The Queen of Gay Romance”


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Chapter Twenty Two:

The doorbell rang and soon, a couple of guys came out when the elevator doors opened, “You called us to remove some bodies?”

Yeah, there's a few things we need to ask. We need to have them not found for a while.”

How long?”

I looked at Mike, “When can you make it back over?”

Tuesday. Tomorrow, I've got all of Grant's paperwork to handle.”

Ok, I guess Tuesday is when he's over. After that is when they could be found.”

How about next weekend?”

Ok, but don't let them be found on my property.”

We won't, that's not our style.”

Are you guys going to deal with those two who did this?”

We never hired them, but we got told to see your tapes to positively identify them.”

Over here.”

We showed them the tapes and they said, “Ok, we know who they are and who hired them.”

They went upstairs and in no time at all, they came down with the bodies over their shoulders in fireman's carries.”

You all ought to get rid of those bed clothes.”

We're right on it.”

We're not taking those because it'd really point a finger right at this apartment with how old things are here.”

I hear that!” I said with a smile.

The one guy came over and asked, “Can I shake your hand? I saw the game and you're already a huge hit here in the city.”


He shook my hand and instantly, a whole lot of scenes flashed in my mind. “Uh guy, you need to give me a call.”


Ummm, you definitely need to give me a call.”

I'm here now.”

Ok, let's go to the other room and talk.”

You sure?”


He lay Mr Danoza over the pit group like a bundle of rags and went into the kitchen with me. “What's going on?”

I can tell your future by touching you. You really need to watch your boss.”


His friend who is with him a lot is a federal agent. You're not in trouble yet, but this job gets your boss to wanting to speak with you more and more in front of the man. You tell your boss to keep an eye on the man's car and to never ride in it. You tell him in the air conditioning vents are camera heads which record him. You also tell him the man wears that one blazer which is sort of a herringbone check brown. When he wears that, that's the day the man is wearing a wire. You tell him the antenna to that wire is in that jacket and so far, there's enough evidence to put away most of the heads here.”


Dude, let me tell you a bunch of stuff to have you believing me. Your mother's name is Rose Irene...not Irene Rose like some people like to call her, but her birth name is Rose Irene. You've got two older sisters named Mary Katherine and Rosemary June. Mary and Katherine were your dad's and your mom's mother's names.

You've got you who's full name is Joseph Michael David and your younger brother's full name is Peter John Benedict after the Pope. You come from a strong Catholic family, but you are single. You have a strong friendship bond with your partner out there and you've wondered a lot if he held attraction in return. I'll tell you the guy is straight, but if you speak to him and be honest, he'd introduce you to his youngest brother who is better looking than him and more physically romantic.

You two hit it off and my warnings, get you into furniture business which he runs. You like the business and love him because your families accept you and he together as long as you say you two are confirmed bachelors.

You drive an Aspen which is a piece of junk. Last week, you had to actually pick the fender up off the street and have it bolted back on. It's a puke yellow with brown interior. You've never hauled a body in it because the rust holes in the back would probably have their clothes showing through.

Your apartment is over in a building I own, and you're wondering if Mr Danoza's death is going to affect your rent. I'll tell you it won't. You rent it until we tear it down to build the new stadium when you and, Thad get together.

Thad has an apartment brownstone up near the tire district which is lovely. He's rented, but when you and he get together and move in, you discover the neighbor who is collecting the rent is someone you know. You speak with the neighbor and he puts you in touch with the owner and you buy it for whatever the rent is for thirty months. Both of you are pleasantly shocked by this, but you've got that much saved since I've got you working for me doing security work in the stadium. It's more like a watchman's job than security, but you love it because it's got you in direct contact with the players.

You think I'm hot and you really jack more than a few loads thinking of me. You find my lips fascinating and this mole next to my eye way more than a turn on. You don't know why, but you jack thinking of me and making love to me while kissing that mole. You buy a lot of my merchandise and Thad wears the jerseys the nights he wants you to make love with him.

Other than that, there's not much else I can say to prove except your parents have the biggest fattest Collie I think I've ever seen by the name of Bum Bum...not Boom Boom, but Bum bum...your nephew named the dog when he was a baby.

Your nephew is Mary Kate's youngest. He's gay and he's more than a hot head. He's a moody kid and he's a real troublesome kid. It's because he's gay.

When he scratches Thad's car, you chew into him and he really hates you. It's because he's jealous of Thad. You make him work to repair the scratch cleaning attic and basement and in doing so, you break through to him.

He's a good kid inside and eventually, you tell him about working for me and he comes to work for us as a freezer man. He loves working in the cold. His name is, it's Micha. Your mom thinks it should be Michael.

Your mom. You need to tell her to get to a doctor for her diabetes. You tell her that ache in her knee isn't arthritis as she thinks, but it's a clot. You'll save her leg if you'll tell her immediately.”

I stood back and said, “Other than that, I'm not telling you how you jack, but you would definitely do to buy stock in Vaseline with the amount you use.”

You saw all that!”

Yeah, now you don't tell no one, but you got a lot to work with there.”

Oh man!”

I'm not getting anything about your partner out there after you tell him you're gay and he sets you up with Thad. It's most likely because he dies in some way.”

Oh man.”

I'm telling you this to protect yourself. If you tell your boss what I told you, that's on you, but it's basicly for me to tell you to watch what you say on days that man wears that jacket. I'm saying this because your boss has already sold himself down the creek.

Hang on, the indictments come in December right before Christmas. Your partner gets roped into those indictments. He's already implicated with a car hit he did for the man. He realizes he's guilty and in jail, he hangs himself with a phone cord. It looks suspicious because there are three other men in that cell block with him when it happens.”

They don't do anything?”

They're asleep. They're not even awake when he's found. The cop doing rounds finds him.”

Ok, well, as long as I'm safe.”

He's going to ask you why I talked with you, tell him what I saw about you but I never saw anything about him as you asked. You tell him laughingly that I told you you were gay and let it drop. He'll think about it and the day after tomorrow, he'll bring it up and tell you if you are gay, he's got someone for you.”

Oh man.”

He doesn't spill your secrets and you don't spill his. You've been friends since you were sixteen, right?”


Well, that's what I know.”

I appreciate it. This is just a whole lot of stuff. I know you're telling me the truth because you've got everything down perfectly.”

It's that simple. I'll tell you now what's amazing is you're going to see a bit of what I've got if you caress Thad along his temple with the back of your index finger. You'll get the snapshots of the pictures which I get, but you don't get everything.”


I'll tell you now, I think you're the first person who has what I've got in some way. It's a bit neat because it's the first time I've seen someone else having it.”

It blows me away.”

It does me too. Now you know how I pick our team and how we do so good. Don't let anyone else know that, but you tell your brother in law if he thinks I suck, to come down and speak to me because I'll show him a gay guy can actually be a sports star.”

Which one?”

Mary Kate's husband. I'm not getting anything from Rosemary.”

She's in a home. She's been catatonic for a long time.”

Hang on, let me see why.”

I put my palms to his temples and went for Rosemary. I saw her face clearly and I saw her smiling. I heard a voice. “You came to play!”

Hi Rosemary.”

Rose Marie, I like it when people say it that way.”

Why aren't you speaking to people?”

No one wanted to listen. No one wanted to hear what I saw.”

Come speak with me.”

It's hard for me to move.”

Your feet. You need extra padding in your shoes. Have them find you super thick house shoes. It's because you've not walked and the bottoms of your feet feel like pins are prickling them when you walk.”

I did a body scan on her and came back clean.

You're healthy, but you sure got more power than me.”

I can stop clocks. That's about it.”

I can see a lot more you can do. It's rather interesting. Can you see any more than I can do?”

I'm not allowed to say, but you're using it already. You just don't know you are.”


You'll figure it out eventually. Your dad had it too.”

He did.”

No, he had this other unknown gift. You think it's your looks, but it's not.”

Come and see me.”

Tell him. He'll bring me.”


I pulled back and said, “Rose Marie. She's not catatonic. She's got more powers than me but no one listened to her. Since no one listened, she decided to not speak.

You need to get her house shoes with really thick padding. She can walk with those. Her feet feel like needles are poking them. She wants you to bring her to me. We can communicate without talking.”

You saw all that in my head?”

Yeah, but I think you probably knew all of this about her. You chose to forget.”

I didn't know.”

Did she ever tell you something which came true later?”

Probably...when she was still talking.”

She stopped talking because of your grandma and grandpa. She told them not to drive that way and they did anyway. Because of it, they died.”

They did!”

With me, I'll tell you something like that and I'll stress it to you to the point you either listen to me, or I give up. She isn't as forceful as me in telling people things.”

I'll bring her.”

Well, take the bodies to that warehouse and put them in that box. I know that's where you're taking them.”

How'd you know?”

I just, do you want to know a clue?”

What's that?”

If you're going to store bodies there, you need to get a lot of things in that box which will throw off the investigators. Go by the pet supply store and get hamster cage shavings and get some sand. Then get some clay soil and some brown soil. If you've got them all in there, the investigators aren't going to realize you did that to throw them off. They'll be looking for someone who has those things in their vehicles. My advice for vehicles is to get a big cardboard refrigerator box and cut it down to put them in. Anything which falls off the bodies will stay there and will allow you to clean it out with a dustpan.”

