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Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 5.

After-school Marcus and Stefan went straight to the gym to meet the wrestling coach.
He was the school's main Phys Ed teacher and Marcus hadn't had anything to do with him, but everyone said he was an okay guy and while Stefan went to get changed he asked lots of questions.
The coach seemed pleased that Marcus was joining and asked what other sports he'd done.

"Um. Not much really. I walk a lot and do some swimming."

"You should be fit enough then.
What made you decide on wrestling? It's not very popular with most students."

"Stefan and Damian and Jarrod are always wrestling and they want me to have a try at it."

"I see. Have you ever done any wrestling?"

"Not really Mr Hinton. Only with them."

"Call me Coach, Marcus, the rest of the team does.
Well, that doesn't matter. They tell me you're quite a trier, which is something I look for. They're too strong for you aren't they?"

"Way too strong. I haven't got a hope against any of them."

He smiled and nodded.

"And quite rowdy about it I'm sure. Never mind, we'll match you up with three or four partners your own size today and see how you go. When you're changed you can do some warm-up exercises with Stefan till the others arrive.
And don't worry if you don't know much. No one does when they first start."

Marcus decided he liked the coach. He changed and went out to Stefan who was doing sit-ups on a mat.

"How'd you go?"

"Okay. He says you can show me some warm-ups then I'll be wrestling with four guys the same size as me."

"I bet you beat three of them."

"No I won't. They'll know what they're doing."

"You'll see. Hey, you look sexy in the suit."

Marcus had to smile.

"Don't say that stuff Stef."

"Why not? In case you get a bone? Well, I hope you do."

He must be joking? No, he wasn't. He was smiling but not in a kidding way.

"You want me to? Stef, I'll die of embarrassment."

"I know you will, but they'll all love it and it'll make you part of the team quicker."

"What about the coach?"

"He'll act like he doesn't notice and go off to someone else."

Ten minutes later the whole team was there and all looking at Marcus with interest. A few looked surprised, probably because of his reputation as a nerd.
Oh no. Marcus felt like killing Jarrod. And Stefan could have said something. He'd just noticed that everyone else was wearing something under their suit, like jocks or a strap. He'd been set up, and now coach was coming over. There were a few questions then the coach asked Marcus to stand up and be welcomed to the team. They were all grinning and Damian gave a wink.
God, they all knew. Their looks were flicking from his face to the outline of his dick and balls.

"Go Supe!"

Flaming Jarrod. He was loving this. Now they'd all be wondering what that meant. The welcome bit finished, thank goodness, and Marcus sat next to Stefan while coach went through the activities he had planned for everyone. At least it stopped them all looking at him.

"Grant, Quentin, James and Alex, you'll have a quarter of an hour each with Marcus. Ten minutes of wrestling and then teach him your best move."

That was at the end of all the other instructions, and after a couple of questions everything started.
Marcus knew Grant from English class, but hadn't had much to do with him. He didn't look very strong. Well, not compared to Stefan and Damian. They shook hands, which evidently you were meant to do, and started. Without much trouble Marcus pinned Grant to the mat and used one of Stefan's tricks to hold him there.
Wow, Marcus realised he could control Grant quite easily. At the end of the wrestling bit Grant shook hands again and said Marcus was really good, then showed him an arm hold.
This was great.
The Quentin guy was waiting when Grant left and he did the handshake too. All Marcus knew about him was that he was one of the guys Stefan had mentioned yesterday.

"Hi Supe, ready to start?"

"Um.. Sure."

"What's Supe stand for? Jarrod told me to ask you."

"Just something he calls me."

"Does it really mean Super Balls?"

God damn, he'd been set up again.

"I dunno. ..Are we going to wrestle?"

Whoo, this Quentin was better than Grant and Marcus had to concentrate. For five minutes it was a really close struggle, then Marcus worked out a few things and got confident.
Yes, he could win this.
He managed to push Quentin on his side and was trying to force his other shoulder down when the resistance all stopped. What was he doing? Giving up?

"You're too good Supe. You're going to beat me. Hey, have you really got Super Balls?"

God. Marcus jumped when Quentin's hand groped his balls. With the surprise of it he lost concentration, tipped over and was half trapped. There was another grope, this time to his dick and he couldn't escape. What the hell?

"How's the suit going? Ever worn one before?"

Marcus made a great heave and almost wriggled free but the hand was back at his balls, a full on grope, and he couldn't stop it. Oh no, he was started, please, not now.

"First day Supe. Damian says you'll be a good show."

