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What do we have in this story? A case of satyriasis or just a healthy young male making the most of opportunities coming his way?
Decide for yourself as the events in Marcus's life unfold.

Chapter 9.

"Hey Knightsy, what you doing?"

As if that wasn't obvious, with his towel over his arm.

"Hi Jimmy, going for a swim."

"Neat. So are we. D'you know Ryan?"

Ryan had his shirt off and his skin was all tanned. God, he did look hot. Jarrod was right.

"Ah.. No.. Hi Ryan."

"Hi there."

He gave a big smile and Marcus was startled by his white teeth. Were they natural? Well they had to be, unless he'd had them bleached or something. Maybe it was the contrast against his dark complexion.

"Hey, you're the one they call Supe aren't you?"

"Um.. Yeah."

"So?.. Is it short for Superman?"

Marcus was distracted because the dazzling smile flashed on again.

"Sort of. My friend Jaz started it to stir me."

"That's Jarrod Martin isn't it?.. Sounds like him... The stirring I mean. Hey, do you swim much, or just hack around?"

"Hack around."

"Great. ...Are you going in now?"

Smile after smile. He sure was friendly and Marcus couldn't help but smile in return.


Marcus dropped his towel, bent to unzip his reef sandals, then unbuttoned his cargoes. His eyes caught the movement as Ryan skinned out of his school shorts then locked in amazement.
Holy hell, was he really wearing those?
They were the briefest bathers Marcus had ever seen, light blue with a dark band at each hip, and so low in the front it looked like there was hardly room to fit into them. Marcus wrenched his eyes away, stepped out of his cargoes then blinked in surprise. Jimmy was wearing an identical pair.
Wow, that wasn't all, they both had a chain round their necks with some kind of claw set into a silver backing with a light blue stone.
They saw him looking, but didn't say anything and ran into the water. Marcus followed and laughed when Jimmy dived at Ryan's legs and tipped him over. As soon as they stood up they turned and Marcus was deluged with water. After a few frantic moments all three dived and swam to the deeper water.

"Where to now Knightsy?"

"Um... I like to swim down to the bend, to the sandbar."

They looked downstream then back at Marcus.

"Right down there? Neat."

Off they went. Marcus knew they were letting him lead, but he was curious as to how he'd compare, and set off at the best pace he could muster.

"God Knightsy, how good are you? We swim all the time and we could hardly keep up."

Marcus felt really pleased with himself. He knew Ryan was exaggerating, but Jimmy was still puffing to catch his breath.

"I'm not very fast but I can keep going for a while."

"How did you get so fit? Everyone says that all you do is read."

That was Jimmy.

"I'm not that fit, but I walk all the time and I like swimming."

Ryan stood up and Marcus's eyes locked again on the damp material, now wet and moulding close.
God they were totally revealing.
Jimmy followed and his speedos were even more exciting. You could see the outline of his dickhead. When Marcus scrambled to his feet Ryan's arm draped casually over his shoulder as if they'd been friends for ever.
Sparks flew as they walked over the shallow sandbar.
With every step and brush of skin against skin more sparks flew, and when they reached the dry sand Marcus collapsed on his butt, drew his knees up and clasped his hands over them. God damn boner. It wasn't going away either, with Ryan was sitting so close their shoulders were touching and Jimmy lying directly in front with that great bulge in direct view.

"This is great.
Hey, you ought to try some serious training Knightsy."

Tony had set them up to con him and here it was.

"I'm not that good."

"Well, if you can swim like that without any coaching you definitely could be. We're on the school swimming team and we need someone who'd be good for longer distances."

"I'm already on the wrestling team Ryan. I wouldn't have enough time to fit it in."

"Wrestling? Jarrod does that doesn't he?"

"Yes, he's pretty good at it."

"Do you train much?"

"Usually three or four times a week."

"Really? Well too bad."

That seemed a funny thing to say. Brian caught the puzzled look and a smile appeared again, puzzling Marcus even more.


"Nothing. Our swim captain heard you might be good enough for the team and told us to check you out. You're sure good enough but we'll just tell him you can't fit it in."

So much for the con. Now Marcus felt guilty. Well, he sure wasn't going to be as open about his part in this. Ryan stretched onto his back. Now there were two intriguing bulges in full view and Marcus felt rather silly. Were they wondering why he didn't relax? No way he could though. He was so hard he wished he could adjust himself.

"What's it like, wrestling?"

It had gone quiet for a while.

"It's good. I haven't been doing it for long but."

"Do they get serious?"

"Yeah, really serious. Coach pushes hard and so do some of the guys."

"Jimmy's hopeless at it."

"Speak for yourself Smiley."

The smile flashed at Marcus.

"He's a wanker."

They were both sitting up now and Jimmy tossed a handful of sand at Ryan's leg.


Another handful of sand flew, this time towards Ryan's speedos.

"Look at that. What do I do now Knightsy?"

"What you mean?"

"Like, how do I wrestle him?"

"Ah... Put him in a headlock."

"How do I do that?"

Uh oh, they were both smiling and Marcus knew he was the focus. Ryan's arm went round his neck, which wasn't too bad, but then Jimmy grabbed his leg and yanked it. It wasn't fair, two onto one. Well not at the moment anyway. There was laughter and a short struggle then Jimmy let go.

"Hey Smiley."

