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Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 7.

Marcus marvelled at the smooth curves and the golden tan of of the skin beneath his roving fingers and wondered.
Sunday afternoon, alone with Stefan, laughter and closeness, it was the best time of all and somehow it wasn't a dream.

"I couldn't believe it. When the movie finished we went to have a shower and nothing else happened. I still can't figure it."

"I bet he does you next Saturday. He's just psyching I reckon."

"Damian told him where I go swimming. That's two people he's organised to be with me now."

"Three. He organised us."

"That's special. I don't count it."

"I wonder who's next?"

"Next? No way. What does he think I am? A walking boner? "

"Hey, that could be it. Think about it firecracker. It's all guys who get boners at wrestling."

"My god, you're right. Who else is there?"

"James gets them easily, and Michael's supposed to get them too, but I've never seen him."

"I'm going to ask Damian about it tomorrow. I bet you're right."

"No, don't ask him. Let's see if our theory's right first. It'll be James if we're right because Damian knows you already like him."

They discussed the theory and Stefan got more and more convinced.

"We'll know by Thursday anyway."


"It has to be. It's the only time you've got left. You're going to Quentin's again on Wednesday aren't you? And you can't miss out on Jazz.
I'll make you a bet it happens."

"What sort of bet?"

Stefan grinned and whispered in Marcus's ear.

"Can we practice that now?"


When Quentin pulled a tub of icecream from the fridge Marcus thought of Jarrod's antics and had to grin.

"What? Don't you like it?"

"I love it. I could eat it every day."

The icecream disappeared at a rapid rate and then they changed into their wrestling suits. With a new CD pumping its beat they got straight into it.
The first round degenerated rapidly when Marcus tickled Quentin and got his toe twisted in response. Coach had given one of his notorious round robins where you had six non-stop matches in the hour and always ended up wrecked. Marcus had won two matches and Quentin three so after their extended efforts neither of them was feeling very serious.

"Are you going to dance today Supe?"

"Only if you make me."

Quick as a flash Quentin twisted Marcus's arm up behind his back.

"Hey, that's an illegal hold."

"Not today it's not."

Marcus caved in, quite willingly, and as soon as Quentin let go, grabbed one of his nipples. After the great screech of complaint he just said there weren't any rules today.

"You're meant to be dancing."

"No I'm not."

"You said you would."

"I know, but I didn't say when."

They were both laughing now and Quentin used one of the restraint holds. His hand sneaked round and checked Marcus's package.

"That's illegal too."

"How're you going to stop me?"

Marcus made a few fake attempts to escape while his boner came to life.

"Look what you did. Just wait till I get hold of you."

Very conveniently, Quentin's hold slipped and Marcus was allowed to take charge. Quentin was already boned and he pressed against Marcus's hand. As soon as Marcus released him Quentin took the lead, stripping first himself and then Marcus. Without even a pretence of wrestling he pulled him to the floor, grabbed his boner and started working it.
Whoo, he sure was eager. Marcus slowed things down to make everything last longer, then after listening to music, jumping round to it and talking, they had a further round of sex.


"James asked me at morning recess Stef. I couldn't believe it.
We're having a swim in his pool and some wrestling practice. And we're leaving straight after showers."

"So we were right. Did he mention Damian at all?"

"No, but I'll find out."

"So will I. I'll ask on the way home.


James didn't say much during the five-minute walk it took to reach his house. He was a quiet type, friendly and considerate, but he lightened up when they finally stood at the edge of the pool.

"Grab that end of the pool cover Marcus. It's much easier to get off when there's two of us."

It only took a moment and when they dived in Marcus couldn't get over how warm the water was for an outside pool. After half an hour they dried off and headed for James' room.

"How about we just wear our speedos, or do you want to change into wrestling suits?"

Marcus liked the way James looked in his dark blue speedos.


In two minutes James was pinned and a couple of minutes later he was looking uncomfortable.

"What's wrong?"

"I should have worn my wrestling suit."

"How come?.. Oh.. Right. The sight of James partly swollen behind the sleek material immediately triggered a similar response in Marcus.

"We could have a break if you like."

"Don't worry about it James. We have to keep going at school. Might as well get used to it."

In the middle of the struggle Marcus popped out of the speedos. He couldn't do anything about it without giving James an advantage so he continued to struggle. A twist, a new grip and a strong effort to roll on top, and James popped out as well. Marcus couldn't help laughing.


