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Chapter 3.

They dropped in at Jarrod's house, as it was on the way, and were only half way up the drive when there was a yell and Jarrod and Damian came bursting from the front door.

"So Knightsy? What happened?"

"Nothing much."

"Did you whack at the rock?"

Marcus's plans not to say anything went askew at this point. Thinking about it later he figured that Damian had it all worked out in less than ten seconds.

"Um.. Not really."

Damian let out a whoop.

"I told you Jaz, didn't I? I knew he wouldn't have anything left for the rock. When did it happen? When you were wrestling?"

The direct question and the correctness of the assumption behind it sent such a fiery blush to Marcus's face that an answer was pointless. Stefan had been so right about this. Damian slung his arm round Marcus's shoulder and held him in a congratulatory fashion, then sent another whammy.

"How many times did you do it?"

Marcus wondered if he'd turned into some kind of programmed robot when he heard himself answer.


"Four? Gods, you spent the whole time bonking. Is that why you're so late?"

The blushing robot nodded, felt another of the congratulatory hugs, then had its hand shaken and told it was a real man. Stefan was nodding too, and smiling happily despite the whack on his arm from Jarrod.
Damian started walking along the road instead of going back into Jarrod's house and the questions continued with Marcus answering almost as if they were part of the deal from last Sunday.

"When are you having your next session?"

Session? What sort of question was that?

"Um.. Tomorrow night."

"Marcus is coming round for tea then we're looking at my books."

That sent Damian and Jarrod into fits.

"Books? As if. Are you going to lock the door?"

"Sure. It's the only way we'll keep you two pervs out."

"Jaz is the perv. He'll be at the window if you don't shut the blinds."

Jarrod said that wouldn't stop him. Next they started discussing who was randiest and came to the conclusion it was Marcus.

"Hey, what time are we leaving next Sunday?"

We? That threw Marcus. He and Stefan had it planned for one o'clock, but by the end of the street the plans included the four of them, a ten o'clock start and a special picnic lunch which Damian was to provide.


"God, I thought we'd never get here."

Jarrod had grumbled a few times. They all had really, as it was a scorcher of a day and working their way through the three km of bush was hot, sticky work. They'd had a longed for drink a couple of minutes ago when they first met the river, and now all the day packs were dumped and they were sitting on the sand eating coconut-slice from Damian's deli. His folk's really, but he worked there a lot. The slice was delicious and Marcus ate his slowly, savoring the sweet, rich taste. Damian bolted his down then stripped and put on a pair of blue speedo bathers. Marcus was rather surprised as everyone usually wore shorts for swimming. Jarrod had red speedos and they looked really good on him. Marcus watched while Stefan stripped bare then flushed at the laugh from Damian and Jarrod.

"Come on Marcus. Get them off."

They were going to love this. The sight of Stefan had set things stirring and by the time he slipped out of his jocks Marcus was half boned. They did love it of course, as it tied in with the stirring they'd given him all week, and set in concrete the reputation they'd built up about his randiness.

"Go for it Marcus."

"Get lost Jarrod."

Marcus made a dash for the water, wishing he could wear his shorts.
That wasn't going to happen.
After his own admission, under the deal, that he never wore anything here, and then spending all last Sunday naked with Stefan, they were both locked into it forever. Damian caught him first, Jarrod tried to grope him, and then Stefan came to the rescue. They went down in a heap of laughter and struggles, splashing and attempted dunkings in the cool, clear water. Damian led the way back to the packs, he led nearly everything, and they dried off and settled on their towels. Stefan was right next to Marcus and their sides brushing started Marcus off again.

"Hey Stef, show us how your bear hug thing works."


"Why not?"

Because Damian and Jarrod were looking, that was why not.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

Marcus couldn't believe he was hearing it. Right in front of the other two? He didn't have any say though and Stefan's strong arms quickly tugged him into place. It was really freaky with Damian and Jarrod there, but that certainly didn't dampen anything and the fire flared. The little dance as their boners sought each other started. Stefan first and then Marcus couldn't help responding, despite being conscious of the scrutiny.

