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What do we have in this story? A case of satyriasis or just a healthy young male making the most of opportunities coming his way?
Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 4.

Waking up was a completely new experience. Well, the cuddling close to a warm naked body and the boner pressing against his back was.
Shooting in the shower was also different to usual.
There was a rush for Marcus to get his school gear, and then lots of stirring when Damian and Jarrod met them for ten minutes before first-class. The teasing escalated at lunch when Stefan accidentally on purpose let slip some of their night's activities. When Jarrod demanded to know how many times they'd done it Stefan told him.

"And he could have done it even more times. He wasn't even trying."

Damian laughed, but Jarrod wanted to know if Stefan was kidding.

"What do you reckon Jaz? You saw him out at the river. He bones up again after a few minutes. It's like he's got a Super-Dick. He could crack ten day I reckon."

Jarrod's eyes widened for a second till he realised Stefan was reeling him in.

"Oh yeah, and when will that happen?"

"When he's had more practice."


"Yet, he's going to whack off as many times as he can every day this week."

"Hey Jaz, see if you can keep up with him."

"Get lost Damian."

"Yeah, you're right. You'd never keep up. Marcus's probably already done it today."

Damian and Jarrod looked for Marcus's response.

"Well...Ah. ...Yes, in the shower this morning with Stef."

"In the shower? You dogs. Are you getting together this week?"

"Tonight. Stef's coming to my place so we can do homework together."

Grins spread all over their faces.

"Gods Jaz. You know what their homework is don't you? You better have a go in the toilets or you'll never keep up."

Damian was acting like he expected Jarrod to really do the whacking off and Marcus couldn't figure out how much he meant it.

"When are you starting wrestling?"

Damian was looking at him.

"Wrestling? I'm not."

"Yes you are. We're booking you in with the coach this Wednesday."

Marcus looked from one to the other and they all nodded.

"Damian, that's crazy. I'm no good at it."

"You were terrific yesterday."

Jarrod and Stefan agreed.

"Damian, I can't."

Damian looked puzzled.

"Why not?"

They were going to love this, but he had to say it.

"You know how easily I get boners when we wrestle. I'm sure I'd get one and it would be too embarrassing."

Surprisingly they took this quite seriously. Stefan and Jarrod nodding while Damian answered.

"That's not to worry about Marcus. It happens all the time and every one's used to it. Jaz and Stef get them, and there are at least three other guys who do too."

"Four other guys."

"Four? ...There's Lionel, and James, and Quentin."

"Michael does too."

"Michael? Does he?"

"Yeah. ...See Marcus, there's nothing to worry about."

That argument was shot down in flames.

"I haven't got any gear."

"You only need a suit and we've got that organised. Jaz has an old one and you can try it on tomorrow afternoon."

"Tomorrow afternoon?..... Right."

Steam-rollered. Damian and Jarrod must have planned it last night. Belonging with this group sure brought surprises. There was talk about Marcus's chances of beating other guys and the consensus was at the least four out of a total of twelve. Jarrod disappeared for a few minutes then totally copped it when he said he'd been to the toilet.

"What's that Jaz? First or second for the day?"

"You're an idiot Damian."

"How'd you get it up so quick? ..Think of Marcus giving you that bear hug?"

"Drop dead."

"Or did you remember humping his back in the river."

Jarrod whacked him on the arm and tried to trip him over.

After school the next day Marcus went straight to Jarrod's house. It was just the two of them, since Damian and Stefan had other things to do, and Marcus spent half the time laughing. Jarrod was good at making you laugh. As soon as they were inside he said it was time for a snack and got out some cream biscuits and a tub of ice cream.

"You like ice cream?"

"It's great."

"Good. We'll eat it in my room."

The room wasn't very big. There was a thick rug on the floor beside the bed, several medals displayed on a cupboard and a whole stack of music posters on the walls. Marcus was just starting to look at them when he was attacked from behind and wrestled onto the carpet. Jarrod hadn't gone mad, but Marcus told him he was.

"What are you doing?"

"I have to get you in the mood."

He grinned when he said that.

"What mood?"

"A wrestling mood. That's what you're here for."

"I thought I was here to try on the suit, not to wrestle."

"It's a wrestling suit, so you have to wrestle to try it properly."

