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Notes From RettaMichaels:

PlayMaker is written as a period piece. The lead character is writing his memoirs at the end of his career in this day and time. Please read it as such as I've really got no time to correct people for what is obvious.


Chapter Seventeen:

When I got home, Grant was sitting up. “You ok?”

Yeah, thanks for taking my car.”

Did you have a good time?”

Yeah, but it's going to sound bad, but between being there and being in Akron looking at the stadium, I would've rather been exploring what I bought.”

Are you going to be able to afford it?”

Yeah, Mike did a check on my net worth since you did the check and it's went up something like twenty million. He says the silicon valley stocks are really taking off and I've got a gold mine in what I've got.”

Just remember they can go down really fast.”

I know. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take that loan for ten years. I figure it'll be five million a month going out. I've got that from my investments, so I'm doing well.”

'You've got it figured out.”

Right now, I've got to cut dead weight on the team and in the stadium. People tell me little things and I think about it. It might sound small, but when you think about it, it gets bigger and bigger.”

What's that mean?”

Someone told me tonight to get the place emptied out and fumigated for pests. He said he was surprised I'd not gotten sued over it. When you think about it, bugs would be a problem, but it wouldn't be that big of a problem. Mice, that's a big problem. They eat food, leave droppings, and eat electrical, merchandising, and can completely mess up all sorts of other things like making people panic.”

What do you suggest?”

Well, Tom said when we have the team meeting with the league, I can suggest different team colors. He said it makes more sense to get that done now since it says out with the old and in with the new and gives the team a new look.

What I figure is we can completely change the color of the stadium, the walls in concessions and the walls, floors, and lighting in merchandising. It's exciting because I can do a sale price on the old merchandising for half price and get it out the door and out of the storage rooms. Then, I can get a new Angel head on the team.”

Nice thinking. What I suggest is to do your different colors this year but already have your Angel head approved at the meeting. You can drag out the introduction of the new head until next year when it can be unveiled and need to cause the fans to buy new items.”

Ok, you know football pretty well, what colors do you suggest for the new team which aren't already out there?”

You want a distinctive color which people will see and instantly recognize with your team.”

Ok, what colors.”

My suggestion is white and gold because they look good together, but it's lousy because they wash out real bad in the sunlight. There's nothing worse than a sports announcer on television not being able to tell what your number is and get your play credited to someone else.”

So I need a darker color?”

Something no one else has.”

What about white pants with jerseys which have gold with white numbers and bronze around the white number? That darker color makes the white stand out and it gives us some metallic colors which are cool, shiny, and look richer.”

Ok, so gold helmets with a white Angel in full flight with bronze highlights? That sounds cool.”

I like it. How do you think they'd accept it?”

I think it'd be fine. No one else has the colors.”

I asked, “Grant, this league meeting. Where can I have it which is exclusive and we're not going to have to spend a whole lot of money for stupid things?”

What do they want?”

From what I hear, they have golf and all sorts of hob nobbing parties for a weekend. I've got to pay for security, parking, for their hotel rooms, and for the golf, and whatever else they want.

Tom said he's seen a weekend cost a hundred grand and all the way up to a million dollars. He said he spends two hundred grand for them.”

Do you want it around the Akron area?”

I don't know. It would seem to me if I did that, I'd probably pick the one area they had it last time and that'd be real tacky. Rather than doing that, I figure I could bring the team and them to someplace else and make it so it's nice...but where?”

What do you have in mind?”

Disney is fun. It's got golf and all sorts of activities, but it really smells strong of me being a kid and them expecting it to be cheesy like that. I want them to look around them and think to themselves the place I chose was really nice, different, and completely what they required.”

My suggestion would be to get the big jet and haul everyone into St. Louis and then take them to Tan-Tar-A Resort down near Bagnell Dam. It's got the lake. It's got golf. It's got exclusivity of private parking and complete resort amenities. The plus side of it is you can reserve the entire place in the off season and they'll have like ten workers to each person. You can't get better than that unless you go on a cruise ship where you don't have golf.”

We need to call them.”

Who's your manager?”

Chris will be.”

You shouldn't have fired your manager.”

I had no choice. They said to take them or leave them. I figured I should put them out the door at the same time instead of let them form a bucket brigade and empty the safe.”

You did good. I understand. They're up for sale for a reason and you haven't found the reason.”

Hang on a second. Tom was supposed to find out the reason. He started to tell me what it was, but we couldn't get into the conversation.”

Do you think he'd be up?”

I don't know. I'll call.”

I dialed Tom's number. “Hello?”



You asleep?”

No, still in the air.”

We didn't get into the conversation of why they had the team up for sale, and it just crossed my mind. Did you find out why?”

The guy lost his butt in the savings and loan mess. He's got a cable company and he's got a lot of debts. He thought he could have exclusive cable rights for his team if he showed them on the local channels, but the league over ruled him. That itself cost him millions of dollars in losses and legal fees. Now, he's deciding to unload everything.”

Ok, now, I've got several more questions if you've got time.”


I've come up with white pants with jerseys having Gold and white with bronze for team colors. I want a new Angel too, but what I'm thinking is getting it all approved now and then, get them used to the color now and then, next year going over to the new Angel.”

That's a sound plan. Expensive for merchandising but it'd get you more money from repeat sales.”

Thanks, that's what I thought. Now, my next question is a tougher one.”


Do we have to have that league meeting where I get approved in Akron??”

No, lots of teams have them all over the world. The main thing is you don't want to go too foreign because it takes a lot of time traveling there.”

I'm thinking of Tan-Tar-A at the Lake of the Ozarks.”

That's an amazing place. Toot's took me there once and it's perfect. People could drive and they could fly in.”

I was planning on flying them in from St. Louis.”

They've got their own airport down there. Do you want a piece of advice?”

What's that?”

For this time of year, you could have helicopter rides to show people the foliage from above and hay wagon rides at night time.”

Ok, that'd be fun.”

It's about making it fun for them. It doesn't cost a lot that way and it's unforgettable.”

Ok, how soon do I have to have it?”

I'd schedule it for the first week in November. It's soon and it's far enough away they can see you already making your changes.”

Can I go ahead and order my uniforms?”

Here's what I did. You can order your uniforms, but you don't want them to know you ordered them already. You want them to think they can change the design if they want. I'll tell you five grumpy old men in a room aren't going to get too fashion friendly. They'll see if your colors are being used by anyone else and when the colors were last used.

If they've never been used previously, that's a big plus. I'll tell you now, those colors haven't. I think they're a step in the right direction, but you need to know that Gold color is going to make your big guys look really fat.”


Think about the Michelin man and paint him gold. That's what that color will look on him. On you, it'd look great, but on them, it's going to look sort of bad.”

So don't use it?”

Use it, just realize you're going for a color which is going to make your big guys bigger looking.”

What aren't you telling me?”

I'm telling you I've got gold already. Mine is a darker more antique gold, but I don't mind if you use it.”

Oh man, I'm sorry!”

He chuckled. “I know you didn't do it on purpose. If you go with a shinier gold, I think it'd look nice.”

That's what I had in mind. I don't mean Elvis Presley gold lame, but gold gold.”

He laughed, “Remember there are a whole lot of colors of the same thing. You'll ask for Gold from a person making them and they'll bring in seventy different colors of gold.”


Yeah, don't be surprised when they do it because it's going to just blow you away. With me, it just overwhelmed me because I thought it'd be a five minute chore. It later turned into a several hour decision process where I ended up going with one I guessed at.”

Ok, I'll have to look around and see if I can get the color I'm thinking about.”

I need to suggest something else.”


A lot of teams are going with their own nightclubs. It's making it safer for our guys in a sue happy world. We figure if we provide the entertainment in that manner, it keeps our guys on the field and out of jail.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was just going over that problem earlier and figured I'd have to fire some guys or trade them.”

Nah, do it that way and control the alcohol content they drink. What I'd do is I'd have them sign a waiver so they can drink there without suing you, but hide in there the fact if they get into any trouble elsewhere the club you offer is mandatory for any entertainment privileges and if they violate that agreement, you've got the right to suspend at will.”

That's smart.”

It gives us more teeth to use against them if they go out and get into trouble. We can say we tried and they were already on probation when they violated it.”

I appreciate it. I'll definitely invest in one of those. I figure I can make it a part of a gym facility so I can work out and enjoy the loud thumping music without drinking...and I can dance with my lover without repercussions.”

That's a good idea. I'll put that rule into mine also. That way, you're protected by the rules here too.”

I appreciate it.”

It's what we do. We try to get through the problems as a big extended family so we don't have real issues.”

I'll bring that up at my team meeting tomorrow.”

You're going to laugh your butt off, but I've got to tell you what happened with your plane.”

What happened?”

The guys flew to Vegas. I called around and found you a plane in Miami. Well, I found you a large 747 in Atlanta and one like mine in Miami.”

I'll take both”

Ok, but they landed in Las Vegas and got the word to go to Miami. Well, they started this direction when we found out the Miami plane got sent to New Orleans because I called and reserved it. So, they're going to do the deal here.”

That's funny. It was like leap frog with planes.”

Yeah. Now what time are you going to go to Akron tomorrow?”

I've got an appointment at IHOP with my mother and father in law. Then, at noon, I've got an appointment to look at a house here. After that, I'm open, so I'd say two o'clock here and then an hour flying time there with a loss of an hour, so it's going to be me arriving there about four o'clock. SO, I'll call the team meeting at five o'clock.”

He laughed, “Ok, I guess I'll tell your guys to be there at two o'clock.”

Yeah, I'm sorry, I was figuring out my schedule. I do know we're going to wear out a jet because I want to do a lot of hand shaking and back patting around Akron.”

Remember this. Because you're under eighteen, you can not go in any bars at all. You can stand outside, but you can not go in.”

Oh! I guess that knocks out ninety percent of where I was wanting to go.”

My advice is to get a listing of all the bingo games in church basements and all the different festivals around there.”

I'll look into that. I'll need a personal manager to get me those so I know where to head.”

Call the diocese there and see if you can get a listing of all the events they've got for the week. Tell them you'd like to do the tour of most appeal for the broadest audience without drinking being involved.”

That'd probably keep me out of the church basements.”

He laughed, “You're terrible!”

Hey, I know a Catholic priest who drank more in his church's basement than any guy in a bar. He'd have a lot of cans piled up on the counter and just be drunk. Just the same, I'll give them a call tomorrow afternoon.”

You might contact some people in the Italian section also. They'll get you a lot of their festivities.”

I'll do that. The problem there is your cheeks get pinched a lot, they try fixing you up with Mary Catherine over in the corner and when you go out back to talk with the guys, Michael and Peter are over trying to get you to go behind the gardening shed.”

He laughed, “Go! Heck, you might find out you have a future tight end back there.”

Nah, Michael's already worn Peter out. He's a wide receiver and Michael swears he's a tight end, but when he bends over, he's looser than a half back.”

He laughed, “Well, they'll support you through and through and get you out of scrapes quicker than you could imagine.”

I know. I've learned that already.”

Well, I'm about to land here, so I'll call your guys together and get them sent to you rather than you having to wait on them when you get there.”

Ok, I appreciate it.”

It's about team management. Make them realize they're working for you.”

Thanks, I'll get off here now.”

I hung up and Grant said, “You're tired.”

Long day. Longer day tomorrow.”

You referred to my mom and dad as your mother and father in law.”

Man, I'm sorry.”

You love them, I understand.”

No matter what, I want to keep that appointment with them each week.”

My mom is going to keep trying to put us back together.”

I think it's best this way. Don't you?”

I'll be happy when I get someone. Right now, I'd tend to disagree.”

You sleeping with me?”

DO you want me to?”

If it's sleeping and that's it, I don't mind.”

I'll do it. It's still nice to be able to hold you.”

Same here, let's go to bed.”

What am I going to do tomorrow?”

IN the morning, you could do the paperwork which got me that Chevrolet dealership.”

Do you really want it?”

I'm willing to buy it. Hell yeah I want it.”

Can I do something with you?”

What's that?”

Keep 50% of the Chevy dealership in return for your name being on half of everything else I own.”


Do it like I had intended all along, but not.”

Give me 51% of everything. I won't use it against you, but if you give it to anyone else, I won't have to fight them. I'll already have control.”

You think I'd do that to you?”

Grant, you're going to find someone else you'll fall in love with. You'll Will him 50% and me 50% and hey!”


You go right ahead and do that. You put my name on 50% of all of what you own and then Will him 50% and me 50%. That way, he thinks he's getting 50% and what he really got was 50% of your 50% which is 25% of the whole business. Yeah, I'll do that!”

He laughed, “Jake, you're getting it all. My next lover will have to know you're my son who wasn't my son. He'll have to know I love you and we're a package deal and we did some inappropriate things together. If he can get beyond that, then great, but if not, then he'll have no place in my life.”

