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Notes From Retta:

This story is written mostly as a retro piece. I intentionally made sure some prices were lower and I made sure the older stars were used in the piece. You need to realize this was written in the era of Bush I (around 1991). I did it from memory, so sue me if it's not completely accurate.

Chapter Twelve:

I know Jimmy's ok, because she basically said he was. I don't know anything of the sort otherwise.”

Grant said, “Guys, do you see what he does when he doesn't trust? Not even what I tell him is good enough. All those defense shields go up and until he senses he's safe, he's not safe. He just told me he trusts you Jimmy because he heard something discussed, but his mouth's still shut because he's not believing Sappington is legit until he's proven so.”

Sappington said, “Jimmy, pull yours out and I'll pull mine out.”

You know this isn't supposed to be done.”

Sappington said, “Jim, we're supposed to have our target protected and feeling safe. Just because we say he's safe and can trust us doesn't mean he's going to believe that. I'd rather he know he can believe us and run to us for protection than running away from us because he thinks we're an enemy when he's in crisis.”

Jimmy reached in his back pocket and flipped open his billfold. “There, do you believe me now?”

Let me see it.”

I looked at it and said, “Moberly has only had four hundred and ninety some officers in it's entire span of the police force?”

I don't know.”

Well, the way it goes is the first police chief was officer one. All the rest which were hired since then are successive badge numbers.”


Read the city charter. It tells you there.”

You read that to find out that?”

Not really, I did it out of curiosity to see how many mistakes I could find in it.”


Sappington handed me his badge. I looked at it and then said, “Why are you going by a different name?”

It's an undercover assignment. We have to have a story for our character.”

You from here?”


“They recruited you from elsewhere?”

I can't say.”

How old are you guys really?”

Sappington looked at Jimmy and said, “Can we tell him?”

We weren't told we couldn't.”

Sappington said, “My real name is Mark Evans. I'm twenty four and I come from St. Louis. This is my sixth undercover assignment and all the previous targets lived.”

How many were shot at?”

One. That was gang territory in St. Louis.”

Ok, keep me alive, now what are you supposed to report and not report?”

He looked at Jimmy, and Jimmy said, “We're not supposed to say.”

Ok, dont say anything else. I can't trust you to be myself here, but thanks Mark. I'll call you Mark if I'm in danger.”

Don't!...Say a code sentence or phrase, but I did that so you could trust me. Now, why can't you trust me?”

I looked at Grant, “Your freedom is at stake. I'm not risking anything.”

Grant said, “Babe, they already know.”

They hear what I'm saying, but until my actions state otherwise, not one speck of trust gets extended beyond this point.”

Jimmy said, “Guys, we know you're lovers.”

I said, “You heard we're lovers because we say we're lovers. If I went over and kissed him, his freedom is at stake because it's a violation of state law and you're probably told to report all infractions to someone and I'm not giving him up for you, or anyone else.”

Jimmy said, “Jake, I understand your dilemma. Would you go off our word we're not going to do that?”

I turned to Grant and said, “What do I do?”

I can't tell you. I know what I would do, but I can't tell you that either.”

I said, “Jimmy, come back here. I'll know where I can trust you and where I can't. If this test is passed, I'll be completely honest with you and you've been honest with me. Nothing gets said about this test to Sappington because I'll give him the same test. If one of you fails, neither of you are trusted.”

Jimmy stood up and said, “Sap', is it ok with you?”

Yeah, I know what he's going to do. If that's what it takes, do it.”

I went into the office and Jimmy followed, “Keep the door open please.”

Ok, what do you want to see, a wire?”

He took off his shirt and said, “No wire.”



I'm checking all the way from here to there and even the bottom of the soles of your feet. Once that's done, I'm checking for ear mics, and if there's nothing, we'll go to the next stage.”


I know you don't have a fucking mic. I know there's no wire unless it's built into your clothes.”

How'd you know that?”

Sue me if I tell you I shower gaze. Now, I know there's no fucking mic unless it's in your clothes.”

He smiled, “You shower gazed me!”

Hell yeah, in case you haven't noticed, you're built better than most of the guys on the team. I don't know why you were on the team if you were only assigned to protect me, but I imagine it was to protect Jared.”

I can't say.”

You guys in trouble over that?”

Can't say.”

He completely stripped and I said, “Hang on, Let me have your clothes.”

What for?”

Stage two of three stages. If there's a mic in your clothes, it's going next door into the bathroom.”


Stage three. I'm protecting myself here until you're verified by my test.”

Um, we're not supposed to do this.”

You trust me and I'll trust you. Ok?”

Ok, but you know you're in territory I've never been before in my professional career.”

Can I take your clothes across the hall?”

Yeah, let's get this done.”

I took his clothes across the hall and came back. “No matter what happens now, you'll get your clothes back, I promise.”

What's that mean?”

Part three is two stages. Well, really three stages, but two of them are here and the last is out there.”

Ok, but I'm not walking out there naked.”

Nope. Not happening. Now, your mic is across the hall and I know you've got it in your clothes.”

How the fuck did you know?”

You told me by clarifying you'd never been that far before.”

He smirked, “You ought to go undercover yourself.”

They don't pay enough. Now, can I do stage three?”

I guess.”

I walked towards him and said, “Ok, I'm in your personal space. This isn't a violation of law but this would classify me breaking our sodomy statute.”

I ran my hand down his chest and rubbed his nip. “Hand to any erogenous area below the neck is considered sodomy in our state. It's bullshit, but I guess a pat on the back is sodomy here.”

I never knew that.”

You ready for part two of stage three?”

I guess.”

Lift my shirt and do it back” I whispered in his ear.

Ummm, You sure?”

Even if I was consenting underage, it's a violation of two state laws to touch me. If you do, and you dare report Grant and I being intimate, I've got insurance.”

I kept rubbing his nipple and rubbed my hand down his side in a soft caress. When my fingertips reached his waist line, he moaned softly.

I can't.”

You sure?”

You explained your reason and you being allowed to touch me is enough insurance.”

You can say I forced you. You doing it back voluntary isn't force. It doesn't have to turn me on, it's just got to be contact.”

You doing this to Sap' too?”

Yup, neither of you gets trusted until this is passed.”

Who played the numbers on you kid?”

People who died. Promises got made and they never delivered. Yes, they intended to keep them, but just the same, they weren't fulfilled. When those you trust violate the trust, you don't trust anyone easily.”

You were luckier than some. You weren't put into foster care.”

Is that a consolation factor? My parents died. The rest of my family didn't want me.”

Your grandma did.”

I heard the phone calls. I was the last stop before foster care. Her phrase exactly was, “Well, I guess if no one else will take him, I guess I've got to.' MY grandpa asked, “You sure you want to do that toots? And she said, “I've got no other choice.'

Now, you tell me that does't make one of your first memories suck.”

I put my hand on his cock. It was hard and leaking. I stroked it and said, “Since this is a part of that initial contact session, it's still considered one charge. Interesting, isn't it how a jacking off is the same as a nip rub.”

You gotta stop.”

I'm giving you ample opportunity to see if you're going to pass this part of stage three. Besides, I don't think you really want me to stop yet.”

I can't.”

I lifted my shirt. “You sure?”

He lifted his hand and rubbed my nipple.”

I said, “Thanks. Now, was that so bad?”

You know, not until you kid has anyone ever done that.”

I could go further and you could say it's still a one time thing?”


You want me to go down?”


It's still the initial contact and still one charge. You sure?”

Two charges. I committed one and you did too.”

Now, how'd I know that's how far you'd go? Do you wanna make a bet Sap' will go further?”

He smirked, “Nope, I'd lose. You seem to know people's limits.”

Your eyes tell me, but I'm going to do something your eyes tell me is the key to the rest.”

What's that?”

I leaned forward and licked his bottom lip. Before my tongue reached the other side, his mouth opened.

That was the key.”

I think you could make anyone gay to be with you.”

Let me say, with your bod, if Grant and I weren't together, you'd find out exactly how far you'd fall.”

This part done?”

It was done a while back. I was just pushing the envelope.”

Can we stop now?”

Yup, in a second. I licked back his throat to his ear while steadily jacking him. His breath cought, “Kid, you gotta stop!”

Five more seconds.”

I licked down his throat to his collar bone and out to his shoulder. I grazed my teeth there and felt the first spasm of his orgasm.

I cupped my hand and pumped into my hand.

Kid, you're incredible.”

