I Only Wanted Aaron - Part 9

by Jordan West

© May 19, 2000 by Jordan West

Love is only love when it's experienced -- by the other person -- receiving yours.    -J. West

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I Only Wanted Aaron - Part 9
by Jordan West

© May 19, 2000 by Jordan West

Love is only love when it's experienced -- by the other person -- receiving yours.    -J. West

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"What, Aaron?  . . . All A's just about?"

"Just about."

"Aaron, that means, -- I mean, -- why didn't you -- "

"Scotty, look -- just wait, OK?"


"I know, -- why didn't I tell you, right?"

"Yeah, Aaron, but, it's like -- like -- damn!  It's a whole different you!  I mean, I, -- you -- I knew you were a winner, Aaron, but -- hell!  You made out like you were this dumb jock, I mean -- everyone thinks -- I thought -- "

"If those other guys knew, it'd be hell, Scotty!  I mean, they'd think I have my nose up the teachers' butts, you know that!  A few guys know, but they don't spread it around."

"But -- what about the honor roll?  You got A's, but I never saw your name up there!"


"Oh, God, Aaron!  I mean, I knew you were damn good at track, but -- "

"Not him, -- Ramrod."

"Football!  Damn, I didn't think of that.  He can do that?"

"Shit, he can do just about anything he wants, little dude.  He's really a deep guy too, and he's a fighter."

"Yeah I could see that.  Plus you scored a lot, last season.  Damn!  So you made the honor roll!  BABY!"

. . . I threw my arms around him.  I just had to hug him!

"Watch out Scotty, I might be smarter than you!  Ha ha!!"

"God, maybe you are, Aaron!"

"Hell no!  I'm yanking your chain, Scotty.  It's just -- you know, I still don't want the other guys to know, and I trust you.  You hearing that, little dude?"

. . . I didn't know what to think, now.  My head was spinning.  Aaron -- my Aaron -- was smart as hell!  All this time, he hid it.  Then another wonderful thought hit me.  This made us more equal!  I had always heard that opposites attract, but there's something about, 'sameness,' that always attracted me.  Holy shit!  But now what?  Now I had to re-do all my thoughts, about Aaron.  I felt waves of change, but I couldn't make them out.  I was lost!

"No sweat.  I know what you mean, Aaron.  I just -- Oh, God!"

. . . I was losing it.  Tears came.  My legs got weak, and I fell into a chair.

"Scotty!  Damn!!  What's wrong!  Scotty, come on dammit!  Shit."

"Aaron, nothing's wrong, really.  I'm sad that you hid your real self, but, I -- damn!  Wow!  This is so cool!"

. . . I was smiling now -- wiping my tears.

"Scotty, talk, OK?"

. . . I was thinking, 'Scotty is losing it.'

"Yeah, Aaron, yeah -- sorry!  I just -- WOW!  I thought because you got held back in grade school, that you just were -- what you seemed to be -- a jock, just getting by, in school -- no special grades, I don't know."

"I wanted everyone to think that -- I still do Scotty, but you -- I thought about it just now -- you have to know.  I want you to."

"Yessssssssss!!  Aaron, Yes!!   I'm proud of you."

"Proud of me?  That's it?  That's why you cried?"


"That's weird, Scotty."

"No it's not!  I cry at the movies, too."

"OK, OK, I'll carry an extra handkerchief for ya."

. . . He really was something else!  That smile of his.  Damn, I was getting hard again.  Fast!

"Aaron!  This means you got a great IQ, too!  And you'll get a good job, we'll both get great jobs!  Yes!  Yes!!"

"Jobs?   Both?   I thought you wanted to be a writer, you know, stay in and write books, like Faulkner, or one of those guys -- Steinbeck, Hemingway -- you know them."

"Well, yeah.   -- God, it's really great that you know them too! -- but -- you really think I can, Aaron?"

"Scotty, look!  I know you can!  You'll write just as good as one of them.  I thought about this.  We'll do whatever it takes.  I'll get a good job, make plenty of money, and you can go to school, study, practice your writing, like those guys did."

. . . His voice grew gradually louder.

"You can't do it boppin' around some job, and coming home tired!  You'll never be famous that way -- "

. . . Aaron cut himself off, embarrassed, almost.  

"You have thought about this! -- You really think I could be famous Aaron?"

"Fuck, yes!  I've read all your stuff, it's damn good!"