We went to the bedroom and lay down. I snuggled up on to his chest and said, “I am getting taller. My feet touch your feet now.”

Yours are cold.”

Well, your dick is hard.”

Yeah, you're near.”

I'm sorry.” I rolled over and faced the other way.

No, it's ok. Come back over here.”

Grant, I said I could do it when I said I could be with you in regards to Jared. I didn't know we'd have the problems we'd have and I didn't know we'd end up with me nearly hating you. Now I've got Jared rolled up into Rob and I really feel good about him. I love you, but I won't mess up things again.”

I'm not meaning to get hard. I still have feelings for you and I'm sorry. I can't help it.”

Is what you want to do about that property all that?”


Get it done and then tell me. I don't want you telling me things and then not doing them. All I really want is the car dealer which I'm willing to buy.”

You'll want the rest of that block downtown too.”

Well yeah, I forgot about that.”

You want the buildings I've got on the other side of the street?”

If you don't want them. It might be cool for some ideas I've got.”

Ok, but keep renters in matter how low the rent has to be. If they sit empty, the city tends to want to get grants and revitalize. When they do that, they buy you out and you don't have a choice in the matter.”

Ok, but I'll probably run the shops in them.”

You're going to be busier than me.”

I've got to get managers. I told Chris he could be team manager and I'm glad I did that because I think if he was my manager, he'd be busy to the point I'd be screwed non stop with him making mistakes.”

Do you think he can do the job?”

I don't know. I gave him the job before I realized what it entailed, but now, I wonder if I shouldn't have a professional in there.”

It's a lot of work.”

Did you find out who is going to get a call back on the team?”

No, they don't tell. I saw about seven names on Tom's list and I heard the Redskins guy had several same names which Tom had.”

That's an honor for you. It tells you your management style is something which pros find worth recruiting.”

There's a difference between a recruitment and a callback.”

What's the difference?”

Callback means they want to take you to their stadium, do interviews, run you through drills, and see if you fit in well with their players.”

When you get to coaching on our team, I don't want you doing that to people.”


Grant, look at it, it's a big head game. All those people on our team are going to be thinking they're going to play in the pros. They'll run off after telling their people they're going somewhere in life and when they come back, they'll have no contract and everyone will be embarrassed.”

You really thought they were all getting contracts?”


It's not that way.”

It should be.”

Hon, it's about taking the best of the best and putting them together to see who shines brighter than the others. Think about it. If you have twenty tight ends there who are all good, you're going to find one who is way better than the others. That's how you get them.”

Well, call me white bread country, but I thought they came and scouted and when you got called, you had a contract. You don't know how bad I'm glad now I bought a team.”

We'll have to do it in order to get the best.”

No, you have scouts and you have videos. You scout and you shoot video and you watch those videos. When you see which one you want, you pick him and you don't embarrass nineteen to get one. That's cruel and it has people thinking bad thoughts.”

You're tying my hands.”

I'm running a team in which for fifty players, you're telling me I've got to hurt a thousand people's feelings and have all those people's families throwing cake and ice cream parties for them to go away to embarassment. That's dumb and that's why people turn off the television set and sit around saying how they 'could've' played for the pros. You gotta think of people's feelings because you do that year end and year out, soon you've got a hundred thousand people with that ill will about your team and it's just a stinking mess.”

I see your point, but I've got to almost be supernatural in order to know who to pick and who not to pick.”

I got up from the bed and said, “I'll be back. I'm going to go in here and get a tape recorder. You'll get your fucking people.”

I went in and got the boom box. I threw in a cassette tape and then, went into the bedroom. I plugged it in and hit record. I sat across his waist and put my palms to his temples. The words flowed and for the next forty five minutes, I got him names, schools, positions, and roster after roster.

When I was done. I sat up and took my palms off his temples. I looked down at him and said, “Grant, don't ever embarrass anyone you don't have to. Let the other guys get the ill will towards them. IF we have great thoughts towards us, we've got them beaten before we get to the field.”

You know I nearly came with you sitting like that.”

You know if you had, it would've been worse on you because you'd have to wash the sheets.”

I shut off the light and got back into bed. “Don't trip on the boom box when you get out of bed in the morning.”

I won't.”

It's not going to do me any good to forewarn you twice. I know you're wanting me to take you with your parents to eat in the morning, so just say it rather than having me take you to the emergency room first and feeling sorry for you afterwards.”

You think that?”

Move the boom box. I know it'll happen.”

Ok damn it!”

All you've got to do is ask Grant. I'll take you. This isn't a big secret thing. It's just a day for me to spend time with your parents.”

He rolled over behind me. We spooned and he said, “Your brain is going non-stop about this team.”

I'm thinking because I've got to order end zone carpets. We've got a home game on Sunday and then those have to be torn up and all the things in all the concessions, offices, and everywhere have to be emptied out onto the field so we can repaint, and spray for bugs and mice. If there's any maintenance, it needs to be done then so in that three weeks, we're put back together and ready for the new uniforms and atmosphere.”

That's quite an undertaking.”

It's an undertaking which is a tightrope walk over hell.”


Think about this. I'm eight years old. I love the Angels and all year long, I've begged my mom and dad to get me an Angels room. Angels bedspread, sheets, curtains, pillows, lampshade, and everything all the way down to the throw rug on the floor. They did it and two weeks before Christmas, the Angels display a totally different set of colors.

Do you want to talk about reasons bricks get thrown through picture tubes? If I was a mom who busted my butt to get those packages under that tree for my kid to have what he dreamed of, I'd be madder than a wet hen.”

Wait until after Christmas.”

Yeah, that kid needs an apology from the team and he needs to know we didn't mean to mess up Christmas.”

Jake, wait until the end of the season. You can start the new season with the new colors, new players, and a new team attitude.”

I've already announced I'll be playing. Talk about dumb!”

No, keep your word, but in the future remember this lesson. It's all new to us and even though we have best intentions, it's still something we're going to mess up on.”

Next year, we're going to have a huge promotion on the new guy.”


It's a play on our names. His last name is Baker.”


They're going to call it the 'Jake & Bake' Offense.”

Cool thought.”

Not if you ask me.”


Let me give you the idea and then, you see what we've got to steer clear of. Everywhere we're going to go, it's going to be the Jake & Bake offense to the point some gays are going to ask us if we're Jaking or Baking in between the sheets. Then, Saturday Night Live is going to get a guy dressed up as a box of Jake & Bake Angel flavor....complete with that Jake juice.

I'll be pissed and it's going to make me mad, but it's satire. I can't sue and I can't do anything but laugh it up and put the power of the steamroller into action and knock some guys around on the field.

By the way, I finish out at six foot late next year.”

How heavy?”

Four twenty. I'm formidable because no other quarterback is that heavy and can hide the ball in a roll of fat to get down the field.”

You're shittin' me!”

Yeah, I'm joking. I stop at about one ninety five.”

Ok, you'll be built like me. We'll have to start training you so you will be prepared already for that size.”

That's why I told you. If I can stay on top of my game until 2008, I'm going to retire then with the best sixteen years anyone's ever had.”

You don't sound happy about it.”

It's hard seeing the end of your career and knowing you're that good and then feeling like you've got to keep that momentum up. Yeah, it's a walk in the park with you as our coach and us having those guys already known to be on the team, but as you see, I don't mention you name after 2002.”


You tell me to shove the team and let you retire. I want you there and need you there and you just want to come home.”

Do we ever get together?”

Under this scenario, we don't. Rob and I stay together and you go home. I come back here to see you once a month, but for the first year, you won't even speak to me when I come into the station. You grunt and tell me to go back to Akron. I come in each month and finally, one month, you speak to me and tell me your dad's sick and near death. I go and that's how we begin speaking again.”

I'm a real asshole.”

No, I burnt you out. I'm blaming myself because I already see it burning you out.”

Do I get together with that boy?”

What time is it?”

About that time!”

Let me call that cab company.”

I got up and walked through the house. When I got to the living room, I picked up the phone and it rang in my hand. “Hello?”

We got him. He's safe. The other guys aren't so lucky. They've got some injuries and my guys really let them have it from the bushes.”


Hey, we had to have some fun too. He went down in there and we used our vehicles to put him back up to safety. You need to realize there's one wall and on the other side is bushes. Their cars went down that alleyway and we unloaded the cheapest missiles known into their cars.”

What's the cheapest missiles known?”

Canned beets. You open a lid part way and then throw it at a car. It's weight goes through a windshield and it's juice stains the hell out of everything. It's five for a dollar and a thousand dollar repair job in a car.”

You're smart.”

Thanks. Cars are my business.”

They're mine too. I've got a Chevy dealer over here.”

You the one with the cheap cars?”


You ought to lease commercial cars to police departments, and taxi fleets.”

Would you do that?”

Yeah. No one will do it though.”

Why not?”

They're afraid we go through too many parts. If you do routine maintenance, it's not much hard work.”

What color you want?”

White with blue leather interior.”

I'll get you Caprices. How many?”

Ten of them. Give me a call and tell me how much the lease payments will be.”

Hang on, I'll tell you now.”

I did the math and the division of forty eight months. I rounded up for the parts and said, “Three hundred a month for forty eight months. I'll guarantee parts in that time if you drive less than a hundred thousand miles. Over a hundred thousand miles, you pay the fifteen percent markup on parts just like everyone else and that will include installation.”

Three hundred a month for four years?”


That's fourteen four for the car with interest.”

Yeah, it's a loaded Caprice which would sticker out at almost eighteen thousand and then marked down to our cost. I figure you need brakes and trans kits and filters and oil changes. You'll need rear fluid and lube and routine maintenance. That would be what we'd cover. I won't cover tires, seat covers, body panels, and your lights. All the rest is up to you for lettering and graphics.”

That's a damned good deal.”

Of course you might have to have a bumper sticker on there which says you support the Akron Angels.”

He laughed, “It's as good as any. All we've got here is the Chiefs, Bears, and Green Bay which are good.”

I own the Angels, so I want to plug them. Speaking of that, did you get them to speak to him?”

Yeah, he was pretty scared.”

Did you get any information about where he lived, or anything?”

Hang on, I've got it here. Do you have a pen and paper?”

Just a second.”

I went over and got them. “Ok, I'm ready.”

He gave me all the information and afterwards, I said, “Guy, if you're interested in those cars, give the dealer a call and tell them I shot you that deal. I'll have Jack the general manager told, so he'll get it to you. I imagine he'll probably have a lot of orders for them as it's a way for a police department to have new cars all the time rather than not.”

It's a real nice deal. I don't think it can be beaten.”

If it can, see what their parts cost you and you'll see mine are fifteen percent above cost across the board installed. They might charge you that for the part, but then, they'll charge a hefty installation fee. We don't.”

How do you make money?”

I made ten percent on the car. I'm making twenty bucks a month over what the payment is, but I'm figuring that is what I'll put into the fluids and maintenance. Where I'm making money is at the end of the lease, I've got the car and you don't. I'll sell it and make money and that's where I'll have the best part of the money.”

You're making money, aren't you?”

Yeah, I'm happy with it. I'll be looking for a dealer out in Akron to buy so I can do the same thing, so you know I'm making money.”

What do you suggest for a good all year round vehicle which is for commercial purposes and can go in snow?”

How big? I can tell you an ambulance will get you there, but I'll also tell you a quad cab pickup or a suburban, or a Jimmy four wheel drive if the weather is a factor. I'd not suggest a four or a six cylinder unless it's a 3.8 GM motor in a LeSabre, Lumina, Grand Prix, 88, or 98. That 3.8 motor is rock solid.”

You know your cars.”

Yeah, but if you must know, I'll tell you I just totaled a Corvette and went to a Caddy Fleetwood Brougham which is the last of the big bodied cars. If you want that size of car, you need to get it now because she's done for next year.”

Why'd you go with it then?”

It's got the 350 engine in it. The tranny is good and I can soup it without getting much changes in the looks. Your advantage is they've got a chip in the computer which can get you better fuel milage.”

Do you suggest that car?”

I suggest it, but it's going to run you another hundred a month on top of a Caprice”

I'll run the Caprices. They're a nice looking car.”

Can I do you a favor?”

What's that?”

I can get you a Buick Roadmaster with a half vinyl top which is basicly the same car but looks a lot dressier. I'll do that for you for twenty five a month. It'll take some tweaking on my order forms, but I'll get the commercial parts of the Caprice on it.”

If you can do it, I'll take ten of them.”

I'll get it done. When they come in, I'll get you a call to come get them. The plus side is I'll see what I can do for your insurance over here through our guy. He's a lot lower than anyone else.”

Sure, give me a call on that.”

I'll get this note passed on tomorrow morning and you'll get a call from that man on Monday about insurance.”

I appreciate it.”

No, thank you. You don't know what it means to me you saved him. He's going to be my back up quarterback.”

Can you really tell people's futures?”

I tell you past, present, future, and significant dates. If you don't listen to your significant date, that means you're determined to take that path.”

