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The Queen of Gay Romance”


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Notes From Retta:

This story is written mostly as a retro piece. I intentionally made sure some prices were lower and I made sure the older stars were used in the piece. You need to realize this was written in the era of Bush I (around 1991). I did it from memory, so sue me if it's not completely accurate.

Play Maker


Chapter Twenty Eight:

I went over to the camera people and said, “I'm ready to do a commercial.

Andy smiled, “We've already got enough raw footage for you to have a few commercials.”

I hope one of them isn't running around in here with no clothes!”

He smiled, “No, but I think more than a few hearts fluttered when they saw you walking nude.”

Mine was fluttering a moment ago when I saw Ren nude, so I know how it is.”

Is Ren you're new partner?”


He looks familiar.”

He's a famous matador. He was on Madonna's video.”

Oh! He's going to play football?”

I'm in such need of help, if you'd put on a linebacker's jersey, I'd have you on the field.”

It looks like you've got a lot of guys here.”

About twice as many as last week. They saw us play Tampa and now they want to be famous. With the way we're giving enticements out there, I'd say we're going to tear the hell out of Helias.”

What enticements do you offer?”

Let's go outside. I really need to film a few commercials while I've got daylight. I didn't just blow you off, but I can talk while I'm moving.”


We started walking and I said, “IF we offer them money for bonuses for a single person, that's illegal. However, if I say to I'll give you a Big Mac for putting anyone on their ass when you hit them, that gets the meaning conveyed I want them hit, and I want them hit hard and stopped.”


Now, for a sack on the quarterback, you get a pizza. For a touchdown, that's a tank of gas. Grant also said for an interception, he'd allow them to name their first born after him.”

Andy chuckled, “Grant is built awesomely well.”

Yeah, he and I worked out together. I was flabby until we started working out, but now, I don't have time. Maybe when we get the team bigger and brought together we can start working out again.”

Why are you doing it this way?”

I bought the team and they got told to meet me at the airport for a meet and greet. It's not a have to situation, but it is in the contract they can only miss one.”

Why do they have those?”

It's for visiting dignitaries and good will for the community. If you come to town and you're like a President or something, then it's good for our community out there seeing us gathered to represent them.”

Oh ok, I'm following now.”

With us having separate teams, it's hard for us to do that now. I'm not pushing that in the contract since I'm the one who caused it.

Basicly put, our manager had called everyone and told them I wanted a team meeting and a practice following the meet and greet. When I wasn't met at the airport, I was ticked but that was their one time. When they didn't show for the team meeting, that's grounds for suspension because it IS paid and it IS required. So, they got called and told they needed to get to the stadium for their suspension and if they wanted to stay on the team, they'd practice.

Now, I was willing to over look the missed team meeting if they showed for practice. What happened next is beyond stupid. Someone had called them, namely the previous coach, and told them this wasn't a paid thing. That's why Grant's now our coach.

Contractually, I can't tell you I'm not paying you for something in your contract. Contractually speaking, you can't go off what someone says, even if it's your coach, and not show to something which your contract says you must attend. IF you do, I've got grounds to fire if you've been suspended. Needless to say, those who showed got to keep their jobs. Those who didn't got told to get to the stadium as they were being fired. Those who just didn't show got fired, and got reported to the league.”

What's that do?”

IF I fire you, that's one thing. You're a free agent and you can go elsewhere. If I fire you and report you to the league, I'm looking for league sanctions which are going to probably be suspended games, heavy fines, or they could be up to suspension from the sport period.

I'm looking for suspended games. I don't think they'll fine someone who's unemployed, and I don't think they'll suspend them from the sport. That's usually for something like fighting, or worse on the field.”

Why suspended games?”

Ok, let's say I'm looking at you to hire. You got fired from the Angels and you've got a ten game suspension. That means I hire you and I've got to pay you the base pay of what your contract dictates. Usually, base pay is thirty seven thousand a year. IF you hear me saying thirty five, that's what I round down to in my brain. For me, that base pay is about seven hundred thousand a year.”


Because if I hire you and you don't ever get to the field but you're on the side lines holding up my roster so I've got spares, then I'm able to use you.”

Ok, how's that go?”

Let's say you go out in a jersey on Sunday. You stand there, sip Gatorade which Chris proudly endorses their company, and you don't play. I send you a check on Monday for thirty five grand...well, whatever it is without taxes. However, let's say we're all the way into the fourth quarter with a minute to play and the guy you fill in for gets hurt. I'm sending you in and suddenly, you're making what he does for the day which could be sixty to three hundred grand.”


Yeah, but remember, there are rules and then, there are rules.”

What's that mean?”

I'm hiring you. You're a big gorgeous piece of meat and you're full of steroids. Now, do I hire you and let you come in here and be seen shooting that shit into your veins? Or, do I tell you I can't afford you simply because I don't want my guys subjected to that.”

Ok, but you can't protect them from it.”

NO, but let me tell you something. My stadium is a 'non-hangers on' area. That means not even I allow myself a boytoy or a girltoy to be there without putting him to work. That keeps the pushers off my property and it keeps them away from my stadium.

IF, and I say IF, I find out you came to work for me clean...which I'll run tests and it's a violation of your contract if I find them... I'll support you. I'll pay you and I'll certainly protect you.

Now if Billy Joe Bob down there got himself hooked up with a steroid pusher, and he's using, I'll find out eventually. I'm in the locker room and I'm having my people look for telltale signs like used shringes, bottles, vials, and just all that.

IF I find out there's someone in there using, I'm calling the league and having them send their people to test everyone. When they find them, I'm standing behind my team and I'm standing behind the league on what is imposed.”

You mentioning it tells me you know there's steroid use in the league.”

I do. I know some of these guys can't be that big without it, but we've got to play against them just the same until they're found. It's not fair and it's not sportsmanlike, but hey, if you want to be a jerk and use it to hit my guy harder, I'll take it as a compliment you think my guy is worthy enough to make you feel insecure.”

How about doing a commercial about that.”

No because the second I do, I'm the laughingstock of the league if my team gets found using. All it takes is one and I'm hurt.”

I understand. I like your stand on it though.”

Let's do this Nestle's crunch commercial and get out there to film the GM commercials.”

How do you want to do it?”

Stand here and start filming me. I'll go up here and sit down. I'll start talking and then open the wrapper and bite into it. When I'm done with that bite, wait for the smile and then cut.”


I went down the bleachers and stopped. Someone came over and I signed an autograph. I turned and went up the bleachers and sat down, “You know, when I get a chance to enjoy a game, I don't like filling up on a bunch of junk food. It makes me feel bloated and it just makes me feel held down. It's hard to jump and cheer with a tub of popcorn, a big drink, and a hot dog. Grab a Nestle' Krunch bar and keep it light.” I opened the package and took a bite. I chewed chewed, and then smiled.

That was marvelous. You just made that up?”

Yeah, I thought I was getting wordy.”

I got you signing that autograph. I think we need to keep it in the commercial.”

That'd be cool. If it runs us over, then cut it off.”

I think you're right in there for them to do a close up of it and some graphics work.”

Good. That's one down for them. I'm going to have to have someone keeping track of how many commercials I've got to do for each one.”

I'll have our people do it.”

Ok, I'll try to stay ahead. Well, hopefully, I'll be way far ahead.”


I'm growing and I know I'm going to put on weight. I think it'd be best for them to have a bunch ahead of that growth spurt.”

Ok, but it'd look weird having you one day looking this tall and then having a bunch looking taller.”

Seven inches taller and sixty five pounds heavier. I'll end up six foot and a buck ninety.”

Ok, that's still small for a quarterback, right?”

Yeah, but Ren out there is going to be real small. He's my size as an adult and...would you look at that ass!”

Everyone's eyes went to the field. “It's obvious to see you're attracted to him.”

Madonna told me I'd have to either not be gay or blind in order not to appreciate him. She was right.”

She's who set you up?”

Yeah, she called me and told me he was on his way. That way I couldn't get shy and tell her no.”

You...shy? No way!”

I can be when it comes to someone who looks like him. Man, the guy is perfect.”

It's nice to see you so open with your feelings.”

That's me. If this works, I'll be one of the luckiest guys on the planet.”

You have doubts?”

People would say I'm good looking. I would tend to agree, but standing next to him, I feel like an eight who just went to a four. He's a ten and that's what number I picked for him to wear. He'll be my ten.”

Let's go get the GM commercial done. How do you want to do it?”

The Roadmaster commercial is going to be longer. I'm going to sell them the car.”


Like a used car salesman. What you don't know is they're planning on ending the model. I want to personally keep this car on the road.”


Besides the Fleetwood Brougham, I really like this car. It rides like a dream and it's a bigger car. It's pretty for being a Buick, and that's not a slam at Buick. I'd just prefer a Caddy grill be on it, but hey, I'm told they're definitely not doing that.”

You get inside information.”

I spoke with the man like a pissed off customer. In a way, I am, because I've got to buy the vehicles in order to sell them on my lot. I mark them up and I make money.”

You have a dealer?”

Yeah, this name here is my show room manager's. He started the dealer with his cousin's money, and I bought it. I left his name on it, but when I get a dealer going in Akron, I'll have the Angel name on it.”

Ok, how do you want to do this?”

What I'm going to do is I'm going to stand up front and introduce the car to you. I'll walk around and open the driver's door. You get a close up of the interior and then, I'll have you cut. Then, I'll want a shot of the instrument panel from the back seat, but I'd like for you to pull back and show the entire dash. We'll cut and then show the back seat and then I'm going to open the trunk walk back and climb in. I'll probably say I'm more than that little three bags of groceries the little car carries.”

That's good.”

I'll point at the fuel filler door and tell them what the sticker says. I'm not lying and it's just sold the car.”

What else are you going to say?”

The whole time I'm walking, I'm going to be talking like a car salesman. You're going to have things shoved in here like you wouldn't believe. I can do it because I've sold these cars before.”

