Mike and his Pecs

By Peccable

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The following text contains matter of a sexually explicit and erotic nature.

This is the author's first attempt at a pec-worship story.

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The author exerts the moral right to be identified as the creator of this work.



Mike loved to work out his pecs. Everyday, he would devote the major part of his workout routine to pec development. And why not? Ever since he had started working out in high school at 17, his pecs were the one muscle group which showed phenomenal response to the workouts. Well, of course, he had all the other muscles in the right places also, a ripped 8-pack of abs, great biceps, a bubble butt, shoulders and the rest, but the muscle that screamed out for attention on this young god's body was his pecs, sitting proudly on  a pedestal of ripped and hard eight pack abs (and threatening to fall off any moment!).

Now he was 20, and just into engineering college, and three years of high school workout, had led to a humongous set of pecs that strained out of any t-shirt that he wore, craving for attention and worship. When relaxed, his pecs were a serene sight, smooth and massive, drooping in their own weight over his 8-pack abs, nipples pointing downward as if in humility. But the moment he flexed them, the entire picture changed into a brute display of criss-crossing veins and multiple striations (he could even flex the individual striations!!). The two mound s of muscle would raise a few inches and bunch up together, jostling for space on his chest. The two sights could be seen simultaneously when Mike used his muscle control to flex one pec and keep the other relaxed. It was like yin and yang!

What motivated his intense dedication to pec development was that he had discovered that his own pecs turned him on like hell. Whether he was doing weights at the gym pumping iron into those pecs, or standing in front of the mirror looking at himself, flexing and bouncing those breast-like muscles, or pressing them to test their firmness, or even trying to pull a tight shirt over them with difficulty, he was always having a raging hardon. This arousal aided his workouts, increasing his stamina and efficiency while he was doing pecs, and therefore his pecs were overdeveloped in relation to the rest of his muscular body and he liked it that way. Pec workouts for him had become like prolonged jack-off sessions, where he decided when he wanted the orgasm and for how long!

Well, he was not the only one who liked it. His mates at college and dorm too freaked out on his pecs. Ever since the day he arrived at college, there had formed around him a pec-admiration society of sorts, which in the course of a few months had turned into a pec-worship society, and had come to include almost all the guys in his dorm.

Mike plays pec-pranks

Mike not only loved working out his pecs and getting them worshipped by his too-willing friends, he also loved to show off once in a while. And it worked, because each and every body in college could not help getting turned on by such a feast of a sight that he presented before them. Often, when there was a boring lecture going on and he and his friends were getting pissed off by the Prof's blabbering, he would play a trick or two, (mostly suggested by his friends). One day, in the middle of such a boring class, he suddenly got up and frantically started scratching his back.

"What's up, Mike?" said the Prof.

"Its just...I think some fly just fell into my shirt, and its really itching bad. " cried Mike. And everybody had a laugh (his friends knew what was coming). And he again started scratching like hell, pretending to be helpless to get the fly out.

"Hey Mike, just take off the shirt and it'll go out" suggested Chris, his friend.

And all others joined Chris in this demand. By now, the Professor understood that the class was over. Mike obliged by taking off his shirt in the middle of the class, to the gasps and Oooh-aahs of the girls, and a spontaneous applause by the guys, all of whom were now turned towards Mike to get a visual feast of his pecs which were now on full display, bouncing and flexing to the students' demands. The prof had walked out in dismay (or perhaps to deal with something else !!!) and everybody thanked Mike for ending the class by copping a feel of his protruding pecs, patting him hard on the meat squeezing the pillow-like muscles.

Once, Mike on purpose wore an old undersized t-shirt to the carpentry workshop, which enveloped him like a skin, again exhibiting his pecs in an obscene fashion, in addition to the eight packs of his abs and straining to contain the lean biceps, which were swelling and relaxing in a very sexy manner with every movement of his arm as he drove the saw to and fro to cut the wood. Within minutes, he worked up a sweat, which made the shirt cling to his muscles, more so his protruding and hung pecs, with the nipples showing, and also the striations and the veins, because the sweat had made the shirt translucent. Nothing was left to imagination, and it was as if he were sawing shirtless!! As was usual on such occasions, all eyes were now on him, including the instructor's.  When he finished sawing, he heaved a sigh, and mopped his brow as if unaware of all the stares directed towards the pecs which the shirt was highlighting more than concealing!

