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The Queen of Gay Romance”


If you are dumb enough to believe this story is true, please stop, shut off your computer and then go to the nearest mirror to repeatedly slap yourself back into reality. You'll thank yourself afterward, I assure you.

IF you are below the age of 18, please don't read the stories on here. Your presence jeopardizes those of us who do so legally.

Notes From Retta:

This story is written mostly as a retro piece. I intentionally made sure some prices were lower and I made sure the older stars were used in the piece. You need to realize this was written in the era of Bush I (around 1991). I did it from memory, so sue me if it's not completely accurate.

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Chapter Twenty Six:

Important Note To My Readers

Here is the story about Chapter Twenty Six.

When this story was first written, I thought I was smart and put it on my Google Groups site for safe keeping.

Little did I know, but as I was uploading them onto the site, the chapters were either being made so they wouldn't be seen and 2) people were getting error notices thinking the links were broken while the site was saying they were in storage and all was well.

The issue with Chapter Twenty Six is it totally disappeared. I don't know where it went, and I can't tell you what was in it because this was written over a year ago and I've since written twelve more stories with probably a hundred or so chapters finished. Besides that, there are probably about fifty starts to stories which haven't seen the light of day yet...

What is cool is a lot of the way I write, the character summarizes what has happened in retelling it for everyone else's being brought up to speed in Chapter 27.

Rather than guessing and rewriting it, I'm going to let him tell you by catching up to his day as it is....So, it's now about lunch time and he's had a busy morning.

Thanks for your patience, but you really didn't miss a lot. I'll update if it's needed, but so far, from what I've read, it's not bad.

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Notes From Retta:

I realize the story has gotten off on a different foot than I intended. It gets back real fast, so please understand it's needed to develop the characters.

What's different is this story isn't like my others where there's a plot and a lot of things thrown in. With this one, it's teaching and showing a way of life which the sports stars have and how it's lived.

From My Keyboard To Your Heart,


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