That's interesting. You're multi-talented.”

It's fun selling a product which sells itself.”

We went up and I started when I stopped. “I'm sorry, let's move the car.”


I want the team practicing on the field in the background. It sort of says I'm tied with the team and I took time from my busy schedule to sell the people a car.”

That's a good idea.”

Let me take it around and pull it up there by the gate.”

I got in and wheeled it around. I drove up to the gate and backed it in at an angle. When I got out, he pointed at the sky, “We're going to be out of daylight soon.”

That's ok, I can sell that truck in the dark.”


You'll see.”

I went through the sales pitch and we got it done fast. When it was over, he said, “Ten minutes to film a car commercial. I think that's a record.”

I'm glad it was a white car. If it'd been dark, those clouds would've reflected on the hood.”

You have a knack for this.”

With most things, I tend to have an inate ability to do them. I'm not bragging because I'll tell you it's a gift from Heaven above.”

You're right. I understand because people say I'm one of the best. I'll tell you my trick is always using a darned good camera and a soft filter. Most people won't. The filter cuts a lot of the glare and shine normal people get when lights are too bright.”

That's cool. How's it with natural lighting?”

Excellent. That's why I know your style of commercials are going to look great.”

Let's get back in here so they don't think I'm blowing off the practice.”

We walked in and I saw Ren put the ball into play. I stopped and watched. He ran back and then found Baker open. I thought it was a bit of a throw, but he made it look effortless. Baker caught it and Ren ran to the sideline. I ran up and patted him on the shoulder pad. “That's some nice playing, you're picking it up really well.”

It's a lot easier than bullfighting.”

I imagine. Maybe you could show me bullfighting.”

I won't ever allow anyone I love into the ring. It's dangerous.”

Two things I caught. One was the word 'love' and the other was his look in his eyes when he said them. It was like they went that blue black that Jared had in his.

Grant came over and showed Ren the play book. This one here, you've got to look out for Chris and then run this way. You don't throw it to Chris, but the whole play is to have them thinking you're concentrating so hard on getting it to Chris, you're inadvertently telling them he is who you're going to throw it to. INSTEAD, what you're going to do is you're going to hand it off to this guy and he's going to run it. Hopefully, it'll be opened up about here and he can get through. IF not, then he'll get it as far as he can.”


Ren ran out onto the field and Grant came over, “You're lucky. If you'd brought him to me to meet him, I would've told you about now that I was already falling for him.”

You've got someone who thinks you're hot, why not go for him?”



I already fucked around with one under aged kid and it cost me half of everything I own...”

I saw red. That's the only way I can say it. I turned and popped him in the mouth. I stood over him and said, “Get up, get the fuck out of my sight, and be prepared to apologize. I'll have Mike get you back your shit, but the next time I ever hear you say I cost you half of everything you own, I'll cost you the other half of everything you own and will own it all. You'll be in jail and you won't have time to lust on anyone I'm with. DO YOU HEAR ME??”

That didn't come out right.”

No, because I'm not hear feeling sorry for poor pitiful Grant who gets shit on by everyone he fucks with. If I recall, you shit on me pretty good. You had me down and you had me nearly on the plane to go to Mexico to get as far away from you and your manipulations as possible.

Now, for you today, practice is over. Get the fuck off my field and be prepared to speak with Mike about what I've got to get back to you.”

I don't want anything back.”

Not happening. I don't need you or your things in order to be the evil butt of your me life. I've got my own fucking money and certainly don't need you, your money, or that bullshit.”

I'll quit then. You'll never have that chance to hit me again.”

Call a fuckin' team meeting. Let's lay the cards on the table and see if they would've put you on your ass too.”

I'm out of here.”

Well, I'll call the team meeting. I'll tell them everything and I'll tell them why I want you off this field. You can lay your little guilt trip on someone else, it didn't work with me.”

He got up and threw his clip board and whistle. I went over and got the whistle. I blew it and called everyone in.

Guys, let's go into the field house, we've got to have a meeting and I don't want to yell it out to all these fans.”

Chris asked, “What happened?”

I put Grant on his ass.”


I'll tell you when I tell everyone. I want everyone's reactions as to what they would've done under the circumstances.”

We went into the field house and Grant was sitting in his office.

I started, “Just a few minutes ago, some of you got to see me put Grant on his ass. Some of you know our past, but I'll not go into it. He was abusive mentally to me and it came down to me being emancipated. IF he says otherwise, ask those who were around me and you'll hear I'm being way nice when I leave it at that.

Yesterday, Grant signed over half his things to me because he said it was because he had no heir and since he was my guardian and because my dad helped him build everything, I deserved half. I agreed, but insisted I get he full ownership of the car dealer.

A few minutes ago, he told me his opinion about Ren. He thinks I'm lucky, and he thinks if he'd been set up with him, he'd be falling for him about now. I told him he has someone on this team who thinks he is hot that I've tried setting him up with. His remark to me was that he fucked with an underage kid before and it cost him half his shit.

That is why he got put on his ass. Now, I want a full gage of hands raised if you wouldn't have put him on his ass?”

Two hands raised.”

Who has no opinion?”

Four hands raised.”

Ok, all those in agreement, raise your hands and let me tell Grant to look at this. I want him to see exactly what a dick he's being.”

I went over and knocked on the coach's door. He opened it. “Those are the hands of the guys who would've put you on your ass. Two of them wouldn't have done it and four have no opinion.”

Did you tell them everything?”


Ok, I apologize. The words came out wrong and I'm sorry.”

Come out here and tell me in front of everyone how the words were meant to come out.”


Because I think you're lying. I think you are setting up this victim thing about me supposedly blackmailing you.

If that's what you're about to do, I'll tell you now, I'll sue your ass into the dust for defamation of character. I'll have enough witnesses to corroborate my side and you best believe Mike wouldn't have signed everything over into my name if you had led him to believe you were being blackmailed.

So, as I see it, we're at another point where I'm wanting you gone from my life. Either we get through it, or you hand me your resignation and I'll buy me a coach.”

Let me think on it.”

Ok, tomorrow, I'll either make the announcement to the team that you're a liar and you gave your resignation, or you're staying on and we're going to work through it.”

I turned to the team and said, “Guys, go shower. Practice is over. Either we'll have him as a coach tomorrow or we'll have someone else brought in.”

I turned to Grant and said, “I want that decision by nine am. I'll call Mike Shannon to coach us if you want to quit.”

He went back into the office and I went over to my dressing area. Ren came over and asked, “Are you ok?”

Yeah, it hurts.”

I know.”

Here's my soap and shampoo. Go to the shower and I'll go speak with him.”

You should leave it alone.”

I can't. I want him to know no matter what, I do love him.”

As a lover?”

No, as someone I respect and someone who means a lot to me.”

Ok, I'll meet you in the showers. Tell him I want to thank him for allowing me to play. I feel he taught me a lot.”

I'll do that.”

I went over to Grant's door and opened it. “I'm here to tell you I want to thank you for all you've done for me. I love you but not in the way it's meant to be. IF you leave, don't look back because I'm not either. I'll call Mike and get him to get everything unsigned.”

I don't want you to do that.”

Well, I'm not having it held over my head either. You give and you manipulate. Rather than stay in that game, I'll give it all back and leave you as a part of my past I remember fondly, but don't want anything to do with again.

In regards to Ren, he said to tell you thank you for giving him the opportunity to play.”

Are you going to call Mike Shannon?”

If you quit, I am. He's the only guy I respect enough in coaching who has a level head. And, I think he's the only guy who could surpass your coaching skills.”

You really think so?”

I know so.”

Don't ever hit me again.”

Then don't speak to me again. If it's designed to seek a negative response, then you found it works. That's goal accomplished for you.”

So I'm to put up with you hitting me when you feel like it?”

Say something like that again, and I'll sue your into the dust. That's it on the warnings.

If you want to go onto the stand and tell a judge how fucking me got rid of half our shit, then do so...if that's what you feel, but just remember I'm going to have people up there saying how manipulative, coercive, and dangerous I felt you to be in my personal life. I'll also tell them with witnesses you were under absolutely no duress when you made your decision. I'll probably even have Mike in there to tell what he was told...if that's what you feel.”

I don't. I'm feeling vulnerable. I think he could take you away from me.”

So you push me away?”


Grant, I'll be there for you in the way I can be. I can't be with you in a relationship yet, but I can be good for you in other ways. I won't be there if you're lashing out with words.”

Ok, I'm sorry.”

Will you stay?”

Do you want me?”

As my coach, I'd love to have you. I think these guys will love having you.”

You sort of took all respect for me away from them.”

Bullshit, they love you and I think a lot of them think I'm an idiot for giving you up. Just keep it honest with them and it'll work.”

Ok, now I want to ask you one question and you think about it hard.”


Ren's going to be equally as good as you. He can't throw as far as you, but he's that good in all other ways. Having him on third string is wasting him.”

What do you want to do?”

It's a toss up. You can rotate in and out with him and leave Jordan as back up, or you can give him up and sign him with another team.”

I'll speak with him. IF I need to lose him, I might as well do it before we get real involved.”

You're shutting down emotionally again.”

You lay this at my feet and as an owner, I've got to be objective. If I get into personal shit, I'll be manipulative.”

Is that what I'm doing?”

You let too much of what you want in and it's affecting us. I'd rather you just be honest and tell me that you feel vulnerable instead of saying hurtful things which aren't true.”

Ok, it's going to take a lot of trial and error on my part. I hope you'll be patient.”

I will be, but I want you to go out here and have a team meeting and tell them what you just told me.”


Grant, you being honest and saying you've got feelings is a step they need to hear. You need to know these guys look up to you and they might do better in their personal lives if they're more honest in their feelings.”

Ok, I'll tell them.”

