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What do we have in this story? A case of satyriasis or just a healthy young male making the most of opportunities coming his way?
Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 2.

The next day at school was okay.
Brendan saw the three of them at morning recess but they were with a mob of other Year Twelves and they didn't meet up till lunch hour when Jarrod pulled him off his bench seat, dumped him on his back and held him there with a knee on his chest.

"Yo Knightsy. Made up any new rules yet?"

Damian dragged him off and asked if Marcus had finished his novel.

"I couldn't. I had too much homework."

Marcus scrambled up and watched Stefan put Jarrod in an arm-hold and walk off with him. Damian gave a kind of nod and followed them.
The next three days they left him alone, apart from a few passing grins. They clearly hadn't said a single word about anything, thank goodness.
On Friday the three of them approached and after once again being dumped by Jarrod, wanted to know if he was ready for the weekend, said that Stefan had lots of holds to show him, and wanted to know what time they'd meet up.

On Sunday at one o'clock, Stefan was waiting outside Jarrod's house.
Marcus was feeling rather strange about it all but Stefan gave him such a friendly smile he relaxed. As they set off Stefan opened his day pack and showed Marcus the novel he'd brought. Wow, another Tanya Huff. She was good, though The Last Wizard was a story he'd already read. Marcus took out his Tamson House book and they talked novels and authors till they reached the bush, where most of their concentration was taken with making their way. When they arrived at the rock they sat down for a rest. Stefan took his runners and socks off and Marcus did the same. Stefan's shirt went next and Marcus followed suit, then goggled when Stefan peeled out of his shorts and jocks.
Was he meant to do the same?

"Come on, it's what you like doing when you're here isn't it?"

"Um.. I suppose so. The others aren't hiding somewhere are they? Ready to pinch my clothes again?"

"They're riding motorbikes out at Byron Duncan's farm. No stirring today."

Marcus gave a sort of grin, and with some trepidation removed his shorts and jocks.

"Let's cool off and then I've got some Barbecue Shapes. There's chocolate for later too."

Wow, Marcus loved them both.
The water was great and after drying themselves they sat on their towels and shared the Shapes. Stefan put them on his shirt in two piles so they had equal amounts, which impressed Marcus. He watched Stefan eat his shapes slowly, one by one.

"What are you doing?"

"I put the side with all the flavor against my tongue and when that's dissolved away I crunch the biscuit part. Try it. It makes them last longer too."

Marcus tried it, liked it, and then laughed.


"Nothing, I didn't expect to learn a new way to eat Shapes. That's all."

"So what did you expect?"

"I don't know. What's this wrestling we're doing?"

"Just wrestling. You want to do it now or later?"

"What else are we doing?"

"Nothing. Whatever you like. Reading I hope."

"All right, we'll do it now."

"We have to go up the river."

"How come?"

"Damian made rules for us. I have to carry you and then we wrestle for twenty minutes."

Marcus stared at him.

"Carry me? Is this so I'll be embarrassed again?"

"That's his idea, but who cares? I don't. I like carrying you."

Marcus stared again, at this unexpected comment.

"Jump on Marcus, I know you enjoy it. You wouldn't get your boner if you didn't."

Speechlessness joined the staring. Stefan broke through it while making it harder as well.

"If you truly don't like it we'll stop. The wrestling too, but you have to be honest."

Marcus went strange all over, then Stefan walked into the water.

"Climb on."

Fifty metres up the river he laughed.

"Still scared?"

After another fifty he laughed again.

"That's better. Now you're enjoying it."

Marcus said nothing. He was embarrassed. Stefan kept chuckling and every now and again bounced Marcus on his back and said `Ride `em Cowboy'. They separated to swim through the deep part but that was only for fifteen metres and then he was carried again.

"We'll have our wrestle here. It'll be uncomfortable on the dry sand."

Stefan stopped a couple of metres from the bank in water that came just over his ankles and released Marcus's knees. Marcus gained his footing and braced himself mentally.

"Um.. Can we wait a while? "

"Nope, there's no point."

When Stefan turned round Marcus didn't know what to think. All he could do was look. Stefan gave another of the chuckles he'd been making and after a moment Marcus returned it.

"See, I told you I enjoyed carrying you."

Marcus kept looking. He couldn't take his eyes away.
Last week's comment about Stefan's boner being a metre long flashed into Marcus's thoughts. It wasn't of course, but it sure was big. The tableau was broken when Stefan held his hand out. What? Marcus took it and was tricked. Stefan put one leg behind him and tripped him onto his back. Slowly, and quite controlled, so he didn't go down hard.
Marcus felt the water and soft sand and looked up at Stefan kneeling over him.

