Mike and his Pecs IV

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Disclaimer: Please excuse the typo errors. With one hand continuously taking care of my throbbing dick, I don't think I could have done better.




Twenty-one year old Mike came into his room, which he shared with his roommate and best friend Chris, exhausted and perspiring after an intense workout. Ever since he had realized, upon entering college, that his physique, and particularly his pecs responded well to workouts, and that they were an object of general admiration amongst his college-fellows, he had decided to devote as much time and energy as possible to the development of well-defined muscles, with specific enthusiasm towards the nurturing of his pecs. The aim was not over-musculature, but aesthetically-acceptable musculature with unimaginable definition and pectoral mass.

However, today, as he came into the room (in which Chris was present), he appeared a bit pensive. He was wearing a tshirt, which was pasted thin to his body by the sweat of the workout, and curved around the bulging pecs, making them as conspicuous as ever. Even the definition of his abs was visible underneath the wet shirt. Beneath, he was wearing shorts which hugged his intensely chiseled thighs so tightly that it seemed they could never be taken out. In short, Mike, after a regular workout, was a moving exhibition of muscle definition and muscularity. Even the blood-engorged veins were discernible underneath the fabric as they disappeared into the tight sleeve partially covering his biceps. Chris, his roommate from the very beginning, was of course delighted to see this, as he anticipated the intense worship session that would inevitably follow, now that Mike was back from workout. It was regular procedure. Neither of them would miss it ever, even for a day. Each felt that he owed it to the other for the sheer enjoyment that the other provided, Mike with his pectoral mass and development, and Chris with his unmatchable worship skills. This evening, however, Mike did not directly proceed into worship mode. As already said, he appeared a bit tensed and hesitant about something, and this worried Chris. He saw Mike walk up to the full length mirror (in his insanely tight tshirt and shorts) and stand before it in observation. Unlike other occasions, there was doubt instead of admiration for his own physique that was reflected on his face. He turned sideways and observed the projection and bulge of his shapely pecs beyond the torso. It was visible even with the shirt on, because the shirt clung to his muscles like skin, so much so that he did not need to take off his shirt at all to observe any of his muscles. Even the part of the thigh that his shorts covered exhibited their definition through the fabric, and the same went for his engorged dick which was crying for emancipation. He flexed his pecs and observed them bunch up, almost making his side profile resemble the letter `P'. He sucked in his corrugated abs and flexed them tight, so as to make the pec-bulge more obvious (not that it needed any obviation!). The best part about his upper body was that unlike most bodybuilder, his 8-pacs were nor the typical swollen and bulging types. Instead they were straight and flat, with the central ridge running deep, which made the bulging pecs more prominent in contrast. Many bodybuilders inspite of having great pecs, fail to impress in terms of their mass because the 8-packs bulge in competition to the pecs.

"What's wrong, Mike? Anything amiss in this work of art?" asked Chris walking up to the mirror where Mike was flexing, and embracing Mike's abs from behind, feeling them with his hands. "Doesn't seem so with me! Prime meat as ever. Look at these pecs man! Seems like they've grown since the morning! Absolutely pumped and waiting for worship. Lets get down to giving it the worship it is so craving for."

"Its Vince Crammer", said Mike.

Vince Crammer could be described as Mike minus the pecs. He was two years senior to Mike, and when Mike joined college, Vince was in his graduation year. He was captain of the athletics team, but unlike the slim and controlled musculature of athletes, his was an impressively defined physique, with every muscle rippling for attention. His was reputedly the hottest body on campus. When Mike joined the college gym, he himself was motivated by Vince's development and Vince often advised Mike on workouts and weights. However, as Mike went on to developing greater definition beyond Vince's expectations, Vince quite naturally grew jealous of him. In two years' time, Mike had not only surpassed Vince in muscular development and definition, but had also the added advantage of supremely developed pecs- something that Vince had not. His body was all pure muscle (and worship-material for many before Mike's advent) , but his pecs were completely average for his body type, and nothing when compared to Mike's. Mike's body became more popular in the dorms and hostels, (more because he offered a new meaning to muscle worship with his pectoral mass) and Vince rarely interacted with him, even in the gym. The jealousy was but obvious.

"Actually Chris, I am not so sure if everybody thinks this way," said Mike. "Back in the gym today, Vince Crammer was watching me work at the flies. Well, you know how I have admired Vince's body ever since I joined college. So I thought let me crank out a few extra reps just to impress Vince, and I pumped away at the flies till my pecs were up to bursting point. Then I walked up to Vince and put up a pec show for him, bouncing and flexing in expectation of the usual response. When I asked him, "What say, Vince, about the pump? Looks like they'll burst any time, eh? Just cop a feel, why don't you?" this is what he said, and what has left me confused since:

"Well Mike, if you really want to know what I think about your legendary pecs, then I think they are disgusting. They are an aberration of muscular development. They look repulsive to me. I mean Mike, just look at that mass hanging out of your shirt like- like boobs or something! Shit man, men's pecs are not meant to look like boobs. You think I'm jealous cuz I can't work myself to get a pair like yours? Hell no man, I very well can, but I won't. Why should anyone work his pecs to such proportions? I don't want people staring at my chest when I walk past, wondering what is stacked inside, silicon balls or pillows. A normal man expects a chick's chest to have the bulges, not a jock's. A jock has the bulges in his pants, not in his pecs! Hell man, what a waste of muscle! Its sick and its depraved. If I were in your place, moving about with a pair of sacks on my chest, I would do my best to hide them, instead of showing them off at the slightest provocation like you. Stop flexing them for me, save it for your perverted cronies in your dorm who jack off at them!"

"Having said this," continued Mike, "Crammer spat on my pecs, and left the gym, saying that this was the last of such perversity that he would ever lay his eyes upon! "

"Come on, Mike" said Chris, "you can't possibly take that Crammer guy seriously. He's jealous of your pecs, and has never tried to hide it. When you did that pec show in front of him, he was faced with the sheer muscular reality of whatever he had heard of or fantasised, and reflecting upon his own deficiency in the pec-department, took it arrogantly. That's all."