I've got to go get a shower. Get them told about the meeting before they leave. Also, have you told them about the contracts and stuff for tomorrow night?”


Good, I got Pendergrass, Chris, and DJ signed for long term contracts.”

DJ too?”

Yeah, I lay down some stuff with him and he agreed.”

Is he going to be with Samuels?”

I don't know. That's up to him. I'm staying out of it.”

Ok, go get your shower.”

I went out and Grant went over the PA system. “Team meeting before you leave.”

I got in the shower and Ren was standing there looking like a drowned rat shivering. “Why are you cold?”

I couldn't get the hot to work.”

Here's how you do it. You turn this on around. Well, this one is broken. Let's go over here and get one that works.”

We can choose another?”


I went to this one because someone pointed at it.”

Who was that?”

The big black guy.”

Ok, I'll tell him.”

Don't cause no problems over me.”

Ren, I'm going to protect anyone who is made to take a cold shower when he thinks that's the only shower he can use. I'll tell you like I tell everyone, you're just as entitled to all of these showers as anyone else.”

Maybe it was an initiation.”

Maybe, but it it was meanness, I want it stopped.”

He turned around and rinsed his hair. The soap bubbles rinsed down his back and through the cleft in his bubble butt. The water shining off his olive skin made it seem more erotic than normal. He turned around and smiled. I rinsed my hair and then soaped my body.

As soon as we were finished, he held up a towel which was shreds. “Let me use that towel and you use this one. I'll be back.”

I went over to the towel issue and said, “IF ever a towel is this bad again, I want it thrown out. Also, get my guy over there in the equipment hand out a list of how many towels we use here and I'll get us some new ones.”

Who had this?”

Renaldo was given it.”

He didn't get it here. It looks like somebodies jock rag.”

Son of a bitch!”

I turned and stormed over to Ren, “Who gave you the towel?”

That same guy who gave me the shower.”

Show him to me.”


Forget it, I'll speak to the group as a whole. Let's go get dressed.”

You're still wet.”

Yup and I intend on staying that way until after the team meeting.”

I went out to the team meeting and saw hardly anyone was there. I went into Grant's office and hit the PA system. “Would the dumb son of a bitch who gave Renaldo the cold shower and the jock rag for a towel please report to the showers?”

I stepped out of the office and Chris came running. “What was that?!”

You heard it. The guy gave Ren a shower which was broke. He thought it was his and couldn't get it to make hot water. Then, I get him to a warm shower and when he goes to dry off, he has a towel which is shreds. I take it to the towel boy and he tells me that's not one he would've let out but it's a jock rag. When I asked Ren, he tells me the same guy a big black guy gave it to him when he got given the shower.

I'm willing to let the cold shower go as an initiation, but I'm not going to have anyone being subjected to having to dry with something like that. IF it wasn't against the health code, I'd make the fucker dry with it for a month.”

I watched the shower and no one showed. Grant came over and I said, “Start the team meeting. I want to have a few words before you do.”


Grant yelled, “Guys, this is the team meeting. If you aren't here, get here in ten seconds.”

A few stragglers came running over.

I said, “Guys, some hazing just took place with Ren. Now, ask me what I feel about it and I'll tell you I spoke over the PA system and the spineless son of a bitch who did it didn't show himself. I'll know who it is and I'll tell you now, when tomorrow night comes, you WON'T be handed any endorsement contracts and you WON'T be allowed to stay on this team.

IF you think I'm pissed because it's Ren, think again. Any motherfucker in this place would have me pissed if I saw you having to use a jock rag to dry with in the showers. HE took your meanness as kindness, but I'll be down right mean when it comes to being mean...and I'll be mean to your face.

IF you think I need people that bad, walk. IF you think I can't get people here damned good money, then you think again. Each and every one of you who chooses to stay on will be making between twenty and thirty million a year...all except you who gave the jock rag to a fellow team mate. That jock rag sent you from riches to rags. I hope you thought it was a twenty million dollar joke because that's what it cost you.”

Four guys and Ren looked towards one guy. I went over and stood by him. “Four people and Ren looked this direction. I wonder why?”

Beats the hell ouf to me.”

Ren, is this the guy?”


I turned to the guy. “That's all I needed to hear. I'll send that rag into to state crime lab and have it analyzed. If it comes back having any semen on it from you, I'll put you up on charges, suspend you from the team permanently, and fight you each and every time the league wants to bring you back for reinstatement.
Now, either apologize to him in front of everyone and we'll drop it, or get the fuck out.”

Man, you're being a racist.”

I backed up and turned to Grant. “Grant, get him off my team. He's making false allegations.”

Grant said, “Eppelsheimer, starting tomorrow, you're on suspension. Ride back with the team on the jet and consider your employment with us indefinite.”

AWWW MAN!” He stood up and stormed away slamming lockers as he went.

The towel boy brought over the jock rag. He said, “Guys, this is the towel Renaldo was given. IF you want to smell it, or touch it, you'll know as well as I do what it is.”

Grant looked instantly pissed. “Guys! In all my years of bullshit on teams, I've never seen shit like this! If that's the way you want it to be, then I can make life damned hard.

Starting now, be prepared to give me drug screens once a week and hair analysis once a week. Starting now, you run twenty laps around that track and then we'll practice. Starting now, if you want to haze, denigrate, or just plain want to make someone feel bad, then don't show to practice.

Be a man about it and I'll get you off the team.

FOR ADDED MEASURE, I'm going to go on ESPN and speak about this incident. I'm going to mention EPPELSHEIMER by name and show this rag. It will be in a ziplock bag and I'll gage everyone's reaction towards this incident from the public. They'll support him with their dollars by letting the next team he goes to know they won't tolerate such behaviors.

IF YOU THINK I'M OVERREACTING here, then try the shit again and I'll bench the whole fucking team and bow us out of any contention for the remainder of the season. Try me, and you'll see I'm not going to put up with it.

Now, with that said, this meeting was called because I was going to tell you I was absolutely in the wrong and reacted badly to my jealousy over Jake's happiness. I was insecure and struck out with words. I was feeling vulnerable and that's why I behaved the way I did. I beg you guys apologies and above all, I ask Jake to forgive me.”

I went over and hugged him. “I forgive you.”

I turned to the guys and said, “Guys, that admission by him is a lot of he and I's troubles.

I'm growing and moving on, but he doesn't deal with it well at all. I still care as a friend, as his ward from him being my guardian, and as a student under his mentoring, I think we're on better grounds and we're building a friendship out of a torn relationship.

Some of you guys are straight. You might not deal with this, but we all have broken relationships. It's how we deal with them that gets us onto better ground. I hope you can learn as we have and get beyond it.”

Grant said, “That's it guys. For those of you going back to Akron, the bus is about to leave.”

Chris came over, “Can I catch the late flight back with my mom? She's wanting to get some things together and move them out there.”


Pend' came over, “I'm heading back on the early flight. I'll let you know what is said on the flight.”

I appreciate it.”

No problem man. That idiot started to scream racism when he was the one being racist...if that's what it was.” He shook his head and walked off.

DJ came over and said, “Thanks for today. I think Dad is heading over tomorrow, but I'm not sure.”

I'll call him and see if he needs a jet sent to pick him up.”

When it was done, Grant gave me a hug and said, “Mike's wanting to meet you over at your new place.”

Ok, I'll be heading there.”

Take him out to eat someplace.”

I will...later. I've got to film a truck commercial yet.”

How many is that today?”

A Nestle's, a GM, and now, the truck commercial. So, that's two GM's. We might slide in a Burger King before we leave town.”

I went over and got dressed. Ren came over. His eyes were cast down.

I'm sorry about the problems with your team.”

I stopped dressing and stood up, I hugged him and said, “It's not your fault. The guy was being dumb. He didn't get it off. Don't let anyone treat you that way again.”

I thought he was being friendly.”

I know. That's why I'm so upset. He now knows what everyone thinks about what he did. As you see, none of them thought it was funny.”

I like playing football.”

I know. You're good at it.”

DO you think so?”

I saw you, and Grant really thinks you're good.”

He said that?”

Yeah, he wants me to talk with you about a few things.”

Is he mad at me?”

No. He wants me to tell you he thinks you're just as good of a player as me.”


Yeah, he also thinks you're being wasted as our third string quarterback.”

What's third string?”

What it means is right now, Jordan is my relief quarterback. Should I not be able to play, then he plays for me. Now, if he shouldn't be able to play, then you step in.”

That's ok.”

It is, but he wants to know if you want to rotate in and out with me and me ask Jordan to be our relief.”

That wouldn't be fair to Jordan.”

No, but you're that good. If you want, we can work on getting you signed to another team and have you making a lot of money.”

I'm fine with you.”

Are you sure?”

I make little money fighting bulls. I made good money working in video with Madonna, but now I'm making best money playing for you as your third string than I ever have. I'm happy if you're happy.”

Ok, let's go tell him and we'll see what he says.”

What do you want?”

I want you with me in a relationship. The more I'm around you, the more I feel for you. I want us in a relationship where we're around each other and busy. I want to share my all with you, but I want you to share your all with me too.”

I don't think I can do that.”

Why not?”

Listen and you will hear. When I am in a relationship, I am as you say, the bottom. I've never been with a man in the other way.”

Ok, so we'll work on it.”

But you are too big.”

I'll be gentle.”

Are you sure?”

I promise.”


We'll see. Don't think about that right now. Let's concentrate on building our feelings for each other and becoming friends. Then, when it's right, we'll make love.”

Oh, that would be nice.”

I think so too.”

We got up and went and told Grant. Then, we went out and saw a light drizzle had started.

Andy came over and said, “I'm sorry, but we won't be able to film.”

Wrong, it's perfect.”


I was wanting to go to a car wash to get it wet so it'd be super shiny and reflective of all the lights. Now we've got it. One thing I need to ask is if you can film in zoom on that?”


