Judo Master's Defeat by Kz6 aka Trotman5000@aol.com

He was a very experienced, well respected sensei. All his pupils at his Dojo (gym) idolized him. 46 yrs old, 6'2" 230 lb, salt and pepper hair cropped short, beard and mustache, and hair on his muscular, fair-skinned body also salt and pepper.
Once at a city-wide meet, where his Dojo finished second, he walks up to Mike, the sensei from the Dojo that had beaten his team to grab the first place, in order to congratulate him on the win.

-----" Congratulations! Your students did really well. "

" Thanks, John! Yeah, they train hard..."

Sensei Mike was a 13 years sensei John's junior. trained in several forms of judo including Brazilian Jujitsu. Although he admired sensei John's mastery of the art, to sensei Mike the very traditional Kodo-kan style of judo that master John teaches seemed out-dated.

" I was especially impressed by the young man who won the individual category. What was his name again? "

" Oh, that'd be Grayson. He's only 18 but he's got incredible technique as well as power. "

" I could see that. He'll be a fine judo-ka if he keeps it up, I think."

" I guess he wasn't having much problem beating some of your guys out there, was he...even some of your best students. "

" Yes, he did a great job taking an Ippon (equivalent of a TKO) from Matt although Matt's 10 years older and 20 lb heavier..."

" Grayson's one of the best I've got despite his young age. I bet he could give YOU a workout. "

Sensei John wasn't too sure if it was a light-hearted joke or a blatant insult, but being a mature and good-natured man he is, he just said,

" Maybe so!"

" Would you like to find out? "

" Maybe some other time, Mike. The boy must be quite tired after all the matches he's had today. Plus, I don't have my Gi (uniform) with me. "

" Nah, he's young. He's got more juice in him. He's ready if YOU are. "

Then he called out to one of his student, a college age jock whose height and weight roughly matched those of sensei John's.

" Hey, Josh! Bring your Gi over here for sensei John! "

He was put on the spot. All students from sensei Mike's Dojo were very excited about the idea of one of their own facing someone who's considered to be a master.

" Yeah, Grayson! You can take him! "

He looked into sensei Mike's eyes for a few seconds and realized he wasn't joking. This was a challenge. Seeing that Grayson was getting up to change back into his Gi, he very quietly said,

" Fine. "

Sensei John took the Gi from the hands of the college jock. He walked over to a corner of the Dojo and started to change. He took off all his clothes except for his jock strap. Put on the pants, tighten the draw-string, and put on the jacket. Immediately he was enveloped by the scent of the young man who's the owner of this Gi.
Sensei John felt a stir in his pants... A scent that only young men of certain age group could possess... The smell of the cotton fabric of the Gi mixed with a hint of soap and the sweet musk of a young man.
Sensei John was getting aroused in spite of himself. He tried to shake off the image of the young man's body inside this very Gi marking his Gi with his own scent and tried even harder to concentrate on the match ahead...

Facing each other on the center of the mat, sensei John and Grayson were complete opposites. While sensei John was mature, hairy and fair-skinned, his young opponent had a smooth, tanned skin. His dark hair still wet from the shower. Although he was smaller compared to sensei John, it was obvious he had well toned pecs, shoulders and arms even through his Gi.
A sizable crowd had gathered around the mat to watch a well-known martial artist take on a young upstart. They were all surprised by the look of quiet confidence on the young man's face. Sensei John saw it, too.....
Sensei John was taken by surprise by just how aggressive his young opponent was. Right from the start, Grayson took the initiative to move sensei John around by demonstrating his power generated by his young body. He was looking for that small opening in sensei's defense that would allow him to insert his attacks. Of course sensei John wasn't going to let that happen. The master judo-ka met the teenager's attempts at getting inside his defense almost effortlessly...well, almost. He was truly impressed by the young man's tenacity...his attacks just kept coming relentlessly. He was aware of the fact that even he wouldn't be able to fend off Grayson's offensive moves forever. Sensei John tried to squeeze in some moves of his own but found himself unable to do so. The kid was putting up a solid defense. A small yet unmistakable doubt was beginning to brew inside sensei's mind. As unlikely as it was, the burning sensation is his gut reminded him it was definitely there...