You ought to do this for a living!”

Nope, my job is throwing footballs.”

I appreciate it.”

We went out into the living room and he picked up Danoza like it was nothing. “Ok, thanks guys.”

No problem. Thanks back.”

They went out in the elevator and when they were gone, Jan said, “Guys, I'll go out and get you some sheets and blankets.”

Thanks Jan, but don't bother, we're going to be buying queen size beds tomorrow. Those odd shaped ones are too weird.”

Rob looked alarmed, “You don't expect me to sleep in that bed, do you?”

They laid them on top of the bedspreads. It's not like they were in under the sheets! Heck, throw the bedspread on the floor until tomorrow.”

Mike said, “Rob, you're going home.”

I know Dad.”

Sorry Mike, I keep forgetting.”

Grant asked, “You going home?”

No, I'm staying here this week.”

You really need to get home.”

Grant, like it or not, this is going to be my home. Yeah, I told you I'd play until the end of the season, but I also told you I'd be pulling up absent a bit. This business doesn't shut down and I've got to be here to represent us.”

You're not going to practice with us?”

I'll fly over. It's a mess because that field over there is going to be too cold soon to practice on that late at night.”

I never thought of that.”

It's too much to bring the team here, so I've got to bring the few over here over there. I'll bring them, but the interviews I've got in the mornings are going to be rather intense for a while.”

Don't stay over here all the time.”

I won't, but we've got to see if I can do this a different way. If not, a whole lot of people are going to be upset when the state playoffs aren't with me playing.”

I'll speak with them.”

Speak with Superintendant Wilson about me taking all of my finals and counting my grades on that and homework. I can pass them all anyway.”

I'll see.”

I'm getting a nap. Tomorrow is us doing interviews and me getting Jordan in school over here. Someone's got to get to his parents and get all his stuff from them.”

Rob said, “They're going to have it all packed. They'll rent a U-haul and the jet can bring it over.”

Any likelihood the 747 can land there?”

Not there, but it can in Columbia.”

Oh man, driving to Columbia to get on it there is just as dangerous as trying to land the thing in Moberly.”

We can do it.”

Ok, see if the pilots feel ill at ease doing it because I'd like to have the smaller jet here.”

You want me to call them?”

Yeah, you can call them.”

You normally do it.”

Yeah, so step out of your boundaries.”


He called and found they could fly the 747 but it took more advance notice for them to fly it. They said they'd prepare it. He hung up and smiled at me, “That was new.”

See, it's not all that hard.”

He smiled and came over and hugged me. “You stay here in your porn palace and I'll go home.”

You just remember I'm going to have this place looking like a true Angel's nest by the time you get back.”

I hope not. I'm planning on being back here in no time.”

Well, we'll see what I can do and what I can't do.”

Grant came over and hugged me, “I'll have all that paperwork done tomorrow. I want us to get onto better feet.”

I do too.”

You gotta give me some credit.”

I try, but about the time I do, my defenses all get brought back up.”

Please work with me on this, Ok?”

I will.”

You've got a network guy over there waiting.”

What for?”

He's afraid you're going to sue him for them showing your dick.”

Why can't they just let it go.”

You have the money to sue and make it costly.”


Let's go over to the field. You need to let him sleep tonight.”

I turned to Jordan, “I gotta go over to the stadium. Do you wanna go and get the tour?”


We all went down in the elevator. On the way out the door, I high fived Darrin and said, “Thanks Darrin. I appreciate your help.”

It all settled?”

Let's hope. None of us needs to testify to anything.”

He smiled and nodded.

Outside, we crossed the street and walked toward the stadium. Rob said, “Man, that's an impressive building!”

The new one will make this one look like a dwarf. This one is only ninety one feet tall up there where the brick stops, but the new one will be at least twice that...depending upon how far we can dig down for the mall to go under.”

It's going to take a long time.”

Yeah, but us having that key to the city, it's going to get me close to the mayor to speak with him. I'll get approvals shoved through with him being on our side.”

Jordan came over and walked with us. He asked, “Do you have the game on tape?”


Can I watch it?”

Sure, we can play it on the jumbotrons. It oughta be cool to see it if we can find some lawn chairs and sit out on the field.”

Rob said, “Hon, sleep in a bed tonight.”

I am. It might creep you out to think about sleeping in that bed, but for me, it's going to not really bother me.”

You coming over tomorrow night?”

I'm going to try. It depends how our interview schedule looks.”

Be careful.”

I will.”

We went into the stadium and into the field area. Grant blew his whistle and said, “Guys, we're ready to leave, those who are flying back to Missouri, let's get a move on.”

I went over to Grant and said, “That fireman has the night off. Give him a call.”

He looked at me and said, “You really ought to make up my mind.”

You've got two people. Both are suitable for you. One is back there and one is here. It's up to you.”

He gave me another hug, “The guy over there in the yellow shirt is the network exec.”


We broke apart and I gave Rob a hug and a kiss. “You guys fly safe and don't wear out the bar on that 747.”

It's got a bar?”

Upstairs. You really ought to tell them to keep all the intoxicating beverages off the plane.”

I'll see if they have anything first and if they do, we'll get them off.”

Give them to Dan. He drinks.”

I'll do that.”

They left and I gave everyone high fives. When they were all down the tunnel, I turned and went over to the exec.

Hi, I'm Jake Martin. I hear you came all this way to apologize.”

Can we go someplace to talk?”

This is my office. If we go up to the office where I gotta sit behind a desk, it gets to be more businesslike. Just tell me what's on your mind.”

First of all, the network would like to apologize.”

It's not a problem. Personally, it might've gotten me a lot more fans, so I'm not really crying.”

I'm worried.”


First of all, we had the biggest audience we've had for a football game. They stayed on for that interview and a little more than eighteen million people saw that.”'s a dick. It's not a THAT unless you call it THAT DICK which makes it sound like a really big THAT which it's not.”

He smiled. “I feel a little uncomfortable saying the word.”

Guy, you're a guy, right? I'll tell you we've both got 'em and I'm sure I could call it a lot of things, but penis just sounds so clinical.”

He gave a distressed look.

I smiled, “Who sent you?”

I got the order from the President of the company.”

What's your title and what's your name?”

I'm vice President of Sports. My name is Arlo.”

Ok Arlo, someone calls you up and is screaming like a bitch saying he just saw peepee on tv. So, he tells you to come down and beg me not to sue you guys. I'm telling you it's cool, but to be really honest, I could be a dick and say, “Go back, you get that man to come off the throne to come give me the 'I'm so sorry we showed your pecker' apology and I'll listen. But, I'm telling you it's not that big of an issue.”

Our producer of Saturday Night Live Lorne Michaels would like to have you on the show.”

Ok, I'll do it. When?”

Next Saturday night. We've got rehearsals on Friday.”

No can do on the rehearsals. I've got a high school football game on Friday and there won't be a Friday off for me until the Friday after Thanksgiving. IF you want me that night, I'll agree since it's a bigger audience which will watch anyway.”

I'll arrange it.”

Tell Lorne Michaels I want to do a cock, dick, johnson, schlong, pecker, skit. If it's looked at as funny, everyone will laugh and get over it.”

They probably won't do it.”

Can you call him?”


Call him and see. I'm not that funny of a guy and unless I can have something situational like a cookout where everyone is talking about wieners and hauling theirs out including women, then it's probably going to be a show where everyone is wanting to see it and asking why it wasn't done.”

Let me call him.”

He pulled out a cell phone which was a huge box phone. I said, “Guy, use mine. It's smaller and it'll give you an idea of what is new in cell phones.”

That one's not even on the market yet!”

Right, I own a share of the company, so I get the new ones.”

This is nice!”

The next model they've got coming out is what I'm really looking forward to. It flips open.”


Yeah, it's about this big and when you flip it open, it's just real neat.”

You own a share of the company huh?”

Ten percent.”

Man, they're really popular. You've got quite an investment there.”

Tell your company I'll trade them even up for ten percent of their company.”

I can't do that.”

I know, but it'd be cool sitting on your board. I was offered to sit on our board and turned it down. They looked boring.”

He used my phone and said, “Lorne? This is Arlo. I've got Jake Martin here and he said he can be available for the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. He has a few questions he'd like to ask.”

He handed me the phone and I took it. “Mr Michaels? This is Jake Martin. I think Arlo can't say dick or any of those words, so he hands me the phone.”

I heard laughing on his end. “It's probably not in his contract.”

What I want to know is if we can have a dick skit. I don't mean a re-inactment, but something funny like a wiener at a barbeque thing where everyone pulls theirs out or maybe everyone sitting around talking about their cocks and holding a rooster whereas I'm holding an Angel and saying my Angel is bigger or something like that.”

He started laughing and said, “Let me throw around the ideas. We might have a lot of different skits if you'll agree to be in them.”

Sure, that's no problem. I'll play along with whatever you want to do and we'll make it fun. Also, you might do something about the Jake and Bake offense with us dressed up as Boxes of Jake and Bake and some kid seeing it's Angel flavor and an Angel on the table. You might have the done-ness thing pop out and the camera suddenly raise up with a bunch of network people coming in and apologizing to the bird.”