Ok, we'll go to Hickman's IGA and I'll have you guys stand up underneath the awnings. The front of it is neon and bright lights so it should reflect well off the truck with it being wet.”

Andy smiled, “Ok, I think it's going to be great.”

We loaded everything up and drove over. When we pulled on the parking lot, Andy's excitement at the neon was verbal. “Oh man! This is going to be great!”

I put them under the awning and then went down and pulled off Morley onto the parking lot. I drove up and parked so I was nose up facing with the door towards them. When I got out, I started the monologue.

We all know getting groceries and doing all of our other chores isn't on bright sunshiny days. We all aren't California blonde, have convertibles and we're not all skinny, built, or hung.

With the New Chevrolet Suburban, the anti-lock braking will keep your family safe, tow plenty of weight, and carry plent of cargo. It'll also sound good with the optional Bose stereo system. With optional four wheel drive, it'll get you wherever you need to go.

In short, it's the All-American grocery getter which dresses up like a tuxedo but works like a comfortable pair of blue jeans when you need it to be there for you.

I invite you for a test drive. IF it doesn't surprise you with it's soft ride, unique ability to see over the traffic ahead of you and carry eight of your friends for that tailgate party, return it and go try the other guys. Now, I've got to go see what movies are best to rent.”

I walked towards the entrance and went in. As soon as I went in, I saw the pumpkin which was tall, narrow, and the exact size of a football. I grabbed it and went over and paid for it.

The cashier smiled, “Hi Jake!”


I saw you on the game last Sunday.”

Watch me when we play Dallas. I'm going to throw this pumpkin like a football for that three hundred yards.”



I paid for it and went out the door. I was tossing it and Andy said, “Jake, that was amazing. They might throw it out because you said 'hung', but it was amazing.”

I threw that in because I wanted it to be a tie in of what people think about when they see me. It's a bit shockish because people aren't expecting me to say something like that.”

He laughed, “I'll submit it. I bet it wakes people up and gets them to listening to what is said in a commercial.”

I want to go up to Burger King and film a commercial. Then, I'll go get a pepperoni pizza, a two liter of Pepsi, and then, we'll go film the next two.”


Yeah, Pepsi goes with pizza and pizza goes with Pepsi. I'll change the words, but it's a great push for Pizza Hut in a Pepsi commercial and Pepsi in a Pizza Hut commercial.”

That'll be good, where are we filming it?”

At my house. I'm sure Mrs. Watson will be fine with allowing me to use the hallway to film.”

Who's Mrs. Watson?”

I bought the house from her on Saturday. She's a distant family member and wasn't supposed to sell the house but pass it along to me because I'm family.

As luck would have it, I looked at it and she found out who I was. Just the same, I gave her the money because I wanted her to have her condo in Florida she wants.”

We got in and drove over to the Burger King. When I went inside, I went to the cashier and asked to speak with the manager. He came up.

Hi, I'm Jake Martin and we're about to film a commercial here. The reason I'm telling you is because I made promises on how the food would be presented in them. What I need is a Whopper which isn't wrapped or pressed down, a Large order of fries which are extra golden brown, and a large drink which is Coke, but turn that logo from the camera if there's one on the cup.”

Ok, How do you want it presented?”

An inspiration came to me. “Uh, what we're going to do is we're going to do two commercials. You're going to present the tray to me twice.

In the first commercial, we're going to have all your people out here. I want them to tell their name and their position here. We'll go down the line and when we get to me, I'll hold up the tray and chew on a fry. I'll say, “Jake Martin, fine food connoisseur.'

For the second one, I'm going to have you up here with that tray and you sliding it to me with a smile like you won the lottery. I'll pick it up and then carry it doing a monologue.”


I turned to the guys and said, “Order up.”

They ordered and I ordered a BK Chicken, large fries, and large diet Coke – as that's what they have.

When it was ready, he said, “Jake, you're order is ready.”

I went up and then motioned for Andy to go down the line of people. They gave their name, and their position and when it got to me, I held up the tray and munched a fry. “Jake Martin, fine food connoisseur.”

As soon as I said it, I smiled. Then, I told Andy to cut. He smiled and then I said, “OK, start about here. I'll turn the burger a little and move the fries to the other side of the tray so it looks different. This time, I want you to film me as I walk towards you.”


I went back and told the manager, “Three, two, one...”

I looked up and picked the tray up. He said “Thank you” and I turned. “Hi folks, as you can see, I'm eating again at Burger King. A Whopper with cheese, large fries, and an icy cold beverage. The reason I come to Burger King is the fast friendly service, the good food, and the great prices. It's my hope during this holiday season, you'll drive with utmost care and watch out for the other guy. Remember, you can dine in or drive thru.” I smiled and said, “Cut!”

Man, you surprised me there with the holiday thing.”

I lost my train of thought. It popped into my mind, so I said it.”

It's still going to be good.”

We ate and when we were finished, I went over to a little kid who was all over the place telling his dad I was a famous football star. I knelt down, “Hi, I'm Jake Martin. You're right. I'm a famous football star. You and your family are welcome to come down on Sunday to Dallas to watch my team play the Dallas Cowboys. We're flying a bunch of people out of the airport here and in Columbia.”


Yeah, now would you guys like to be in a commercial?”

The kid really smiled. “Yeah!”

Good, here we go.”

I turned to Andy and said, “Andy, here's another one.”


He picked up his camera and came over. I said, “Three, two, one...”

I turned to the camera and said, “Hi, I'm here with a big fan of mine at Burger King. His parents are here and they're enjoying a nice dinner. I'd like to welcome you and your family to eat at Burger King. It's the next best place to get to know your family besides the supper table.”

I stopped and said,”Guys, let me get you all some free meals.”

The dad said, “You don't have to do that.”

I need to. Let me get your names and I'll have the company get you a bunch of food. Here's my phone number if they don't do it because I'll get on them if they don't.”

I turned to the boy and said, “I don't do this for just anyone, but here's my team jersey. IF you wear it on Sunday, you'll all get to sit down on the sidelines with the team. As you know, that's way better than the fifty yard line.”

The man smiled, “What time does the plane leave?”

I think they're going to leave at five thirty and nine thirty or ten. My advice is to come down on the early one since there's going to be a lot of people. Whatever you do, don't tell anyone you're going to be sitting down there. Everyone will be your friend if you do and then, I'll have eighty people all sitting there. You can tell people the ride down and the tickets and food are going to be free.”

The guy smiled, “Why?”

Because our team here, the Spartans have the same color scheme as the Dallas Cowboys. I want a lot of yellow, Mizzou shirts, and a lot of fans cheering us on.”

The boy asked, “Who's that other guy over there in your jersey? He looks familiar.”

He's famous too. Do you watch MTV?”


DO you remember the Madonna video with the bullfighter in it?”


Well, he's the bullfighter. He's going to be a quarterback for the Angels. Would you like his autograph too?”

Oh man!”

I turned, “Renaldo, come here!”

Renaldo came over and smiled. “He recognized you from the Madonna video and wants your autograph.”

Really?!” he said with a smile and a slight giggle.


Renaldo knelt down and the mom had a hungry look in her eyes. I smiled. “If possible, we might have Renaldo show the crowd at half time his costume as a matador. IF he would, I'll be the bull.”

Ren giggled, “You're funny!”

Hey, if they'd let me, I'd show that video and let them all see you're a star before coming to the team.”

Ren signed the boy's napkin I had signed and then, we were finished. I thanked them and called my Burger King man. “Hi, this is Jake Martin.”

Hi Jake, what can I do for you?”

I know I haven't signed the contract yet, but I've put three commercials in the can for you. Now, one family is in a commercial and I'd like to get them some food.”

Ok, let me have their name.”

Hang on, I'll let the dad speak with you.”

I handed the phone to the man and said, “That's the Burger King man. He's needing your address to send you the free food.”

He smiled and spoke on the phone. When he handed me the phone I said, “Thanks” into the phone and hung up.

What did he say he was getting you guys?”

A year's worth of meals!”

Great. Now what I want to do is I want to get you guys a bunch of Angels' merchandise. I'll get you our leather coats, some stocking hats, and some sweats. I'll get him a jersey to trade him because I'll need this jersey to play.”


Yeah, but until then, you can wear it. It's an official team jersey. It'd get you into the locker room and everywhere. Our merchandise jerseys don't get you there.”

What's the difference?”

The merchandise ones have a thin line down the side under the arm pit.”

Why'd you do that?”

I had someone who tried to kill me today. Rather than have someone get crazy anymore, we're switching things so we can tell the difference. What I will do is get you guys a trip through the locker room after the game and fly you up here in my personal jet. Ok?”

The guy was smiling more and more. He nodded and his wife asked, “Can I come too?”

Sure, I'll have to make sure the guys are dressed because last week, I sort of got naked while I was doing an interview and the camera guy showed me. It wasn't real memorable.”

The kid said, “I saw that! Mom said you have a big one!”

Well, a lot of America saw it too. It sure wasn't meant to be seen, but I guess if they know I keep it real in interviews, then they know I'm someone who will keep it real during most everything.

Now, I've got to go, but it was nice meeting you guys.”

When I stood up the man stood up and shook my hand, “Jake, it's been a pleasure meeting you.”

When I shook his hand, images flashed in my mind. Instantly, I stopped, “I'm sorry.”

Sorry about what?”

About your other son.”

How'd you know?”

I get images when I touch people. I saw him. I saw you guys just lost him and I'm so so sorry.”

The mom got misty eyed. “He saw you on television. He was smiling from ear to ear and then, his little heart just got weaker and weaker.”

It was a congenital birth defect. You were told he might not live his first year, but God chose to Bless you with almost eight years. He's now with the Angels.”

He was so happy a lot of Moberly boys are on your team. Each time you'd get a score, he'd cheer.”

She dabbed her eye and I already had tears running down my cheeks. “I feel better speaking with you guys. I didn't know how I was touching someone's life and now, I do. I'll remember that in all the things I say on television from now on.”

