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What do we have in this story? A case of satyriasis or just a healthy young male making the most of opportunities coming his way?
Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold. This is the final chapter in the story.
Judging the Dick Parade has led to exciting adventures with two groups from the Swim Team and Marcus is about to relate the latest to Stefan.

Chapter 11.

"You should have seen him thinking when I said he was in charge of next time. He'll have them experimenting every day to get ideas."

"All of them? What about Philip Urquart?"

"Johnny just says he's chicken and he does whatever he tells him."

"You've changed your mind about the Dick Parade haven't you?"

It was just Marcus and Stef, up the river by themselves. They'd gone through their first round of passion and at the moment Marcus was kneeling and watching the effect his idle teasing was having on Stef's balls.

"I didn't really change it. It just happened again. As soon as I get a boner they all go for it. I wonder who it'll be tomorrow?"

"I bet Damian's made sure they saved the best till last. Remember how he made a big deal that it was going to be a good surprise?"

Stefan's hand reached up and pinched Marcus's nostrils. The pressure was gentle, but insistent, and pulled him down till they were chest to chest. He made a soft smoochy sound, which was a signal for a kiss, then his fingers started making goose-bump traces on Marcus's back. A few minutes later there was a laugh from Stef.

"Jaz is going to freak when he finds out you had a four-way. Imagine what he's going to say?"

Marcus wriggled in a sexy way because he could feel Stef's boner getting extra interested.

"He won't say anything. He'll just look at me and then I'll hear about it every day for the next few weeks."

Stef returned the wriggle with purposeful nudge and laughed again.

"You know what you ought to do?"


"Tell Jaz he's in on it... That he's going with you for a five-way."

"... God, that's brilliant Stef. He'll be double freaked."

"Yes, but he'll do it."


They met up with Damian and Jarrod as usual, about a quarter of an hour before school. The first report was about the four-way and Jarrod's part in the coming five-way and it was fun when his reaction was almost exactly as they'd predicted. The second report had to be cut short but at lunchtime when they met Tony, Marcus had to go over everything in full detail. Damian said it was okay. Tony wasn't at all surprised about Ryan and Jimmy, but he couldn't get over the four-way with the other three.

"That's amazing. All three of them at once and it was their first time. What did you do? Hypnotise them?
Are you ready for this afternoon?"


Marcus reached the river earlier than the planned time and was surprised to see the two guys with silver-grey bathers messing round in the waist deep water near the middle of the river. There was no-one else round so he made his way towards them.

"Hi. You're on the school swimming team?"

They stopped trying to dunk each other and looked at Marcus. He saw them check him out as he approached.

"What? Oh, the speedos."

It was the big one speaking. Boy, he was big. Even bigger than Stef, and the other one was almost the same size.

"I haven't seen you guys here before."

"No, we felt like a bit of a change and a hack around."

"Me too... There's a good spot down the river at the sandbar. Do you want to race down there?"

They looked rather surprised then grinned at each other.

"Sure, why not?"

Marcus dived away with a couple of metre's lead but they powered past. They were the best yet from the swim team for sure. When he reached the sandbar they all lolled in the water to catch their breath then the big one made a shove at the other and dived underwater. The other one followed, made a quick grope, then dived in a different direction. The big one chased, groped in return, then dived away. It was a tag game.

"Are you into this?"

Marcus hardly had time to nod before he copped a grope. He went after the big guy and caught him easily. Neither of them was trying any real evasion, and the gropes quickly passed around, till with a laugh the other guy lunged for the big one and yanked his speedos down at the back. They came to just below his butt, and leaving them there, he retaliated.

"You still mucking around?"

"Um... Sure."

Marcus was startled by the directness of these two but then figured that their being on the Dick Parade meant he should expect something like this. The three of them had their speedos yanked off in a couple of moments and of course, that started Marcus's boner.

"Whoo-ee Harry. Look-ee here. We've got a live one."

Harry, the big one, didn't just look, he grabbed and held till Marcus was rigid.

"Get a feel of this Tom. Pure steel"

Tom didn't just have a feel. He set to work till the tip was glistening and Marcus's hips were twitching.

"Your turn."

Harry came closer and Marcus reached for his big boner.

"Me too. ... Keep it going... till we're all slippery."

With his right hand doing Harry's boner and his left doing Tom's, Marcus took his time, using the bag of tricks he'd built up till Harry was moaning and Tom gasping.