"Gods, they're bonking already."

Marcus kind of froze at the sound of Jarrod's voice. So did Stefan. His arms relaxed the hug and after a moment he rolled Marcus to the side and sat up with that blithe grin of his.

"So Jaz, did you like our bear hug?"

"That's not a bear hug. It's a bonk."

Damian agreed, stirred Jarrod for getting off on it and got the same back.

"Oh yeah Jaz? I'm not the one with stuffed speedos."

Three sets of eyes did the checking. Damian was right. Something was definitely happening there.

"Climb on again Marcus. Then we'll see how much Jaz likes it."

Stefan opened his arms with a grin and Marcus climbed on.

"Look at that Jaz. Watch Marcus's butt move. ...Marcus. Move it."

Marcus moved it, wondering, as always, why he did whatever Damian said.

"There you are Jaz. Don't they look sexy? Think of those dongs going."

He gave a great whoop and Marcus looked over to see Jarrod with a sheepish grin and very stretched bathers.

"Go on Jaz. Get them off. Show us your form."

"You're a wanker Damian."

That made everyone burst into laughter as it was definitely not Damian looking like a wanker. Damian just pointed and Jarrod stripped. The red speedos were hung on the branch of a tree with orders to leave them there for the rest of the day.

"Check the chooks Stef."

The chooks were charcoal barbecued ones from the Deli and they'd been frozen overnight so they'd last in the heat. For the second time the bear hug was ended. Stefan went to his day pack and unwrapped the double foil packaging.

"They're still cold."

They were so cold they decided they weren't ready.

"Hey Jaz, now's your chance. Have a wrestle with Marcus."

Now? While they were both partly boned? Marcus didn't believe it. Well he did really because Jaz had been making a big deal all week about wrestling with him. At least he could play for time.

"He'll have to catch me first."

Jarrod was much more agile than Marcus expected and soon he was marched back to the other two under headlock. At least Jarrod's boner was practically gone after the running. Damian thought it was hysterical. Marcus didn't know what to do. He couldn't get away and he couldn't win. Twenty seconds after they started his dick was yanked. A moment later his balls were groped and then there was another yank. With a flip and a twist he was in that rude hold where he couldn't move. Jarrod pressed against Marcus's semi boner, then again and again. Damian and Stefan were yelling at Marcus to get out or get him back.
Well he couldn't get out so was he game to get him back? Why not?
It was a game for Jarrod, so if it was okay for him it was okay for Marcus. He sought, and found, his target. Jarrod squawked but didn't let go so Marcus gave another squeeze. Jarrod took a full grope in retaliation and then they traded a series of squeezes. Damian was totally laughing and Marcus caught a glimpse of Stefan mouthing something. Yes. Yes. Why didn't he think of that himself.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

It worked. Jarrod released the hold, and released Marcus's boner, which was now full on again. There was a rude minute while they hugged each other but then they parted and Jarrod copped a total stirring for getting turned on. Jarrod promptly blamed it all on Marcus, which was so ridiculous the whole four of them started laughing. The food was shared out and his boner gradually subsided. He agreed with the consensus that the charcoal barbecue had to be the best way of chicken cooking and he was feeling totally satisfied by the time he'd finished a guacamole and sun-dried tomato roll as well as his half chicken.

"What is it?"

"Just drink it. You'll like it."

It was only a couple of mouthfuls from a little bottle that Damian shared out, but it had a strong taste and gave Marcus a warm feeling in his stomach.

"Does it make you drunk?"

"Not that little bit. Hey Marcus, having a good day?"

"Ah.. Yeah.. When Jaz isn't groping me."

"Why don't you give Stef a cuddle?"

Damian was up to something, but the cuddling was a great idea so Marcus followed directions and sat between Stefan's legs with his back against his chest. Stefan hugged him close then started the rubbing thing with one hand on his stomach. It was so nice it set Marcus off straight away. It set Stefan off too, which made Marcus smile.

"Smiling Marcus?"


Stefan's other hand slid down, held Marcus's boner and gave a very gentle squeeze. Marcus made one of his little sounds and closed his eyes. Too bad if the others were watching.