. . . I looked right into Aaron's beautiful eyes now.  I realized how much thought went into this -- he wants me to write and be successful, but now, I could also see, he wants me home!  He wants to take care of me!  Had he planned all this?  I never felt more loved.  I wanted to take care of him, too.  We would work this out, somehow.  But for now, my little dick didn't feel so little, anymore.  'Why was I hard, now?'  I leaned into him, and we kissed.  

It was a warm, sensual kiss.  Waves of hot goose bumps flooded down my back, and up my arms.  I saw Aaron's hardon, huge and throbbing now.  I felt his back tighten.  

"Scotty, you OK with this?"

"I'm way OK!"

"I was afraid you'd think I was putting you down, or something, little dude."

"No. -- You know what I think Aaron?"

"Not unless you tell me, little dude."  Aaron said it with his ice-melting smile.

. . . It was so clear, now.  We were both studious, intelligent, both romantic, and now, I find out we both think about our jobs and home life the same way!  There's nothing 'fem' about either one of us, but since I was 14, I thought about how it would be, having a lover.  I always got off on the idea of being home when he got home from work -- to make dinner, and rub his shoulders and kiss him, and make love, at that special time of day -- whoever he might be.  And why not?  It seemed like the way it should be -- the way I always thought about it.  

It looked like I was going to have my dream after all.  Now, somehow, -- impossibly -- it was with Aaron!

I was looking deep into Aaron's eyes.  I saw new strength and sincerity there -- a warmth, greater than anything I had seen before.  It was beyond thrilling.

Aaron had a new kind of smile now -- a soft, gentle one.  It was more of a glow.

"Aaron, I love you.  I think the tenderest, sweetest thing that you do, is when you lean down to me, and you make me feel your love, and you look into me with your beautiful eyes, and gently fuck me."

. . . Scott made "fuck" sound poetic.   Geeezz, what a turn-on!  And he was beautiful -- and more beautiful inside than I dreamed.

. . . Aaron didn't say anything, but I knew he was relieved that his secret was out -- and that I loved it.  I turned, slightly, and He let my shoulders fall back against his chest.  Then he held me, and laid me on my back.  His warm glow took on an added sweetness -- like somehow, we'd suddenly found exactly what we wanted, and fulfilled each other's dreams -- locked them in, with what we just said to each other -- and felt the love that rushes in at times like these, when you know something really good happened, but you can't say what it is.  

The swirls in my mind were clearer, calmer now, like everything had fallen into place.  If Aaron had been everything to me before, he was more to me now.  The love in his eyes was deeper, clearer.  I felt him touching me.  

Wow!  Until now, I hadn't noticed what Aaron was doing with the lube, and hardly felt the cold when he put it on me.  This was what I wanted.  We never had to say it.  He wanted it too.

Aaron was getting himself ready, supporting his weight with his arms, kissing my neck, softly, quietly.  I was burning inside, but it was a good burn, -- slower -- deeper -- better.  His blue green eyes looked bluer, stronger.  He was holding his body high, now, stretched over me.  The only points of contact were Aaron's thick arms, against my shoulders, and his lips kissing my face and neck.  I kept watching his eyes, so beautiful, as he poured something into me with his look.

My heart was pounding.  I was glowing.  Aaron stared at my chest now.  I was surrounded by this warm thing, that caressed and enveloped me with its magic.

His eyes were so intent on me -- his hot, laser stare burned into me, and I actually touched my chest, where his eyes looked.  I could FEEL the heat.  Drops fell from his stiff, swollen selfhood -- I could see now, they were sweat drops.  The sheen of his sweet sweat, all over him, made the beauty and sensuality of his stunning, masculine physique that much more arousing.  He was breathtaking.

Aaron lowered his hard, sculpted body toward me, slowly -- never breaking his awesome gaze, locking us together, trance-like.  I was spellbound, with the sweet look, and scent and feel of him.  I jumped when the tip of his hot penis touched me.

He was pure sex, now.  He grabbed my arms, roughly, then shifted himself slightly, and slowly, tenderly -- achingly -- slid into me.  Now, I knew what heat was, as I felt his searing, swelling cock sink gently, deep down.  His body quaked from the delicious friction between his hard flesh, and my soft, tight passage.

Our breath was pulled from us -- it was the breath of sex.  No longer inhaling, we were gasping. Instead of air, we exhaled coarse, sensual moans, that went to our ears, and directly to our cocks -- making them throb that much harder.  Fire erupted within us, as Aaron began pumping me slowly, with his beautiful body. The thing I had thought would hurt me, was giving me pleasure -- pure, hot pleasure.  His loud moans were all I could hear, or think, or feel.