Harry grinned and took Marcus's boner. Without letting go he guided them to the shallows and directed Marcus to kneel.

"Double blowjob Tom, but just tease him."

Harry's boner filled Marcus's mouth and at the same time Tom sucked on Marcus. So this was what they meant by a double blow job? Marcus would have called it a three-way. In hardly any time at all Harry's boner was losing control and Marcus had to hold one hand around to prevent it pushing too far in. It blew off and filled his mouth. Well, he was used to that. There was a change. Harry swapped with Tom and away they went till Marcus's mouth filled for the second time. His own boner was screaming for faster action. Harry lifted his head and grinned.

"You ready? We're going to give you the works. Okay?"

Marcus nodded, wanting them to get on with it.

"Tom, do his balls."

Marcus lasted about thirty seconds with Harry in front doing the oral, and Tom behind, reaching between Marcus's legs to work his balls. Wham, he exploded. The pleasure so amazing every time it happened. His body stilled, wanting to relax. Harry's mouth went away. What? His hand wrapped in a tight tube and milked Marcus's now sensitive boner.

"Come on, two in a row."

His hand sped up and Marcus felt like screeching.

"Yes, you can do it. Push... Faster."

Marcus pushed. He knew they wanted him to do all the action. Fast and hard into the slippery tunnel of friction, his boner worked and worked. For a while there was no tingle but Tom got a kind of grip that tightened his balls with every forward thrust, and that helped the tingle start.

"You feeling it yet? Come on, shove."

Boner sliding, hips thrusting, balls mashing, Marcus poured the effort in like a thoroughbred racehorse, with cries from his jockeys exhorting him to finish. The tingle turned to electricity and then the electricity short-circuited. His juices spurted for the second time and he struggled to escape when Harry's hand started working again.

"Going for three?"

They must be crazy? All he wanted to do now was flop down and gather his energy. Harry gave a couple more squeezes and laughed as Marcus jerked away.

"Next time hey, hot stuff? See you round."


"I wondered what hit me Stef. No wonder Tony saved them for last."

"They're not on the swim team."

"What?... Yes they are. They had team speedos."

"Last year they were, but they've finished school."

Marcus looked at Stef in puzzlement.

"Finished school?"

"I'm sure I know who they are from your description and I reckon you met the wrong people. Tony always talked about this year's team... And wasn't it meant to be only one person?"

It was, but Marcus had presumed that that was part of the surprise.

"Oh my god Stef. I think you're right. I was early this time and they were already there... And they never said one word about getting me on to the team."

Stef was grinning.

"Wait till Damian and Jaz hear about this. They're going to love it."

"What am I going to do though? Those two guys said they're going to keep an eye out for me."

"I'll bet they are."


Marcus hacked round for nearly a quarter of an hour and no one turned up. It was a bit of a puzzle because Damian and Tony had been quite definite about the time and stirring about the surprise factor. Well, he'd wait a bit longer then have a decent swim. He floated down the river with the slowly moving water, duck-dived and swam underwater against the current, then surfaced and sucked in a few deep breaths. When he cleared the water from his eyes he saw a figure walking down the path.... Tony?.. What was he here for? Marcus stood up and gave a wave then waited while Tony stripped to speedos and dived in.

"Hi Tony. What's happening? No-one's turned up."

"No, I thought I'd better let you know they won't be."

That was interesting. He said they, so it sounded like more than one again.

"Are they coming another day?"

"Doubts. ...Damian said this was your only free afternoon till next week. So? Am I going to see how well you swim? The others all said I really should try and get you on the team."

"They did? I don't know why. They could see I can't swim fast."

"Ryan and Jimmy said you'd be great for long distance."

That figured. Marcus remembered that bit.

"Where did you swim with them?"

Marcus nodded down the river.

"Um.. Down to that bend and a little bit further."

"Okay. ..Let's go."

With only a quick look he headed off and, slightly startled, Marcus dived after him. Whoo! He really was moving, and when Marcus made a big effort to catch up he just increased his pace and went ahead again. When they reached the bend Tony slowed till Marcus was level.

"How far now?"

"That sandbank."

"Okay, I'll race you."

No wonder Tony was captain of the swimming team. Marcus tried but the high-speed wrecked him and he was nearly conked out by the time that last fifty meters was done.