"Is it a busy week coming Stef?"

"Not too bad."

"You'll be able to show Marcus your books."

"I reckon."

That made Marcus open his eyes as that was an event yet to happen. Last week had been so frustrating when the Monday get-together had to be called off and then they couldn't manage any of the other nights. They'd seen each other every day at school of course, but there was no way anything could happen there. It was strange to be suddenly included as one of the group and Marcus was totally enjoying that, though he was finding it hard to get used to the outlandish, very rude way they carried on. Jarrod was the rudest, though they all joined in. Stefan too, though not as blatant as the others, and mostly as a kind of defence.

"Looking forward to it Marcus?"

The talking went on for five minutes or so.

"Hey Marcus, Jaz wants a cuddle."

What? Did Damian really mean it?
He did, and at the challenging tone Jarrod put on a rude leer and made beckoning motions with his fingers. Now Marcus was sure Damian was up to something. He went along with it and Jarrod cuddled him as a direct copy of Stefan, one hand rubbing his stomach and the other holding his boner. Marcus looked at Stefan and got a secret wink to say it was all right.

"Did you wank last night Marcus?"


"What about Friday night?"


"What about you Stef?"

"Get lost."

These questions were like a ritual now as they'd asked him the same thing every day at school, and on Friday they'd made a big deal about saving up for Sunday.

"Who's the best cuddler Marcus?"


That brought more laughs and a whole series of squeezes from Jarrod so Marcus jumped up and went back to Stef. Jarrod said he hadn't had a long enough turn, then Damian told him he needed lessons, and while they argued about that Stefan passed a whisper.

"It's their plan Marcus. They're keeping you boned as long as they can. I'm not meant to tell you."

Damian finished telling Jarrod what a perv he was so Marcus closed his eyes. How was he going to cope, and for how long? This was his third boner and he'd only been here three quarters of an hour. He wanted to go up the river with Stefan. For another half-hour the cuddling thing continued, mostly with Stefan, but Damian's comments about Jarrod needing lessons meant there were a couple of swaps.
It kept his boner going the whole time and nearly drove him crazy.

"Stef, we haven't seen you and Marcus wrestling yet."

So much for the cuddling. Marcus was carefully tripped, pushed on his back and his wrists pinned.

"We'll take it in turns."

Marcus understood the repeat of last Sunday straight away, and whatever Stefan did he copied. The moves were all straightforward and it was really just playing round, with Stefan showing what to do then giving in when it was his turn. When Damian and Jarrod yelled that it wasn't good enough Stefan put Marcus into a headlock and whispered.

"It's time for lots of bear hugs."

He pulled Marcus down and tightened his hold in a blatant signal.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

Marcus called it, so he was the one on his back with his arms hugging Stefan. This felt so good. Stefan did one of those nudges with his boner so Marcus did the same. Then again and again. The hug finished. Marcus grabbed Stefan in a headlock.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

Marcus was on top now and when Stefan's hand went between them they were lost. Damian and Jarrod became irrelevant as pent-up desires reigned. Marcus ploughed and ploughed, pumped and pumped, then poured and poured till he finished . The frenzy beneath him continued a moment, spasmed then calmed. Marcus's focus widened to the two stunned onlookers and his eye caught Damian's.

"Holy Hell. You did it."

Marcus acknowledged with a nod then smiled as Stefan stirred beneath him. Stefan was smiling too, with that wonderful smile, and Marcus didn't care that Damian and Jarrod had watched. In fact he felt strangely pleased. Stefan didn't care either because his smile widened when he made Marcus jump with a tease of his sensitive tip. It was the endgame they'd loved last time and Stefan wanted it. Marcus joined in. Too bad about Damian and Jarrod. They could keep watching as much as they liked. The playful wriggling and squirming dwindled in accord with their boners. Marcus had his chin resting on Stefan shoulder so the whisper was just between the two of them.

"Act rude Marcus."

Marcus was certainly happy to do that, but he wondered why.

"How come?"

"Have a peek at Jarrod."