"What about the ice cream? Won't it melt?"

"Hey yeah, quick, strip off and we'll get into the food."

That sounded strange, but Marcus went ahead anyway. Shoes, socks and shirt went while Jarrod stripped as well. When he was down to his jocks Marcus waited for the wrestling suit. It didn't appear. Instead he was dumped on the mat again.

"Now what?"

"Open up."

A cream biscuit was stuffed in his mouth, then another and another. Marcus tried to eat with Jarrod sitting on his stomach but as soon as he swallowed another biscuit was pushed into him.

"Don't spill any or you pay the penalty."

Marcus lasted about five seconds before half chewed pieces of biscuit fell on his chin and neck. There's not much choice when you get a sudden poke in the stomach.

"Gross. Now it's penalty time."

Marcus was very wary about this penalty but resisting wouldn't help. Whatever Jarrod had planned would happen.

"Close your eyes and open your mouth."

Could he trust him? Well no, but Marcus closed his eyes anyway. A spoonful of ice cream filled his mouth. It was cold and delicious. He swallowed and was given another spoonful, then a third and the fourth.

"Two spoons to go."

The fifth was extra big and took longer to swallow.

"And here's the last one."

Marcus's eyes flew open at the shock of cold in his jocks.
Oh God no.
He wriggled and squirmed but Jarrod was holding his arms. He soon let go though, and laughing, let Marcus free. The cold, melted mess was soaking everywhere and sogging up his jocks. Marcus cleaned out what he could, dumping it onto the empty biscuit plate.

"What a mess. You'll need a shower now. Take them off."

"Jarrod, lie down and close your eyes."

"What are you going to do?"

"Pay you back of course."

Quite happily, Jarrod dropped to the floor and closed his eyes. He squawked loudly when his jocks were filled, then again as a spoonful of ice cream smeared its way across his chest and down to his belly button. His eyes opened to survey the damage.

"Good payback. Now we're ready to wrestle."

He didn't mean that surely? Marcus half expected it, but five minutes later they were back in the room, cleaned and wrapped in towels after a quick shower. Jarrod took two light blue suits from his drawer and handed one to Marcus.

"There you go. See how it fits."

Jarrod flung his towel to one side, and in a practised move, stepped into his suit. Marcus followed more slowly, then gawked at himself. Oh no, he had to wear this? It showed everything off. There was no time to think about it because Jarrod was already trying an arm lock. Down to the mat they went, Jarrod relaxing the arm lock and pressing with one knee while he held Marcus's arms trapped across his chest. How much pressure was he going to use? Marcus didn't understand Jarrod's forceful approach for a moment.
Then he realised.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

Jarrod was on top, in an instant, hugging and pulling them chest to chest. Yes, that was definitely his intention. Their groins pressed and Marcus could easily feel Jarrod through the thin material.

"Is the suit comfortable?"

"I think so. I can hardly tell I've got it on."

"It's not too tight is it? I'd better check."

His hand went straight to Marcus's balls. Marcus twitched reflexively then laughed.

"That was a grope, not a check."

"Just seeing if you had boner. You have to pay a penalty if you get one."

Marcus rolled Jarrod off and knelt up, ready to wrestle again.

"Another penalty? How many more are there? ...All right, but so do you."

In seconds Marcus was immobilised again, held in a scissor lock. Jarrod tightened his legs till once again Marcus made the call.

"Bear hug. Bear hug."

Face to grinning face, chest to chest and groin to groin, Marcus knew this was Jarrod's plan.

"Hey Jaz, aren't you going to grope me?"

It was a straight out invitation and Jarrod's hand leapt to Marcus's dick.

"You randy dog Marcus. I knew it wouldn't take you long."

His hand kept groping and Marcus made a sneaky push against it. It did feel nice. His half boner quickly went full on.

"Okay, what's this penalty I have to do?"

"Um. ...You have to wrestle me without the suit?"

Marcus sensed that Jarrod was wondering if he was going too far and decided to string him along.

"What about you? Have you got a boner? I can't tell from here."


"Can I check it out?"

That startled Jarrod but he quickly nodded. Now there were two hands between them and there was a lot more going on than a quick boner check.

"Hey Jaz, why do you want me to take the suit off?"