"Hey, you are good. And your sprints could be good too with a bit of training."

Marcus didn't answer, just shook his head till he got his breath back.

"I couldn't fit it in Tony. I've got too many other things happening."

"Is this the famous sandbank?"


"Where you had your fun?"

"Um. ...Yes."

"Was it really fun, or were you saying that for Damian?"

Marcus wondered what he was getting at.

"For Damian?"

"Yeah, he's pushy isn't he?"

"Sort of, but not really. It's more like organising."

"So you didn't mind? I never expected all that stuff would happen to you."

"I didn't either."

Now Marcus thought he understood. Tony was wondering if the Dick Parade idea had gone too far.

"You did mind?"

Marcus shook his head and smiled. This was a bit like Damian's questioning.


"Nothing. The opposite I suppose."

"So `fun' was the right word was it?"

This was a big question and Marcus checked Tony's expression before nodding. Tony looked curious.

"How did it all start? They didn't just jump you did they?"

"It was sort of my own fault."

"Yours? How come?"

"Well, I can't help getting.. um.. ..boned, and then they all got interested."

Tony looked directly at Marcus's speedos.

"Yeah, Damian said you get them easy. What sets you off?"

Marcus stared at Tony, taken aback by the directness of the question then relaxed at the grin he was seeing.

"I ..ah. ...I don't know. It seems like just about anything."

"What was it with Jimmy and Ryan?"

This really did feel like one of Damian's quiz sessions.

"Ryan was friendly and rested his arm across my shoulders."

"Sheba, that was all? ...What's your heart rate like?"


"You've stopped puffing. You recover quickly so that means you're fit. What's your pulse?"

He took Marcus's wrist and experimented with pressing three fingers in different positions.

"I can't find it. Hold still and I'll try your throat."

Strong fingers probed at the side of Marcus's neck and sent a tingle through his body. Tony's right-hand took a grip on the back of Marcus's neck and squeezed.

"Will this work?"

Marcus thought he must be talking about finding his pulse, but the fingers squeezed again and then again. Each squeeze sent a jolt of feeling.

"Is it setting you off?"

My God! Tony was trying to give him a boner. Well, yes, it was working, and Tony chuckled.

"I thought it would. Try it on me."

He took Marcus's hand and lifted it.

"Geez, I love that feeling. I get the shivers just from the barber cutting my hair at the back. Dig your fingers in."

For the next minute there was an interesting tableau as they stood with their hands on each other's neck. There was another chuckle and Marcus, enjoying the sound, couldn't help smiling back. Tony looked down and there was yet another chuckle.

"Man, racing speedos sure aren't designed for boners are they. So, what did Jimmy and Ryan do next?"

"We.. Um.. We took our speedos off because they were too uncomfortable and then they got me to pose."

"Pose? You're kidding?"

It did sound unlikely.

"They do media studies at school. I'm actually posing for them again tomorrow."

"What sort of poses?"

"You want me to show you?"

The chuckle came again and without waiting for any response Tony dropped his hand from Marcus's neck, skinned out of his speedos, then looked expectantly at Marcus. Oh boy, he surely looked good and Marcus stared. There was yet another chuckle and Marcus decided he loved the sound.

"Come on Marcus, get them off. Didn't you say they were uncomfortable?"

Marcus dumped his speedos then got all hot from the look Tony was giving him.

"Um.. I'll do the octopus pose."


Marcus nestled against Tony's side with his arms wrapped around his back and chest, his head on his shoulder and his boner pressing eagerly.

"Holy hell, some pose. What's it got to do with an octopus?"

Marcus let his left-hand trace slowly down Tony's chest and stomach than take a hold of the straining boner. There was a satisfying gasp.

"That's a tentacle exploring."

A different tentacle started exploring and Marcus gave his own gasp. His boner went to super excited mode and he felt the fingers testing.

"God Knightsy, it's pure steel."

That made Marcus laugh.


"Nothing. It's just that I'm getting used to hearing that."

Tony swivelled so they were facing and then put his hands on Marcus's shoulders and pressed. Marcus thought he was expected to kneel but the pressure changed direction and he ended on his back with Tony above him. Watching Marcus's reaction, Tony lowered himself till they were balls to balls and boner to boner.


"It was Tony?"

Marcus hugged close, traced his fingers up and down Stefan's spine, then jiggled in that ticklish spot on his side.

