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What do we have in this story? A case of satyriasis or just a healthy young male making the most of opportunities coming his way?
Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 6.

Marcus had been copping friendly flack all day about this practice with Quentin and now he was wondering what would happen.

"Hey Supe, there's chocolate cake and barbecue shapes. Which do you want?"

They ended up eating both, along with a can of drink each, then Marcus followed Quentin along a hallway and down some stairs to the basement. Quentin set some music going and while they changed into their wrestling suits he explained about his room.

"The bedroom upstairs is too small, and because in it's next to mum and dad's I can't play my stereo whenever I like. They can't hear a thing from down here and it's got lots more room too, so it's much better."

It was twice as big as Marcus's room and he thought it was great. In an open space on the floor was a thick shaggy carpet, about as big as two beds, where they were obviously meant to wrestle, and Quentin moved onto it, explaining that it had been there since the start of the semester but he'd never used it yet, except for exercise and dancing.


"Yeah, I love jumping round. Do you want to do any warm-ups?"

There wasn't any point since they'd just left wrestling at school so they got straight into it. After ten minutes they stopped for a break and Quentin put new music on with a stronger beat.

"Do you like music much Marcus?"

"Yes, some things."

"I love it. I think I'd die without it. Do you ever wrestle with Stefan or Damian?"

"Only for the last few weeks. Jarrod too, but they're way too good for me."

They wrestled for another ten minutes and Marcus really enjoyed the struggle and Quentin's friendly manner. The music going made it interesting too, and not always losing was a good feeling as well.

"Your turn to choose the music Supe."

"No, you choose. I don't know what you've got."

"Doesn't matter. Have a look."

They went to a CD holder but Marcus didn't recognize any of the titles and told Quentin to put on one by the last artist.

"Does Damian show you any of his holds? He knows more than anyone else."

"Yeah, he's got lots of them."

Marcus remembered a few of them well, and showed Quentin how they worked.

"This one's a restraining hold. I bet you can't get out of it."

Quentin cooperated and when he couldn't escape Marcus poked him in the side. He jumped.

"No, don't. I'm ticklish."

"Good. I'll do it again."

A couple more pokes and they were both laughing.

"Not fair. Aren't you going to let me go?"

"I might. If you show me your dancing."

"Dance for you? No way."

He didn't mean it though, and after a couple more pokes he was in the middle of the mat leaping all over the place. It looked great and matched the music.

"Your turn Supe."

"Never. I'm no good at it."

"All right. Let me see if I can do that last hold then."

"You'll make me dance if I do."

Quentin hesitated.

"Okay, Not this time."

Wondering what he was in for, Marcus showed how to work the hold. Inevitably the pokes started and Marcus jumped even more than Quentin had.

"Help, that's cruel. When are you going to let me go?"

"I'm not. This is too much fun."

After more pokes Marcus was laughing and begging for release.

"Okay, tell me why Jarrod calls you Super Balls."

"No way."

I bet I can make you."

"Go on then. I bet you can't."

Marcus gasped. The poke he'd expected didn't happen. Instead it was a grope, right on his balls. Not really a grope either as Quentin's hand stayed where it was while Marcus's boner came to life.

"Are you going to talk?"

That was funny and Marcus had to laugh.


"Nothing, you sounded like in a spy story."

Quentin took that in for a moment.

"That means I can torture you."

"As long as it doesn't hurt."

"You're stubborn. Tell me when to stop."

Quentin's hand moved and gave Marcus's boner a squeeze. Marcus wondered if he'd do it again. He didn't, instead he released Marcus totally.

"I thought you'd be embarrassed. You're not going to tell me are you?"

"I might. ...I'll show you one of Jarrod's holds first."

"Jarrod's?.. Okay."

They manoeuvred.

"This is the same hold."

"I know, and so is this."

It was Quentin's turn to jump and then again when Marcus's hand shifted. He wasn't struggling though.

"Do you still want me to tell you? I'll let go if you say you don't."