That was a big question and Jaz looked worried.

"Ah. ...I think you look sexy."

"All right then, but you have to take it off for me."

Marcus rolled Jarrod off and stood up. Jarrod followed and they looked at each other. One strap went from Marcus's shoulder, then the other, and the suit was skinned down. Marcus stepped out of it and Jarrod stared. He looked nervous. It was like a first time for him. Wow, this was important.

"Jaz, you have to have a penalty too."

"What? Take my suit off? Okay."

"No, you have to let me be in charge of your boner."

"In charge?... What's that mean?"

"You'll like it."

"I will?.. All right."

Wow, he trusted Marcus as quick as that. It felt good.

"Okay let me have a look."

The suit came off and Jarrod looked embarrassed. Marcus reached and held the shaft with a firm grip.

"Wow Jaz, it's a good boner isn't it?"

"Um. ...I guess."

"It looks great. Make it go tight for me."


"You know, kind of pump from inside."

The boner tightened and Marcus noticed how the knob flared.

"Beauty, it feels like steel. Keep pumping."

The shaft tightened, the knob enlarged, and using his thumb and forefinger, Marcus squeezed the blood from the swollen tip. Jarrod jumped and gave a small gasp.

"My God, what are you doing?"

"It feels great doesn't it? Come on, a few more times."

With each squeeze, Jarrod made a sound of pleasure and after a couple more goes Marcus stopped. Jarrod looked like he couldn't believe what was happening.

"Where did you learn to do that?"

"I just knew it."

"What are you doing next?"

There was a definite tone of eagerness.

"It's called the handcuff. If I can do it, we'll have fun for ages."

Jarrod watched closely while Marcus very gently tugged on his ball-sac and tried to complete that circle. It wasn't as easy as with Stef, but when Jarrod understood what was happening he helped out by tugging much harder than Marcus was game. It worked and when the bulging balls were finally trapped Marcus started the gentle squeezing and manipulation that worked so well with Stefan. Jarrod's balls weren't quite as big and dangly and Marcus knew he'd have it to treat them carefully when Jarrod was more excited. Changing expressions flashed across Jarrod's face with Marcus's ongoing manipulations.

"My God, how long are you doing this for?"


"No way."

"Yes, and you can't shoot till I tell you."

"I can't?"

He looked like he wanted to already.

"No, remember last Sunday? You set me up for three quarters of an hour, so now we'll try for even more."

"What if I can't stop myself?"

"You have to. ...How do you like this?"

With his free hand Marcus formed a part circle round Jarrod's boner and started sliding it so there was only a whisper of a touch against the soft skin. Jarrod groaned. His balls tightened so strongly Marcus thought he'd have to let them go. There was no worry sign from Jarrod though so he didn't. He kept going. Jarrod was making more and more sounds as his feelings heightened. This was fun as well as giving a strange feeling to be in charge like this. Whoops, time to back off. Jarrod's groin was starting some thrusts. Marcus took his top hand away and held the other one still.

"What's wrong Jaz?"

"You stopped."

"I had to. You're not allowed to shoot."


"I know. It's good isn't it? Are you calmed down enough to do something else?"

"Yeah, for sure."

"Fibber, no you're not."

"What about you Marcus, can I do something with your boner?"

"Do you want to?"


"I know. I was stirring. You can hold, but only while you're calming down."

Jarrod didn't know what to make of that but he grabbed hold quickly and it was Marcus's turn for the jolts of pleasure.
Geez, someone else holding your dick sure did feel good.
Jarrod's hand moved to Marcus's balls. Oh, he was trying the handcuff thing.

"It doesn't work Jaz, they're too tight to get a proper hold of."

"Really? I wanted to do the same stuff as you."

"Do the pumping thing. I love that."

Jarrod's hand was exploring and when he did the squeeze bit he looked amazed.

"Your dick's so hard. I can hardly believe it."

It was time to concentrate on Jarrod again so Marcus did the handcuff thing and started working his balls. He used them to guide Jarrod onto the bed.

"Close your eyes Jaz."

"What for?"

"Well, I'm in charge remember, and I think it'll feel better."

