A Nightcap Surprise
by Hazmat

Marc and Jem were just returning to Jem's place from dinner out on the town to have a "nightcap" before calling it a night.

"Is your mom working tonight?" Marc asked.

"Yeah, but it looks like Jay's home tonight, and he must have company," Jem said as he gestured toward the two other cars in the drive.

The two of them walked in the house quietly, trying not to disturb Jay and his guest. After all, Jem didn't even live there any more, he had moved to the big city after graduation, and was only home for a visit. Jem told Marc to have a seat in the den then walked into the kitchen to get them both drinks. Returning he offered Marc the drink and sat down on the opposite end of the couch. They continued the conversation that they had begun at the restaurant, the private portion that they didn't want broadcast to the rest of their small community. They had each known that the other was gay for years now, but only Jem was out to his friends and family, and Jem had no desire to divulge Marc's private life. They swapped the more private stories of dates and other encounters that had happened over the time they had been apart. They had always kept in touch via email, but face to face was by far better.

The conversation went on for ten or fifteen minutes then they heard noises from the direction of Jay's room. Low moans at first, then some muffled grunts, then the moans got a little louder.

"Sounds like you're little brother is having some fun back there," Marc emphasized the word fun and gave Jem that old familiar raised eyebrow of his.

"Sure does.  I wonder who she is. Probably some cute little cheerleader from school."

Just then a male voice came from the back of the house, "Oh, Jay! Oh, yeah!"

"That wasn't Jay," Jem said with a puzzled look on his face.

"Are you sure?"

"Marc, I know my own brother's voice, and that wasn't it."

"Y'know, that voice sounded familiar, but I can't seem to place it," Marc said.

They looked at each other with wrinkled brows, then with devilish grins simultaneously got up to go investigate. They slowly crept down the hall to the large room at the end that used to be Jem's. Jay had moved into the room the day after Jem moved out. Jem cautioned Marc to step over the spot on the floor that always creaked. When they finally arrived at the door the moans and grunts were more intense than ever. They slowly opened the door.

The way Jay had arranged his room the view of, and from, the door was blocked by furniture, keeping Marc and Jem hidden from sight. Cautiously peering around the corner of the bookshelf which acted as the privacy screen, they saw Jay on top of another guy, both of them naked except for their white athletic socks, right in the middle of the most perfect demonstration of the 69 position Jem and Marc had ever seen. As the two on the bed rolled over Jay was closest to Marc and Jem, but his friend, with his head between Jay's legs, was still hidden. Their clothes were strewn all about, jeans on one side of the bed, shirts on the other, well worn jock straps hanging from the headboard and boxers, one a reddish paisley the other a blue plaid laying near the foot.

Marc and Jem just looked at each other with their eyes wide, and Jem raised an eyebrow -- the first time he had ever been able to do it without help. Then Jay and his guest maneuvered around so that Jay's guest was on his back, his head appeared to be hanging of the opposite side of the bed. Still in the 69 position, Jay slowly and deliberately lifted the other boy's legs up to roll his hips forward, then started eating out his ass.

"Oh yeah! Oh Jay, oh God yes! Lick it, oh yeah, oh God yes!"

"I know that voice, " Marc thought to himself.

Just then Jem accidentally hit something on the shelf making a noise. The two on the bed jumped as if they had been shot, the one hanging from the bed practically falling off the opposite side. As they got up scrambling for their clothes, or anything to cover with, they turned to face Marc and Jem, both of them with fully hard and dripping erections pointing right at the uninvited newcomers.

Then Marc finally realized why he thought the voice so familiar. It was Wil! Marc's "nephew-in-law". His brother-in-law's sister's son to be exact. The one he had lusted after at every family gathering since and including his sister's wedding.

"Jem!" Jay yelled.

"Marc!" Wil exclaimed with that deer in the headlight look.

"Jem, th--th--this ain't what it looks like," Jay said breathlessly.

At this statement Marc and Jem looked at each other and grinned, then looked at Jay and Wil, with their cocks still high in the air pointing right at them, and laughed. "Ain't what it looks like?" Jem said.

"Two guys with no freakin' clothes on, on top of one another, with their dicks in each other's mouths? Naw, I don't see how anyone could suspect anything but homework," Marc mused shaking his head and shrugging at Jem.

"W--well," Jay stammered.

"Oh God.  Just please don't tell my mom and dad . . . or Uncle Mike or Aunt Samantha," Wil pleaded as he tried to get his paisley boxers on, not quite managing to get his foot through the leg.

"Don't worry about it," Marc said.

"Uh, just what were you guys doing then," Jem asked, "if it wasn't what it looked like?"

