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What do we have in this story? A case of satyriasis or just a healthy young male making the most of opportunities coming his way?
Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 8.

"What were you drinking?"

"I don't know. It didn't have much taste. It made me go hot."

"You must have had a lot. You were hopeless last night."

"It must have been strong stuff too because I only remember having three glasses. What do you mean, hopeless?"

"You were laughing all the time and telling me I had the biggest Dragon Dick, then you fell asleep as soon as we got in bed.

"He had dragon posters. God Stef, I was doing all these dragon roars."

"I know. You showed me."

"I'm not going to drink anything next time."

"Next time?"

"He organised it for next Friday so we can have a proper practice, and I said yes."

"You like him don't you?"

"Yes, he's weird but he's nice."


"Well, not weird. Just kind of different. He listens to interesting music and it's hard to figure out what he's thinking."

"Are you going to tell Damian and Jaz that you gave him a blow job?"

That was a funny question because they'd coax all the details from him as quick as a flash. Stefan's hand moved slowly across Marcus's stomach, then lingered on his chest. When he cuddled close Marcus wriggled sexily a few times against the boner nudging his back, then turned face-to-face and started a kiss. It was a long one but ended when the game their boners were playing set them both smiling.



"Sex magnet."


"Hero? What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well you are. You're better than anyone."

Stefan laughed and nibbled on Marcus's chin.

"You're an idiot. I bet you say that to everyone who's holding your dick."

"No, just you. You hold it better than anyone else."

That made Stefan laugh again.

"So, if Colin holds it better will he be your new hero?"

"Colin? He's not getting hold of it. If Damian arranges anything I'm just going to wrestle."

"Oh yeah? Sure too. He's a nice guy and I know you like his dick, so you should go for it."

Marcus couldn't answer straight away, except to moan while Stefan's hand did interesting things.

"You're so amazing Stef. You sound like you want me to."

"You know I do. It's good for you."


"Yes, every single guy you've done stuff with has turned into a friend and you didn't even have one before. Jaz reckons the way you do sex tells people how nice you are and they can't help liking you. And he's right."

"Jaz? Did he really say that? Anyway, it's still silly, because everything I do is what you showed me."

"It's not silly. It's not what you're doing, it's the way you do it. Jaz and Damian call it the puppy syndrome."


"Yeah, a sexy puppy."

"... Well, you're a dog, a sexy dog."

Puppy syndrome? They were crazy, but just at the moment the tickling on his bone had him so hard he couldn't think.

"Mmm... How long before we have to get up?"

Stefan glanced at the clock radio.

"About half an hour."


Marcus gnawed the last remnants from the chicken leg and responded to Jaz's amusement.


The four of them were up the river, finishing off a midday feed with their normal gusto for the supplies from Damian's deli. For the last three Sundays Marcus and Stefan had come by themselves, but during the week Damian had announced a day for the four of them. Jarrod looked at the sunbaking rock.

"Remember when you told us your rock rule?"

"Um.. Yeah?"

"Well, have you ever done it since?"

"Stef's always here."

"Go Jaz. Give us a demo."

"Get lost Damian."

"What?... Saving up for your wrestle with Marcus?"

"You're an idiot."

"Oh yeah? Well I notice you didn't deny it."

Jaz tried a whack, missed, then scrambled away when Damian grabbed at him.

"What are you scared of?"


A one-sided tussle ensued.

"Murder. Help me Stef."

All he got was a couple of grins and a few head knuckles till he was released from the headlock. Rubbing his head as if he'd just been in agony, Jaz settled on the sand and looked cheekily at Damian.

"All right, I will if you will."

Wow, that was a novel dare, and not the kind of thing you said to Damian.

"Dream on Jaz."

"Now who's scared."

Damian made an unsuccessful grab.


This time Damian's grab was accompanied by a surprise lunge and in short order Jarrod was laughing and begging for mercy, while still insisting Damian was a chicken.

"Not even game to lose the speedos."

There was a great squawk as Jaz was knuckled again and then released.

"Oh yeah? And have you three perving on me all day?"

A look passed between the three in question and then a simultaneous nod. This was great. Marcus thought Damian had trapped himself but he hadn't.

"All right, if you and Supe can wrestle without getting a boner I will."

Stefan stirred him.

"That's a cop-out Damian. You can't lose."

"Too bad."

Marcus crawled to a clear space.

"Come on Jaz. We'll show them."

Their bodies closed but despite urging each other to concentrate and stay serious it only took a couple of minutes before Damian was crowing.

"Showing's right. Good one Marcus."

Well, it had been worth a try. Jarrod took a quick look then the serious wrestling turned into a groping competition which quickly led to a bear hug call. Marcus loved bear hugs with Jarrod. Stefan didn't need them of course, but with Jarrod they'd become their excuse to start getting all randy and rubbing boners together.

"Let's head up the river."

Jarrod's hand stopped being busy as he twisted his head to look at Damian.