"Something's poking my side."

"Well, something's poking my leg."

"It's a new kind of wrestling."

"Speedo wrestling?"

"No, boner wrestling."

James laughed, tried to change his position and ended up poking Marcus's side again.

"That's a dangerous weapon James."

"I can't help it. It won't go away."

When the next struggle caused another poke, Marcus grabbed him. James was shocked.

"What are you doing?"

"Poke protection."

... Aren't you going to let go?"


The wrestling stopped and after an uncertain moment James moved.
Oh yes.
Marcus shivered with the excitement of a new hand holding him. His boner strained eagerly and he felt a matching pulse from James. Marcus slowly changed his grip, explored the hard throbbing tube and waited for a response. It came, a definite, inquisitive action. Marcus rubbed his thumb in a slow circle on James swollen knob, listened to the soft sound of an indrawn breath and rubbed again. Twice more he did the same then groaned lightly when his own knob was rubbed.
For the next while, Marcus led and James followed, their bodies locked, hands giving, and boner's throbbing with sensation. Without saying a word, Marcus rolled on his back and pulled James on top. His locked hands pressed and released on James' buttocks, urging him into a steady movement. Cheek to cheek, balls to balls and boner to boner, the certainty of their thrusts grew more and more deliberate as James inhibitions melted in the rising fire of sensation. Almost together they climaxed, squirted and quietened.

"I can't believe we did that."

James went to move but Marcus kept him close for a while, hugging and cuddling. James looked awkward when they pulled apart but Marcus asked where the shower was, then called James in and made him laugh while they washed each other.

"What'll we do now?

They went for another short swim but then Marcus got very interested when he found that James could play the keyboard.

"Play something for me. I don't know anyone who can even use one."

They went back to the bedroom and when the music poured out Marcus was amazed. James was really good.

"Doesn't it take lots of practice?"

"Heaps and heaps, but it's easy to have fun. Listen to this."

He played a neat tune then showed Marcus the fingering for three simple chords and before long they were playing together.

"You sit here, and I'll teach you another tune."

Marcus sat on the music stool and within five minutes was feeling very pleased with his efforts. It was quite sexy too, with James leaning against him from behind and directing his fingers. It gave him the urge.

"Your turn James."

James looks surprised because he was enjoying teaching. He took the seat though and when Marcus leaned against him he pressed back.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing, start playing."

Marcus slipped his arms round James, teased his stomach, and slid one hand down into the speedos. The music stopped and so did Marcus.

"Keep playing."

When the music played, so did Marcus, bringing James' boner back to life and into the open. James stopped, started, then stopped again. Marcus urged him to play.

"I can't. It's too hard to concentrate. You have a try and you'll see."

Marcus swapped places straight away. He wanted to see what James would do. As soon as he was on the stool James leaned against him. When Marcus played the first notes of the simple tune James's hand went to work. Marcus only played a few notes.

"See, I knew you wouldn't be able to keep playing."

Marcus tucked his arms in, trapping James' and giving him an unspoken signal. For a few minutes they stayed in this position, with James's boner rubbing against Marcus's back while Marcus's boner enjoyed being handled. James pulled Marcus to his feet and they headed for the bed.


"He has to be kidding Stef."

"Probably, but it could be just organising for you to get another friend."

Marcus had copped it all day when Damian got him to relate that he and James had made it three times and Jarrod had hammered the Super Balls theme for all it was worth. At afternoon recess Damian said the next one on the list was Michael.

"Well I don't know when I'm supposed to fit this in. Every single day of the week's taken up now and I haven't got enough time to do my homework. When does he think I'm going to read my novels?"

"With me on Sundays. At the river."

"As if. We've taken our books every time and they hardly even get opened."

"That's because you're so randy."

"So are you. And Big Boy distracts me every time I turn a page."

The big boy in question got a tickle and Stef responded with a poke to Marcus's belly button. They'd just had a fantastic sixty-nine session and were now in the cuddle and talk phase.

"Jaz's right."

"About what?"

"Your Super Balls."

Stefan accompanied his comment with a gentle grope.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, they're working every single day of the week."

"I can't help it. Damian's diabolical. He's tricked me into it."

"You love every minute of it."

"...Especially with you... Anyhow it's not every day. Nothing happens with David."