Turning his head just enough to see without being obvious, Marcus took in the sight of Jarrod's rampant boner and felt like giggling. He pushed his groin as far forward as he could and then slid back. It felt very rude with the squelching sound it produced.

"Keep going."

Stefans hands grabbed his buttocks and pulled with each movement.

"Tell me if he grabs himself."

They continued, and when Stef whispered a few changes Marcus started jiggling his butt up and down.

"He's rubbing his balls."

Stefan sat up and took Marcus into the water for their cleanup. Marcus jumped on Stefan's back when that was done.

"Come on. Up the river. We can wrestle there."

Marcus called that out to Damian and Jarrod and spoke softly to Stefan.

"See if you can get them to push us over."

Stefan understood straight away and as soon as he issued the challenge so did Damian.

"You cheeky little sod Marcus. We'll get you for this."

He appreciated it though, and Jarrod's consternation at being ordered to climb on was a delight. Damian made the most of it, giving a running commentary about Jarrod ball-banging his back and accusing him of humping every time they moved. The jousting finished in the usual tangled mess of bodies. There was a quarter of an hour of hacking round, splashing and dunking each other and then they set off up the river. Everyone was in high spirits and the mucking round continued so much that it was ages before they reached the shallow part. For about half the distance Marcus rode piggyback with Stefan and Jarrod with Damian, but then the riders became random. After some duck diving and underwater swimming at the deep section Jarrod ended up on Marcus's back. Marcus couldn't resist it.

"Enjoying the ride Jaz?"

Jarrod laughed, hitched himself higher then crossed his legs and locked his ankles. Marcus thought it was going to be one of those squeeze grips, but then Jarrod bent his knees which meant his feet were now rubbing against Marcus's groin. It set Marcus off, well the last couple of rides with Stefan were the real start. He stiffened quickly and Jarrod, instantly aware, kept pushing with his feet. Stefan realizing what was happening came to the rescue. He dragged from behind, making Jarrod fall off, then hoisted Marcus on to his shoulders. Marcus loved it and wondered why they didn't think of this mode of transport last weekend. All the jokes were back on Marcus and Stefan now that they were both boned up. But they couldn't care less. Marcus copied Stefan's way of blandly ignoring the comments or laughing at them. At any rate Stefan had started a new game of pressing his head back and rubbing it against Marcus's boner.

"You and Jarrod first Marcus."

They'd reached the shallows and Marcus had really put himself in for it by setting up the wrestling. Jarrod was straight into it. He used a neck hold and yanked Marcus's boner. Tripped him over and held him in place with his knee against Marcus's boner, used a chest to back hug and groped Marcus's balls. Every move was followed by something rude.

"Get him back. Get him back."

Both Stefan and Damian were yelling the advice. As soon as he got the chance Marcus grabbed, succeeded, and held on. If he let go he knew Jarrod would just use some hold that restrained his arms, then do whatever he liked. Jarrod laughed and grabbed Marcus's boner. What an impasse. The two of them determinedly holding and manoeuvring. It had a powerful effect on Jarrod and Marcus felt him change from rubbery to solid. Jarrod squeezed, so Marcus did the same. Jarrod bent Marcus's boner, so Marcus did a bend of his own. They traded a few more actions and Marcus realized Jarrod wasn't going to stop. How to get out of this? It was like they were whacking each other. Maybe, just maybe, the bear hug thing would work?
Amazingly, Jarrod beat him to it.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

Jarrod pulled Marcus on top, then held him in place. What was he doing? Copying the actions from when Marcus and Stefan were stirring him? It was totally rude with his boner rubbing and pushing.

"Holy hell Stef. He's doing Marcus. ....Jaz. ... Jaz you'd better go down to the whack rock."

"Marcus might do me."

No one said anything, it was such a shock. Damian shook his head. Marcus looked to Stef for a lead and got it. A nonchalant shrug. A grin and an `it's okay with me if you do' look. What to do? Well it wouldn't hurt and why not help him? It was weird though.

"Put your hands behind your head Jaz."

Jaz looked puzzled, so did Stefan and Damian, but the hands moved straight away.

