This story contains graphic sexual content between men that is not intended for minor readers. All characters involved are strictly of fictional creation; any relation to persons living or dead is pure coincidence.

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It all started four years ago. At the time I was a junior in High School, member of the track team, 5"8, short brown hair, 140lbs of toned muscle, and horny as fuck for other hot jocks at my school. Until this point I had had only minimal sexual experience with guys. Fooling around with another jock was something I often thought about, but the only sexual contact I had with other guys was once jerking off with two friends in the 9th grade while watching a porno together. There were two girls in school that I was getting regular head two or three times a week, but it seemed about every time I had them sucking on my dick I'd end up fantasizing about myself sucking some guy off. Soon I'd end up just wanting to get blown just so I could fantasize again, always picturing one of my track mates going down on me or imaging three and foursomes of all guys going at it,

By the end of the school year I had started to try and plan or plot ways I could get something to happen between a few guys and me I was curious about. I'd end up making excuses to stay over their houses, or pretending to be too drunk and messed up to drive home. A few times while in the locker room I made the point of checking guys out and having them "notice" me doing so, while either they showered or changed. The locker room would end up being where most of my fantasies took place. I'd jerk off to scenes of my whole team using me for their cock pleasure. Passing me from guy to guy as they fucked my face, using my mouth as their personal cum sucker, finishing each one off till they came down my throat. I wanted dick in my mouth so bad I could taste it on my lips, and I knew it would happen soon.

About two weeks before the end of junior year we had just finished up practice and I was showering in the locker room when I caught Mike and Adam checking each other out. I knew both of them pretty well and I had the biggest hardon for Mike ever since middle school. Mike was a high school god. The kid was about 5"11, 160lbs of solid muscle, incredible legs with big muscular thighs and piece of meat that hung limp 6inches down. Adam was similar in build to Mike but just slightly shorter, his dick didn't seem as long but never seeing him erect it was hard to tell if he was a grower. My own dick while soft isn't very long but its pretty fat, and when hard it comes out to about 7.5 inches of length and 6 inches of thickness. Each of the guys were trying to check out one another's dicks while the other wasn't looking. Mike would lather up his head and close his eyes under the rinse while Adam took advantage and seemed to nearly study his hung cock. So intensely looking that he was completely oblivious to me watching him do so. I had always wondered about Adam's sexuality. I knew I couldn't be the only curious guy on the team and Adam was always talking about sex to an almost extreme degree. It dominated his topic of conversation at nearly all times, and there was more than one occasion of him walking naked throughout the locker room in search of wherever he "left" his gym bag, with towel resting over his shoulder. But now seeing him practically drool over Mike's dick, it left little doubt in my mind that he would be open to some guy on guy action. What made this even hotter for me is that I knew Adam and Mike were good friends, often riding back with one another after practice going to each other's homes where I knew they smoked pot and got high on a regular schedule. My curiosity was now fantasizing about the two of them fooling around. It seemed to make perfect sense now all in an instance, all in caught glances between the two senior year studs.

I wasn't about to let this opportunity pass by without making my own sexual willingness known. I walked across the shower floor to a closer showerhead near the two of them. I told them that my shower was running cold and the water was making my dick shrivel up into my balls. A stupid excuse I instantly realized, as I knew my cock was already getting slightly aroused at just being next to and naked with the two track star jocks.

Mike turned around to lather up his body and wash off two hours worth of 85degree heat and sweat. His ass was slightly whiter than the rest of his body, tan lines, which perfectly showed off his hairless and firm ass. From behind you could catch a glimpse of his hung balls and the head of his dick between his legs. I knew I had to figure out something to do, something that didn't seem like I was trying to be gay, but yet might tip him off to what I was thinking. I ended up washing down my chest and legs, when I got the idea. I'd touch my foot to his while his back was to my side, and pretend it was an accident. It took me a few seconds to gather up the courage, but before I knew it autopilot took over and my leg moved over touching my foot to the back of his heel. Mike immediately turned around and caught me raising my eyes up to meet his where we exchanged a nervous glance, but no words were exchanged. He still had soap all over his body, foam running down his incredible abs, and down his powerful legs. I quickly finished washing off and left the showers.

Adam and Mike came out a few minutes later. I had toweled off and was in the middle of putting my shirt on when Adam shouted out to me:

Adam: "Hey Kevin, you going home after this or do you want to hang with me and Mike for a few"?

I looked up and saw both Mike and Adam standing in front of me naked, drying off their hard bodies and looking in my direction.

Myself: "Uhm... Yeah, yeah that would be cool, I'm free for a few hours, what are you guys up to"? I responded. At this point I was in complete shock at what was going on. I mean everyone on the team were friends, and I had known Adam and Mike for a few years but they were both seniors and rarely did they ever hang out with other guys in a younger class than they were in.

