Peyton's Physical

I wanted to share with you my most recent experience that really made me nervous, but turned me on so much. My name is Peyton. I'm 22, 5' 10 and 170 lbs. and a nice, thick 8" cock that's always ready. I am very bi-curious and have always wondered about what it's like to be with another man. I am a young college student in a small town. I have had sex with young and old women and I have had sex with a man's wife while he watched. It was hot knowing that the husband was turned on by watching my powerful muscular glutes pump and flex as I fucked his wife with my 8" 22 year old cock. Both he and she begged me to fuck her hard and I did. I rattled there fucking bed until I buried my young nut in her pussy. I came so much in his wife, that it over flowed onto the mattress and left a huge wet spot on their bed. So far, that's about the extent of my experiences with men, but I'm curious for more.

Anyway, let me tell you about a trip to my local physician for my upcoming physical for this race I was participating in.

I had just gotten out of the shower and was admiring my physique in the mirror. I had really come a long way. The working out I had been doing was really paying off and I was putting on muscle and toning up. My quads were popping, my abs were flat and I was ready to run this race. The only obstacle in my way was the physical to participate. I had scheduled this appointment with the local sports physician about 2 weeks ago. I knew all would be well, but I still had to get the paperwork done. As I drive up to the office, I look into the mirror and check out my hair and smile. I'm looking good, feeling great and it shows.

I get out of my car and I walk into the office, tap on the foggy class and it slides open. A nurse at the counter asks me my name and I tell her I'm Peyton and she smiles, and hands me a clipboard with paperwork to fill out and asks for my insurance card. I cordially smile back and go sit down to start filling out the documents. As I finish, I go back to the window and tap on the glass again. The same nurse opens up the glass, she smiles back at me and says, "All finished?" I look into the office area to see this fucking beautiful muscular man standing in the back ground in a lab coat. My attention isn't on the nurse and she says again, "ALL FINISHED?" I snap back to reality and stumble with the clipboard and say, "Yes ma'am, I'm all finished." My face is red and my heart is pounding in my chest while I continue to look at the doctor in the background. I'm really nervous because he's so fucking hot. Visions dance in my head of porn scenes in doctor's offices. The nurse snaps me back to reality yet again and tells me to have a seat and Dr. Moticelli will be right with me.

As I walk back to my seat and sit down in the leather chair, I start to fantasize about what the doctor looks like naked. >From the looks of it, he appears to be mid 30s, dark black hair, tanned with masculine features. Obviously, he's Italian from his name and he's got all of the sexy dark Italian features one would expect. His forearms are so muscular and vascular and his hands were huge. I didn't see a wedding ring on his finger, so I assumed he was single. Who really knows these days?

As I'm daydreaming about watching the doctor disrobe in my fantasy, I suddenly hear my name being called.. "PEYTON." I get up from my chair and my palms are instantly wet and my heart beat starts to pound in my chest. My heart is beating so fast and hard, I can feel the throb in my ears and head. As I follow the nurse to room 3, she tells me to have a seat and the doctor will be in shortly. My cock starts to throb in my jeans just thinking about being alone in the room with this beautiful hunk of a man. A few minutes go by and I hear the door start to open. Dr. Moticelli walks in and I'm extremely nervous to be so close to him. He reaches out his hand and introduces himself, "I'm Dr. Moticelli." I reach back to grab his hand and his hand shake is firm and strong. When I touch his hand, electricity runs through my body and he smiles a dazzling white, perfect smile. He asks me a some idle questions about why I'm here and then opens up the folder and pulls up a rolling chair and sits eye to eye with me. His knees are literally inches from my own. We converse back and forth about why I'm here and the race I'm participating in. He proceeds to tell me he used to compete as well. I hear him speaking like he's talking in the background, "Yes, I used to compete when I was younger, but now I just lift weights to stay in shape due to my busy schedule." I don't reply and he nudges me, "Peyton?" My eyes are immediately looking into his and I reply, "Oh, I'm sorry. Yes, Dr. Moticelli, I can tell you work out. You have an amazing physique. I'm almost jealous of your body." He smiles back at me and begins to check my vitals to record them.

