Mike and his Pecs II

By Peccable

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At the outset, I must thank all those fans of Mike and his pecs who wrote back to me saying they jacked off like crazy at my first story, and couldn't wait for the sequel. It was their inspiring mails that really gave me a hard-on and made me write this sequel. The `detention' part was inspired by a Mike-fan called Jack, who wrote to me outlining his wildest fantasies. So thank you Jack. And last but not the least, I must thank Neil and the MegaPecs group which initiated me into creating Mike. To them, I shall ever be ingratiated.

I really hope that this story will give you a real hard-on, but an advice- hold it till the end!




Mike is Back


We left Mike after that dream pec-worship session that he `gifted' to his roommate and best friend Chris on the latter's birthday. Couple of months have elapsed since then, and Mike is just into his second year at college. He has stepped up his pec workouts, and his pecs must be seen to be believed. They are like two inflated footballs stuck to his chest. They were now even more massive, fuller and rounder, with a very sharp and deep cleavage between them, from where, when fully flexed, all the fibres of the muscles could be seen to emerge and run across the pecs. Mike now had a completely focused workout goal- increase muscle mass in his pecs and definition in the rest of the body . Pecs were an obsession for him. It was as if he could spend his whole life doing this, just to test how far pec definition and size man could take. He and Chris had also explored more and more new ways of pec-worship, some which perhaps no bodybuilder had done ever before.


So Mike was enjoying his life. But then he was working hard to get those worshippable pecs, so it was not as if everything was easy-going. He pumped his pecs to the last fibre in the gym, and got his dick milked to the last drop of cum back at the dorm. His pecs had attained such a form and definition that he could practically seduce anybody with those monsters. Therefore, of late, his pals used to get a kick out of challenging him to seduce unexpected people at the most unexpected of occasions.


Mike's pec-seductions


One such challenge was posed to Mike by his pals when he was asked by his pals to seduce a complete stranger, and make him blow his load without Mike having to take his shirt off and show off his pecs. Mike accepted the dare, because he had complete faith in the seductive power of his pecs, The opportunity came when Mike and his pals were returning from a late night movie, and the tube station was deserted. They were waiting for the last train, and the only person near their group was a guy in his late teens. Mike went and sat by the guy's side on the bench. As usual, he was wearing a very tight tshirt, that showed off his pecs as if the fabric strained to contain the mega mass within. Mike could clearly see that the guy was getting turned on by his presence (who didn't?), so he initiated some small talk.


"Hi pal. Heading south?"


"Uh.. yes."


"Got some water on you? A bit thirsty."


"Ya sure." (He pulls out a bottle of water from his bag and hands it to Mike. Mike would accept later that this was sheer luck.)


"Thanks pal." (Starts drinking from the bottle) "Had a really great workout today. Mind if I wet myself a bit with it? Feeling really hot, you know."

Saying so, he poured out the whole of the bottle onto his chest, making sure to wet every inch of it. The result was a visual feast of the highest order. The thin fabric of his already tight t-shirt seemed to blend with the skin, becoming one with it. The wet fabric recessed into the pec-valley, as also underneath the pecs, and over the abs, spelling out each muscle of the 8 pack, clinging to it as if trying to help Mike with his seduction. His pecs were now an orgasm waiting to explode. The sight before the guy now was far hotter than a shirtless Mike. Its effect on him was utterly obvious. Unable to manage his hardon, he shifted his legs uneasily, trying not to look, but unable to do so. Mike made things worse for him.

"Thanks dude. These pecs were feeling really hot and sore, I can't wait to get back to my dorm and get them massaged by my roomie Chris. He does a great job of it", (and winking), "and, to tell you the truth, blows his fuckin' load doing it every night!"

This was too much for the guy. His boner was now visible even in his jeans, and could blow any moment. But just then, the announcement sounded, and the train was due in two minutes. Mike had to finish this fast. So, looking at his pants, Mike said, "It seems you too wouldn't mind doing it, would you? Come on, dude, cop a feel, and see if you can squeeze them hard enough." Mike bounced his pecs without stopping, inviting the guy to squeeze them.

"No way man. Back off, you are insane!" blurted the guy, fighting against his raging boner and trying to avoid the greatest embarrassment of his life.