What's a significant date?”

Ok, if I told you to not allow your cabs to deliver any people or pick up any people at 1521 29th Street in your town tomorrow, it means someone is going to rob your cab there. Now, if you send a cab there after I told you that, then you're determined to take that route and there's nothing I can do.”

So don't do anything with that address tomorrow.”

Yeah, but a lady is going to call a cab from a nursing home there and have you take her to Krogers. After Krogers, she's going to want you to take her home to that address and it'll get your guy robbed. SO, you need to stop it at the nursing home for that one lady, but listen here because the guy robbing the cabs is laying in wait up there for your cabs. My advice would be to take several of your guys up there in unmarked cars and then take a decoy cab up there to draw him out. Just don't let him get to the cabbie because he is intending on using that knife.”


Hey, that's how it works. By the way, the lady down on Grand Avenue you think is a real sparkler is your gem of a lady. You need to ask her out...her name is...mmmmm.....Melissa.”

How'd you know?”

It tells me. Now, here's what you need to know about this. Ok?”


Melissa is a recovering addict. Her underlying issue is control. She's bossy as hell and you really are at wits end with her in the relationship, but you need to know it's all from her feeling like guys are just out to use her sexually.”

So don't get with her?”

I didn't say that. What I'm saying is the first three years are going to be the toughest three years of your life and that relationship. When you finally get to the point you can tell her you've been with her three years and you've not ran off and it's just not about the sex with you, she'll settle down. Until then, you've got to make a pattern with her she'll trust and believe in.”

Ok, I appreciate knowing that.”

Now, do you want to know something? I read your future and I saw the car I'm going to send you which car #7 and it's going to be a right royal lemon. What the problem is, is I don't know which one you're going to put the numbers on, so when you get #7 labeled, you park it and I'll get a replacement car over there.”

Wow, so you're doing customer service before you've even ordered the cars!”

It will affect our business relationship.”

I understand. I appreciate it.”

I'll ring off. I'm glad you called.”

I am too.”

I hung up and went into the bedroom. “He's ok. The cabbies went to war with the guys who were going to hurt him and now, I think those guys are really sorry they did it.”


Cabbies know how to fuck up some cars with some cheap things. Did you know a can of beets is the most expensive weapon you can use on a car?”


They take a can opener and open the lid partially. They throw it, it's weight puts it through a windshield and the beet juice stains everything inside the car. Amazing, isn't it?”

I never knew that.”

Me neither.”

SO, what else did you find out?”

I'm finding out your hands are damned cold and you need to get them off my hip!”


Well, I've got all the information on him and you need to go do your sales pitch on him. Other than that, I got ten cars leased to him for Jack to look into as another feature.”

What's that?”

Commercial cars. We can contact police stations and sheriff's departments and taxi companies and lease them cars.”

We'd lose money.”

No, I figured it and it looks good. What I've done for him is I'm getting him a fleet of ten Roadmasters custom ordered with the Caprice fleet items on it.”

Ok, so it's upgraded but downgraded.”

Yeah, the seats will be downgraded, but the other stuff will upgrade it. The plus of it will be he's going to get them for three twenty five a month for forty eight months. I'll warranty them for 100,000 miles and after that, he pays the standard replacement cost for everything.

As percs, I'm giving him oil changes, trans flushes and filters, and shift kits if needed, and rear end fluid.”

Ok, what's the math run out on one?”

It'll sticker out at eighty eight fifty. I'm leasing it at fourteen four. There's twenty five a month in the percs so each car is thirty six hundred in mark up before it goes out the door. We'll get that at the end of the lease for each one, so it's nearly a free car to us.”

You sure can figure a way of making money on them.”

Yeah, for someone who can't get his name and his money into a damned dealer, he's sure selling cars. But don't worry, I'm going to be finding a dealer in Akron and going there to put my ideas into the business I'll have my team's name on.”

You're upset.”

Grant, if you keep your word to me, I'll be damned surprised. If you don't, I'll figure you didn't surprise me. IF I get that dealership like I agreed to, and you agreed to, I'd be happy. IF I even get half of it like you want to do now, I'll be happy. At least I'll have some ownership in something I made a lot of changes and have made you money.”

I know your feelings are hurt there.”

Yeah and unless I publicly embarrass you and you suddenly don't look good unless I get it, then I'll never see a thing of it. I know that with you. Now, let's go to sleep before one of us ends up on the couch.”

I'll keep my word.”

Keep your word to me right now by not saying another word. I'm not wanting to argue, I want to keep loving you, but it's damned hard with hurt feelings.”

Good night, I love you.”

I love you too.”


The next morning, I was up and had the coffee perking before I got into the shower. Making the coffee for Grant was a self preserving way of not getting scalded when he decided to turn on the cold water to make coffee. It worked and became a way for us to go through our daily patterns.

When I finished my shower, I threw on 501's and Reeboks. I was running around with a wet head and no shirt when Grant got up. He looked at me and I said, “Get dressed, get your coffee, and get your shower, we're going to be late and I'll have to blame it all on you.”

I've got to go to the station.”

The station is shut today.”

You're messing with my livelihood here.”

Grant, go, get the hell out of here and you do what you want in life. If a dollar bill means more to you than a person, you stay the fuck gone and don't bother me anymore in this life.”

Moody moody moody.”

Asshol-lay, big asshol-lay, gaping big callah, name callah, name callah....lah lah lah!”

He laughed, “That was funny.”

I looked up and said, “Get your shower, get your coffee, get dressed and come on. You're taking the day off and we're going to IHOP.”

I don't feel right intruding.”

I don't feel right making it so you don't have anything to do. But, the second those cars out there move, you and I've got huge problems. Consider it a vacation imposed on you from me who won't move the cars until Monday.”

I've got to get things from the office in order to have Grant do the paperwork needed.”

Park across the street and walk over.”

I intended on doing that, but I got my butt jumped.”

You're worried about a dollar. You're going to open the station and then you'll stand around talking Allis Chalmers with farmers until I'm ready for lunch and have stood up your parents...and then, I'm the asshole. Rather than doing that, I think you could go to the station when I'm with Mike looking at the house.”

Do I get my name on the house?”

You want your name on the house?”


Ok, I'll put it there, but Rob's name is going on it too.”


Your name isn't going on the ball team.”

I didn't ask for that.”

I know. I'm stating it here and now. You hadn't asked for your name on the house when I told you I was getting it anyway. Now it's happening. I'm not arguing on it, but once again, my money is going into something which you're getting credit for.”

You're name's going on this one.”

Because I'm putting it there! If I had to count on you to do it, it'd never get done!”

I need to get my shower, you're yelling.”

I'm yelling because you're making me late!”

Sounds like your period's late, that's for sure!”

He took off to the bathroom before I could even think of a remark.

I went into the bedroom and got a wifebeater and a plaid flannel shirt. I put on the wifebeater, and then put on the plaid undone. I knew Mrs O would button it, but I'd have to unbutton it to drive in the car with the heat on high.

When I got dressed, I went into the bathroom and said, “Hey, nice ass, you going to hurry it up, or should I go ahead and go get them. Your mama will come over here and see that nice ass in he shower and she'll swear you stopped being an ass and got your ass back into my bed where she just knows I'll have it plowed.”

He looked over the shower door and said, “That's an assinine remark! Go get my mother. I want her to see I've still got some left after you've chewed it so many times.”

Ok, I'm going to get them. I know you'll be ready by the time I get here because you'll not have me setting for too long with your dad freezing to death in my house!”

You could stay over there until I call. That way both he and I would be happy.”

Since when did your happiness come into this?!”

Since I said 'I do' because that sure sounded like a comment a naggin' wife would make.”

You're getting senile.”

See, leave it to a naggin' wife to tell me my mental capacity.”

Do you want strawberry waffles or blueberry waffles?””


I figure the speed your going, I could go get your parents and take then there and eat our first two rounds before I should order yours and come to get you. You'll still be in there clinging to your flogged log and swear you're drowning.”

I'm getting out now. You make an enjoyable shower impossible.”

You could've jacked!”

I tried. It was a pimple!”

You sure?”

Yeah, I didn't hear myself screaming when it popped.”

You've been doing those silent screams here lately. The only way I know you're satisfy is when you roll over and stutter out it was ggggggood. I'd swear it was your false teeth clattering except those are your real ones.”

Do you mind? I'm trying to get dressed!”

Yes I do mind because your ass is entirely too big to get into my briefs. You'll stretch them out and I'll have to walk around having everyone think I got both a big ass and a big dick.”

He laughed, “I'm about dressed, go warm up the car so it's ready for my parents.”

It's already done. It's the plug in model.”

They put that on there for you?”

No, it came that way. I guess he's ordering them that way now.”

He's loading them down to sell them?”

I don't know. It's how I got it. I didn't ask because I didn't think an interview was in order. However, I'll gladly drop by there so your father will order that sportin' little vette he's always dreamed of and you can pay for it from your half.”

That's a scary thought.”

You paying for something?! My indeed that's a scary thought!”

No, my dad and mom in a vette. My God, that'd be abject terror on the roadways.”

You never know. He might see if he could make some speed records out there to the station.”

He stood up and said, “Come on, don't tarry. I knew you'd make me late.”

Both of us late for a period would be terrible. You didn't leave any of your maxis and I don't know how many minis make a maxi. Lord knows we don't want them falling out! They'll say you're laying eggs again.”

He smiled, “That was crude. You should've saved it for me dad while he was eating breakfast.”

Where do you think I learn these things? These are last weeks models. This weeks ones are going to be some real zingers because the Jehovah's Witnesses were at the nursing home again.”

And dad shouldn't have been there.”

One day, your mom's going to stop calling up there and that's when he's going to get into trouble.”

Nah, they keep it warm up there for all of them.”

We got into the car and I started it. He said, “you didn't unplug it.”

I know, but I didn't hit the door opener either. I've got to hit the button and get in fast.”

You didn't get the opener out of the vette?”

I wasn't in it when it got wrecked.”

Ok, you need to stop by Prather's.”

He knows. I called him. He said the video is cool.”

You told me that.”

I got out and unplugged the car. Then, I hit the button for the opener and got in. I put it into reverse and backed out with inches to spare.

How'd you put the car into the garage?”

Went in through the door and opened the garage door and pulled the catch to keep it open. It stayed up and then, I drove it in.”

I should've thought of that.”

We went to his parents and when we parked, his dad was already on his way out the door. I had to smile because he went to the passenger door and saw Grant there. Grant chuckled, “He's NOT going to make me get out, is he?”

You probably are messing up his little world by being there. You really ought to sit with your mom.”

I can't believe this!”

Grant got out and opened the door for his mom. Mr O got up front and said, “Man, what took you so long! All the good seats are going to be gone?”

Your son thought he had all morning to get ready.”

You shouldn't have waited on him.”

He said he'd go to the station if I didn't.”

That's not a bad thing.”

It is this weekend. It's shut.”


Because my friend Jared got killed and all of Grant's businesses are shut in order to pay respects. If he opens them, then that's it for us even being friends.”

You all getting back together? Mrs O asked.

No, but he's going to be my coach for me. Did you see the news?”

She wouldn't let me watch it. She says there's too much bad stuff on there. How'd the game go?”

Did you see the paper?”

Yeah, but why the forfeiture?”

Their coach is a wuss.”

Well, the article said you were scouted by several teams.”

Two teams came to scout me. The third team scouted me because I bought it.”

Which one is that?”

The Akron Angels.”

Mrs O asked, “Akron, Missouri?”

No, Mrs O, it's in Ohio. It's a big city.”

Why'd you buy a ball team there?”

It's the one which was for sale.”

Grant didn't help much. He said, “Tell them how much you paid for it!”

Mr O immediately turned to me, “Did you get a good deal?”

I got a heckuva deal. I paid three hundred and twenty five for it.”

That's not bad.”

Million dad, not thousand.”


Three hundred and twenty five million dollars.”

He said he got a heckuva deal, I believe him.”

I smiled at Grant, he said, “You gotta tell me how you do it.”

It's a heckuva deal Mr O. I got the stadium, the team, and all the concession stands and everything for that. I got a jet, but it was junk, so I had to buy another.”

Can you write it off?”

Yeah, it all gets written off.”

Then you got a deal. Hardly anything Grant has gets written off.”

Yeah, I made the car dealer so it would get write offs, but now I only get half of it because he decided he wants to share.”

He wants half the profits after you made it make money.”

That too.”

I looked in the rear view mirror and saw Grant roll his eyes and look out the window.

Mrs O, would you like the Gaither's this morning?”

No dear, I listened to them earlier. Were you guys up late?”

Yeah, we got to bed about two am. Did you hear that cat fight up the street?”

No, I got up earlier and listened to the Gaithers.”

Oh, must've been about the time I heard that cat fight.”