He laughed, “Is that why he's there?”

Yeah, I told him it's no problem, but he really can't say dick...he left it at the word THAT which made it seem like it's a lot bigger than it is.”

I'll work on it. We might have tights on that bird on the table.”

That'd be funny. You could have the mom pull them off and the done-ness thing pop up.”

He laughed, “Oh man, that'd be hilarious!”

Have the younger kids calling the legs until it happens and then the slutty sister or the gay brother suddenly saying they want that.”

He laughed, and said, “Oh man, I'll get them on it. Who would you like on as a musical guest?”

The Boys' They were here tonight and really were a nice bunch of guys.”

I'll see what I can do.”

Ok, you've got my number here, right?”


Give me a call whenever you need someone immediately to fill in and I'll be there. I'm real fast with studying books, so I know a script isn't anything.”

What are you doing tomorrow?”

Interviews and that's about it. We've got to have practice in Missouri , so I've got to leave here about three for that.”

Ok, let me see if I can fly down there.”

That'd be the way, since Arlo can't seem to ask the President there anything, can you?”

I speak with him.”

Tell him I'm interested buying some of his stocks. Or, see if he can get me a block of ten percent of your stocks.”

That'd be a lot of money.”

Yeah, I'm sitting on quite a bit. My net worth doubled today, so I'm sitting on about a billion I can invest.”


Whatever you do, don't play on the Richie Rich thing. I got rich because my grandma invested really well from my parents insurance money. It's something I would gladly give up to have my parents back.”

I understand. I'll see you tomorrow.”

If I'm not in the offices, I'll be down on the field. Everyone knows where the stadium is...just tell them to point you in that direction.”

Ok, reserve lunch for me. We'll go someplace neat and get some cheesesteak.”

I'll do that, but I've got to have a guest with me. He's someone I've got guardianship of.”

That's fine. With luck, I might have our President with me.”

That'd be neat.”

Well, tell Arlo I appreciate him asking and I'll get off here.”


He hung up and I turned to Arlo. “He said to tell you thanks for speaking with me.”

Arlo smiled a sick smile. “He'll probably have everyone of those skits you mentioned.”

I put my phone in it's holster and said, “Don't fire the camera guy. It wasn't his fault.”

We're not.”

I gave them warning I was getting naked. He was doing a good job until that one guy asked if it was real. If anyone should have a problem it should be the other guy...not as I'm assigning blame.

All I'm saying is it's probably best left alone. I thank you guys because I hear for a split second Vegas went silent and then a huge intake of breath and then everyone talking about my dick at the same time. IF that's not a famous dick, I beg to differ.”

He laughed, “It was that way at my house also. As soon as it happened, everyone was instantly flabbergasted and then I knew I would be receiving calls.”

He paused and said, “I've got more messages to pass along.”


Our morning show would like to do an interview. Leno would like an interview also.”

Ok, that's on two separate coasts. Tell the morning show on Wednesday and Leno, I'll fly out there on Wednesday and do his show that night. It's a whole lot of flying, but I guess that's why I've got a jet.”

We'll fly you.”

I've got a jet. If I've got to fly a normal plane at your cost, I'll use mine where I can breath my own air and talk on my phone the whole time.”

Ours is private.”

Ok, well, expect me to stop at Moberly to pick up Rob so he can fly out with me to do Leno's show.”

Who's Rob?”

My lover.”

What about your coach?”

He'd probably be happy to do the show also.”

You guys play Dallas next week, are you worried?”

No, I'm a bit anxious as I've never been to Dallas before but playing their team isn't all that much different than us going to Chillocothe and playing their team in high school.”

Except they're some of the most famous people in football.”

True, but when you strip away football and towns, we're all people. I'm sure our guys will be starstruck as they were today, but we get over it pretty fast.”

You doubled your net worth today?”

Yeah, I bought the team but the deal was I'd get all the rest of the man's assets if we won. I did, so I got all of his stuff.”

That was unusual.”

He's a real asshole. If you met him, you'd quickly forget the word dick and asshole would go screaming to your mind. His investments were so bad, if I was standing next to you and he told you to invest in something, I'd invest in the opposite.”

He had a football team?”

And he had to sell it because he was broke. He had all this stuff and was leveraged to the hilt. Without my money, he was really in a jam. Now, he's got me with a team and all his stuff and his bills are paid.”

You don't wish him any ill will?”

No, none at all. I can resurrect everything by going in and finding the money losers. That's why our team looks like it does now.”

What happened here?”

The man didn't follow his own contracts. He made contracts with his players and then cosigned houses, cars, and all sorts of stuff on top of it.

I bought the team and called a team meeting and a practice. They never bothered to show and when I told them to get here, they said they weren't getting paid which their contract explicitly said they were.

So, I suspended for the missed meeting and followed it up with a firing for the missed practice. It made me legal and that's when I told them I'd keep them on the team if they'd work with me. I got told to get fucked, so they got told to get out of my houses I'm paying for since they aren't making the bills.”

It sounds like a mess.”

Now, I'm going to ask you another question and you see where this guy was...Ok?”


A box of hotdogs costs about eleven bucks. That's for two hundred hotdogs. This guy was paying ten times that and wasn't checking his invoices. Not only that, but his invoices for the beer kegs went up a thousand kegs a month without him checking on it. That's fifty grand a month!”

He never checked?”

No, and he never figured out where the losses were happening. I came in and instantly had everyone hitting the books to see what didn't make since. We found tons of this stuff.”

You going to be in the black?”

I'm already in the black. I had it in mind it'd take me sixteen months to get the pay off of this, but now, it's free and clear. I cut players and I cut losses and now, I'm in the black.”

You gotta have some serious money.”

Yeah, I'm worth about two billion. That's someplace in the richest people right now.”

You don't seem rich.”

Nope and I sure hope I don't ever act like them. When they start playing football, they'll start acting like me.”

Are you familiar with the guy who runs Microsoft?”


He's getting really wealthy from his company.”

You got his number?”


I'll ask your President for it tomorrow. Maybe he'll let me invest in his company. That'd be's like a tiny pillow. I'm sure there's a word for that in Chinese or Japanese.”

He said, “Well, I came to see if you were fine with it and it seems you are.”

Any other messages?”

No, but you might be asked to act in a lot of sitcoms. You're real good looking and it carries over onto the screen.”


Yeah, the close ups of you today in the locker room was what I was looking at because I was seeing you coming across really good. A lot of people don't come out good looking on the screen and a lot of people really look normal and look up like they've got bad skin on the screen.”

Hmmm, how'd Rob look?”

All of your guys looked good except the guy with the black eye. His hair color and his complexion made him look really sick.”

It was probably the black eye.”

No, it's that way for some people. Some people have to really overdo it with makeup in order to come across as looking normal. Look at Mick Jagger, he always looks unhealthy, but in real life he looks normal.”

I've never met him.”

You don't want to. If you're with that crowd, your career is headed in the wrong direction.”

What about Elton John?”

That's a guy who looks a lot better in real life than on the camera. He looks fine, but I think he loses about half his looks on the camera.”

He's someone I'd like to meet.”

I'm sure you will some day. You've got a long career ahead of you.”

Let's hope.”

He shook my hand and left. I went over to Jordan and said, “Finally, I get to not have to worry about anymore interviewers or network people.”

What all did he want?”

To apologize for showing my dick on television.”


Yeah, they did an interview in the locker room and showed it. I guess they were worried I would sue. Other than that, I got scheduled to do Saturday Night Live and their morning talk show and Jay Leno.”


I have to call Rob and tell him we're doing Leno on Wednesday night. Don't let me forget.”


Let's go up and see if we can figure out how to play the tape on the jumbotrons with sound coming out the speakers.”

You don't know how?”

No, but I imagine the maintenance guy knows how.”

Let's do the tour and then watch the game.”

Ok. Let's go this way so we can get a buggy. They put them all away for the game today.”

We went over and down to maintenance. “This is Maintenance. They know where everything is in the building, so if you're ever in doubt, give them a call.”

We went in and I asked the guy if he could show us how to hook the game up on the jumbos with sound. He told me to give him a call when we got to the network booth and he'd show us. I agreed and then hopped a buggy with Jordan.

This is a buggy, or golf cart. This is where you get them and we like to have them at all the entrances so no one had to walk forever around this place.”

Ok, I can drive one?”

Sure, let's switch and you can drive it now.”

We switched and he drove. “Up here is laundry. They do our laundry from the team and with some luck, they'll do our personal laundry.”

As we drove, I showed him everything on all the floors and got us to the booths. At the booth, I called the maintenance guy and told him we were there.

He came and showed me how to get sound and video onto the jumbos as well as all over the place. We put in the network's tape and then went down to watch everything from the pregame show on.

We went down and drove the buggy out onto the field. It was loud, but it was cool watching the pregame show. What was really interesting is how the announcers were all talking bad about the team and the odds before I got there and afterward, they were sort of saying I was a poor kid and didn't have a chance.