"Geez Mike, you seem to be getting some workout ! Look at these babies", said Chris, pointing to his pec-mounds.

As if to oblige, Mike did a spontaneous juggling of his pecs to everybody's delight, and the instructor, who was staring wide eyed till now, could no take no more and rushed into his room!

"I guess you should take off that shirt and dry yourself before you get sick of the sweat, Mike. "urged Chris. And Mike looked around to see that everybody's facial expression echoed Chris' opinion (or demand rather), including the instructor, who had once again come out to join the feast.

"Uh Sir.. If you don't mind, I am really hot right now..." Said Mike (once again bouncing his pecs as if involuntarily) to the instructor, who was gaping wide eyed at the blatant over-development of pectoral muscle he had ever set his eyes upon, his emotion reflected in this pants.

"As if we don't know" cried someone from the back, punning on the word `hot' to everybody's laughter.

And then, taking the instructors gaping silence for a yes, he, aided by his pals, put up the most erotic muscle show ever to be staged in a carpentry workshop! At first, he lifted the shirt from under the belt, slowly pulling up the fabric which was sticking like glue to his eight-packs, revealing a pair of packs at a time to everybody's delight. Then, as he reached the soffit of the pecs, he gave up helplessly, as the expanse of his chest and the forward projection was too much to enable him to pull the shirt off with his hands crossed. So he settled instead by rolling up the shirt from bottoms up, until it rested just over the twin-heaps of pec muscle, as if pulled up just in order to reveal them. The instructor once again rushed off to his room (or to the Bathroom perhaps!). Then as he sat under the fan dry, all the guys pounced on his pecs, copping a feel and asking him to bounce them or flex them tightly to show off the striations. One guy even asked his permission to kiss his pec, and when granted, ended up licking his pecs and suckling his nipples frantically, before he had to be pulled back by his pals to prevent an embarrassing scene which would develop if the worship went on like that.

Mike thoroughly enjoyed the day, and Chris commented that he was the first student to ever to give an instructor multiple orgasms in the middle of a carpentry class!!

Mike in the dorm

But Mike, as well as his pals, knew that classes were not the place for the real fun to take place. What happened there was just a trailer of what would happen later in the day back in their dorms.

Every evening, when Mike would return after his intense pec-centric workouts at the college gym, all the guys in his dorm would vie to worship and fondle his huge muscular pecs, hard and tight from workout, give Mike a blowjob (or get fucked by him, if Mike was in the mood for it) and have multiple orgasms the whole night remembering all this. Of late, this craze to worship his pecs had so intensified, (and Mike didn't want and unpleasantness amongst his friends), he had made a roster of sorts, earmarking a cyclic sequence of which day who would get to worship his pecs. The pec-worship society had grown so large that he now had to appoint two to three persons each day to simultaneously worship and jack off at his pecs' expense. After all, he didn't want to disappoint his friends. And he enjoyed it, most of all. For him, it was like a reward against the intensive hard work that he put behind maintaining his physique and developing his pecs.

Every day after workout, he would hold off his already engorged dick from shooting its load, as he really looked forward to the worship sessions. When he entered his room, all sweaty and tired, his tight t-shirt sticking like hell to his pecs, recessing into the junction of the abs and the pecs and outlining its shape in its entirety (as if the fabric too was getting a kick out of it !), he would find two guys (whose turn it was that day) waiting eagerly to worship, ready with a can of massage oil. Mike would be so tired that he would drop into his bed instantly. The guy would then slowly massage his pecs over the shirt to loosen them up a bit. And Mike would give a pec bounce to give the guy a kick out of it. Then he would slowly pull the shirt out over Mike's head (
it would invariably get stuck at the huge slabs of pec-meat, and there would be some effort involved in getting it out). Then, with Mike stripped down to only his jocks, the guy would apply the massage oil over Mike's body, particularly his pecs, because they were the sorest by the workout. He would rub the eight distinct and ripped packs of Mike's abs, his thighs, his baseball biceps, his shoulders and all the other muscles, reserving the pecs for the last. Then at last, he would knead and fondle the pec-mountains and suckle on the nipple as if expecting milk to ooze out, but all that oozed out was raw muscular power as Mike flexed his pecs and they bunched up and outward like he was holding two regulation footballs between his arms! Both Mike and the worshipper loved this intensely arousing pec-play, and sometimes Mike would oblige by giving the worshipper his trademark `pec-job'.

