P.E. Class

The last class of the day is P.E. and my buddy Derek and I had that one together. We're both seniors and Derek's about 5'8", 160 with short blond hair and green eyes. You know what I look like, but, just in case, I'm Mark: about 5'8", 155, with longish brown hair and baby blue eyes. Derek and I had been messing around with each other for a few months since one night when Derek stayed over at my house and we "discovered" each other. Amazing what a hand under a blanket and a dark room can lead to! Mostly, we're cool in school 'cause we would have probably gotten beat up if the other guys knew what we'd been doing at least three times a week for about four months.

One day in gym, the whole class was playing basketball and about ten minutes before the end of the period, the coach calls time and tells Derek and me to gather up the balls and stuff and put them away and sends everyone else to the showers. The coach doesn't like us much cause we're kinda short and he probably knows we're queer for each other. Sometimes, in gym, we catch ourselves just staring at each other and the coach has probably caught it. He always makes us do the Shit work after class, but we don't mind much cause we like doing things together. A LOT of things!

This day, we take our time putting everything away cause we're so tired after the class and all hot and sweaty. The coach comes out of his office with his briefcase (what do coaches have briefcases for anyway?) and says he's going home and to make "damn sure" the doors are locked when we leave. I tell him that we will and give him a big smile. The coach looks at me and kinda smirks and leaves for the day. After we finish cleaning up, we head for the locker room.

There's only about 5 guys left and they've already dressed and are combing their hair in front of the mirror at the end of the locker room, getting ready to go. Derek and I go to our lockers and start to strip to get ready to shower. We learned a long time ago to not look at each other too much in the locker room cause we get boned up so fast! So, facing away from each other, we start to undress. I'm not looking at Derek, but, I can hear, above the dripping water from the showers, the sound of his shirt sli ding over his smooth hard chest and through his shiny blond hair. As I'm undressing and trying not think of him standing just behind me getting naked, I hear one Nike, then the other, hit the cold cement floor.

I slow down undressing cause there's still 2 or 3 guys ready to leave, but not gone yet, and I don't want them to see the hardon that's growing in my jock. We both sit on the bench at the same time and look at each other. "I'm getting a hardon," I whisper to him. "Me too," he says. Just then we hear the outside door slam and it's very quiet in the locker room. I can only hear the sound of the water dripping and Derek's breathing. The smell of sweat and jockstraps is really turning me on as he leans against me and says how glad he is that we're alone at last.

I turn to Derek and caress his chest and kiss him lightly. He reaches down and starts to rub my hard cock through my gym shorts and jock. It's painfully bent and he straightens it out and starts rubbing the bottom of it. I keep kissing him and put my arms around him and start to rub his back. We stand up together and hug and squirm against each other. He reaches down and puts his hand into my shorts and starts to play with my ass. I moan and hold him closer and we continue to nibble and kiss each other. I'm rubbing his back and also put my hand into his shorts. I find his buttcrack and slide my middle finger up and down. His little butt is so smooth and hairless and his ass-muscles twitch as I stroke it. By this time we're cock to cock and chest to chest, rubbing and sweating on each other.

After awhile, we pull apart and start to strip off our shorts. Derek stops me and starts to slide my shorts down my tan, hard legs. He sits on the bench in front of me and nibbles at my jock and kisses my balls through it. My dick is so hard that it hurts and he pulls off my jock and starts to suck on me. He plays with my hairless ball-sac and pushes his finger into my asshole as he continues to suck on the head of my hot shaft. He then pulls away for a second and puts his finger into his mouth and sucks on it gently, lubing it up. Soon, my dick is back in his hot mouth and he drives his middle finger straight up my butthole as far as it will go. I let out a little cry and shove my dick hard down his throat. He gags a little on my thick seven incher and pulls away. He looks up at me and says softly that he wants to fuck me. I grab him by the hand and lead him to the showers, not saying a word.

In the showers, we turn on two of the faucets and get the water nice and hot and let it cascade down our bodies. I take a handful of the liquid soap in the dispenser and spread it all over my ass as deep as it will go, then reach over and apply it to his thick hard dick. His cock is so hard from wanting to fuck me that it's difficult to pull it down and away from his hard, flat stomach. I do though, and start jacking him real hard about 9 or 10 strokes to tease him. By this time his rod is like hard steel and red and throbbing with desire. His eyes are closed and his head is thrown back against the shower wall he's leaning on. His mouth is open and I stop stroking his dick and lean in to put my tongue in his mouth. Immediately he cries a little from wanting to cum because of my stroking and starts to suck hard on my tongue. I pull away from him, look deep into his eyes. "Fuck me now," I say.

