I had just completed a 15 mile run for my marathon training. I was fairly late on a Friday evening, but with the summer weather, running during the afternoon was foolish.

I was hot and sweaty and only in my shorts and shoes, having run without a shirt, when I entered the gym. My nylon shorts were plastered to my body leaving nothing much to the imagination and my 6 foot runner's frame was shiny from the sweat.

It was near closing time for the gym, but I knew the manager and that he would delay the closing.

To my surprise the manager was working out in the weight room with another guy and they were lifting heavy weights, spotting each other for squats. Both the manager and his companion were well-muscled with broad shoulders and narrow waists and from the looks of them they had been working hard.

I went on into the lockerroom, stripped off my shoes and shorts and went into the shower before entering the hot tub that was in the locker area.

I closed my eyes and began to lather the sweat off enjoying the sensation and thinking about the warm waters of the tub that were to come.

I had not seen the manager and his companion come into the shower and was startled to feel a hand grab my cock and a voice say, "Let us help you." I looked around and saw both men standing naked in the shower with impressive, erect cocks probably 7 or 7-1/2 inches on each. I started to say something when my mouth was engulfed by another mouth and a tongue thrust deep.

I had no previous man to man experience, but had read some stories and looked at some pictures and the feeling of helpless submission made me relax and actually return the kiss.

The manager, Terry, introduced his friend Bill and Bill began to massage my ass saying that the would help me relax after my run. My cock was, by now, hard and standing out from my body.

Terry grabbed my cock and pulled me toward the hottub and as we arrived he sat me on the edge with my feet in the tub and said that they were in charge and for me to relax and enjoy. With that Bill kneeled in the water, leaned forward and took my cock into his mouth. My former girlfriend would occasionally and without enthusiasm perform oral sex, so Bill's enthusiastic, hot mouth brought me to the edge of orgasm within minutes and even though I warned him that I was about to cum, he kept sucking taking my full load. Amazingly to me, he did not swallow the cum and to my amazement he and Terry engaged in a deep kiss swapping my juices between them.

As my mouth hung open, the pulled me into the swirling warm waters as we all sat. After a few minutes, Terry turned to me and said that he and Bill intended to use me and service me so that I would always seek some relief from men, no matter how many women I bedded and then he pulled me onto his lap and began to kiss me. I could feel his erect cock pressed against my ass and could only wonder what it would feel like. Unexpectedly, Bill stood up and moved to my side and when I turned to speak, he pushed his cock into my mouth.

I did not know what to do, so I began to do as Bill had done to me and swirled my tongue around his cock and took as much as I could. I bobbed my head up and down and moaned around his cock trying to give him pleasure. While I was doing this, Terry turned me so that I was facing Bill and told me to fondle Bill's balls and jack his cock. As I began to do this, I felt Bill tense and suddenly his juices spewed forth. Shocked at first, I pulled back, but he grabbed my head and held his cock in my mouth and I swallowed my first mouthful of cum. The sensation was amazing, shocking and intoxicating. Could this really be me?

Slowly, I was pulled up and told to lean over the side of the tub with my ass pointing into the swirling waters. As I settled onto my arms, I felt what could only be a tongue begin to rim my puckered ass causing a new an exciting sensation.

Bill moved around and began to kiss me and I then felt what I knew was Terry's cock press my opening. Fear must have crossed my face, because Bill said for me to just relax and everything would be ok.

Slowly, but not without some pain, Terry's cock fully entered my ass and he began to rock. The sensations were like none I had ever felt and when Terry began to pull on my cock, I thought I would die. With my virgin ass being extremely tight, it took little time before Terry groaned that he was cumming and when the sensation of his juice entered my ass, I came again leaving my load in the whirlpool waters.

At this moment, I knew that this would not be my last time and this was made even more clear when Terry and Bill told me that my weekend would be spent with them and that they would be bringing into their community as their companion.


As I dressed Bill and Terry stood near me commenting on my body and how fun it will be to be out with me.

I have a runner's build compared to their bodybuilder physiques. I began to pull on my underwear, when Terry handed me a jockstrap and said that this would be more appropriate. When I questioned this, he just smiled and nodded, so I put on the jockstrap. I then reached for my jeans, but, again, was stopped and handed a fresh pair of running shorts, only without the traditional inner lining that running shorts have. I then put on a t-shirt and my running shoes without socks.