When the game started and I went out and did my flips and throw, the announcers were all suddenly excited and one said, “I think we might actually have a game! Folks, call your friends and tell them to watch the game. If that guy's half as good as he just made himself look, this is going to be a barnburner of a game!”

Of course, the game was fantastic. The announcers were all over themselves with compliments of our team and saying how they couldn't believe we were high school football players.

I leaned over to Jordan and said, “And we're not even the best in the country. If they think we're good, then they really ought to see some of those other guys.”

I think you're pretty good.”

You're damned good yourself.”

Will I get to play much?”

You're going to be amazed at how much you get to play. I think what I'm going to do is get us ahead and move you in. Or, if a team is really lousy, I'll stay out and let you play them and then, come in for some fireworks.”

You need to show me how you throw. If I can learn that, we'd have two really good players on our team.”

We've got a lot of good players, but in order to practice to be up to where I throw, it's going to have to be you totally forgetting you know how to throw a ball.”


I didn't know how to throw a ball and I learned that way. After I learned, I had to learn how to play football, so it wasn't altogether.”

I'll learn.”

Go over and get a ball.”


He ran over and got a ball. He threw it and I caught it. I threw it back and then said, “Ok, let's go to where you can't throw it further and then, I want you to throw it harder than you've ever thrown it before.”


When Chris and I was learning to do this, he'd run and I'd throw it. I learned by giving a hundred and ten percent all the time.

There wasn't a thing of me saying I couldn't throw it further because he'd call me a pussy or whatever. I had to get it to him, so I did. Eventually, what happened was I learned I could throw it further than he could run, so I'd run backwards and get it to him. He'd practice running forward and I'd end up running backwards to get that distance. For me to get the speed to be even, I had to learn how to run as fast backwards as he could forwards.”

So it's just something you picked up and taught yourself?”

Yeah, it's all because I was a lonely kid and he was the one friend I had who would spend time with me. Now people say I'm great and I point the finger to him because he's the one who invested the time into me.”

I've not met all of them yet.”

You will. They're a great bunch of guys. None of them judge and all of them pity the people on your team because of that coach. As you saw, I really hammered your coach today on that interview.”

I saw that.”

He deserved every bit of it.”

The next morning, I was up bright and early. A quick shower and practice of tennis on the football field and I was ready for the morning show interviews scheduled.

I did the interviews and everything seemed wonderful. Jordan came over and we went to get breakfast at the greasy spoon diner the team had eaten at previously.

Afterward, I went to the office and Jan handed me a stack of papers. “Those are interviews requested. You need to call and let them know which ones you want to do and decline the ones you don't.”

This says Letterman wants me tonight.”

Yeah hon, Larry King wants you before him, so you could do one and then head off to do Letterman.”

If I do these, I won't be able to get to Missouri to practice.”

That's where we're going to run into scheduling conflicts.”

Let me call Grant and see what he thinks is best for the team.”

Not yet, I've got another list for you to read.”


These are paychecks for people you fired. They still need paid for last week.”

Jeez, how much do they owe us and who is out of their houses? IF they're going to fight me, I'll tell them Danoza can pay them.”

She smiled, “Just write the check and hash all the legal out later.”

Ok, what about all the other checks?”

I've already gotten them handled. The ones in question were the ones I wanted you to see.”

Great. I like that. I really like you handling things and not expecting me to have to do it all.”

She smiled, “That's my job hon.”

Do you want lay everyone off and get the work started on the food and beverage services?”

Here's the inventory adjustment we need on the beverage services. You need to call that man and tell him we'll pay for what we've got in kegs.

I'd suggest if they contest it, you tell the man to come get his kegs and you'll contact the company. That number there is for the man you need to speak with at the company.”

Thanks. I'll get on this. Now, about the food services.”

Dolly has handled it.”

Where'd she stay last night?”

Over at my place.”

Thank goodness, I totally forgot about her.”

She knows you've got a full plate and wanted to be with me last night due to Rick's death.”

How are you handling it. DO you need time off?”

I'm fine hon. He was gone enough I don't view him as being dead.”

Find out who the mafia's head guy is here in town and schedule me an appointment. I want to speak with that man because we're going to come to an understanding before anything else happens.”

You might not want to do that.”

Jan, everyone back home shivered in their boots over Dan. I didn't. I went and spoke with him and although he denies it, I know he's connected. No one has that wide of a reputation everywhere and isn't.”

Ok, but I have no clue how to even contact the man.”

I'll make some calls if there's time.”

Let me see what I can do.”

Ok, let me know what you come up with.” I turned and went into our office. I dialed the beer distributorship and a lady answered. “Hello, I need to speak to whomever is over your distributorship.”

One moment.”

I was placed on hold and within moments, a man answered the phone. “This is Jake Martin over at the Angel's stadium. There seems to be a routine problem with our invoices. I'm showing we've got over eight hundred kegs less than what you say you delivered.”


I've went through our records and it seems that since your company took over the deliveries, we've been paying for a thousand more kegs a month than what we can even hold in inventory. I'd like for you to come over and we'll go through these kegs and you can verify the kegs we've got.”

If our billing states that's what you've got, that's what you've got.”

You're saying you're not going to make an adjustment?”

I'm saying you've got a contract.”

Sir, there's no contract here signed by me or anyone in our organization. I've got an agreement to purchase in faith, but it's not a legally binding contract. Now, I'll repeat again you can come count these things with me, or you can come get your kegs out of here and we'll count the full ones you're going to be taking in return. I don't care either way you want to handle it, but I won't pay for what we didn't receive.”

I'll send you a final bill.”

Sir, you're clearly misunderstanding me. I've got the final bill. If you send another billing statement, it'll be filed in court in suit filed by me for fraudulent billing purposes. Now, come get these kegs off my property within the hour or lose them. I don't care which.”

You'll pay the deposit on those kegs.”

Sir, I'm hanging up now. We'll hash this out in court and I'll be contacting your brewery to let them know our organization is going over to your competition. Personally, I don't care what we sell here.”

I hung up and dialed the number on the paper. “Good morning, Stein Brewery, Pete Stein's office, how may I help you?”

This is Jake Martin. I'm over the stadium and ball club for the Akron Angel's. We've got an issue which needs resolved.”

One moment.”

Hello? This is Pete Stein.”

Hi Pete, this is Jake Martin. I just bought the Akron Angels.”

I saw your game yesterday and your interview.”

Thanks. The reason I called, Pete, is I've got a stack of invoices here which go all the way back to when your distributor here took over the contract from Heilman.

Since that agreement began, we've been routinely charged for a thousand more kegs a month than what Heilman was delivering.

I went through the papers and it always shows the same number of kegs returned to your guy in the ballpark of thirty one hundred kegs. That's what Heilman picked up, so the sales are comparable.

Your guy has me buying a thousand more kegs a month than Heilman, but I'm not returning a thousand more than normal. I called him to offer to go through our inventory on hand and to discuss this and got treated rudely.

Since I got treated rudely, I told him I wanted all of the kegs removed from my property and credited for the full kegs he receives. He continued to be rude, so you're receiving the call.

Where I'm at here, Pete, is I'm about to file suit on your man for fraudulent billing practices. No, I don't have an actual count of the kegs taken in, but I sure can throw paperwork to get a good clear picture that if I've got forty one months of a thousand more kegs coming in than going out, there better be a helluva stockpile of forty thousand kegs somewhere on this place. There isn't.”

He refused to speak with you about it?”

Yeah, this is your head man here a Frank Schwartz.”

That's our guy over Akron alright.”

Well, this is about to go legal. I think I can really blow this up in the press and I'll gladly show we've got over eight hundred kegs less than what he says we've got...almost nine hundred.

I'll pay for what I've got, but I'm sure not going to be paying for all that beer twice. And, when this is done, I'm sure I'll have each and every person in the league going over all their invoices with fine toothed combs which do business with you.”

Are you going to be there later?”

I hadn't planned on it, but I'll certainly be there if you are coming. IF not, I'm not going to be here. IF you come, be prepared to count kegs and load them off my property. I'll call the other breweries and get them into talks about who we'll go with.”

Please don't call anyone yet. How long has this been going on again?”

Forty one months.”

A thousand kegs over what your invoices were with Heilman?”


We charge you twenty three dollars a keg?”

Twenty eight.”

Ok, I'm coming with a check for that from the brewery here. I'm running it through my calculator now. It's about a million one hundred and fifty thousand.”


Throw in interest on that money and we've got a check for two million.”

That's fine.”

I'm on a plane within the hour. I'll be there within two and a half hours.”

Give my office a call and we'll have someone meet you.”

No, Mr Schwartz will meet me. He may not think he's going to count kegs, but I'll tell you now he's going to count them whether he likes it, or not.”

I appreciate it.”

Jake, please don't make any calls yet. I'll strike you a deal which will make it worth our whiles.”

It's gotta be good and preferably without your guy in it. I'm already fed up with the man to the point he's a deal breaker at all costs.”

I understand. I'll do what I can there.”

We'll be waiting.”

I hung up and then went through our files on the guys. As I signed their paychecks, I wrote on the memos how much they currently owed the organization in back monies. I photocopied the paperwork we had and stapled the check to each photocopy. If they wanted to cash them, they had to know we were counting rents, car payments, and house payments as accruing being owed to us.”