"Your turn. You do the same to me."

They stood up. Stefan let himself be tripped, but when Marcus knelt over him he was flicked sideways and again ended up underneath.

"Do you know any holds?"

"No, none at all."

"I bet you know what a bear hug is. Stand up and show me."

Stefan stood up and Marcus awkwardly wrapped his arms round him. He couldn't bring himself to a full hug though because they both still had boners. Stefan took over and their bodies pressed close.
Marcus's heart started pounding with the shock of powerful sensation.

"Like that. Now, try and lift me up."

Marcus tried, and felt completely rude. The mechanics of the movement meant he had to lever his hips against Stefan while hugging him extra tight and leaning backwards. It pushed their boners together. He managed a quick lift of Stefan then lowered him straight away.

"It's not quite fair is it? I'm too heavy."

Stefan did the lift and held Marcus with his legs dangling.

"This is our rest hold. Whenever we do this to each other we stop everything else for a while."

Marcus's feet went back on the sand and they stayed close for ages.

"Remember how I held you last week? Try that on me."

Marcus had to stand behind for this and he slipped his hands through Stefan's arms and locked them behind his neck. Stefan leant forward which made Marcus's legs lift off the sand again while the whole weight of his body pressed his boner on to Stefan's back.

"My turn now."

They swapped but when Marcus tried to lean forward and lift he couldn't quite manage it.

"Good try. Now trip me over."

That put Stefan on his back in the shallow water with Marcus kneeling above him.

"See if you can pin my arms down."

Stefan was just playing with him but Marcus still tried. It was in his nature for one thing, and they'd said last week how much they liked the way he didn't give up.
After a token resistance Stefan gave in and said Marcus was too strong for him. As expected, Stefan had his turn and was soon sitting on Marcus's stomach.

"What do you do if the pressure gets too much or I do something that hurts?"

"Um.. Yell or scream?"

Stefan thought that was a good answer.

"You could try, but saying `bear hug' is our rest signal and it'll work every time."

The pressure on Marcus's wrists increased. He knew what he was meant to do.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

His wrists were instantly released and Stefan waited a few seconds.

"You have to do it as well."

He moved his legs right back but kept himself separate. It was up to Marcus to do the actual hug. This was scary and ever so exciting. Marcus made the move and straight away they were pressed together. Stefan moved a little so their boners touched. The hug went on, the way Stefan said it was meant to.

"You've got the idea haven't you Marcus?"

Marcus did have the idea. Though totally nervous about it, he understood exactly what was happening,.

"Ah. ...Yes."

"Will I show you that hold Jaz used last week?"

Jarrod had used many holds but Marcus had no doubt about which one it was, and he nodded to the face just inches from his own.

"Okay. First this. ..Then this. ..Then this."

It was just what Jarrod had done and Marcus was powerless to escape.

"Try to move."

Marcus could move his legs and his arms freely but if he moved his body his boner pressed against Stefan's wrist.

"It's a good hold isn't it? Here's a variation, and I bet you still can't get out of it."

Stefan's wrist moved a fraction.
Marcus's heart pounded at the feeling of fingers around his boner. He gasped in a breath and involuntarily jerked at the amazing sensation, then went completely still.
Stefan laughed.
It was a nice laugh.

"Feels good doesn't it. You've got two minutes to get free."

Two minutes? What did that mean?
Marcus couldn't get free however long he tried. He made a few attempts then lay still, taking in the sensation. Stefan squeezed a few times and a little noise broke from Marcus's lips. The squeezes continued and each time Marcus made another of his funny little noises Stefan whispered, "Gotcha", in his ear.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

Stefan stopped everything and stood up. Marcus followed, rather shakily started the hug, then stood quietly till it finished.

"You okay Marcus?"

"Ah.. ...You're going too quick for me."

"Too quick? Do you want to stop?"

Marcus shook his head and almost laughed.

"I'm just nervous Stef."

The hug tightened for a second and the fire was tempered by a burst of liking. They stayed close for a while then Stefan gently nudged his boner against Marcus's. It was a questioning nudge, asking permission for more so Marcus nudged back.
Stefan smiled.
Marcus couldn't see it because his chin was on Stefan shoulder but it passed across somehow and made Marcus smile too. The nudges continued, turnabout, then gradually increased in tempo and directness till Marcus laughed aloud.