Your eyes are the windows of your soul. It's amazing how I know how far I could go with you.”

That's it?”

For now.”

What the fuck does that mean?”

Two weeks from now, you'll be jacking and thinking about how much further it could go.”


Don't let it go further than this because that little boy at home wants his daddy.”

How the fuck!”

Can I tell you one other thing which will blow your ass out of the water?”


She got your cherry and you got the kid. Your mama is raising him and he looks so fucking much like her you love him and hate him at the same time.”

Jeez, you're on all of them.”

DO yourself a favor. You coming home this time is the drawing point for that baby. He's done told himself if you go out again, you don't love him. The last time, you didn't even hug him and kiss him first when you got home.”

Oh man.”

Yeah, now save your life and stay in and love him because he's at the point in his stage of development that if you violate his trust and go back out, you'll meet up with him when he's fourteen...while you're franticly pawing for your weapon only to realize he's got it and he means business.

All that changes if you love him and stay in.”

I gotta go.”

One last thing.”

What's that?”

You've thought about her as often as she's thought about you. She lives behind your house on the next street...and I'm picking up Nebraska...It's down the next block on the same side as yours a two story...second from the corner.”

How in the hell?”

This shit pops into my mind. IF I said one other thing, I'd say her name was spanish instead of what everyone would say it was, but you call her 'Nita in your fantasies.”

Oh man.”

That's it. I'm done, I've gotta wash my hand and get your clothes.”

If you can do this shit, why don't you use it on the bad people in your life?”

I did tonight. He confessed, then died. That seems to be the only time I'm allowed to project out and it's only what I seem to need to hear.”

That's strange.”

This stays out of your report. I think Grant suspects, but not even he's been told.”

Why tell me?”

I had to tell you all the rest in order to save you and your kid. Once I do a mind fuck, I've got to give you back something which will change your life for the better. She'll change that for you.”

She will. I can feel it.”

They why haven't you went there?”

My kid.”

She'll love him. He needs to feel a complete love. So much would be forgiven if you'd just show him it's been because you doubted yourself.”


That's it. I gotta stop.”


Because the last part is telling me your death date and I sure as hell just got freaked.”


No, you're fine and don't think it's not without a full life.”

He smiled, “Good.”

You play the part you were told and it doesn't change. You hear me?”


I left the room and went into the bathroom. I washed my hands and dried them off. I took his clothes over to him and smiled. “That bet still on?”

He looked down at his clothes and nodded yes and smiled real big.

I nodded yes too and said, “I appreciate you being honest and forthright.”

I went into the living room and said, “Sap', you ready?”

Did he pass?”

I'm not saying until both of you are tested.”

Grant smiled at me. “Sap', don't do anything I wouldn't do and know I trust you.”


He's already told me my test is right on the money of what he'd do in my situation.”

How do you guys do that?”

Instantly, I got a flash of something and turned to Grant, “Grant, call Roger and tell him to get to Aaron's bedroom.”


It's gotta be you. Do it now!”

Grant moved and dialed his cell phone. I said, “Sap, I'm sorry.”

I went into the office and said, “Blake, as soon as I've got Sap' back here, you've gotta get over to Roger Holmes' house. His son is trying to commit suicide.”

What the fuck!”

He just found out about Jared in a text message. Get his phone and you get that phone number who sent it. It's your link to who's behind the drugs.”

I'm on it. Do I gotta wait?”

I'm going to put Sap' into the bathroom.”

I went to the living room and said, “Sap, you gotta come now.”


He followed me and we went into the bathroom. I closed the door and said, “Ok, here's the first part. You gotta totally strip.”


I wanna see the wire.”

I don't have a wire.”

Sap, in order to get to the second part, we gotta pass the first part.”

Can't you just trust me?”

Nope. He had to do it, you gotta. One doesn't pass, neither passes.”

I leaned over and flushed the toilet. He looked at me strangely and I said, “If you've got a wire, that just fucked with the reception.”

How do you know?”

All the tv shows never show a wire in the bathroom when a toilet flushes.”


I put two and two together and know that's why they don't.”

He smiled and I said, “I'll unbutton them.”


Stand right there.”

I leaned in and put my arms up and over his shoulders in a loose hug. I ran my fingers through his hair and brought my hands down to his collar and on towards the front. I rubbed down across both nips at once and to the hem of his shirt.

Raise your arms.”

I pulled his shirt up and over his head.

He stared at me with a little smile upon his face. I pulled his shirt back to right side out. I leaned forward and said, “Do you want me to take them off, or you?”


I leaned forward further and licked his chin. His sudden intake of breath caught as my lips brushed his. With my hands, I undid the buttons of his jeans. I pulled them out away from his butt and let them fall.


You're not supposed to do this.”

I'm supposed to verify for myself if I can trust you.”

You can.”

Can I? I've not even got past the first stage.”

How many stages?”






Did Blake pass?”

Yup, it's you who's holding up the show.”


I'm not a liar.”

I didn't say you were.”

Oh, was it surprise then instead of a questioned 'Really?”


Oh, I never thought.”

Let's get to stage two. It begins when we're through here.”

He quickly pulled his feet out of his jeans and for added measure pulled off his socks. It was like him being told Blake passing the test was surprising him by thinking the straight officer would do that to pass the test. What was funny is I knew I had green lights all the way.

When he had his socks off, he stood up and smiled, “Ok, now to Stage Two!” He said pumping his fist into the air like a game show contestant.

I need to take these across the hall.”


That way we continue on without your wire picking anything up.”


Hang on.”

I took them across the hall and laid them on the chair. I went back across to the bathroom and said, “Ok, the distraction is taken away.”

I don't wear a wire.”

Maybe you don't. I know Blake does.”

I can't believe he told you his name!”

I sort of guessed it.”


Let's not talk about him.”

Ok, what's part two.”

Stage two is several different tests. I'll show you how this begins.”

I put my arms up behind his head again and his hands instantly found their way onto my waist. He looked into my eyes and I said, “Here's how this begins.”

I leaned forward and licked his lip and he's the one who leaned forward into a hot hot kiss. My hands trailed their way down his muscular chest and his began caressing my back.

One of his hands trailed it's way into the back of my pants with his middle finger in the top of my butt crack. The other went up and cupped the back of my head. Our kiss intensified and the quality of tongue action he was exhibiting soon had me breathless.

I pulled back and said, “Take my shirt off.”

He undid my buttons and the whole time gazed into my eyes. When my collar was undone, he didn't pull my shirt up, he began kissing me again and softly caressing his way up my stomach and chest as he raised my shirt. When my shirt was up to my pits, he broke the kiss and quickly pulled it up and over my head.

As soon as it was off, he pulled me in again and nibbled his way to my ear and down my throat. A moan escaped my throat and that's when his teeth began to graze across my shoulder.

He undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. My mouth latched onto his and he softly hugged me to him with his hands up under my pits. His thumbs softly caressed my nips and chills ran through me.

I reached down and stroked his shaft. It's heft felt warm and aching in my hand. It's tip moist with wetness made my strokes lubricate his shaft.

His hands slid down my side, went under the waistband of my briefs and slid them down. When they fell, his right hand went under my nuts as the left began stroking me in return

He broke the kiss and said, “You wanna?”

Oh yeah” I said breathlessly.

How far?”

I'll let you know. You're driving me nuts.”

Lay on the floor with me.”

We both went down at the same time and bumped our foreheads. I giggled and his eyes gazed in mine with laughter glistening in them. A smirk was on his face.

I lay on the floor and he positioned himself so he was laying on his side in a 69 position.

His mouth enveloped me and I parted my legs to allow his access easier. I took the tip of his in my mouth and softly licked the tip tasting his wetness.

He soon had me enveloped as I had him. We established a rhythm and that's when the knock came on the door. Grant's voice said, “We need to get to the hospital, Aaron's done something stupid.”

I came up and said, “Be right there.”

I went up on my knees and soon had my clothes on. Sap' said, “Did I pass?”

Oh yeah.”

It was fun.”

You should see about getting together with Aaron.”

I can't.”

Bullshit, no one's the wiser. It'd give you a cover.”

He's not my mark. I've got to cover you.”

You could see him at the gym while we're there and on Wednesdays and Sundays. It'd be nearly as good as a normal teenaged relationship.”

Isn't he and DJ going to be together?”

I doubt it. DJ has issues and I think you'd give Aaron a pleasant out for his morale.”

What's going on?”

I need to get you your clothes and get to the hospital.”