Marcus tried to focus back on the wrestling but another grope really flustered him.
Where was the coach?
Thank goodness. He was at the other end of the gym.
Well, Quentin could have some of his own medicine. It would be okay, because Stefan had told him so. Quentin actually squawked and look shocked. In the next few minutes they both managed to score a couple of gropes on each other. Ha, well at least now he wasn't the only one with a boner. What? Oh, it was time to learn a hold. Both of them stood up, both of them boned, but with Marcus's a lot more obvious.

"Good one Supe."

That was a comment from the side and Marcus became aware that there were three guys watching. Quentin showed Marcus a way to get people down on the mat. Marcus knew it from Damian so he did it straight back.

"Quentin, it's my turn now. You've been too long."

Quentin glanced at the guy, who must be James, then back at Marcus.

"Thanks Supe. That was fun."

Wrestling with the next two, James and Alex, was great. They both groped him a couple of times as soon as Mr Hinton was at a different part of the gym, but James actually apologised and said it was just a first day thing. Neither of them was as strong as Marcus and he managed to pin both of them down. At five o'clock coach said it was a good day and there was another session tomorrow. Everyone headed for the change room.

"How'd you like it Marcus?"

"Embarrassing. Jaz told that Quentin guy to keep groping me when the coach wasn't looking."

"You got him back though. Everyone thought that was neat. They all like you."

"They do?"

"Yeah, quick, let's try for first shower or we'll have to wait ages."

Three showers were already taken and somehow Marcus managed to get the last one left. He washed himself quickly so as not to be a hold-up, then squeezing the water from his hair, went to get his towel.
Clothes too, and everyone was grinning at him. What was he meant to do? He looked at Stefan but he was grinning the same as all the others. There were his clothes, against the far wall. He made a move towards them but was quickly surrounded by twelve nude bodies.

"You have to get past everyone Marcus. One at a time."

It was Damian talking and he pointed to Alex who straight away grabbed Marcus. He was easy to escape but a big Year Twelve guy called Colin took his place. Marcus struggled but it was hopeless. Alex came up with a bar of soap and rubbed it over Marcus's chest and stomach. Jarrod took Colin's place and used one of those holds while Colin rubbed on more soap. Lionel, another Year Twelve, grabbed Marcus who now wriggled like crazy when someone splashed water on him and Jarrod rubbed the soap in his pubes and on his dick. Damian pointed at Quentin. Well, at least they were kind of even and there was a chance of getting past before the next step, whatever that was going to be. Before Marcus could think, Quentin locked his arms round in a full on bear hug. It was totally rude and every movement made it more so. Was Lionel going to do something? He hadn't yet.
Marcus thought he had it worked out. If he got past, nothing happened, if he couldn't then the last person did something and then he was handed on again.
Ha, being wet and soapy had an advantage.
Marcus twisted and slipped out of Quentin's grip. There was a cheer from all round. Wow.
Oh no, now he was done.
Damian was approaching.
Marcus tried ducking to one side but all the bodies blocked the way. He was caught and Damian held him. Oh God, Quentin was stretching his dick. He was worse than Jarrod. A second stretch and the boner which had started with the rude bear hug went sky-high. Damian let go, and Quentin stepped back and Marcus was left putting on a show for everyone.

"Go Supe!"

A small guy who Marcus didn't know was next. He was easy. So was Grant. James was next and Marcus thought he let him through easily. Michael followed. He groped Marcus's boner once then let him past. There was a laugh and Marcus gawked. David, who was in three of his classes, had a boner nearly as big as Stefan's. There was a burst of laughter when Jarrod yelled for a bear hug, then another burst when it happened.
Marcus found out later that David would do just about anything.
Stefan was the only one left and Marcus wondered what he'd do. He didn't have time to think about it because his arms were held and he was moved to where his towel and clothes had been dumped. Marcus draped his towel round and wished his boner would go away. God, there were swollen dicks everywhere.

"Come on Marcus. We'll have a shower and let them all have a good look."

There wasn't really any choice. Marcus had soap all over him and he'd have to wash it off before he could get dressed. He followed Stefan then had to wait for ages till there was a free shower.

"Go Supe."

"Good one Supe."

"Hey Supe, we'll have another go tomorrow."

That was Quentin, sporting a half boner and a cheeky grin.

"Better watch out Quent. He'll be after you first."

"Why d' you call him Super Balls Jaz?"

"Trust you to be interested in his balls Quentin. Trying to make everyone forget he beat you?"

"See you tomorrow Supe."

The laughter and comments were flying everywhere, the guys with boners or half boners copping it most. It was all friendly though and Marcus relaxed.

"Yo David? Looks like you're here for another hug?"

"I thought you'd never asked Jaz."

He spread his arms in invitation.

"Not me, you wanker."

With his arms still spread, David turned to Marcus.

"Looks like it's you and me Supe."