Grant's dad smiled and Grant's face was beet red. I said, “Grant couldn't decide if he wanted strawberry waffles or blueberry this morning. We did talk about the cow and fresh milk. Did you all have a cow Bud?”

No, when I was a boy we had a cow and ever since then, I decided we could afford to buy milk.”

Hmmm, Grant must've had a friend who let him milk then.”

Grant was always over messing with livestock. You couldn't keep the boy out of the barnyard.”

I smiled.

I'm beginning to understand that now. He's always talking about it. Why you should have heard him talking about a mule earlier. He said that ass had...”

Grant interrupted, “Dad, did he tell you how many yards he rushed and how many he threw?”

No, we usually talk about that at IHOP. Your mom can speak to other women then and that's when I hear the stories about the football field.”

Oh, well he did real good.”

I smiled, “Later this afternoon, I've got to fly to Akron to check out the stadium and the team. Tomorrow, I'm going to play and it'll be on television, so you might be able to watch.”


Yeah, starting next year, you'll see Grant on there too. He'll be coaching.”

They let him do that?”

Yeah, he's that good. The scouts all thought he was really good.”

Good, I'm glad to hear he'll get to do something with his interest in football.”

When I get the team to going, I'd like for you and Mrs O to come to Akron and see everything. You'll like it.”

How much will that cost?”

Not a thing. I've got a plane and there's suites there for you to stay. From what I hear, I got Grant a house and me an mansion, so there's plenty of places to stay.”

How soon is the pay off on this team?”

Well, I could've bought it by selling my stocks, but rather than doing that, I got a promissory note. I've got thirty days to pay and then, it'll be financed. The good thing is I'll have it paid off in either six years, or sooner. At the worst, it'd take ten years to pay for.”

Must be good money in owning.”

There seems to be, but the man who owned the team didn't manage it right. He got involved in that savings and loans thing and then a cable television deal. Both of them put him into the poor house. He had to sell the team in order to have some money.”

You'll make money?”

I'll play for six years and not get a salary, but I'll make money from the team. When it's paid off, I'll be able to draw a salary.”

That's smart, you're using your salary to help get it paid off.”

That and the salaries from those I fired. There were almost forty people I fired.”


Yeah, it was killing them. It would've been like trying to swim with an anchor tied around my neck. Instead, I fired them from the get go so they think it was the seller who did it.”

They weren't making the place money?”

They were injured. They were sitting around getting medical to keep them on the injured list and drawing a salary. Between the salary caps and the cap on number of players, I was going to have it rough.”

We pulled into the IHOP parking lot. I got out and held Mrs O's door open for her. She hugged me and said, “You're getting so tall!”

Yeah, I'm finally growing.”

You'll be as tall as Grant and as good looking as Jeff one day.”

Let's hope.”

You'll make it.”

She held my arm and I guided her into the restaurant. The waitress smiled and said, “I held your table!”

Thank you!”

Mr O said, “Meet my errant son. He's the one who held us up.”

She smiled and nodded, “I've met him.”

I nodded, “The corporation which owns and runs this is in his name, but I left it open because of these two.”

Our business is way up this weekend.”

If the others were mine, I'd be getting things done in them while they were down. Carpets and upholstery all need cleaned and of course things need dusting.”

Grant smiled, “Thanks boss, I should've gotten that done.”

Don't worry, when they shut down that Pizza Hut for filth, you'll think of me.”

I pulled out Mrs O's chair and she sat down. I scooted her in and gave her a smooch on her cheek. “I've missed you this week.”

I've missed you too darlin'.”

I've got to go around and speak to people. A lot of them are waving and pointing.”

Go do that dear, she knows what we want.”

I stood up and went around asking questions and talking about the game. When I got to Greg Henley, he asked, “You have a moment for a few quick questions about the Angels?”

For your paper or the wire?”


IF it goes out on the wire, I'd appreciate knowing.”


This being local, you'd put more personal stuff in it like my parents being killed and my grandma being killed and all that. National news doesn't need to know that. It's private and I don't want to cheapen their lives by having people only know they died. They lived before they died, but no one wants to put that in there.”

You seem disappointed about that.”

Ok, let me show you how it'd appear if it was about you being in my life.”

Jake Martin was associated with Greg Henley until Mr Henley died. Mr Martin recovered and the aching wound in his ass which was formerly a pain healed.

However, if they put in it you'd lived, and your accomplishments were put in there, it'd read like this. Jake Martin gave interviews to Greg Henley because Greg Henley was the only person who would ask him questions while he played tennis. Mr Henley used that association to become a living breathing taco sauce squirt in the eye of Mr Martin and each interview after that served to be as painful to Mr Martin's ass as eating jalepeno's the day before. Mr Henley always seemed to ask the questions which Mr Martin found offensive and cleaned them up in the paper just enough to make it so he wasn't sued. Now Mr Henley wants the Angel's scoop and take that national. Mr Martin would not dare speak about that otherwise he'd probably be a mafia Godfather whoring out his daughter Madonna to two headed aliens in he National Enquirer.”

I don't sell to the Enquirer!”

WE all have aspirations.”

Where'd you get the money?”

Sold my ass to a sultan. He said it was better than spun gold and more tasty than pudding.”

You're not going to say?”

It's really no one's business.”

I hear your bank account was frozen yesterday. Was that because you were seeking a loan?”

It was because I got emancipated by the court yesterday morning. As soon as it was done, I was able to buy, sell, make contracts, and whore virgin territory...something you'd know nothing about since it was so long ago and the dog took that from you.”

You don't really like me, do you?”

No, but that's two things you've gotten right this morning.”

What didn't you like what I wrote about you?”

It started with the Story by Greg Henley and ended with a period at the end. First of all, that's what you write is stories. IT's not truths and they don't sell it as fiction. I've sought to sue, but as long as you put it's a story, you get it off.”

SO tell me about the Angels.”

Here's the deal. The Redskins were coming, the redskins were coming, so I had to decide if it was going to be one if by Saints or two if by Angels. I played football and they decided all three wanted me. I heard what they wanted to pay me and decided I could buy the team for what I'd make in six years. I shot them the deal and they snatched it...yeah, I said snatch. You'll have me hooked up with a girl here somewhere.”

Would you rather I tell the truth?”

Do you know how?”


Hmmm, I'd rather you clear your stories with me before you print them.”

Here's what I've got written so far.”

He handed me a piece of paper and I read it. When I was done, I handed it back.

The relationship I have with my guardian Grant Oberling isn't unnatural. He's right over there. Both of us are about to see our attorney for different issues. Him about his Will and me about buying a house. When I'm done buying that house, I'll board my new 40 passenger business jet and I'll fly to Akron.

On that plane will be Grant, since he's going to be my coach out there. I'll have Chris Powers as he's going to be the team manager. And, there'll be Rob Musselman as he's my business partner.”

His dad the Prosecuting Attorney?”

Yeah, I dare you to write something inflammatory about him.”

You fucking him?”

Nah, the deal we have is sweet. No one's getting fucked in it.”

Your personal life. Are you and he together?”

Would you print that as a natural relationship or unnatural one? I mean, you've got me fucking Grant, so the bed would be rather full.”

I know you're gay. I'm just trying to figure out who you were with.”

I was with Jared Riefsdel until he got killed over the relationship. Because of his death, I'm not currently with anyone. I do think it's proper to mourn.”

You saying that so I can scoop it?”

It was common knowledge. His dad ordered the hit on me and ended up killing my parents over our closeness. When they got killed, he thought I went away until school put us back together. Jared found out his parents were involved with my parents deaths and he was in the process of writing a statement for that when he was discovered doing so and got killed. Now, if you want to scoop it, you might ask the FBI to release it since it's a part of their investigation.”

Speaking of which, I heard you had sex with them too!”

I leaned forward and put my hand on his. “Sir, only one other person was in that house when they were there. Now either you've got it bugged, or you've got Grant telling you things. Either way, I'll find out.”

Images flashed into my brain and I began seeing all sorts of photos, stories, and situations. When I got to me, I saw him listening to a device and recording. I saw a badge and I saw the initials behind his name.”

I leaned back, “I'm emancipated. Your case against whomever is moot.”

You're emancipated. Any sexual activity is still a charge against them.”

Well, prove it and you'll have a case. Until then, I'm contacting the FBI and having my house checked for bugs and my phones for wiretaps. The second I find a wiretap on my phone which I personally didn't authorize as owner of that company, I'm going to begin my own investigations. When I go that direction, your PO Box will be discovered and your photographs from England will be found in your shoe box. Your underpants from that little boy will be found as well as the necklace his parents can use to identify him. Should I continue?”

You can't prove it!”

Make a move and I'll drop you with this syrup decanter.”

I pulled out my phone and dialed, “Hello Mike. You need to contact your FBI friends and get them over to Greg Henley's apartment on East High street. Tell them he's got bugs in my house as well as listening devices on my phones. In his house, on the floor under the nightstand they'll find a collection of child porn with mailing addresses to his POBOx from England and in his closet under the suitcase, you'll find a false floor boards with a eighteen inch deep by two feet wide three foot long which will allow you to obtain DNA and physical evidence for that missing boy from Northeast Missouri.”

Where are you at now?”

I'm at IHOP with him sitting here attempting to blackmail me with the illegal information he got from the listening devices. He's going to stay here until someone comes to arrest him because the second he gets up from the table, I'm going to throw a syrup decanter and take off his head.”

I'll have John right out there.”

I certainly hope so.”

You've got a lot of serious things here. What's the one thing I can use to get a search warrant?”

Hang on.”

I reached out and he moved his hand. I held mine up in front of him and said, “In his car is the kid's shirt in the back spare tire well. It's a scrap, but it's big enough to prove the boy was there. In the state's previous investigations about that boy, you've got emails from Sunshine on her knees or something like that to John Wayne Rogers. John Wayne Rogers was investigated and that Princess Sunshine was investigated, but neither had time to be up there to grab the boy. A man named Paul was. Greg Henley was. Greg's car fits the one seen up there. There's physical proof in the car and if you need to, I'll get it out of the car by breaking into it so you've got it. You arrest me for the misdemeanor and I'll get him arrested for the felony.”

Greg got up and made it about twelve feet before I threw the decanter and caught him across the back of the head with it.

You need to send an ambulance to IHOP. I just crowned him with the syrup.”

Go get his car opened up so I can get in there. You said he wasn't acting right and clearly was acting suspicious, right?”

Yeah, he's wacked out on drugs.”


I hung up and stood up. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this man here is Greg Henley. He's a reporter who likes to get stories which are more made up than the National Enquirer. He attempted to run because I just got him involved in the murder, sodomy, and kidnapping of a kid. The evidence is in his car and in his house. He heard me call the Prosecuting Attorney and report him. That's why he ran.

Don't fret, an ambulance has been called and if the restaurant won't cover your breakfast due to this unappetizing piece of scum laying on it's floor, I'll cover it myself.”

Grant came over. “Syrup?”

It's a sticky situation. I've got to go break into his car and leave it open so Mike can see the evidence.”

It's there?”

In the wheel well in the trunk. The boy's shirt scrap.”

Did you see it all?”

He kidnapped the kid, got in on the sex and then handed the kid over to someone else. The kid has been handed and handed and handed. He's now in Minnesota in a basement.”


Yeah, I'm not getting death pictures.”


I went over and sat down. I ate some waffles and Mr O smiled, “You throw good syrup!”

Yeah, I hope it doesn't kill him.”

Mrs O nodded, “Serves him right if it does.”

I drank my milk and stood up. “I need to get the car opened for them.”

I went outside and went over to Greg's car. I opened the door and popped the trunk. I pulled back the carpet and up the cardboard tire cover. The tire was gone and here was the scrap of material.

Grant came out and said, “Exactly as you said.”

Yeah. Hang on, I'm going to find that kid. You're going to need to write these directions.”

Grant went inside to get a pen and I went to my car. I got in my book bag and got out a felt marker. I used the trunk to draw the map.

The state of Minnesota with the dot where the town is located. The name of the town is Indian. It starts with an A. It sounds like 'Arrow took'.

It's got five cross streets and three other. On the main street is a building with a pepsi machine. Go down that street two buildings and in it's back door is a small stair well with a ladder.

The ladder disconnects and goes onto the bottom step of the stairs. It goes on down and under the building. There's water and bugs. Lots of flying gnats, bugs, and spiderwebs.

In there is a wooden wall. It's got a metal clasp and is an old coal chute. In there is a 5 watt light bulb in the ceiling and a bed. The boy is in the bed. He's able to walk around, but is so weak he can't get around good. He can't undo the hasp.

When Mr Musselman got there, I had all sorts fo things written on the hood. He walked over and read. He said, “What's this?”

Where the boy is.”


He's alive. He's in Minnesota. That town right there on the map. It's called that name which is Indian that sounds like that.”

Hang on, I've got to call the Highway Patrol.”

Over here is the evidence you need.”

I handed him my phone and lifted the cardboard and showed him the scrap of material. “It's the boys shirt. It caught on that when they took him.”