Ok, we going with you?”

Jimmy's already there.”


He left to go be assured Aaron was fine.”

When did that happen?”

When we were in here. I flushed the toilet to cover the car starting.”

Son of a bitch! I wondered why you did that!”

I'm counting on both of you. You remember that.”

When this is over, I've got to go back to SLPD.”

I can pay you and get you a better job.”

It's not that.”

Ok, whatever, I'll get your clothes.”

I went out and across the hall. I got is clothes and handed them in to him. I went down the hall and into the living room.

Grant looked up at me, “It was quiet in there.”


They pass?”

Surprisingly well.”

Wanna talk about it?”

Later when we're alone.”

We're not alone now?”

He's got to stay on me.”

Who was better?”

Sap' by far. He taught me some things you're getting used on you.”

Oh really!”

Oh yeah...” I said rather breathlessly.

He smiled, “I'm surprised by Jimmy.”

I'll tell you something which stays in between you, he, and I. I can read him like a book.”


It's like I can read his mind, tell his future, and even how to change his future.”

That's weird.”

It's happened a few times, but he's just incredibly easy for me.”

I never knew that about you.”

I can't do that with you, but I can with Eric. I can with Jimmy, but the only other person who I have that ability to read that easy is a girl in some of my classes. She distracts me though, so I've got to stay out of her head.”


First of all, she's a tramp. Second of all, she's not real smart. When we take tests, she concentrates so hard it's like she's shouting wrong answers at me. I want to stand up and tell her not to put that answer down.”

How long of a distance away can you do it?”

I don't get what you mean?”

Ok, that girl, can you read her thoughts in a different classroom?”

I've never tried. I know she's up to twenty feet away in the classroom.”

What did you mean when you asked me what I meant when I asked you about distances?”

I read Blake...I mean Jimmy and saw a neighborhood in St. Louis clear as day and knew his kid's thoughts as well as his own. Heck, I even knew a girl's thoughts who has the hots for him.”


That's what I meant by changing his future. His mom is raising his son and his son is fed up with his dad being gone all the time. His son already has it in his mind if his dad doesn't come home and stay home, he doesn't love him.

That sets about a chain of events which his son will kill him in about nine years. If he stays home, he'll get together with that that girl named 'Nita and he'll have a happy kid, happy life, and die in a car wreck at seventy eight years old.”


His mom is raising his son now, but where Blake has bad luck is his sex life. He popped his cherry with a girl and she got knocked up with his son. She dumped the baby on him and by the grace of God, his mom is raising him. His only problem there is his mom is really doing it for the money. She could give a shit less about the kid, and takes about sixty percent of his gross earnings to raise the boy.”


He needs to go home and take the kid and 'Nita and build a life. I think he'll do it.”

Sap' came in smiling.

Grant smiled and said, “He said you passed...well, he said both of you guys passed.”

Did he tell you what the test was?”

Not yet, but he said he'd tell me later when we're together alone.”

Grant's eyes, when he said that, weren't real happy.

I said, “Sap', follow us over, he and I are taking my car.”


Grant got up and we went into the garage. We got into the 'vette and Grant said, “We could've ridden together.”

Nope, not a chance of it happening when he crossed that line with you.”

You saw that?”

I saw your eyes. I knew you weren't happy.”

It was like he was bragging.”

Hon, listen to me. I'm going to tell you what I did and why I did it.”

Nope, I don't wanna hear it.”


Listen, that's your business. My goal was to get you to trust them.”

And my goal is to have you trusting me completely. If you don't listen, our relationship will suffer. I don't want that.”

Ok, tell me what you did.”

With Jimmy, it was more about getting insurance than it was anything else. I knew if I got him to cross the line and break the same laws he would've wrote you up for, he'd not do it when he felt conflicted later.

With him, we kissed, caressed, jacked each other. He came, and that was that. I read him and told him what I saw with the exception of his death dates. I did tell him what to do to change the first one since it affected his kid's life too.”

That's fair.”

With Sap', I think he's like 75% gay. The other 25% is used for his undercover work and he'd go with girls to keep his cover. What I didn't get a read on is the number of people he's been with. I do know he started really young.”


But, where I crossed the line I felt is I knew instantly he was more interested in Jimmy's passing the test. When he heard Jimmy passed, he was all green lights and I knew I could take him all the way.”

Ok, what do you mean you feel you crossed the line?”

Let me explain that. I should've stopped when I felt those green lights were happening. I continued more for Jimmy's sake than I did any other reason. If I'd stopped and he had felt Jimmy had went further, he would've used it against Jimmy.”

I see.”

Between you and I, Jimmy wears two wires. One is really thin and it's in his shirt collar. It folds down over the wire. The other is in his crotch and it's like it's a tracking transmitter more than it is a recording device.”

Sappington doesn't wear a wire?”

No, I think whoever his superior knows it's probably safer for him not to have one on because he's been known to take his clothes off rather easily.”


Between you and I, I took Sap further because I was losing control. He was doing things to my body which weren't intimate and weren't anything other than just downright erotic. It's like he was playing with my body and it had me really going way around the bend.”

I know what he did. It's called erogenous zones. He probably sensed your level of experience wasn't that much and began playing with those in order to get you further along.”

Well, I went past the point of where I wanted to take him. I had it in my mind I wanted to jack him and get him to jack me. We ended up in a 69 and thankfully, you interrupted us.”

Hon, don't worry about anything you've told me. I know why you did it and I would've went that far if I didn't trust them also.”

I appreciate it, but I really feel bad that I lost control with Sap.”

Don't. That's how I lost my virginity. I found someone who was more experienced than me and he played my erogenous zones. I felt so much so fast, it was way out there for me and I really had a problem afterwards because the guy was more interested in it being a one time thing and I was like addicted to wanting that to continue.”

Why don't you do those things with me?”

There's a reason. I don't want to hurry you along more than what you can handle. When we're at the point where we can do those things to each other and make it more intense for each other and lose ourselves in the emotions, I'll do those things. I don't want to feel like I've got that sort of hold over you and I don't want you to feel like it's more sexual than it is mental in our relationship.”

Ok, I understand. I appreciate it, but the first thing I thought when it happened was wanting to do them to you so you'd feel what I was feeling.”

I appreciate you feeling that way, but I worry about it getting out of control.”

His hand found mine and silence enveloped us. When we got to the hospital, we pulled into the parking lot and went in. Jimmy was there and he said, “They're not admitting him. He's to undergo counseling and that'll be it.”

I smiled at Jimmy and said, “Thanks, I appreciate you being there for him.”

He nodded, “Roger was losing it.”

Grant said, “I'll go be with him. Where are they at?”

Emergency Room Three.”

Grant went down the hallway and into the room. Jimmy asked, “Did Sap pass?”

Yeah, between you and I, I took him further than I did you so he'd not bother you with it in the future.”

No problem. I already know enough on him that if he ever tried that, he'd find himself in a lot of embarrassing situations.”

Please let this be your last undercover operation.”

I am. I thought about it and I really am getting too old for it.”

No, you're not hearing me. I saw a lot of shit and if you tell yourself that, you'll be doing undercover in the city and get yourself involved into the narcotics task force.

Where that works against you is the hours spent take away from your son. He feels that and what will happen is he will encounter someone who is released back out onto the streets and that person plays him mentally. That's what ends up getting you killed.”

I've gotta do it this way. I need the money.”

I turned and looked at him. “Blake look at me.”

He looked into my eyes.

If you don't think I didn't see everything, think again. I know your mama takes most of your check and I know you think you've got to have that money to have her raise him. You pay her too much and not much of that money goes out on him.

If you don't go out, you're home more. He's now in school and after he gets out, you'd be able to spend that time with him.

What you don't know is 'Nita is so open for a relationship with you, she'd be ecstatic to even have him on your dates with you. She's completely thought it through about being a mother to him and she's probably the best thing you have working for you in your son's life.”


Yeah, so please....that's the way it's got to be. Now, is there a D town nearby?”


They'd put you in the Detective unit there. Your connections and ability to work with people would work to your advantage.”

I need to ask you a question.”

What's that?”

I trust you completely now. If I ever need you, would you come and read someone for me if I can't get any other way of cracking a case?”

Yeah, but I can't do it with just anyone. The weird thing is I get it strong if the person broadcasts real easily. With you, I got it after I touched you. It's like a phone line was connected, or a television station was connected into your life.”

You need to touch someone?”

