Hey guys, here's a new chapter of "Love On The Links" to get your New Year started off right!  I change POV's quite a bit, and quite frequently, so buckle your seatbelt.  If you get a little confused on any parts, just go back and reread the other chapters.  I know it's been a while since some of the story lines appeared last, so I hope everybody knows what's going on.  Ok, enjoy and let me know what you think!


"What did you just say, daddy?" I asked as I looked earnestly into my father's warm face.

"I just asked when your mother and I get to meet this lucky fella," my dad said as he smiled at me.

"You mean you're not mad?" I implored.

"What, that you're being you?  No, Jackson, we're not mad," my dad said.

"How did you know?  I mean, we've never talked about this before, and I, well, I mean, I don't act gay," I asked him.

"Well, your mother and I always knew you were special.  We could tell that about you from the day you were born.  But what really clued us in specifically was Mr. McCallister calling us into his office," my dad said.

I groaned when he said that name because I remember Mr. McCallister, the guidance counselor at my old school, who refused to grow a set of balls and give me some help against my peer tormentors.  All of a sudden, I realized what my dad had said.

"You mean you've known all this time?" I asked incredulously.

"Yes, son, we've known all this time," my dad replied.

"Why the hell didn't you guys say anything?" I asked wide-eyed, with a little confusion and anger seeping into my tone.

"Mind your language, Jackson.  Son, although you probably would have arrived at this same point regardless, your mother and I wanted to give you the freedom to find yourself and figure out what you're all about.  We decided to let you get everything settled inside, and then we figured you would tell us when you were ready.  We didn't want to pressure you or force anything on you."

Wow.  Very Wow.  I reached up and gave my daddy the biggest hug I'd given him in years.  I practically strangled him I had my arms wrapped around his neck so tight.  "I love you, dad," I said.  "I love you, I love you…"


I woke up just long enough to see the "Welcome to North Carolina" sign as we passed back into the Tarheel state.  C'mon, I thought, if it would get us home any faster, I'll get out and push!  I looked at the clock and it only said 10 minutes later than the last time I looked at it.  Dammit!  I know a watched pot never boils, but I felt like I was gonna explode from all the sexual frustration and excitement raging inside me.  It had been almost a whole week since I'd felt my lover's touch, held my lover in a tender embrace, gotten the goosebumps from their mere touch.

"James honey, did you have fun this week?" mom asked.

"Yeah," I answered, "I missed my friends though.  I mean, our break is almost over."

"I hope you guys enjoyed meeting the Trudeaus," my dad said.  "I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot more of them in the future, right Will?"

"Yeah, dad," Will said.

"Hillary looked so pretty," my mom said with a quiet sigh.  "Remember when I used to have that cute little figure, Joe?"

"You're still my baby girl, Anna," my dad said as he placed his hand on top of hers.  My mom was beaming.  I think there's something in the water in Charleston.  Mom and Dad have been acting all weird, and Will, well, damn, he's been all over the place since we left.  One minute he's happy, the next minute he's all mopey, then he's laughing and stuff.  What a headcase.  All I know is that if I don't get to talk to Shante, and soon, I'm just gonna die.  I decided I would try to get back to sleep, so I put my headphones back on and drifted off to dreamland.

"Wake up son, we're home," my mom said as she gently nudged me.  I was too slow, though, and Will was out of the car and bounding upstairs.  Damn!  I thought, now I'm gonna have to wait forever to use the phone.  I guess I could use the line downstairs, but it wasn't nearly as private as the upstairs line.  Will and I were the only ones on the upstairs line, and he already knew about Shante and me, so I didn't really have to hide it from him.  What made it even worse was when I got upstairs, Will knocked on my door, and paused from talking to whoever was on the other end.

"Call Shante, she just called you, asswipe," he said.