"You're rude Stef."

"Mmm.. So are you. Are you ready to wrestle again?"

Marcus wasn't, but he dropped his arms anyway. Stefan gave another rude nudge before letting go.

"Another hold?"

"Not yet. You still have to show me you know that last one. ...Please."

He put a begging tone in the `please', which made Marcus smile and relax.
This was a very big step.
Stefan sat down and helped Marcus get the exact hold. It was quite a stretch but very quickly Stefan was pretending he couldn't get free.

"Now try it with the variation."

Committed, Marcus took the magic instrument in his hand.
God it felt strange.
Stefan moaned, surprising Marcus with how loud it was. Then he remembered Damian stirring about it last weekend. Stefan pretended to be trying to free himself but was really just pressing into Marcus's hand.
Getting bolder Marcus tried a squeeze and smiled when it produced another of those moans. That was so intriguing it warranted more experimentation. The moans grew stronger and Marcus lost all trace of nervousness. It was amazing, every time Stefan moaned his eyes closed.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

That took Marcus by surprise. He thought the bear hug thing was for him, so he was momentarily at a loss when it came from Stefan. Not that it was up to him anyway, as Stefan did everything, freed himself, rolled on his back and pulled Marcus on top.
The hug was fierce.

"Marcus. Marcus. That was too good."

Everything changed. The two-armed hold became one. Stefan sought Marcus's hand and guided it between them.

"Do me."

It was a cross between a plea and a command, and with no hesitation at all Marcus started doing him. Steadily his hand worked the big pole till Stefan's moans were almost continuous. Faster and faster he went, till the wet, slippery boner started its own push. Marcus's hand was still now, making the tunnel he instinctively knew was needed, while he marvelled at the energy Stefan was using. Suddenly Stefan went over the top. Thrusting frantically, he exploded. Marcus felt the warm slippery liquid on his fingers and waited while the movement slowed. He couldn't do anything else because Stefan was holding him so close. There were thirty seconds while Stefan held still, then it was Marcus's turn. Stefan's right-hand pushed into the slippery mess and grasped Marcus. His soft husky voice asked if Marcus still wanted to take it slowly. Marcus, so overtaken with sensations, didn't really know or care, so he just said yes. The slow treatment stopped almost immediately. Everything since they'd left their clothes had been building Marcus's arousal, and now Stefan's deliberate ministrations sent him right off. It was his turn to push ever more rapidly till pure pleasure engulfed him. He sagged in the after-time, then squirmed when Stefan gently worked his sensitive boner.

"Wow, you're a firecracker."

Marcus didn't answer. All he wanted was to lie still. The fingers kept experimenting, making him jump when they played with his tip. Marcus felt for Stefan and returned the treatment, smiling at the murmurs. When Stefan softened they drew apart. Neither said anything while they looked at each other, then Stefan scrambled up, pulled Marcus after him and waded towards some deeper water.

"Look at the mess you made."

What? Oh, he was stirring.

"You made the most."

Stefan splashed water on Marcus's stomach and rubbed as if he was cleaning him, so Marcus did the same back. By now the water was deep enough to dive under. When Marcus came up Stefan was smiling at him.

"Want to eat that chocolate now?"

"Have we finished wrestling?"

"I hope not. But let's do something else first. Come on."

Marcus jumped on the back that was proffered and smiled all the way back to their day packs. The dried themselves with their towels, which Stefan then spread, overlapping, on a shady section of the sand.

"Close your eyes."

"What for?"

"You'll see."

They were lying on the towels facing each other. Marcus closed his eyes.

"Lie on your back."

Marcus did that. There was a zipping sound then the rustle of paper.

"Open your mouth."

Marcus did that and kind of laughed.


"Smiling with my mouth open. It's weird."

"Keep it open."

After a soft snap a small piece of chocolate found its way into Marcus's mouth. Stefan laughed.

"You can close your mouth while you eat."

"You didn't say."

There was a short pause as if Stefan was thinking.

"Are you going to do whatever I say?"

"Yes, and then it's your turn."

"Finish your chocolate. ...Good ...open again."

Marcus sensed movement then felt knees against his hips as Stefan knelt over him. A finger teased his lips then jiggled his tongue.

"Close your mouth."

The voice was now above. Marcus did as he was told and when the finger lingered he gave it a little bite.

"Ha, you wait."

Stefan's weight settled on Marcus's thighs. Not heavy, just comfortable. A piece of chocolate was pushed into his mouth so he ate it.
Stefan tickled him.
Marcus's eyes jerked open and he grabbed for the hands.