Now the pec-job was something which everybody wanted to experience at least once, but which Mike reserved only for the most satisfying of worshippers. Chris, his best friend, would get a pec-job every time he worshipped Mike. The pec-job was in fact a blow-job delivered by the pecs, and it could only be delivered by someone with pecs like Mike, as it made use of the deep crevasse-like cleavage between the billowing pecs. What Mike would do was place the worshipper's dick between his pecs in the ridge, and would alternately flex and unflex his pecs in a slow pulsating motion. As the dick grew harder, it would become more difficult to squeeze it between his pecs, so Mike would take it as a challenge and flex even harder, emitting animal-like groans, and the pulsating action would get faster and faster, all the while the dick growing harder and harder, when at last, just before orgasm, Mike would keep the dick stuck between his flexed pecs, without relaxing, so that it could'nt come out of the grasp, and give it the hardest sqeeze possible, resulting in the guy cumming like a madman all over Mike's pecs. The grateful worshipper would then smear his own cum over Mikes pecs and suck on them as long as it took for Mike himself to cum.

The unique thing about the pec-job was that the hands would not be utilized at all, but only the brute force of the pecs closing in on the cleavage. A guy who got a pec-job by Mike would be everybody's envy, and they would cum on hearing the experience itself!

Mike's roommate Chris

Since Mike's pecs were the source of such a lot of orgasmic fun for the guys at the dorm, the guys took it upon themselves to really `take care' of his pecs. In this duty, Chris, his best friend and roommate was ahead of every body else. Chris being his roommate would get the chance to shave his pecs every week, in addition to the rest of his muscular body, and keep them smooth as silk. He would shower together with Mike and soap up his pecs, rub them well, and lick all the day's sweat off the muscles with real devotion! Chris was also his wardrobe-stylist! Chris would make sure to suggest which shirt Mike should wear which would enhance the erotic display of the protuberant pecs for the classmates' delight. He even had a shirt with a small cut out in the middle of the pec-area, which when worn over Mike's expansive pecs, would open up like a window, giving a peek into the deep cleavage within. Once when asked by the teacher why he was wearing such a bizarre and obscene shirt, Chris rose to his defence saying that it was the latest style, and saw to it that from the next day, all the guys slit their shirts in the middle to corroborate Chris' statement, and Mike could safely wear that erotic pec-exhibiting shirt the whole week without any questions asked! And why not? Guys would get a kick out of it by poking their fingers in the hole between the pecs and getting a feel of the cleavage, when Mike would suddenly flex up his pecs so hard, that the guy could'nt get his fingers off, and what an awkward sight it created with Mike purposefully trying to move away from the guy, whose finger was stuck so hard between his flexed pecs that he had to follow him around!!

While most guys suggested that Mike should go shirtless while amongst his pals in the dorm, Chris came up with a brighter idea! Mike would wear a shirt that would not only give his pecs ample room to play around, but also highlight his pecs in the most erotic way! What Chris did was cut off the chest part of the shirt, so that when donned by Mike, the fabric would stretch out covering the rest of his body, leaving out the pecs to hang out in pride as if the huge bulk could not be contained and had to tear its way out of the shirt!. And wearing this, Mike would be free to flex, bounce and also get his pecs and nipples sucked as and when he wished.

So when it was time for Chris's 21st birthday, Mike decided to give him a gift that he would really cherish. After all, they had been room mates for a year and no one `took care' of his pecs more than Chris did. And what could possible be the best gift ever? A surprise pec-worship session which Chris could have only imagined in his wildest dream. Mike had been preparing for this surprise for the whole of the last month, working out only his pecs, so that they were at their largest when the birthday came.  On the night of the birthday, after the party that the dorm had given Chris, Mike slipped up to their room and waited for him to enter. When at last Chris entered, thinking that the day's celebrations were over, and ready to turn in for bed, that he got the wildest surprise of his life! When he switched on the lights, he found Mike sitting on the bed, wearing a tight t-shirt that really did justice to his pecs, and with the following words printed on the straining chest of the shirt "Your B'Day present lies behind. Please unwrap."

"What the fuck Mike!" cried Chris out of delight and bewilderment.

"Happy Birthday Chris! I had been planning this for the last four weeks, skipping classes to train my pecs all day. You will freak out when you see them. I am going to let you have the worship of your dreams, Chris. I hope you'll like it"

"Holy fuck Mike! I can't believe this is real! " said Chris, as he stood gaping at the humongous pecs `wrapped' in the t-shirt. He had not seen much of Mike the past few weeks, and had no idea he was preparing for something like this!