"Perhaps you're right, Chris, but still I wonder if these pecs are really worth the obsession that I have put into their development. Convinc me, Chris, convince me.", said Mike.

"I'll also show that Crammer sucker what these pecs are worth, and make him cum on the very muscle on which he has spat. But for now, let me show you what they are worth. Just stand still, in front of this mirror, in side profile. Don't budge, just keep looking at the mirror as I remove your doubts before your own eyes. Just look and listen, and you'll be laughing at your doubts even before I/m half done with you."

Mike knew this was one of Chris's new worship ideas, and so he obliged by standing still, in side profile to the full length mirror, staring at his own reflection clad in body-hugging shorts and t-shirt.

Chris went on: Now stand absolutely relaxed. Don't flex a muscle unless I tell you. Close your eyes for a moment, forget that you ever had this conversation with Crammer, or that you have a muscular pec-endowed body at all. When you open your eyes, look at the mirror as if you are staring at an outsider, not at your own reflection. (Mike shut and opened his eyes.) What you now see before you is a 21-year old strapping young stud, and perhaps one of the very few members of his age with such muscularity. He's wearing a tight t-shirt, or rather an ordinary t-shirt rendered tight by his muscle mass, as is common with all muscle bound jocks of his age. What then sets him apart as a desirable object from the other muscular jocks? Is it the vein-traversed bicep, now semi-covered by the sleeve, which threatens to blow up at the slightest flex of the forearm and send the sleeve rolling up into the valley between the bicep and the shoulder? Is it the corrugated and highly defined eight-pack abs that are showing even under that flimsy shirt of his? Is it the traps? Is it the lats? Is it the thighs which are making fun of the shorts? Or is it even the 8.5" hard dick which is more revealed than hidden by the shorts? No, what sets this hunk that you see Mike before you apart from the rest are undoubtedly this monumental bulge that you can so readily appreciate in side profile. The pecs. The only region of pure and concentrated muscular accumulation."

Mike was already hard at these descriptions of his own musculature, and hoped that Chris would not make him stand still and calm for much longer without release. However, he was willing to go the whole way...

"If you still think these pecs are nothing that the hunk in the mirror should boast about, then take a look at this. Observe as I slowly roll up the tshirt up his abs. (Chris carefully tuned the edge of the tshirt all around so that it would easily roll up instead of sliding past Mike's skin. Wasn't difficult, given the fact that it was tight on his body, and wet with exertion.) Observe Mike as the individual serrations in the abs are revealed one by one. In side profile, what you are seeing is a progression of small mounds being unravelled, Four in number, representing the 8-pack abs which are so clearly defined in this hunk's abdomen. Now I'm rolling it against the bigger mound, and I'll allow it to rest at half the distance between the nipple and the shoulder, so that you can appreciate the glistening mass. Observe the curve it's a sagging curve, with the bottom portion heavier and more massive than the upper, and consequently the nipples pointing downward due to the weight, This is because the muscle is relaxed. I can even cup the two masses in my palms (Mike's dick gives a surge as Chris touches his pecs and plays with them) and lift them. They play into my hands like dough though tough dough. I can even squeeze them and lift them higher, because they are relaxed. However, observe now as I ask the subject to flex them. (Mike flexes his pecs and holds the flex till further instructions.) They are now a completely different entity. They no longer play into my hands. They are hard as rocks. Even the curvature has changed from bottom heavy to centre-round and the nipples are looking straight ahead. The smoothed topography has changed revealing striations running across. Look as I pound them ineffectively with my fist. They just wont give- way too hard and dense. Just to make the contrast clearer, I'll ask the guy to relax one of his pecs. (Mike does so, holding the other in flexure.) Now look at the sheer contrast in the nature of the two adjacent muscles one I can squeeze and fondle with my palms, the other as solid as a rock. (Chris pumps the relaxed pec with his palm while pounding the hard one alternately, and this makes Mike scream out loud begging for Chris to strip him of his shorts and take care of the throbbing boner inside them. Chris however does not relent.)


"Now let us explore another aspect of the pec muscle", continued Chris, "that of suckability", something which no other muscle group on the male body offers, except the dick. Now look on as I suck with my mouth on one of the pecs of the hunk in the mirror, while I leave the other unsucked. (Mike knew where this was headed, and pleaded desperately to let him take his pants off. Chris allowed this concession, knowing very well the outcome. Chris then began sucking one of his pecs as he looke don in the mirror. This time, he even felt the action, since it was his own pec which was being sucked, and he could barely prevent the cum from flowing towards his dick. At first Chris sucked with just his lips on the nipple akin to sipping action using a straw. This made the nipple engorge with blood and grow larger in size, even as Mike howled in pleasure as the juices ran wild in his body, all headed for release towards his dick. However, as soon as the nipple was large enough for Chris's liking, he changed the sipping-with-lip action to a sucking-with-mouth action. He first lubricated the nipple and its surrounds with his moist tongue, and then applied a whole rhythmic suction force not just to the nipple, but to the peak region of the pec-muscle surrounding the nipple with all the force his mouth could offer. He sucked wildly, and Mike's dick responded with equal wildness, now standing horizontally straight at just above 8.5 inches and ready to burst. Mike, forbidden to move a muscle, could only close his eyes and groan and howl in an orgiastic pleasure. However, he willed himself to hold back until Chris was done with his sucking. Finally, when Chris had sucked Mike's pec to his own exhaustion, he stood back and observed the results.


"Now look at the mirror once again", said Chris to Mike who had shut his eyes begging for release, his cock stimulated by the intense sucking session, " and you can clearly see for yourself that the pec that I have been sucking upon is visibly protruding an inch beyond the unsucked pec."

At this, Mike opened his eyes and in his side profile in the mirror, saw that it was indeed true. His left pec, the one which had been sucked and which was farther away from the mirror, clearly projected a visible inch beyond the profile of his right pec, and it was red and sensitive due to the sucking action. Its shape too was more pointed than the unsucked pec.

"Fuck Chris! I never knew that was possible! You have sucked my fucking pec out of its original size! Holy fuck man! Its protruding almost an inch longer than normal! ", exclaimed Mike.