"Leave them there won't you?"

Jarrod's eyes widened, then widened even more when his boner was gripped and Marcus's hand went steadily to work.

"Gods, this is turning into a sex club. I'm going for a swim."

Stefan stayed, and after watching for a moment, started rubbing his hands up and down Marcus's back. The yummy feeling stopped Marcus from what he was doing till Jarrod made a kind of questioning murmur. Marcus made his thumb and pointer finger into a circle and slid it up and down Jarrod's boner. Up and down, up and down. Stefan leant over and started sucking on the back of Marcus's neck. He knew from last Sunday that it sent goose-bumps flying. Marcus teased the head of Jarrod's boner, squeezing and rubbing round the glans. Stefan tickled and traced his fingers over Marcus's backside. Marcus sped his circle because Jarrod was groaning. Stefan slid one hand down and massaged Marcus's balls. Jarrod suddenly started doing all the work.
Wham. It was over.
Well, each squirt was a wham, so it was quite a series before it was really over. Jarrod didn't get much after-care. Marcus was quite single-minded from Stefan's attention and Jarrod was deserted before he'd recovered enough to notice.

"You're amazing Marcus."

Marcus thought Stefan's one armed hug was amazing. So was the hand cupping his balls.

"That means we both are."

Marcus pushed himself closer, marveled at the play of muscle as he rubbed his hands up and down Stefan's back, then backed away a little while Stefan squished their boners together. For the next while they were practically oblivious to Jarrod still close by, and Damian floating lazily in the water twenty metres down the river. Stefan murmured some nice things as they played their games with each other's sensitive tips, then smiled.


"Damian's probably given up on the wrestling."

"You wrestle him Stefan. I haven't seen you yet."


Damian saw that things had quietened down and rejoined them.

"God, you three are unreal. Are we going to do anything normal today?

"Stef's going to wrestle you."

Wow, what a struggle. Stefan's greater strength was countered by Damian's skilful holds and moves. Time after time he'd somehow escape from being pinned and then it would be Stefan in trouble. They went for ages and then Marcus was pitted against Jarrod. That was a walkover for Jarrod of course, but Marcus did his best, with Stefan and Damian giving non-stop advice and encouragement. Damian took Marcus's place and for ten minutes it was Jarrod's turn to be tossed around and pinned. Stefan and Jarrod matched up with the same result.

"Go on Marcus. We've worn Stefan out for you."

As if. Marcus lived up to his reputation both for trying and wriggling and squirming, but those powerful muscles couldn't be resisted and after every release he was quickly pinned again. Marcus's boner restarted and Stefan got all playful then, with lots of hugs and touches that encouraged it. The wrestling went for over an hour and it showed Marcus just how serious they were about it when they planned another session for later. The priority at the moment became the snack food they'd packed for the afternoon, so there was a quick trip down the river. Damian shared it out and when they finished eating they relaxed lazily in the shade. Stefan propped himself against a log and guided Marcus to lean back against his chest. It was that cuddle position from earlier. For a start his hands were clasped on Marcus's stomach but then one of them explored the belly button, teased the pubic bush then settled on the boner that leapt to meet it.

"God. ...Again? Doesn't that thing ever go away?"

"Stefan knows how to finish it."

"You can't talk Jaz. If you keep perving you'll have your own."

"Not perving."

"Oh yeah? What do you call it then?"


"Ha. ...Curiosity killed the cat."

"No it didn't. It worked before."

"Poor Marcus, he just did it to put you out of your misery. Hey Stef, see how long you can keep Marcus boned."

What? Oh, it was that plan of theirs surfacing again. Jaz joined in.

"Yeah, what's the time?"

He opened his daypack to check his watch. They always took them off when they were wrestling.

"Try for half past two."

"How long's that?"

"Three-quarters of an hour."

"Three-quarters of an hour? No way. He's too randy. He'll never last."

"I bet he does."

That was a jolt to the senses since it was Stefan. His hand changed from resting lightly to holding gently and squeezing Marcus's tip. That was a physical jolt. Damian was right. He'd never last. Marcus flexed his back against Stefan's boner and heard a purr of satisfaction. Good, now they were both in the game.