He pulls out a blood pressure gauge and checks my blood pressure and I hear, "Good blood pressure." Then he asks me to take off my shirt to check my heart beat. I take my shirt off and sit there waiting for the stethoscope to touch my chest. Dr. Moticelli stands up and I'm eye-level with what looks like a thick cock hanging about 6" soft inches in his slacks. My mouth gets dry and my heart rate speeds up again. I'm thinking about what that beautiful Italian cock looks like in my mind as he stands there. He must make some women VERY happy with that big fucking dick no doubt. He puts the stethoscope to my chest and I can only think about how fast my heart is beating. He tells me to breathe in and breathe out. Then he leans over. His cock is even closer to my face now. He puts the stethoscope to my back and again tells me to breathe in and out. When he pulls away, I can see him smiling and I swear I can see his cock hardening. It's got to be my imagination.

He asks me to stand up and step up on the scale to get my weight. As I get onto the scale, he stands behind me, his arms reaching out on my side to maneuver the weights on the scale. I feel his body heat radiating on my naked back. I hear him exhale and I feel his warm breath on my neck. He moves the weights on the scale and reads aloud my weight. "170 pounds...perfect!" Is this doctor flirting with me? I look back at him and his face is so close to mine when I turn, my lips almost graze his. I pull back slightly but he doesn't move. He asks me if I'm ok and I stutter slightly and say, "Yes, I'm just fine." He steps back just an inch, eye balls from head to toe and says, "Why yes, you are one fine young man." When he says this he reaches out and slowly runs his hands from the top of my shoulders, softly, yet firmly, feeling my shoulder muscles caressing me down to my slim waist line. Goosebumps appear on my body and I tremble. My cock is getting hard in my slacks, but I'm so fucking nervous. I know now, he's flirting with me.

He asks me to get off the scale and have a seat. He turns away from me to get some tongue depressors and when he turns around, I see the amazing outline of what looks like 9 or 10" of hard cock outlined in his slacks. He walks back towards me and puts the tongue depressor in my mouth and tells me to say aaah. As he's pushing down on my tongue, I'm looking up at him bashfully. He steps back and says, "Beautiful throat." I swallow hard and my face reddens. He looks down at me and smiles and says, "No reason to be embarrassed Peyton. You're a beautiful young man. I think you're very sexy and I am going to check your throat with something much better than this tongue depressor stick." He reaches down to his zipper and pulls out his fat, Italian cock with a slight foreskin. His dick is very thick and the head of it is shiny and wet. He puts his hand on my forehead and pushes my head back and tells me to say aaah. I open my mouth and say, "Aaah." He slaps his fat dick on my tongue and just pushes his cock in my mouth and my lips lock around it. Dr. Moticelli moans softly and whispers, "I knew you'd be a good cock sucker. I've been watching you watch me. Now suck my dick."

I reach out my trembling hand and try to wrap my fingers around his massive meat and my fingers won't touch. He's so thick and the warmth from his cock is hot on my tongue. It's hard to believe I'm sucking his dick in one of his examination rooms! I'm not complaining. His dark features are breathtaking, and his body is coated with a little body hair. While I slurping on his dick, he reaches back behind my head and pushes my face deeper onto his amazing tool. I gag a little and he smiles because he knows he's hung. He disrobes and lets his lab coat fall to the floor, unbuckles his slacks and let them fall to the floor also. As I continue to suck his dick, tasting his precum, he's unbuttoning his dress shirt and starts to tell me to get ready because he wants to fuck my jock ass and really get my hole ready for the upcoming race.

He says, "With every step you run in that race, I want your hole to throb and I want you to think of my cock in your hole." I pull off his dick and tell him, "I've never been fucked before!" He smiles back at me and says, "OH BUT THAT'S ABOUT TO CHANGE!"