"Well, I think the same might be true for your dick, though I haven't even touched it!", said Chris, feeling Mike's iron-hard almost 9-incher in his hands. He gave it a casual squeeze with one hand, unaware of the over-stimulus it was already under, and with the other, he clutched the oversensitive nipple and gave it a twisting motion. Mike went "Aaaaaaaah...hooolyyyy Chris..." as his dick started spewing bolts of cum hither and thither, throbbing and pulsing for an unusually long time. Even as the cumming was in progress, Mike cried out "Look at that bolt of cum...it landed out of sight! Fuck holy Chris! You never fail to make me surpass myself!"

Chris went behind Mike, and slid his hands to the sides of his pecs. He turned him toward the mirror, and squeezed his pecs from the sides so that the valley between them converged to a crack, and said, "Now if you are convinced about the worth of your own pecs, perhaps you will consider giving me a pec job to relieve my own modest 7.5 incher? "

"You can fuck me, and fuck me hard for ever having doubted the worth of pectoral development. As for that musclehound Vince Crammer, he's in for the revelation of his life..." said Mike, grateful to Chris for revealing to him yet another dimension of pectoral pleasure.

They went into the bathroom, and Chris fucked and worshipped Mike in the bath-tub. So exhausted were they after the fucking that they fell asleep naked in the tub itself, and when they awoke next morning to discover their hardons, they had another round of sucking and fucking before finally coming out of the bathroom!





Ever since Chris had awakened Mike to the suckability of his pecs, Mike spent more and more time during worship getting his pecs sucked. What he like about it was that after an intense sucking session, the tip or peak of his pecs would be red and sore, and his nipple pointy and erect. Mostly he would just get one of his pecs sucked, so that he could appreciate the difference. The sucked pec would be redder and bigger, and sport a pointier and more sensitive nipple than the unsucked one. When he put on a shirt after a sucking session and went about his work, he would love the feeling as the already tight facbric continuously chafed against the sensitive nipple over his bulging pecs, and this would mean a constant hard-on in his pants. Chris too never missed out on any chance to suck Mike's pec. Typically, a sucking session in their room would go on for long hours, and involved the least amount of physical movement, giving at the same time the greatest degree of sexual stimulation. Mike would lie down naked on the bed on his back, the bulge of his pecs accentuated by the flatness of his serrated abs. The only other projecting object would be the absolutely vertical, hard, thick and piping hot 8.5 inch dick. Chris would suck at one pec (usually he sucked at the same pec always, so that the contrasting difference between the two pecs accumulated over time). Mike would tuck his hands underneath his ass so that he wouldn't try jacking himself out of impulse. That would make it hotter- if the ultimate load blew without any mechanical stimulation of the dick. The only action that took place was the incessant sucking by Chris. He never paused, even for an instant. However, to supplement the sucking action, he would use his hands to squeeze and feel the other pec, and Mike would now and then flex it for Chris's pleasure. Mike would also intermittently flex the pec being sucked, just to remind Chris that it was pure hard muscle meat that he was sucking, and that were it not for the fact that it was relaxed, Chris would as well be sucking fruitlessly at a piece of rock! For both Chris and Mike, it was like heaven. Chris would gradually keep increasing the tempo of the sucking action, and Mike's cock woul respond to it by constantly oozing out pre-cum. Mike would close his eyes and just allow the pleasure to pervade him, all the while visualizing the pec post-sucking, and Chris would keep sucking like a madman, his own dick engorged beyond proportions. This simple `one-pec-sucking and the-other-pec-caressing' action would go on for anything like an hour to ninety minutes, until both of them had cum. Usually they blew their loads together such was the synchronization between the sucker and the sucked, and when they blew, it would be a sight to behold. Mike's vertical cock would send out fountains of cum up into the air, while Chris would have his dick, at the final moments, squeezed and pulsated in the valley between Mike's pecs, ultimately blowing his load all over them. After the cumming, Mike would go up to the mirror and admire the effect of the sucking. He would run his hands over the pecs, feel their firmness, fullness and rotundity, and sometimes that itself would make him spew some further bouts of post-cum. Marvelling at the reflection of his pecs in the mirror, Mike would say to Chris, "Look man, just look at what you have done to this pec. Feel what you've fuckin' done to it, and suck some more", and so saying, he would catch hold of Chris's head and smash his face into his pec, forcing him to suck it some more. The perma-sucked pec would sport an engorged nipple, and the muscle peak itself stood out an inch beyond the other pec. Mike came to consider the sucking session as part of his pec workout. Even after an intense session with flyes and bench-presses which would inflate his pecs to an obscene max, he would still not consider his pecs pumped to the prime until they had been sucked upon. So a workout would always be followed by a `suckout' by Chris. After the suckout, Chris always loved to compare the consistency of the two pecs by cupping them in his palms and squeezing them very gently, and hen tightly upto the point when Mike flexed them to rock-hardness which made any more squeezing impossible.

It was as if the pec served as an alternative sucking point for the dick. The more it was sucked, the harder you became, and the harder you came. It could easily be called an alternative or additional sexual organ.


Mike had Chris had by now given each other so much amounts of pleasure that each felt it his duty to satisfy the other whenever the other demanded. So it was that they had reached a mutual agreement that whenever and wherever Mike wanted his pecs and muscles worshipped, cock sucked, or wanted to relieve himself by fucking, Chris would always oblige, and whenever Chris got horny and wanted to worship Mike's pecs and body, take care of a boner, fuck him or have himself fucked, Mike would also oblige.