"I'm stubborn too."

Marcus started rubbing his finger along the outline of the boner in the blue wrestling suit. He teased the taut material and felt Quentin kind of settle against him.

"Still want to be stubborn?"

"Um. ...Yes."

How to escalate this? Marcus moved his hand to the strap of Quentin's suit, pulled it off his shoulder, did the same to the other strap, released him, then pulled his own off. There was a wordless moment before Marcus took the final plunge and stripped bare. Quentin followed suit, so to speak, and still without a word they commenced another wrestle. With more cooperation than competition their bodies closed, limbs entwined and warm skin pressed against warm skin. When Marcus's hand closed round Quentin's boner it was accepted eagerly and with a roll and a repositioning of their bodies, his own was held. What a perfect hold a bear hug was, to roll with groins pressing, then an unnecessary breathing space, acquiescing while hands mutually explored.
Enough. Marcus engaged another hug, rolled Quentin on top then formed a tube with his hand and set to work gently. At the first thrust Marcus stopped, his hand a firm tunnel, for Quentin to choose his own pace, steadily, steadily, frantically, frantically, to a climax of motion and release. After a quiet hiatus Marcus rolled for his turn on top, guided Quentin's hand in place and followed the same powerful process. There was uncertainty in the green eyes looking up so Marcus slid his softening boner rather rudely through the juice between them and sat up.

"Wow, you got something for a cleanup?"

Quentin looked towards his bed. Marcus scrambled quickly for the light brown towel folded at the end and gently wiped first Quentin and then himself. Quentin watched but he was still quiet so Marcus dropped the towel and tickled him. He had to respond to that and when he started laughing and tickling back, Marcus dived on top, sat on his stomach and tried, not very hard, to pin his arms down. Good, he was fighting back. For a few minutes it was an ordinary but lazy wrestle. Quentin tried for the restraining hold and Marcus let him get it.

"Now you have to tell me."

"What if I don't?"

"I'll give you some treatment."

"Like what?"

"Like this."

Marcus got a strong squeeze and he gave a little snort of laughter.

"That won't work. I like it too much. Will you tell anyone?"

"No way."

"Well, Damian thought of it, but Jarrod let it out to every one. They reckon I ...Um...use my balls a lot."


"Yeah, Damian tricked me."

"Damian again. What did he do?"

"Caught me wanking. He got me to tell him the most times I'd ever done it."

"What did you say?"

"Four times, but then he found out it was five."

"Five! Wow, no wonder. Does it worry you, being called Super Balls?"

"It's all right with the team, because they're friendly."

"You got a shock when I grabbed you the first day."

"That's for sure. I nearly died."

"Damian organised that too."

"He organised just about everything."

Marcus had a sudden thought. Hmm, he'd have to talk to Stefan about it later. The CD finished and Quentin jumped up to put a different track on. When it started he swung his hips and did a few steps.

"Come on, have a go."

"I'm no good at it Quentin."

"That doesn't matter, just copy me."

The music did have a good beat and they ended up playing the track twice.

"What'll we do now? Have another wrestle?"

"What's the time?"

"Nearly half past six."

"I better go Quentin. Mum puts tea on at seven o'clock."

"Okay, how about a shower?"

"Great, it'll have to be quick though."

Quentin got two fresh towels, showed the way, then watched.

"Do you still want to come again next week Marcus?"

"For sure, as long as you do too."

"Great... It was a bit different wasn't it?"

"I know, all that dancing instead of wrestling."


"How'd you go Marcus? Do any wrestling?"

"All the time Damian, except when we were dancing."

"Dancing? Get real. What sort of dancing?"

"I don't know. He's good at it though."

"Is he good at anything else?"

It only took a couple of minutes for Damian to worm the details out of him.

"Does he want to do it again?"

"I think so. He wants me to come back but we didn't talk about it really."

"Did you tell him about Stef and Jaz?"

"I didn't think I should.

