Kevin 2

by Nike Boots3

Once Kevin had hooked me onto using my soccer kit for other things than kicking a ball I regularly visited and stayed over at his house.

We always used to start our game off when his parents went to the pub.

We had tonight decided to put on our new Gunners kit and we had each bought a pair of Adidas Traxion boots we stood in Kevin's room admiring the clean cut look and anticipating tonight fun.

I joked, Gunners fire things what are you going to fire tonight, he replied cum here and I will show you.

The ritual that Kevin liked was too lay on the floor and I had to stand on his groin, the new thing tonight was the slotted sole of my new boots. He was enjoying the feeling and asked me to put my boot over his face to see the sole. This always turned him on and he soon wanted to put massage oil onto my legs this was what always got me a real boner and tonight was no exception.

As Kevin rubbed my legs with oil, his hands strayed up my groin and he discovered my surprise, I was wearing a jock strap; he immediately started to sniff my groin and tongued my throbbing member. I stopped him by offering that he should first let me massage him, I stripped off his shirt and rubbed loads of oil on his back going down past his waistband rubbing his buttocks.

Then I asked him to show me his boot sole, mainly because I wanted to lay on the floor and look up his shorts and he had worked out a lot lately and now had a real 6-pack stomach.

Kevin then started to pull my shorts off so he could put more oils on me, he always uses his teeth to pull my shorts off and today was no different except he put his mouth around my dick while I had my jock strap on and slowly wanked my dick. The precum was showing through the material and I had to stop him from making me shoot my load to soon.

He next removed my shirt and I stood there in just my jock strap, shorts, boots, and shin pads. I told him to get laid down and I put my shin pads on his shoulder and my arse was nicely over his nose and i started to oil his chest slowly moving his shorts down to his ankles. His dick was stood to attention and I gave the end a tender kiss, licking his precum and loving that wonderful flavour.

He then had me remove my shirt and oiled me from top to socks leaving only the area round my jock strap. We now lay head to toe me on top and Kevin, enjoying a close view of my jock that he soon ripped back. My cock leapt at his face and we each had our foretaste of things to cum.

We now slid face to face and using the massage oils we slipped our bodies against each other the rubbing of our dicks against the other soon had me gushing my cum and the timing was great because Kevin came at the same time the love juices flowing nicely around our balls.

Next I used my dick to collect cum from his body and he sucked it off, I got all of it off him and he did me next, by this time we both had real stiffies on again and we got into a 69 position with me on top and I slowly shagged his mouth, you might guess that I soon came again and we rolled over still holding each others dick in our mouths and he started to slowly shag my mouth. I felt his balls hitting my chin and just as he started to cum he pulled all the way out and thrust hard and deep back into my mouth holding deep while he pumped his juice into my eager throat.

We lay like this for a while then Kevin who was stiff again asked me to use my boots to wank him off, this I did the cum that came onto my boots he licked off and we fell asleep in each other's arms.