There's DNA on that floor well. It's in his house where I told you and it's definitely all over the place up there in that building in that town.”

Mike got through to someone and asked if there was a highway patrolman nearby. He got told there'd be one in fifteen minutes.

He hung up and I said, “Mike, here.”

I took my phone and dialed. I handed it to him. “Who's this?”

It's the Sheriff for that county up there. In the time we'll spend waiting on that patrolman to get here, he'll have that boy out of the basement.”

He spoke, “Hello, this is Prosecuting Attorney Mike Musselman from Randolph County Missouri. I need to have you go to a town in your jurisdiction because we have reason to believe a boy who was kidnapped is being held there.” He paused. “Ok, call me back on your cell phone so I can lead you there.” He gave my number and then hung up. He turned to me and smiled, “They've got computers there.”

What's that got to do with anything?”

He said he had to call me back as he's got to shut down his computer.”


Apparently, they can't do two things at once.”

Oh man, you should have told him to push the button.”

He probably would have did it to his phone. He's calling back.”


My phone rang. Mike answered it and said, “Ok, you need to get in your car and I'll get you there. This information was given to me by a psychic, so it's going to be accurate.” He paused. “Yes, the guy is good. He makes people's horoscopes, but he wasn't born in the sixties.”

Mike rolled his eyes.

Ok, you're going to a town named Arrow took or something which sounds like that. Oh, you're there? Well, you're going to look for a building which has a Pepsi machine out front. Oh, that's your building? Well two buildings behind yours is another building.” He listened and said, “Sir, I don't care whose building that is. In the basement of that building is a kid. That kid has been kidnapped here in Missouri and he's being held there.”

Grant said to me, “He's walking.”

Tell him he needs rubber boots.”

Sir, you need rubber boots. There's water on the floor.”

He said to me, “He doesn't care. He knows you're full of shit.”

Well tell him that water is full of shit and piss too.”

Sir, that water is full of shit and piss too. It's the boys.”

He turned to me and said, “Ok, tell me what's next.”

Tell him the back of the building.”

He's there.”

Door. Go through it.”

Mike told him.

Immediately to the left is a stairwell with a ladder attached to it.”

Mike told him.

He says the ladder is there but he doesn't see a bottom to the hole.”

Tell him the hole is black because it's water. Tell him that ladder goes onto the bottom rung of the steps and he's to climb down on that ladder”

Mike told him and he said, “He says he can't hold the phone and do both.”

Ok, tell him to put the ladder down there and to walk back that hallway. It's going to be short and thick with cobwebs and gnats...lots of gnats. Up that hallway nearly fifty feet is a wooden wall from a coal chute. There's a door with a metal hasp. That hasp has a nail on a string through it. Tell him the light from that small bulb is enough by then for him to see as it'll be dark.”

Mike said, “Did you hear that?” He nodded. “Ok, call me back.”

Mike hung up and said, “Jake, if you find that boy, you're going to be a hero.”

You tell whomever it was an anonymous tip from a psychic. You do not use me and get me to running all over the world for this stuff. It's depressing because that boy has been a lot of places and used in ways you just don't want to think about.”

Can you tell me some?”

John Wayne Rogers ate his nuts.”

Don't say anymore. I heard about that case. He's in prison for the rest of his life.”

The boy is one of them. It's like they each did what they wanted to him and then passed him on to someone else.”

The ambulance arrived and they went into the restaurant.”

You hurt him by throwing syrup at him?”

Yeah, it was a glass decanter. It made a mess. You need to tell them to put him in the policed unit. He's going to try to escape when they get done with his brain surgery.”

Oh man.”

Hey, I'm not allowed to carry weapons. I didn't get one, so I've got to use what I've got.”

You could be in trouble.”

Yeah, I broke into his car.”

No, that's assault.”

I didn't see a thing!” I said smiling.

My phone rang. “Hello?”

IS this that PA in Missouri?”

I'm the psychic.”

He's here. He's weak and hurt bad. I'm taking him to the hospital. Tell the PA I want to know who you are because I've got a lot of cases which need you on them.”

I've got to touch someone involved. It can be a family member or whomever, but I've got to touch them. When I do, pictures, and all sorts of stuff pops into my head. Take him to the hospital and tell him it's over. Tell him the man who ate his nuts is in prison.”


He did surgery and ate his nuts.”

Oh my God!”

They weren't nice people. That's why he won't speak. He gave up hope.”

I'm keeping this number.”

OK, let me know how he is and I'll pass along the information.”

I hung up and high fived Mike. He said, “He believes you now!”

Yeah, he wants me for all sorts of unsolved cases.”

Mike said, “Thanks. I know of this boy's case and I know it's unsolved. I read the web sites for one whole afternoon from reading about that sick fuck John Wayne Rogers.”

I said, “I'm going to go finish my breakfast. Do you need that stuff on my trunk?”

I doubt it.”

Ok, I'll wash it off.”

I started to walk off when he said, “Jake?”


Would you answer a question if I asked it?”


What happened to Robbie?”

You gotta be more specific than that.”

He's not the same.”

No, that he's not.”

You know?”

I knew at the pharmacy. That's why I call him Rob now.”


Robbie's gone. He was replaced.”

I'm confused.”

Mike, You've got to believe me when I tell you I didn't know it was going to happen.”

I believe you.”

Ok, Robbie was being a real asshole. Jared came and told me Robbie and his friends were going to have a séance over at his house. I told Robbie that Jared was pissed about it and Robbie just blew Jared's complaints away like Jared was dead and didn't matter.

Jared lifted Robbie up by his shirt collar and then made himself be seen. Robbie peed his pants. Jared told Robbie if he went near his house, they'd all die like he did...exactly like he did. That's when I suddenly started saying stuff and telling what all happened to Jared and where he was cut, sliced, stabbed, gouged, and everything else. Once again, Jared told Robbie he'd die just like him. Well, Robbie said it was just a séance like he didn't get it that Jared felt like it was trespassing in his home. So, Jared made himself look like he did when he was killed. Robbie screamed, pissed his pants again, and passed out. Jared dropped him on the floor.

I had to go to the meeting. Jared told me to go and he'd get Robbie's clothes dried and would make sure he was ok. I believed him and left.

At the meeting, I saw you and we did the meeting and then, when Robbie walked in, I noticed the twinkle in his eye was Jared's and not his. He kissed me which really told me it was Jared and not Robbie because they kiss totally different.”


Well, from then on out, you noticed he was different and I did and Grant did and then Chris did. Rob told us it was him and he was Jared. He talked about Robbie and how he wanted to commit suicide and was going to do it again only this time it was going to really happen. He said he got permission to enter Robbie's body and Robbie's soul went back to Heaven.”


So, that's what I know. Why?”

He's more affectionate. My wife now knows he's not the same and so does my daughter. What's different is he's now nicer. He's more personable and he's not such a smart ass.”

Can I say something? Jared can't believe what all you guys gave Robbie. He said everything's perfect and he can't believe the way Robbie was for having such a perfect life at home.”

I've got to tell my wife, but I think she's fine with it. She said she likes Rob since he's came out. She said he's better towards her and she can't remember a time when he's been so nice.

Last night, when you said you wanted half your team in his name, I really wanted to tell you not to do it because I knew he'd be mean to you about it and most likely would try to screw you out of it. Now, I know why you're so in love with him.”

I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but those around me knew I was afraid.”


Ok, you've got a nasty guy who is really hot looking and looks like you in this corner. He kisses and it's like kissing earthworms. It's cold, without excitement, and the way he moved his tongue was just terrible. Then, in this corner you've got a hot ghost who kisses like he's going to set your soul on fire and when he touches you, he awakens parts of you which just wants to arise up to meet his fingers.

So, a merge happens and the hot ghost is in the hot guy and he's hot for me. I'm worried because I know I could fall for the guy and life's going to be terrific and all is going to be well and the stars are aligned, the old guy coming back? Is he going to stay gone? Am I going to go ten, fifteen, twenty years with him putting all mine and his stuff in our names together to get the old guy back one day?

I mean, I'm worried. I love him now, but if Robbie comes back, I can't make it.”

Mike nodded. “I understand. I hate to say it, but I like this kid now. If that was Jared, I like him. I can see why you fell for him and I can see why you liked Robbie, but didn't like his personality. I guess I didn't want to pay attention to it until I knew it was a problem from you and it was suddenly gone! Now I like him, and my wife likes him and we all think it's because he's came out of the closet.”

I think we could blame it on that, but you don't know how many times I've been tempted to call him Jared.”

Mike smirked and nodded, “Rob is more fitting. I know it's hard, but now I understand why you shortened his name because he's different.”

I'm sorry I kept it from you, but it was strange. The thing is, I didn't have to tell Grant. He knew. It was strange, but Rob said something to me at the pharmacy which I repeated because it just blew me out of the water. He said, “Don't start the game without me.”

I remember that!”

Well, first of all, that was Jared's trademark. He'd get all dressed in his uniform and right before he'd go out onto the field, he'd go pee and on the way over to the urinal, he'd say, “Don't start the game without me.”

That's why you repeated it!”

Yeah, I mean, Robbie's not on the team, so why would I hold up the game for him? And that phrase was Jared's but he's dead and how in the hell is he going to play? But what's strange is I got to the field house and told Grant not to be surprised if Rob showed up and tried to get dressed at Jared's spot.”

OH man!”

Yeah, I was worried. It was freaky because Chris hated Robbie. I mean you just don't get Chris that pissed about someone, but Robbie was at that point with him. And, I was really worried Rob would come in and slap Chris on the shoulder and say something Jared would say...which is what happened.”

Oh man, what'd Chris do?”

He came over and told me he wanted to know what was happening. I told him and after that, Chris suddenly was wanting that friendship back he had with Jared.”

Ok, he said he had hung around with you and Chris, so I was wondering how it went.”

They rode together in the car when we took the football scouts out to the airport. Chris made it a point of riding with him instead of me, so that tells you how he is now. You'll probably be seeing Chris over there a lot.”


Yeah, but he's now dating Kit.”

Oh man, that's going to be different.”

Rob is with me, so it's fine. She accepts us and of course, she knows Chris' reputation.”

What reputation?”

How can I put it nicely. Chris is a horn dog who verbalizes what he thinks excessively. He's fixated on a woman's boobs, titties, knockers, jugs, hooters, mams, udders, and all the other terms he can come up with.”

Mike laughed, “He sounds like me at that age.”

Oh my God. Really?”

Yeah, I got lucky because I got rescued.”

YOU got rescued! I saw in your head. SHE' S luckier than hell!”

He blushed.

I continue. “I told myself if he was half as good as you, I was going to keep him and teach him the rest of what I saw in your head because man, I want that.”

It takes learning your partner.”

I know. But what's amazing is with Robbie, I wouldn't have gotten that. With Rob, I'm going to get it to the point sometimes it flashes in my mind if they were switched at birth at the hospital, but I know they weren't because of the looks, so then I wonder if the souls got switched at birth and nice went with nasty and nasty went with nice. Now, it's like they're where they should be.”


No problem. Now, I've got a question.”


Are you and your wife going to have a problem with us flying out to Akron a lot?”

How often is a lot?”

Probably every night after school for a while.”


As new owners, we've got to go out and shake hands and greet people. Tom Benson said we'd probably do good to go around to bingo games and such since we're under age.”

No adult chaperones?”

I'm emancipated...and I'm fresh out of parents. Forget it.”

I asked because I'm concerned about you guys.”

Our limo driver will be an adult.”

Why don't you see if you can get some of your players to go along with you. I'd feel better.”

I'll do it alone. I figured I'd have them meet both owners.”

What's the problem?”

Mike, I love ya, but the second I start jumping through hoops, then I'll have to jump through them for everything. I'll forego that and just go be my own person.”

I just asked to have adults with you!”

And we've not gotten to your wife. By the time we go out, we'll have fresh haircuts, clean underwear, and have washed behind our ears in order to shake a bunch of old ladies hands. If I'm going to do all that, I'm going on a date and forget all the old women.”

He smiled. “Ok, I understand where you are with this. Do you mind if my wife and I come along sometime?”

No, that'd be fun. You're my lawyer. Besides, I want you to see what we bought because you made over thirty million on the deal.”

I'm not taking your money.”

IT's sort of a lot for me to sneak into your back pocket. Besides, you need to rethink that.”


You're going to do all the paperwork and submit it for the league. That's going to be a headache and until Rob and I get our certificates, you'll have to be our attorney.”

Ok, you've got to come over sometime for supper.”

Monday night. I don't have anything planned for Monday night except for maybe football practice.”

When are you going to get practice in with the Angels?”

I'm not sure. My time is spread thin.”

Well, go back in and see if you can salvage your breakfast. I'll meet you at noon.”

I appreciate it.”

I went back into the restaurant and sat down. “Guys, I'm sorry.”

What's going on?”