Jarrod started to say something then stopped. Quentin had just walked round the corner.

"Yo Quentin. You looking for Supe?"

" ...Yeah."

"He says you're into music."

Marcus was relieved that Quentin was getting a friendly reception and then surprised when he ended up staying with them for most of the lunch hour. After school at wrestling, coach had heard about the extra practising and said more of the team should do the same. In the showers Marcus actually got stirred for not having a boner.


"What d'you think Stef?"

"Firecracker, I can't think when you do that."

Marcus was doing the handcuff thing. He did it stacks because Stefan liked it so much.

"What about this?"

The tugging changed to a gentle twist and Stefan groaned.

"Do you do that to Jaz?"

"A bit, but his balls aren't as good as yours."

That made Stefan laugh.

"Why not?"

"Well, yours feel just perfect, like they're made for a handcuff. They're bigger too, and they don't fight to get away as much. Anyway tell me what you think Damian's doing."

"He might have been trying to find out if Quentin's gay? No.. I know what it is. He wants you to know more people."

They were talking about the way Damian had set things up with Marcus and Quentin.

"More? How come?"

"I guess he thinks your nerd reputation makes you miss out. We were talking about it last week."

"I don't need anyone else. I've got you."

"And I've got you, but I think it's a good idea. You wouldn't have said a word to Quentin by yourself and now you're friends."

That was true. Marcus started to say more but Stefan's hand was doing interesting things and sensible conversation stopped.


It was warm and Marcus decided to go for a swim. He'd started on one of the novels from Stefan's collection and somewhat reluctantly put it aside for later. The fifteen minute walk made the water extra inviting so he stripped to his speedos and went straight in. He liked this stretch of the river which had been made into a public use area with lawns and picnic tables close to the shallow sandy part and a walking and bike track following the deeper section. A lady and two young kids were paddling at the edge and another family was sitting under a shady tree, but there was no one actually swimming. That was normal. Down to the end of the deep water, that was easy, and back again against the slow moving current. Twice Marcus did this, sat on the lawn for a break, and was just standing up to go in again when he heard a yell. A bike zoomed close and skidded to a halt.
It was David from wrestling. What was he doing here?

"Hi Supe. How're they hanging?"

"Hi David, whatcha doing?"

"Nothing special, just cruising."

"Me too, I'm having a swim."

"Hey, great idea. I will too. It'll cool me down. Hang on while I lock my bike."

He used a cable thing with a combination lock to secure the bike to the metal leg of the nearby picnic bench.
God, what was he doing?

"Who cares Supe? They'll drag me down if I wear them. Come on."

He dropped his jeans on the grass, ran through the shallow water and dived under where it was deep enough. Then he stood up and sent a wall of water splashing over Marcus when he arrived. As soon as that subsided he grabbed Marcus and pushed him over. When the mucking round finished they set off down the river.

"How far do you go?"

"Down to where it gets shallow."

"Yo, not too fast then, I'm not that good a swimmer."

He seemed pretty good to Marcus.
When they reached the shallow he attacked again then after another burst of splashing headed for a sandy section at the edge.

"How are you liking the wrestling team? We weren't too rough on you that first day were we?"

"No, I couldn't believe it was happening, but it was okay."

"Yeah, you looked like you were enjoying it."

Marcus didn't know how to take that.

"Sort of."

"How come you started wrestling? You're always quiet."

"Stefan and Damian got me into it."

"That figures. They're really good at it."

They talked about various things and then it got on to school.

"What do you think about Monkey?"

Monkey was what everyone called Mr Monk. He had a bad reputation with a lot of kids.

"He's not too bad."

"He goes too fast. I think I'll miss out on Maths because of him. He doesn't help you when you need it."

"I suppose."

"How was quadratics? He went through it once and now we've got that assignment. No one knows how to do it."

That was true. Most of the class was up in arms about it.

"I'll give you a hand if you like. I've mostly got it figured out."

"Are you kidding? That'd be great, but it's due in next Tuesday."