As part of this mutual understanding, Chris made remain shirtless whenever the two of them were in the room, so that he could get horny all of the time by looking at his pecs. Mike would mostly wear tracksuits over jockstraps, and torso would be bare. The band of the jockstrap generally peeked an inch above that of the tracksuit, an the net effect was very erotic: First a huge set of musclebags the pecs, giving way abruptly to a straight and sculptured 8-pack, which disappeared into the jockstrap,leaving the rest to imagination. This way, Chris could fondle his pecs and feels is abs whenever he wanted. At nights, since it usually involved intense muscle worship, both of them went naked. Chris loved to go off to sleep resting his head either on Mike's flexed bicep, or on his pillow-pecs. Often when Mike was asleep, naked ofcourse, Chris would admire his perfect physique by running his hands over the pecs, over his abs and down to his cock, which would mostly be erect even in his sleep (possibly because of some erotic dream or other). Many a times, when Chris was woken up by Mike's moanings in sleep, he would find that Mike's cock was throbbing erect the result of an ongoing wet dream. On such occasions, Chris would aid the process by sucking his pecs and jacking the dick, all to Mike's oblivion, making him cum in his sleep, without him ever coming to know of the fact. Mike also reciprocated this service of Chris' when he found Chris in his sleep having wet dreams about him. It was not uncommon to be woken up by Chris's gasping words like "Mike, you pecs are just too juicy...let me squeeze them and suckle them just once..." If he found Chris' bare hands held out in the air with the fist in a clutching and releasing action (which of course meant he was squeezing Mike's pecs in his sleep), Mike would straddle the sleeping Chris and bend over so as to bring his pecs within the grasp of the clutching fists, and Chris, unaware and blissfully would begin squeezing them and this would continue until he blew his load. At other times, Mike would find Chris' lips in a sucking action, and this he would respond to by bringing his nipple to the lips so that he could suckle at the real stuff he was so fantasising and dreams would thus be mixed with reality.

Other guys in Mike's dorm would often press Mike to allow them to worship his pecs, but Mike would always be very selective. After the standards set by Chris in pec worship, no other guy stood any chance. However, during his worship sessions with Chris, he would sometimes allow the other guys to stand by in their room and watch the fun. On the rare occasion that Chris blew his load before Mike and felt like letting someone else take his place, some very lucky guy would have the privilege of cupping and fondling and sucking Mike's pecs to bring him to orgasm. Given this scenario, the guys who stood watching Chris worship Mike would often egg Chris on towards a premature orgasm by saying words like "Oh come on Chris...you are almost going to blow your load you pecsucker...you can't take it any more...you've bitten off more of Mike's pecs than you can chew!....give up man...cum on and cum fast ...give us a chance at those meatbags..."



It has been narrated in the prequels as to how Mike loved to show off his pectoral development, and how his friend and roommate Chris helped in this by designing cocky tshirts for him to wear to classes that showed off his pecs, and which once infamously got him into trouble with one of his professors, and we have also seen how Mike got out of the same. What the two of them also like was to put up seemingly unintentional pec shows out in the public, when they went shopping or for other outings. Mike would typically put on skimpy clothes, mostly tank tops which would showcase his pecs to the max and strut around town, soaking in the ogling glances from the people on the streets. Let us follow Chris and Mike on one such day out.

As on all other days out, Mike had woken up early in the morning to do some bench-presses to pump his pecs, and then got Chris to suck them to their prime. The day being summer, it was not uncommon to see guys out in tank tops and shorts, so Mike too put on a tight-fitting tank top which hugged his body to the max, and the low neck revealed the cleavage most satisfactorily. The recently-sucked nipples, though covered by the shoulder straps, were distinctly peeking out from under them. The fabric being elastic, it hugged the underside of the pec in a curve so that instead of hanging vertically down from the nipple-downward, the fabric followed the curve of the pec and then stuck to the eight muscular packs of abs thereby faithfully expressing the curves of Mike's torso. However, since the shoulder straps were sufficiently long, they sometimes in the course of motion slid on and off the nipple, exposing and covering it randomly, so that the rubbing motion provided Mike with a constant source of pleasure. Beneath he wore what was meant to be loose shorts, but the muscular condition of his thighs made them look more like speedos, the striations straining for expression. Thus erotically attired, Mike went out in the open with Chris at his side, confidently walking, his pecs occasionally bouncing with the motion. On second thoughts, the attire was not erotic it was normal fare. The body it was trying to cover made it an erotic sight, for it accentuated the shapes of the muscles even more, and leaving what lay underneath to imagination, made the entire ensemble an almost obscene display of raw muscular and pectoral supremacy with each and every fibre of exposed muscle craving for attention and possibly worship.

Their first stop was the popular men's salon, where both of them wanted a haircut. The salon was almost empty, and the stylist who attended to them was a young guy, almost Mike's age, typically sporting a cool hairdo as all such salon attendants do. His expression on realising that here was a prime young muscle dude with egregiously developed pecs for a customer was one of obvious awe and disbelief, and Mike did not fail to notice it. However, he quickly settled down in the barber's chair, while was attended to by another stylist. Mike's stylist (Zack was his name) adjusted the chair and proceeded to cloak him with the sheet that is used to prevent hair from falling all over the body.

"Eh Zack, if you don't mind, I feel a bit uncomfortable with these cloaks. Please leave it out, if you will", said Mike.

Zack obviously did not mind, and in reality his cock gave a throb as he could now get an unhindered view of those incredible pecs. He proceeded to trim Mike's hair without the cloak, letting whatever hair would fall into the deep gorge between Mike's pecs, occasionally wishing that he could himself be one strand of such hair! Every now and then, Zack would brush his hands over the upper portion of Mike's pecs in his various manoeuvrings, and Mike, in order to tease him further, would flex his pecs inadvertently whenever Zack made contact. The haircut took an unusual length of time, for Zack made it sure that he took use of every opportunity to glide his hands over Mike's pecs, even if it be for fleeting moments. After the haircut, when Mike asked for a shave, Zack's delight was too obvious. A shave offered better chances of feeling those pecs. What he would do was extend the downward stroke of the blade while passing it under the chin, to and take it right upto the shoulder-blades, where the pectoral mass originated.

"Hey Man! Are you trying to shave my pecs or what?" barked Mike on Zack's third attempt.

Caught embarrassed, Zack replied, "N-No Sir, it's just that some customers prefer the entire visible neckline to be shaved, that's all. Very sorry indeed, Sir."

"Not me. Well, a face-shave and a pec-shave are two different things, " said Mike in an assumed serious tone." Stick to what you have been told to do."