There's a kid who was kidnapped and that guy was the one who did it. I saw where the kid was and we called the Sheriff there. He got the kid and now, they're handling all that.”

Your breakfast is cold.” Mr O said.

I'm sorry. This stuff got in the way.”

What are you doing today?”

Going to buy that house and then, going to Akron to see the team, get in a few scrimmages, and then, get ready for the game tomorrow.”

Grant asked, “Are you still taking the team?”

I don't know who can come and who can't. I'll take who can go, but I don't know how to go about it.”

He nodded. “Let me see what I can do.”

The plane is supposed to be out there at two pm. We're leaving and arriving at four there.”


Would you guys like to see the house I'm buying?”

When you get it bought hon.” Mrs O said a little bored.

I'm sorry. I know this was supposed to be our morning.”

We know dear. It's going to be like this for you.”

I'm going to do all I can to keep it from interfering.”

She patted my hand. “We had a lovely breakfast. We realize you were busy and you helped a little boy. It was worth it.”

We got up to leave and I pulled out her chair. I looked over at Grant and he said, “Hon, it'll be fine. I know you're bugged by this.”

Grant, I've got to schedule people I enjoy. Even then, I don't get to spend time with them!”

It gets worse the more famous you get.”

Mr O smiled, “We're not upset. We got to eat breakfast with a hero and see some of what you're famous for.”

I hugged him and then her, “I'm really sorry.”

We went out to the car and Grant said, “Two days and your new car's trashed.”

The hood can be replaced. The writing on it can be washed off.”

What's the writing?” Mrs O asked.

When this stuff comes into my brain, it comes in really fast. It's a lot of pictures, voices, addresses, telephone numbers, and directions. I have to get it down and make sense of it. As you can see, he was in Minnesota. They had him in a basement locked in a coal chute. He was living in his own waste and wasn't long for the world.”

All this comes to you from touching someone?”

I touched that guy and it told me what he'd done. I trained in on the boy and it told me where he was and how much danger he was in.”

That's interesting.” Mrs O said, “It's called 'the touch'. I've heard about people having it. I think your dad had it, but he didn't say much about it.”

He had it.”

When we got back to their house, we took them in and then, I gave them hugs and kisses goodbye. Grant came with me and when we got into the car, he held my hand. “Hon, it's ok.”

It's not ok. I see it slipping away and I don't like it.”

Everything changes.”

Yeah, but things we want, we make time for and it stays.”

Jake, if it can't be Saturday, then make it a week night.”

No, you're not getting it! IF I say it's ok to move the day, then it's ok to make it slip this week and then once every two weeks and then, I hear they're dead and I've not seen them for a year. I'm not doing that to them or to me either.”

Ok, so hope next weekend goes better and chalk this one up as to not being so good.”

We drove over to the house and got out. I saw Rob's car there and went up to the house. I rang the doorbell and heard the sound of long pipes someplace in the house.

The door opened and then the woman opened the storm door. “Hello, I'm guessing you're Jake!”

Yeah, Jake Martin.”

I'm Gertrude Watson. Welcome to my home. The real estate woman is in the dining room with Mr Musselman and his son.”

This is Grant Oberling. He's my guardian, but recently removed.”


We're still like father and son.”

I looked around the house and walked slowly through the living room into the dining room. The real estate woman said, “I'll have this paperwork finished and then, I can give you the tour.”

I can walk around.”

I went back into the living room and felt the mantle piece. The wood was amazing. It's shimmer was deep and rich. Rob came in and hugged me, “I heard you had an exciting morning.”

Yeah, I don't want to talk about it.”

What's wrong?”

I have to schedule time to be with them. Then, I get with them and can't spend time with them due to stuff getting in the way. I feel robbed and I don't like it.”

We went from room to room and wound our way around the ground floor. In the dining room, I asked, “Which pieces are staying and which aren't?”

I'll be happy to show you dear.”

She got up from the table and walked us around the ground floor again. By the time we'd completed the lap, I'd say it was safer for her to tell me what she was taking instead of what she was leaving. IT was like she wasn't taking much at all.”

Can we see the upstairs and the attic?”


She took Rob and I upstairs and led us up the hallway and into all the rooms. The woodwork once again was the main focal point. At the upstairs door going to the attic, she paused and said, “You've got the touch. Upstairs, you'll meet our resident ghost.”


He plays up here.”

How long has he been here?”

As long as I've lived here.”


I went upstairs and saw him immediately. She smiled and said, “I know he likes you because he's not caused troubles.”

He's probably wondering why I can see him when everyone else can't. Would you please go downstairs so we can talk?”

Sure honey. Please don't get hurt.”

We're not.”

She went down the stairs slowly holding onto the railing. When I heard the door shut, I said, “Jared, can you see him?”


Good, tell me what you feel?”

He's sad and he says he's not going to leave until his mom goes with him.”

Tell him I want to touch him to find his mom.”


We went over and Jared, I mean Rob, spoke to him. “Hi, my names Jared. They gave me a new body and everyone now calls me Rob. I was dead like you and I got this body. Don't you think it's nice?”

You need to go downstairs. My mom's not going to like you being up here.”

I said, “I need to feel you in order to find your mom. Your mom's dead.”

She's not dead. She would've came for me.”

Honey, sometimes they can't. My parents died while I was waiting for them and they couldn't come for me either.”

What happened to you?

MY grandma raised me because no one else wanted me.”

I died. No one cared.”

I understand. I thought no one cared for me too. Can I touch you?”

I held out my hand and said, “Touch my hand.”

He put his hand in mine and instantly, I knew his name was William Turn.”

William, do you go by William, Will, or Billy?”

Willy, but that's what my grandpa called me. Everyone else called me honey, or dear.”

Well Willy, here's he deal. You died in 1918. You died of the influenza outbreak and they put you up here because everyone was sick downstairs. They didn't know you died because they all died themselves. The officials found them and buried them in a mass grave out in the cemetery.”

I turned and pointed. “Your bones are over there.”

Yeah, I don't go over there because it's sad.”

Let's get your mom to come Willy.”

You can do that?”

Yeah, just a moment.”

I turned to Jared, “Do you want to ask them to come, or me?”

We can together.”

Ok.” I held his hand and said, “Willy, take Jared's other hand. We're going to stand in a circle like ...oh my God.”


They sang that song because of the plague!”

What song??”

Ring around the rosie.”


Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posies, a chew ah chew, we all fall down.”

I thought it was ashes ashes.”

No, the plague was symptomatic of coughing and then, within less than a day, they were dead.”


They said a man could kiss his wife and family good bye and go to work and then come home and put them in bed for lunch. By dinner, he was burying them all.”

Oh man.”

Seventy percent of the population here died. The railroad spread it to town and the sick came. They passed it along and people died.”

Willy asked, “Would you get my mom?”

Sure hon.”

Mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa, we need you to come. Willy needs his mother, so please bring his family to be reunited with him.”

Jared said, “Trina, come to me hon. I need you to be friends with him so he's not scared.”

Trina came and said, “They're searching for his mom and family.”

I looked over and saw my mom and dad. “Hi Mom and dad. Meet Willy. He needs to get back to his family.”

My mom came over and hugged Willy, she smiled and said, “Honey, your mom is on her way. She wants you to see your sister first.”

I thought to myself, “This is dumb. He wants his mom. Stop jacking him.”

Mom smiled at me and said, “We're doing this for a reason. Please be patient Jacob.”

Jared chuckled, “Jacob. Your mom told you!”

Mom smiled at him and said to Willy. “Willy, here comes your sister all grown up.”

My grandma came into the picture and went over to him, “I'm your sister in law Willy. I've heard a lot about you.”


Yeah, your brother and I were married.”


SO he's my great uncle?”

Grandma smiled, “Yes dear.”

Why wasn't I told?'

So many died. I wasn't even born yet.”

Grandpa was that much older than you?”

He was Willy's little brother. He was with a wet nurse who had antibodies to fight against it in her milk. He was immunized through nursing from here.”

So this was grandpa's home place?”

They lost it. No one could afford it when they were all gone.”

A woman came into the room and Willy instantly let go of our hands and went running for her, “Mama! Mama!”

Honey, I'm so sorry!”

I waited! I was good!”

My grandma came over and hugged me. “Honey, we didn't say it, but I loved you.”

I loved you too grandma.”

It's ok to leave that house. I know you were worried, but your life is taking new turns.”

I let go of her and went over to my dad. “Daddy, can I hug you?”

Sure buddy.”

I hugged him and the tears flowed. My mom came over and hugged us both. “My Jeff and little Jeff.”

I turned and let her into our hug. “Mom, dad, Jared's over there. They gave him back a body so we could have each other.”

We know dear. You two get your happiness at last.”

My dad said, “Jake, don't be so intent on retribution. Let them have their justice, but remember it's his family.”

He's got a new and better family.”

They're still his family.”

Mom broke away from us and went over and hugged Jared. I said, “Dad, Grant's going to live here while I'm playing ball. I know he misses you. Come see him if you can.”

I'm with him more than he knows. Tell him each time he thinks of me, I'm there.”

Then show yourself.”

It takes a lot to do that.”

Tell him if he will look in a mirror, I'll show myself to him, but you tell him he's about to embark on a new path and to embrace it fully.”

His job coaching.”

No, his relationship. Yes, he'll be coaching, but his relationship is going to be a whole transformation for him.”

Good, he needs it.”

Let him go when it's time.”

I will.”

You're growing so much in so many ways.”

I bought the pharmacy.”

I know. Now what I need to tell you is you've got to stop being so public with your powers. It's harmful to the scheme of things.”


Things are supposed to happen in their time. You're interfering.”

Ok, it's about the lessons.”

Yes, but also about teaching.”

I don't understand it, but I'll do it.”

Jake, they are going to come for you to show you more sometime soon.”

There's no time.”

There's time. You'll be amazed how it will be.”

Ok, I need to trust.”

He smiled, “You do that, but you need to stop being so angry.”

I feel complete hugging you.”

I know. You were meant to learn the whys of everything so you could understand. Now it's time to join with your partner and begin your life.”

I don't get to be with you anymore?”

You will, but not like this.”

Ok, it's something I'll do because I know they'll tell me everything.”

Good, now let us go and when we're gone, know you've got Rob. Call him Rob because it's important.”

I'll try.”

Do it! It could mess things up!”

I'll do it. It's hard because I know him as Jared.”

Your life is with Rob. He's got a family here who needs you to know him as Rob.”


He gave me a kiss on the lips and as quick as a flash, the room was empty. I turned around and Jared, I mean Rob, was standing there smiling at me.

I asked, “What do we do with the bones?”

I don't know. Let's go ask my dad.”

He came over and kissed me. “This is nice.”

WE need to do this more. I missed you last night.”

I missed you too.”

We went down the stairs and into the hallway. At the end of the hallway, I stopped and said, “Rob!”


Look down there?”

What am I seeing?”

That fern. Look how huge it is!”

Yeah. I'm sorry, but I don't get excited by flowers.”

It's not a flower, it's a fern. They take forever to grow.”


It's nature's air cleaner for your house. They have those air cleaners they advertise, but those are the real ones. I hope she lets us keep it.”

When we got downstairs, I looked at the huge fan window. I went to the other side of it and studied the intricacy of the small pieces and how they were put together. The prisms in it and the color of the glass all created little ripples and stars on the walls. I knew why she'd bought it...the woman...the woman who ordered it.

When we went back into the dining room, I went to the table and said, “Mr Musselman, do the paperwork and please make note to put in there the bones of William are in the attic. He's now in Heaven, but he was my grandpa's brother.”

Mrs Watson stood up and put her hand over her mouth. “William!”

Yes, he died during the influenza epidemic.”

Then you're a Sherpa?”

You knew them?”

I was a Sherpa.”

Why didn't you come around my grandma then?”

We spoke once, but I didn't know them.”

They were family. It was your place to get to know them.”

I turned looking away from her and then turned around. “Just the same, I'm some relations to you, so we now know.”

I can't sell you this house.”

Why not?”

Come here. I'll show you.”

She walked me over to a family Bible and opened it. IN here is the Will.”

She handed it to me and said, “Read it. It says it's to be bequeathed to members of the family when they are known.”

Ok, so why are you selling it when you knew there was family?”

He died. Your grandmother died.”

Yes, but she was raising me, her grandson.”

You had another name. I looked. My lawyer looked.”

Mr Musselman asked, “Who is your attorney?”

Clifford Falzone.”

He scrunched his face, “Ma'am, you might've looked, but I imagine he didn't do any searching other than on his way to the bank to cash your check. He's not even an attorney.”

He's not!”

He's a paralegal, or a law clerk. He does paperwork and files it, but he can't even represent anyone in the courtroom when the paperwork goes before the judge.”

SO he stole from me?!”

No ma'am, he did what he said he'd do. He looked. He didn't say how well he would look and I bet you he never promised you he'd find anyone.”