She smiled. “Would you do me a favor?”


Be the best you can be always. It's what we've told our boys and now, I feel like I should tell you that too.”

I will.” I looked at the guy and said, “By the way, it's up to you, but I saw you drive a beer truck and got laid off due to the amount of missed days with your son. Times are hard, but I could offer you a job driving for my Stein distributorship in Akron, if you want.” He looked at his wife and I quickly added, “Ma'am, we need a good honest bookkeeper there if you'd take the job.”

You see all that when you touch someone?”

Yeah, you're going to grow up and be a fireman. You'll save people's lives and you'll have a lot of people alive...all thanks to you.”


Yeah. You'll get married to a girl and I see you having some kids. You're going to name your boy Benny just like your brother.”

He smiled and the dad lost it. I leaned forward and hugged him. “Sir, take the job. I'll get you guys a house and make sure you can afford it.” in his ear.

Thank you.”

No problem.”

He pulled back and I said, “Here's Mr Power's phone number. He's from here and he's going to be my general manager out there.”

I gave it to him and he nodded. “I'll call.”

Where is your son going to be buried?”

We were thinking about here, but if we're moving out there, we'll need to have him out there.”

Let me pay for the funeral and buy you guys a family plot. It's the least I can do.”

She nodded and said, “You're too kind.”

That Burger King food can be bought anywhere. It doesn't have to be at this one.”


I said, “I do need to get a move on.”

We hugged again and then I turned. Renaldo was standing there. “Come on, let's go make a few more commercials and then get home.”

You are so nice to them.”

They're great people.”

We went out and got in the Suburban. I pulled out my phone as I drove, “Hello?”

Mrs Watson?”


This is Jake Martin.”

Oh, hi Jake!”

Would it be possible for me to come by the house for about twenty minutes?”


I'd like to show a few of my friends the place and do a little filming of a commercial.”

A commercial!”

Yeah, I'm making commercials for Pizza Hut and Pepsi.”

Oh dear! I'm afraid I've been packing.”

Don't worry about that, I'm only going to film by the window in the hallway.”

Oh, ok.”

Please don't think I'm looking at anything. It's just I need a special spot for the commercial and I thought of that spot.”

It's beautiful, that's for sure.”

I'll be there.”

We went through the drive thru of Pizza Hut and got a Large Pepperoni and 2 liter of Pepsi. The smells of the pizza made me hungry as we drove over. When we got there, I said, “Guys, this is my house here. I just bought it on Saturday and the woman is packing. So, please don't be critical of her.”

Andy smiled, “Ok, we understand.”

We got out and I went up to the door. I rang the door bell and she answered, “Come on in Jake. It's your house now.”

I still need to be polite. It's your house until you move.”

It's all such a headache packing. You don't realize how much you accumulate until it's time to pack it.”

I sure understand. Could I use your oven to get this pizza hot?”

Sure, why do you want it hot?”

When I open the box, it has to be steaming.”


I'll take it out of the box and heat it. I can use the box empty for the Pepsi commercial.”

You filming commercials?”

Yeah, they want me to be a big star. So, I'm filming commercials.”

Well, you're certainly handsome enough!”

Thank you. Now, I have an extra special request. Would you sit at the table when it's time for me to come in with the pizza and open the box?”


Ok, while it's heating, I'll film the Pepsi commercial.”

I put the pizza in the oven and turned it on 500. It began heating and I said, “Andy, what I want is for me to come in and stop about here holding the box and the Pepsi. I'll speak and that's all I'll do in this one.”

This house is amazing!”

I got it for a steal. Here in the Midwest, houses aren't real expensive.”

What'd you pay for this, two maybe three million?”

No, less than two hundred thousand.”


Yeah, that's what I mean. Prices here are real low. If you have money to invest, I'd get a house here and bank the rest. Your family would have a good school system and be known as the 'haves' instead of the have nots.”

Oh man, I'll need to look around here.”

There are two other houses here in the same price range. I could drive you by them.”

I paused and said, “Can we do a Stein commercial upstairs?”


Let's go do it. It's not going to take long.”

Let's get the pizza out of the oven first.”

Ok, let's do this one and then do the pizza one. Then, I'll do the Stein one.”

When you're ready.”

I turned on the hall light and then quickly pushed a box into the living room. I walked down and got to camera range. I smiled, “Hello, when you're thinking about true joy this holiday season, please remember to get Pepsi when you go out. It's the taste enjoyed by generation after generation and it's always good with everything.”

I smiled and stopped.

Andy said, “This window is amazing. Those prisms were twinkling while you were talking.”

I know. It's a real Tiffany stained glass piece.”

It's amazing. I love this house.”

I went into the kitchen and turned off the oven. I put the pizza in the box and then put the little riser thingy in the middle. “Mrs Watson, we're ready.”

Ok dear.”

I ran and got two glasses of ice and put them on the table. “The box is going to be hot, so be careful when I set it down. Ok?”

Sure hon.”

I went back to the spot where I stopped filming and held up the Pepsi. Andy looked behind him and said, “Where do you want me to go with the camera?”

I'm going to walk in and put it down like this. I'll stand here and open the box and then sit down. You stand there and get us at a wide angle.”


I went back and held up the pizza and the bottle. He nodded and I said, “ Pizza Hut joins you and yours in wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. When you are looking for great quality in pizza, remember them.” I opened the box and the steam rose. “Looks good doesn't it?”

It does dear.”

I smiled, sat down and lifted out a piece. “CUT!”

Why'd you cut?”

The goal was to get the melty goodness shown. I did it and it's too hot to think about putting in my mouth. I'd have blisters for sure.”

Mrs Watson chuckled. “It does look good.”

Have some. I'll leave it here for you. We already ate.”

You sure hon?”

Yeah, have some Pepsi too.”

Thank you!”

I'm going up by the fern and film a commercial, ok?”


We went up the stairs and I said, “Andy, I want that fern in the shot. You have it out and show me sitting on the stairs. Do you need the chandelier on to get the right light?”

You might. There might be a shadow.”

I went down and turned it on. “If you want, you can film from over there. Show the chandelier and then zoom in so I'm just sitting here. I'll speak, so tell me if I need to speak up.”

You're doing fine.”

He went around and said, “This is amazing. It's like a beautiful post card.”

This commercial from Stein is going to be different. I'll speak and then, you'll have a good one.”

Sure. Tell me when.”

Give me a countdown and I'll run from it.””

You know, when I bought a house, I was looking for quality. Fine hard woods, a beauty which has timeless appeal and something everyone would be proud of.

With Stein beer, you get Beechwood aging, double filtered clarity, and the taste of roasted hops, smooth barley, and fine grains. They brew it the same year after year and the same great taste comes through bottle after bottle. When you go out to pick what you want, choose quality. It'll make you proud you did.”

I looked up and smiled a faint smile.


Man, you are hitting home runs!”

Can you show them to Mrs Watson?”

Sure. She can watch it through here. It's in mono sound, but it's really stereo.”

Ok, if she likes them, I know we've got good ones.”

We went down and I asked Mrs Watson to watch what we had. She smiled and looked into the viewer. “Andy started and we went through the Nestle one, the GM ones, the Burger King ones, the Pepsi, the Pizza Hut, and then the Stein.

When they were finished, she said, “Jake, those commercials are great. They're believable and they're quality through and through. They're different enough each one is refreshing and if I had to pick the worst one in the lot, I'd say it was the one where all the kids were saying their names and their positions. They're good, but they rushed it a bit.”

Ok, which one would be the best?”

The Stein one by far. I realize this house is beautiful, but that shot you got there is saying so much. It tells me you love this house, and you're not trying to sell something just to be like everyone else.”

Good, if they like it as well as you, then I've got some keepers.”

She smiled, “Now, who is this over here?”

This is Ren. His name is Renaldo diSilva. He's my new fella.”

What happened to the last one?”

He waved a pistol in my face and I knocked him out. He got dumped right after that.”


Yeah, I thought it when I was staring down the barrel of that pistol.”

Well, he's definitely a keeper. The way his eyes watch you, I knew you and he had something special.”

I hope so. He's sort of lost in the crowd today, but we're done now.”

You've been busy.”

That's just since after school.”

Then you have been busy!”

Yes ma'am. Now, if you want, I'll have some people come and get your things. We can load it on my jet and get it down to Florida whenever you want.”


Yes ma'am.”

I haven't ordered a ticket yet, so if you could make it for next Monday, that'd give me a few extra days to pack.”

I'll have them here to help you out to the airport.”

You are so sweet.”

Thank you. I think you're real nice too. I know this place will miss you. Most of all, I want you to know I'll treat it with respect and full admiration.”

I know you will hon.”

Well, we've gotta go, so enjoy your pizza and Pepsi and be prepared to see these on television.”

I'll do that.”

I went over to Renaldo and said, “I'd like to show you around the house.”

This is yours too?”

Yes, this is my house for back here.”

It's beautiful.”

Just wait, it's amazing.”

We toured from room to room and when we got to the bedroom, he turned, “Will this be ours?”


It's beautiful.”

Just like you.”

He smiled, “You're more wonderful the more and more I get to know you.”

Thank you. Now, let's get to going because I've got to get Chris and his mom's things to the plane.”

I forgot about him!”

His mom is just like a mother to me. His dad is just like a dad.”

We all went out and got into the Suburban. We drove over to Chris' house and I went in. When I went through the door, Chris' little sister asked, “Where's Renaldo!?”

Out in the truck.”

You're not going to bring him in?”

Just a moment. From the amount of stuff here, I'll need to take the camera crew out and have them wait while we get all this out there.”

Chris' mom came over. “Hey babe.”

Hey mama P, how are you doing?”

I'm doing great.”

I need to call papa P and tell him I got him some employees.”

He said it's a mess out there.”