The movement around Marcus's neck stopped, though the pressure didn't.


There was a grin spreading halfway round Jimmy's head.

"Knightsy's having a personal moment."

Ryan didn't understand till the direction of Jimmy's gaze clued him in. The pressure disappeared as he scrambled in front.

"So that's why you were sitting up all the time?"

Marcus didn't answer. He went red. If Ryan and Jimmy's grins could get any bigger the tops of their heads would fall off.

"Let's have a look."

Marcus didn't move. How could this be happening, and what was Ryan doing with his arms stretched forward?

"Come on, stand up."

With his face flaming, Marcus let them pull him to his feet. The change of position caused so much pressure he had to quickly let go of Ryan's hand to make an adjustment. That sent the impossibly wide grins even wider.

"Man, what a fat! What do you reckon Jimmy?"


"Oh yeah, monumental."

They just kept happily staring. A kind of snort pushed past Ryan's grin as he jumped and draped his arm over Marcus shoulder and bumped his side several times. So, he understood what had set Marcus off.

"Come on wanker. Take your turn with the happy chappie."

They swapped and Brian said monumental again.

"Hey Knightsy, what about our speedos? D'you reckon they look good?"

"Um... Amazing."

"I thought so. Here, try them on."

He was loving Marcus's expression, and managed to strip without losing sight of it for even one second. His hand extended and when Marcus accepted Jimmy moved away. Marcus couldn't believe this was happening. As he stepped free of his own speedos a bubbling magma of humor forced its way to the surface.
Who's dick was on parade now?
What a turnaround.
The bubble popped and a grin sneaked out at the examination his boner was getting. He let them have a good look while his own examination pushed the grin further. He wasn't the only show now as Ryan was almost vertical. Another glance showed Jimmy's speedos looking extra full too. Great, that evened everything out. All his embarrassment disappeared as Marcus stepped into the exotic bathers. He couldn't actually fit and had to fiddle for a moment, adjusting himself sideways, but that just wouldn't work when he was so hard and he knew it.

"They're too small."

"Wow, monumental."

Ryan extended his hand again and when Marcus passed the speedos across they were dropped to the sand. A look went from Ryan to Jimmy and with a nod the third pair of speedos was discarded.

"Stick your hands on your hips."

Wondering what Ryan was on about, Marcus did what he was asked.

"What d'you reckon Jimmy?"

Marcus expected to hear another monumental.


"Yeah, sure... Try the shoulder pose."

The what? Oh God, Jimmy leaned his front against Marcus's side and rested his hands on his shoulders with his boner pressed against Marcus's hip.

"No, you're too tall. Swap places Knightsy."

Swap? Understanding there was some weird motivation, Marcus did what he was asked. It sure felt rude.

"Fantastic. Hey, you like being nude don't you?"

"Um... I don't know."

"Yes you do. I can tell from your tan line. You're like me. You've hardly got one."

Marcus looked and Ryan obligingly swung his tanned butt into view. Marcus had to laugh. He couldn't argue against that logic. He gave a nod and got the big smile in return.

"Try your head on Jimmy shoulder. That's it. Now put your arms around him and pull in tight, like an octopus enfolding its prey."

It was a startling image, but it instantly told Marcus exactly what was wanted. It sent his boner throbbing again.

"Why am I doing this?"

"I'm seeing how game you are."

Marcus moved apart, sat on the sand and waited for more information. He knew there was more to it. Ryan and Jimmy sat next to him and the three of them relaxed with their weight on their elbows and boners jutting high.

"What do you think of our speedos?"

"Like I said, amazing."

"What else?"

"Um.. Why they're the same. And you've got those claw things too."

"They're bear claws from America. We wear them because we're together."

"What? Like boyfriends?"

"Not really. More like buddies. We do sex though."

Marcus nodded to show that that was okay by him.

"We keep it quiet at school."

"For sure."

"How do you go at wrestling?"

"Not bad. Nearly half way up in the team rankings."

"No, I mean how d'you cope when you get a fat?"

"It's okay. No one worries. I cop it a lot, but it's friendly."

"Does anyone touch you?"


"And you like it?"

How to answer that? Marcus tried a noncommittal nod.

"Sort of."

Ryan's hand closed round Marcus's boner, squeezed then explored.

"You love it. God, feel how hard this is Jimmy."

Two hands explored and while Jimmy checked the hardness, Ryan's fingers sent Marcus's balls dancing.


"Have a swim and check them out. Is that your rule for tomorrow too?"

"Very funny Stef. It's my stupid boner. It just took over when they touched it."

"It's not stupid. It's reee-al nice."

Marcus shuddered with pleasure and snuggled closer.

"That's different. You're meant to be its boss."

"So what set you going then?"

"They were wearing rude speedos, exactly the same as each other, and then Ryan draped himself all over me."

"Is Ryan hot like Jaz says?"

"Hotter, and you should see his smile. They call each other Smiley and Wanker."


"Yeah, `cause Jimmy's got big balls and he likes playing with them."

"You're going to see them again? I bet you do."

"All day next Saturday."

"All day?"

"Well, I'm still going to David's in the evening but Ryan's going to draw pictures of me, and Jimmy's taking photos. They're into art and graphics."

"With clothes or without?"

"Without. It's called life drawing."

Stefan got the giggles and said it was more likely they were into sex.

"You're a sex magnet."

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