Yeah, but for example, with Sap', I couldn't even get a link into how many people he's been with. With you, I got that real fast and it helped me link in with you and made me instantly seeing everything.”

I'll tell you why you couldn't read Sap'. He was a stripper from about the age of fourteen. A lot of the guys in his group were underage and he learned the pay was a whole lot better when he had sex with those patrons. His problem is the other guys did it sometimes, but he would do it and give his phone number to everyone. He'd go and do a show on either a Friday or Saturday and the rest of the week, he'd perform privately for up to two or three guys a night. Where that got to be a problem was he had repeat requests and it got to be he was really in a world of trouble.”

How'd he get to be a cop then?”

His uncle. His mom realized something wasn't right when he was gone all the time and had loads of cash. She asked the uncle to do some surveillance on him and he had a choice of either becoming a cop or the uncle arresting everyone in his little black books and everyone he'd stripped for and the guy who ran the troupe of strippers. He made the right choice.”

Ok, be quiet, he's just finally getting into the parking lot.'


Hang on, he's on the phone with someone. I've got a number, take it down.”


314-743-8831” [Readers: 743-8831 on the pad is RHETTE1. Don't think it's a usable number. It might be, but I sure have no clue who it is. You'd probably call someone who runs a chop shop or something!]

I'll find out who that number belongs to. It's a St. Louis area code.”

Hang on! He's saying, “The fucking kid is hot man. I think you need to get him working for you. He was down on the bone in a flash. What? Hell yeah I did him! He was begging for the meat....harder! Give it to me like that! Oh man, I never came so hard in my life! Yeah, that ass is sweet.”

I said, “Jimmy, I'm going to break his lying ass jaw!”

Hey! Hang on a second, don't let him know what you can do. If he's talking to someone off the case, that's a violation of ethics.”

He's got a cell phone, I can get you that number of his and you can get a print out of all the numbers he calls.”

You can't get that number list.”

Bullshit, if he's talking on a phone here, it's my company. I can get that number list and you best bet they're not going to stop me.”

What did you and he do together?”

We did everything up to starting to 69 on the bathroom floor when Grant knocked and told us we needed to get to the hospital..”

Nothing other than that?”


Ok, I wanted to know because I can definitely tell you're telling me the truth. You're upset because of his lies.”

It's a violation of trust in him. Tell your boss I want him off the case.”

He's gotta be here. I'll assign him to another mark.”

You got more than me now?”

The numbers are getting slimmer, but yeah, there's several.”

I said, “Chris shouldn't be a mark.”

He was his friend.”

No one knew anything about Chris. Chris is straight and the last time he was over there at the Riefsdel's was when he was seven years old.”

I've got him as a mark due to the friendship.”

It's a waste of your manpower, but put him on Chris. Chris is so straight, I definitely know he'd not see...hang on, he's dialing another number. 314-642-4235-7. [314-MIC-HAEL-S. I just had to do it folks!] He just pressed option seven.

He's listening to a recording. It's giving him a bank balance, it's not a bank. It's a recording and it's giving him a balance of almost a hundred thousand dollars...but it's not a bank. He never pressed in an account number.”

He's not saying anything?”

No, he's getting out of the car now.”

Ok, don't make like you know anything.”

You can stay on me, but I don't want him near me.”

Go to the emergency room and let me tell him he's not to be around you.”


I went to the emergency room and saw Roger. I hugged him and saw Aaron sitting up on the edge of the bed. I went over and hugged him and said, “Hey guy.”

Hi” He looked down and said, “Please don't make fun of me.”

I understand. When you can, we'll talk about it.”

Roger said, “Grant and I can go out if you'd like?'

No! Don't do that right now.”

Grant gave me a weird look and I said, “Sap's gotta get home. Jimmy's talking with him.”


Aaron asked, “Sap and Jimmy are here?”

They were over at my house. They wanted to come and let you know they were thinking about you, and you're ok in their books.”

I don't like everyone knowing.”

Aaron, they don't know why you're here. They only know you're here. I'm not that dumb!”

He smiled, “Ok.”

Roger said, “Can Grant and I go get a cup of coffee?”

Grant said, “Hang on a second, let me and Jake go get him and Aaron a drink first.”

Roger nodded. “Ok, that'll be fine.”

Aaron said, “That was so transparent, even I saw that!”

I laughed, “We'll be back.”

We went out into the hall and up. I saw Jimmy staring our way and Grant asked, “What's going on?”

Sap called someone. He was telling the person I had all sorts of sex with him and that I was begging for it and yelling out all sorts of stuff and saying I had a real sweet ass.”

That son of a bitch!”

Yeah, I hit the moon I was so pissed. So, I told Jimmy what he said and right after that, Sap made another phone call and listened to an account balance of nearly a hundred grand.”

You heard him how far away?”

Up the street. It's like one second I didn't get anything and then, the next, I got a signal he was coming this way and that's when I heard what he was saying and even got the phone number he'd dialed.”

That's making me upset.”

Me too. You're not the only one. Jimmy's mad because he's talking to people off the case about me.”

Ok, I've got to make a complaint.”

How? You going to tell them you read his mind and that's what you got!? Jimmy's his superior and he's going to get him placed on someone else. He's got the numbers he called and I'm working on getting his call sheet to get to Jimmy.”

That's good.”

Grant, are you involved in this case in any way?”


Ok, I know you know about them, so I was wondering.”

They told me they were going to be standing guard.”

They've got other marks in the area. My question is who was supposed to be on Jared? And why was he allowed to be killed if he was to be protected?”

You might ask them and see if they'd tell you.”

How's school going to go tomorrow?”

Half a day. Everything's going to be abbreviated and then, we're having a memorial service for anyone who wants to attend.”

Ok, I'm glad they're doing that.”

Me too. It was Principal Jackson's suggestion.”

He's a nice guy. His assistant Mr. Yeager is ok, but he doesn't get out and communicate with the students like Mr Jackson.”

I need to start doing that too. A rapport with the students would be beneficial.”

Yeah, they'd tell their parents to go buy gas from you!”

He smiled, “You're a promoter...hopeless, hopeless, hopeless.”

Hey, it's an advantage. It's a shame we can't have them announce my name and then say, “Brought to you by the City Limits Gas Station!”

He laughed, “See! Now, I'm surprised you didn't plug Reilly Chevrolet!”

Nope, I'm saving that for when the announcer announces the audience and tells everyone they were brought there by a Reilly Chevrolet and if they weren't, you got here too slow!”

He laughed, “Your good. I liked that.”

What would be excellent is my running plays could be sponsored by Reilly Chevy trucks because like them, I really haul.”

Come on, we're supposed to be getting you and Aaron drinks.”

We went to the soda machine and I said, “Aaron likes Double Cola.”


I don't know. I told him about Little Ceasars and he wanted to know if they had Double Cola before Mountain Dew.”

Oh-kay, but that stuff is like pure generic!”

Yeah, but you get nearly double the cans of it versus the other for the same money.”

We got our drinks and went back to the emergency room. Roger smiled, “Boy, you guys were gone for a while!”

Yeah, but he knows more now!” I said giggling.

Roger stood up and I handed Aaron his pop. “You remembered!”

Yeah, it's not often I know someone who likes that above all else.”

He laughed, “I'm used to it more.”

Roger and Grant left out of the room. I hopped up on the gurney and sat next to Aaron, “You feel better now?”


Wanna talk?”

I don't know where to begin.”

Do you want me to tell you what I know and then, go from there?”

Yeah, if you don't mind.”

DJ is a complete asshole. You thought you loved him, but once you got to get away from the control he had on you, you began to think about what all he'd done and you'd done and it embarrassed you. Then, today, Jared asked you out and you were on top of the world until someone told you he'd gotten killed and that's when you thought your only hope was to go back to DJ.”

That's it basicly, but there's a lot of other things in regards to DJ you don't know.”

Trust me and tell me.”

He had me doing things for not just him.”

Ok, like what?”

All sorts of things. About the time I thought I was nothing to him, then he'd make out with me again and I felt like it was worth it.”

How long were you together?”

Not long. That's what's bad.”

So, what brought you about to unloading him?”

After what you did, he was better for about two seconds and then, he was asking me to go to the bathroom to do it again during class. It made me feel bad and when Jared asked me out, I told him I would and basicly snuck home to tell DJ I was done with him. Now, Jared's dead and I think DJ's not going to stop.”

Oh yes he is!”

You can't tell!”