He couldn't really mean it could he? It must be more of the first day thing.
Marcus spread his own arms and tried to look like he was joking. It worked because there was a general laugh, but then someone gave him a shove, right towards David. Quick as a flash he was grabbed in another hug. Marcus struggled but couldn't get away.
God, he could feel David's boner.
It felt like ages, but after ten or fifteen seconds the pressure released and Marcus backed away. He saw a free shower and dodged under it, then went to his clothes and towel, which thankfully hadn't disappeared again. Finally his boner disappeared from public view and he and Stef rushed to catch up with the other two.

"How'd it go Supe?"

"What did you have to tell them that for Jarrod? Now the whole school will know."

"Don't panic. That was the best first day we've ever had and you were terrific."

"Damian, the whole school will be calling me Super Balls."

"No they won't. The team's only going to call you Supe, and they'll say it means Superman because you've started wrestling. We organised it."

"You did?"

The three of them were nodding.

"We organised everything. All the feeling you up so you'd bone, and the fun in the shower room. They all reckon you're a good sport."

Stefan went on from Damian.

"You saw how much they liked you.
And you stopped worrying about your boner by the end of the showers. We knew you would."

"I didn't have any choice did I? Especially when David hugged me. Did you tell him to do that?"

"Only the first time. Boy, he was boned wasn't he?"

"He was really rude the second time. He just kept going, I didn't know what to do."

"Don't take any notice of him. He does all sorts of crazy things."

"Yeah, what did you think of his boner Supe? I saw you looking at it."

"Get lost Jaz. You were too."

"Jaz looks at every boner he can. Hey Supe, how'd you like your wrestle with Quentin?"

"I think I can beat him Stef. I just about had him pinned till he started all that groping. Does he do that all the time?"

A look passed between the three of them.

"He's going to get you in the showers tomorrow night, but he doesn't know you're going to get him back."

"Get me?"

"Yes, when you soap your hair he's going to grab your dick. We told him we want you to get another boner."

"Another one?"

"So you're used to having them in front of the team. Quentin understands."

"What do you mean by getting him back?"

"As soon as he grabs you, you do the same, and make sure you don't let go before he does. It'll be great."

"Damian, it'll look like we're doing each other."

"You can if you want to."

Stefan and Jarrod told him to as well, but they were just stirring. Marcus wanted to talk a lot more but they were all in a rush.
When he thought it over at home it all came okay. The wrestling part had gone much better than he expected, everyone really had been surprisingly friendly, and even the rude stuff was kind of funny. He realised he was looking forward to the next wrestling session.


Stragely enough, there was a free shower waiting for him in the change room despite there being four or five guys who could have used it. The wrestling had been harder but he did enjoy it even more than the day before. He beat Brent then lost to both Michael and David. For the last quarter of an hour he watched a proper match between Lionel and Damian.
Wow, they were dead serious about it.
It looked to Marcus like Lionel, who was as big as Stefan, was winning but at the end coach said Damian scored more points from his better moves.
There'd been no worries with boners either, except for a half one when David gave him another bear-hug and then goosed him.

"How'd you go Supe?"

Also strangely enough, Quentin was in the next shower.
What a set up.
Marcus took the bar of soap being offered, started sudsing his head, and felt an anticipatory stirring in his dick, the knowledge that it was going to be grabbed starting it off.
He still jumped when it happened.
God, how was he supposed to manage this?
He couldn't see.
He opened his eyes, quickly made the move then closed them. A twinge sent the message that if he opened them again, they'd sting like crazy. Feeling quite defenceless, all he could do was stand with his eyes squeezed tightly shut while Quentin yanked his dick. At least he could yank back. A hand went to his shoulder. What was Quentin doing?

"Move under the water Supe."

Thankfully, Marcus felt himself guided beneath the direct flow of water. His free hand started rinsing, while the other traded squeeze for squeeze. The suds washed down his body, making his dick slippery and increasing the feelings. A moment later he'd washed his eyes enough to open them safely.
God, the whole room was watching.
They were getting the full view too. Marcus kept hold even though Quentin was fully boned. Why wasn't he letting go? He looked quite shocked. Marcus was determined not to be the first to give in. Damian had said it was best not to. After a few more squeezes though, he got panicky. This was too rude.
Too bad about Damian's idea.
Marcus jerked his body backwards, far enough so that his boner slid from the strong grasp, and at the same time released Quentin's full, hard boner, and lifted both hands to shoulder height with a `that's enough' expression. Quentin looked pleased but Marcus sensed he was relieved too.

"Hell Quentin, you asked for it that time."