"Nothing? A couple of hours of making out while you watched that DVD. I wouldn't call that nothing. Are you watching another one tomorrow?"

"Um.. Yes."

"Hey, give him a blow job. He'll never be able to resist that."

Marcus stuck his tongue in Stefan's mouth and talking stopped.


Marcus watched in amazement while David flew his helicopter, loops, hovering, skimming close to the ground, and even upside down a couple of times. Half an hour later they were doing the dinking act again to get to the river, and by late afternoon they'd also had a session of maths. Marcus felt good when David said he was better at teaching them Monkey.

"Ready to get killed?"

"Who by?"

Marcus was learning all the responses you were meant to give, and all the way to the rumpus room they'd been talking the talk. That was fun with David because he wasn't serious.

"Two minutes. I bet I get you in two minutes."

Marcus laughed as if that was a joke and a minute later laughed again when he was helpless with both hands pinned.

"You cheated. I wasn't ready."

"Oh yeah? Well how long are you going to last if you're ready then?"

"All day."

David let him up, then a minute later he was pinned again.

"Penalty. Penalty."

What for?"

"Telling fibs."

"What's the penalty then?"

"No jocks. Looks like they're in the road anyway." Marcus's boner had started rising in anticipation as soon as they'd headed for the rumpus room.

"Just me? What about you?"

"When you pin me down."

Marcus slipped the jocks off then squawked when his boner was grabbed. It wasn't just a quick grope either.

"Aren't we going to wrestle?"

David thought that was funny. "I'm giving you an advantage. I'm seeing if I can beat you with only one hand."

It definitely was an advantage in some ways, but having your boner firmly gripped limits your freedom and definitely interferes with your concentration, so Marcus thought they were still pretty even. After several minutes of struggling he gave up.

"Are you wimping out?"

"I can't wrestle if you keep holding me."

"Why not?"

Marcus didn't answer because David knew exactly why not. David let go.

"All right. We'll get serious."

Half an hour later they headed for the shower, then David rang for a pizza while Marcus looked through the DVDs. There was a sci-fi one with lots of action so he chose that. Then they decided not to start watching till after they'd had the pizza and went to the bedroom so Marcus could have another try at the helicopter simulator. Something must have been working for him because as well as the almost continuous crashes he managed a couple of flights that lasted more than fifteen seconds, which evidently meant he was on the way.
The pizza arrived, delicious as usual, and feeling pleasantly satisfied they settled in front of the big screen.
David's hand was inside Marcus's jocks before the title screen was started and by the time it finished both boners were buzzing and begging for action. The story continued, along with the foreplay, till Marcus needed to go the whole way and decided to try Stefan's idea and make it happen. He leaned over, took David's knob into his mouth and started sucking. God, it was big. David was squirming and groaning with his fingers in Marcus's hair, holding him in place.
Suddenly he pulled Marcus's head away.

"Man. This is going to be a good movie."

He worked Marcus's boner then eased off, worked it again then guided Marcus's hand so they were acting in unison.
Two hours later Marcus was beside himself. He was so randy he hardly knew what was happening in the movie. When it finished he was dreading that, like last time, nothing else would happen, but David jumped up, pulled him to his feet then held his boner and used it to lead him to the bedroom.

"So? Is it time for you to go home?"

Marcus pulled him down onto the bed.


"It's on this afternoon."

"On? What's on?"

"You're going to Michael's after-school."

Marcus looked at Stefan in disbelief.

"But it's our time on Mondays."

"I know, Damian's changed it just for today and I'm coming after tea instead of earlier."

Marcus listened in disbelief to the changed plans for his afternoon.

"I don't even know him Stef. He hardly speaks to anyone. Why did Damian have to pick him?"

"Well, there's only him and Colin left, and Colin's away for a week so it has to be Michael."

Marcus stared at him.

"Colin? What's he got to do with it?"

"You said it in your truth talk. When you went through everyone on the team and said what you thought of them. You liked Colin's dick and Michael was really sexy, so Damian's making sure you get a chance with them."

Marcus could hardly believe what he was hearing.

"From that? But they made me say those things. They were torturing me. Don't you remember?"

It had been friendly torture, and actually quite funny when Damian and Jaz had grabbed him one time and made him say stuff about every single one of the guys on the team. Marcus quickly had them all laughing by exaggerating his answers to their leading questions about what he thought and what he'd like to do with each person.