Bullshit, his dad got told tonight DJ lied. DJ got out of there because he was supposed to go to your house to beg for forgiveness and save it.”

He never showed up!”

Did he call or anything?”


Ok, that was another lie. I'll tell you now, I'm done with DJ and he's got a real bad way to go with me.”

What's up with Sap?”

Don't go there. He's cute and he's built, but he's worse than DJ.”


Trust me on this...”

I guess I'll not have anyone.”

You will. There's several on the team. I know that.”


Yeah, so if there's that number on the team, think about the number in our school. What about your friend Tim?”

I ran and told Tim I was gay and it's like as soon as I did, he suddenly wanted to stop doing anything with me.”

Some guys are like that. They want you when it's not a 'gay' thing and when you admit you are, they suddenly want to say they're straight.” I immediately thought of my dad.

You know someone like that?”

Yeah. It's sad because I found out he loved the guy all along.”

Oh man. Did they get together?”


The one still single?”

No, he found someone who ended up loving him.”

Good for him.”

Grant and Roger came back into the room. I asked DJ, “When are they letting you out of here?”

I don't know.”

I told Roger. “Ask the nurse to let him sit out in the waiting room.”


Chris' parents got charged for an emergency room fee for two days because he was sitting in there after midnight.”


Yeah, Mr Powers told them he wasn't paying that room fee for the second day and finally had to tell them he'd see them in court. They backed off of it, but I've heard they sneak things like that onto the bills here.”

Grant said, “I'll get that stopped.”


I'm on the board here. I sure never knew that happened.”

Just think of the number of people who pay it and don't complain and then, you think of the number of people who would rather die driving to Columbia and now, you know why.”

I've not heard anything about those unhappy people.”

I said, “Grant, people don't tell you bad things because they A: They don't think you'll do anything. B: They think even if they told you, it'd not get changed and C: They fear for the retribution. Also, they say there's no accident there's a veterinarian clinic across the street because he's your 'on call' doctor.”

That's not true!”

It's entirely true. I don't lie and that's what they say!”

No, I mean that vet clinic doesn't have a thing to do with this place!”

Roger smiled, “Grant, I've heard all of those things said before.”

Well, I've got to do something about this!”

Grant, aside from tearing this place down and rebuilding someplace else, you're not going to outrun those rumors. Might I suggest if you were in any way responsible for picking the color scheme here, that carpeting isn't conducive to a positive thought about what people feel about the place.”

What's carpet got to do with it?”

Grant, look at it. That pattern looks like green grass with someone losing arterial blood all across it. Someone was chasing the person with blue duct tape and was dropping pieces all over the place.”

Roger giggled and said, “Grant, he's calling it as he sees it and as he's calling it, I'm seeing it.”

I won't go into what I thing those black blotches are because it's probably what people do after they see their bills from here.”

Roger started laughing and Aaron pointed. Grant was staring at me and his face was nearly beet red.

Hon, breathe...relax and breathe.”

I can't believe you!”

What's wrong?”

I'll have you know the décor of this hospital went through committee!'

You mean to tell me a GROUP of people agreed on this instead of one person?!”

I've got to go up the hall and cool off.”

He stalked out of the room and I was totally dumbfounded.

Roger said, “Ten to one, he was on that committee and people agreed with him because of the size of his donation.”

You're probably right. He runs into a lot of stuff because of his money.”

You'll have it too. Just learn he was giving you a warning he was on the board and you now know it's probably from the size of the contribution he gave.”

I said, “Ok, it makes me feel bad, but I'm just thankful he's realizing I'm going to give him my opinion and honesty.”

It wasn't always like this. You need to know that. He's generous and people take advantage of it. He thinks about it possibly making his family look good, so he opens the check book and that's what they get is what they say they need.”

That's dumb.”

I heard a rumor he donated over twelve million dollars to this place.”


That's what I heard, but I don't know that for fact.”

Twelve Million dollars! That'd build this place!”

Probably not. A lot of this stuff is real expensive.”

I'll find out. They sure took him for a ride.”

Don't. You'd probably die if you found out what he donated for the ambulances.”


Those ambulances are almost fifty grand each. He gave them six of the things.”


Grant's generous. He needs someone to step in between he and the people asking for money.”

I'd do it but this is just staggering. He's got to be on everyone's list!”

Yup and I've heard when it's Girl Scout cookie time, he's on all their lists too.”

Where's he put the things!”

He gives them away to nursing homes.”

Oh man, there's not a receipt one in that. How in the world does he write it off?!”

I couldn't tell you. Don't say I told you, but I've always admired his ability to give like he does.”

Giving is one thing, but this is just stupid!”

I shut up and Aaron said, “You called the carpet perfectly.”

Yeah, but for all I know, he probably picked it out. I probably hurt his feelings.”

Roger said, “Go find him and make up.”

I'll be back.”

I went out into the hallway and saw Grant up at the end standing against the wall and staring down at the floor. When I got up there, I went up to him and hugged him. “You want to talk?”

No, you seem to have an opinion about everything and I must look like an idiot to you.”

Grant. First of all, I didn't know you were on the board until you said something. Second of all, I've got an opinion about a lot of things, but if you can't or won't listen to them, I guess I'll shut up. Just remember you've got an opinion about things too and when communication stops one direction, it's going to stop both directions.”

I'll get the carpet changed.”

Keep the shit there on the floor. It's not worn out and when it's time to replace it, let someone else pay for it.”

They will. There's an endowment fund for that.”

Ok, so you're on the board of the hospital? When does the board meet so I know you won't be home that night?”

I don't go. It's nothing but a bunch of old women and a few cranky old men. They all treat each other like shit and they've all suddenly got old English accents when they're talking to each other.”

Can I give you one final opinion on things?”

“I guess.”

Start saying 'no' a few times a day when people ask for money.”

Who told you that!”

If I can't give you my opinion, I'm not going to give you other people's opinions.”

Man, you shut down on me again.”

Yeah, but you've got my opinion in that statement and let me say if the rumors are twice as much as what is actual fact, you've got a big target placed on you.”


The common rumor is you donated twelve million to this place. If you donated six, you gave too much.”

I gave almost twenty.”

Ok, that's money lost. I know why you did it, but...”

Why'd I do it?”

You wanted people to think kindly of your family's name. It worked, so it very evidently built a friggin' hospital. If I invested that much money out here, I'd be pissed people talked bad about it too.”

You didn't say if you agreed or disagreed with it.”

How much did this place cost?”

I don't know.”

Let me just say if it cost four million which I imagine it should have, and you donated twenty. That endowment fund better have your name on it because you built five hospitals for them.”

I didn't ask. I just wrote the check.”

Now, I've got a question and let's see if things can be helped.”


Are we going to discuss giving as a couple?”

Do you want that?”



Because if you ask me how much money I want to donate for ambulances, I might tell you I'll donate maybe one. That should give you an idea of what I think should be given by people in our circumstances. I certainly wouldn't ever tell you to buy them a fleet.”

That rumor is out there too!”

People admire you because of what you do. I think it's nice, but I'll also tell you if I was looking for a sucker, I'd make up an organizations' name and go knocking on your door.”

How about I tell them to speak with you?”

How about you telling them you need to take that Girl Scout cookie sheet home to look it over and we'll go ask all the old people in nursing homes what the hell they want. Then, we'll get that order blank filled and give it back.

That rumor is the ONLY one I agree with. You made some old people happy and that was sweet.”

People come in. They've got their kid's sheet with them and ask me if I'll buy. I say yes, and usually the first few boxes are the ones I really want. All the rest is because I'm afraid they'll take their business elsewhere.”

I understand, but you do that for that kid and each kid who has a candy bar sale, or whatever else sale and you soon find you would've saved money if you'd just wrote a check to the organization itself.”

What do you mean?”

Ok, candy bars. Most of the time, that group is hoping to make five hundred dollars. They probably only make a dime off the thing it that. You're spending fifty cents a pop and spending several hundred dollars. They only made twenty percent of what you spent, so just write a check to the group as a whole for fifty bucks and save yourself some money.”

Is that how I should do it?”

If you want old people to have cookies, order cookies in your grocery store and get them wholesale. Give the scouts a hundred bucks and tell each little monster selling the things you already gave. If they're about salesmanship, they'll nod and head on down the street.”

You're Scrooge!”

No, the way you do things, it's getting the old people cookies. If that's the objective, give them cookies. If it's making yourself look like a target to every kid in town, put a basket out on the counter in the station and just put the till there and have a sign on top of the thing advertising free money. They'll take it and then, you'll soon have none to give and that will be that.”