One minute to the train... It had to be done now, or lose the challenge, thought Mike.

"Well, up to you, Just one minute left, and there's no one here to see. But you'll be missing out on the biggest, hardest, juiciest, hottest and most cock-a-hoop pair of pecs that you ever had the chance of laying your hands upon, mate! No one I know has ever refused such an opportunity. A lil' squeeze would do no harm. I'll be getting mine when I get back to the dorm. Rather it will ensure you wet dreams for the rest of your active sex life! But still, up to you mate, up to you." (and sighing and flexing his pecs hard) "Oh Chris, how I am missing that worship you are so good at! That pec-squeezing...that nipple kissing... And how can I miss out the cum which you smear on my pecs after blowing that enormous load...My my... I had completely forgotten how your thick and throbbing dick feels when squeezed between my flexing pecs..."

The guy succumbed. As the sound of the upcoming train became audible, he held out his hand and just as he placed his palm on the skin-like fabric of the wet shirt in order to savour the hottest moment in his life, Mike gave a real hard flex that turned the sagging mound of flesh into a rock-hard display of striations.

WHAM! That was it. As the guy squeezed harder than he ever squeezed, trying to verify if the muscular footballs were really human flesh, Mike lost no time in unzipping the guy's fly, putting his hand in, and pulling out his bloated pre-orgasmic cock, which, on the slightest touch, erupted into multiple jets of cum, shooting hither and thither like a shotgun gone mad, some of which landed on Mike's pecs which were now being frantically sucked at by the guy.

At this, there was a spontaneous applause, and looking up, both Mike and the guy saw that the train had come, deposited its passengers, and gone. Some of them had now gathered to join the fun and ensure wet dreams for themselves too. They had been witness to two unique sights. First, the most humongous pair of pecs they had ever seen in their mundane lives, and second, a jack-off session in a tube station.

Mike had won his first pec-challenge.


Pecs-hibition !

It was the first time that Mike ever got into trouble because of his pecs. Mike had by now grown so cocky about his pecs that he didn't think twice about wearing any of the new t-shirts that Chris (who, if we remember, had become his unofficial wardrobe stylist) designed for him lately, and there was one professor who seemed to get pissed of by this exhibitionism. He was a young guy of about 27-28, ad was actually a research scholar part-timing as a prof.

The first time he let his (dis)pleasure known to Mike was when the latter wore a tight-fitting tshirt (as usual) which hugged his pecs perfectly, with the following words written across the chest:

Only His pecs must be bigger, coz He's got more worshippers.

"What does this profane statement mean, Michael, the class would like to know?", asked the prof.

"Well, professor", said Mike, standing up and taking a deep breath to further inflate his pecs to the point that they almost tore the fabric of his tshirt, "it says that only His pecs must be bigger, coz He's got more worshippers! Its got to be true sir, as He has the whole world to worship him, and I have just my dorm mates."

A huge laughter from the entire class made the issue die down that day, only to resurface the next day when he wore another one that said:

Don't stare at these. Your arousal is showing.

"Michael, it troubles me to pull you up once again, but surely can you explain this time what the offensive graffiti on your shirt endeavours to convey?"

"No offence meant sir. It just refers to the very natural and involuntary reaction that most healthy and normal guys have on perceiving my above-average pectoral development," and, looking down at the prof's crotch, "and I don't think I am wrong, either, Sir." Then he gave his massive pecs an obscene bounce right in the face of the prof.

This time, the guffaws were even louder. The next day, Mike had it in store for him. He wore to class the most erotic t-shirt ever. It had one side of the chest carefully cut out so that one pec could stand out of the hole, the other remaining hidden. Over this (the covered pec) was printed:

Want Both?

As soon as the prof entered the class and saw Mike, he pulled him up and shouted" Enough Michael. I will not have any more of this obscene cockiness on your part. Detention today, in my room, 8.00 pm sharp. I'll teach you to behave."

Detention with the Prof


Mike was a bit pissed off about the detention, as nobody ever got detentions in college. He told Chris that the last shirt of his was a bit too loud, and that he should not have forced him to wear it to class.

"Come on Mike. Didn't you notice the bulge in the prof's crotch when he saw it? He probably wants to worship you, that's why he's called you over. Don't worry, he's young, he's got a dick, and all he needs is one of your pec-jobs."