"Yeah, no one was there and when he turned up I thought it was to tell me no-one was coming."

Stefen laughed, grabbed Marcus's hands then rolled on top and started licking Marcus's face.

"That feels weird."

"Do you want me to stop?"


"That means you're weird too."

Marcus poked his tongue at Stefan and it was promptly licked. Well, he'd known that would happen. The licking turned to a prolonged kiss.

"So what happened?"


"Fibber. Tell me or I'll bite your nose."

Marcus shook his head then waited to see what a nose bite felt like. It was very gentle of course.

"That's weird too."

"If you tell me I'll bite you somewhere else."


"Your bellybutton."

"You can't. It's an inny."

"Of course I can."

"Show me."

There was an interesting few moments.

"So, when this nothing happened, who started it?"

"Tony did. He gave me neck goose-bumps."

"Your neck? Hah, that means you boned in two seconds."

"So did he."

"Has he got a good one?"

"Better than yours."

That was pure cheek and Marcus squawked at the retaliatory squeeze.

"Hah, you're a bonerphiliac."

"As if... Any way Stef, there's no such word."

"Yes there is. I saw it on the net when I googled your name. How many times did you do each other?"

"Twice... You googled my name?"

"Yeah, it said Marcus Knight, bonerphiliac, with five million hits."


"Only twice? Were you feeling sick?"

"Double idiot... Of course I wasn't."

"So what happened?"

"He's nice. He was shy."

"Tony Clark? Shy? No way."

"It was the first time for him."

Stefan lifted his head to check if Marcus was kidding.


"Yeah, it was fun."

"I'll bet. And when are you seeing him again."

"Um. ...Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? Oh my God! How are you going to manage that? You've already got the nude stuff with Jimmy and Ryan, and then David after that."

"I'm taking him with me in the morning."

"He's going to watch you modelling?"

"No, we're both doing it."

Stefen laughed so Marcus whacked him and called him an idiot again.

"Stef, he's interested in Jimmy and Ryan and he'll be a better model than me."

"Better? No way."

"He's fitter and stronger and better looking than I am."

"Now who's an idiot? He might be stronger and fitter but he's sure not as good-looking or sexy."

Marcus went warm all over. He loved it when Stefan said things like that. He snuggled close.

"He's interested in them? What do you mean?"

"It was easy to work out when he asked so many questions about them, and then when I asked him to come with me he said yes straight away."

"Have you rung Jimmy and Ryan to let them know?"

"No. It'll be a surprise. I can't wait to see the look on their faces."

"They might be annoyed."

"No way. Anyhow, I'll make sure they're not."

"Gods, another four-way."

"Um... Sort of. It'll get them together and then they won't need me."

Stefan thought about that then laughed.

"Firecracker, you'll get them together all right but I bet you're there too. Hey, it's eight o'clock. Time to study."

Marcus used a number of sneaky tricks and studying was postponed for half an hour.


"Hey Supe! When's the next orgy?"

"Get lost Damian."

"Want some barbecue chicken ?"

"...Next Saturday with Jimmy and Ryan and Tony, and it's not an orgy, just having fun."

The chicken was passed over and Marcus waited for the follow-up comments. The orgy topic had become a favourite stir because of the way the modelling with Tony turned out, and the famous five-way with Jaz and the other three.

"What about these life drawings? When are we going to see one?"

"Next Sunday."

"Next Sunday? What do you reckon Stef? Do we believe that?"

Stefan grinned and nudged Marcus in the side.

"Maybe... You know what these arty types are like. They keep practising till they get it right."

"Ha.. Like ten practices for one drawing."

Jarrod was right. At the first get-together Ryan hadn't even started any sketches. He'd had his sketchpad, but everything went physical as soon as Marcus and Tony stripped for their first pose and then stayed that way for the whole morning.

"We will get some drawings Damian. We planned it on Thursday."

"Planned what?"

Jaz's curiosity was whetted and he joined with Damian in demanding more information.

"Tony's joining their buddy group and we're doing some stuff to make it interesting."

"What stuff?"

"He's getting the exact same speedos and a bear claw."

"Bear claw?"

Marcus explained about the special bear claws.

"Wow. Tony's joining up with them? It's not even two weeks since your orgy."

Marcus ignored the orgy stir.

"They met up again last weekend."

"And they left you out of it?"

"They had to Damian. Marcus was at the five-way orgy with Jaz."