Adam: "Well Mike and I were probably gonna just head back to his house and figure it out from there. His parents are gone for the night and since its Friday we might have a few people over for a little 4:20 if you catch my drift".

Myself: "Alright cool, do you want me to just meet you there or go with you guys or..."

Mike: "No its cool you don't need to meet us there just ride with the two of us, you probably don't know where my house is anyway.. so..."

Myself: "Aight then, I'll be ready in a few minutes".

I changed as fast as I could into my clothes. Just throwing on a pair of umbros for shorts, a t-shirt, and sneakers. I threw the rest of my clothes and towel into my bag and waited for Adam and Mike to return.

Adam: "Ready kid"?

Myself: "Yeah, I'm cool to go if you guys are"?

Mike: "Hells yes, lets get out of here already".

It was about a 10-minute drive back to Mike's house, the whole time we talked about the usual high school bullshit. All while trying to hide how incredibly fucking nervous I was. Mike talked most during the drive, about this and that girl he had been fucking, who gave the best head, who could go deepest, and who didn't swallow. "The secret is right before your about to cum, you just don't make any noise, that way the bitch has no clue its gonna shoot down her throat, and you just hold her head there and make her take it" he said. By the time we got to his house I had to hold my bag in front of my waist to try and hide the raging hardon I had in my shorts.

We got into Mike's house and sat down in the living room turning the T.V on whatever trash we could find. Adam started flipping the zillion or so channels Mike's parents had on Satellite and soon ended up coming across this naked blond chick, with dick in hand just about to go down on some guy in a military outfit.

Adam: "Yah, now that's what I'm talking about, nothing like porn, weed, and after practice relaxation right? But of course Kevin doesn't actually think he came over here to just smoke weed does he? Cause you're here to smoke alright, but it sure as hell isn't pot."

Myself: "Uhhh,, what are you talking about..."

Mike: "You're here to smoke our dicks, faggot. Why else do you think we'd have a fucking junior queer like you come over"?

Adam: "Hahaha, Damn right, and you better be a good cocksucker too cause the last fag we had blowin us got fucked up the ass for not doing it right".

Myself: "Wait, wait, guys..."

Adam: "Wait, wait nothing. You've fucking been checking us both out all season long, do you think were blind or just plain stupid? We know you want to suck our senior jock dicks, so that's what you're here for. And the sooner you get at it the better."

At this point I had no clue what to say, I sat there stunned for a second all while secretly thanking my lucky fricken stars trying to figure out what I should do. But thankfully I didn't have to think much because neither of them gave me a chance to say no, before they both got up and walked over to me, grabbing their cocks through their shorts, gesturing me to get down on my knees.

Mike: "I saw you today in the shower checking out my dick, now fucking get on your knees and suck it. I'm gonna shove it so far down your little fag throat your gonna feel it in your stomach"

Mike then pulled down his shorts, pushing his semi erect HUGE dick in my face.

Mike: "Yeah, bitch you like that dick, don't you? Now open that hot mouth of yours and get to work".

Before I could even get my mouth open Adam grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down on Mike's cock. It must have been nearly 9 inches long and it wasn't even fully hard yet. My own dick was rock hard and throbbing in my pants. I couldn't believe what was happening, but all I knew was that this jock's dick was down my throat and the taste was even better than I imagined.

Mike took Adam's hands off the back of my head and replaced them with his own pushing me down deeper and deeper with every thrust on his meat. After about 30 seconds I could feel his dick start to grow in my mouth and he soon started to force me down harder and faster and deeper with every moment, rough fucking my face.

Mike: "Yeah take that you fucking queer, take my dick in your mouth. I'm gonna make you swallow every inch of my jock cock down your throat. Now look up at me when you suck my dick. I want you to watch me make you take my dick".

I loved having Mike shove me down on his cock. Just the feeling of his hands on my head pushing me down on his meat making me take it was enough to almost make me cum. I was moaning with pleasure the whole time while sucking him off. After about five minutes of sucking his huge cock, Adam took his clothes off and stood in front of me with a giant hardon. He was definitely a grower, now showing a cock nearly as big as Mike's. Mike now fully hard had to be at least 10 inches, perfectly straight and so thick my jaw felt like it was going to fall off.

Mike gave me a break from sucking his cock as he could tell my mouth was getting tired from his massive prick.

Adam: "Yeah so you like that, cocksucker? You like Mike's big dick in your mouth? Does that make you want to cum in your fag shorts? Get down in front of me and beg for my cock. Beg me to let you suck it. Beg me to shove it down your faggot throat and gag you with it".

Myself: "Ahh fuck yeah... Give me your hot hung cock down my throat, I want to take every hung inch of your hot dick.