I took the paperwork out to Jan and told her about Pete Stein flying in. She nodded and said, “He's a good man from what I've heard. Give him a chance.”

I'll do it if that Schwartz guy is out of the deal. I've got to call Grant.”

Ok, he should be in school now.”

I went in and called Grant. “Hey.”

Hey ya kiddo, Mike is doing the paperwork now.”

I called to tell you I'm probably not going to make it to practice. Here's what I've got going.

The beer people are being hard asses. I called the brewery and he's going to be coming to count kegs with me as well as bringing a check. He's promised a heckuva deal if I stay on with them, but I won't if that guy over their distributorship is our seller.”

I take it you called him and didn't get satisfaction?”

I called him and laid it all out. A blind man could see we were getting screwed. He got rude and when I asked him to come count kegs, he refused and said he'd bill us again for beer we've already gotten billed for.”


Yeah, his guy dumps the stuff here and sends a bill, so everything here is paid for as well as that phantom forty one thousand kegs of beer.”


Yeah, it's a mess. So, I tell him to either count kegs and us come to an understanding, or he can come get his kegs and credit me back for what wasn't used. I also told him I'd file suit for fraudulent billing and the guy had nerve to tell me he'll send a bill and charge us keg deposit fees.”

Tell the man you'll dump the beer and sell the kegs for scrap metal price. I think you'd do better on that.”

Not for some forty one thousand kegs he says I've got!”

Oh man, I forgot about that. So you gotta talk with the head of the brewer?.”

Yeah, and then later, I'm on for Larry King and then Letterman. On Wednesday, Leno would like us all out there for his show.”


Yeah, I've got a morning show for the network early in the morning then, so they want to fly me to New York and then over to Los Angeles. I told them I want to stop by and get you guys so we can all have us represented.”

All the guys?”

That'd be cool if you can swing it.”

I might be. By the way, I've got a call into Mrs Wilson. She's checking to see what we can and can't do.”


What have you done this morning?”

Practiced tennis, had interviews, and then done a lot of business here. Oh by the way, I've got a special surprise for you guys from the network man.”

What's that?”

They want me on Saturday Night Live. I know the only day I can do a Friday and a Saturday would be after Thanksgiving, so we're going to be going up there.”

We've got a game on Thanksgiving.”

Ok, that's no problem.”

Anyone else invited to be on Saturday Night Live?”

No, but everyone can sure be in the audience and get a few days in New York on the network.”

It'd be a problem with spending money.”

Grant, I'm getting a check for two million from the brewery today. That's getting split with the guys as a bonus. If they can't hold themselves back from spending nearly three hundred thousand dollars, then they've got worse spending problems than the players I've got.”

Well, I'm sure they appreciate it.”

What's going on, you sound down?”

You've got me blockaded and the keys hid. It's Monday and I'm acting in good faith here. You seem to have forgotten what you did to me.”

I've not forgotten. Jack's on my list to call as well as Ted. You'll have the cars removed.”

I don't like it you're missing practices.”

Jordan's flying over and practicing with the guys from here. You'll have a practice. It takes management to run the team and without paychecks signed, these guys don't get paid.”

I feel like we're losing you.”

Grant, I want to be there. Scheduling and logistics just suck right now. I can't make everyone here bend around the schedule and sure can't do it all while on a plane flying there. It's going to settle out, but right now, I know I've got to be here and would kill to have Rob here right now.”

You two getting along?”

You've seen it. There's been no private time. We went to go to bed just to nap together and find dead people. That's the extent of our alone time.”

Mike and I talked about that. They had a talk and are going to run some things by you guys so you and he can have time.”

I'd appreciate it.”

Mike's talking about not running again. He said his firm needs his time.”

He's got plenty of money coming he'd never have to work again.”

I think it's like it is for me now with him. It's not the money.”

I understand. By the way, I've got a talk with the President of that network about buying some of their stock.”


I feel good about it, but I also need to speak with a guy with a company called soft pillow....ummm, Microsoft.”


To buy stock. If I can't get rid of that money out there and this money we've got with the deal with Danoza, then I'll turn it over into stock until I can get a stadium designed.”

That's a good plan.”

It's good if they take the offer. If not, then I'll have to find something else to invest it in.”

So you're not coming over but sending the rest of the team and Jordan over, right?”


I could tell he was perturbed because he went back to the point he was upset with.

Ok, I'll let everyone know. I think they were planning something special for you.”

I'd love to be there. How'd things go with Dan?”

Dan's doing ok. I spoke with him last night. They're pulling out that vat today and then closing down that section of his plant. He thinks with all the things you're shooting at him, he'll more than make up for the lost business.”

Tell him we need our jerseys with the new guy's numbers on them up for sale real fast. Tell him we need t-shirts and jerseys both. Dolly said she could've sold all of them had she had them.”


Yeah, and all that profit goes to the guys. She did a whole lot of business yesterday just from what she had.”


Way more than I expected, but she said each person was asking for our jerseys.”

I'll tell him to call you.”

Ok, we need to do that because I've got some ideas for additional sales. And you are included in that also.”

What's that?”

Some with coach on the back of the jersey and t-shirts. I also want to get a hat out there which has just the Angel in flight on it. I'll shoot you and the statisticians the profits from those so it'll be fair.”

I don't think anyone's complaining.”

I don't want them to complain either. When they start seeing and hearing what everyone else gets, it's going to bring disharmony, so I don't want it to happen.”

What are you investing your profits in?”

I've got to get Chris his own country for towers. I've promised it and need to get on that.”

I'll make calls for that. What country does he want?”

He wants either Japan or some heavily populated Asian country.”

Ok, I'll wrap it up for him.”

Be sure it gets put into his name and not in your investment group. He wasn't included in that and this is for he and I's friendship, not anything or anyone else.”

Ok” he said rather tersely.

Grant, there was a purpose I said that. If he's got to fight you over his money, you'll probably see he's not as patient as me. That's why I specifically stated it that way.”

You have to just throw out those little comments.”

Forget it, I need to get off here and make the call myself. You're failing to realize you're handing those people millions of dollars and fucking the ones whose faces you see every day. I knew it'd be like this and quite frankly, I don't like it.

Now, between you and I, I want Australia to be you and I's and no one else's. IF you put it in that investment group's name, I'll call and have that contract canceled and get it made so you and I's name is the only one on it.”

You're going back on that?”

It wasn't ever agreed to be that by me. I believe I called that whole continent for us and if you took it as being for them as a group, then you need to apologize to them and get them their own territory. IF you think I'll back off this, then think again.”

Ok, I've not made any promises.”

You shouldn't have.”

So only you and me and that's it?”

Right. I'm not even including our partners in this one. If things go good, then Rob will share in it, but I'm certainly not going to have him thinking he's entitled to any checks from it.”


I'll also tell you we need to start paring out the investment group and getting rid of no-show-ers. If they can't give us the time of day, they sure shouldn't be thinking they're included.”

We've not given them much opportunity.”

Two months is opportunity. Have you been invited to anyone's house who didn't show?”


Then axe them. Keep people in who show and that's it. Otherwise, we need to start another investment group and put people in who everyone shows and can be relied upon.”

I'll think on it.”

Ok, let me know so I can start one if you don't. It's hardly fair.”

I don't like how you tell me to spend my money.”

Ok, do whatever the fuck you want to do. I'll do what I want to do as well.

IF you apply for Australia in anyone's name other than yours alone with me as a backer, I'll get it canceled. IF you apply for Japan with anyone else's name on it than Chris', I'll get it canceled. It's going to be that clear, I'll tell you that now.

You drew your line in the sand and I'll stay across it now. Just remember you drew it and which side you're on because I'll sure remember what side it put me on.”

Don't be like this.”

With you, it's got to be clear cut. I've got to tell you what is expected because if I don't, there's always a fucking coming. That's why I am the way I am with you. IF you think it's been otherwise, that's your opinion and it's wrong. It happens to be why we are the way we are right now.”

I'm making it right.”

Yeah, and we're going back into new things which have to be clearly defined. I now know I'm not to spend your money and you're certainly not going to be spending mine. I'll make the calls and get your name off everything I've got there and we'll ride this out.”

You sure want to change everything when you have your name on all my stuff.”

Listen, you sell me the dealership and I'll be fine. You keep your stuff and shove it where the sun doesn't shine and I'll be fine. That's all I wanted and you're insisting on all the rest.

There's an attachment with you about it, but it's like waves one second you're in on it and the next, you're out on it. Rather than continue with it, that's the line I'll draw and just tell you it's what I expect and that's it.

Furthermore, I'll call Mike and tell him that's all I want. I need to get off the phone now because talking with you has me making phone calls my schedule sure can't afford.”

Leave Mike alone on that!”

Whatever. This sure can get us in a pissy mood real fast. You have a good day and tell the team I'm with them in spirit whereas I'm working for them over here.”

It sounds like you're promoting yourself.”

Grant, shut up and get off my phone!

IF you think I'm doing these interviews saying I'm the greatest and I do it without the team, you're an idiot. IF you don't think I can't have the team in on these, you sure should know better.