So there is Dr. Moticelli, standing there fully nude, slacks around his ankles, 9.5" fat cock standing at full mast in my face and he tells me to drop my pants and lean over. I nervously put him off and say, "Dr. Moticelli, I really don't think I can handle your cock. It's way too big. Please don't!" He puts his hands under my armpits and lifts me and puts his face right in mine. "Peyton, I'm not going to make you do something you don't want to do, but I'm telling you, you need my approval to run this race. Besides, once you feel the head of my fat, Italian cock start to slide into your pussy, your own cock will thank me." He smiles and turns me around. I unbutton my slacks and let the fall. I hear Dr. Moticelli exhale and he puts both hands on each of my cheeks and spreads my ass...He whistles and admires my pink, virgin boy pussy and spits...He rubs his hard, fat cock on my hole and tells me to hold on.

As I'm holding the examination table, my knuckles are white as I grip the leather padding. I feel the pressure of his thick cock start to invade my uncharted hole. He says, "Relax Peyton. Come on take a deep breath. We don't have long." He keeps putting pressure on my asshole, pushing and pumping...Suddenly the fat cock head POPS in my hole...I wince in pain. I shudder and my body is covered with goose bumps. My 8" cock immediately stands erect, my balls tighten and a stream of precum oozes out of my own dick onto the leather table. Dr. Moticelli holds his bare cock right at the entrance of my never-before-fucked hole, letting me get used to such a thick piece of cock. I feel Dr. Moticelli's hand run up my back, calming my nerves as he seduces me. When he gets to my shoulders, I feel his big, meaty hands reach under me and tweaks my nipples. I moan softly and when he hears me moan, he drives his thick, Italian cock further into my hole. Inch by thick inch, he is going deeper and deeper. I can just imagine what my boy pussy looks like as my ass lips are swallowing such a massive cock. I feel him grind his pubic hair into my smooth ass and then his balls. His entire 9.5" fat cock is all the way inside me. I breathe faster and before I can exhale, he's pulling out.

"FUCK, LOOK AT THAT ASS BITE DOWN ON MY DICK! YOU HAVE A SWEET FUCKIN HOLE PEYTON." He's taking my virgin hole. I'm still so nervous about being seduced by this gorgeous doctor, but loving every bit of it.

I feel his spit on his cock again and smear it around his shaft and then he starts to fuck me. He's got both of his hands on my hips and is pulling back to meet his thrusts. We both grunt and groan silently and with his thrust forward, I feel like I'm trying to run away from his big dick. His grip is tight on my hips and I can't pull off but I want more...

He slaps my round bubble ass and he tells me how hot it is to see the resiliency of my jock ass bounce. I feel him spread my ass cheeks wide so that he can watch his fat tool invade my pussy...I feel him pull all the way out and my hole is gripping his cock so tightly, we hear the PLOP when he's completely out of my hole.

He asks me to stand up and put my hands against the way and spread my legs. When I get into position, I suddenly feel him stuffing his huge cock back into my hole. He starts to really pound my ass good and the sounds of his hips slamming into my jock butt is filling the room. PAP, PAP, PAP...over and over again, he continues to fuck me.

I'm moaning, UGH, UGH, UGH, with each thrust of his big cock and cum is flowing out of my cock now, falling onto the cold, tiled floor. He whispers in my ear, "PEYTON, I'M ABOUT TO FUCKING CUM INSIDE YOUR HOT HOLE..YOU WANT IT?" I move one hand from the wall, wrap it around my own dick and don't even reply. I reply by leaning over further to give him access to my jock pussy and furiously beat off my dick even more. Dr. Moticelli picks up the pace of his fucking and I pick up the pace of my jacking off...before I know it, I feel the warm rush of his Italian cum shooting off inside my hole used hole...

I shoot a huge load that smacks against the wall and I feel Dr. Moticelli slow down his fucking. He stops, his breathing is strong on my neck and he whispers, "FUCKING AMAZING ASS." My breathing is labored too and I look back at him and say, "YOU ARE FUCKING AMAZING." He pulls out his still semi-erect cock from my fucked hole and when he does, I feel his cum drip from my asshole and run down my thigh.

He gets dressed immediately and tells me I've passed the physical. He smiles and tells me good luck in the race, shakes my hand. He looks me dead in the eye and says, "Remember, when your hot boy pussy hurts in every step you take in the race...think of me." He winks and walks out. I get dressed quickly and nervously, pay my bill and leave. I drove home sore and with a smile.


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