"Three-quarters of an hour? You're really going to try it? Well I'm going exploring up the river. Are you coming Jaz? Or are you going to stay and perve?"

"Um.. I might stay. ...To see if they do it right."

"What? Watch them wank each other for forty-five minutes? You just want to get your rocks off again."

Rather reluctantly Jaz went along, and Marcus and Stefan were left alone. Marcus reversed from his cuddling position so he was kneeling and facing Stefan.

"Are we really going to try and last that long?"

"Mmm. ...It'll be fun. You'll see."

Fun. It sure was, but there was nothing easy about it. The first fifteen minutes was a great game, but after that it was total frustration for both of them. Marcus would never have kept going if Stefan hadn't set his mind so strongly on getting them through.

"Oh my god. ... Please Stefan. ...Please.. It must be time."

Stefan ran one finger lightly down and up Marcus's boner and touched it on the tip. Marcus's balls tightened, and he was about to warn Stefan to stop when he did anyway.

"Hang on. Not much longer. Jaz'll turn up right on the dot to check us out."

Marcus sat there, sex consuming his thoughts, his boner rigid and throbbing, his mind screaming for Jaz to return so this torture could end. There was the sound of laughter then the murmur of voices which steadily clarified to Damian giving Jaz a hard time and Jarrod giving his own cheek back.

"How's he going Stef? Did he stay boned the whole time?"

"You idiot Jaz. Just look at them. They both must have."

Jarrod was looking. A really good look. He came over and without any warning took a quick feel.

"What did you do that for? I told you to leave them alone."

"Don't worry. I was just checking to see if he's as hard as he looks."

He looked at his watch.

"There's still three minutes to go."

Marcus was most definitely as hard as he looked. So was Stefan. By the end of the three minutes Jaz's boner was rampant as well. Stefan's hand set to work. Marcus reciprocated and as soon as he took hold Stefan was thrusting, faster and faster, harder and harder. Then they both were, both boners going full out, to a chorus of moans and excited groans. With an unbelievable wrench to his loins, Marcus sprayed between them, again, again and again. Stefan followed. Suddenly Jarrod dived on Marcus's back and started humping. That was so ungainly it tipped Marcus to one side. Jarrod squeezed in next to him and continued humping till he sprayed juice in the air.

"God, what a porn show. You're all hopeless."

Marcus agreed, with the three of them lying close to each other, covered with the fruits of their efforts, and happy boners starting to lose their energy. Not that he'd had all that much control over what was going on. At the moment he just wanted to cuddle up to Stefan but couldn't because Jarrod was between them.
What was it with Jarrod anyway? He'd ask Stefan when they were by themselves later. Stefan climbed to his feet and Marcus followed him into the water where they submerged then floated. Jarrod did the same and Damian went over to the rock. The next couple of hours they hacked around, talking, carrying on and wrestling. Jarrod kept hinting about Marcus and Stefan having their fourth go but that didn't happen. Marcus would have gone for it to for sure when his boner came back, but Stefan wanted to save it for the evening in his bedroom.
Wow, suddenly, Marcus was eager for the afternoon to finish. Not that he wasn't enjoying himself. He couldn't help that with the continual energy and carrying on from Damian, Jarrod's efforts and Stefan's closeness. The anticipation of time for just the two of them was stronger.
Pizzas were decided on as a suitable meal after they'd hiked back to Jarrod's house and Marcus shared a family sized Mexican with Damian because they both liked hot while Jarrod and Stefan shared a basic cheese and ham.

"Hey Marcus, make sure you look at all Stefan's books."

"And don't lock that door either. We're coming to visit at eight o'clock."

They couldn't be. It was just on seven now. Marcus didn't believe Jarrod but later he still asked Stefan.


"They won't, but we'll lock the door and the window anyway."