Bill and Terry were in jeans, polo shirts and sandals. As we left, my car was secured in the parking lot and I got into the pickup with Bill and Terry, I was sitting in the middle.

Leaving the gym, I asked Bill where we were going. His hand was on my thigh rubbing in circular motions and despite my attempts to distract myself, I was getting hard. Bill's response was to turn to me and give me a deep kiss, all the while sliding his hand up my leg to grab my cock. As we came apart, I could hardly breathe.

After a few minutes of driving, we arrived at a non-descript building that I knew was a bar, but one I had never entered. As Terry and Bill got out, they told me to follow with Terry sliding me across the seat toward his side of the truck. I protested that since they had my clothing, I had no money to buy drinks or food. Terry just smiled, placed his hand on my ass and said that I would not need any money that night.

It dawned on me that I was completely dependent on them for drinks, transportation and protection. We entered the bar and immediately all eyes turned toward us. Clearly, Terry and Bill were known and many spoke to them.

We moved toward the back of the bar and sat at a table in the corner. The location was remote, but not too remote and I was seated between Bill and Terry. Beers were ordered and since it was nearing
11:00 by now, the music was starting. Terry leaned over to me and asked me to dance. I complained that I was not a good dancer, but he said that this was a slow song and that he would take care of leading, as if that was new.

We went to the dance floor and Terry pulled me close, leaving me no choice. As we danced, his hand went to my ass and I could feel him begin to pull up the legs of the shorts. I opened my mouth to protest, but he forced his mouth over mine and his tongue into my throat.

While we danced, I began to feel hands, yes multiple, touching my ass, but was not allowed to look around. The anonymous touching only increased my excitement. The song ended and we returned to the table, where Bill was waiting. As I sat down, Bill turned his chair so that it faced me and when I looked down, I saw his cock hanging out if his pants, actually, hanging would be wrong, it was erect and leaking pre-cum.

Bill put his hand behind my head and pulled me down so that my mouth covered his cock. The bent over position was uncomfortable, so I dropped to my knees and continued sucking. Within a minute or two, he exploded into my mouth. I swallowed the load, coming to enjoy my venture into m2m sex more and more. It was not until I got up that I realized that I could have been seen and was likely seen. Bill leaned over and gave me a deep kiss, thanking me for the blowjob.

The evening continued with dancing and drinking, until Terry suggested we all go relieve ourselves. Feeling a little odd, I nonetheless went to the restroom with Bill and Terry. As we entered the restroom, we all relieved ourselves, but as I turned to leave, I was stopped by Terry and pushed to my knees. Looking at his cock, I opened my mouth and took him in and began to suck and lick with all of my energy.

At some point, I felt my shorts being pulled down and something slick rubbed on my ass, which I later realized was hand soap. Then I felt Bill's cock push into my ass. When he did this, I was a little shocked and lunged forward and in so doing took in all of Terry's cock with my nose pressing against his crotch. I had deep throated and, truthfully, felt both shocked and somewhat proud. I also, wondered, what was happening to me. All of this in one night was a little overwhelming.

As Bill pounded my ass, he reached around and pulled my cock from the jockstrap and began to jack it. In a matter of minutes, all three of us exploded not at the same time, but Terry in my mouth, Bill in my ass and shortly after Bill, me in his hand.

As we got up, I moved to clean up, but they said that could wait and Bill pulled my shorts up, even with me dripping his cum. We then left the restroom, heading out of the bar, I could feel the wetness on my shorts and the cum running down the back of my legs. I was embarrassed and excited. Never had anything so exciting and so illicit happened to me.

When we got in the truck and I unzipped their pants and took a cock in each hand and started to get them hard all over. When we got to Terry's, I dropped to my knees and began to suck first one and then the other. In a few minutes first Terry and then Bill exploded, but it was too much for me to swallow and so there I was, my face and neck covered in cum, on my knees looking as if I have found a pot of gold.

Exhausted, we all stripped and got into Terry's King sized bed, me in the middle, where we slept until about
9:00 Saturday morning. Saturday was to hold a new series of adventures.