Laughter broke out and comments started flying. Jarrod picked up then tossed the bar of soap that had been dropped and by a fluke Marcus managed the catch. He resumed his shower and watched Quentin dodging when Jarrod, David and Michael made as if to get him. Marcus's boner lasted the whole time till he was dressed. The damned thing had a mind of its own, and everyone kept smiling when they looked at him. He turned his tap off and headed for his towel, expecting to get the same treatment as Quentin, shied away from Jarrod, and went straight into the arms of David.
What was with all these bear hugs?
Surely Jarrod or Damian wouldn't have said how he used them up the river? Marcus broke away, and without any other hassles, towelled himself dry, dressed and headed out with Stefan. Jarrod and Damian came out, laughing about something, and they all headed off.

"Man they loved that. You should have seen Quentin when you grabbed him back."

"I couldn't Jaz, I had soap in my eyes."

"Yeah, he picked the best time. It was great when he helped to wash it out though, don't you reckon?"

Marcus did like that. In fact he had a suspicion that Quentin had been set up even more than he was.

"What're you doing tonight Marcus?"

"Nothing, just homework."

"No practice whack offs? Jaz did three last night and you only did two."

How did Damian know that? Stefan must have told him. Were they still on about that competition thing?"

"I'll do it four times then."

"Jaz, you'll only have to do it once. Marcus's fibbing. He'll be saving up for tomorrow's big night with Stef."

Marcus didn't answer that because it was true and they all laughed . The pest about it would be having to wait till Stefan finished work at eight o'clock.


"Hey Supe, how's things?"

"Hi Quentin. "

"What're you doing?"

"Nothing special."

"You wrestled good yesterday."

What did he want?


"Hey, was that okay? The shower stuff I mean."

"Sure, no probs. I knew about it the night before."

"You knew?"

"From Damian. It was his idea."

Quentin looked puzzled.

"He said it would kind of help you but it turned out different to what he said."

"That was Damian too. It was his idea for me to grab you back."

"Hell, is that why you didn't let go?"

"Yeah, he told me not to."

"God Supe. That's exactly what he said to me. What a rip off. So why did you change your mind then?"

"Um... It was getting to me... You know."


A huge grin appeared.

"I should have kept hanging on. You'd be a legend."

Marcus grinned back.

"Two legends if I did."

The talk swung back to wrestling and by the time morning recess finished Marcus had happily accepted an invitation to Quentin's place for some practice.
At lunchtime when the others found out, they thought it was great. Jarrod said it was to finish the mutual wank they'd started the day before, Damian said it would be Marcus's fifth session for the week and how long would it be before he filled in the other two days, and Stefan said having someone his own level to train with was a really good idea and did Quentin's boner really feel that good?

"He's just being friendly, and anyway you tricked us Damian, telling us both to hang on like that."

"You didn't hang on all that long."

"We did so. If we'd gone any longer we would have shot."

"Both of you? How do you know?"

Uh oh. He'd fallen for another of Damian's traps. He'd either have to say they'd talked about it, or that he'd felt Quentin's boner was close.

"Anyone would if they'd been yanked for that long."

"Did he tell you he was close?"

"In a way."

They ended up getting the details of the whole conversation, which led to more stirring.

"What d'you reckon Stef? They nearly get each other off then arrange a private wrestling session. Sounds pretty suss."

"That's our Marcus. He's a sex magnet."


Marcus couldn't wait so he met Stefan at his work and they walked home together. As soon as they were in his room they locked the door and got into it. Clothes went flying, their bodies locked, boners thrusting hungrily, in a frantic ten minute whirlwind of passion, after not having done anything together since Monday morning.

"Whoo, Little firecracker, where did all of it come from?"

"I saved up, just like Damian said I would."

"Me too. Will we clean up, or are you going to give me a kiss?"

Without waiting for an answer, Stefan rolled them over so he was on top with Marcus trapped underneath. Not that there was any thought of escaping. The kissing went on for ages, mixed with intimate touching and the games that were so special between them.

"Man, what's this hard thing?"

Marcus was practically writhing with pleasure while the hard thing was played with. With little laughs and other happy noises he returned the pleasure by playing with the other hard thing and the intimacy quickly got more and more sexual.

"Hey, slow down. I've got something I want to show you."

"You don't have to show me. I can feel it. ..Yes you do. I like looking at it."

Stefan laughed and proceeded to show Marcus exactly what he had in mind.

"Hey firecracker, when are we going to do some study?"


"No, we have to fit it in somehow or we'll get behind at school. I haven't done a thing since last Thursday."

It was now Monday evening and they were naked on his bed. Friday night had been wonderful. They'd had yesterday up the river with just the two of them, and now Stefan was staying over for the study night.

So much had happened in the last few weeks to change Marcus's routine that the study problem was growing in his own mind. He'd got a lot done on Saturday but it wasn't fair on Stefan who had to work.

"Could we start studying at eight o'clock, then go to bed at eleven?"

"Eight? That's an hour away. What will we do till then?"

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