No, he said he'd look.”

And he took your money. There are shysters in law profession and you found one.”


I asked, “Why are you selling the house?”

It's too much for me to take care of alone.”

Would you stay on if I come here and see things are taken care of financially?”

She looked torn.

I said, “Were you planning on going someplace different?”

I've got family in Florida. They were going to get me a condo with the money.”

I'll get you the condo. You don't have to sell me the house. I'd appreciate it in my name so no one else will come trying to get it over that Will, but I'll take care of you.”

She nodded, “I'll do that.”

I turned to Mr Musselman, “Please give her the check I was going to pay for the house. We'll do the transaction in that manner so she's got the money and I've got the house.”

You're buying your inheritance!”

Yes, but something just told me I needed to in order to get the other names on the paperwork with mine. I'll do that.”

He nodded, “Ok, I'm going to note the house was bequeathed to you and you're paying her the money as a gift offering rather than a purchase. The reason I'm doing this is because it could look bad for her if she sells it. It's the same thing, but the words are different.”

Ok, put Rob and Grant's name on the house with mine.”

Grant said, “Put me down as his guardian until he's eighteen.”

I'm emancipated and can enter contracts.”

Yes, and if anyone wants to mess with you and sue you since you're not entering this into your corporation, you could lose it as your personal assets! Why do you think I'm so well incorporated?”

Is that why you're running from me on everything?”


Ok, I'm going outside and looking at the yard.”

Rob came with me and took my hand. “You and he have more words over little things.”

He violated my trust. It became a big issue.”

You're supposed to forgive.”

I can ask questions of why things are as they are. He won't tell and now, I know he's running from me, but I don't know why. It's like he wants to protect me and have his name on my things, but doesn't want my name on his.

He promises, but he just doesn't quite seem to make it to getting it done.”

He was speaking with my dad about it.”

Rob, look at how I see it. If I spoke to your dad about making love with you and then told you I'd do it but you never got to even be in bed with me, would you eventually see I wasn't wanting it?”

I'd understand there's a reason.”

What if you asked what the reason was and I told you there wasn't any and yet, things never got done.”

What do you think it is?”

Passive aggressive bullshit is what it is! He's angry about something, so he punishes. And yet, when it makes him look good, he's there. When it makes him look bad, he's not doing anything.”

You put the house into his name too?”

I talked with him last night and agreed. We were getting along great and I figure there's a reason for things. If I pull back, then he loses me. If I keep giving and sharing and view it as things and that's it, I'm fine.”

Then do that.”

I am, but his name IS NOT going on the ball team. IF he tries that stunt he just pulled in there, I'll throw him out of the room, and insist thugs carry him back to the plane and not let him go until it lands here. He'll be thrown to the tarmac and he won't be allowed in anything which doesn't bear his name.”

You're upset.”

Yeah I'm upset! He loves and I love, but it's like there's strings! Do you place strings on your love?”


I don't either. We've known we've loved each other since before trust issues became a part of us. We know we're there and there's no question. With him, there's always a string.”

Ok, let it go and let's go sign papers. Then, let's get to the plane and onto a happier day.”

I don't know if he's coming or not.”

He's not.”

He's not?”

He's going to Hannibal to see someone.”

Good, maybe he can mess with that kid's life and brain.”

You need to stop. You were told upstairs what is going to happen and you're letting your angers and feelings get into it.”

Ok, let's go do it. Yeah, I'm upset, but I hate denying my feelings.”

Things happen for a reason.”

We went back inside and I said, “Ok, let's sign these papers and let's get to the plane.”

I turned to Grant. “Sign the papers and get to Hannibal. You've got the house to stay in over on Emerald, so see your way there.”

He looked stricken. “You did it again Grant and I'm supposed to stand by with pom poms and cheer you on with it. Well, slam the door in my face and I'm kissing wood. Slam it twice and I'm kissing wood. Go for that swing again and I'll see you're not in my house where you can't slam it. You know your place, now get there.”

Rob stared at me, I said, “I didn't say I would be nice. I said I understood. It's up to him to make some moves too. He might have his name on this place, but he knows what he just did put himself out of here.”

I put my finger down on the paperwork and looked at Mr Musselman. “IF he doesn't do what he said last night and get half of everything into my name, you sue him for breach of contract and I'll tell you when to stop suing. If he keeps his word, then he can take time and tell me why he's the way he is without excuses. Until then, I'm living my life and WON'T likely be back here to play ball or anything.”

He looked up at me and said, “He's spoken with me about doing the paperwork.”

One word to you until I see it. LIPSERVICE. It's a politician's promise and it serves you no good until he gets what he wants. He's got it and I'm not seeing anything other. It's time he puts up or he finds that line got crossed.”

He nodded and I said, “Where do I sign this? I'm signing and then, I'm out of here. I've been promised a good day and so far two out of three have stank.”

He pointed at the paperwork and I nearly ripped it scrawling my name on the blank. “There, I'm making a car roll, so if you're going with me Rob, you know where it's heading.”

I'll be there.”

I turned to Grant, “Good luck on getting happiness over there. I can only hope you don't get what you've given. You'll find it hurts.”

I've not lied to you.”

We'll see. Until then, it's up to you to do something beside promise.”

I turned to Mrs Watson, “Ma'am, thank you for your time. I appreciate your hospitality.”

I went to the front door and went through it. As I went down the steps, Rob came out and said, “My dad and Grant needs a ride.”

Give it to them, I'll send the plane back.”


Give them the keys to your car. Or, stay, I'm pissed and I'm hitting the air to get to something better. Either you can be there, or you'll be here.”

Hang on.”

One minute.”

I turned and went to the Caddy. I started it and then called Chris.


If you're going, be at the airport. I'm not in much mood to wait on anyone.”

What's going on?”

Shit day in two ways. I'm leaving this town and you can fly back with Rob. I doubt if I come back for a while.”


Chris. I'm waiting one minute on Rob and then this car is rolling without him. Does that tell you where I'm at?”

Yeah, what happened?”

I'll tell you if you're on the plane. If not, you can get the news from Rob. It looks like he's staying.”

I put it into gear and that's when the window got pounded on. I hit the locks and he got in. “Man, you're in a mood!”

I let the car roll and told Chris, “This car is rolling. Either be there or get left.”

I hung up and said, “When the walls of defense get slammed up with me, not even you get to tell me to keep them down. I love you, but love doesn't always protect me. I've learned to count on me and that's it.”

Nuk luk”


When we were little, we had our own language. Nuk Luk meant I'm here, I'll be here, I love you, and we're in this together. Lok meant basicly, 'ditto'. It was our key to each other's world before we could even speak. We said it with our eyes and we learned it while sharing bottles.

I pulled my foot out of the throttle and began calming down.


Tell me about it.”

Everyone promised things. They didn't deliver them. I know they couldn't, but it still got me taken from you. You told me you'd wait and be there and you died trying. Until then, no one had done that. Yeah, my parents meant it and my grandma meant it, but the job never got finished.”

You felt violated.”

Yeah, so when Grant came along, I trusted. I thought he'd be different and then, it all became a game of him seeing how much he could hurt me and how many different ways I'd let him in. Well, I let him in again last night and he violated it.”

How'd you let him in again last night?”

We talked. We communicated and we dealt well with each other. I thought it was great and I thought we made strides. Now, I look down at where he and I are standing and I see he's pulled the rug out from under me again. That's why he got told to get out. That's why he got told the line in the sand got crossed and it's up to him to prove me wrong. IF he doesn't, I'm suing him and that's not a lie.”

You'd not get anything.”

I'd get the car dealer. I know there's enough witnesses to the verbal contract to get me that and really, that's all I want. He's the one who keeps promising more.”

Did you tell him that?”

Yeah, he comes back and tells me he's going to keep his name on half and because he's keeping his name on half, he'll give me half of everything else.”

He's baiting and switching.”

Yeah, and that's really violating trust.”

Let me see your phone.”


He dialed and said, “Dad, yeah, I spoke with Jake and he's right. Grant has baited and switched him to the point he's got his feelings and trust violated. What I want you to do is to start filing all those suits Jake wants and then, you hand them to him and tell him when he stops the bait and switch, Jake will stop the bait and switch. Until then, both trains are heading to collision and we're thinking Grant will blink first. IF not, there's not much lost on Jake's side which hasn't already been damaged.”

He listened. “Ok, I thought I'd let you know because Grant did it again last night to get his name on that house. Jake kept his word, but Grant hasn't.” He paused and listened and said, “Dad, until his name is on the paperwork, he's not done a thing. How many women file for divorce and then don't do it? Yeah, so you know that's what Grant's doing. He's throwing out the bait and trying to make himself look like he's not losing anything, but what he's not seeing is he's losing what matters more...Jake.

Ok, well, I'm getting off here. I doubt if Jake comes back. I really don't blame him because you don't know he's been preparing this over that one thing Grant's been doing. BUT, before I get off the phone, you tell Grant from me as partial owner of that team, if he thinks he's taking on Jake by himself, I'm now here and there's not going to be anymore of this.

Yeah, I love you too. I'll be back tomorrow night. Watch the game because you'll probably see us.”

He hung up and said, “I meant what I said. Grant now knows I'm throwing off the stopping blocks and using my influence with my dad as your lawyer to get him to going forward with the suits.”

I only want the Chevy dealer. I'll pay for it, but I'm not going to give up until I've got it.”

Grant needs to see you're upset and you're going to go for everything. He knows the second he lies on the stand, he's got a purjury charge.”

We pulled into the airport, the plane was sitting there long, white, and shiny.

Man! That's a long plane!” Rob said amazed.

The other was littler. This is the size of Tom Benson's. It holds forty people.”

Who's that standing outside of it on the ladder?”

Dan Carter. He's measuring for graphics. We'll have the Angels' new logo and colors on it.”

We got out of the car and walked over to the ladder. I looked up at Dan and said, “I can see up your pants leg.”

Look up the other and you'll see daylight.”

Brenda's happy.”

He laughed, “Man, I'm on top of a ladder, stop!”

I was told there are like seventy different colors of gold.”


We want Gold uniforms with white numbers with bronze around the numbers.”

Ok, describe to me your goal with the colors?”

Tom Benson has gold. His looks like there's some green to it. I want more shine to it and more like a gold coin. The bronze, I want to be more brown with bronze metallic highlights.”

Ok, I've got four Angel heads in the plane. Go take a look at those and see what you think.”

Ok, remember this will be for the big plane and the buses too.”

How big is the big plane?”

I hear it's a 747. I needed it big enough for the whole team, all the equipment, the little golf carts, the other ball carts, and everything we need to be mobile.”

You're going to need a semi to haul all that to the plane.”

Ok, I'll see what they've got. I don't recall any being on the asset inventory, but there's not a whole lot on that. They're real lax about it all.”

You're getting screwed.”

No, we added a clause which states what isn't there for a normal team to operate is going to be taken from the purchase price and bought. That means I'll pay the same amount, but that stuff will come from their part to get it for me.”

He nodded, “Wise move.”

You're doing a great job. I appreciate you doing your job. It makes me happy.”

Who's not doing for you what they said?”

Grant, but that's changing now. I'm going ahead and filing suit and letting the trains head down the track to collision. He'll either stop and get me what I want, or we'll meet in court and it'll get messy.”

Can I ride along?”


I want to measure for paint over there and see what colors you've got going.”

When we get the colors and the logo, we've got to order the new endzone carpet. I don't know how long that takes, but I heard that stuff is like buying gold.”

I checked, you're right. Each one is going to be over two hundred thousand dollars.”

How much for the center of the field?”

That whole Astroturf is five million.”

Man, I gotta buy it all in order to get the logo in the middle?!”

Jake, it's not that. There are about seventy different colors of that green for the grass. Each team jiggles the colors to make their white lines look brighter, but also make their colors look better on it. Call it a side effect of color television, but they want to look good when the cameras are on them.”

So we've got to get the uniforms and see what looks best against them.”

...And your logo colors. Then, we've got to try it under all sorts of different lighting to see what happens to it. You don't want something which looks dark in broad daylight coming off looking black under lights and at night time.”

Ok, I'm understanding more.”

I've got your merchandising up there also. Let me know what you like and don't like because I've got to get going on that.”

I really appreciate everything.”

He smiled, “Hey, you're shooting me your business and I want you to know this is how I am with all my customers.”

Thanks. Be prepared for me to have you down there at the meeting at Tan-Tar-A trying to drum you up some business with the other teams.”

I'd appreciate it.”

We need to get you a promotional video of going through all these steps so they can see you take care of details.”

I'll do that.”

Rob and I climbed the steps and went into the plane. The smell of new leather sure overwhelmed me.

Rob, remind me to tell them to get some Gray Flannel cologne and put it into this plane. I want it to not be so overwhelming”

This plane is nice.”

It's not what it will look like when we're done. I want the white seats kept, but I want the walls to be bronze leather and all the accents to be gold.”