"As soon as you get off the phone, faggot," I teased at him.  He didn't say anything, the color just flushed in his cheeks.  I saw something flash in his eyes that I didn't really recognize and realized I'd really only seen that when he was really pissed off.  Oops, but I didn't say anything except…


"So do you think Jack had a good time with Stacey the other night, babe?" Cara asked Robert as they lay naked in Robert's bed.  They had just made love for the 3rd time in the past 12 hours, getting some mileage out of Robert's parent's trip to see his grandparents for a few days.  They were cuddling and conversation was natural and flowing.

"Well, I think he had fun, but I'm not sure if you should try setting those two up," Robert said, choosing his words carefully.  He loved his girlfriend very much, but although he hated to admit it, couldn't trust her with the potentially explosive secret he was guarding.

"Why not?" Cara asked.  The question was expected, and Robert had thought long and hard about how he could answer it and still remain solid in his promise.

"Well, think about it," he started, "Jack's like one of my best friends.  Stacey's one of your best friends.  If something happened and things went bad, then it would always be weird.  Like either we would have to choose sides, and I would definitely choose Jack in a heartbeat, by the way, or we would either have to hang out with one while dissing the other.  Then go hang out with the other while dissing the one we were just with.  I mean, I think we ought to just leave well enough alone," Robert stated, smug with confidence that he'd just won.

"Well, what about Will," Cara asked, "he is such a sweetie.  Plus, he's good looking, and god, his parents are loaded!  Oh, and he doesn't have a girlfriend."

"Come on, babe," Robert said, "Same logic.  I'm afraid if Stacey wants a man, she's gonna have to fish in other ponds."

"I guess," she said, obviously not giving in, though.  "I mean, I just feel bad for her.  She's a great girl, and really sweet, and really pretty, and here we have two nice, good looking guys who neither happen to have girlfriends, and you're saying that I can't ask either one to go out with her?"

"That's what I'm saying, baby-doll," Robert said, giving Cara a quick peck on the lips.

"But neither of them have girlfriends!" Cara said, quite exasperated.

"Coz they know they could never have as great of a girl as I have, so they decided not to even try," Robert said, kissing Cara again.  Inside, he was dying laughing, though.  Cara thought he was complementing her, which he certainly was, but it also held a double meaning only he could really appreciate.

"Please just let me ask one of them?" Cara asked batting her eyelashes coyly.

"No, baby," Robert said.

"Pleeeeeeease?" Cara said climbing on top of Robert.

"Mmmmm, uggn, No, baby, don't ask them," Robert grunted, his defenses weakening.

Cara lowered herself onto Robert's now erect cock and asked once more, "Please, baby, let me ask one of them for her?"

Robert was now no longer in control of his mind.  The blood that was normally used by his brain to make rational decisions was located due south of his cerebrum at the moment, and he gave in to his lover's sexual manipulation.  "Ok, baby…"


"Hello?" an angelic voice answered on the other line.

"Jackson!" I practically screamed into the phone.

"Hello?" the voice repeated, "I'm sorry I can't hear you, my boyfriend made me go deaf."  I could hear Jack laughing as I cracked up on my end.

"Wow, baby, I missed you soooooo much," I said.  "And you will never believe what happened on this trip!"

"Well, I've got a few good stories to tell you too, mister," Jack said as the call waiting beeped in my ear.

"Hang on babe, I've got another call," I said as I clicked over.  "Hello?"

A shy, timid female voice, barely audible, answered, "May I speak to James, please?"  Ahhh, apparently this was the mysterious Shante.

"Can he call you back in a few?" I asked.  "I'm on the other line right now."  She said that was fine as I clicked back over.

"Jack, you there?" I asked as I knocked on James' door.

"Yeah, babe, I'm here," he responded.

"Hang on a sec," I said to Jack, then I told James to call Shante.

"As soon as you get of the phone, faggot," James replied.  My nostrils started flaring, and my cheeks were feeling really hot, and I was almost at the point of beating my little brother into the ground.

"Breathe, baby.  Just breathe," a voice said in the phone.

I slammed James' door and sulked back to my room.  "Did you hear that little fucker?" I asked.