"I remember. You said Colin's dick was red hot and you'd yank it till he painted you with cum, and then you said Michael was a sex magnet and you gawp at him every time he's in the shower."

"Um.. Well."

The bell for classes rang and Stefan laughed.

"Yeah... So have a good time and you can tell me about it tonight."

Marcus was distracted during the last two periods, wishing Damian hadn't thrown him into it like this, wondering about Michael, and puzzling over the way Stefan had said to have a good time.


"Hi Michael."


Michael jerked his head in a silent come along and Marcus followed to the waiting bus, felt awkward when his fare was paid, awkward with the lack of conversation during the ride, and then relieved when they alighted and finally started talking.

"It's not far to the house. You must like wrestling a lot? Damian said you were trying to practice with everyone on the team."

"Um...Not everyone, but it has been quite a few. I practice with Justin, Quentin and David, as well as Damian, Jaz and Stefan of course."

"How did you get in with Damian's mob? I've always thought you were different."

"We met up one time and I sort of got dragged in."

"That figures. He's very dominant."

Dominant? Marcus was surprised at the word, though it was very accurate.

"Yeah, he is, but he's all right."

"Do you like Jarrod? He's a show off all the time."

"No he's not. It's more like stirring. When you get to know him, he's really friendly."

Marcus was going to say more in defence of Jarrod but they turned into a gateway and his attention was taken as they walked up the brick pathway and Michael unlocked the door.

"Leave your bag on the bench and I'll get you a drink. Do you want to wash your hands?"

He led the way to the bathroom, put out a towel for Marcus, then washed his own hands and left. Some music started and Marcus made his way back to the sound of a deep, gravelly voice.

"Do you like Tom Waits? I've had this track on my mind all day."

Marcus didn't answer. Michael was lost in the words, nodding his head and mouthing them silently. When the track finished he focused on Marcus.

"I needed that. Listen to the words while I get a drink. Do you want one?"

Marcus nodded as the track restarted then got distracted when he saw Michael pouring drinks from an elaborate looking bottle. It certainly wasn't the fruit juice or cordial he'd expected.

"Do you drink alcohol?"

"Not much."

"Try this. It'll calm you down."

"What is it?"

"Toss it down in one go. You'll like it."

Marcus was dubious, but since he didn't want to seem negative about anything he accepted the proffered tumbler, lifted it to his mouth and downed it all in two big gulps. He didn't feel anything much.
... Whoo, yes he did.
... Heat.. Spreading through his insides.

"Hey, I didn't mean that. You're supposed to sip it slowly."

Feeling slightly foolish and rather surprised as the warm feeling kept spreading, Marcus watched Michael take a few sips. Well at least he'd got a smile, the first so far.

"What is it?"

"Do you want some more?"

"No thanks. It's pretty strong stuff isn't it?"

"Go on. Just a bit. It'll make our wrestling practice more fun. Here, have some of mine."

Without waiting for a response he poured at least half into Marcus's tumbler.

"There, sip it and you can feel it all the way down."

Michael took a couple of sips and waited, then when Marcus copied he nodded and smiled the biggest smile yet.

"Come on, we might as well get ready."

Carrying the drinks they went to what was obviously Michael's bedroom.
Wow, it was interesting.
There were posters of guys who, Marcus presumed from the style, were singers or musicians, and three big pictures of dragons.

"Hey, I like the dragons. There's dragons in lots of my books."

"Your books? What sort are they?"

"Sci-fi. ...well fantasy with the dragons."

"You read a lot don't you?"

"I do, whenever I get the chance."

"I thought so. Ready to wrestle with the Dragon?"

"The Dragon? That's you hey?"

Michael nodded and Marcus laughed.

"I like that. Do you think I can beat a Dragon?"

Michael held up his glass, indicating for Marcus to do the same.

"Here's to the Clash of the Dragons."

He drank the remnants in his tumbler then lifted again when he saw that Marcus still had about a quarter remaining.

"Scoff it all. It'll put fire in your breath."

Quite impressed with the wordplay, Marcus laughed again and in the spirit of things emptied his glass. Michael took off his shirt then sat down to undo his shoelaces. Wow, so very sexy. Marcus shook his head and removed his own shirt. Michael stood up, unbuttoned his school trousers, then stepped clear and tossed them onto a chair. Very sexy indeed. Marcus caught himself staring at the lean legs and prominent bulge.