" Could I possibly be bested by this 18 year old? "

It didn't help the matter that every time their bodies got close Sensei was getting a whiff of the scent emanating from Grayson's body. In an attempt to diffuse Grayson's offensive move from outside left, he pulled the young man close to eliminate the space between them. Suddenly, his face was pressed against the patch of bare skin inside Grayson's gi-jacket. The moment his lips made contact with the young man right in between the neck and the shoulder, sensei John's tongue shot out instinctively to taste the warm skin. He tasted the fresh sweat, enhanced ten folds by the sweet musk of his young opponent's armpit only a few inches away... Sensei John caught himself getting distracted...and aroused. He had to concentrate, but the sheer young masculinity of the 18 year old was intoxicating the master...

15 minutes into the match, Grayson still showed no sign of letting up his aggressive offense and all sensei John could do was try to keep up. It was obvious to everyone who was in control of this match. Sensei had to make his move soon... he knew he wouldn't be able to keep up with Grayson much longer if he continues to attack him from every angle. Power, speed, technique and stamina... this young man was
solid in all aspects.

To everyone gathered around the mat, what they were witnessing was something they had never expected. The teenager's quiet determination was pushing the seasoned master to the edge. Involuntary grunts were escaping the master as he tried to fend off Grayson's attacks.

"AH!" "Hmmg!"

Then it happened. Grayson made another attempt to get inside from the left side, an obvious set up for an over-the-shoulder throw.
Sensei John made an adjustment as fast as possible to block it...but instead of turning his body around, Grayson pulled in close and hooked sensei's left leg with his right, making him lose his balance!
Sensei took a tenth of a second too long to set up his defense. That was all Grayson needed. He put all his weight onto sensei's body. Once sensei's left leg was off the mat with Grayson's strong body pressed against him with such force, there was nothing he could do...
His back hit the mat with a muffled thump and a loud cry from deep inside his chest. Although there was no referee with this match being an unofficial one, it was obvious to everyone present it was an Ippon.

The judo master laid on his back feeling the full weight of his young opponent. His mind was blank except for the lust that had been ignited when his lips touched the young man's skin. He was overtaken by an 18 year old student. The taste of defeat was foreign to him...feeling Grayson's warm breath on his neck, Sensei John felt a strong urge to surrender everything to his young conqueror.... forever marked by the young man's masculine scent, sensei's mind started to drift...

....Sensei John stands before the young man who dominated him on the mat during their grueling match. He is breathing heavily and his GI is rumpled... He looks into Grayson's eyes with great respect. The young man fought very well indeed...and by defeating a master he has earned the right to demand Sensei's body made available to him.
Sensei John slowly gets down on his knees and bows deeply to his young opponent as a gesture of his submission. In turn Grayson steps closer to the humbled Judo master and orders him to disrobe in a voice gentle yet firm. Sensei John follows the order by untying his obi (belt) and taking off his jacket. Exposed, Sensei's white skin is still flushed from the match. The hair on his chest is matted down with perspiration, forming circular patterns surrounding his pink nipples. They are erect...two rubbery nubs sitting atop two beefy mounds...pointing outwards like a set of headlights...begging to be fondled, tongued and used for another man's pleasure.
The young man unties his obi and opens his jacket as Sensei John looks up at the toned, smooth chest and the flat stomach adorned with a trail of light brown hair that leads down into his GI-pants. Grayson then loosens the draw-string of the pants and the loose-fitting pants fall to the mat. The well-worn fabric of his jock-strap doesn't conceal the outline of his ample endowment nestled inside. He takes hold of Sensei's head and brings it close to the pouch of his jock-strap...less than an inch away...Sensei can feel the heat that emanates from the 18 year-old's body...and his scent, much stronger now, fills his lungs putting the older man under its spell... Grayson brings Sensei's head even closer until the Judo master's lips touch the pouch ever so lightly. Sensei John feels Grayson grow...pushing through the thin fabric against his lips...
Grayson pulls Sensei's head away from his crotch, then lowers the waistband of his jock-strap to release his prominent manhood. Sensei John is mesmerized by the domineering presence of the young man's sexuality and his eyes are fixated on the piece of hard flesh pointing at him...
A bead of milky discharge appear at the tip of Grayson's cock and it starts to flow freely as he feels Sensei's warm breath against it. As if by instinct, the older man's lips, obscured by the thick mustache, part slightly allowing Grayson to enter. Now fully erect, Grayson starts to invade Sensei John's mouth deeper and deeper until Sensei's face is buried in his pubic hair.
In a slow, steady rhythm, Grayson slides his manhood in and out of now submissive Sensei's mouth. Gradually the teenager increases the force with which he's driving his cock into Sensei John...
The Judo master is experiencing for the first time what it feels like to be on the receiving end of an sensual persuasion brought on by a young man who has just discovered the awesome power of his sexual prowess...a power strong enough to bring a 46 year old Judo master down to his knees receiving his sex...
Having established his dominance over the Judo master, Grayson is now driving his manhood fast and hard into Sensei John's receptive mouth eliciting short, involuntary grunts from the master with each merciless thrust. Sensei John's long and often glorious sexual history as an aggressor is quickly being erased and re-written by a man young enough to be his son...the sheer power and the masculinity of the 18 year old is taking him to a sexual plateau he has never reached before....
Suddenly, Grayson withdraws almost completely out of Sensei's mouth until the flared crown of his cock is rested on his lower lip....then with a forceful thrust of his hip, Grayson SLAMS it back all the way into Sensei John!