As soon as Jarrod's eyes were closed Marcus started licking. First, the tight sac in his hands. Jarrod made another of his groans and his balls went active. Good, this was really going to work. Marcus put his lips round Jarrod's left ball and started sucking. It contracted so much Marcus had to stop the handcuff trick. Both balls were now pulled up tight, so after a few more licks he moved to Jarrod's boner. His tongue made lines and patterns and he used his teeth occasionally to bite gently on the firm flesh. Then he concentrated on the knob, sucking, rubbing with his tongue, and using his lips to squeeze out the blood. Yes, it was time to stop again. Jarrod's groin was moving and his balls felt tight as tight. Jarrod still had his eyes closed but they opened now.

"You can't stop."

"Yes I can. There's still three-quarters of an hour to go."

Marcus grabbed Jarrod's hands, which were heading south, and guided one to his own boner. Jarrod immediately started jacking it rapidly, his hand moving up and down and his thumb rubbing the knob.
Too much. Marcus knew he'd lose it so he took Jarrod's hand and slowed it down.

"Slower Jaz, I'm too close."

"Marcus, I'm so randy I think I'm going to explode. Did Stefan show you this stuff?"

"Sort of. We worked it out between us."

"Ha, he must have read a zillion porn books or something. What did you do last night?"

"Well, I can tell you, or I can show you."

The answer came straight back.

"Show me."

"If you last another half an hour I'll show you."

"If I do you now will you show me?"

His hand sped up and it felt so good Marcus had to pull it away quickly.

"No cheating. And just remember who's idea this was."

Marcus managed to keep the teasing going for another twenty minutes before Jarrod's spunk suddenly went flying everywhere.
Wow, it must have felt monumental.
He looked like he was dead. Not really, but he did lie still for a while, not even moving when Marcus climbed on top for a chest to chest time. When he did open his eyes his hand went straight to Marcus's boner. In thirty seconds Marcus was making his sex noises. Jarrod was getting his energy back and suddenly he laughed, rolled Marcus to one side and knelt above him.

"Your turn now Marcus. How long? Half an hour?"

"Do it now Jaz, then we'll have time for another go a bit later."

"Do it again?"

"Don't you want to? I know something special to try."

"Special? After what you just did?"

"Go on. I've been randy just as long as you."

Jarrod started rubbing his thumb on the top of Marcus's knob, spreading the juice that was steadily leaking, and occasionally squeezing the shaft.

"How's that feel?"

He knew very well how it felt.

"Faster Jaz, a lot faster."

Jarrod slowed down.

"Please Jaz."

He took no notice, just grinned and kept a steady pace. He'd learnt well.

"Man your dong's hard... Hey, wow.. Go for it."

Marcus couldn't say anything. He'd just reached the edge and couldn't control himself if he tried. His groin started working, pushing his boner against the hand which quickly formed into an accommodating tunnel. Faster and faster he went till his motion stopped and transferred to the great clench from within. Again, again and again his spunk went flying, till the contractions slowed, stopped and he lay with his eyes closed. They opened right away though because Jarrod was still working his dick.

"God Marcus. I see what Stefan means about the big shoot. I bet you're even better than James."

"James? James who?"

"You must know him, James Brooker. He's in your year. He told us how he can shoot a long way."

Marcus did know him, though not very well, because he was in a different class.

"Him? He's quiet."

"Yeah, but Damian gets anyone going. He got him talking last year after one of our wrestling matches and now he's got a reputation."

"He's on the wrestling team?"

"Yeah, coach will probably match you up with him tomorrow."

The penny dropped.

"He's one of the ones you were talking about yesterday?"

"We were?... Oh, about the boners? Yes. Him and Quentin get them all the time. Hey, do you want something to eat? I'm hungry. Then we can wrestle for a while."

Marcus was always hungry.

"Aren't we going to put some clothes on?"

They were sitting in the kitchen eating homemade slice. Marcus was feeling quite weird and wondering if any if anyone might walk in. Jarrod glanced at the clock.

"Mum won't be home for another hour, and we'll hear the car anyway, so don't worry."

"Do you wander round in the nude very much?"

"Never, I'm only doing it so you will."

Back in the bedroom they actually did some wrestling, but that didn't last long because Jarrod kept groping to see if Marcus's boner was starting, and that of course meant it did.