Sarcastic Scrooge!”

I hear no chains clanking in my future. I might have an older man waking me up in the middle of the night, but the last time I heard him yell out anything it wasn't 'bah humbug!”

He laughed, “I love you.”

I love you too. I think if we communicate about this, you'll have a handle on things and the rumors will still be there about your generosity.”

We went back down the hall and I said, “You do need to put your foot down about the double billing of the rooms out here.”

I'll get on that.”

And a person upstairs in those rooms shouldn't be charged to watch television.”


Twelve bucks a day is what they charge you to watch television. If your insurance won't cover it, you get handed a piece of paper to sign saying you'll pay it or they shut the thing off.”

How do you know this?”

I had my tonsils taken out here. Grandma bitched like you wouldn't believe about the television usage fee. After that, she not only didn't have me out here, but she even went to the point of having my pediatrician changed to one in Columbia. We went there and she freely told the man if I ever got into an emergency, I was going down there.”

Do you still have a pediatrician?”


I need to know these things.”

I smiled. “If you ever try taking me there, I'll take you to a geriatric unit old man.”

He smiled, “I take that as a no.”

I'm a big person now. And no, I don't watch Romper Room and go to Toy's R Us either. However, some of that stuff is neat.”

I still play with toys too, so don't feel bad.”

We need to make a list of each other's doctors in case of emergencies, I realize, but I need to find a regular doctor.”

Any allergies?”

Grant, not here. Let's get out of here and go home.”

Can I ask you something without getting you too upset?”


Can we sell the house and get one with both of us' name on it?”

Yeah, but let's talk about where. I sure don't want to have one out at the woods.”

No, that's not something I want.”

Could we look at the places over by the college?”


Ever since I was little, I've loved those places.”

Which ones?”

I'll drive by the ones I'm talking. With some luck one of the prettier ones will be for sale. Before I forget, remind me I'm breaking DJ's jaw.”

What's that about?”

What he did to Aaron.”

What'd he do?”

Had Aaron doing everything for all of those rat fink friends of his.”


You heard me. Not only did Aaron get done nine times by that asshole, he had to put out for all of DJ's friends.”

Does Roger know?”

No, but I'll take care of it my way.”

What are you going to do?”

A football to the nuts during the game and then telling him in front of everyone I'll never throw another pass his direction.”

Did he care for Aaron?”

I don't know, but he sure didn't go over there tonight, now did he?”

Where'd he go?”

I don't know, but when it was hitting the fan, he lied to get out of there and now, he sure knows I'll find out and when that happens, I'm done with the friendship.”

We need to have Roger know.”

No, I need to be a friend to Aaron and be there making sure DJ isn't trying to pull anymore of his 'boyfriend' moves on him. With a boyfriend like that, who needs a pimp?”

We walked back down the hall and saw Aaron and Roger sitting in the waiting room. Roger asked, “Things ok?”

Yeah, we're going to make things better for each other by discussing our benevolence in this town.”

Grant said, “Rog, come back here. I want to discuss something with you.”

I looked sharply at Grant. “It's not about that, I'm telling him the bill is taken care of.”

Well, you just did.”

Roger chuckled, “Guys, you two are funny together.”

I turned to Grant, “I need to go make a phone call.”


Jimmy's not here and neither is Sap. I'd like to know in the future when they go someplace rather than having me look all over the place for them.”

Aaron asked, “Man! I'll be sure to tell you when I go someplace.”

At least tell me goodbye. Heck, if they were riding with me, I'd be all over this hospital looking for them before I found out they were just rude. By the way, did you hear we're wearing black undershirts and black pants under our jersies?”


I know you're not on the team, but it'd show solidarity with us if you wore that tomorrow.”

He smiled, “Sure.”

Do you want me to come by and pick you up before school?”

If you want.”

Cool, I'll be there.”

The nurse came over, “You're out of here Aaron.” she said smiling. She handed Roger a packet of paperwork and Grant asked, “You've got that all taken care of regarding the billing?”

Yes Mr Oberling.”

Thanks. I appreciate it.”

She left and Grant said, “The reason I took care of the bill is I want to see if that double billing got done about that emergency room.”

Roger said, “I doubt it. We left the room shortly before midnight.”

Grant nodded, “Just the same, I'm interested if they'd try sneaking it in.”

I walked away and called Jimmy's cell. “Hello?”

You guys left without letting me know?”

Yeah, I needed to take care of some issues with Sap.”

I need to speak with you about something.”

What's that?”

Where are you at now?”

My house.”

Ok, well, I guess I'll call you tomorrow.”

Is it imperative?”


Is it something which can't wait?”

It's something which can't be discussed over the phone.”

How about first thing in the morning?”

I'll have Aaron with me. It's sort of regarding him.”

You're not near him?”

No, but when I tell you what it's about, you're going to probably explode. I'd rather you hear it in person.”

About my partner?”

Nope, but something he'd probably do.”

That could be anything.”

It's regarding DJ. I've told Grant what it was and he's pissed. He thinks Aaron's dad should know but if I give him permission to violate Aaron's trust in me, then before we know it, he'll have DJ's dad told too. When that happens, it's going to be bad.”

I'll meet you over at your house.”

Ok, go on in. We didn't lock the door.”

You need to start doing that.”

Before we go home, we're going to go drive by the college. Grant and I discussed possibly buying another house.”


He wants one in both of us' name. I'm fine with it because our yard is too small for a lot of things I'd like to do.”

Ok, how about you calling me when you're about to arrive home?”

I'll do that.”

I hung up and saw Grant walking towards me. “You ready?”

Yeah, before we head home, I need to call Jimmy so he can meet us at the house.”

He gone?”

Personnel issues. He had to move Sap off us.”

Where's he putting him?”

Possibly on Chris.”

Why Chris?”

Chris was friends with Jared. They're not taking any”

I realize you're upset about how they handled Jared, but it might've not been any different.”

I know. I also realize Jimmy lives two houses down the street two houses, but I'm confused because I swore Jimmy lived there a long time ago.”

I couldn't tell you.”

We went out to the car and and started to get in. I said, “Grant, get out of the car and run.”


Red lights are flashing on the dash.”


You heard me.”

I ran across the parking lot and called Jimmy.


Come to the hospital. My car's been tampered with.”

Be right there.”

I said, “Grant, if Ronnie Brown did it, we're probably sitting ducks sitting out here.”

Let's get back inside.”

We went back inside and Roger's voice was behind us. “What's going on guys?”

My car's been tampered with. The red lights are flashing on my dash.”

Let me go out and look at it.”

Stay back. Can you tell if a brake line was cut from a ways back?”

There should be a trail of fluid away from it.”

Grant said, “I didn't see anything.”

Roger, stay in here. If he's out there, he's probably waiting to see if the deed is going to bring about results.”

Does he know if I would know anything?”


Grant said, “I'm going to call hospital security and see if they've got a tape of the parking lot.”

Stay close.”

I am. They've got a phone right over there.”

He walked away and Roger said, “Aaron, go home and get my tool box and ramps. You'll need to bring a set of jack stands too.”

We can't get parts now!”

He smiled, “Your boyfriend owns the parts store. He better be able to get parts now.”

Well, I've got parts out at the dealership too. I forgot. I guess I could take you over there and get them.”

Those braided lines would've taken a while to cut. Your video is going to really have him in the thick of things.”

Aaron went out onto the parking lot and got in Roger's vette. He backed out and I said, “Roger, we need to talk.”

What about?”

Things DJ did to Aaron.”

What'd he do?”

This has to stay between you and I and can't get back to Aaron. He trusted me and I don't want him knowing I violated his trust.”

What'd he do?”

He had Aaron doing all sorts of stuff for all his friends besides him.”

Oh man.”

Yeah, but what I'm going to do is I'm going to keep Aaron close to me. The other thing I'm doing is I'm ending DJ and I's friendship right after I barrel a ball to his nuts during the game tomorrow night. I'll tell him I know and I'll tell him our friendship is done.”

This is upsetting.”

Not half as upset things will be. I'm going to let him know he'll never get another pass thrown to him in a game and his career is washed up. Grant can beg, plead, and do whatever to try getting that to happen, but I'll down it before I throw it.”

Dan needs to be told.”