"Yeah, I heard him," Jack said, "and right now he's trying to piece together why you got so mad because he called you a fag."

A wave of panic swept over me as I realized my passions had potentially given me away.  I just can't help it, I can't STAND that word!

"Shit Jack, did I just give myself away?" I asked in a hushed voice.  My voice had left me, and I was trembling.

"Just breathe, baby," he said.  He was right, I was standing there nearly holding my breath out of fear.  I tried to relax and the sound of his voice did wonders to calm me.  "I think you're ok, just don't let your anger get away from you like that again.  If you do, please let it be over something better than somebody calling you a name."  He was right.  He was always right.

"I wanna get out of here," I said, suddenly feeling a little claustrophobic.  "And I DEFINITELY want to see you."

"I know, babe, I want to see you too," he said.  "Do you want to come over here?"

"Is anybody there?" I asked.

Jack just laughed at that and asked, "Why, what did you have in mind?"

"I think you know, buddy!" I laughed back into the phone.

"Well, dad's up at the clubhouse right now, and mom's giving a piano lesson downstairs.  Haley's at a friend's house, so I would say we've got the upstairs to ourselves.  Is that good enough?" he asked.

"It'll do," I answered.  I told him I would be there in a few minutes and hung up the phone.  There was a light rapping on my door.


As soon as I hung up the phone with Will, it rang again, and I picked it up.  "What'd you forget?" I asked, figuring it was just Will.

"Umm, is this Jack?" a female voice said on the other end.

"Yeah, who is this?" I asked.

"This is Cara Richardson, Robert's girlfriend," she identified herself.

"Oh, hey Cara," I said.  "What's up?"

"Nothing much," she answered.  "Hey listen, Robert and I were like, talking this morning about how much fun you seemed to be, like, having with Stacey the other night."

"Oh," I replied, thinking back to that god-awful night.  If I seemed to be having fun, I would hate to see what I looked like if I was in agony.

"Yeah, so anyway, like, Robert and I were like, talking about it, and like, Robert suggested, like out of the blue, `like, why don't they just go out?'  I was all, `Yeah, I know, they are just PERFECT for each other.'   So like, the big question is, why don't you go out with her tomorrow night?  I mean, it's Friday, the last part of our break, and I'm positive you'll have like the best time ever."

I waited for Cara to take a break, "no thanks, Cara."

"What?  I mean, why not?  She is a total goddess.  She is so pretty, and so smart, and she is such a classy chick," Cara said.  Remind me to kill Robert, I thought.

"She's just not my type, Cara," I said, hoping she would just drop it.

"Well, what is your type?" she asked.

"Well, I would say Stacey's exact opposite," I answered.  Hey, there was a lot of truth behind that, I said to myself.

"Ahh, you like a more down to earth girl, huh?" she said, her comments dripping with sarcasm.  "Some little simple, plain Jane, huh?  You know what, Jack, you are making a big mistake."

"Yeah, well, somehow I think I can figure out a way to sleep at night," I said, a little more sarcastically than I would have wished.

"God, you like, hate her, don't you?" Cara asked.  I decided I had to weigh my words very carefully with this one.

"Well, Cara, to tell you the truth, she really just has a completely different style than I do.  I mean, the people I go for are sort of laid back, go with the flow people.  Stacey is a high pressure, aggressive girl by nature.  That just doesn't mesh well with me.  I mean, I have nothing against her as a friend, she's just not somebody I would look to for a relationship."

"Well, whatever," Cara replied.  "Well, what about your friend Will?  Do you think he would be interested in her?"

I couldn't help but smile as I sealed Will's fate, "Hmm, I don't know.  He doesn't have a girlfriend.  Why don't you ask him?"  I hung up the phone laughing out loud.


"What'd he say?" Robert asked as Cara came back into his bedroom.  She was only wearing one of his button up shirts and he thought she looked sexy as hell.