"We'd have to do something today then, because I can't tomorrow or Monday."

"Today? Hey, how about after our swim? And then we'll have pizza for tea. We could have a practice wrestle too, like coach said."

Looking very pleased, he put Marcus into an arm lock and said he had to agree or else.

"Or else what?"

Handfuls of sand stand stuffed down Marcus's speedos was what, and then, while Marcus was complaining about the sand being itchy, David stuffed his own jocks.

"Hey look, elephant balls."

What an idiot. More and more sand went in till the jocks couldn't hold any more. He stood up, and when the weight pulled the jocks down so part of his dick was revealed, he started chasing Marcus.

"Elephant balls and Super balls."

After a clean out they headed up the river to their gear.

"It'll take ages walking. I'll dink you."

It wasn't very comfortable, sitting on the bar of the bike-frame, but it sure made for a much faster trip, with David pedalling like crazy to get speed up for each rise, and still peddling when he could have coasted. He was definitely crazy. A couple of times Marcus thought they'd crash for sure but somehow they didn't, and when they arrived safely he didn't know whether to be relieved or wish for another exciting corner.

"God, that bump nearly killed me."

"Nearly killed the bike too."

He led the way to his bedroom first and took out two pairs of shorts and jocks, and they changed from their still damp things.

"What sort of drink d'you want?"


Marcus had a look round. There was a posh looking computer, a sound system with giant speakers, pictures of helicopters all over the walls and two models on a shelf. He must have a thing about helicopters.

"See how you like this."

"What is it?"

"Lime and bitters with extra."

It was a strange taste but Marcus liked it. David spread his books on the bed and got cushions to kneel on. They worked on the quadratics for one and a half hours and decided that was enough. David understood it easily.

"It's too early for a pizza. Let's go to the rumpus room."

Marcus followed, interested in the sound of a rumpus room. He didn't get to have a look round because as soon as they entered David took his shirt off, then his shorts.

"What are you doing?"

"We're having a wrestle, like we said. Come on."

"In our jocks?"

"Try it. It feels great."

Well it was David's house and David's rules, so why not. And besides that it sounded interesting. David sure looked interesting with his big bulging red jocks. They shook hands and in a few seconds Marcus was pinned flat on his back. David was strong as. It meant a lot more effort and a lot more concentration and, like with Damian and Stefan, lots of wriggling and squirming. His boner came to life, but apart from a laugh and a quick grope David seemed to ignore it.

"That's three pins Marcus. How many more?"

"Um...Another three?"

Somehow, well because he'd practised it with Quentin, Marcus managed one of the restraining holds.

"Hey, good one. Where'd you learn that?"

"From Stefan and Damian."

"I'd better watch out then."

He did watch out, Marcus could tell, and Marcus was pinned three more times in a row.

"How's it going Supe? Ready for a break?"

"A bit."

"Okay, we'll muck around for a while. Show me that good hold you just used."

Marcus demonstrated, then became the victim so David was sure he had it right.

"Neat, I'll remember this. Can you get out of it?"

Marcus tried, already knowing he couldn't.

"You like wrestling in jocks don't you?"

"It feels rude. Like you're not wearing anything."

"Is that why you got boned?"

"I think so. It happens all the time though."

"Me too. Mine started as soon as I saw yours."

He released Marcus and started wrestling, but without really trying. Marcus forced himself free from the legs twisted round his waist, pushed David over, and sat on him.

"You've got me. What am I going to do?"

"Beg for mercy."

"Mercy. Mercy."

To follow the mood Marcus poked his thumb into David's stomach.

"Too much. ..Now you've had it."

Grinning, he broke free. Oh boy, his jocks were totally strained. Marcus was trapped on his back with David kneeling over him, one knee between his legs and a thigh against his groin. Whenever David leaned forward there was pressure on Marcus's boner.

"Having fun Supe?"


"Me too. Hey, what's this all about?"



He stood up, pulled Marcus after him then wrapped his arms round and held tight.