"Absolutely Sir." And so saying, the embarrassed stylist quickly finished off the shave, this time trying no gropings or feelings in fear of being caught red handed again. After the shave was over, Mike observed himself in the mirror, and then looked down into his pec valley where a lot of loose hair had accumulated from the hair trimmings.

"Uh Zack, I know its my fault, cuz I myself refused the cloak, but a lot of hair has gone inside the tank and its irritating. If you could just brush them off..." requested Mike innocently.

Zack could not hide his amazement. It was showing through is trousers, where a wet spot had already occurred. He now realized that this hunk was here with the sole idea of teasing him. Hell, if this pec-hunk so wanted, who was he not to oblige?

"No problem at all Sir. I'll just look for a brush to dust off the hair..", and so saying, he pretended to fidget in the drawers looking for a brush, but with no intention of finding one. Understanding Zack's motives too well, Mike said,

"Oh just don't bother with a brush. I think some talc and your hands should suffice...", and so saying, he instantly pulled up his tanktop and allowed the folds to rest atop his pecs. His incredible chiselled torso, with the two slabs or more correctly balls of pectoral muscle attached to it was on complete display now before the eager stylist. At this first glimpse of what was until now hidden under that tight vest, Zack almost buckled with the sudden surge that his cock gave, and turned around to put his hands into his pocket to adjust his briefs for comfort. Mike just gave a knowing smirk and said, "Here you are, just clean the mess."

For Zack, even this offer was too overpowering and beyond his wildest fantasies. An entire set of prime jock-muscle, almost fresh from workout, 8-pack abs staring at him in incredible relief, and those pecs they alone were worth a hundred orgasms- ballooning out of the flat and chiselled abdomen, with those above-average nipples literally staring at him but he knew that there were more heavenly sensations to come, if he had judged his customer properly, and it too a great deal of resolve to control that spontaneous orgasm that was about to happen in his pants just when Mike had lifted the folds of the tanktop to reveal his torso. Zack promptly applied some talc to his hands and began brushing off the hair from Mike's pecs. The pure sensation of it the movement of his palm over the undulations of the muscle hunk's torse and over the mass of his pecs, topped by turgid and large nipples- was ethereal, but he tried not to gloat over it, lest he blow his load prematurely. He carefully rubbed his palms all over Mike's pecs, and even over the speed-breaker like undulations of the abs to remove all traces of loose hair, and when done, said "Here you are sir, all powdered and clean."

Mike turned to the mirror and observed himself, and then said to Zack, "Just a bit more hair is still trapped in between my pecs. If you could..."

Zack needed no prompting, He applied fresh talc to his hands and wedged his fingers between the pecs to clear the valley of irritant hair. This time Mike pulled that old time-tested trick he flexed just when Zack's fingers were deep inside the pec-valley clearing it of hair. Zack was taken by surprise as his fingers were locked in that vice-like grip between strands after strands of pectoral muscle-fiber flexed to stark relief, but before he could say anything, Mike relaxed, and the work was done.

"Thank you so much Zack for your excellent service." said Mike as he pulled down the tank top, much to Zack's dismay. He however was in no mood to let go of such super-prime jock meat so easily.

"Glad to serve you sir. If there is anything else I could do for you, anything Sir, I would be most glad to oblige. We like to satisfy our customers to the fullest extent sir, if you know what I mean." said Zack.

Mike had caught the cue. "Well, I generally get my buddy Chris to do it for me, but I was wondering if your salon does body-shaving as well, because as you have already seen, quite some hair has grown on my torso and other parts as well and it's high time I needed a full shave."

Now there are certain limits of seduction that a supremely aroused young man can endure, and the suggestion of giving the hunk before him a full-body shave was just beyond that limit by several degrees. However, he willed himself like he had never done, his dick crying out to him for release right there right then. He just shut his eyes to temporarily remove Mike's image from his mind and answered in measured tones, his breath audible and his heart thumping loud:

"Generally we do not provide full-body shaves. However, today is not a busy day and there is nothing that I er, we do not do for an incentive. I shall be most glad to give you a full body shave, assuming, and perhaps justifiably, that the incentives involved would amply make up for the special service. If you would care to step into the private parlour..."

"Don't bother about the incentives. You know as well as I that they shall be beyond your wildest expectations...However, I'd like my friend Chris to join us join you I mean, - since he's had plenty of experience in shaving me, and between the two of you, I hope you'll end up doing a professional blowjob I meant job.", said Mike.

"I would be most pleased to share your er, shave- your body with an assistant" replied the super-aroused Zack, his boner now consistently leaking pre-cum which it became impossible for Mike to ignore. So he said to Zack, indicating the wet spots, "Well perhaps you can take care of that before we begin, and I can assure you that you won't be any the poorer for having done so! Get your stuff ready while I go fetch Chris." said Mike, and went off to another section of the salon where Chris was being attended to.

"Hey Chris, that sucker of a stylist Zack is going to give me a full body-shave. Come and join the fun. I've been fooling with him for some while and he's totally hot for my pecs.", said Mike.

"I've already begun to sprout a boner at the thought of a threesome. My mind is buzzing with thoughts and ideas. Lets get going, Mike.", said Chris, and the two of them left the parlour and went into the private room upstairs which was generally used as a massage room.



As they entered the room, Mike could not tell if Zack had blown his load privately, because if he had done so, he was already erect again. This time however, he seemed to have disposed of his briefs, because his erection was forming a tentpole in his pants. There was a massage table the centre of the room, and Zack was waiting beside it with his lotions and creams and razors and other paraphernalia, eyes shining with lust and excitement.

"Meet Chris, my partner of many a body-shave and much more. He'll be helping you out.", said Mike to Zack. Chris and Zack shook hands, the latter with a twinge of jealousy for obvious reasons, and Chris said, "Lets get started if we wish to get anywhere, guys. Mike, shed the clothes and lie down on the table. Zack, we'll need some warm water to bathe Mike in, and then some gel...he prefers gel to cream actually..."

Even as Chris was belting out instructions to Zack, Mike had begun to strip. As he took of his tanktop revealing the mountainous slabs of pecs, Zack gaped at them helplessly, eyes burning with desire. Mike then took off his shorts, and proceeded to take off the jocks as well, when he perceived a look of disbelief in Zack's eyes.