"Well, we were at football practice," Wil started.

"It was an extra long practice and we were really getting horny grabbing and tackling each other all afternoon," Jay finished.

"The coach wanted to talk to the two of us after practice about the game next week," Wil said, "so everyone else was gone by the time we hit the locker room."

"We stripped down then helped each other get our pads off. I had a boner that was pressed so hard against the inside of my cup I just about couldn't stand it. When I took my cup off I noticed that Wil's jock was tented out as far as mine so I called him on it. I asked him if he wanted to come back here 'cause I had some Playboys and stuff that we could use to get rid of our boners."

Their hard young cocks twitched as they told their story.

"Yeah, I asked him if anybody would be home, and he said no," Wil said as he shot Jay a dirty look.

"I forgot he was going to be home, I thought he was supposed to be going back home tonight," Jay said as he glared in Jem's direction.

"Just please don't tell my mom and dad Marc," Wil said again giving up on trying to get his boxers up and just holding them over his erection.

"I won't -- on one condition," Marc said with a gleam in his eye.

"Condition?" Jem said giving Marc a quizzical look.

"With the condition that you finish what you started, and we get to watch," Marc said with a shit-eating grin.

"Yeah, and we can make sure no one else interrupts you," Jem added with a shrug.

Jay and Wil looked at each other in astonishment. "Uh -- uh -- okay, I guess," they said.

Wil sat on the bed and slurped up Jay's cock. Jay threw his head back with a groan. "Oh Wil," Jay exclaimed then reached down and took hold of Wil's throbbing manhood and started pumping it.

Wil reached around with his left hand and started kneading Jay's ass cheek. He ran his right over Jays chest. Jay's pumping of Wil's cock got quicker.

Marc and Jem just stood back and drank in the sight of the two young studs exploring each other's bodies. Jem was awed at how much his kid brother had actually matured. Gone was the clumsy boy that Jem remembered, replaced by the built jock before him now who was fucking his friend's mouth with the skill of a master. How had he lived with this well hung hunk for 17 years without ever taking notice? "Guess I moved out a year too early," Jem thought to himself.

Wil found Jay's hole and started teasing it with a finger. With the fingering of his ass, Jay moved his hand from Wil's shoulder and grabbed the short brown hair on the back of his head. He started fucking Wil's mouth in earnest. Having an audience was really turning him on.  It wasn't long before every muscle in Jay's body tensed and he arched his back. Then he shot a load that almost blew Wil's head off. Wil tried his best to swallow it all, but couldn't keep up. He had to come up for air. Jay continued to shoot all over Wil's face and chest. Wil licked up the cum that got away, then Jay licked the cum from Wil's face.

They kissed, one of those really long, deep kisses, then Wil stood up. He got behind Jay and bent him over, letting Jay rest his elbows on the bed. Wil knelt down behind him and began tonguing Jay's little rose bud.

In a few moments Jem slipped out of the room and returned with a fist full of condoms and a tube of lube. Marc looked over at Jem and smiled. "They're like American Express, never leave home without 'em. Here try this buddy," Jem said as he approached Wil.

Jem opened the tube and put some on Wil's fingers. He guided Wil's hand down and inserted his finger very gently into Jay's quivering hole. Jay shuddered, and Jem asked if he was OK. He said that he was fine and not to stop. Jem guided another of Wil's fingers in and took the opportunity to feel his brother's firm, muscular ass. When Wil was up to three fingers and Jay seemed relatively comfortable Jem said that was probably enough.

Marc came closer to them and removing a condom from its wrapper said, "Here, let me give you a hand." With one hand Marc felt of Wil's heavy balls, with the other he unrolled the condom over Wil's seven inch cock, which by this time felt like a steel rod.

"Just go slow Wil. Little brother, you just bare down and push back against him," Jem said as he placed a hand on his brother's strong back.

Wil lined up his pole and slid into Jay's ass ever so slowly. Jay arched his back and pushed back, impaling himself on Wil's manmeat with a loud groan. Wil started to pull back gently then drove his cock back home with a grunt and an even louder moan from Jay.

They began to work up a rhythm together, then Jay's knees looked like they were starting to go weak. Together Wil and Jem adeptly spun Jay around so that his back was on the bed, being very careful that Wil never came all the way out of his hole. With one hand Jem placed a pillow under Jay's hips to help give him more support while the other could not resist getting a feel of his 'little' bro's nicely developed chest.  Jay placed his legs on Wil's shoulders.

Not being able to stand it any longer, Marc crouched behind Wil and went to work on his balls and played with his hole. There were huge wet spots on the front of both Marc and Jem's pants from the precum that was flowing like someone had opened a tap.