The red clouds were brighter -- yellow and orange streaked dazzlingly, along with the white.  His swollen, hungry dick filled me so full, I thought I would burst, from the pressure.  And it was wonderful.  

Aaron lifted his head, and looked at me again, as he began to accelerate.  My moans were interrupted now, broken up into little, sharp bursts of, "uhh, uhh," sounds, with each erotic jolt of his sweaty self, as he rammed into me.

"Oh, yes, Aaron!  Uhh, uhh, uhh!   Ohh -- "

. . . I squirmed under his strength, and heard the sharp, squishing sounds of our bodies, pounding, sliding and slamming together.  I was writhing, under his powerful thrusts -- wondering how I could have lived before, without this fantastic feeling shooting through my body -- how this intense, jolting pounding could be such ecstasy.  His body my body -- the incredible sensation passing between us -- I could see it -- I could feel it!

He was free!!  He could let himself go, now -- body and mind.  He wasn't hiding anymore.  

There was less friction now, and I imagined hot pools of his precum streaming, forcefully into me with each long stroke of his intense manhood -- my own fluidity matching the athletic gracefulness he managed to maintain, in his stablike thrusts.   He pumped and plunged and pounded -- then something happened -- we went up to this awesome height, somewhere, and he just exploded in me!  Blistering streams of him seared and swelled my insides.  I could feel his powerful, sizzling shots -- massive torrents of scorching needles -- detonating within me.  I was moaning.   Aaron was yelling!

"Oh, my God, Scotty!   Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

"Aaron, yes!  Oh, yes!"

. . . Now Aaron was in the free fall of blissful climax, gasping and spasming -- abs and hips uncontrollably tightening and thrusting, with the rhythm of the massive throbs of his thick hardness -- jamming my insides with an immense piston -- as he pounded his heart and soul into me.  

My body tried to suck him in, and keep him there -- keep his maleness -- his hotness -- inside me.  My own burning hardon twitched, with every movement, and I wished I could shoot my love, all over him, right then -- show him how wonderful he made me feel, with his incredible body -- every move laced with the love I felt from him.  

We were shouting, calling our names, and moaning, endlessly -- until he seemed to be emptying every ounce of himself into my hungry, pulsing insides.  I soaked him up, and locked my legs around him -- squeezing his steel-like penis harder into me.

There it was again -- that feeling of him going into me, and me absorbing him, down there -- of him pouring himself into me, because my body -- that special part of me that he was tunneling -- had this magical effect on him.  I was overwhelmed, responding to his every move and breath, yet, he was seeking me -- that thick, hard part of him had made its home inside me.  Then it was me -- my body -- that was affecting him -- making him go faster and faster -- then slower -- then pouring his love into me -- and it was hard to tell who was inflaming who, until the hopeful, hot lava exploded, and fused us, in the fiery white blast of his mountainous climax.

"Geeezzzz!  Ohhhhh!  YEAHhhhhhhhhh, Scot -- Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, GOD!  Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!"

"Aaron.  Ahh!  AARON!!"


"Oh, oh, yes!  Aaaaronnnnnnnn!"

"Sco -- uhhhh damn!  Oh, God!!"

. . . Some time passed as our moans and breaths slowly quieted, gradually returning to some sense of who and where we were.

He laid on top of me now -- calm, except for his softened gasps and the beat of his bulging, pounding heart.  I wanted to say, "I love you," but we were too out of breath -- I couldn't say it, and Aaron couldn't answer.

Just the sounds of our gasps filled the air, and my mind, as we lay flat, with my arms around his hard, muscled back -- and his hands sliding, lovingly, up and under my shoulders.  His head fell on my right shoulder, facing me -- and the feel of his hot breath and his little moans went right into my ear, flooding me again, with this other warmth of his.  My ear tingled -- my soul tingled -- taking him in again, this way.  He tried to form words, between his gasps.

"Scott, ahh.... love, uhhhhhhhh.... Scotty -- "

"It's OK, Aaron, it's ok.  Don't talk now, just -- ohhhhhhhhhh!"

. . . He had pressed his lips into the side of my neck, and I went crazy.  I'm sure Aaron felt the waves of heat pouring from us, and the pulsing press of my dick up into him, signaling my burning desire.  The precum had seeped down and soaked my nuts and the sides of my legs, and I was sure the sheets were wet with it.  I raised my left shoulder and turned to him, so my lips could meet his, and our tongues celebrated along with our heaving bodies -- breathless, and drenched with lover's sweat.  I thought about how incredibly he had made love to me, and I wanted to let my love flow, silently, into him, as if my chest could pour into him what his had poured into me, until I thought my heart would burst for him.