"He said `No.'" Cara replied.  "I just don't get it.  He must be gay or something, most guys would die to go out with Stacey."  Cara was innocently stating that remark about Jack, Robert realized.  There was no way she could know about Jack and Will.  Her next remark confirmed his position.

"I think I'm going to call Will Parker, next.  This sucks, because it makes Stacey sound so desperate.  She's not, quit laughing Robert!  I'm serious, she just always picks boys that for some reason she has no shot with."

"Well, I wouldn't get your hopes up," Robert offered.  "Remember what happened at his party before school started?  She was totally hammered and made a complete ass of herself.  He shot her down, too, if I recall correctly."

"Dammit, that's right.  The thing I don't understand is Jack was totally giving out signals a few weeks ago.  Like, she thought they were getting close, and stuff, and then he totally dropped her.  I was hoping that he would get together with her at the movies, but he avoided her like the plague."

"Yeah, he did seem rather uncomfortable," Robert thought aloud.  He regretted it the moment he said it, though.

"Hey, you two went out to talk before the movie started, what did you guys talk about?" Cara asked.

Think, Robert, Think!!  God, he and Cara promised to never lie to each other, but how would he extricate himself from this situation?  Robert came up with the best half truth he could think of.  "He said he was a virgin and that she was scaring him coming on so strong."

"No wonder!" Cara said.  "He said on the phone that she was too aggressive for him.  God, what guy wouldn't give his first born for a girl like Stacey to come on strong to him?"

"A guy like Jack, apparently," Robert said.  "Believe it or not, there are those of us out there that don't fuck everything that moves.  Some of us prefer to wait for love first."

"You are so sweet, baby!" Cara said as she kissed her way down Robert's naked torso.  As she proceeded to scrape the hell out of his dick with her teeth, Robert thought, "Ouch! Dammit!  I need to send her over to Will's house and let him teach her how to do this!"


"I think this weekend was a success, don't you?" Anna Parker asked her husband as he was carrying in their suitcases.

"Oh, yeah," Joe Parker answered her.  "I mean, did you see the look in his eyes this week?  He looked about as horny as a bull!"

"Joseph!  Such language!" Anna playfully scolded.

"Well, I remember the first time I met you," Joe said.  "I almost couldn't keep it all together.  I wanted you so badly, and I didn't care about anything except getting you in the sack as soon as possible."

"Well, I remember that first meeting.  I was so nervous!  But I don't remember you being about to lose it.  I thought you were so dashing and had everything all together.  I admit, I was pretty smitten with you," Anna said.  "Something worries me, though,"

"What's that?" Joe asked.

"Well, I can't put my finger on it," Anna answered.  "It's just this gut feeling I get.  I feel it every time I look in Hillary's eyes.  There's just something about the way she looks at Will.  I just don't see `the look'."

"Uh-oh," Joe said.  "Should we be worried?"

"No, not just yet," Anna answered.  "Like I said, I can't put my finger on it.  It's just that it feels like she looks at him like she would look at a brother rather than a lover.  Do you think Will still has his problem?"

"No," Joe said sternly.  "I said he looked like he had enough sexual energy to start a car!  How could he get that sexually frustrated from being around such a beautiful girl if he were still suffering from his problem?"

"I guess you're right, honey, I just hope that phase is behind us."


"Come in," Will said.

"Can I have the phone?" James asked.

"Yeah, here you go," Will said as he tossed the cordless over to his brother.

"Who were you just talking to?" James asked.

"Jack, why?" Will asked.

"Hmm, no reason.  Will, are you gay?" James asked.

"No," Will said flatly.

"Honestly?" James asked.

"No, I am not gay," Will said.  "In fact, I'm arranged to marry Hillary."

"Yeah, mom and dad told me.  Why do you always get so mad when I say faggot, then?" James asked.  It was a legitimate question, Will thought, he just hoped he could come up with an answer that satisfied James.

"Well, let's just look at it this way, you don't like it when people say the `N' word, right?  Same deal," Will said.