And to be quite blunt, I'm showing highlights which show our team doing good and pointing out how they did good instead of me. Yeah, I'm in them, but you sure better know I'm ignoring that.”

How are they handling the interview and dick shot?”

Pete Stein acknowledged he saw it. I moved him along because I sure don't want some old dude perving on me while I'm talking on the phone with him. He can do it all he wants, but I'm not.”

He's not old. He's younger than me.'

Just the same Grant, if it's not Rob, what the hell do I care what people think of my dick? The person I want to make love with isn't getting to do it, so it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks of while they jack.”

I think it was a lot of conversation here.”

Another reason I probably should be glad I didn't go to school today.”

Well, the bell just rang for second period. I'll get off here.”

Have a good day and handle all that. Ok?”

I'll have them run everything by you to see it meets your approval.”

Said in such a sarcastic manner I'm really tempted to waste more of our time. Instead, I'll get off here and stew and simmer on it awhile before I call Jack to get those cars moved. You have a good day once again.”

Move the cars.”

I'll get them moved. Just remember I can be a bitch right back at you.”

I hung up and then dialed Jack. “Hello?”

Jack, this is Jake.”

Oh Jake!”

In the janitor's closet under the mop wringer is a box. It's got all those keys in it. You guys can move the cars now.”

Do you want me to call over and have the Ford dealer move theirs?”

Yeah, they've got their keys. If they don't, Ted's got them.”

Ok, I'll get on it.”

I appreciate it.”

Nice game by the way.”

Thanks, you might tell the team out there you thought the same. I just got accused of only being out for myself on all the congratulations.”


How did you guess it in one guess?”

He seems to talk great about you behind your back but to your face, he sure likes making you upset.”

Yeah, but that's him. Hopefully, he'll grow out of it because I'm sure not going to grow into it.”

I don't blame you. I'm going to tell you something which is between you and I.”

What's that?”

If he put that Ford dealer out there at his station, he'd sell cars. Our cars being parked there got more notice and sales than normal.”


We sold four of them out there. I think there were only seven of them parked there.”

That's cool, but my bringing it up to him was met with a super strong no. It's his loss...besides, I got told this morning I spend too much of his money for him.”

Let it go with a grain of salt. He tells everyone else the investments you get him in pay better than anything else he's got.”

Well, you know how he feels about it to my face.”

Don't give him anymore tips and do them all yourself.”

I'm there. He got told the line got drawn in the sand by saying it and got told what side I was on with that line.”

He's an idiot. He really needs to think before he speaks.”

I think he does it because he has no other way of talking with me. He uses things to get to people.”

He doesn't do that with the family.”

Well, be thankful there because it's sure put he and I on the outs quite often.”

I understand. Roger asked me once how I'd handle it if he pulled that with me and I told him I'd be out taking my name off the sign in a heartbeat and off this place. If he ever thought he could run it, he'd be welcome to it.”

Well, I hope you don't feel that way with me.”

No, it's exactly opposite. Yeah, I felt apprehension when you first started out here, but when I saw you were going to be hands off after getting what you wanted going, I'm seeing it running way better and easier.”

Are we making money?”

Yeah, loads of it. We do lose some on the parts side of it, but not in the overall context of things. The bigger ticket items all make up for the small ones.”

Good. By the way, we're going to need some limos out here. Lease them to us and make us the same deal you'd want with anyone else.

By the way, did you call that taxi man yet?”

Yeah, he's happy with the deal. He even is switching over for the insurance. We got him a great deal on the lot of his cars at a hundred and thirty five a month.”

Is that good?”

Yeah, just realize it's all comprehensive and not full coverage. They won't fully insure a taxi.”

What happens if he gets in wrecks?”

He needs to hope it's the other person's fault. If it's his, we'll arrange a deal for body repair and get it back out on the road, but that's not going to be under the lease agreement.”

Ok, that's fine. He probably won't get a better deal anywhere else.”

No, I don't think so.”

See if GM sells buses. We need some buses like Greyhound.”

How many?”

Four of them in team colors. What I want in them is fully reclining seats like airliners have rather than bus seats. I also want them to be able to listen to music via headphones and able to be comfortable in those seats.”

So big seats?”


Anything else?”

Cloth seats. If they sit on them for hours on end, the leather makes them sweaty.”

Ok. Bathrooms?”

Yeah, but bigger bathrooms and not the tiny ones. I might fit in a bathroom, but they sure won't.”

Ok, I'll see what I can find.”

I appreciate it.”

I hung up and then went out, Jordan was sitting there looking bored out of his skull. “Sorry guy.”

No problem.”

Well, it is a problem, but we'll get you into school someplace.”

Could I go to school in Moberly?”

Ask Mike. You could live at my house there as Grant is staying there, but he might find a problem with it in some way.”

Am I going there this afternoon?”


Ok, Jan's been getting calls from the guys and telling them to be here by two.”


Jan got off the phone and said, “Dolly is wanting to ask you questions.”

Ok, we need to run down there and scrounge up some food. If I've got to eat over at that greasy spoon again, I'll choke.”

She smiled, “I've mailed out the lease terminations to the bars out there.”

Good, they might not like it, but it's better for our business.”

Well, go down and see Dolly. She's got a mess and really needs someone to tell her how she's doing good.”

Ok, is it bad bad?”

I think it's on the side of being as terrible as can be imagined without just ripping our hair out.”


She can get it all replaced, but it's going to cost money.”

No problems. We'll make money either way.”

Go see what she's got.”

Jordan and I went out and hopped on a buggy. We rode down to food services and went in. Nothing was as it was the day before. I saw Dolly down the line of big cookers and headed off towards her.

Hey babe!”

Run while you can!”

How bad is it?”

Can't you smell it?”

I'm smelling it.”


I looked over in the corner and saw a pile of brown. Closer inspection showed me it was rat carcasses.


Those were under these cookers. It seems they nest in there and when the steam gets kicked on, they burn to death. It's a friggin' mess because those pipe chases are where they run, burrow, and just hide out. We've got it baited, but one of the guys hooked a 220 line to the pipe and shocked them all to death.”


Now we get to run a vacuum down the chase and get what we can out.”

Jan said you wanted new things.”

It's not that I want them, but look over here.” She turned and showed me a bunch of equipment. “Those are the ones which don't work anymore. The building is over twenty years old and no one's put any money into things.”

Ok, so which way do you think is better?”

You're not going to like it, but I'd say we need to get rid of everything and start new. We'll know it's all good and we'll know it's all under warranty. IF we replace part and then continue fighting things breaking down, we're not any better off than we'd be now. Our goal is to have it all better and more productive.”

Ok, get what you need and don't worry about it.”

I need to spell it out for you what I want hon. Right now, these are all hooked to steam lines from the heating system. I don't want to go that direction. To me, it'd be better to have things able to be moved and to be electric. If something breaks, we can roll it out and get it repaired.”

Ok, do it however you need it.”

I need to get the orders made today. Some of this stuff needs time for them to fill the orders.”

There's a place in Atlanta which is really good about that stuff. You might give them a call. If need be, we'll send down a semi and load it.”

She turned and raised her arm. “The vents here don't work. They're there, but someone took off the fans up on the roof. It's a code violation and really made things humid down here.”

Can you hook them to a switch so they can be shut off?”


Good, go that route. Now, what about all this tile and all the walls and ceilings.”

We're in luck there. This ceiling is suspended even thought it looks solid. Up above it is a lot of the electrical and other duct work and piping. We're going to rip it out when we can get this equipment out of here. Once we've got it out, it comes down and we'll have ways we can get rat and bug baits up there.”

Ok, much problem with bugs?”

No, it's mostly rats. In dry storage, we've got problems with roaches, but it's all concrete.”

Take some co2 in there and turn it on. Close the door and let them all die of asphyxiation. If you try going in and going through everything, they'll be carried out and all over this place before you get to a dumpster.”

When we build the new stadium, I get calls on where this goes. It's stupid it's where it is now and you're right, there's no way to get outside without going up two hallways. My closest dumpster is almost five hundred feet away.”

Tell them to get a tow motor and bring the dumpster to you. This is ridiculous.”

I never thought of that. I'll do it. By the way, we need a compacting dumpster out there.”

Ok, call them and tell them we need one.”


She put her hand on her hip and said, “Come on, I want to show you something.”

I already know about it.”

You do!”

If it's in the freezer, I do.”

No, this is in dry storage.”


We went in and turned. We went over to a corner and she said, “Climb that ladder and look over the top there.”


I climbed the ladder and looked over the top. In behind the wall in front of me was an unused space approximately two hundred feet long and forty feet wide.

Man, can you use it?”

Yeah, now who would be so stupid as to do that?”

Hon, a lot of things they did here are dumb. You're going to find the same thing in the freezer which is a walled area with a hidden area behind it.”


Now get this because I'll show you how you get there. Now you tell me how we get the food in there out, because I'll tell you it's not happening.”

There's stuff in there?!”

They loaded it and then decided they needed a wall for some reason. No one bothered to move the food out, so they just built the wall. I guess they saw a door there, so they thought that's how they'd do it.”

Show me.”

We went down the hall and Jordan followed. I looked over and he looked up with his bright blue eyes. He smiled and I said, “Cheer up bud.”