Jem moved to the opposite side of the bed. He began to massage his own cock through his jeans. He then unzipped his jeans and let them drop to the floor and began rubbing his quickly growing cock through the thin material of his white cotton briefs.

Jay's cock was starting to get hard again and Wil grabbed hold of it and started pumping it in time with the pile driving he was giving his ass.

Marc gave Wil the rimming of his life as he kneaded his muscular ass cheeks. Marc grabbed the lube and started to work it slowly and gently into Wil's already pretty well tongue lubed hole. He slowly worked a finger in and started massaging the gland at the base of Wil's cock. Before long he could feel Wil start to tense up. Then he felt Wil's ass start to spasm and his body shudder uncontrollably as wave after wave of ecstasy went through him as he sprayed his jock sized load into Jay's gut. At the same time Jay erupted again and sent a fountain of sticky cum all over his and Wil's chests.

Jem, overwhelmed by the sight, quickly leaned over and started licking the cum from Jay's chest. He lapped up the pool of thick cream that was on Jay's muscular stomach near his cute belly button. Then he moved up toward Jay's solid pecs. He caught sight of some cum covering Jay's dark round nipple. Jem slurped it up hungrily then flitted his tongue gently over the nipple. He could feel the nipple slowly perk up as he teased it.

Marc could stand it no longer. As Wil laid down on the bed, Marc finished lubing his ass hole. Jem reached over to the night table and pitched Marc a condom which he quickly rolled onto his straining cock. Marc lifted Wil's legs to his shoulders and started his approach. His dick found its target and he started pushing ever so gently. Wil gasped and Marc halted his thrust.

"Are you ok Wil?"

"Yeah, just give me a minute to get used to it. Wow!"

Marc slid another inch deeper then gave Wil time to adjust. He could feel Wil's muscles tighten around his anxious cock. "Bare down a little like you have to go to the bathroom, it'll make it a little easier," he told Wil.

Soon Marc had his entire seven inches in Wil. Marc then started to slide in and out of Wil's virgin hole. Ever so slowly at first, then faster. Mark ran his hands down Wil's legs and onto his stomach. He lightly brushed over Wil's small 'love handles' making him giggle. As much as he worked out Wil could never seem to get rid of the love handles, Wil felt they were 'the family curse' but Marc had always loved them.  Marc then slid his hands over Wil's otherwise solid stomach and traced the muscles covering his ribs. He held on to Wil's sides as he pumped his ass vigorously.  Marc moved his hands up to Wil's chiseled chest and began to play with his pointed little nipples. They were already firm and Marc couldn't resist pinching them. Wil's cock sprang back to attention and he gasped in delight at the sensation of the pinch.

Jay reached up and took hold of Jem's heavy balls. He had dreamed of those balls and that thick cock for years. Jay had wondered what it would feel like to take his brother's thick cock down his throat ever since the time he had secretly spied on Jem and a friend at late night sleep over. The friend was blowing Jem like there was no tomorrow. Jay had wanted to see more but was afraid Jem would catch him so he went back to his room and jerked off thinking of what he had just witnessed. Now was his chance. He pulled Jem closer and ran his tongue up his shaft. He licked a small bead of precum off the tip and flitted his tongue back and forth over the piss slit.

Marc's thrusts grew to a fevered pitch and he grabbed Wil's legs. His back arched backward and every muscle in his body started to spasm. He sprayed load after load of hot cum into Wil with each euphoric convulsion. The sensation of his insides being hosed by Marc's man juice sent Wil too right over the edge and he sprayed yet another load over himself and Marc. Slowly Marc lowered Wil's legs and leaned over him gently. He licked some of the cum off Wil's chest then kissed him deeply lowering himself onto Wil. They could feel the sticky cum between their bodies. Wil could taste his own cum on Marc's tongue, an interesting sensation unto itself.

Jay had his brother's thick cock pushed all the way down his throat, his nose buried between Jem's balls. It was so thick he couldn't help but gag so he withdrew, but he immediately took as much back in as he could. Jem couldn't believe the job that his little bro was doing on his cock.  "Damn!  He's not so little anymore," Jem thought, "and where the hell has he been practicing?  Damn he's good!"

Marc and Wil, nearly exhausted from their workout, were now laying in each other's arms on the opposite end of the bed watching the two brothers.  Jay's cock was now back a half staff so Jem carefully climbed onto the bed and took it into his mouth. Jay massaged his brother's firm ass as he sucked for all he was worth.