"Yeah, before this turns into a porn show."

Neither Marcus or Jarrod made a move, but then Damian stood up.
Whoops. What now?
Marcus's ankles were grabbed. He hung on tight to Jarrod and that worked for a while till Stefan joined in and took Jarrod's ankles. With much laughter and promises to cool them down they were dragged across the sand and into the water. Not much cooling happened and the two boners waving round led to more stirring. Marcus was used to that.

"Okay, so now you lose the speedos."

"Lose them? What for? Marcus didn't even last two minutes and you weren't much longer."

"So what? We tried didn't we? What do you reckon Stef?"

"Yeah, they tried hard. ... Lose them Damian."

Damian obviously expected that answer, but to Marcus's astonishment he stuck his thumbs under the band of his skimpy red speedos, skinned them down his legs and stepped clear. He laughed at the looks he was being given, tossed the speedos on to the bank, and headed up the river.

"Come on pervs. You can look but you can't touch."

There wasn't any wrestling done, at least not till they were sitting in the shade at the upper section of the river, as Damian didn't wait and they had to rush to keep up.
Marcus's eyes were drawn. He'd seen Damian's dick stacks of times, but it was always a fleeting view, not this in your face, dangling down so interestingly situation.

"Enjoying the view?"

Marcus nodded and there were laughs when Stefan and Jarrod nodded too. For the next few minutes Damian's dick was the focus of attention, with lots of rude remarks.

"You like looking don't you Marcus?"


That was very direct.

"Go on. Tell us."

Damian's manner switched off the mucking round and Marcus knew he was expected to say what he thought.


"Is that all? Well why?"

"Don't know. I just do."

"Who's got the best one?"


"Except for Stef then?"

It was a trap and Marcus had to think quickly.

"They're all good."

"Out of me and Jaz then?"

"Don't know. I've never seen you with a boner."

"A boner? I know you want to see me with a boner, but what about now?"

Marcus hesitated to answer and Damian very well knew why. He didn't let him off the hook though.

"All right then, Jaz and I are here right in front of you and you get to grab one of our cocks. Which one do you go for?"

"Well... Yours... Because I already know what Jaz's feels like."

Marcus felt pleased with this answer as it didn't rank Jarrod. Why was Damian grinning like that?

"So, that means you like holding new cocks?"

Whoops, he'd walked into that one.

"Um, I guess."

Now he'd set himself up for more surprise meetings.

"What about Colin's dick? Stef said you can't wait to get a go at it."

Marcus gave Stef a dirty look.

"No I didn't. I just said it looks good. That doesn't mean I'll go for it."

All three of them laughed.

"You've gone for every single one so far."

"I know, but not any more. I can't keep up."

Damian and Jarrod looked stunned and Stefan pulled Marcus into the cuddle position.

"Can't keep up?"

"Well, I can, but it seems like too many people."

That caused some thinking.

"You don't have to keep doing it with them all."

Stefan spoke up.

"Yes he does. He can't help it. He can't stop because they're his friends."

"What about Michael? He's not your friend."

"Yes he is, sort of, and he takes charge anyway."

"Ha, does he? That's no good. Don't let him."

"It's okay Damian. Its friendly take charge, just like you."

"What about the others? You could back off some of them. ...James would understand."

"No he wouldn't. It would hurt him too much Damian. He says our Wednesdays together are the best thing in his life and he wouldn't believe I wanted to back off anyway."

"In his life? That's a bit much."

"Not really. I know he means it."

"What about David?"

"I have to keep seeing him. I help him with his maths."

"Maths with David? I don't believe it. Is he into studying?"

"Not really. He just doesn't want to repeat next year."

Nods of understanding and agreement went all round.

"You could do the maths without wanking each other's dicks."

"Um... I suppose."

Quentin was discussed next and Marcus had to admit that he didn't want to give up anything with him either.

"Bad luck Jaz. You're the only one left. Looks like Marcus gets Tuesdays to himself."

Jaz's jaw dropped and he looked questioningly at Marcus who shook his head.

"No way. Jaz's special."

Jarrod looked more surprised and didn't know what to say. Damian looked really pleased.

"Special hey Jaz? What's been happening that you haven't told us?"

Jaz tried to give Damian a whack again but he was too slow and his arm was caught. In a couple of seconds he was helpless.

"Nipple him Marcus."

"Don't you dare. You'll cop it if you do."

"And he'll cop it if he doesn't."

As gently as he could, Marcus stretched Jaz's nipples. To do it properly you were meant to stretch, twist and squeeze all at once.


Damian released Jaz, and protocol meant it was Marcus's turn to get nippled. Jaz gave him the payback, but also gently .

"Weak. You better watch out Stef. They're going soft on each other."

"I know. They're always moon-eyed on Wednesday mornings. Haven't you noticed?"

"Wednesdays? Every day you mean. Hey Marcus, want to see more dicks?"

Now what did he mean? Marcus shook his head as if he wasn't interested. The grins said they knew he was.