It was, but it's getting better.”

She smiled, “You have almost eight thousand counts of embezzlement on them!”

I'll be right back. I need to get the camera crew out to the plane.”

Leave Renaldo here.”

Ok, I'll tell him.”

I went out and said, “Guys, here's what I've got to do. They've got quite a bit of stuff going back so I need to leave Ren here and then go take you guys out to the plane and then come back to load them and their stuff. Ok?”


Ren gave me an uncertain look. I put my hand on his arm, “Hon, his little sister has been told about you and is excited to meet you. You'll love her.”

Ok, you're coming right back ok?”


He got out and I took him up to the house. “Mama P, this is Ren. Ren, this is Mama P, she's just like a mom to me, so please feel at home here.”

Chris' little sister came over and said, “You can come over here. Chris has told me you're way better than anyone Jake's ever been with before.”

I laughed and said, “I'll be back.”

I ran out to the truck, got them to the airport and then made it back in record time. By then, Chris had gotten most of the boxes and suitcases out to the front porch. I opened up the back and began loading them. Ren came out and smiled, “I like them.”

They're nice.”

He helped me to load the back and said, “Your suitcases are so light. It's like people are afraid to pack everything.”

I chuckled. “They're going to have a moving company move them. It will be easier on them.”

When we got everything on the porch packed, we went in. “Anything else need packed?”

Chris is packing more things from his room.”

Oh man, that means no room in the plane for people!”

She laughed, “Go get him to give it up. I think he's got all the clothes he needs packed already.”

I went into Chris' room and said, “Hey, leave some for the moving man.”

I am, I just want to feel at home there.”

You will. You've got me and your family there.”

He gave me a sad look. “What am I going to do about my car?”

Either we'll road trip back, or we'll have it shipped. Don't worry about it.”

I feel like I'm leaving everything behind me. “

I know, but you're not. We'll still be back here.”

But when that all ends, we'll be out there.”

Not really, I've got a house here and the little house here, so I'm going to be here on and off.”

When? Your time is full.”

During the off season. I'm trying to get a lot of commercials in so I'm way ahead. That way, when it's time to take time off, I can.”

How many did you film today?”

Let me think. I did one Nestle, two GM, three Burger King, one Pizza Hut, One Pepsi, and one Stein.”

That's nine fucking commercials dude!”

Yeah, but they said they got footage of me playing which can have some things done to them. So, I might be ahead more than I know.”

How'd you do all of them?”

It was easy. Andy's good. He does what I want and doesn't argue about perfection. By the way, I got the pumpkin I'm going to throw down in Dallas.”


Hickman's IGA.”

You had time to do all that and grocery shop!”

Yeah, now throw me my apron so I can cook a ten course meal.”

He laughed, “You're crazy.”

It helps.”

Renaldo is a keeper. I'll tell you that now. I like the guy and I don't even know him really.”

Your sister told me you told her a lot about him. He likes you guys too.”

How's mom around him?”

She's great.”

You do realize he's way good looking, right?”


He's got looks which just blow me away. And, he's so little I feel protective of him.”

I know. I do too.”

Good, I know he really likes you.”

I'm taking it slow. After thinking I was in love and thinking I was doing it all right...and falling on my face, I'm going to take it slow.”

Don't. With him, he's the one and I feel it.”

Jared probably helped in that.”

Yeah, but it's like his soul is just here to warm all of us. I can't describe it, but I know he's the one for you.”

I'll be good to him.”

I know you will, or I'll kick your ass!”

Oooh, little brother, do you have the hots for my guy?”

NO! I just feel like your guy is my little brother even though I know he's older than me.”

I know. It's his way he seems vulnerable.”

Well, let's get to going.”

He had a big box and I said, “Chris, that's not going to fit through the door of the plane much less in the Suburban.”

It's the only one we had left!”

How'd you even get it in here.”

Damn, I folded it in here.”

Leave it. We'll get more of your stuff tomorrow.”

You're going to be busy tomorrow.”

If you need me to, I'll land the plane here after the Leno Show and we'll load more in then. We'll get it all. All I have on Thursday is the Key to the city thing and that's it. On Friday, I've got to get a bunch of stuff done for the team and then, we've got to get the game played here and then, the prom, and then get to Dallas.”

That's going to be a busy night.”

Yeah, but it's going to be amazing. I think it's been a long time since we've beaten Helias.”

Are we going to beat them?”


I could've kicked Eppelsheimer's ass today after what he did to Ren.”

Did you tell mama p what he did?”

No, that's too fuckin' gross.”

Grant's pissed. I bet he does tell ESPN what he did.”

I bet so too and he deserves it told.”

We went out of the room and he shut off the light. “I'm ready mom.”

Ok, we're all ready here. I'll call your dad and tell him we're on our way.”

She picked up the phone and Stephanie came over. “Jake, when I get a boyfriend, I want you to pick him out for me.”

How about a boy named Adam Turlock.”


Do you know him?”


Well, he's about to move to Akron too. His mom and dad are going to work with yours. It might be good if you're friends with him because his brother just died.”

Really? Ben died?”

Yeah, his heart.”

She started to cry and said, “I liked Ben.”

I hugged her and said, “Honey, he's with the angels now.”

They live right over there!”


She pointed at the house and I said, “Chris, come with me.”


I want Adam to know where you live and that you're a star for our team too.”

We went across the street and I knocked on the door. Mr Turlock came to the door. “Jake! Come on in!”

Hi, This is Chris Powers. I didn't know you guys were neighbors until I was telling him about taking Adam under our wing. His sister Stephanie knew Ben and liked him. They're going to be moving to Akron also and his dad is the one who will be your boss.”

Right over there!”

Yeah. It's a small world, isn't it!”

I thought he worked for the factory.”

He did, but before that, he managed the soda distributor, so it's right along what he did here.”

Oh man, if I'd known...”

Well, now you do and I think it's just uncanny. Is Adam around?”

He's in watching your football game again on television. We have it taped. Listen, I want to thank you for all you're doing for us.”

Don't mention it. It's nice to meet good people.”

He's going to be all excited to tell everyone he was in a commercial.”

It should be playing sometime next month.”

Chris smiled and said, “He filmed nine commercials today. He's going to be all over television.”

Really? Who all did you film for?”

Nestle, General Motors, Pizza Hut, Stein Brewing, Pepsi, and Burger King. I've got to do some Kentucky Fried Chicken, Long John Silvers, and Taco Bell yet, but then I've got to do Frito Lay commercials also.”

Man, you're busy.”

Yeah, but it's real good money. Listen, what I'll do if you'd like is I'm going to be filming a lot of commercials. If you'll allow me to, I'd like to have Adam fly with me to St. Louis sometime to do a Stein Christmas commercial.”

Doing what?”

It's a feel good piece. He's got the look I need and what I want to do is film him looking out the window by a Christmas tree and asking if he's here yet... then, I want me riding on the beer wagon with the full team and them, dropping me off with the dog barking and me coming up all decked out in the Angels coat to give him a coat.”

He smiled, “I nearly got tears in my eyes. I can imagine the bells jingling on the horses and everything.”

It's going to have Happy Holidays written across it with a beer bread recipe. If your wife would like, she and you could be in it. We've just got to have snow for the scene.”

I was watching The Weather Channel and they're saying Michigan is going to be getting hit hard in the next few days.”

Let me call Pete and see if I can get the team up there for Friday. Would you guys be open to Friday?”


I opened my phone and dialed. “Hello?”


Yeah Jake.”

I need the team of horses to go up to Michigan by Friday. They're supposed to have snow and I want to film a Happy Holidays commercial then.”

I'll tell them. DO you have a location?””

No, but I need a white two story with a big front yard. I'll also need a Christmas tree in front of the picture window with frost on the windows.”

Ok, I'll get my ad people on it. My distributor up there has that, but his house is a brick.”

Ok, then we'll do that. I've got the family I want to do the commercial. Is that ok?”

You're not going to be in it?”

I'm in it. I'll lay it out to your real fast. What's happening is the little boy is at the window asking if he's here yet and the mom saying no because it's snowing. Then, I come down on the team and get off while they wait and the dog barks. I run up and give him an Angels jacket and they give me beer bread. The scene freezes and then there's your script across the bottom saying Happy Holidays from our family to yours. Then you flash the beer bread recipe with some holly on the corner of the screen.”

Ok, it's marvelous.”

I've already got one in the can for you. I had a little old lady look at them and she said yours was the best I filmed today.”

How many did you film?”


Jeez, you're moving on them!”

Yeah, but I'm doing them as I think of them.”

You're doing good. I'll speak with you later. I'm about to sit down to dinner.”

Ok, I just wanted permission to use the team.”

You'll have them. He's in suburban Detroit.”

Ok, we'll be there.”

I hung up and said, “It's a go for Friday. He's got a distributor who has a house.”

Chris chuckled, “If you didn't notice Mr Turlock. He thinks of these all the time. I've not seen the ones he's done, but I bet they're all good.'

We were in one he thought up on the fly and it's real good. It took us totally by surprise.”

I turned to Chris, “That was the third one at the Burger King. Mrs Watson said the first one was the worst of the nine I filmed, but it wasn't bad. She said the people who worked there spoke too fast.”

Who has them?”

Andy. He's on the plane waiting for us.”

Can I watch them on the way back?”

Yeah, but we gotta get you in here to Adam and get your autograph to him.”

Maybe if I'm lucky, he'll have the touchdown I did on there.”

Mr Turlock showed us Adam's room. He was surprised and said, “Man! I was just watching you!”

I brought Chris over. He wants you to have his autograph.”

He's just the guy across the street.”

He's the player number 58 on that game.”



Oh man!”

He fast forwarded it and then showed Chris' touchdown. It flashed Chris' name and face up on the screen and Adam looked shocked all over again. “IT IS YOU!”

Chris smiled. “Yeah, now would you like my autograph?”