Oh he will, right after I do what I'm going to do out there. I'll walk off the field and go right up to Dan and tell him why it got done. He's probably aware it's coming because DJ supposedly left my house tonight to go to yours to speak with Aaron.”

He never came.”

Nope, but the lie got told and I now know.”

Jimmy's car came in with police strobes flashing from under it's grill.

What the hell?”

I guess I should've told you. Jimmy's an undercover cop. So's Sap.”


To protect us and to keep us safe...a helluva lot of good it did Jared.”


He came in. “You stayed away from the car. That's good.”

Grant's checking the video surveillance from the hospital's cameras.”

Where'd he go?”

I have no clue. He was supposed to be at that phone over there.”

I pulled out my phone and dialed. “Hello?”

Where'd you go stud?”

The door right next to the phone out there. It's the security office.”

Jimmy's here. What are you seeing?”

Tell him to come in. It's our friend.”

Ronnie Brown?”


Then we're being followed.”

Looks like it.”

I'll get Jimmy in there.”

I hung up and said, “The door by the phone is the security office. It's Ronnie Brown.”

I gotta get him off the streets.”

Jimmy, it should've been done already.”

We're trying not to show our hand just yet.”

Well, Jared died with no one showing their hand and my car got messed with. You can either do it your way, or I'll do it mine. If I gotta make calls, the morgue will be one body fuller.”

He stared at me. “Don't do anything just yet.”

He went to the office and went in. I pulled out my phone. “Hello?”



Make calls and get Ronnie Brown bound, gagged, hog tied, and delivered to the police station buck assed naked and preferably with brake lines used instead of rope.”

What's going on?”

My car got tampered with out here at the hospital parking lot. That means he's following me and that means he's not trying that amateur shit with me. The police want me to wait so they don't show their hand yet, but I'm not going to die just to make them get their case a little more prepared.”

Hang on. I'll get that done.”

You and I need to talk again about DJ. I'll tell you now he'll do better if he doesn't wear his jersey to school and just resigns from the team. He'll sure not ever get a moments consideration for me getting him the ball.”

What's going on?”

He didn't go to Aaron's tonight. That excuse to get out of there was exactly that, a lie. Second of all, Aaron attempted to kill himself and I went to the hospital to be with him. While here, I spoke with him and found out DJ had Aaron performing sex for all those little rat bastard friends of his over there also.”


Yeah, so your son's nuts are dust as far as I'm concerned. Every time I get a chance, you know what's happening. If he stays on the team, I'm going to barrel one home to his family jewels and gladly let him know I'm dogging him out over it.”

Why didn't Aaron say that in his statement to the police?”

Probably because it didn't happen that day...yet. I do know it happened before and it got threatened again today at school. DJ attempted to have Aaron go to the bathroom to do someone.”

DJ's not going to be at school tomorrow. He's probably not going to be able to walk. I need to get off here because I asked him to tell me the truth and got lied to also.”

Before you get involved in that, remember to make the call about Ronnie Brown.”

I will. Thanks for letting me know.”

When you get finished with DJ, you give Roger a call. He's standing right next to me and has stood relatively sane through this.”

I'll do that.”

I hung up and said, “DJ's got Dan on him now. You get second dibs and then, I'll dog him at school.”

Roger nodded, “He getting Ronnie off the streets?”


I wish you'd let me do some things there before he got taken to the police.”

I'd like a complete confession too, but I'd probably get it while I was killing him.”

I learned some things in Vietnam. He'll talk after he's through screaming.”

He's probably expecting someone to come out there tonight.”

Nah, he's going to expect someone to come to him but he's not going to expect to come to me.”

How you going to get that done?”

Burn his garage. He'll come out of his house.”

Ok, do that, but keep him in your basement at your house. Between you and Dan, they're not going to expect you two to have him.”

Jimmy's probably going to expect you to have me do something. You might have him kept at Dan's house.”

The objective right now is to get him before the police do. Once they see my video and that surveillance video, they're going to want to do something since I just threatened his life.”

Call Dan and have him come along. Tell him I'll need some extension cord and some toothpicks. I've got a power drill.”

Ok doke.”

I pulled out my phone, and dialed. “Hello?”

Roger said he need you to come out here and get him. He said to bring toothpicks and electrical cord.”

Roger said, “Tell him if he's got some naptha in large quantities at his plant, I need some.”

Dan said, “I've got it in five gallon buckets.”

I'll tell him.

Tell him I'll bring the laundry soap.”


I hung up, “He said he'd bring the laundry soap.”

Roger smiled, “He remembers.”

What's that do?”

Naptha is otherwise known as paint remover. It also removes adhesive and cleans metal before they apply the vinyl graphics to metal. It's also highly flammable.

When you mix it with laundry soap, it's better than anything for getting a lot of flame and heat going real fast. They used it in 'nam to defoliate. The soap causes it to stick to, plant, doesn't matter.”

Oh, is that what they sprayed out of those planes which got those big plumes of flames?”

Yeah. What it'll look like to an arson investigator is he had it rigged to blow if someone tampered with the place. The thing there is if anyone attempts to put it out with a fire hose, it's not going to go out easily.”

How do they put it out?”

Either let it burn itself out, or put the water to a fine mist and cloud the air with moisture and let the fire get put out with lack of oxygen.”

It'd be a tell tale signature pointing back to you guys.”

Nope, that's where the milk jugs come into play.”

You never mentioned them.”

I've got them at home.”

I guess I don't know some of this stuff.”

Milk jugs. If you cut a small hole in each and then put in Christmas tree lights, it's safe until that light gets turned on inside that jug. You have those all around the building and then use the extension cord outside. Plug it in and watch the fireworks.”


What Ronnie's going ot have in there is an acetylene torch. I'll turn on the acetylene before we walk out. It's heavier than air, so it'll lay along the floor. The air goes up and the whole place is compressed so when it goes, it blows out and up. With the flames and all the wreckage, it's distracting to those not prepared for it.”

You guys going to be safe?”


Man, oh man, I'm glad you're on my side!”

Me too. If Ronnie had went to 'nam, you'd have to worry. As I said, they weren't professionals.”

Jimmy came out and said, “I need your car keys.”


To get the video tape.”

You'd not get to the vcr. There's a button by the license plate which you push in order to open the trunk. The button on the key fob makes it remotely set the system instead of popping the hatch. Because it's a convertible, it's up under where the convertible top is stored.”

How about you coming out with me. If there's anything wrong, you can see.”

Roger said, “I'm a mechanic. I set up the system in his car, so I can tell you instantly if it's been tampered with and what exactly it was which was tampered.

Jimmy nodded and said, “Ok, stay here jake.”

I nodded and Roger headed out. Grant came out of the room and over to me. “Let them do their job and you not be so concerned about retribution.”

We'll see...”

Jake, please. I don't want anything happening which could jeopardize our relationship.”

You're not quite getting it. Standing around and doing nothing doesn't have a very long life expectancy with these people. If I do something, then I live.”

Give it until tomorrow. By then, if nothing's done, we'll go after them your way.”

You'll probably be too late. I've already made calls. My advice is for them to race out to Jacksonville to get him because once we get him, he'd going to talk and he's going to have a lot of things happening.”

What's on that list? Murder?”

Nope, but it can be arranged. I want to know exactly what's going on with everything he did, but I want to know why he stepped into a war which wasn't his. If he dares telling me it's because of me being unholy, I'll probably help him meet his maker.”

We've got him definitely tampering with your car.”

Yeah, believe that again. The second he is convicted is the second I'll believe it's finished. Until then, don't rest easy because I'm sure not.”

Do you want to go to the motel to sleep tonight?”

No, I want my own bed. I want him to think he's got to sleep in a motel in order to feel safe. His big issue with the thought is you own them and can get me exactly what room he's staying.”

He'd probably stay with a parishioner here locally.”

I need to make one more call.”

Who to?”



I like Jimmy, but they're really amateur. I've done more of a job protecting myself by enlisting those around me than I have with them working on the case.”

Don't get completely cynical.”

I've got to get cynical. If I don't, I get complacent believing they're working and doing their job. They're not, so we'll work those things in other ways.”

Who's doing what?”

I'll tell you after it's done. You not knowing right now doesn't make you a part of the conspiracy.”

Yes it does.”

Wrong, until a crime has happened, I could be merely fantasizing aloud what I want to happen. I'd get cleared on it, but the second I start allowing others to step in the way and mess with what I want, then it's a conspiracy.”

You've made calls?”


It's a conspiracy.”