"What're you going to show me?"

"Nothing till we're both ready."

"Do that handcuff thing. I like that."

It was easy this time because his balls were looser, and as soon as Marcus started working them the boner grew. Jarrod was different this time, more relaxed and taking control, which Marcus liked. He'd caught on to the game of not rushing and they mucked round for nearly half an hour before he wanted to know what the special thing was.

"It's what Stefan and I did last night. I love it but I don't know if you will.

"Doubts. Why not?"

"It's called a sixty-nine. You know what that is don't you?"

"Idiot, of course I do."

"Well, we do it a special way. You have to copy exactly what I'm doing, then we swap and I copy you. When we can't keep going any longer we have to bang off at the same time."

"In each other's mouth?"

"Yes, are you nervous?"

"It sounds weird."

"Sort of, for your first time, but shooting at the same time makes it okay. Come on. Once we start you'll know what I mean."

Jarrod was into it as soon as Marcus's mouth covered his boner. He copied everything Marcus showed him with great zeal, then when it was his turn to lead, even managed to come up with a few new ideas. After nearly twenty minutes of non-stop sensations and close calls they timed it perfectly to blast off like fire hoses.

"Jaz, do you think I'll need much wrestling practice?"

"Of course you will. You can never get enough."

"How about next Tuesday then? Could we have another go?"


His mouth dropped open.

"... You mean like today?"

"Well, you can never get enough can you?"

It was arranged, then quickly changed to make every Tuesday a special wrestling practice day. Jarrod said they could make it even more often but was quite happy with Marcus telling him the rest of the week was for Stefan. Marcus told him a bit more and Jarrod said Stefan was the best friend anyone could have. There was a mad scramble to get into clothes when a car pulled into the drive, and after meeting Jarrod's mum Marcus set off for home.


In the morning Marcus left home earlier than usual and went to Stefan's house so they could walk to school together. He told him everything.

"Every Tuesday, for wrestling practice? Which nights are you saving for me?"

"Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday."

"I know firecracker. I wish we could have more time too.
What do you think of this idea? If you stay overnight on Fridays instead of Sundays that will be two days, and if your folks are happy, I could stay overnight at your place on Mondays."

Unreal. Marcus was bursting with pleasure at this sudden bonus of three days for special times with Stefan.
God. When would they fit their studying in?
Damian was with Jarrod and he picked up on Marcus's mood as soon as they met.

"What's happened Marcus? Won the lottery? Excited about wrestling this afternoon?"

"Better than that Damian. He's organised a sex session with Jaz every Tuesday afternoon."

Jarrod went red as, which sent the humor level even higher.

"How did you wangle that Jaz?"

" ...It was Marcus's idea, not mine."

Damian and Stefan burst into laughter.

"Sure Jaz. You're nearly as randy as he is."

"It really was my idea Damian. It's wrestling practice."

"Wrestling? Oh my God. That is so funny. Is that what you did yesterday afternoon?"

"Sort of."

Stefan traced a shape in the dust with his foot.

"That's what they did. The big one."

Damian mouthed the number in fake astonishment.

"Sixty-nine! I'm getting too much information."

Jaz was looking uneasy but he had to grin when Damian whacked him on the arm and said to go for it, as long as he wasn't there.
Marcus had to blurt out.

"And I'm having three days a week with Stef."

He meant that that was what he was happy about, but Damian used it differently.

"Four sex sessions a week? God, Stef's right. You must have balls like Superman."

Marcus tried protesting that that wasn't what he meant, then tried changing the subject by asking about wrestling after school, but stirring about his Super Balls was too much fun and for the next few minutes the exaggerations got wilder and wilder. The warning bell rang and Marcus had to rush to get to Maths class, but he knew the topic had taken their fancy and he'd most likely be copping it all day. At lunchtime Damian greeted him.

"Hi Supe, how're they hanging?"

"They don't hang. They're too tight."

"Oh yeah? And how did you find that out Jaz? When you drained them?"

"Draining doesn't work. They just fill up again. It's fun trying but."

"Gross Stef. Save your sex talk for when you're with Supe."


"Suits him doesn't it?"

And so, Marcus scored a nickname, Supe, or Super Balls. Damian started it but Jarrod kept it going.

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