"There's some really good ones, all waiting for you."

"What? On the net?"


"Jaz's porn stash?"

"Not that many."

Jaz, massaging his nipples as if they'd been hurt, replied.

"Hah, how many?"


The definite number grabbed attention. There was quiet while they waited for more information and Damian, enjoying his mystery, said nothing.

"Well, go on."

"Tony Clark told me."

"Clark? How come?"

Marcus knew of Tony Clark, a Year Twelve guy who was into sport and very popular. He sometimes gave reports about swimming at school assemblies and it was no surprise that Damian would have been talking to him.

"They're on his team. He reckons that's how many like showing off their dicks."

"The swimming team? They all do. That's why they wear dick togs."

"You wear dick togs Jaz. Takes one to know one. Anyway they have to wear them."

"What does he mean by seven? There's stacks of guys on the swimming team."

"Yeah, about twenty, but these guys always put on a show."

"A show? Like how?"

"Different stuff. Some of them hang round in the showers for ages without getting dressed, or wear tight speedos so their dicks stand out."

"I thought they were all meant to wear them tight?"

"That's what I said Stef, but Tony reckons he can tell. A couple of them haven't got any lining in their speedos."

"What d'you mean? Did they cut it out?"

"No, they bought them like that."

"How come he told you all this?"

"Just talking. I was telling him how many boners we see in the wrestling team and that's when he told me about the Dick Parade."

"Dick Parade?"

"Yeah, that's what he calls it. As soon as he said it I thought of Marcus."

Oh no. Now what was going to happen? This was feeling more and more like one of Damian's plans.

"Me? Did you say something about me?"

"Not really."

That meant he did. Straight away Marcus thought of the worst thing.

"You told him I'd like to see their dicks didn't you?"

"Don't worry. We've got it all worked out and he won't tell anyone."

"Worked out? Damian, what have you put me in for now?"

"Just swimming. ... next Saturday at the park where you usually go. They're going to get you to join the swimming team."

"Are you crazy? I'm not going on their team."

"You could. I told Tony how good you are."

"Absolutely no way."

"No, I know, but you'll get to see these new dicks, and all you have to do is give Tony a report."

This was getting worse by the moment.

"You expect me to talk to him about other guy's dicks? No way."

"All right. I'll tell him for you."

"No way."

The persuasive force of the whole three of them telling him to go for it, and that all he was doing was going for a swim with a few new guys, took only a few minutes for Marcus to hear himself agreeing to go along with it all.


All week Marcus copped it about being the dick judge, and Jarrod and Stefan coached him with outlandish ideas about what he should do. In his own mind he knew it would be exactly nothing. On Friday lunchtime he found out the big plan when Tony Clark met them at one of the tables near the canteen. He was a really confident sounding guy and Marcus quickly lost some of his worries. He sounded almost as much of a conspirator as Damian while he explained what he'd organised.

"So you're the new talent? I didn't know you were into swimming or wrestling? Well, I've told these guys it's their job to con you into joining our team. It would be good if you did because Damian tells me you're a great swimmer, but he says you're too busy with wrestling so that's okay. They're going to meet you by accident at the park and they'll be as friendly as anything. The first two are coming after school at about 4:30."

Marcus looked at Damian.

"Today? You said it was tomorrow."

"Yeah, but you can't see them all at once. That would look suss. You can spare an hour before you go to Stef's place and the same tomorrow before you see David."

"Who are they?"

Marcus had been trying to find this out all week. So had Stefan and Jarrod, but Damian pretended he didn't know.

"Today it's Jimmy Ackland and Ryan McDonald.

Jimmy Ackland was okay, and in a couple of Marcus's classes, but he didn't know the other one. Marcus asked about the others but Damian butted in and said that was a surprise. There was a bit more talk then Tony went off.

"So, what do you reckon Supe?"

Marcus didn't know what he was meant to be reckoning about.

"Tony. ...He's okay don't you think?"

In fact Marcus had hardly given Tony a thought after the first few minutes, as his attention was all on what they'd sprung on him. Typical Damian.

"I suppose. I'm a bit freaked out about this afternoon, that's all."

"What's to worry? All you're doing is going for a swim. Nothing freaky about that."

"Who's Ryan McDonald?"

"You tell him Jaz. You know him best."

"Yeah, he was in most of my classes last year but I don't see him much now because he's doing Art and Media. You'll like him Marcus. He's hot. He's friendly too.

"Hot? You should be meeting him then."

Jarrod got stirred for his hot comment and then they had to go. Marcus wasn't quite with it for the last two periods. He wasn't exactly worried, but he couldn't stop thinking.
How bizarre, going out to report on guy's dicks.
Flaming Damian.
And what did Jarrod mean about the hot stuff? Probably just a wind-up.
God, they were already there.
Marcus had hoped he'd be in and swimming, but they were sitting on the grass near the sandy bit where everyone went in. They were watching him too, as he approached.

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