Blushing, Marcus tried to recover.

"Nothing, I was just looking at your jocks. I mean, they're blue. It's my favorite color."

Michael laughed, the biggest laugh yet, and Marcus took his own trousers off to cover his embarrassment. God, how could he have said that? Now Michael was staring? Oh, they both had light blue jocks. This time they both laughed. Well it was funny.
Unexpectedly Michael attacked and they were on the carpet. Before Marcus had time to think he was pinned on his back with Michael on top of him.

"Blue Dragon strikes first."

"I wasn't ready. We haven't got our suits."

"That's because you like wrestling in jocks. Damian told me. ...kinky."

Marcus tried to roll Michael off but it didn't work and he gave a funny giggle.

"Blue Dragon?.. A sexy Blue Dragon."

Michael stopped wrestling.

"I mean.. You're in your jocks.. They're blue.. Did I say that? Oh God."

Michael knelt up, still astride, and the close-up, full frontal view sent a surge to Marcus's groin. Michael kept staring and Marcus made another funny giggle. He couldn't stop looking at the blue jocks. They were right in front of his face.

A sudden urge to touch flared and without conscious thought Marcus's hand reached and rested against the intriguing shape. As if he'd been burnt, Marcus wrenched back.

"What did you do that for?"

"Um.. Blue jocks. ...They looked tight.. I don't know.. Dragon Balls. I didn't mean to."

"Dragon Balls? I like that."

Michael scrambled up, and for an instant Marcus thought he was annoyed. He pulled Marcus to his feet.

"Come on Blue Dragon. We're fighting again."

A wave of energy rushed through Marcus and for the next few minutes he threw Michael all over the place. He couldn't pin him though, as somehow he escaped every ploy. Wham, Marcus fell on his back and tried to twist away when Michael crunched on top of him. No, no, that was too close. To prevent his wrists from being held, Marcus grabbed Michael in a bear hug and tried to roll him sideways. It didn't work. For a while they struggled together but Marcus's energy burst abated and Michael took over. He strained, broke the grip, captured Marcus's wrists and pinned him for the second time. Still holding Marcus's wrists in place, Michael lifted his lower body and made an obvious examination of the boner starting up in Marcus's jocks.

"Dragon Dick!"

Dragon Dick? Coming after the Dragon balls comment it sounded extra funny to Marcus and he couldn't help laughing. Well, it was more a kind of splutter and giggle.

"Wait there."

Where was he going? Marcus stayed on his back, catching his breath. He muttered the words Dragon Dick and Dragon balls, laughed and then wondered why it was so funny. Michael returned. What? He had that bottle with him.

"No thanks Blue Dragon. I feel funny."

Michael took no notice and half filled Marcus's tumbler.

"It's Dragon Juice, to give you more spirit for the next battle."

Marcus nodded at Michael's cleverness, then sat up and shook his head.

"It's too strong."

"That's good then. You want to be strong. Drink it quick again so you don't notice."

Something was askew with that but the glass was in his hand now and Michael nodded persuasively.

"Dragon Juice, in one gulp. Go."

Down it went and Michael was smiling. It made Marcus feel good to see that, and he smiled in return. In fact he couldn't stop smiling. That warmth was there again.

"Dragon Battle three. You ready?"

What? Oh, the wrestling. No, Marcus wasn't ready but that didn't make any difference as Michael tackled him anyway. He struggled, like the Blue Dragon should, but nothing worked properly. Laughing and smiling, Marcus tried different things but the Blue Dragon always escaped. Whoo, one of his wrists was being held. Marcus gave a roar and blew strongly at Michael's face but his dragon breath didn't help. How would he get out of this? Of course, there was a good way, except he'd be very clever and change it.

"Dragon hug. Dragon hug."

It worked, because Michael stopped. He looked questioningly at Marcus.

"It means we have a break."

Automatically Marcus wrapped his arms and started hugging. Yes, that felt good. He pressed his groin upwards a few times and it felt even better. Michael pulled away, then sitting on Marcus's stomach, pinned Marcus's wrists for the third time.

"Blue Dragon wins again."

Marcus laughed because the Blue Dragon couldn't lose.

"Don't move."

Move? How could he? Oh, Michael was getting up. In a moment he was back and Marcus shook his head. That stuff was making him silly.