However, Mike wore a shirt this time, when he turned up for detention in the prof's room. It was evening, and the room being in one extreme wing of the college, the place looked a bit deserted. Mike's suspicions were confirmed when the prof asked him to bolt the door behind him as he entered. Mike now knew he had to seduce an already aroused prof, and with his pecs, nobody could be better at it!

"Good evening Mike. I see that you have decided to cover yourself completely this time."

"Uh, Sir, if you don't want it, I can take it off..."

"Still that confident cocky attitude, eh? Lemme see what there is about your above-average pectoral development that you are so shamelessly boastful about."

At this, Mike obliged by flexing his pecs so hard, that the top two buttons of his shirt, which was already fighting to contain the pec mass, tore off and flew away, offering a sneak into his intensely ripped and flexed pecs in all its voluptuous curves, then looked up down at the prof's crotch, and got a further confirmation. But he wouldn't make the first move. The prof had called him for detention, so it would be he who would reveal his lust himself. Mike merely smiled and said, "Here they are, Sir," and gave his pecs a bounce, one at a time, and then together. It was as if the pecs were speaking a language by the bounces, and saying "Worship us."

This was too tempting for the young prof whose hardon was straining against his pants. "Well, Mike. I must admit that you do have a most magnificent set of pecs, in addition to one of the most well sculpted physiques I have ever seen. I will be frank with you, so that we can get down to the detention. You were right the other day about any guy not being able to hide his hardon on seeing this pair of muscle-balloons, and I am no different. I can't wait to lay my hands on these fuckin' babies, and my dick was never harder."

"All right, Sir. As you wish", and, taking off his shirt, "and if you care to take off your clothes, I will be too glad to make this evening the most memorable detention of both our fuckin' lives." And so saying, he took off his trouser, and his jock, revealing a rock hard, and thick 8 incher that cantilevered horizontally out from his crotch .The prof was also naked by this time, his dick vertically erect, and had started to squelch Mike's pecs with his hands.

"Try to cup these babies in your hands and give them a squeeze, Sir. They'll love it. Oh, they seem to be too big for your palms, Sir. Well, all you can do is suckle the nipples with your mouth."

It was the supreme moment of muscle-worship: a professor, not able to control his lust for a hunky student's massive pecs, sucking on his nipples and licking his pecs all over to savour the raw muscular heat that they were emitting. It spoke only of the supremacy of Mike's pecs. Mike loved it.

Mike then sat the prof, who couldn't lay his hands and mouth off Mike's pecs even for a second, on the table, himself sitting on the chair opposite, and placing the prof's boner along the ridge between his pecs, began giving him the pec-job. Slowly and slowly, he flexed and unflexed his pecs, increasing the tempo and degree of flexure gradually, as the prof kept his palms on each of the pecs, testing and feeling the alternating softness and hardness as Mike flexed and relaxed his pecs.

"Do you like it Sir? Guys at my dorm call this a pec-job. They will do anything to get it from me. I of course, reserve it for the true worshippers only. Can you feel the muscular male power that my pecs are delivering to your dick?"

"Michael, you were wrong. Not even God's pecs are bigger. Do you realise it? U ARE A GOD, MIKE. A fuckin' god of muscularity and sexual prowess. "

Mike's squeezing of the prof's dick gained tempo, and got harder and harder.

"In that case, would you mind if I wear that shirt again sir?"

"I wouldn't mind if you wore nothing Mike. Aah...harder..."

Mike gave the prof's dick the ultimate squeeze and it blew its load for an entire five minutes, flooding Mike's pec-valley. Then Mike made him lick it off his pecs, which he did with eagerness.

But by this time, Mike's cock was also throbbing for attention. Mike lifted the prof with his hands, placing his legs on either side of himself and drawing him closer, arched himself backwards in order to support the prof's weight, wrapping his own arms around the prof's back to hold him in place. In this posture, with the prof effectively sitting on Mike's crotch, and Mike arched backward, Mike drove his cock into the prof's ass and started giving pelvic thrusts, whose frequency grew gradually, all the while, the prof playing with Mike's pecs.

"Feel the rhythm as I thrust my dick into you Sir, and match it with your squeezes, "ordered Mike.