"Well, I forgot to mention it Zack, but I prefer a Brazilian shave, if you know what that is, so I guess these would come in way...", and so saying, stepped out of his jockstraps and threw them aside, standing stark naked, his thick 8.5 incher, now semi hard, yet pointing almost straight outwards, as if beckoning Zack to come and service it along with all the premium muscle it was attached to. At this point, Chris explained to Zack that a Brazilian shave was one where the pubic hair was shaved off as well, and when Zack realised the full implication of what the task at hand was, he could not stop his throbbing dick from sending forth further bouts of precum. Mike, observing this, said "If anyone here has a problem with what they are wearing below their waists, it would be best to take them off."

Even as Zack proceeded to the door to lock it from inside for privacy, Chris had already begun stripping, and seeing him, he too divested himself of his salon uniform, standing full monty with an almost 7.5 inch dick full erect and spewing precum. Mike was now lying down on the massage-table, waiting for the shave to begin, and as Zack saw Mike's prostate body in its fullness, the pecs rising in a mound whose height was rivalled only by that of the huge and erect 8.5 inch dick staring up at the ceiling, covered now at the base with soon to be removed pubic hair.

"I have never seen such a more muscular, fuller, rounder and juicier set of pecs on such a young man as you, Sir." said Zack as he approached Mike with a basin of hot water and a couple of loofahs."

"Neither have I you horny guy, except of course in the mirror"., joked Mike." Now cut the horny talk and get down to work."

Zack and Chris shared the work between them. They took up a loofah each, dipped it in hot water and massaged Mike's body with it. Since it was Zack's first time, he was too enamoured with the pecs, so Chris took care of the other parts. Zack took special time to massage the two pec-mounds with steaming water, prior to application of lotion. To arouse Mike further, he let droplets of hot water drip one by one from the loofah right on to his larger nipples, and Mike moaned with pleasure. "For a first timer, you seem to know your job well, Zack.", said Mike.

Next came the shave-gel, which was generously applied all over Mike's muscles. Chris took care of the pubic hair part, making sure to wank Mike's rod once every while, but stopping before he could blow his load. All this while, Mike gave out moans and moans of ethereal pleasure. Zack applied gel to Mikes pes liberally, squeezing them and caressing them to his delight, and Mike made sure he flexed them every now and then for Zack's pleasure. When Zack's tube almost ran out of gel and he was pressing hard for the last bits of gel to come out of it, Mike asked him to place it in his pec-valley. He then flexed his pecs so hard that whatever gel remained in that tube spurted forth right onto his abs, and the tube was converted into a plate. Zack was overwhelmed by such a display of pectoral power. He cupped each pec in his hands and individually applied the gel, taking care to gently circle his fingers around the nipples, and then press them directly to Mike's howling moans of pleasure, which manifested in the form of precum that leaked at Chris' end where he was gelling up the pubes.

While fooling around with Mike's nipples, Zack could not help notice the obvious. "If I may ask you Sir, why is this nipple of yours so visibly bigger and pointier than the other? Seems very unusual to me."

At this, Chris, who was now gelling up Mike's muscular striated thighs after having played around with his cock upto pre-orgasmic state, smirked at Mike, and Mike explained, "Chris here is responsible for it. Three months of intense, unadulterated 24X7 pec-sucking has caused this difference. "

"You mean to say Chris has been sucking..."asked Zack.

"Oh yes,", interrupted Chris before he could frame his question completely. "I've been sucking that pec and that nipple, and sucking it big time", and as if to prove his point, he walked up to where Zack was standing, bent over to Mike's bulging pec, applied his mouth to the nipple and began sucking big time. This time it felt even better as the pec was lubed up with shaving gel. After a couple of minutes of sucking, to which Mike could but helplessly moan in insane pleasure, his throbbing dick spewing so much amounts of precum that it was difficult to say if it wasn't an ejaculation, Chris looked up at Zack who eyed him lustfully, as if begging to be allowed to do the same.

"Join in buddy," said Chris to Zack. "Are you waiting for your turn or something? There are two pecs. Suck away." So saying, both of them now sucked, one at each pec, and Mike cried out in immense pleasure, "Suck away you fucking pecsuckers while I'm still hard...Aaaahhhh...suck harder pleaaasssseee...Zack, are you kissing my pecs or sucking at it? I can't fel it man, suck harder...suck like Chris is sucking, suck like a suction pump...yeahhh...now that's better, you're a quick learner, Zack...Why did you stop Zack? Oh...you paused for breath..ha ha...you need to learn from Chris how to deliver non-stop and breathless...suck harder...I can feel it in my muscle, they're responding to your sucks, they want to grow...my meatballs want to grow even bigger, and you are helping them grow...oh heaven...aaaahhhhhh holy fuck...I can feel the bood flow towards my nips man...suck the daylights out of them guys...awwwwwww someone take care of my boner for heaven sake pleeeaaaaseeeee...I'm gonna cummmmmm"

At this, Chris stopped the sucking abruptly and pulled Zack's head out of the pec he was sucking at. " If we didn't stop now, he would have blown his load. We'll continue later with the sucking. You seem to have done a good job with the nipple, man...Its red hot."

Mike could not see his own nipples as he was lying on the table, so he felt them with his hands, and finding both to be uber-sensitive to touch, said "You guys have done a great job with the nipples. Though yours can't be compared to Chris' nipple as his already had a lot of headway, you still seem to have done a great suck-job. I can feel it."

Zack could not control himself and pounded on Mike's pecs, twisting the nips, squeezing the pectoral mass, trying to cup them in his hands, before Chris had to pull him away yet again. "Take it easy, Man...Lets finish with the shaving first."