"Last drink for the Dragon. Lift your head up."

Marcus lifted his head but then played a game of dodging the top of the bottle when it touched his lips.


Marcus sniggered at Michael's stern look then opened his mouth wide to prove he wasn't. He made one more dodge then accepted the bottle when Michael's hand rested on his head and held it steady. Gulp, he swallowed automatically when the bottle tilted and his mouth filled. Gulp, he swallowed for the second time. The third swallow only worked partially as there was too much liquid, and when some of it started to go down the wrong way he spluttered and sprayed what was left. Michael pulled the bottle away, but not before some of the drink dribbled on Marcus's neck. He coughed his throat clear, and when he saw Michael's smile Marcus started laughing. When he recovered he opened his mouth, expecting the bottle again, but Michael denied it, and screwing the top on, put it to the side.

"The Blue Dragon's had enough medicine."

Medicine? What? Oh yes, because he lost the battle. That was funny too. Wasn't it? With his face suddenly burning, Marcus lowered his head backwards, to the floor, and looked up at Michael.

"I'm hot."

"Dragons are always hot."

"Not a Dragon. You're the Dragon. Dragon in jocks.. Blue balls.. I mean blue jocks."

Marcus giggled because he was saying ridiculous things and clapped one hand over his mouth to show he didn't mean it. Michael grabbed the hand and along with the other one, pressed it on to the floor beside Marcus's head. He knelt up and once again, directly in front of Marcus's eyes was the big blue dragon bulge. He couldn't help staring and the urge to touch came again but his hands were trapped.

"What are you thinking about?"

Marcus refocused on the dark eyes with their searching look.

"Um.. Just thinking.. Can't say."

"What can't you say?"

"Dragon balls.. Shouldn't talk about them."

"The gay Dragon wants to look at Dragon Balls?"

".. Gay.. Dragon Balls?"

"Yes, have a look."

Michael shuffled forward, till his knees pushed into Marcus's armpits and the jocks were directly in front of his eyes. Michael's fingers linked, cradled the back of Marcus's head and lifted.
Marcus giggled. Dragon balls were now so close there was nothing else to look at. Steady pressure on the back of Marcus's head lifted him closer still, slowly closer, till the tip of his nose grazed soft blue material. Impulsively Marcus nudged forward with his nose.
Soft, nice.
He gave a few more nudges then had an amazingly brilliant idea. He filled his lungs with air, pressed his lips close and exhaled in a long drawn-out breath. His head was lowered and the dark eyes stared.

"Dragon Breath. Um... the fire. .. spirits."

There was a nod and Marcus nodded happily back.


The cradle of hands lifted Marcus's head and again he emptied his lungs with the longest breath he could manage. The support went and Marcus's head rested on the carpet. His eyes followed the jocks as Michael bent his knees and settled on Marcus's stomach. Marcus felt inordinately pleased that his Dragon breath had caused a change.

"Why did you do that?"

"You said to."

"But why?."

Marcus's mind fumbled for an answer.

"Um... The Blue Dragon made the rule.. He won the fight?"

Michael nodded and Marcus felt pleased that he'd come up with a good answer.

"You're the gay Dragon aren't you?"

Marcus nodded.

"And why does the Blue Dragon rule?"

".. He won the battle."

"Do the Dragon Breath again."

Marcus started to raise himself but one hand pressed on his forehead keeping him in place and the other placed itself, palm forward, almost touching Marcus's lips. Oh, like that. Marcus's lungs were good. His constant swimming has seen to that, and the breath he let out was a long one.

"My hands burning. ..Roar."

After a few seconds Marcus got the giggles.


"Did you mean raw, like your hand is raw meat, or roar with a sound."

"With the sound. A Dragon Roar."

The roar was rather muffled by the hand still sampling the fire, but it worked because Michael was nodding.


Deeper? Marcus started another roar but it came out the same and he had to experiment. After a couple of tries he made a rumbling noise from deep in his throat which set Michael nodding vigorously.

"Savage. Go."

Marcus really let it rip, even more savagely, and they both started laughing. Michael knelt up and the weight eased from Marcus's stomach. What was he doing now? There was a little shuffle and his weight came down, right on Marcus's boner. Marcus's mouth opened with the directness of it. It didn't last though. Michael knelt up again.

"Do you like Dragon Dicks?"