"Hell Mike, are you going to stand staring all day, or unwrap these mommas. They are dying in here" cried Mike, looking down at his pecs.

Chris needed no more temptation. He pounced on Mike, and, in keeping spirit with the `unwrapping', tore off Mikes shirt from his skin (as it was, taking it off would have been more difficult) and there was revealed the biggest pair of pectoral muscle Chris had ever seen on a guy Mike's age! He almost came at the sight of them, as Mike kept flexing them playfully to tempt Chris. Mike had really gained weight on his pecs the last few weeks, and the fact that all that muscle mass for Chris to enjoy was too much to seem true. They overhung a greater distance from Mike's body than he had seen any woman's breasts do. He had handled them countless number of times before, but tonight, they seemed new to him. They were larger and more defined and more shapely than he had ever seen them, and the cleavage was deeper than ever.

"Go ahead Chris, They are all yours tonight."

Chris, as if to verify what he was seeing was real, began squeezing and pressing the breasts in his hands frantically, and harder he squeezed, harder Mike flexed them , to prove their hardness. Chris then kissed the nipples and sucked on them with pleasure.

"Hang on Chris. How about some birthday cake!", interrupted Mike. Mike pulled out a birthday cake, ready with candles alight, from underneath the bed, and Chris at once blew out the candles, eager to get done with ceremony and continue with the worshipping. But to his surprise, Mike accidentally smeared the whole cake on his own chest.

"Uh oh, Chris, this needs cleaning up".

Chris at once started licking the cream off Mike's pecs, lingering over the nipples, and making circles around them with his tongue, and biting them, only to lose his grip when Mike flexed the pecs hard. In moments, he had licked the pecs clean, and was again sucking on the nipples and feeling Mike's muscles all over, when Mike said "Seems you like these nipples. Would you like to drink from them?"

"I don't know what you mean, but whatever it is, I would love to.", said Chris, without stopping his worship

Mike brought out a corked wine bottle, placed its neck in the cleavage between his pecs, flexed them hard, and pulled the bottle out. It was decorked, the cork remaining between his pecs!

"Its sucking time for you Chris.", said Mike, and started pouring the wine over his pecs. The wine began dripping off the pecs from the nipples, and Chris got his cue. At once, he started sucking at Mike's nipple like he had never sucked, drinking in the wine, as nipple and wine joined together to give Chris the hottest  sensation he had ever experienced, while using his hands to twist the other nipple, or feel the other pec as it bounced and flexed to his delight. He continued to suckle at Mikes nips till they became engorged with blood and so sensitive that Mike started groaning with pleasure, and crying "Suckle harder, baby."

At this point, Mike had to take off his jock to release his throbbing dick, enlarged due to all the sucking action on the nips. Chris did the same, for he too was hard beyond imagining, and seeing this, Mike said" I guess it's time to give you a butt-job". Chris knew of the pec-job, but this was new to him.

And saying this, Mike, now buck naked, lay down into a push-up position, with his throbbing dick almost touching the floor.

"What you have to do Chris is mount on my back, and position your dick in the crack of my butts. Leave the rest to me." Said Mike.

Chris obeyed ,and positioned his hardon between the Mike's butt cheeks(which, he observed, were more developed than the last time). Chris folded his arms across Mike's pecs, and Mike's gym-trained body began to crank out pushup after pushup. Every time, with the upward and downward motion of his body, his butt flexed and relaxed alternatingly, thus creating a pulsating action on Chris's dick. All the while, to aid the effort, Chris kept squeezing and fondling Mike's breasts with one hand as they responded to the workout, and playing with Mike's dick with the other. But the action of the bubble butt on his dick was so intense that he started moaning, and though Mike too was moaning out of the nipple action and the dick play, he had greater stamina than Chris, and Chris had to blow his load in Mike's ass before he could make Mike blow his.

The bizarre party ended with Mike fucking Chris in the ass, and Chris creaming once again simultaneously with Mike, and commenting that this was the best birthday he had ever had. Chris gave Mike's nips a good-night kiss and using Mike's pecs as pillows, he two went off to sleep (in which he had five wet dreams!)

The worship session was secretly recorded by Mike upon demand from the other guys who knew about it from beforehand, and it served as grade-A jack-off material for all the guys in Mike's dorm.

...to be continued upon feedback and response.