" AAGGH!! "

The contraction of the muscle inside Sensei's throat caused by the gagging sends Grayson over the edge...Torrents of hot white cum start to gush out of the Grayson's cock down Sensei's well-used throat, but before Sensei John has a chance to savor the teenager's fragrant nectar, Grayson pulls out and starts to spray his seeds all over the Judo master's face, neck, shoulders and chest.
Spent, Grayson rubs the slick head of his cock against the upturned face of the Judo master, working his creamy load into his thick mustache and beard...he orders Sensei to open his mouth and stick out his tongue....then he squeezes the last few drops of his seeds onto Sensei's tongue.
The Judo master's transformation is now complete. Sensei John, on his knees, his bare upper body covered with Grayson's pungent teenage-milk, is a sight to behold. His swollen nipples jet out of his powerful chest...an indication of his arousal in spite of the ultimate humiliation he's just suffered at the hands of his young conqueror...
Grayson orders him to stand and remove what remains of his GI. Sensei's jock-strap is soaked with sweat, revealing his considerable endowment. The young man then hooks his thumb through the waistband of the jock-strap and RIPS it off Sensei's body! Now the Judo master is completely naked in front of the 18 year old, with his body soaked in sweat and cum...his nipples and cock pointing straight out. His face turns bright red in embarrassment as Grayson takes a moment to admire what he has done to the proud Judo master. He then positions himself right behind Sensei's naked body and wraps his strong arms around it. He cups Sensei's beefy pectorals in his hands feeling the hardened nipples respond to the touch. With his lips pressed against Sensei's neck, and his still rigid manhood nestled between the two white globes of Sensei's buttocks, Grayson opens up his hands and starts to move them slowly in circular motion...the palms of his hands barely touching Sensei's sensitive nipples... This sends Sensei John into a sensory overload. A long moan escapes Sensei as he ejaculate onto the mat in front of him without even touching himself...

" Aaaaaaahhh...."

Grayson turns Sensei's head and starts to kiss him passionately. And Sensei responds by opening his mouth, allowing the young man's tongue to freely move about. Sensei John has kissed many women in his time but until now has never known what it feels like to be kissed passionately by a man. The sensation surprises Sensei and makes him desire the young man even more....

.......When Sensei John's mind came back to reality he was still lying flat on his back on the mat. He could hear the crowd congratulating Grayson on his unexpected victory over the master. Now came the most humiliating part of his defeat...he had to stand up, face his opponent and bow to the man who had bested him. He felt his manhood straining against his jock-strap... the scent of the young man that had been transferred onto his body during the match kept bringing him back to the sensual daydream...
Grayson walked up to Sensei and took his hand for a hand-shake. His grip was firm and confident, and the young man squeezed the Judo master's hand for a few extra seconds as if to reaffirm his dominance. He then leaned over, pressed his lips against Sensei's ear and whispered,

" Great match, Sir. It was such a thrill for me to go against a great Judo-ka like yourself. If you'd like a rematch, please let me know. "

With Grayson's warm breath burning his ear, Sensei John shot his load inside his GI.