He's so hot and horny from all the playing around that he pulls me to him and pushes me against the wall. He gets up behind me and starts to push his dick into my ass. I push back and resist because I know he loves the teasing. He keeps pushing it to me and grunting with the effort and suddenly, I relax my butt and he rams his twin seven inch length into me at once and wraps his arms around me to hold on. He rests his head against my back for a minute with his hard throbber lodged deep into me. I can feel his big thick cock pulsing cause he wants to shoot his hot load up my butt. I start pulling and pushing by strong butt muscles against his cock and he just moans against me while nibbling and kissing my ear and neck and stroking my young hard boner that's stuck out in front of me like a well handle.

He starts to pump me slowly, never pulling out more than an inch cause we both want his cock to be inside me as deep as possible. My dick is hard as a steel rod as he fucks me and strokes me at the same pace and I am so close to cumming. Suddenly, he stops and while keeping his dick in me, pulls me with him under the running hot water. The water splashes against our flesh as he starts to fuck me harder. His fucking cock and stroking hand is about to bring me off and I can feel that he's close to cumming as his dickrod gets harder and thicker in me as it batters my butt again and again.

I turn my head cause I think I see movement out of the corner of my eye and between the lockers I see a blond kid about our age sitting back on one of the benches and stroking his cock and watching us. He has the bluest eyes I've ever seen and also the biggest cock-rod I'd ever seen for a guy his size. He's about 5'6" and probably weighs about 150 pounds and seems to made of solid muscle. His dick looks like it's about 8 or 8.5 inches long and his nuts are those low swinging kind that looked like they were hanging about half way to his knees in front of his smooth hard thigh muscles. His nut-sac looked huge there, hanging and swinging under the rock-hard cock that he was stroking in his fist. I can see his washboard stomach flexing and his thigh muscles twitching as he continued slowly stroking his dick from the base all the way to the tip and back again. I noticed that he never stroked on the head, but just squeezed real tight when he got close to it. Since he was leaning back, I could see to o that his dick head was leaking pre-cum like a faucet. Derek was still fucking me and hadn't noticed the kid yet and as I looked into the kid's eyes, he stopped his stroking for a second and brushed his little finger across the fat head of his dick and stuck it in his mouth. He sucked on that finger until all the pre-cum that he was rolling around on his tongue was gone. My dick got even harder as I watched him and I turned to Derek and said "We've got company." Derek stopped pumping my hunky ass and just left his dick t hrobbing all the way up me and looked over at the guy. He met our eyes and got up from the bench he was sitting on and starts to come over to us, all the while still stroking his big meat.

He doesn't say a word, just walks over to us and gets in front of me with his big boner. He stands there awhile looking at us and just stroking his throbbing dick. I push back a little on Derek's dick to get him to start pumping me again cause I'm really turned on by this kid. He doesn't look like he's going to give us any trouble, but I can feel that Derek's dick has gone a little limp from being scared of this stranger, so I give my ass a few squeezes until I feel his cock grow hard again. Slowly he starts fucking me again and the kid steps a little closer to me with his cock pointed at my mouth. He's only about 2 inches away and suddenly, he stops stroking and grabs himself at his cockroot and shoves that big monster into my mouth. His other hand comes up and grabs my hair and slowly he shoves his cock farther into my mouth.

I feel Derek lean across my back and begin to pump my hot hole faster and harder. The guy is really turning us both on as we are locked together there in the shower. After a while, he pulls out of my mouth and gets down on his knees and starts stroking his big fat cock again. He lifts his face to mine and starts to tongue kiss me. After a minute of this, he pulls away and says, "I'm Josh." I tell him our names and he leans in and starts to service my hard cock. He swirls his tongue around the head and gently squeezes my testicles with his free hand. My mind starts to overload with pleasure from having Derek's beautiful rock-hard dick up my butt and having Josh's warm mouth slowly sucking my cock. He has a real big juicy cock and I lean down and grab his dick roughly and start to jack it. I can see that his big cum gushers are getting real tight and that he's close to shooting his jizm.

"Would one of you fuck me?", he says softly, "I want to feel what it's like." Derek stops pumping for a second and then pulls out of me. He walks around me with his soaped up pole in his hand, gently stroking it. It's so hot and red from being hard and fucking my ass with it. Derek leans into me while Josh starts sucking me again and kisses me deeply. Suddenly, Josh's mouth on my red-hot throbber is replaced with his hand. "Please?", he says quietly, then starts sucking on Derek's dick.

Derek looks at me then and says softly, "You want to?", "No, you," I say. "Are you sure?", he replies. "Yeah, baby, I got some ideas of my own anyway." "What's that?", he says. "You'll find out!", I tell him with a little smile.