"The hugs? Jarrod kept telling me to give you bear hugs."

"He was being rude. He likes embarrassing me."

"Well, are you embarrassed?"


Especially embarrassed at the moment, because standing up and the movement against David had let Marcus's boner pop out of the borrowed jocks.

"What's the worry? Look at me, I'm just as bad."

With that he dropped arms and they moved apart for a look at each other. David's boner were still covered, and feeling exposed, Marcus pushed his own back into the jocks.

"Come on. We'll order the pizza. How about a Palazzi?"

Palazzi was the name of the pizza section at Damian's Deli and it was only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Marcus quickly agreed. Palazzi's cost a lot but were by far the best around. Wandering round with a boner, discussing what type of extras was a bit weird, but David was quite nonchalant about it and headed for his bedroom without bothering to put shorts on. By the time they'd ordered a family size Mexican and Marcus had contacted his mum, the boners had almost subsided.

"Do you like helicopters?"

It was a silly question really, with all the posters and models round.

"Yeah, I've liked them for years."

"The models look real. Do they take long to build?"

"Good one Supe. They're not models. They are real. I fly them. You know. ...with a remote control."

Marcus didn't know and he listened, fascinated, as David explained how they worked, then had a try with a simulator program on the computer. All he did was crash.

"It's too hard."

"Just for a while, but you have to get good at the simulation if you want to try it for real."

The doorbell rang and David pulled his jeans on to collect the pizza. It was so delicious they wished they'd got more.


"I guess. What for?"

"Another wrestle. That wasn't very much before."

It was almost a repeat performance with a serious concentrated effort for about twenty minutes. David then gave Marcus another of the rude hugs, laughed when they both boned, and laughed every time Marcus had to stuff himself back in the jocks while they did some muck-around wrestling.

"God Supe, you get them more than I do. You're up and down like a yoyo. When you wrestle with Jarrod he must stir the hell out of you."

"Yeah, he does. He stirs full on."

"It doesn't worry you?"

"It did at first but then I worked out it was his way of being friendly."

"Let's watch a movie."

Again Marcus followed through the house with his boner only just contained. Evidently the wrestling was finished. Wow, his eyes nearly fell out at the size of the big screen. It must have cost a fortune.

"Dad calls this the entertainment area. Neat hey? Have a look at the titles while I get some drinks."

Marcus chose an action thriller movie that was meant to be really good and they settled on the comfortable seats. The opening scene was dramatic and at the end of it David dropped his hand on Marcus's leg. He gave a friendly squeeze then slid his hand further over so his fingers rested on Marcus's inner thigh.
Was he going to take it away?
The fingers brushed softly, making Marcus jump in reaction.

"It's a nice tingle isn't it?"

Every few moments he did the same thing and each time Marcus's balls quivered. His boner was back.

"Watch this scene. It's unreal."

The scene definitely was unreal but Marcus found it hard to concentrate. David's hand was further up his leg, just grazing the swelling of his balls in the jocks. His boner was now monumental. A car chase started and David's hand went away. Five minutes later it was back again, one finger slowly following round and round the contour of Marcus's balls. It stopped till the end of a fight scene, then edged its way steadily along the stiff constrained tube till it reached the end and lightly teased the shape behind the soft green cotton.

"Enjoying this Supe?"

Marcus couldn't tell whether David meant the movie or the touching so he just said yes. The tease continued, sometimes intermittently, till a truck crashed through a warehouse wall and exploded in a ball of fire and the finger curled behind the band of the jocks, folded it out and popped Marcus's boner into view.

"You never know what's going to happen next do you?"

Next was a race to save the trapped heroine from the spreading fire, and a guidance for Marcus's hand to David's knee. Following David's cues, the whole movie passed, both of them fondling and teasing, sometimes just holding and sometimes watching whole scenes without a touch. Marcus wanted to get into it properly but when he tried he was firmly but gently led back to the softly softly approach.

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