Oh man, just wait until I tell the guys at school!”

Mr Turlock came over and knelt down, “How would you like to be in another commercial?”

Oh yeah! Do we get more food?”

This time you'll get money. It's for a different company.”


Stein Beer.”

The ones with the blimp?”

Yeah, but this time you've got to act a little bit.”

Ok, that'd be neat.”

I thought you'd like it. It's going to make you famous.”


Yeah, everyone across the country is going to see it.”

Oh man! All the kids at school will think I'm cool!”

Yeah, but we have to fly to Detroit to do the commercial.”


It's going to snow there.”

Can I make a snow man?”

Yeah, we'll make a snow man and make another commercial doing it. This time, I'll get you Pizza Hut food, ok?”

Oh man!”

Mr Turlock said, “Kid, I can see that. It's going to be wonderful.”

We might get a few more filmed up there for all the Pepsi brands.”

You've got all those contracts?”

Yeah, each brand is like a separate contract. It's one huge contract, but it's going to keep me on the move from all sorts of locations. I'm going to get as much milage out of each location as I can, but it's a bit tough.”

How's that?”

Ok, let's say I fly into the Grand Canyon. I throw back a Mountain Dew and ahh, then, I drive up in a Chevy Pick up and then tote the new Firebird on the desert highway. Then, I've got to go to Vegas, throw back a Pepsi, do a Corvette, eat Kentucky Fried, go to the lake out there and say Long John Silvers is the best fish, and then pull away in a Pontiac Transport. Then, We fly to Colorado to show a Van pulling into Aspen, throw back a Pepsi, eat a Taco Belgrande, get a cabin and watch football eating Lays and then, drive off in a Sunbird.”

You've got to juggle a lot.”

It's hard remembering what I've got to do and what I need to do. Nestle's got a lot of bars I need to push and Lord help me if I need to push a promotion or contest. And in all that, I forgot Stein Beer.”

You'll get it done.'

Yeah, but that's all going to be next week. In the mean while, I've got to get ready for an NFL league owners meeting the following weekend down at Tan-Tar-A, and find time to practice, and be on interview shows.”

Chris laughed, “Throw in a Trans Am commercial tomorrow out in Burbank when we do Leno.”

You should be talking! You've got to wedge yours in and get them going.”

Mr Turlock asked, “What do you have?”

McDonald's, Coke, and whatever else.”

Man, you've got good contracts too!”

He got them for me. Well, he's getting them for all of us guys. We're pushing more stuff than you can imagine.”

I said, “Let's get to going.”

I shook Mr Turlock's hand and said, “Give me a call when Ben's funeral is.”

It's on Thursday.”

Ok, I'll come and pay respects tomorrow night.”

We appreciate it Jake.”

Thank you guys.”

We left and Ren came running over, “Where'd you go?”

To the neighbor's house. That family at Burger King lives there.”


Chris' mom said, “We're ready guys.”

We got into the Suburban and drove out to the airport. Once there. We got everything into the front of the jet and sat around the cabin. I noticed the table was gone and saw it had been raised to the ceiling.

That's cool!”


The table. It goes up to the ceiling.”


That right there is the table. It comes down and we sit around it.”

Oh, that's neat.”

I leaned over and asked, “Andy, could you let them see the commercials I did?”

Sure, two can watch at a time if we sit them together.”

Chris' mom and Chris sat together and watched the commercials. When she was finished watching the Stein one, she said, that house is gorgeous!”

That's my house I bought. It's over on Tulip Drive.”

Oh man! I didn't even know we had anything like that in town.”

As you can see, I filmed the Pepsi, Pizza Hut, and the Stein there. It maximized the use of the location. Now, if I had just remembered to eat a Nestle' candy bar out front!”

Chris laughed, “You're going to be so fat from all that eating.”

Andy laughed, “No, that candy bar. He took that one bite and threw the rest away. He never ate that food at Burger King and the Pizza he gave to Mrs Watson. As you see, he sold you beer without drinking it.”

I said, “Andy, we need to talk about the schedule for next week.”


Well, let Ren and Steph watch the commercials and then we'll talk.”


He played them the videos and Stephanie was real impressed. “You're going to be on tv?”

Yeah hon.”

Oh man!”

Talk to Chris and he might be able to get you on some of his commercials.”

He's doing them too! Why can't I?”

You're going to be in them with him.”

Andy put the camera down on the floor and said, “Everyone sit back. I'll put down the table.”

He pushed a button on the wall and the table lowered. A leg rose out of the floor and with a whir and a pop, it was standing on it's own. I watched all the gizmos retract back into the ceiling and said, “Who would've thought my first robot would be in a plane!”

It's pretty cool, but it's pretty expensive. You paid four hundred grand for that table.” Andy said smiling.


You heard me. Ted Turner has a plane like this and he balked at the table option. I imagine you told them you wanted the best, so you paid for it.”

Jeez, I didn't even order it. I like it, but man, four hundred grand for a table. That's ridiculous.”

Andy got out a notepad. “What's on the itinerary tomorrow?”

We go to New York in the morning super early to do the Today show. Then, we fly back. Then there's not much until practice. We fly to Missouri and then, we stay there until time to go to Burbank to do Leno. I'd like to do some shots at the Pacific ocean for Slice soda and then, do a Trans Am on the Pacific Coast highway. If I could get to a pier, I could do a Stein and then possibly sneak in something else.”

How about a Nestle commercial?”


We've got Leno at eight pm. That's the priority. Other than that, I've got to scan contracts and treat lawyers like children.”

Oh Thursday, I've got the Key to the City from the mayor and that's it. I can film a lot then except I've got to get to Missouri and practice.

On Friday, that's a big day. It's going to start early and run all the way to the wee hours on Saturday.”

What's going then?”

Sheesh, on Wednesday, we have that funeral visitation for Ben. I'll need my suit with me.”

Chris nodded and then asked, “Ren, do you have a suit?”

Which brand?”

I'd say that answered it Chris.”

I turned to mama P and said, “If you saw the way he packs, you'd understand why elephants were used to haul some people's luggage.”

She smiled, “It can't be that bad.”

Do you know those steamer trunks?”


“Four of them. FULL! They were heavy.”

Ren smiled real big. “I've got a lot of clothes and shoes!”

I patted his hand. “I'm glad you've got them at the penthouse. They're where you can just travel light from now on.”

Andy asked, “What's on Friday?”

We've got to send the little jet to Missouri to get the Turlock's...the family who was at the Burger King. They're flying to Michigan because we're going to be in snow up there. We'll fly up there and film the Stein holiday commercial and then, we'll do a lot of other commercials.”

Do a Nescafe commercial.”

Did I get them?”

IF you got Nestle, I imagine you have them.”

Let me review the contract. I think I just got candy bars. If I didn't, I'll call them.”

Andy asked, “What else on Friday?”

We have to be in Missouri for the game. Then, we've got prom. I gotta go and there's no way out of it. Chris needs to go too.”

I'm not going.”

You're up for Homecoming King too!”

Robbie's up for it also.”

I'll get it.”

Chris asked, “How do you know?”

Have you ever seen the movie Carrie? That's me.”

Mama P and Andy laughed.

After the prom, we've gotta load up and fly to Dallas. Once there, we've got to get Ren ready to fly to Anaheim so he can do a show on Saturday.”

What are you doing Saturday?”

Interviews, but that's Saturday night.”

When is Renaldo's show over?”

I looked at Ren and he said, 'It's over in about two hours.”

He's doing it at two. He's got to be there at noon and that means he's out of there at four Pacific time. That's six our time. I'll be starting interviews about then.”

Could you shoot commercials on Saturday?”

Yeah, that's no problem.”

Stein has a brewery in Houston. We could jet down there and get a location shot and then, get an ocean shot for some car commercials. We really need to stay up on all the food commercials because we're going to be really out of pace with them.”

That's why I want to schedule next week. I see three days of next week as being Grand Canyon on one day. Las Vegas on one day. Then, Apen, Colorado on one day.”

Andy said, “I'm going to call all the other crews in. With the amount of shooting we're going to be doing for you, there's no other time for the other guys. They'll need crews shooting everyone and doing about everything.”

Ok, Remind me to tell Jan so she can get them suites reserved at the Clarion.”

He nodded. “I'm glad you don't have anything else on for us to wedge in Jake. It's a busy schedule. I don't know how you're going to do it for fifteen years, but I can see why you did it.”

It's my hope to be ahead and have time off.”

We can do that, but it's going to be a tight schedule. I'll need to see your contracts to see what is required of you.”


One lucky thing for you is you can wear your jersey in most every one of them. It's when you go to wearing clothes out of the jersey we've got to be careful. You'll have to have lots and lots of different sets of clothes which can't be worn again on television.”

Why not?”

IF you do commercials in them, it looks like you're wearing the same thing day after day after day. You've got to look fresh. Now, your hair being styled in the one way you want, it'll be a signature style for you, so we need to get that done.”

When are they going to do it?”

She's slow. I'll tell you now, when you want hair done, she's the wrong person for what you want. The make up guy is good, but he's a waste of money. You're going natural, so you should nix him.”

Ok, get my hair cut and then get rid of her. And just fire the makeup guy.”

I would.”

I'll do it tomorrow. Now, will you shoot Ren's commercials?”

I agreed to it, so we'll find time.”

Ok, I'll find out what Dan's got for him. We're talking GE for him, so it'll be decent money.”

They'll have him come there. They're real particular with their image. He'll work hard for his money from them.”

I turned and looked at Ren. “Is that something you want to do?”

You know my schedule. Do I have time?”

More than me, but if we look at it as you having a day job and then practice, we can get you there and have nights together.”

He smiled. “Just remember I've got to be in Spain for three months.”

I know. I want to be far enough ahead, I can be there with you.”

He smiled and Andy said, “We can film a lot there. Their locations are beautiful.”