Chris and Zack set down to shave Mike's body hair, which to begin with was not significant at the time, coz he had shaved it a month back. However, both the shavers to great care in shaving him, particularly when it came to the pecs and the abs. The pecs were so rounded in shape that the razor had to be carefully guided along the curve to avoid injury, and also care had to be taken to avoid grazing the already sensitive nipples. To be on the safe side, Chris covered each nipple by cupping them with the tips of his fingers while Zack shaved the rest. The challenge was shaving the hair that had begun to grow in the pec valley, as the deep ridge was inaccessible to the flat razor. So while Mike left his pecs relaxed, Chris held them apart as much as possible (remember they were muscles attached to his ribcage, not boobs like a woman's that they could be proed apart), and Zack used a thin blade to shave off the valley hair. Care had also to be exercised with the abs, as it was a corrugated surface of muscle, and the razor had to bu guided gently along its undulations. In all this, Chris's expert hands helped the novice Zack. When it came to the removal of the pubic hair, it was again a sensitive area, as Mike;s dick was already super hard and ready to cum. So Chris gently held it in his fist, making sure not to clutch it too hard for fear of making Mike blow his load, while Zack guided the razor around the base of the shaft and cleaned the area of all hair. When all was done, a toner lotion was applied all over Mike's naked body, which worked as an aftershave. At many places, as is usual after a body shave, Mike writhed with pain on application of the toner, so he flexed and unflexed his muscles lying there on the table as the toner was applied on him, and this in itself was a sight to behold. When the toner was applied to his pecs which were a much-sucked and sensitive area- he screamed in agony as the lotion seemed to burn his skin, and flexed his pecs so hard, displaying the individual fibers of pectoral muscle running across his pecs, that once again Zack's fingers were trapped in the separation of the deep pec valley where he was applying the lotion.

When all of this was completed, there was still Mike's throbbing hard dick, and Chris and Zack's dicks too for that matter, to be taken care of. Chris decided on a two-pronged suck-and-fuck action. Since Zack had already impressed them by his sucking power, he could suck at the nipple Chris was sucking at (the much-sucked one) while his hands were free to caress and feel any of Mike's muscles that were within his reach. Chris's role would be a bit precarious. He would sit perched across the prostrate Mike's pelvis, Mike's rod in his ass, and himself facing Mike's face. Now Chris's position down on Mike's cock would make it impossible for him to suck at the other free pec if Mike lay on the table flat, because of the sheer distance. He would have to bend over at a rather uncomfortable angle. So to facilitate the sucking, Mike, using the strength of his well-developed abdominal muscles, would crank out situps, so that every time Mike `sat-up', he would pause for a few seconds, let Chris suck his pec for a while, then again sit-back. This rhythmic situp action would cause Mike's pec to be alternately sucked and released, sucked and released, and that itself made it more erotic. To satisfy Zack however, Mike would every now or then hold the sit-up for a longer while, so that both Zack and Chris could suck at his two pecs. Since he was performing situps, his arms would be folded behind his head, and that would offer Zack to cop feels of his flexed and vascular biceps as a bonus. As if that were not enough, Mike's abs were in ultimate flexure when he was holding the situp to allow time for Chris and Zack to suck at his pecs, so his 8-packs would be available in all their pristine hardness for Zack to run his hands over and pound. The abs would, by default, brush against Chris's dick as well every time Mike `sat-up'.

In this way, both Mike's pecs were being sucked off and on, even as his cock was inside Chris' ass which was pulsating in rhythmic motions to bring him to orgasm. This entire athletic feat, if it may be called so, went on for about fifteen minutes, before Mike blew a mega load, that co-incided with the orgasm of both his worshippers. Chris took Mike's entire load which took almost three to four minutes to blow out completely in his seasoned ass, while Chris himself blew his on Mike's abs. Zack, as if to thank Mike for the sheer pleasure he had provided, directed his entire load at Mike's pecs, so that when all of them had finished blowing, Mike's torso was covered in a sheath of hot cum, which Zack gladly licked off to the last drop, returning Mike to his original hairless and shining condition. The licking itself caused the horny Zack to get erect again, and this time, Mike gave him a pec-job to drain him of all his cum. (A pec-job, as mentioned in prequels, involved rhythmically squeezing the cock-head between Mike's pecs, with the aim of inducing orgasm. Mike was adept at this, because of his exceptional pec definition and mass which caused a vallev to form between his pecs, deep enough to hold an entire cock-head.) This time Zack was completely spent and passed out, and Mike had to clean off the second bout of cum off his pecs himself.

Finally, Mike rose from the table, admired the shave-job in the mirror, put on his tank top, jocks and shorts, and left the salon with Chris, expressing the hope to meet Zack again in the future sometime.



Chris and Mike walked out of the salon after that hot worship-cum-shave session, Chris' ass sore with all the cum that it had to take from Mike's cock which had exploded 8.5 inches inside him. Their next stop was a fitness apparel store, where Mike wanted to pick up some tank-tops and other gymwear. The guy who attended to them there was a young and handsome lad, with an athletic build. He was the typical high-school fitness freak, wearing a bicep-tight tshirt as is customary for fitness-store attendants. He had seen many muscular men walk in and out of his store day in and day out, but his reaction to a young stud like Mike, dressed in only a skimpy body-hugging tank-top and a skin-tight pair of shorts, arms rippling with muscle and vascularity, and a set of full, round and protruding pecs in prime condition, was but too obvious in his pants. His expression revealed that he was craving to get a feel of Mike's juicy pecs, which Mike understood too well. So he decided to play along. He asked him to show them some tank tops. The store attendant (his name turned out to be Ken) went to the tank top racks and brought a few tanks of different sizes.

"Please try these out sir. Perhaps an XL will fit you best Sir..."

"Hell no man, Chris here is of the same height as me, and he wears an XL. But can't you see my chest man? (so saying, he bunched up his pecs to make his point clearer) Because of these, the fabric is stretched at the chest and even an XXL hangs above the waistline. What I'm wearing now is a triple XL. Sometimes I really feel I had smaller pecs..." said Mike in innocent arrogance.

Ken the attendant was clearly ogling Mike's pecs, turned on by the pec-talk. "Not at all Sir. You have an excellent set of pecs. We always keep a triple XL size for rare customers like you.", and so saying, he brought out the largest tank-top in the store.

"I'd like to try it out nevertheless, if you don't mind. Where's the changing room?" asked Mike.

