Okay, so it's been over a year since I've worked on this story at all. Recently I found the disk and decided to start work on it again. I don't have a whole lot more completed, but it's a beginning. I hope that Logan and Brendan will once again become a part of you life, as I know they will mine. So now I give you a couple new chapters of Logan and Brendan.

Chapter 13

Logan pulled up to the college, and parked his car. He looked around and surveyed his new surroundings. "Here we go." He said aloud as he opened the door and got out of the car. Logan walked down the sidewalk looking for the building that housed his new coach's office. He spotted it and walked over to it. Before going in he let out a big sigh.

* * *

Brendan remained on the curb crying for nearly fifteen minutes after Logan pulled away. After he finally stopped, he got up and went into the house. Nobody was home, so he decided to go into the living room and watch TV. He looked at the screen, but wasn't really paying attention, because he couldn't get Logan off his mind.

While he was lying on the couch, he heard somebody come through the front door. "Hey Bren."

"Oh, hey Bryce."

"So, Logan left huh," Bryce said "you doin' okay?"

"Yah, I'll be fine." Brendan responded. Bryce walked over to where Brendan lay on the couch and put his hand on Brendan's shoulder.

"Well, I'm here if you need me bud." He said.

"Thanks, I appreciate it." Brendan said and then began to cry again. Bryce sat down next him while he cried. Brendan laid his head on Bryce's shoulder and continued to cry.

* * *

Logan walked down the hall looking for the right office. When he came to it, he knocked on the door and then went in. "Um, coach Thompson, I'm here." He said stammering.

"Ah, Logan, I've been expecting you." The coach said as he got up and took Logan's hand to shake it. "Let's get your room key and get you moved in."

"Okay." Logan responded. The coach took out a box that held room keys in it. He found Logan's and handed it to him.

"You're in room 301." The coach said. "That's on the south side of campus."

"Thanks." Logan said with a smile. "I guess I'll go get moved in."

"Sure thing." The coach said. "Logan, son I'm glad to have you here, welcome aboard."

"Thank you, I'm glad to be here." Logan said as he turned and walked out of the office. He got back in his car and drove to the athletic dorms. He parked in front of the men's basketball building, and then looked for his room. When he found his room, he unlocked the door and went inside.

Chapter 14

The first week Logan was there, he spent most of his time settling in and meeting all of the other players. The weekend came, and the coach decided to let the team go home, since they had done so well for being only their first week together as a team. Logan was so excited. This was the longest that he and Brendan had been apart in a long time. He tried calling Brendan's house before he left the college, but nobody was home. He packed his dirty laundry, and then got in his car and drove home.

* * *

Brendan did not enjoy his first week of summer vacation. He moped around all week, missing Logan. His family all tried to get him to do things, but he turned them all down. On Friday, Brendan was sitting at home when he received a phone call from one of his friends from school. He told Brendan that there was a party and that he had to go because everybody would be there. After a while of his friend's persuading, Brendan decided to go.

After hanging up the phone, Brendan went to his room to pick out what he'd wear. After choosing his outfit, he took a shower. Just as he was finishing getting ready, he heard his friends honk outside. He took a look in the mirror and then began to walk out the door. Right before he got completely out the door, the phone rang. Brendan stopped, but then decided to just let it ring, and the shut the door behind him.

He got into his friend's car with a smile. "What's up ya'll." He said as he sat in the back seat.

"Not much." One boy replied from the front. His name was Kyle, and he was on the basketball team with Brendan. They drove off, and Brendan sat there thinking of Logan, but trying not to show it.

* * *

Logan pulled into his driveway about 7:30. He honked as he pulled up, and his mother came out. "Logan, what are you doing home?" She asked surprised.

"Coach gave us the weekend off." He replied.

"That's nice." She said as she gave Logan a hug. They walked into the house continuing their conversation. They sat in the kitchen and talked for about an hour.

"I think I'm going to go out, and see if I can find something to do." Logan said as he got up from the kitchen table.

"Ok, have fun babe." His mom said as he walked out the door. Logan drove around for a while, but never saw any of his friends. He needed to pee, so he pulled up to a convenient store. He got out of his car and then went inside.

"Hey Lo." The guy behind the counter said. Logan knew him from school.

"Hey Jesse, what's up?" Logan responded. "Where is everybody?"

"Oh man, there is a big party out at Sheena Easton's house." Jesse said.

"No wonder I couldn't find anybody." Logan said "I got to use your bathroom."

"Go ahead." Logan went to the bathroom and then came back out a few minutes later.

"Well, I'm gonna go check out that party." Logan said as he walked toward the door.

"All right, see you later buddy." Jesse said and then waved. Logan got into his car and then drove to the party.

When Logan pulled up he saw many cars parked out front. He found a place to park and then went to the door. He knocked and then waited for somebody to answer the door. Sheena came to the door. "Logan, wow, come in." She said excitedly. Logan went inside. The two walked together into the main room. "Look who's here everybody." Sheena shouted. Brendan looked up and saw Logan, and just about passed out. Logan immediately saw Brendan and walked over to him. The embraced and kissed for what seemed like forever.

"I can't believe you're here. Why you didn't you tell me Lo?"

"I don't know." Logan said. "The coach gave us the weekend off."

"I'm so happy." Brendan said, continuing to hold Logan. They went outside and found two chairs by the pool. They talked for nearly an hour, totally ignoring everybody else at the party.

"Hey, let's go for a ride." Logan said.

"Ok, let's go." Brendan said, getting up from where he was sitting. The two boys left the party, not telling anybody. Logan drove to the park, where they spent so many hours together.

"I've missed you baby." Logan said and then kissed Brendan's hand.

"I've missed you too." Brendan said, tears welling up in his eyes.

"Don't cry." Logan said. "It's okay, I'm here now."

"I can't help it, I love you so much." Brendan said, the tears now streaming down his cheeks. Logan leaned over and held Brendan, kissing his tears, and humming. The two boys sat there, holding each other, completely in love.

That's all I have for now. I hope that you enjoy it. Hopefully I can work on it some more really soon to get it out to you guys. As always, you can e-mail any comments to brian_6381@yahoo.com Love one another.