"Well, I guess, I mean, that does make me mad.  But I'm dating a black girl, Will.  Why do you hate the F word so much?  I guess what I mean is I've got a reason to hate the N word, what's your excuse?"  James asked.  Again, Will thought carefully about his response.

"James, as you start to get older, you're gonna see that hate is hate, no matter what package it comes wrapped in.  Whether it's directed at somebody that directly affects you or not, hate is still hate.  If you have a problem with it in one particular case, you should have a problem with it in any case," Will said.  "It has nothing to do with the actual word, it's the principle behind it."

"Oh," James said.  "I never thought about it like that.  Damn, Will, you're right, I'm gonna do better to drop that word from my vocabulary," James said as he walked out and closed the door.

"Whew, that was way too close," Will thought as he headed out for Jack's house.  As he closed the front door, the phone started ringing.  "Let it go," Will thought, "if it's Jack, I'll see him soon enough.  If it's not, I don't want to talk to them anyway right now!"


"Hello?" I asked as I picked up the phone.  I was hoping it was Shante.

"May I please speak to Will?" the girl on the other end asked.

"He's not here right now, may I take a message?" I asked.

"No, that's ok, do you know when he'll be back?  This is Cara Richardson," the voice identified herself.

"I really don't know, he's on his way to over to Jack Stewart's house, maybe you should try over there," I offered.

"Really? Oh, ok.  Thanks," Cara said, a little perplexed.

I hung up the phone and dialed Shante's phone number.  I had it memorized and could practically dial it in my sleep.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey baby!" I exclaimed.

"James!  I'm so glad to finally talk to you!" she said.  "How was Charleston?"

"It was great, I wish you were there, though," I said.  "It was really romantic."

"I can imagine.  I missed you so much this week.  I wrote you a letter every day you were gone, but never had the courage to mail them to you," she said.  "I'll give them to you at school on Monday."

"Cool," I said.  "You are so thoughtful.  I think I love you," I blurted out.  I immediately turned about 3 shades of red after I realized what I had just said.

"I think I love you, too," Shante said.  I felt like I was on cloud 9 after she said that!  I was so happy that she felt the same way about me.  Just then I heard a knock on my door.  I quickly whispered, "Gotta go, love you!" and hung up the phone.  Just as I was hanging up the phone, my mom walked into my room.

"James, honey," my mom said.  "Who were you just talking to?  And just whom is it that you think you love?"


I whistled all the way to Jack's house.  I was so happy.  For the first time in my life, I had a feeling of complete and utter happiness.  There was nothing that I wanted more than to be with my Jackson, to feel his warm arms wrapping me up in a tight embrace from which I never wanted to leave.  I wanted to feel his eyes making love to me.  I wanted to feel his hands making love to me.  I wanted to feel his body making love to me.  This Charleston trip really put things into perspective for me; I wanted to totally give myself to Jack forever.  I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.  I knew that I was young, but I could tell that the intense burning love that sprang forth from the core of my being could not be inspired by anyone other than Jack.

As I walked up the street towards Jack's house, I saw a sight that made my chest tighten up.  Jack was sitting out on the curb waiting for me.  He was wearing a long sleeved gray teeshirt with a white short sleeved teeshirt on top of it.  He was wearing an old broken in University of Florida ball cap.  The bill was tattered, but looked well worn and very comfortable.  He was wearing khaki cargo pants and brown shoes.  He looked so damned sexy, and he wasn't even TRYING!  As soon as he saw me coming up the street, he stood up and started walking my way.  Soon we were both on an all out sprint to meet in the middle.

When we finally reached each other, we both stopped.  Both of us knew we needed a hug, a big one, and fast, but we were both also aware that we were out in plain sight in the middle of the street.  Instead, we slowly circled around each other, drinking each other in with hungry, sexual, intense eyes.  We were both stalking our prey, and we both enjoyed being the hunter and the hunted.  Finally, he spoke, "God, Will, I missed you."