Then Derek reaches down and lifts Josh up by the arms. "What do I do first?", Josh asks. "Don't you worry, Josh, we're gonna take care of you real good," Derek replies. Derek moves around in back of him and starts eating his ass as I move around to Josh's front and start tickling his balls and dick. "Wow, your cock is so big!", I say. He turns red and mumbles something about genes and I say I'm sorry if I embarrassed him, that I really didn't care about dicksize, but, it looked as big as Derek's and mine p ut together! I grabbed his dick and couldn't even get my whole hand around it. Meanwhile, Derek's still eating out his butt and reaching up between his legs and grasps my hand on his dick. He gives a little squeeze and together we start to stroke the big whopper. He's really getting into it now and he throws his head back and starts to moan with pleasure as Derek licks his sweet hole and we both stroke and play with his cock and nuts.

I start to play with Josh's nipples, which are the size of quarters and the tips of two hard mountains of muscle. His dick is standing straight up and he's about to shoot his wad, so Derek stops stroking his dick and stands behind him, getting ready to plow into him. Derek's cock is still real steel hard and he gets some more soap and applies a handful to his stiff prick. By this time, I'm standing and stroking my drumstick, getting ready for Derek to start fucking him. I give Josh's prong a squeeze and walk around behind him and get to where I can lick on Derek's smooth muscular chest and stomach. I see Derek grab his own dick at the base, so it gets real hard and red and start to push into him. Josh's moaning and trying to pull away, but Derek's got his hands on his hips and he can't move too much. Derek pushes a little bit of his dick in, then stops. Then a little more and stops. He does this five or six times and by the time I see his pubic hair scratching against Josh's buttcheeks, Josh is squirming and moaning for Derek to give him all of it and I see his dick jumping around and throbbing and his rocks are tight up against his rock hard fuck muscle.

I get some more soap and start stroking my dick. I come up behind Derek and place my dick straight up in between his ass-cheeks. I can feel him start to pump Josh's ass and I don't move, feeling his warm, smooth, perfect sweet ass gliding up and down on my cock. I hold on to Derek and play with his nipples and lean down and lick on his armpit hair. He giggles a little and reaches around and pulls my face to his and starts to lick my lips and my ears and then he presses his tongue into my mouth as I guide my cum-heavy cockrod into his sweet, tight buns. I'm pushing into him and I can feel his hard little ass muscles clench my cock as his joystick fucks Josh's butt. Soon, I'm all the way in and I start to pump him the same way he's pumping Josh. The three of us are a Derek Sandwich as we fuck and pump each other like wild animals.

Josh is really getting himself going on Derek's thick butt rammer. At last, he starts to beat his thick meat and is close to shooting his big, juicy load all over the shower room. The water is still going and I can feel the spray on my back as I pump Derek's squeezing asshole harder and harder. "Oh, Marky, fuck me harder, I love it so much!", Derek screams as I start to fuck him and twist his little hard nipples and keep ramming my thick cum shooter in and out of his ass with no mercy. My fucking gets his fucking going even harder and faster into Josh's butt and suddenly Josh cries out and yells that he's going to cum.

I look over Derek's back and can just see Josh's hard cock flying through his clutching fist. I see the first shot of his hot jism shoot straight up and almost hit the ceiling of the shower. Then there's a little pause and his dick just erupts like a volcano. His hot cock sauce shoots out over and over. I can see his redhot dickhead spurting his cream all over his hand and then dripping to the floor like a waterfall. While he's cumming, I can feel Derek's tight ass get even tighter and it starts to squeeze my fuckrod over and over as I shove and plow into it. Josh's cumming has made Derek start to shoot and he throws his head back to mine and we lock into a kiss that almost chokes and gags us as he starts to shoot his hot spunk up Josh's jacking fuck hole. I can not see his white hot cream shooting out of the end of his pumping tool, but I can feel his cum muscles squeezing on my knob harder and harder as he continues to pump his hot spunk deep up Josh's tight little bunghole. Soon, I can't take it anymore and I shove my dick muscle as far up Derek's ass as it will go and start to shoot too. I can feel the cum starting to make its way from my tight cumsac and racing out of me and drowning Derek's ass. I haven't shot a load so hard since that first time when Derek slept over with me. I continue pumping my load of jizm into him and stroking his body as I just moan and keep jacking my shooting dick up into his squeezing asshole until I collapse across his back as my nuts empty and I'm drained.

Afterwards, we all just stood there breathing heavy with our arms around each other. My dick was still lodged up Derek's butt and he starts to slowly pull his out of Josh's hot hole. I back up with Derek, because I want to keep my still-hard dick inside him for about a week. After a minute or so, I reluctantly pull my ramrod out of him and we all get under the shower and soap each other clean. We dry off and take a minute to kiss and hug before we all get dressed. Then, Derek and I say good night to Josh an d he says thanks to us both and as we leave, Josh goes on ahead and we stay for a second to make "damn sure" that door locks behind us! We don't want the coach mad at us for that!