I'm worried about things.”

Don't be. You're getting a plane of your own to go get your stuff and about twenty big huge football players who are going to move you out. Your parents are already getting everything ready.”

You sure?”

Yeah, there's only one down side to it, but it couldn't be helped.”

What's that?”

Your parents won't know who you are. They'll be ridding themselves of all traces of you.”


That's the only way it would work. Otherwise, not only them, but you would've had to die.”


I'll explain it in a second.”

We went in through an office and I looked over, “Is this your office Dolly?”

It will be. It wasn't, but they got told to consider today their last day of employment.”

Who were they?”

I don't know and don't care. From what I understand, their jobs were to order everything.”

Ok, are you doing the ordering?”

It's going onto computer. I'll use a scanner to get everything logged in and out.”

I went over to a door and opened it. “In here.”


It gets weirder.”

That's my bathroom!”

Yeah, and in your bathroom is a door to a hallway which only has one door in it.”

I've not looked.”

In that hallway is the door to that freezer. Now, if you want to bring all that stuff up that hallway, through your bathroom and through your office, you can use that portion of your freezer.”

How big is it?”

About sixty by sixty.”


Jordan looked over at me and said, “That's dumb.”

They weren't wise Jordy.”

He smiled.

We went down the hall and I opened the door. It took some shoving but I got the door to open. There was quite a bit of ice formed on the door frame.

We went in and I said, “Here's your bunch of food.”

This is ridiculous!”

Dolly, we can tear out that wall in there and open it back up. That'd make sense to me. You could use this door for you, but I don't want it being a hallway where everyone's logging miles through your bathroom. Now, what's on that wall over there?”

I don't know.”

Well, it could be a quicker way to get to the hall where you could get it to the kitchen if there were some doorways through there and on through whatever's there.”

With the way this place is built, there might not be anything in that space.”

Tell them to find out and ....well, see if you can find someone who would have floor plans or have someone make them up and just go ahead and rethink this area. Even if we do build a stadium, we've got to stay here for a couple of years until it's built.”

We went back up the hallway and out through her bathroom and office. I looked down the hallway to where there should be a door and didn't see anything.

Doll, get a man to come and knock holes in the walls. We'll put in doors which will make it easier to get your food up here.”

She nodded and asked, “You really don't mind me spending all this money?”

No, not at all. It's all going to make us money back, so I'll be happy.”

We went back up the hallway and into the kitchen.

Doll, we need things on sticks. People like things on sticks. If you can get corn dogs and all those sorts of things, then see about them.”

We don't fry here.”

You can bake them.”

Ok, but the ovens are all changing too.”

Ok, get them ordered and we'll be fine. Even if we're in a stripped out area, with the equipment being mobile, we can roll them in and out and get it built.”

That's what I'm thinking, but we might need a helicopter to put those fans back on the roof.”

No problem. Have someone see they didn't tear out the piping sometime, otherwise, we might be turning on a fan and sucking the ceiling out of a bathroom someplace.”

She laughed and said, “I'll get on it.”

If you need to, you run pipes up that hallway and all the way to the outside to get fans sucking air out. I don't really care about pretty when it comes to people breathing bad air.”

I'll do what I can.”

I appreciate it.”

We went out and got on the buggy. “Well, that idea for getting lunch just grossed me out.”

There's got to be a good restaurant somewhere close by.”

Let me call Jan and we'll see.”

I called her and she told me of a place three blocks over. We drove the buggy over and walked in. As soon as we went in, the lunch time crowd went silent. It was like one of those scenes in a western where Clint Eastwood walks into a bar and everyone shuts up and stares. I swear I wanted to do that whistle.

Jordan chuckled and the lady at the counter said, “What'll it be hon?”

What do you serve?”

The menu is up there.”

I looked up and I swear there were hot dogs of all sorts. Cheese dogs, hot dogs, brats, chili dogs.”

I cracked a smile and said, “I bet my wiener is more famous than your weiners.”

She laughed and Jordan started started chuckling. She turned and said, “Hey everyone, he says his weiner is more famous than ours!”

Everyone started laughing and I said, “I'll have two chili dogs with cheese and then I'll have a brat plain on a bun.”

You sure hon?”

If you had Italian Sausage, I'd go for that, but I don't see anything real spicy up there.”

Brats are about as spicy as we go.”

Could I get some of those onion rings with chili and cheese on them?”

You pregnant?”

No ma'am, just feeling rather fucked after seeing what all I've seen in that stadium this morning.”

It bad?”

Bad is a word which doesn't cover it. Take it to terrible and keep running and I'll tell you when you've neared how bad it is.”

You've been firing a lot of people.”

We've gotta. There are more people employed there who don't need to be than you'd even imagine. It'd be like running this place with an employment roster of two hundred.”

I've heard that too. You getting to the losses?”

I've found them and they're stopped. If anyone knows of any I've not gotten to, I'd sure like to know.”

You get the beer and weiners?”


You got them. Our supplier here laughs about the price you pay for weiners.”

Is he your supplier?”


Well, he's no longer ours. I know with the amount we buy, I can buy directly from a manufacturer back home and take it to all beef and get it for way less by the semi full.”

You going kosher?” someone asked.

I'll need to ask a Rabbi to come and see if we meet the requirements. I do know they're stripping out the kitchen as we speak, so it ought to qualify.”

You want to speak with Rabbi Meeks. He's right over there.” the lady said.


I paid for our meals and asked, “Are they all Angels' fans?”

They weren't but they are today.”


You're turning the team around.”

I hope.”

I turned around and yelled, “Thanks for supporting us folks. I'd love to walk by and shake all your hands, but I just gotta get some lunch or I'll die.”

Everyone laughed and I went over to Rabbi Meeks.

Hi, I was told you could help us with going kosher over at the stadium.”

I can give you guidelines.”

Ok, we're ripping everything out of the kitchen right now and we're trying to get it all rebuilt. IF we had some guidelines before it got rebuilt, it'd save us some money.”

You can advertise it's kosher, but it won't be. You work on the sabbath.”


He nodded, “I like the fact you're interested, but that's what's going to hold you up.”

I've got a question. If we cook it and just reheat things, is that considered working?”

You've got people working period.”

Oh, well, I guess we won't qualify. It was a thought.”

I turned and went over to Jordan. He ate so dainty it was scary. There were times he ate his hot dog with a fork!

When we were finished, we hopped the buggy and went back to the stadium. When we got to the office, I went in and asked Jan, “What's up with going kosher?”


The kitchen.”

Oh, I don't know. As far as I know, our wienies are all cut, so it should be ok. At least the world knows you qualify.” She smiled

Girl, you need to prepare me for your jokes. AND, you need to prepare me in advance when you're sending me to a wiener place to eat.”

It was either that or the sushi place. I figured you didn't want fish.”

I looked at her, she smiled, and Jordan giggled.

You had a call while you were out.”

Who was it?”

Grant. He said you're ok on independent study. You have to take your finals when you're ready and then it'll be fine.”

Thank goodness.”

He's got a bit of bad news.”

What's that?”

At least four of your schools you're playing against have filed complaints.”

What happens with that?”

He's not even sure. He said he's going to look it up and let everyone know.”

Jordan looked at me and said, “If it's a problem, I don't need to apply to go to school there.”

If it's a problem, I'll go study the GED test and have everyone study it. They can decide if they want to stay if we can't play. I know I won't.”

Grant's afraid of that.”

My money is made with this team and my stocks. School never got me anything except the ability to read and write.”

I turned to Jordan and said, “You need to fly out there and practice. Let me call Mike and see what we can do legally. Maybe we can fight it and maybe we're in the right. I know as long as everyone's not under contract and doesn't take money directly from the team, we're fine.”

What about me?”

Jan said, “You might have to take money from his lawyer. He could give his lawyer the money and you go in and find someone has given you money anonymously.”

He nodded, “That's pretty smart.”

She turned to me and said, “You're probably the only person who really needs to worry. With the team paying for your transportation, food, housing, and everything else, you're in a world of gray areas.”

My money comes from my bank account. My address is still technically the house I bought there. Transportation is in the jet, but hey, I can pay for it and then let the team lease it from me...there's nothing in that which says it's illegal. And, as far as food, after being in that kitchen, there's no way I'm eating anything coming from it for a long time.”

It's gross isn't it.”

It terrible. Had I known that's what we had, there'd been no way I would've fed those people yesterday.”

You didn't know and you're making changes.”

Let me call the jet and get them ready...”

How's that going to work?”

We take the guys out there to practice. With some gentle coaxing, we'll have the guys go over and get all of Jordan's belongings before they go practice. I'll need to call the taxi company in order to have them wrangle up all their cars to go move him, but I think I can get that favor.”

Jordan leaned forward, “You were going to tell me what's going on with my mom and dad.”

Sure, let's go into the office and I'll tell you.”

We went into the office and I shut the door. “Here's what happened. If you don't know it, I can read people. I touched you and I was able to see you were going to be hurt. I saw your past, present, and future. Well, I saw it and you finally got a chance to get here.

That was more your decision than your parents. They rode along because they smelled the money. It's bad to say, but that's why they came.