The only conspiracy you know for certain is I'm taking out DJ's nuts during the game tomorrow night. He'll hobble off the field and then, he'll know I'll do it each and every game until he removes himself down the strings.”

Sort of playing God, aren't you?”

Grant, let's go get a pop. Let's see if I can pitch that can just as good as I can throw a football. When you go down clutching your nuts, you think about whether I actually give a fuck.

Until then, step back from me. I'm done with you telling me what I can and can't do. I SURE as hell didn't see you telling Aaron he was responsible for what happened because he trusted someone. No, you told him it'd be better.

Well, it's not. Action brings about better feelings, by not watching everyone else do things.”

I don't want to lose you.”

Stepping in my way only makes me go around you. Maybe some day, you'll figure out I'll keep stepping around you until I figure out there's a way of stopping that from getting you away from me.”

You shut down emotionally.”

No, emotions are there. You think they're not because they're not holding you and seeking love when actually, there's a time to die and I'm making that happen.”

And then, you go to prison.”

You know what? You stand here. I'll drive that fucking car with wobbly wheels and no brakes to the dealership and get another one. You might see if there's a room available because I sure think it's what you need.”

I went out the door and across the parking lot. When I got up to Jimmy, “You were told to stay in the building.”


Then get back there.”

Get yourself back there and then, you can listen to Grant's sniveling ass about who I am and what I can and can't do. When you have that decided, then realize I'm going to do what the fuck I want to do.”

We'll get you taken into protective custody in jail.”

Why start now?”

Because it matters whether you live or die.”

Turn around here.”


I smooth up punched him in the face. “There motherfucker, that's got me going to jail. When I get there, you afford me the one fucking phone call and then, you give me your supervisor's name, and number. I'll call him and ask him why YOU decided it didn't matter whether Jared lived or died!!! And then, I'll file that wrongful death suit on behalf of him against you.”

I looked down and said, “Roger, you're witness to what was said.”

Yup, sounds like he chose to let Jared die.”

I wondered why they didn't protect him better, but now I know.”

Roger came out from beneath my car.

Your braided brake line was partially bothered, but he didn't count on them being braided. He showed his hand and you have video.”

Do the brakes work?”


Good, take Grant to the motel. When you get him there, tell him to get the hint of where I want him to live. Tell him to request Jimmy on him because I'm not officially asking Jimmy be removed from this case, from protecting me, and off my ball team.”

Jimmy said, “Not going to work.”

Think again. Between you and DJ, I'll do better having the other team play in your positions.”

You're losing it.”

You'll lose it. I'll be speaking to the press wondering aloud why the police who are supposed to be keeping him alive allowed him to die...not that he mattered.

Roger, get out from under my car. I'll drive the motherfucker to the Chevy dealership and get myself a car.”

Sounds like you're going to be arrested.”

Sounds to me like the police need to do their jobs and keep those who don't matter from dying. You KNOW I'll take that to the bank in Jared's memory.”

Jimmy said, “I mess up with what I say and you tromp all over it.”

No, I'm not going for the diversion Jimmy. Someone was SUPPOSED to be on him and he died.

Who in the fuck was it who let Jared down? You? Your partner who is too busy fantasizing about the sex he supposedly had with me and bragged about it to someone who wasn't ON this case?

And why, pray tell is your partner now watching Chris of all people like he matters when he should be out there arresting the man who is still out there trying to kill people? But, I guess you wouldn't have a job if you got that done.”

My cell phone and Jimmy's both rang at the same time. “Hello?”

Look to the north.” Dan's voice said.


Jimmy just got the call your murderer just shut himself in his garage.”


From five miles away, I could see the fire cloud light up the sky although the boom was faint.

Holy fuck! What was that!”

Jimmy said, “Oh sweet Jesus! That was your killer blowing himself up!”

I turned to Jimmy, “You can't seem to keep him from killing anyone, can you?...not even himself?”

I gotta go.”

Little bit too late for that. IF that was your trial going up in smoke, please realize I've not forgotten who matters and who doesn't.”

I was speaking to Jimmy's back as he ran to his car.

Roger said, “About one and a half on the richter scale. The feds will be investigating.”

Good, it'll be cool when they've got him listed as dead and then he shows up in front of hog tied in front of the police station.”

They've got video down there.”

Yup. Now, we gotta find someone to pin it on.”


Bear with me here. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

I'm coming out. Your car's fit to drive.”

I opened my trunk and took out the video tape. “I'll need to have a different video tape in for when we go to where we're going to go.”

Not tonight.”

Why not?”

You're going to be amazed at where he's going to be kept.”

We never got that far into the plan.”

Grant's coming.”

I appreciate it.”

No problem kiddo. Ease up on DJ.”

He fucked over Aaron!”

And believe it, or not, I love my kid. I also realize he made errors in judgment but through all this, not once did he come to me when he could've. Now, either it says he could've chosen to deliberately disregard the new open communication we've got, or he put his boyfriend's abuse ahead of me. Both of those things have me plenty upset.”

DJ's not going to get off easily with this.”

It was before you and he's friendship. Yeah, he tried getting it off again, but Aaron put his foot down and dumped him. DJ's punished for that decision and now sees there's consequences from Aaron. You're an outsider in their relationship and yes, you're a good friend, but you're judging someone from their past before they corrected their mistakes.

If you judge DJ for anything, it should be for attempting to continue that abuse, not the other. Aaron knowingly forgave him for those other abuses, and yet, you're there to beat him over the head for them.

The way you're judging people, you'd be judging me for all my abuses to Aaron. And yet, when I lost my temper again, you were there hugging me and forgiving.”

He lied tonight! He said he was going to your house and didn't!”

You've never been embarrassed? He was afraid of what would come out. I understand the kid more than you know.”

Grant came over and stood beside me.

So which way would you handle it?”

I'd be his friend. I'd lay out the rules about lying and I'd not go the route of choosing one friend over the other.”

Grant interrupted, “I'm supposed to ask you if you had anything to do with what happened out in Jacksonville.”

Something happened in Jacksonville?”

You know damned well what happened out there!”

I'm afraid I can't say. It'd have me being judged one more time by my boyfriend and him turning that information over to the police.”

You're playing a dangerous game.”

You know how I play games. I go in to win and that's usually what happens.”

Well, I can't say it was Roger because he was here.”

We're under video surveillance. Nowhere better to be....than here.”

He's dead.”


You fucking well know who...Ronnie Brown!”

Hmmm, must've not mattered. According to Jimmy, only those who don't matter die and I've got to have top security because I matter.”


Roger said, “Grant, Jimmy said it. I heard. Then I heard Jimmy threaten to arrest Jake for punching him in the face afterward.

In my opinion, Jimmy ought to take the shiner and realize his lack of judgment in his verbiage made Jared seem to be immaterial.”

Man, what a dumb ass.” Grant said shaking his head.

I stood here and told him he needed to get out there and get him off the street.”

Roger said, “Don't worry about it. You've got the videotape to prove what was said if he wants to think about questioning you about that.”

Grant said, “No fowl play in regards to Ronnie Brown?”

Grant, I'm the Hawk, it's all prey.”

I know you're covering something.”

Roger said, “Grant, until you've got a badge pinned on your shirt, I'd stay on the side of your partner.

You let the police do their job and Jake do his. If I can't get any clearer to you where you belong, then maybe you should think about what you're wanting in a relationship.”

I want someone who's honest.”

I nodded, “Ok, get in the car and I'll take you back out to the motel. You can sleep there and rethink your prayers for a lover and see if you just put a condition on the request you didn't have there the first time.

Until then, you realize I'm stepping forward and I'm protecting me and working on this case.”

If you're involved out there, you just took the law into your own hands.”

Damn officer! Where the fuck were you when nothing was getting done about the case? Where the fuck were you when everyone's getting killed? If one of the bad guys fell, don't YOU dare try telling me I can't do it. The score isn't fucking tied.”

Roger said, “Grant, if he makes you sleep alone tonight, realize I would've too...if I'd been in that position. Look down at your shirt and realize what's shining on your chest are tears for Jeff instead of a badge. You'll learn your friendships will go further.”

He came over and said, “Jake, go home. Get ready for school tomorrow and don't let anyone give you any grief.”

He walked off and I asked, “You getting in the car?”

I don't like it. It stinks.”

Then fucking walk. It's a new car and anything you'll smell in the car probably is yourself.”

I went over and got in the car. I started it and Grant knocked on the window. He got in and I peeled out going forward.”

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