"No tickling."

"Yes. While you're eating chocolate I tickle. And keep your eyes closed."

Marcus ate the chocolate as fast as he could, and that's not so easy when you're being tickled, laughing, and struggling to keep your eyes closed. Stefan made it easier by tickling more gently. It was weird but Marcus really loved it. For the second half of the chocolate bar they swapped places and Marcus enjoyed that too. Stefan was ticklish as anything and when he was finishing his chocolate he suddenly called out.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

Marcus was pulled on top and they laid together groins touching. It felt very hot, but very nice. Stefan's hand started exploring as Marcus's boner came to life. That stopped the hugging because Stefan wanted a close look. It was much more than a look.

"We're medical students, studying up on sex. First is the cough test. Ready?"

His hands took hold in a grip that no doctor would ever use. Marcus coughed, and failed the test. He had to cough at least ten more times before he passed, and his boner was raging by then.
There was a hardness test, a sensitivity test, the squeeze test and a tickle test before Marcus took his turn at being the doctor. Halfway through Stefan's examination it became too much for both of them and before long Marcus was adding to the liquid already squelching between them.
They stayed chest to chest, both of them gently playing with each other's softening boners till the desire dissipated.

"Look at that. You tried to drown me again."

After a cleanup it was back to the towels where they talked for half an hour about all sorts of things. Marcus found he had a compulsion to touch and his hands roamed freely with what ever whim took him. It was strange to know that Stefan loved him doing it.

"You're amazing Marcus."

"Um.. What do you mean?"

"I don't know. You just are. That was your first time wasn't it?"


"What were you thinking about me during the week? Were you worried?"

"Not exactly. You were the friendly one last Sunday. Right at the start when you grabbed me I was, because you're so strong, but then your smile made me feel okay."

"My smile?"

"It's the best smile ever."

That made Stefan smile and then they both laughed because they were smiling at each other's smiles.

"You were amazing last Saturday Marcus. You were so good when Damian was pushing you."

"No I wasn't. I was freaked from getting caught and not having my clothes."

"We were watching you for a few weeks."

"Watching me?"

"Yeah, Jaz told us how you walk past his place every Sunday, and it was like a big mystery. Three weeks ago he followed you till you disappeared in the bush. That's why we followed you last weekend."

"You were following me? I thought you were exploring and it was a fluke. I've never seen anyone out here."

"Jaz reckoned you must be growing pot."

"Pot? Me?"

"Then we thought you might have a secret hideout where you kept things, and instead you stripped off and started wanking, that was amazing too."

"What did you think when you saw me?"

Stefan's hand was sliding over Marcus's stomach, making a friendly tingly feeling go all through his body.

"I loved it. So did Damian because he had this theory you were gay."

That didn't add up to Marcus so he waited for more information.

"He's always trying to find someone for me, and he knew I thought you were hot."

Marcus processed that for a moment.

"You said that to Damian? That I'm hot?"

"Yeah, he gets you to tell him stuff like that."

"Um. ...Will you tell him about today?"

Stefan's hand stopped moving.

"Not if you don't want me to, but then he'll ask and you'll tell him anyway."

"I will?"

"You did every single thing he asked you last Sunday didn't you? That's the way he is. Don't worry though. He'll love it and he won't tell anyone else."

Stefan's hand slid down Marcus's stomach, over his hips then lightly up and down inside his right leg.

"It'll be all right. I promise. They'll stir us to hell but you'll enjoy it. Hey, let's have a swim."

Marcus had to swim slowly to let Stefan keep up with him. That was another amazing thing. Stefan was so strong and fit it felt like he should be better at everything. After the swim they mucked round in the water for a quarter of an hour then decided to read their novels.
That didn't work.


Marcus was responding to Stefan's chuckle.

"I can't concentrate. I keep thinking about the wrestling hold."

"Which one?"

"I'll show you."

One hold lead to another, experiment followed experiment, and without the urgency of their previous two orgasms they shared sweet words and intimacies and explored the sensations they could give and receive. For half an hour the teasing and touching, murmurs and laughs, pleasures and surprises, brought them closer and closer till they both watched Marcus give himself to Stefan's magic hands and Stefan's features contort as he gave his orgasm to Marcus. An hour and half later a bear hug postponed their departure for a further exciting time.

"Marcus, you're insatiable."

"Stefan, you're irresistible."

A cuddle, a cleanup and clothes set them on their way.

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