"Come this way sir," said Ken, and led Mike to the changing room, which he entered and began to try on the new tank top. Chris, who was standing outside, called out to Mike and said, " Do come out and show us how it looks, Mike, before changing back again." At this, Mike emerged from the changing room, wearing the new top. However, this had a higher neckline than he would prefer. So he said," I'd like a lower neckline with longer shoulder straps, because I like to tuck the straps between my pecs and flex them out of the arm-holes in the gym."

Ken was turned on by the image of two bulbous pecs peering out of a tanktop whose straps were nudged inside the pec-valley. He instantly found one with a lower neckline and asked Mike to try it out. Mike went into the change room again, but this time, he called to Chris from inside, "Hey Chris, I need some help getting this thing off me." He opened the door, and Chris and Ken saw that Mike had lifted the shirt over his pecs, but the sheer width of his lats, combined with the forward protrusion of his pecs made it difficult for him to get the adequate leverage to take the whole thing off. "Perhaps you (then seeing the eager lust-filled eyes of the attendant)- you both could help me out with the tank top?"

Both Chris and Ken went into the changing room, which was in fact a very small cubicle. Ken stood behind Mike, grabbing the rear fold of the tanktop, while Chris lifted it from the front, and together, they managed to get it past the expansive lats of Mike. However, during the effort, Ken's hands grazed past Mike's nipples, and he allowed them to linger on the pecs for a moment, before letting go. He was still not sure whether it would be right to straight-forwardly grab hold of the pecs and start feeling them.

"I think I better not try on the other one, You can pack it, and I'm sure it'll loosen up after hugging my body for a few days! Could you show me some underwear? I prefer Jockstraps." said Mike.

"Which size, Sir?" asked Ken, exercising tremendous control over himself, his cock oozing copious amounts of visible precum.

"Umm...er I think its 185 cms...but I'm not sure.."

At this, Chris interrupted : " Best not leave any doubt. Let's check the size you're wearing, Mike."

"Good idea.", replied Mike, and began to unzip his shorts, to the utter lustful amazement of Ken.He lowered his shorts a little, and said, "Ken, if you could just check the size tag at the back..." Ken was too overwhelmed too say anything. He just allowed his hands to lift the band over Mike's juicy ass-cheeks, and read out the size :"185 cms Sir.".

"Very well the, lets try out 185. I'll remain here with Chris while you go get it for me." said Mike, and Ken mechanically walked out of the change room, his cock pushing him to outrightly grope the man's pecs, but propriety alone preventing him from doing so. He was sure he would pass out of a spontaneous super-orgasm if he had to handle this customer for much longer. Chris, in the meanwhile, finding himself alone in the change-room with the bare-torsoed Mike, had begun feeling and squeezing his pecs and sucking them to his cock's content. So it was that when Ken returned with the jockstrap, he literally froze at the sight before him: an outright erotic pec-worship going on in the changing room of his store. A superbly-muscled young hunk, with out-of-proportion pecs, hairless body, in nothing but a skimpy 185 cm jockstrap whose pouch was strained beyond all limits, effectively looking like a sheath for his cock instead of a pouch, being sucked voraciously at the pecs by his friend in complete uninhibition! He gaped as he had never gaped, and seeing this, Mike, removed the sucking Chris from his pecs and explained to Ken: "Well Ken, my friend here likes to suck my pecs and worship my muscles."

Chris barged in, clearly pissed at the interruption to what was a really hot suck session: "And going by that rod in your pants which you've been trying to conceal for long, you are no exception. So cut the guard and dig in. You won't find juicer man-tits and a more muscular man to worship in your entire pathetic life". And having said this, he resumed his frantic and desperate sucking of Mike's pec, groping his other muscles, particularly his abdominals, with his hands.

Ken did not require a more obvious green signal. He dropped the jock he was holding, shut the door from inside, and shed his clothes to reveal an athletic figure. At this, Mike remarked, "You seem to have some muscles of your own. But before digging into mine, just get my jocks off, will you?"

The naked Ken, his own boner pointing straight and hard, quickly pulled the jocks off Mike, releasing the thick almost 9-inch cock which was oozing precum at a consistent rate, and joined Chris at sucking the other pec. The two of them sucked like maniacs, and Ken's sucking was uninhibited because ethis was like his wildest dreams come true. He sucked like a suction hose, while wanking Mike's hard-on with one hand and feeling his defined abs with the other. For Mike, it was pleasure as usual, but the best part of this was there were mirrors on all four walls of the small change room, so he could actually get a third-person eye view of his own body being worshipped two young and virile worshippers sucking away at his pecs, while his own cock was being wanked by one of them. Everything was being taken care of he just had to stand back and wait for the orgasm. At times, he would just flex his pecs to give his worshippers a sensation of sucking the flexed pecs also. When he was just about to cum, he pulled Ken's head down by the hair and shoved his cock into his mouth so that Ken could take his cum down his throat. Ken came simultaneously with Mike, but his ejaculation was so forceful that he could not endure it and passed out. Mike then offered to Chris his ass to fuck, in return for Chris taking Mike's load in his own earlier in the day. After Chris had fucked Mike hard and blown every last drop of his load into his muscle-ass, they dressed up and left the store.





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Excerpts from the upcoming `Mike and Pecs V':

...Mike took off his tank top, looked around to check if anyone was around in the park at this time, and seeing no one at first glance, said to Chris: "I think we better get naked, and then you can climb onto me while I crank out those pushups, so you can get a nice little butt-job while I'm getting my pump."...

...Mike began to crank out his push ups very slowly. The joy was in the slowness, and the pec-squeezing would be co-ordinated with the squeezing action on Chris' dick. So, every time Mike pushed up, his ass cheeks would gently yet firmly squeeze Chris' hard dick, and Chris' would reciprocate the pleasure by gradually tightening his grab of Mike's pecs and nipples...

..."Hey Mike, how would you like some man-handling of your nipples?" asked Chris. "What exactly do you have in mind?" asked Mike. "Come on, I'll show you," said Chris, and immediately started to clear out a patch of the park ground, removing the leaves and debris so that a clear portion of the earth was available...