"Jack, you better get me inside before I rip off every stitch of your clothing," was all I could respond with.  He grinned, turned around, and we both took off in a full out sprint towards his house.  We flew through the door and bounded up the stairs, completely oblivious to the piano music that was floating through from their living room.  Jack's mom would be teaching for the next hour, so we had to get going right away.

As soon as we reached Jack's room, he slammed and locked the door.  While his back was turned to me, I slid up behind him.  I ran my fingers lightly over his strong shoulders and glided my hands down the top of his arms.  He reached back and wrapped his hands behind my head.  He turned his head and pulled me in for what I could only describe as a mouth fucking.  His tongue darted inside my mouth, and forcefully pushed my tongue.  Our two tongues aggressively intertwined as I slid my hands down his still raised arms.  I let my hands rub over his firm chest and glide their way down his slender front.  I could feel his ribs and his soft belly as I continued down his sexy torso.  As we continued to make love to each other with only our mouths, I slid my hand down and rested it on his rigid cock.  Even through his khakis, I could feel his hot prick straining to get release from its cotton prison and into my ass.  I don't think I've ever wanted to be taken so badly in my entire life.  I started to undo his belt as I kissed my way past his cute little detached earlobe and onto his neck.  As I sucked on the tender flesh of his neck, I eased the zipper down and slid my hand into the warmth of his crotch.  I could feel the heat radiating from his steely prick, and I gave it a gentle squeeze. Jack moaned and clenched his ass cheeks against my hard cock.

As I moved into the soft cloth of his cotton boxers, I felt his velvety hardness.  I wrapped my hand around him, and he let out a quiet sigh.  He continued to manipulate my cock with his cheeks, though, and I was getting very aroused.  He turned around to face me and wrapped his arms loosely around my neck.

"I love you, Will Parker," he breathed seductively into my neck.  "And I want you so bad I can't stand it."

Well, that's it.  I pulled both my teeshirts off in one fell swoop, and my pants weren't far behind.  The next thing I knew, we were in a race to get undressed.  Shoes, socks, pants, boxers, shirts, caps, everything flew off into one crumpled heap at the bottom of Jack's bed.

Jack was struggling with his left sock; it was his last article of clothing to remove.  He was horribly off balance and I took advantage of it as I pushed him down on the bed.  I flung myself on top of him, blanketing him with my kisses.

"I need you, Jack," I grunted in his ear.

"I know, baby," he responded.  "I need you too."

"No," I said.  "I need you inside me, Jack."  I saw his eyes light up as I said this, and he reached over for his nightstand.  He opened up a little drawer and pulled out some KY jelly.

"Where'd you get that?" I asked.

"I picked it up the other day," he grinned.  "I hoped I might need it when you got home."

I opened the cap and spread a generous amount on my hands.  When I started to lube my hole, Jack stopped me.

"Let me do it, baby," he said, "and you can get me ready."

I laid back on the bed as Jack gently applied the cool cream into my most private area.  He softly slipped in a finger, slick from the jelly, and I let out a quiet moan.  He let me get used to having something up there again; it had been almost over a month since we'd last made love like this.  He lovingly continued to finger me, bringing me closer and closer to the brink of insanity.  He was driving me wild with pleasure; his two fingers inside me were causing my closed eyes to see vivid colors on the inside of my eyelids.

"I think you're ready," Jack whispered.

"Jack, your fingers were incredible, I can't wait to feel your love inside me again," I said.

"Just get me ready, baby, and I'll be inside you in no time," Jack said.

I applied some more jelly into the palm of my hand and reached over to his glistening cock.  He was slick from the precum that had oozed out, but he needed to be a lot wetter before he could enter me.  I gently greased his cock with soft, gentle strokes.  As I slid my hands up and down his cock, lubricating his cock while also pleasuring him simultaneously, he looked at me with eyes radiating pure love.

"Jack," I whispered, "it's time."