The first thing Marcus did once they were in the room was to start looking at the books, but Stefan came up behind and dug his fingers gently into Marcus's collarbone. God, Marcus went shivery all over and thirty seconds later they were on the bed, holding each other close with their clothes abandoned on the floor. Both boners sprang to life, Marcus loved the feel of Stefan changing from soft and hard, and the caressing and fondling quickly built them up. Marcus was on fire, his boner from every twist, squeeze and stretch, his body from the close contact with Stefan's, and his mind from the special feelings and intimacy they were sharing.
Stefan sat up.
What? This wasn't the time to stop?
It wasn't a stop, just a change of position.

"Lie still and tell me if you like this."

Lie still? How could he? His balls were dancing, wriggling, jerking reflexively with sensation as they were licked, sucked them probed by Stefan's exploring tongue.

"Will I keep going?"

He grinned at Marcus's overwhelmed look, then moved so he was kneeling with his straining boner close above Marcus's head. Automatically, Marcus grabbed it, put it in his mouth and started his own sucking, somehow knowing it was what Stefan wanted. Moisture and warmth enveloped his own boner.


"You have to read Greenmantle Stef. It's brilliant and I know it's on your wavelength."

They were looking at the books, four shelves of them, more than Marcus owned himself, and only half way through he'd already found eight or nine treasures.
They were enjoying their plan to tell Jarrod they'd got so wrapped up in the books that they didn't do anything else. Not that it would be believed even for one second, but it would be fun arguing about it. There were some wrestling trophies on the bench and halfway through hearing about them Marcus's boner came to life and Stefan gave him a big hug. The explanation stopped abruptly and they were back on the bed again. Stefan called him his firecracker, and for half an hour they played body games.
They dressed for supper, then back in the bedroom Stefan passed over his mobile phone.

"Ring your folks and tell them you're staying the night."

Marcus looked at Stefan with total delight. Oh wow, that would be something. It didn't take much persuasion, and after grumbles about it being the wrong night and assurances that he wouldn't stay up too late, his parents agreed. He knew they would because they'd been saying for a year that he could make decisions like that. The phone call finished, and with big grins the clothes came off and they climbed back on the bed.

"I like your dick Stef. It is the best. I'm going to hold it all night."

"No way."

"You won't let me?"

"Only if I can do the same to you."

That made Stefan laugh and he trapped Marcus's hands with his knees.

"Go on, see if you can get me."

Now Marcus laughed because the grip was strangely ineffective and his hands easily escaped and reached their target.

"Yours feels so strong Stef."

"Put your fingers round my balls... Not like that. ...In a circle so you can hold them. Oh wow, yes. ...Like that.. Now tighten them.. Like handcuffs."

Stefan made an interesting growling sound in his throat and leaned his head back while Marcus experimented. It was quite extraordinary. Stefan's balls were strong too, and Marcus felt them pushing against the circle of his fingers in reaction. This was great. Stefan was totally enjoying this and Marcus couldn't help smiling. He used his other hand to squeeze the swollen tip of Stefan's dick. Stefan moaned again and closed his eyes and Marcus had to strengthen the hand-cuff grip to control the surge of tightness. A second squeeze brought another moan of pleasure. Stefan opened his eyes to watch.

"That's too good Marcus. You'll have to stop."

That was the perfect signal for Marcus to continue, giving a squeeze and a tighten till Stefan suddenly broke the grip.

"Your turn."

His fingers slipped round Marcus's balls but they were so tight he couldn't complete the circle properly. He tried, gently, a couple more times then changed to a kind of massage and concentrated on teasing Marcus's tip till it got moist and glistening. Overwhelmed with sensation, Marcus watched Stefan's head drop and his mouth open. His tongue and both hands went to work teasing and squeezing till the wonderful pulses started. Each contraction sending its waves of pleasure and release till he was left with heightened sensitivity and no spunk. Why was Stefan still sucking? Marcus squirmed in vain till he finally softened and Stefan sat up.

"You even taste nice."

Marcus wasn't sure if Stefan really meant it, and didn't get a choice to answer because his mouth was covered by Stefan's. For a while they kissed, then Marcus reached for Stefan's rigid boner.

"What are you going to do firecracker?"