It's going to make it look smaller.”

Yeah, but it'll have a masculine feel. I want it to be when you see this plane, you're seeing our offices at the stadium and you're getting a complete look for us.”

Ok, I'm getting what you mean.”

Chris came on the plane and said, “Here's my parental form. There's Kit's parental form and before you take off, she's on her way. I couldn't go by and get her because you were throwing your fit.”

Rob said, “Chris, he had good cause. We talked and when you hear what Grant did, you'll be upset.”

I imagine. He's been doing a lot of greasy shit.”

He looked down and said, “Awesome turkey.”

I said, “Ok, that one's not going on our helmets. It's an Angel?”

Yeah? Oh, well, that Angel sucked. This one over here is way better.”

I looked at it and said, “None of them are what I want. I'll tell him to use what I get Rob to draw.”

Rob asked, “What do you want?”

I held out my hand in a karate hold. “I want that Angel from the side to look like that. I want it to look like it's a fist about to hit and means forceful.”

He nodded and said, “Cool idea.”

Chris smiled, “I like your description better.”

Dan's doing an awesome job. Look at all this stuff he's come up with on short notice.”


Yeah, I want to keep 'the Hawk' on my personal memorabilia.”

Chris nodded and said, “Yeah. Now, would you hold your horses while I go get Kit?”

Yeah, I'll wait.”

Good, we've got several more coming.”

Did you call DJ?”

Yeah, he's on his way. You can sure tell he's gay. He started talking about what all he needs to pack and it sounded like he's got five suitcases coming.”

Well, I know who to borrow stuff from.”

He's not your size.”

No, but look at his hair. I know he's going to have a curling iron and a blow dryer packed.”

Chris smiled, “Probably.”

Rob said, “We need to get things so we've got them at the mansion. We'll be living there while over there, so we'll need to go ahead and get that sort of stuff for it.”

Ok, remind me we need to look at the mansion tonight also.”

WE're staying there, aren't we?”

I'm sleeping on the fifty yard line in the middle. I want the stadium to feel like home. Tom Benson told me the place will seem awesome in size and noisy if I don't get it into perspective.”

Chris nodded, “Ok, we'll camp out down there.”

Rob smiled, “I want us to have camera shots of that. And, I want it to be a standard initiation rite for all of our new players to do. It tells them the stadium is their new home and it draws us into a bond as a team with it.”

Chris smiled, “You going to play nose guard?”

I might. I really want to, but I want to know if there's someone bigger who will protect him more there before I decide not to.”

Chris left and I looked at the promotional materials for me being the Hawk. I loved the hawks head and made notes out to the side about getting the same highlight treatment done to the Angel's feathers. They'd not be the same colors, but it'd still look neat.

On one of the baseball hats, he had an A. I liked that and wanted it used on a lot of things. He had mugs, coasters, coolers, and all sorts of things I'd not thought about.

Rob said, “All of this is just too much. If a fan has this stuff, they're not a fan but a fanatic.”

Hey, that's cool. We could use that to advertise up our fans being more than regular. We could say, “We don't have fans, we've got fanatics!”

I like it, but I want something a little different for our girl fans.”

What's that?”

Do the Angel colors with a half top. Up on the front have an Angel and across the back have FANTASTIC”

Cool, that's another play on the word Fan. I like it. Let's see what we can come up with as a play on that.”

I've got one which is something from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which can be carried over.”

What's that?”

Do you remember when he says, An-Ticip-ation? We could do Fanticipation for us to have as advertising to keep our fans hyped during the off season.”

Ok, that's cool, I'd like to take that into a nation wide advertisement though so we can build a fan base all over the country.”

He nodded, “It all costs money. What are we going to have to work with?”

Half a billion dollars. We've got a hundred and seventy five million left, but salaries come out of that and go into it since we got rid of the injured and disabled list.”

You didn't hurt yourself there.”

Who's the Baker guy?”

I know of only one on the team, but I'm not familiar with him.”

Someone is going to be my main guy on offense. It's going to be known and the Jake and Bake offensive line.”


You're not hearing my opinion too loudly on it because it's going to be a big joke before it's over.”


Saturday Night Live and a lot of comedians are going to play with it. Gays are going to play with it too, so we've got to be really good, or we'll be a laughingstock.”

Ok, let's make a deal right here and now.”

What's that?”

On our reputations and everything, you let me worry about it. You're the front man and what you need to learn is you need to be accessible and able to be made fun of.”

What the hell?”

Listen and bear with me. You'll get it and you'll thank me for it.”

Ok, but I don't like it right now.”



Here's situation A. Saturday Night Live has you on there and they make fun of it. IT goes out to twenty million households a week, so you're in there plugging away for our team through comedy.

Now, that's advertising. You're getting it free and you're going to be player A who gets all serious, pissed off, and who suddenly has everyone afraid to mention your name and our team. So, they don't. The free stuff dries up and you're serious.

Situation B is you going on there and you having fun with it. You laughing and you making people like you. You showing you can joke laugh, cut up, and suddenly, you're a bigger star because everyone sees you and they like you. Now, that's twenty million households who got you into their house who now want to watch the game and see your latest antic on that commercial you advertise.

You're good, you're funny, they like you, and you're mentioned again about coming back on and you're mentioned on all the morning talk shows listened to by kids on their way to school and they're now sorry they didn't see it. SO, the next time they get you to go on there, you're now at twenty three million watching, Saturday Night Live is happy because they've got three million more viewers and once again, you're funny and more people are talking.”

Ok, so be light with it.”

Jake, everyone including you talked about how I told jokes and was funny. Everyone liked me as Jared, and do you know what?”


My senior year, I was going to run against Rob for Senior Class President and you know who you'd vote between the two and so would have everyone else? THAT's why I was doing it because I wanted that spot to look good for when I went to college.”


And you know what else? Mr Hateful liked me. He thought I was hot and he fantasized about me. There were love letters up there he wrote which he never sent and it's because people are drawn to the person who makes them smile. So, you be that person and you think about it because it'll get you a lot more for our team than dollars of advertising can buy.”

Ok, but if I get too down on things, you tell me.”

I'll tell you. I don't know why you got so serious because you were the one who I was drawn to even in the nursery at the hospital.”

I sure didn't know we were born on the same day.”

I'm older.” he said smiling.

Yeah, but I let you come out first to tell me if it was a cruel world or not. When I didn't hear you bitching, I decided to try it.”

He laughed, “Ok, I'm the sucker.”

No, I'm the sucker.”

He looked at me and said, “We'll suck.”

Good, that's decided.”

He reached over and said, “Don't have him make this.”

Why not? I like that the best!”

Two reasons. Parents can use it as a belt to beat their kids and those eyes on that thing can choke kids. It's cool, but have them make it out of foam so if a parent raises it to hit their kid, the kid isn't screaming in agony, but instead laughing at the parent for being so stupid.”

Ok, that's got to change.”

DJ came onto the plane and came rushing over. “I've got my bags down there, where do you want me to put them?”

See if the pilot is going to put them down below or if we've got to bring them up here. They might have you bring them up here since we're not flying as a full plane.”

The plane is nice. What do you think of what dad's done so far?”

He's worked hard. I'm impressed.”

He smiled, “He's worried. Did he ask if he could go?”

Yeah, but where's Brenda?”

She's gotta work at the nursing home.”


She wouldn't have liked it too much.”

We've got to get her involved in things. I've not met her, but I want to just off what you guys say about her.”

She's amazing. I wish he'd get married to her.”

Is he going to?”

He said he's never getting married again.”

But he loves her, anyone can tell that!”

Yeah, but he's cautious.”

Ok, when Chris gets back, we'll be leaving. I guess that's everyone.”

Roger and Aaron want to come.”

Where are they at?”

I'm supposed to ask.”

Jeez, why do they do that? They know I'd let them without them asking. Call them and get them out here.”

I looked up and said, “Rob, remind me to get a movie screen up there. I want us to have comedy classics to watch and us to have this plane done up so there's a bunch of recliners over there in front of it.”

How many recliners?”

Sixteen? I'm seeing four rows of four.”

Ok, what's on back in the plane?”

Let's go look.”

We went back and saw there was a galley and then a little bedroom. I said, “Tell them to get Double Cola on here for Aaron. It's his favorite.”

You still like Sundrop best?”

Yeah, unless it's Coke, but my favorite is Sundrop.”

Mine too.”

We need some of that on here.”

I'll make a list.”

You're not supposed to be my secretary.”

I like this.”

I want a double recliner for us, or a reclining love seat. I want to hold you while we watch movies.”

He smiled, “I do too.”

Chris and Kit came on and I said, “We're waiting on Roger and Aaron. They want to come.”

Jack coming?”

I imagine. I can't imagine him not coming without Roger, or vice versa.”

I took my phone and called, “Hello?”

Jack coming too?”

Yeah, we're on our way out the door.”

Ok, drive safe. We'll wait.”

I hung up and said, “Jack's coming too.”

We went back over and looked at the merchandising stuff. I turned to Rob and said, “When we get to the stadium, we've got to make a heading up to the merchandising section to see what they've got.”

We'll do that. I'll put it on my list of what we need to do. My first stop is to go to those offices. I'm afraid they've probably been up there stealing everything.”

If they do, we're going to put theft charges out.”

Trophies and awards. They're going to be going for those.”

Let's not worry and build ourselves up for what's going to be bad. Most of my day's been that way and I don't want this to be bad also.”

What's went bad besides at the house?”

I took Grant's mom and dad to breakfast with Grant. While there, Greg what's his name came over and tried to do a hatchet interview. I read him and found him to be dirty for all sorts of stuff including kidnapping and raping a kid. Of course, that took over and I ended up spending all my time with your dad there getting the kid back instead of being with his parents.”


You're not getting it. Grant's parents are great. I love them a lot and have it in my schedule every Saturday morning is our time. We go to IHOP and they listen about the game the night before. It's cool because I feel like I've got grandparents who love me and are interested in me with them. Today's stuff just sucked because it took away from my time with them. By the end, I was more depressed because I felt robbed than anything.”

Oh, there's going to be other days when it's better.”

I want you to get to know them. They're great people.”

Ok, do you think they'd find it strange?”

Nah, they'll love you as my lover and that's it.”

Good, then I'll do it.”

See, as Rob, you were ready to judge them and I felt like I was going to have to protect them from you. Rather than doing that, I told you I'd never let you near them.”

I remember that. You were mad.”

Let's get off that. I'll get upset again.”

Ok, what else?”

That thing over there. What does it do?”

Watch this, it's cool.”

He lifted it up and pulled the head back. A bunch of silly string came squirting out.”

That's sort of gross. It looks like Angel puke.”

Yeah, but kids are going to really like it because it's soap for their bath.”


Yeah, it's silly string with a purpose.”

Cool. Does it have to be purple?”

I don't think so, but they make it that color so kids won't eat it.”

They'd be wrong. That one grape cough syrup is purple like that.”

Oh, then they've got to change the color to something different.”

Tell them to go for the brightest green they make and have it Apple flavor. That way a kid will smell good when they use it.”

I'm writing that down.”

He took the can over to the other table where he was putting stuff which we were accepting with remarks.

I said, “I'm going to go tell the pilots we're going to be ready soon.”

My phone rang. “Hello?”

I'm on my way. I finally got finished here.”

Oh, ok. You're coming?”

Yeah, we talked about it.”

What about your wife and daughter?”

They're having a girl's night out.”

Ok, I'm glad we were waiting on someone. I forgot about you.”

That's ok, I know you're upset.”

I'm fine now. Rob got me calmed.”

Grant's got a few messages for you.”

I'm not really wanting to hear anything he's got to say. I think it's all designed to upset me right now and the one thing I don't want is him to ruin the rest of the day.”

I'll talk with you when I get there. I'm hitting the highway now.”

Ok, we'll be here.”

I hung up and said, “Your dad's coming.”


I forgot. This is bad. I would've left him.”

Hon, the look on your face told me your feelings. I wouldn't have let you forget him.”

I need you.”

I know you do. Now get back in a better mood.”

He's got messages from Grant.”

That's stupid. Either they can wait, or they can't and right now, I think they all can wait.”

I'm going to tell the pilots to get ready and to get Dan in the plane.”

Get Dan first.”


Notes From Retta:

This story wouldn't be possible without a good person by the name of Wes. Fortunately, he downloaded it while it was still able to be gotten on the Google Groups site.

For those of you who know, my Google Groups site is shit. Please don't get that confused with “the shit”, but just plain shit.

It seems I can upload a chapter to the site and it will promptly lose the thing. When you go to click on it, you will get an error message which states the page you've navigated to is no longer available. Needless to say, I'm not please because their customer service sucks.

I'd lost the first twenty five chapters of the story, so without Wes having them, I'd be fucked. Thankfully, he had them, so he gets a great BIG HUGE Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

From My Keyboard To Your Heart,


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