With that, Jack pushed my ankles high in the air, revealing my tight hole completely to him.  As he aligned himself with me, he softly whispered that he loved me.  I closed my eyes and waited for the initial pain to come.  I felt him at the entrance of my hole, and felt his cock head press against the outer ring of muscle.  When my muscle accepted him, and he slid in, I immediately opened my eyes.  Not out of pain, but of intense pleasure.  My body was so completely relaxed by him that I had completely opened myself to him without one degree of resistance.  I thought that was sort of symbolic.  I dared not close my eyes again, because the look on Jack's face was an image I hope to have engraved in my memory.  His eyes were half way closed, and a small crooked smile graced his lips.  He looked like he was on top of the world, and I intended to keep it that way.

Once he had pushed all the way inside me, his eyes opened and he looked down at me.  I swear I could read his thoughts at that moment.

"Will, I lov…" Jack started.

"I know, baby," I interrupted, "you're telling me with your eyes."  It was something he had told me before, and it stuck with me about how he could see it in my eyes.  I now know what he was talking about; I could clearly see every emotion that boy was feeling just by looking at his gentle angelic face.  A quiet silence lingered between us, and we enjoyed the feeling of intimacy.  His fully hardened length was inside me completely, joining us in flesh and spirit.  Slowly, he started to pull out of me.

Once he reached the near outer edge of my hole, he slid back in.  He was starting a slow sensual rhythm that was destined to crescendo into a tidal wave of pleasure.  I found that if I tightened my muscles when he would pull out, and relax them when he pushed in, I could firmly grip his cock with my searing insides.  He moaned out in pleasure as I continued this contract and relax technique.  In fact, both of us were starting to moan, now, and Jack gradually picked up the pace.  We went from slowly making love to a medium pace to what was now a torrid rush of raw animal passion.  I was giving him my body, heart, and soul, and he was giving me his also.  I could feel his cock pulsing inside me to the rhythm of his heartbeat.  That, more than anything made me feel joined with him.  I reached up and wrapped him in a big hug.  We were passionately kissing and I rolled him over to where I was now on top.

He was still inside me, and I was now in control of the tempo.  I sat straight up and leaned back against his strong thighs.  I was reeling with pleasure as I impaled myself on his rock hard dick.  I was getting quite loud now, almost screaming out in pleasure that Jack was giving to me.  He was taking me to new heights with his passion, and I felt almost like I would pass out from the sheer overwhelming surges of intensity that were coursing through my system.  I rode his cock hard and fast, and from downstairs, we heard the most beautiful music serenading our passions.  Jack's mom's student was playing a Chopin Etude, and it was fast and powerful.  It set our rhythm, and as the notes of the piano soared, so did we.

I was screaming out loudly now, "Jack, whatever you do, just keep fucking me!"

He was moaning out loud, "Oh God, Will, you feel so hot.  So good.  Oh baby, you're so fucking good!"

Finally, as the Etude reached its climactic crescendo, I felt myself hitting the point of no return.  Wave after wave of cum erupted from my bowels, spraying Jack on the chin and on his hairless chest.  I rode his cock harder as the feelings surged through my body.  I could feel myself clamp down very tightly on Jack's steely prick.

"Ahhh Fuuuuck!"  Jack shouted as he erupted inside me.  I continued to contract and relax my muscles, milking his cock for every last bit of cum.  I wanted every drop of his seed inside me, to make me his forever.  My thighs were hugging his sides in a vise grip and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close to him.  The cum and sweat on both our bodies glued us together, cementing us in the evidence of our passionate affair.  As my senses and my vision came back into focus after the proper fucking I'd just received, I realized that there was nothing on this earth that could tear me away from Jack.  Not parents, not schoolmates, not family tradition.  I belonged to Jack, and he belonged to me.


Well, what do you think?  I've started to branch out into other story lines, I hope that didn't confuse anyone.  I think the story will become more like this in format, as I've got some other story lines I'm gonna try to work in involving the other characters in the story.  Let me know what you guys think about this chapter, and have a happy and safe New Year!  Duffer