When you got here, your mom showed herself to be a bigot. Your dad...well, he showed himself to be spineless to your mom and that coach.

I read him and all of the scenarios which played in my mind was losers. Either you would've had a contract where your parents got the money and would've had you with lawyers, agents, and the like, or they had you going to school and getting stomped to death on that practice field. I explained that to them and they rightly didn't care.

What's worse is Rob read them and found out they were going against what they were put on this plane to learn.”

What's that mean?”

Ok, Here's the deal. When we come to Earth, or whatever place we go, we're put there for a reason. Some of us are to learn lessons and others are to teach lessons. Or, we're placed here to do something vital.

Your parents came to learn a lesson. You were here to teach it to them. In their selfish denial of allowing you to have what you needed, they were denying themselves the ability to learn the lesson.

What we did was we called on my grandma to seek guidance because all I saw then was you and them all getting killed.

When my grandma came, she told us we'd gotten permission to change your long as Rob erased your parents' memories of you and we agreed to mentor you.

It puts us in the roll of teachers and you in the roll of student. It gives you free choice and it now gives your parents the ability to have a new road to either be teachers, or learners. One way or the other, this is the way it's got to be.”

According to your beliefs.”

According to my beliefs.”

What if I didn't want this way?”

Ok, we'll drop you off at your house, you can go to the school, get stomped to death by your team mates, and get the prize winning ability to realize we were right and you were wrong by looking over and seeing your parents being rather blasé about seeing you killed. You teach them we were right, they learn we were right, and you do too.”

Do you actually think your belief is the only one there is?”

I know there's more. There's Hindu, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim, and a myriad of others. We all have a God and we all have the light which leads us to him. Even the Indians have their beliefs which is Father Earth and Mother nature, the points of right and wrong and feeling it when it's out of kilter.”

What if we don't believe?”

Then you roast when the Earth gets fried and don't get to spend eternity near the light.”

You actually believe this?”

Ok, show me someone who will teach me otherwise. If you can do that, I'll believe. IF I can pull someone up to show you, you believe me, right?”

You go first.”

No, you're the non-believer, I'll give you that opportunity because when I seek mine, I know I'll get results.”

I can't pull anyone.”

Ok, let me get someone here for you.”

I looked off to the side and saw movement. “Go ahead and show yourselves to him.”

Three images appeared in front of him, he looked surprised and said, “Grandma!”

You're being unwise in not believing him Jordan. He's told you the truth and been patient in your non-belief. As you can see, your grandpa and your other grandpa are here along with me. Your Uncle Rex is on his way but wants to show himself to you when it's more for you to understand your true destiny.”

Ok, I believe.”

Give us a call when you need someone. Not only he can call on us. All have the power if we just believe.”


They disappeared and he looked at me. Tears streamed down his face. “I believe.”

I know. It's a hard lesson, but a good lesson. I think you didn't want to believe because of what I said about your parents. It's bad, but I think when we deliberately choose to ignore the path chosen for us, we are removed from this plane.”

So you're saying the person who dies early is meant to die?”

I had a problem with it too. A very dear friend of mine was killed. His name was Jared. When I heard Jared was meant to die in order to teach his parents and the world a lesson, it pissed me off.

Now, what you need to know is Jared didn't want to leave. Part of him wanted to be with me. What happened is Rob wanted to die. Friday morning, he attempted suicide and I saved him. He and I got together and later that day, he was going to do it again.

Jared came and what happened was he talked the powers that be into allowing him to step into Rob's body and allowing Rob's soul to go back to Heaven to rethink why he was here.

I'm not saying it will happen to your parents, but I'm saying it could happen to your parents that their souls migrate to Heaven and two souls who wish to be here step into their bodies. That might happen, or it might be they languish and eventually die in a car wreck, plane wreck, or whatever.”

You know all this?”

Jared, the night he was killed, came down and taught me a lot of things. It was very enlightening and it taught me a lot about things. I think I was placed here to enlighten others and to teach them.”


Well, if I taught one person, I did my job. I taught you, so maybe that was my purpose. I don't think that's it because I've got Grant learning lessons and others are learning them also.”

How'd you get this ability?”

It was given to me by birth. My dad was able to do it and he knew he had but a short time here, so his job was to give me birth and to teach others through his death. The same goes for my mom.”

What happened?”

They got together. They had me and Jared's parents had him on the very same day. We were next door neighbors, and we were a soul split into two beings.”

Like twins?”

Like fraternal twins except born of different sets of parents. Soul mates is what most people call it, but we're soul twins.”


Well, we fell in love really early. We recognized our bond and we reveled in it. We kissed and were loving and his dad couldn't handle it. He called me names and my dad stepped in. It bred disharmony and it caused Jared's dad to order I be killed.

Because he was spineless and a preacher, he sold some people on the fact they were fighting a holy war on his behalf. They tried killing us several different ways and what ended up happening was they ended up killing my parents while I was at my grandma's.

I was saved, but they died. I was raised by my grandma and found him again. He had heard things about my parents' deaths and was going to testify and write statements. He started writing the statement and that's when he and his sister were both brutally murdered by his parents.”

So that's what happened and our coach wouldn't let your team grieve over him?”

Right. But what you don't know is there are a lot of companion souls out there.”

What's that mean?”

Ok, look at it this way. Let's say you're here to learn a lesson and the person who's supposed to teach you a lesson is killed. Your reason for being here is gone. So, you decide to kill yourself too.”


If you ever notice when someone dies, several people die. They're companion souls who are assigned their roles. Now, did they do it? Was the assignment complete? Or, what happened? All I know is when Jared died, Rob and Aaron both tried committing suicide within twenty four hours.”

Oh man.”

Yeah, so with Rob back with Jared's soul, I'd say Aaron's blessed in the ability to continue learning the lesson.”

I'm not familiar with who Aaron is.”

He's a friend of mine. He's gay. He was boyfriends with someone else who really dogged him out and now, he's our offensive coordinator.”

You're friends?”

Yeah, it's neat because I'm friends with his dad and him. I helped set his dad up with his boyfriend and that's working.”

So you're a matchmaker too!”

I don't know if I'm supposed to do that, or not, but it works out I end up doing that.”

Who are you going to set me up with?”

I don't know. I had someone, but he's being an idiot. I've had him with three people and so far, none of them are who he's chosen to be with. Since you've not even met him, please realize you've been pulled from that train wreck before you got involved in it.”

Who is it?”

Forget him. Maybe we'll find you someone else who can be better for you.”

Is Aaron single?”


Do you think he might like to get to know me?”

Why don't you see for yourself. I'm not telling you not to, and I'm not telling you yes. I'm telling you he's available the last I knew and he's a really nice guy.”

Why aren't you putting us together?”

Nothing's jumping out at me you two should be together. Now, either that's because I shouldn't be a matchmaker, or it's because they want you two to find each other on your own, or it could be because you two don't belong together.”

Could I try?”

Yeah, go for it, but just realize he might not still be over his ex who is a real dickhead to him. IF that's the case, I'll have to step in and tell the ex to go play elsewhere and you're not to be bothered.”

So the boyfriend is close to you too?”

Yeah. I like him, but I don't respect him. I'm supposed to teach him lessons, but he's not the most agreeable student.”


He's the sort who likes to do his own things and not be told to do what he needs to do.”

So you're saying I could be in danger, or I could be stepping into their drama.”

Their drama better be over. If it's not, they're putting me in a bad spot because Aaron's in a spot which is directly helping me in my job and the other is indirectly helping because he too is on the team. I can't afford to lose either, so it's a mess.”

Would I be better suited playing a different position on the field?”

You could. I mean, you sure know how to run and you know how to play, but your size for blocking might be a hindrance.”

I'll do it if you want me to.”

We'll try it at Dallas. I might have you fill in for DJ since he's got an injury.”

Is that who is Aaron's ex?”

I don't like telling you that.”

I really would like to know in case it is and he's bothering Aaron. It would give me an idea if he's bothering him, or if he's just a close friend.”

Ok, it's DJ. I'm not going to tell you what he did to Aaron, and I'm not going to keep you from finding out if Aaron so chooses to tell you. What I do want to know is if DJ ever threatens you because he's already attacked me once and the second he ever bothers you, I'll be there.”

No, you don't understand. I can defend myself.”

Then why didn't you with your coach!?”

He's a teacher. We're taught not to do it against a teacher.”

Well, let me tell you something. IF a teacher ever lays his hands....oh forget it because I was about to make myself into a liar.”

What's that mean?”

I was going to tell you if a teacher ever touches you again to not stop yourself. I can't tell you that because I've had a teacher do it to me and I stopped myself. Instead, I got her into trouble other ways.”


It was a lady teacher who went nuts on me. She told us to take off our jerseys in her class room. Then when I told her we'd take the write up and would be reporting her for sexual harassment, she started beating me up and talking about killing everyone. Fortunately, I had my cell phone and made a call out and had a guy hold the phone while she beat me up. That's how my eye got this cut on it.”


Don't worry, she's not teaching anymore. The Principal is the person who ended up pulling her off me.”


Needless to say, it was an ordeal.”

My intercom buzzed, “Your team is arriving.”



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