It was back again, right in front of Marcus's eyes with the jocks now straining. As soon as Marcus nodded, his head was lifted and his mouth pressed into contact.


The roar was almost totally muffled and came out more like a long vibration than a sound. His head was still held so Marcus made another roar then managed with his nose to see how hard the bone was. Really hard. He nudged again, and then a few more times, till the support for his head dropped away.


Marcus went to lift his head but that was awkward, so he used his hand instead, feeling the ball bulge and then the hard phallus. His fingers roamed, enjoying what they encountered, taking in the excitement of a new boner.

With a delicious tricky feeling, Marcus sneaked his fingers under the blue material, explored the warm flesh, then captured and squeezed. A single thrust against his hand gave him the signal to keep going, so he did just that. A sudden movement displaced his hand. What? Michael was getting up? The blue jocks skinned their way down the slim legs looming above and dropped to the floor. The legs bent and the knees returned to their position at Marcus's armpits. Whoo. The Dragon Dick looked good.


Eager to please and eager with anticipation, Marcus raised his head and took his weight on his elbows to lift his upper body. To make the roar different he tried it against Michael's balls. Yes, it was having a major effect. He could feel the twitch and squirm against his lips. Taking another deep breath he started his second roar. Halfway through, fingers locked behind his head and pulled. He finished the roar and responded to the insistent grip which firmly mashed his nose and lips against warm flesh, guiding him up down and sideways. Understanding, Marcus continued the movements, nudging and pressing of his own accord.


Well, what else? With his head trapped close and his hands not available, his mouth, tongue and nose were his only agents for action, so he made use of them all. The balls went tight. Marcus stretched his neck, captured the head of Michael's dick in his mouth and teased it with his tongue. There was a sudden tension in the head grip and a push from Michael's hips filled Marcus's mouth. He resisted though, and forced his head back enough to continue his tongue work. It wouldn't be long before his mouth was filled. He spluttered with mirth. Dragon Seed. That's what he'd call it. Yes, here it came. Michael's dick pushed hard, deep into Marcus's mouth, thrust rapidly, rapidly, then stilled and pulsed. There was another thrust, another pulse, then more, gentler ones. Wow, it tasted like Stefan. The pressure released from the back of his head but Marcus stayed in place, sucking softly to give Michael as much sensation as he could. He half expected, like with supersensitive Stefan and Jaz, to be pushed away but the hands returned, resting in his hair till the softening boner meant it was finishing time. Michael looked dazed, but that passed and the quizzical, rather unreadable expression appeared.

"You've done that before haven't you?"

Marcus nodded.

"Who with?"

When Marcus didn't answer, Michael's head made a small move of assent, as if he was pleased. He bent his knees, sat on Marcus's stomach then shuffled backwards till the base of his spine pressed the head of Marcus's boner. He shuffled some more, quite slowly, increasing the pressure, lifted himself enough for Marcus's boner to slip underneath then sat down again and trapped it flat. It felt very rude, especially when he rocked a couple of times. He didn't stay there though, but moved even further back till Marcus's straining jocks were in full view. One quick tug freed Marcus's boner and straight away Michael took hold of it. He squeezed, quite hard, then holding it perpendicular, he pressed a finger of his other hand on the very tip and rubbed the leaking juice in a tiny circular motion. Marcus gasped and wriggled with the delight of sensation but then the finger stopped and it lifted away. For a moment he thought it was going into Michael's mouth but instead it stopped in front of his pursed lips in a shooshing gesture.

"Don't move."

Marcus kind of giggled.
No moving? No speaking?
Well, Michael looked like he meant it, but that was okay. After all, the Dragon ruled. Before long Marcus was wanting to screech, moan, groan or grasp, anything to release a sound as his boner went through a series of experiments which were obviously designed to discover how to best excite him. His first few involuntary sounds had met with a forceful negative look and the same for any movement. Somehow, the denial made his want more powerful. God, the finger rubbing again. It was sending him crazy. He couldn't help pushing with his dick. Michael's hands lifted and he shook his head.

"Bad Dragon."

Marcus couldn't help the giggle but he got the message and did his best to fit in with the rules. There was more teasing and experimentation but then Michael started finger rubbing again, non-stop this time and even when Marcus had to squirm and groan, he continued steadily till Marcus erupted.

"... Good Dragon."


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