The throb of my own aching penis was too much, now.  I wanted to cum -- in him, on him, over him, with him, without him -- I was desperate, now.  Aaron's breath was still warming and tingling my ear when he finally spoke.

"Scotty, oh, Scotty, -- baby I -- geez, nothing like -- this before."

"I love you, Aaron."

"Love you too, Scotty.  Oh yes."

. . . Aaron slid his arms from under me, and he was petting me now -- petting my hair, my face, my shoulders. The thrill of his touch made my butt tighten suddenly, and I felt his cock throb in response.

I thought something was wrong when Aaron suddenly sucked in a deep breath, and sat up.  I screamed when bent over me and his lips touched the tip of my dick.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!  Aaron!  Yesssssssss!

"You need this, Scotty. You need this bad.

. . . Aaron's lips slid gently over the head of my cock, and I was trying every mental trick I could think of, to make this last. I could feel the cum, swelling in my nuts, just as the phone rang.

"Oh, shit Scotty!  Bet that's your mom."

. . . Aaron looked at me with such pain -- his keen maleness knew how close I was, and what this would do to my body -- like he wanted to somehow stop time, so he could release my love, and complete the cycle of our lovemaking.  My nuts started hurting already.

This time, Aaron handed me the bedroom phone.

I said hello, and listened.  Aaron could tell by my face, that I was going home with blue balls.

"OK, mom."

. . . My heart sank to the bottom.  I put the phone down.

"Oh no, Scotty, don't tell me!"

"Yeah, gotta go.  Just hold me, hold me please."

"Scotty, I'm so sorry. Maybe we could -- "

"No.  I'll tell you later."

. . . On the way home, I barely glanced at Aaron.  I couldn't believe how I could be so high one minute, and so low the next.  But I had to figure out a way of not going to pieces when we had to part, or I would go crazy.  I kept telling myself we loved each other -- we had each other.  That was the most important thing.

I was thinking of my brothers, now.  Matthew was the youngest, just a little guy, but he was full of fun and always playing at something, and he loved to draw me into his game.  Then, there was Brian, the current, soon to be ousted, alien occupant of my room.  He was a cute little guy -- a great catcher.  Made me wish Aaron and I could stay with baseball, I loved the sport so much.  Me and Brian had a lot of fun together, and though he was just 14, he was a good sport and good to be with.  He didn't quite make the honor roll yet, but he was spokesman for his photography club, and a great runner.  I was pretty proud of him.  I was thinking of how I would tease him, when I got home.

"Aaron, I love you."

"I love you so much Scotty, I hate to let you go now, little dude."

. . . There was so much I wanted to say about how I felt, but I couldn't.  That would just make it harder now.  As it was, I'd have to carry my stuff so I could hide my hardon from everyone. I wanted to just throw my arms around Aaron, and tell him I loved him, again.  But the risk of people seeing us stopped me from having my heart in it, so I didn't.

As I walked up toward the front door, I started to think about how nice our house was.  It was big, and had lots of privacy.  Both my parent's room and mine had its own bathroom and shower.  That was a real plus.

I gave mom & dad my usual greeting, as I hurried to my room to put my stuff down, and hoping something else would go down too.  I was wondering where Brian was, when my youngest brother, Matthew, 7, jumped on my back.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I'm being attacked by aliens!"

"Yeah!  I gotcha!  I gotcha!"

"Hey, little guy, what's up?"

"I captured you.  I gotta tie you up, and kill you with my laser gun."

"Oh, I see.  Well, can you wait a while?  I got a ton to do, then I need to catch a nap."

"OK, but I'll hafta capture you all over again.  Or maybe I'll attack while your sleeping."

"OK, Matty, it's a deal."

. . . I slid Matt off my back and gave him a hug.

"Hey, where's Brian?"

"He's in the basement.  He's acting weird."

. . . I didn't want to ask about that right now.  I'd find out for myself, anyway.

I zipped through my chores and found myself lying on my bed, thinking about Aaron.  I was so hard, and with no underwear on, I might as well have been naked. I locked my door and decided it was time to be naked.

I thought about Aaron, as my hand went to its natural place.  

'Oh God, Aaron, I need this so bad.'

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