnny over-rid the hesitation from the other two by ignoring it.

"Four of us? What do we do?"

"Whatever. You think of something."

Tossing the initiative back to Johnny worked.

"Check this, Jed."

Not quite sure why, when Johnny beckoned, Jed nevertheless moved close. His hand was taken, and when it was guided to Marcus's boner it lingered.

That was two definitely drawn in. Now what about Phil? Jed dragged him in.

"Feel. It's like iron."

Yes, that was all three of them past the point of backing out. Marcus rubbed his thumb on the top of Johnny's helmet. It made him gasp, it had to when he was swollen like that.

"Pass it on Johnny."

Jed gasped, and Phil made a quick, inarticulate noise. Marcus kept the rub going and that was passed round the group too, to a chorus of murmurs and breathy sounds.

Johnny took over and cupped his hand under Jed's balls. That went around till four sets of balls were being steadily massaged.
To broaden the rules Marcus made a circle with his thumb and pointer finger and started a very slow wanking motion, this time with Phil's dick so it would pass the other way. When it got back to him from Johnny he changed the rhythm to five quick wanks and then five slow ones.
That got them all smiling.
Johnny squeezed the head of Marcus's dick so Marcus did the same to Phil.
The ideas came fast. Phil started lightly tracing his fingers over Marcus's balls and it felt so good that Marcus gave a prolonged moan. They loved that so much a mini-competition started to try and get sexy sounds from each other.
Whoot, this was getting hot. Time for another change.

"Johnny and Phil. Play the bagpipes."


"Put your dicks together. Jed does the bags and I do the pipes."

Phil chuckled and scooted up against Johnny. Jed's hand fiddled with their balls while Marcus held the two dicks together, squeezing and rubbing.

"Bagpipes.. Knightsy and Jed."

That was Johnny, keen to get his hands on Marcus's boner. He was so eager that Marcus pulled away.

"What's wrong?"

It was the first time Marcus had backed off from anything.

"Nothing. You were making me feel too good Johnny, and I've got another game for you."

"What is it?"

"Dick wrestling. You and Jed."

"What do we do?"

"Wrestle with your dicks."

"So how do I win?"

"You don't, you just have fun. Keep up against each other. That's it. You have to keep your boners touching all the time. Now pull each other close and go for it."

They went for it, really went for it. It looked totally rude. Marcus pulled away from Johnny after their turn and missed out on Jed completely. They knew why and Johnny grabbed Marcus's boner purposefully. Marcus grabbed Phil's, Phil grabbed Jed's and Jed completed the circle. Johnny's hand was busy so Marcus quickly took over.

"Last game. First rule is you have to go slow."

"Slow? How slow?"

"Watch me."

Marcus set the pace and they quickly got into sync then looked for the next instruction.

"No one lets go till we all finish and the last one's the winner."

"Last one? Don't you mean first?"


Johnny's hand immediately sped up.

"No Johnny, you can do anything you like but you have to keep the right speed."

Johnny's grip got tighter and his thumb pressed on Marcus's slippery tip with every stroke. He did slow down though. Jed looked right on the edge again and Marcus thought he might even outlast him but Johnny was too good.
Marcus made a huge moan, and gasping for breath, set his hips thrusting.

"Go Johnny, go."

Johnny did, pounding faster and harder with each groaning plea. Phil and Jed were transfixed by the sight and for about thirty seconds Johnny's hand and Marcus's boner were the only actions.
Spunk went everywhere and more time passed while they watched his ecstasy subside.
With an effort to focus away from his own feelings Marcus renewed wanking Phil's boner.
Jed went over the edge and he yelled then geysered as Phil's hand raced.
Juice flew.
Phil followed and then it was Johnny's turn to splatter everywhere.
When Johnny finished his explosions they suddenly looked dazed and rather uncertain.
It was an interesting tableau, with the four of them kneeling in their close little circle. The four-armed machine of the last twenty minutes had somehow remained intact through the crescendos and was now running on idle. Marcus gently fondled Phil's very slippery, but much reduced boner and gave it a squeeze, a friendly kind of squeeze rather than a sexy one. He smiled and passed it on. Jed smiled and then Johnny did too.

"You guys are unreal."

The smiles broadened and they relaxed.

"You yelled. It sounded like Phil was killing you."

Johnny was talking to Jed.

"Yelled? Well so did you, kind of. And your mouth was open."

"What did you close your eyes for Phil?"

"I had to. I thought I must be in heaven."

That set them going for a couple of minutes, asking questions to find out from each other what it had felt like.

"What d'you reckon Knightsy?"

"Someone else's hand always feels best. Well, it does for me. Johnny was driving me crazy."

Phil picked up on the always part of Marcus's pronouncement.

"You do it with other guys then?"

"Do you know Stefan McKenna?"

"That big Year Twelve who mucks around with Damian Riley? Him?"


Johnny struggled with a further change in his conception of Marcus.

"Wow... Very much?"

"Stacks. As much as we can."

Johnny's hand went still.

"Will you tell him about us?"

"For sure."

Now there were three worried looks. "Do you have to?"

"Why not? I told you about him didn't I?"

Marcus nudged his dick against Johnny's hand and it got all proprietary again.

"God, you're rude Knightsy."

"I know. So are you."


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