"Swap places and I'll show you."

In a flash Stefan was on his back. He sensed that Marcus had something special for him. First of all Marcus did the handcuff trick with one hand and started tugging. Once again Stefan started those pleasure moans. After using his free hand for a while to tease the big shaft he grasped it and started squeezing in time with the ball-bag tugs. Wowee! That was working so well. Stefan's face had a new look which Marcus understood as being kind of lost in pleasure. Too fast. Marcus slowed right down, even spending time just holding. He'd decided to use Stefan's strategy and make this last. One more thing though, to make it even better. His lips closed round the swollen head so that with each squeeze and tug there was also a simultaneous burst of suction. The moans started being interspersed with gasps so Marcus stopped again. Stefan understood.

"You bully. You're going to drive me crazy aren't you?"

Marcus wanted to keep it all going for half an hour but the triple whammy, as Stefan described it later, was just too effective. Suddenly Stefan's dick went hard as iron and his nuts pulled so tight against the handcuff hold that Marcus decided he had to let them go.
There was the jerk of Stefan's involuntary pulse and spunk filled Marcus's mouth.
Four times Marcus felt that push, the pulse of the juice in the front channel of Stefan's dick, and the warm material appearing in his mouth. The storm finished. Marcus swallowed and resumed sucking. There were a couple of weaker pushes then his mouth was forced away. What? Oh, Stefan was too sensitive to take his own treatment. Arms enfolded, pulled him close and they lay together quietly, kissing and whispering.

"Let's look at the books."

It was a quarter of an hour later.

"What? Are we going to let go?"

"No way. Come on."

The earlier idea of holding each other's dicks had resurfaced and for the last five minutes they'd been doing just that. With much enjoyment they left the bed and went to the bookshelves.

"Hey Stef, do you reckon we could read a book without letting go?"

"A whole book?... We'd never get it finished. You're such a firecracker we'd be shooting off every time we read a page... Well, every couple of pages. Let's try it though."

Holding each other's dicks and looking at books didn't work. The dicks easily won the contest for attention, especially for Marcus now that his boner was showing signs of renewed life. They grabbed a book each, and still not letting go, went back to the bed. Stefan, knowing how effective it was, pressed his thumb on the head of Marcus's semi-boner, helping it further along and then the books were forgotten.

"Wow, you're hard already. Jaz's right about you being randy."

"Does he say that when I'm not around?"

"Yeah, he said it after the first day when we caught you. And he's said it ever since."

"Ha, he can talk. He was trying to join in with us all afternoon."

"I know, he's got the hots for you."

"For me? I thought it was mucking round."

"No, I'm sure he fancies you. All he ever did with me was whack off."

"You whacked each other off?"

"No, not each other, just did it together. He talked me into it. But it only happened a couple of times.
This afternoon was probably the most that's ever happened to him."

"What will I do if he wants to try something else?"

"Do it."

Marcus was astonished, but not totally.

"Do it? But what about you?"

Stefan teased the tip of Marcus's boner then gave him a strong kiss.

"I don't mind firecracker. It would be good for Jaz and it would be fun for you.

"Good for him?"

"Yes, I wouldn't like him to feel left out and I know you think he's sexy."

"Um ...Yes, but not like you are."

That got another kiss and for a few minutes they were preoccupied.

"How are we going to plan this?"

"Plan what?"

"Getting you together with Jaz.
...I know. We'll all go out to the river next Sunday then Damian and I will change our plans so it's just you two."

"You won't be coming?"

"Don't panic firecracker. We'll turn up after a couple of hours, and you'll be staying the night with me again anyway."

"I will?"

"Every Sunday. So we can help each other study."

"Every Sunday? Wow, do you think we'll get any studying done?"

"I hope not. We've got other plans."

"We have? Like what?"

"If you don't already know then I'm not telling you, except that this fellow needs lots of exercise."

The fellow received another tip squeeze.

"What sort of exercises?"

"Do I have to show you?"


Stefan went ahead and the warm-ups lasted for ages. The main event didn't.

After the light was turned off the cuddles and closeness was wonderful.

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