It was a sight to behold- a muscular guy supporting a worshipper mounted astride his crotch, sucking his pecs, and the guy delivering forceful pelvic thrusts as he drove his cock into the worshipper's ass. It was an athletic feat that rivalled anything in Kamasutra!

As Mike neared orgasm, he cried out "Squeeze my pecs harder, you fuckin' prof. Is that all you got? I can't even feel it. Feel how hard I am fucking your ass. Look at their size, fucker, and lick it all up. Kiss them...squeeze them...bite them...do any fuckin' thing...AAAHHH..."

And Mike came with that final vulgar and forceful thrust of his groin. And he came so hard that the prof himself blew his load all over Mike's sculpted abs once again and fainted. Mike's tremendous orgasm lasted for ten long minutes, at the end of which, he fell backwards onto the ground, drained of all energy, with the prof over him.

"This was heaven, Mike, and you are God," were the last words the prof could say before blacking out. Mike had screwed a professor for the first time. And he had screwed him hard.

Back at the Dorm -- The Group-Jackathon

Mike's physique was now a life-size hard-on. His pecs were a work of art, as was the rest of his body, his incredibly ripped abs, his vein-traversed biceps, and his beautiful and thick 8.5 inch cock. The sight of him in the nude, bouncing his pecs was more than enough for anybody to cream in his pants big time. But it had all started in his dorm, where he first learnt the pleasures associated with his big pecs. Therefore, it was for the buddies at the dorm that he always reserved the hottest pec entertainment. One such was the group-jackathon.

It was almost like a game, and the best thing about the group jackathon was that any number of his friends could participate in it. It was one of the most sensual and erotic experiences that his friends had ever experienced, and it tested your pec-devotion to the utmost. And also your dick control.

About 15 to 20 of his friends would gather in the locker room. They would strip naked tie each other's hands behind their backs, and stand side by side in a line waiting for Mike to appear. Mike would enter wearing a tight shirt, the buttons of which were straining at the pecs, and a jockstrap beneath, At the very sight of him, the guys' cocks would start hardening. What Mike would put up then was perhaps the most erotic show of muscle ever.

He would slowly flex his pecs, taking care to flex fiber by fiber, so that with the increasing size of the pecs, each of the top three buttons of his shirt would break off one by one, automatically revealing his pecs, like a curtain rising to inaugurate a show. Most of the guys' dick would have sprung to attention, but their hands being tied, they could not do anything to relieve it. Well, the whole point of the game was that if you wanted to see the show till the end, you would have to will your dick to hold off, which would be a difficult task against such temptation.

By the time all the three buttons had ripped off, and his flexed pecs come into full view through his partially unbuttoned shirt, each fibre and vein on the massive muscle mounds calling the guys' attention, some two to three guys would already shoot their load, and would immediately have to leave the locker room. They would not be party to the rest of the show.

The other guys, who had managed to hold on till then would beg, "Please Mike, just hang on. Let our dicks cool down a bit. Please..."

But Mike would not heed any such pleas. The muscle-show must go on. Mike would proceed to tear off the rest of the buttons, revealing his incredibly corrugated 8-packs, to further moans and pleas of restraint. Then, with just his jock on (straining to contain his burgeoning cock), he would arch his back and aim a few suggestive pelvic thrusts randomly at some of the guys. Invariably, those unlucky ones would come huge loads, and out they went. He would then slowly take off his jock, and the sight of his huge 8.5 incher springing erect would make one or two more guys shoot voluminous loads instantly, cursing themselves at their lack of self control.

The guys who had fought up till now would be subjected to the severest seduction in their lives, without their hands to help them relieve themselves. Mike would begin the real pec-show. He would bunch up his pecs into balls, and say" Hey you pecfuckers, you think your pathetic dicks can resist the force of these bombs?", and so saying, would begin bouncing his pecs alternately, and intermittently flexing them to display the ripped mass.

"Stop it Mike...stop...Aaah...", and the guy who shot his load would instantly have to leave the locker room, at the moment when he least wanted to.

Mike would look at the remaining 9-10 guys and say, "Look at these mothers. They are so massive. Look at the way they are bouncing. I think they are dancing. Oooh... I think I am going to shoot a load myself. Wonder how you pathetic suckers are clinging on"

One or two more would shoot their pent up loads, unable to take it any longer. Now Mike would begin a personal teasing of the remaining 8-9 guys, who were determined to hold on till the end. Those who had lost on previous occasions had heard from other winners what they had missed.