Jem usually had enough self control to hold back his climax for a considerable time, but the thought of being there 69ing his hard, jock brother was making him lose all self control.  He could feel his balls tightening, and the cum boiling up.  The taste of Jays cum in his mouth, the blow job that Jay was giving him, not to mention the fact that Jay's fingers had now found his quivering hole soon sent Jem past the point of no return.  With a loud cry of release Jem emptied his heavy balls down Jay's eager throat.  Jay too managed to muster enough to give Jem a good first hand taste of his cream.  Spent, Jay collapsed completely exhausted onto the bed.

Jem noticed Marc on the edge of the bed grinning.  "What do you think you're grinning at?" Jem ask him.

"Nothing," Marc said, his grin widening.

"I don't believe I like your attitude mister" Jem said in mock disgust, "get your bare ass over here and apologize!"

Marc sheepishly crawled over to Jem.  Jem's cock was still fully hard, his greatest gift Jem had always thought.  "I humbly apologize most profusely, oh great one,"  Marc said with a mock bow.

"Not enough!" Jem said slapping Marc lightly on his lower back, near his ass.

Marc leaned forward and took Jem's cock into his mouth.  They had blown each other many times before and Marc had become quite proficient at getting all of Jem's thick cock into his mouth.  "Not nearly enough!" Jem said as he pulled Marc off his swollen cock by the medium length brown hair on the back of his head.  Jem pushed Marc onto his back and said, "not nearly enough!"

Jem reached over to the bedside table and grabbed the lube.  Jay and Wil smiled as they watched Jem rub the lube into Marc's ass.  Jem donned a condom, lifted Marc's legs almost to his chest, and dove into his ass.  After lining up his target Jem drove his huge cock home with one swift thrust.

"Oh God!" Marc exclaimed wincing in simultaneous pain and pleasure.  "Damn!  That thing feels a hell of a lot thicker than it tastes!"

Jem waited a moment, slowly withdrew his cock then rammed it back in.  "I know you've been wanting this ever since we started wackin' each other off in high school," Jem said as he slapped Marc's ass.

Thoroughly enjoying the sight of Jem reaming out Marc's ass, and not wanting to miss out on any of the fun, Jay and Wil moved closer.  Jay straddled Marc's chest, his now flaccid cock landing on Marc's stomach with a slap.  He leaned over and took Marc's now hard seven inches  into his mouth.  Wil stood beside the bed and placed his rapidly reviving pole into Marc's mouth.

Marc was now writhing in ecstasy.  The three worked up their own rhythm, as Jem pummeled Marc's ass it forced Wil's cock further down his throat.  Then Wil, holding onto Jay's back for support, returned the favor pounding Marc's ass back onto Jem's cock.  Jay all the while working up and down Marc's shaft.

Soon they reached a fever pitch.  Marc came first, the combination of the three hot studs working on every part of his body was just too much.  He unloaded his balls down Jay's throat.  The feeling of Marc's ass muscles spasming around his cock and Jay's hair brushing his abs was like electricity to Jem.  He arched his back and all of his muscles tensed as he hosed out Marc's gut.  The electricity must have been conducted to Wil as well as he soon emptied another load down Marc's throat.

"The wonders of youth," Marc thought as he cleaned Wil's cock.  He could also feel Jay cock against his stomach starting to become stiff again.  "Damn, it must run in the family or something, as many times as he's already cum tonight and Jay's still getting hard again.  Wish I had that kind of stamina!"

*  *  *  *  *
On their way out Marc and Wil met Jay and Jem's mom coming home from work.

"Hi guys, what are you both doing here?"

"Not much, Ms. J.  Jem and I just got back from dinner, he stopped off to get some stuff he had for me."

"And I came home from practice with Jay to see some stuff he had for me."

"Oh, that's good.  Did you and Jay get some dinner Wil?"

"Oh, yes ma'am," Wil said shooting a glance toward Marc, "we had some wieners."

Marc choked back a laugh at Wil's weak attempt at a pun.

"Is Jem not taking you back home Marc?"

"Oh, no ma'am Ms. J.  Wil's gonna take me.  Oh, that's right you probably didn't realize, Wil is sort of my nephew.  My sister is married to his uncle.  I don't think he and Jay even realized that we all knew each other until we all came on one another tonight."

It was Wil's turn to choke back a giggle at the obvious allusion to their earlier escapade which again totally escaped their friend's mom.

"Oh?  No, I didn't put the two together.  Well good, I hope you boys can all get together again like you did tonight."

"I don't think that'll be a problem," Wil said smiling at Marc.

"Nope.  We already have a standing appointment for the next time Jem comes home for a visit," Marc said returning the smile, "I think we'll be spending a lot more time together from now on."
 "Definitely!" Wil said.

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