Adam: "Yeah that's right, I'm gonna fucking crack your faggot skull with my big dick, and then your gonna thank me for it, as I blow my load over your face"

Adam then pushed me down on the floor and straddled over me, dangling his cock in my face as I lie there begging for his cock. He told me to open wide and then with one thrust shoved his cock down my throat all the way to his balls. Apparently I didn't have to worry about a gag reflect as I was able to take nearly all 9 inches of him with no problem. He then started to fuck my face deep and hard, his balls hitting my chin with every thrust.

Mike: "Shit Adam, look at this fag take your dick. This kid's a pro.

Adam continued to pound my mouth with his cock. I could feel every inch of his dick slide down my throat, becoming more lubricated with every moment. Saliva started to soon come out the side of my mouth and run down my cheek.

Adam: "Oooohhh fuck yeah, slobber over that cock. Take it down your throat like the jock sucker you are, take it deep"

It wasn't long before I could tell Adam was ready to cum, I could feel his cock get hard as steel, his balls then tightened up and his breathing started to become more erratic.

Adam: "That's right bitch, you better get ready for my cum cause I shoot huge loads and your gonna get every last drop."

Adam then pulled his dick out of my mouth, spit ran off his dick and onto my lips, as he then pulled me up and told me to get on my knees. He stood up before me and started to jerk his cock off, in front of my face. Touching the tip of his dick to my lips.

Adam: "Now get ready for the cum shower of your life, faggot. Open your mouth and fucking beg for my cum"!

Mike then got in front of me as well, His huge cock hanging down in my face while he jerked off fast and hard trying to work his load up.

Myself: "Ahh fuck yeah guys, give me your cum. I want the biggest loads your got. Fucking give every drop to me".

Mike then grabbed me and again shoved me down on his cock. Once his dick got wet enough and became lubricated he pushed me off and told me to get ready. I opened my mouth and begged again for both of their hot jock loads.

Adam started to moan and yell, "Ahh fuck here I come"! I opened wide and stuck my tongue slightly out as I couldn't wait for my first taste of the warm hot fluid. He shot his first huge load, which landed and covered from my eyebrow down to my lips. He continued to moan and soon shot load after hot load, huge and thick spurts of jock cum covering my face. His thick cum shots came out hard and fast, two huge loads went straight into my mouth; I kept it open and my tongue out trying to get more and more of his hotness. He continued to shoot several more loads, each one hitting my face. One extra big load right to my left eye and down my cheek, another just above my lips, and more thick cum dripping down off my chin. When he was finished I had swallowed a shot glass full of his warm stud cum, and he had my face covered, forehead to chin in his sticky, thick white jock jizz.

Adam started to take a step back and laugh as he saw the results of the facial he gave me. "Damn, I don't think I've ever cum so much in my entire life. I must have blew a dozen loads on your faggot face. And how'd you like it down your throat too huh? You liked swallowing my dick wad, didn't you".

Myself: "Mmmm... hell yah"  I said as I continued to taste his cum still in my mouth.

Some of Adam's cumshot started to drip down onto my lips; I started to lick the remaining cum off, getting a horny taste of Adam's salty load when Mike once again pulled me down onto his cock.

My face was still covered with cum and started to run down on Mike's dick as he shoved himself in and out of my mouth. He started to pump my face faster and faster with his dick, holding my head in place as he fucked my gaping mouth. Soon I started to feel stream after stream of warm thick liquid being pumped into my mouth. Mike started to yell "Ahh yeah take my cum, fucking swallow it"! I swallowed as much of his cumload as I could but like Adam, he seemed to cum forever. With his dick still in my mouth and his hot load still being shot, warm jizz started to spill out of my mouth and down my chin onto his balls. His cock was pushed all the way down my throat, he must emptied three shot glasses of hung cock load into my mouth. Adam was cheering on Mike the whole time telling him to make sure I take it like the cocksucker I am.

Mike pulled his cock out of my throat a few seconds later; I quickly swallowed the rest of his cum, and again licking what was left off my lips. Adam now came back over and stuck his halfway limp dick back in my face, telling me to suck every last drop from his dick, just as he promised to make me do. I took Adam's cock back in my mouth, swallowing down the few last drops in his dick. When finished Mike started to rub his huge cock over my face, getting his dick wet with what was left of Adam's cumshots, and making me then suck it clean. Both of the jocks commented on what a mess they had made of me. My eyes stung, and my face was soaked in their cumshower, and I loved every second of it.

This scene repeated itself out about three more times over the summer. Any time that I would run into either Adam or Mike, I knew I'd end up spending the day as their fag boy cock slave. Them always using my throat as their dick vacuum, and my face as a target. I guess it would have gone on for quite some time, but of course they both ended up going to college out of state. Where I can only guess that the ritual continued on in another capacity. Because now it was their turn to be the under classman, it was there turn to be the faggot.

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