by Nike Boots3

Today's game had taken Kevin and I and shattered the illusion that we were fit, the pitch was a quagmire and our legs ached like we might prefer crawling back to the showers rather than walking off the pitch. When we got into the changing room we discovered that our gear had been knicked and it was only good luck that I keep my car key on me that we could get back to Kevin's house, we had to forgo our shower and drive home in our kit.

When we got in Kevin made coffee but we had to keep our boots on because Kevin's parents were decorating and the floor was a mess. He put the hot water on and suggested that I have a bath and lend some of his gear to get home in. We had know each other from being 13 years old and last week when I had passed my driving test at age 18 we had celebrated my birthday and test luck at the same time. I think we had known that we had feelings for each other before that time but had joked about having blowjobs as something that was a much-preferred method of sex.

I had never got any real feelings for my girl friends and was curios about Guys, today was going to be my time to find out how good sex could be. Kevin suggested that he had some good rubbing oils that might ease our leg pains if I fancied it. I was that tired that the idea might be nice but I was to shagged to be bothered, he suggested that since I had brought him home and had my gear knicked into the bargain he would massage my legs for me. This sounded like a good idea if he did not mind.

He asked me to put my foot up on a small stool and sat with his legs each side of my boot, his crotch tight on the sole and started rubbing my thigh. I don't know why but having my boot in his groin and his hands rubbing my thigh I started to get a hard on he pretended not to notice but ran his hands higher up my leg and under my shorts stopping short of my rapidly stiffening member. He told me to change legs and while I did this I noticed he was getting hard as well, he asked if I would press a bit harder with my foot so that the muscle would stiffen more, by this time I was happy to agree and put my booted foot harder into his balls and crutch.

I was beginning to fancy a wank and was fancy getting into the bathroom to get my self off, but thought I would need some clean gear to put on afterwards and asked if had had anything I could borrow. He looked disappointed but suggested that we go up to his room and see what we could find. As we went into his room he asked if I would do him a favour, he had never told anyone but he had a fantasy of smelling soccer socks after a game and could he smell mine. I was really beginning to feel much less tired the way that at 18 you feel if the testosterone is running and said I had no objections if he was sure. I kicked off a boot, he shouted stop and I looked in surprise at what was wrong he asked leave that boot on and he laid on the floor and asked me to sit on the bed and put my smelly sock on his face, what could I do but oblige.

He was really enjoying the smell and asked me to put my boot on his face as well so he could smell the mud. My dick was rock hard now and I was willing to play this game as long as he liked, he asked to get up for a while and started to rub my legs again this time he was putting hands as far as my balls and stopping short of touching what was now a cock seeping pre cum. He started to muzzle his nose into my balls running his lips around the shaft of my cock making my shorts stick out like mad and teasing the end of my cock. He then said that he would like me to put one booted foot on his cock and the other on his face, then he wanted me to stand up. I was getting a bit worried but thought what the hell and did as he asked he was moaning in what turned out to be pleasure.

When I got off him he knelt in front of me and started to lick my cock through my shorts again, I told him that I fancied trying this with him and suggested lying on the bed. We got into a 69 position and I started to smell he groin through his shorts, his cock was hard and the combined smell of sweat mud and pre cum was mind blowing. I felt him pulling at my shorts and it turned out to be with his teeth this was getting too much and I asked if I could cum first. He said great asked me to get up and started to pull my shorts down with his teeth, as my cock sprung free it bounced out and hit him in the face. He started to lick my balls and slowly manoeuvred me to have his head against the wall pulling me closer he asked me to fuck his mouth. This was a dream and I needed no second invite.

I started slowly thrusting my hips and he was doing his best to take my full 8-1/2 inches the feeling of wanted to spurt my cum was getting overpowering and I told him I was going to pull out and shoot my load. He got a tight hold of my arse and pulled me tight to his head the gushing that I shot deep in his throat was never ending my legs shock with pleasure and he only let me go as I started to go soft. I was now ready to give him his reward for the pleasure I had just marvelled at.

I got off the bed and pulled him over so his legs dangled to the floor, I pulled his boots off and smelt his socks I was really getting the hang of this and slowly ran the sole of his boots over his shorts then I put my socked foot onto his dick and slowly moved his dick up and down. Now I was going to reward him for the best experience I had had to date and set about pulling his shorts around his ankles.

He had a great looking dick with a slight curve and as I put my lips around his knob end I ran my tongue into his piss slit. He was getting a twitchy reaction now and I guessed he was close to cumming so I did my best to deep throat his pulsing knob and he warned me he was going to cum. I put my hand under his arse and started to finger his hole he lifted his back up into an arch and started to spray the back of my throat in hot cum I swallowed most though some ran down my chin.

When he recovered he noticed that I was rock hard again and asked if I would cum over his face he had a special fantasy that he would like me to do for him. I agreed to help what did he want to do. He lay on the bed and asked me to take off my odd sock and put it on his forehead, then he wanted to rest my booted foot on the sock with the boot toes lapping his mouth. Then see if I could spunk over my boots so the cum would run into his open mouth.

This was the strangest wank I had ever tried but the sight of Kevin's face under my boot was a real turn on and it was not long before I had spunk running down my boot into his mouth. When I had shot my load he licked my cock and then my boot clean of spunk. This was the first of many fine experiences perhaps I shall tell another sometime.