"Hey Jake. Look at me, I am talking to you. Do you love these pec-monsters or not? Look at their mass and definition. Then why are you not blowing your pathetic load?".

Exit Jake.

"Hey Kyle. Trying to look away, eh? Well, here, on my chest, are perched two large spheres, trying to emerge from my body. Observe them as they try to inch away from my body as I flex them. Just see how far they protrude. Don't you think they may fall off?"

Exit poor Kyle.

"Matt here seems to be showing some real control. But Matt, look at this pair of muscle-balls. Hell yes, they are like an extra pair of balls for me! The harder you squeeze them (flexes them so hard that the become almost spherical), the hotter my dick(and yours too) gets! Look at them..."

Exit Matt, creaming the biggest load of his life.

"And Jon, I couldn't think you could take so much when you creamed like a hose pipe when I last gave you a pec fuck, remember? Your dick, my pecs, flexing, try to remember Jon..."

Exit pathetically creaming Jon.

At the end of the round of personal seductions, there would be about six to seven guys left who had survived the intensive attack by Mike. Now in the last leg of the jackathon, the remaining participants would have to reverse their urges. Till now, they were holding off their dicks from blowing their loads. Now, they would have to will their dicks to reach a hyper-sensitive pre-orgasmic state as Mike put on the most intense part of the pec show. He would flex frantically, strike a most muscular to show off the striations, or a side chest to display the extent of protrusion of the pecs from the body. He would insert his fingers into the pec-ridge to measure the pec-depth, he would squeeze his own pecs and say cocky things like "They feel so hard. Wish your hands were untied so you could cop a feel too...They can bounce like mad...oh God...my pecs are insane!"

Actually, he was working up for his own orgasm also. However, even at this penultimate moment, some guy would cream like shit, and leave the game. Then, when all the guys would moan aloud to express the attainment of that very sensitive penultimate pre-orgasmic state, when a little physical touch was all you needed to make life worthwhile, Mike would give their dicks the first physical touch since they themselves tied their hands, and the last they would need. He would go from guy to guy, insert each erect pointing dick into his pec-valley, and give it a deep flex, thereby squeezing it hard, then leave it to cum, and quickly move on to the next guy. In this way, each guy would begin cumming one after the other as soon as they got their dick-squeeze, as if Mike had opened the flood-gates at an overflowing dam!

It would be a sight to behold and savour. All six guys moaning like wild beasts and cumming jets of far-shooting cum simultaneously and incessantly, directing each of their loads at Mike's pecs. It would be an orgy of cum, a cum-storm to say the least. Some of the hardest cummers in the dorm, all shooting their biggest loads at Mike's pecs. His pecs had created that immense load in their dicks, and would now get it back in equal measure, as hot blobs of cum fell on him from all sides. Mike would try to take some of it in his mouth, but there was so much that it didn't matter. Overwhelmed by the sight of six young jocks shooting cum at his pecs, Mike himself came like a reciprocating pump, shooting loads and loads of hot cum for minutes on end at the centre of a circle the guys would now form around him! The initial bouts of cum went so far that they landed out of sight. By the time they finished cumming to the last drop, the entire locker room, as well as Mike, would be covered pec to dick in a coat of the hottest cum from six young male jocks. They would then lick off their own cum to clean off Mike, taking special pleasure in the licking of his pecs. They had blown enough load for each one to lick to his heart's content, and still have a second helping, before some of them would come once again due to all the muscle-licking.

They deserved this moment. They had proved themselves capable of the ultimate pec worship. Their dicks had proven their allegiance to Mike's pecs. They were the ones who deserved that last pec-squeeze -- the most heavenly moment in a pec-worshipper's life, a kind of pec-triggered super-orgasm.

They were the ones who deserved the very best that Mike's pecs had to offer; just as Mike's pecs were the ones that deserved the very best they had to offer.


Did you too cum with Mike and the other jocks? If so, please write to me, with your comments, fantasies, experiences and hot pictures/videos. I personally respond to all my mails. -- Peccable (pecster.pecs@gmail.com)