This time it was Stefan stirring so Marcus gave him a `you wait' look and got three laughs back.

"So, what else did you plan?"

"We're swimming at the park so Tony can try out the new bathers."

"Yeah? That means doing each other down at the sandbar. You won't have time for any sketches."

"Yes we will. In the morning and afternoon."

"Are you getting a bear claw?"

Marcus shook his head.

"Um... I said no."

"What?... Oh... Because of Stef?"

Stefan gave one of his special smiles and there were nods of approval from the other two.

"Hey, you should get those rude bathers though."

Marcus gave Damian a puzzled look.

"I should?"

"Yeah, for Stef and Jaz to perve at. James too, because you swim at his place a lot."

Jaz called Damian an idiot but Stef said it was a great idea.

"You want Supe to get them? Stef, that doesn't make sense."

"Why not?"

"Well as soon as you see him wearing them you'll tell him to take them off. He might as well not put them on in the first place."

"Ha very ha Jaz. You get Marcus out of his clothes as soon as he walks in the door at your place."

"No I don't. He takes them off without me even asking."

"That sounds right. He takes them off with Quentin too, for their dancing."

"You do that dancing in the nude do you Supe?"


"Give us a demo."

"No way."

"Why not?"

"Because I can't dance, and there's no music."

"There's music back at my place. You can show us there."

Damian and Stef both agreed with Jarrod's idea so Marcus's protestations were futile.

"So, where else do you go nude? ...With James?"

"Well.. In his pool sometimes."

"You should start a nudist group. What do you reckon Stef? We could put a poster up at school saying `Knightsy's Nudies'."

The next ten minutes went to discussions of how many people would join up, where they'd meet and what kind of activities would go on. Marcus was soon laughing his head off, especially at Stef's ideas for advertising slogans. `Grin and Bare it', `the Bare Facts', and `Show and Tell'. Jarrod wanted `Pervers Paradise' but that got howled down for being too obvious and then Stef came up with, `Members Wanted'. Marcus thought that was the best idea of all and it got even funnier when Jarrod had to have it explained. Stefan rolled off his towel, rearranged it on the sand near the old tree stump, then gave Marcus a look. Yum. Cuddle time.

"Gods! Can't you two keep your hands off each other for more than a minute?"

"Why should we?"

Marcus settled into place and wriggled happily when Stefan's fingers started tickling and teasing.

"'Cause Jaz gets too embarrassed."

"No I don't... Get lost Damian."

Marcus listened to Jarrod and Damian trade friendly insults then got distracted by the strong sensations when Stef started fondling his boner.

"Hey Supe!"

Marcus dragged his attention to Damian.


"You're a randy bugger aren't you?"

This was a never ending stir topic and Marcus usually just agreed or disagreed according to the mood of the moment, but this time there was something in Damian's tone.

"What do you mean?"

Jarrod laughed.

"Seven days a week. That's what he means."

"Ha, you can talk Jazz. We know what's going to happen when you see Johnny and Phil and Jed tomorrow after school?"

"Fourteen Supe! Fourteen."

Throughout the usual badinage Marcus kept looking at Damian, wondering what that tone had meant.

"What do you reckon about the Dick Parade? Was it worth it?"

Marcus nodded, rather warily because this was definitely feeling like one of Damian's trap situations.

"Every single one of them turned into a friend didn't they?"

That was true, apart from Tom and Harry who weren't really part of the Dick Parade.

"So adventures are good for you."

A degree of certainty as to where this was leading, jolted through Marcus.

"Damian, what have you done?"

"Don't worry, you're going to love it."

Marcus stared, at Damian's grin and Jaz's puzzled look, then felt Stefen's Hug.

"You know Malcolm Weeks?"

"Um.. I think so. A Year Twelve guy with blond hair?"

"That's him. Stef and I were talking to him on Friday and we've got you into his club."


"Yeah it's secret and kind of exclusive, well, not that secret, but he's really keen for you to join."

"What sort of club?"

"He's got eighteen guys and you'll get to know them all. You'll make stacks of new friends."

As soon as he heard `guys' Marcus had an inkling of what was ahead.


With mixed feelings of dread, disbelief, and a sneaking hint of anticipation, Marcus waited for more information.

"Yes. Eighteen of them. It's a wanker's club and they experiment with getting each other off. You're going to love it."

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