I'll do it, but I'll tell you now when the bullfighter is in the ring, I'm there.”

That'd be fine. We might be able to do some shots while there.”

I asked, “We need a good camera guy for Chris. If he's wrapped up like I am, then he's going to have a full schedule.”

I know a guy named Steve Anderson. He's good.”

Will he get the same art shots that you do?”

He does high quality work. A lot of his shots are in National Geographic, and on a lot of CNN nature shots.”

Good, we need someone who works well with animals.” I said smiling.

Mama P chuckled, I looked over at Stephanie and she'd sacked out.

Chris said, “Hey! At least I get variety eating McDonald's.”

Yeah, and I get variety eating around the world with all mine. You just remember to throw a Big Mac my way every now and again and I'll throw you a burrito or something.”

Andy said, “I'm going to call in four camera men I know. I have a feeling we'll need them all. Is that ok?”

Yeah, bill it to the companies they're shooting for, but that's fine.”

I'm planning on doing that, what did you find about mine?”

Each one wants you to bill for theirs. If you charge them a hundred grand, you earned nine hundred grand. That's not bad.”

He smiled, “No, it's the best day of earnings I've ever done.”

Mine was on Sunday. Today was a good day, but Sunday beat everything hands down.”

Chris kicked me under the table.

Andy asked, “How much did you make on Sunday?”

Half a billion.”

Jeez! What'd you do to make that?”

Played a game of football and won. The idiot I bought the team from, bet me I wouldn't win. I did. Now I can't find him in order to get paid.”

I'd count it lost.”

No, he'll want paid for the team and I'm not going to do it until he gives it to me.”

What happens if he takes everything else and runs?”

I've got the contract for the team. I'm happy.”

I slapped my forehead, “Damn, I'm supposed to have that network man from NBC ride back with me tomorrow!”


I'm supposed to buy most of their company. Well, I'm buying a billion dollars worth. I figure it ought to be about a third of the company.”

Chris looked astonished, “You got that sort of cash laying around?”

I own a Savings and Loan and I've got contract assurances coming in. What I'll do is I'll have the Savings and Loan run to China and borrow it at one percent and then, as the checks come in from the commercials, I'll have the Chinese paid back. It works out good.”

You need collateral.”

No, the guy and I worked out a deal.”

When did you do that?”

Sunday night when they were afraid my pecker on the television was going to get them sued. He and I talked and he agreed to sell me that much.”

Andy smiled, “You did good. It's a real good investment.”

I figure it is. I figure if I spin my cable company off to Time Warner, then I'll have the money paid back in no time.”

Chris asked, “How much is that worth?”

I heard around six hundred million. That's what it was appraised at, but it could be up to eight hundred. You know they'll try getting me to sell for less, but I think I'll make money at the six hundred low ball figure.”

How's that?”

I bought the assets of that Savings and Loan for half a billion. There was a lot there, but the cable company was their cherry. I'm selling it because I can't do anything with it. They can, so it works for them.”

Ok, so that leaves you four hundred million in debt for NBC.”

Yeah, but I've got my contracts. I can lend out the six hundred million for car loans and things like that. I'll do it, but what I won't do is touch credit cards and real estate unless I'm buying it for myself.”

Chris asked, “What's a good solid investment for me to put my money into?”

You're going to have the contract for cell towers all over Japan, so I'd work on getting those up. That's going to explode and when it does, you want to have it everywhere.”

I'll start doing that.”

Andy was looking at us like he was astonished. “DO you realize you're talking about money like it's nothing?!”

Yeah, it gets to be that way. Look at it like it's a Monopoly game. You control something like a railroad but instead of it being a railroad, he controls a countries cell phone towers. Me, I've got most of the state of Colorado with Grant and then we're going into the entire continent of Australia. Colorado is paying for Australia and that's cool because when it's covered, I'm going to shoot my share into an undeveloped country like Brasil and cover it for myself.”

But you're talking lots and lots of money here.”

No, it's rather cheap to get into cell towers. Look at Moberly. Four cell towers for the whole town and those were five grand each to put up. With us, we did it by getting a whole state and what you're not seeing is Colorado Springs, Denver, Aspen, Vail, and Pueblo are paying for the rest of the state.

With Ren's money, I'd have him all over Madrid, Barcelona, and most of the larger cities in Spain with his towers. The cities would pay for the smaller towns and they'd fill in. Eventually, he'd be mega rich, and he'd have it because he got in on the ground floor.”

Ren said, “Then I want you to do it.”

I'll call the man tomorrow. What we'll do is we'll order the towers you can afford and get them put up. Let them pay for themselves and fill in the rest of the country. The rush is to get your own country. After that, it's pay as you go.”

Andy smiled. “So you're saying you're doing cell phone towers as sort of a hobby?”

Here's the deal. We started it here. Ten years ago, you never heard of a cell phone. Five years ago, it was for the really wealthy. Three, they started selling them, but now, it's almost becoming a thing of where everyone needs one.

The advantage of it is there are some areas here which are still needing them. If you can get a string of smaller towns and tie them all in together, then you're using the same amount of towers as a city. You've got a lot of people, so you're doing good.”

How much to get invested?”

I'll ask what's still available here. When I first started with the man, he was like 'name your town and you can have it'. Now, you really have to have him search to find them.

For me, he's got a list of available ones he can just tell me where they are and how many towers need put up. So, let's say a tower cost five grand. You get a lot of little towns about ten miles apart in rural Texas. The good thing there is you have a tower for that town and it's acting as a repeater for the others. You can get invested in a lot of those sorts of towns for little or nothing...maybe thirty grand and you've got six towns.

They want the service, but it's going to take a while to get them to catch on. When you get the kids to using them, the parents want them and suddenly, you've got a lot of them being used. The pay back is four months on the things, but by twelve and sixteen months, you're reaping a windfall of like a hundred to a hundred and fifty percent of your investment per month.”

Oh man!”

Yeah, so let's say Ren spends three hundred grand in Spain. That buys sixty towers which covers several large cities. His pay back is four months. In four months, he's got three hundred grand to put another sixty towers up. I'd concentrate on larger towns and cities and get that investment back and then start filling in. That way, when the explosion happens in a year to sixteen months, he's putting up towers all over the place and he's suddenly making money big time.

Now, the advantage of this is a lot of lesser developed countries don't have a good quality phone service period. When you go in, they have to use cell phones and it's like you're the only one there. You have a captive market, but what you don't know is you can invest in a cable company like what I've got and be their cable television supplier too. With Cable will come more money because you'll find people who won't want a phone will want to entertain their families.”

Then why not hang onto your cable company.”

It's licensed for here in the Akron area. IF it was for Australia or for Spain like for Ren, then it's cool. The money is coming in. A cable company in Akron serves me no use.”

Ren asked, “So what I do is I put up the cell towers and then I cover an area, I get the rights for cable there?”

Yeah, if you can get it. If not, then get the rights for little towns. A few hundred here and there all bouncing off your towers adds up to a lot of people. The heavy investment then is the cable boxes which are ten bucks per household. You can go cheap and get them for three dollars, but you want good ones. They last a lot longer, have remote controls, and show better pictures.”

Ren smiled. “Tell the man I want Spain.”

I'll do that hon.”

We continued to talk about investments and money. As soon as we were on the ground, I called the telephone licensing office.


This is Jake Martin, I need to see if Spain is open?”

For the largest part, yes.”

Put the name Renaldo diSilva on it. He's going to be developing it. Now, what's been used from it?”

Right down on the border of the Mediterannean where the Strait of Gibralter is. The Portugese Government got that.”

Ok, all the rest is open, right?”


Good, he'll take it. He'll have it developed within five years.”

That's good. Are you helping him there?”


Good, yours are working great.”

Now, I've got another question. It's a bit tougher, but I need to see what you've got open here in the United States.”

Oooh, only rural or sparsely populated areas. I do have the western edge of Kansas open, but I figured you guys would probably develop into there.”

We'll take it. I'll tell Grant he's going to develop into there. We might only stick along interstates, but who knows.”

It's a good plan. Now I do have a lot of Iowa available. Interestingly, I see most of the north open with the exception of the I-80 corridor.”

Ok, put the name of Andy McDowell on that.”

Who's that?”

He's my videographer. I'm making a lot of commercials and he's making a fortune filming me.”


Yeah, you're going to see me on a whole lot of commercials within the next month. I signed a bunch of contracts for the next fifteen years and six billion guaranteed.”

Oh, that's going to be real good for you.”

While I'm thinking of it, could you patch me into John's office?”


I've got a deal for him if he wants it.”

Ok, he might be gone for the day. Do you want me to get you to his cell?”


He went silent and then I heard a ringing. “Hello?”

John, this is Jake Martin. I've got a deal you might be interested in.”

What's that?”

I just bought a savings and loan. The assets have a cable company there which I can't use.”

How much are you wanting for it?”

The least I can take is six hundred million. The value of it now is eight.”

You sure you don't want it? We're going into something real good in about five years with them.”

No, I'm developing with towers all over the place. The money would be spent better for me to put it into towers.”

How about we do a swap? I'll get you eight hundred million in towers if you sign it over to me.”

Ok, but with that many towers, I'll need to ask for Brasil. Let's check and see if it's open. I think it is. For that, I think most of South America is open.

I've got to throw up towers in Australia and do a lend on some in other parts of the world.”

How's that going to go?”

As you know, you're not letting me invest in my name, so I'm putting into investing groups with friends.”

IF you want South America, open a corporation without divulging you're the soul owner of it. If you do that, we're not going to look to hard into it.”

Ok, I'll do that. We'll need to do the major metropolitan centers down there and get those covered, but I'm not sure how many that would take.”

“I'll have them do a study and see. You might be having a whole lot left over.”

Would you work with me on it?”

I'll get you connected to the right people.”

I'll get you that cable company. Sign me up for the all of South America. That's amazing because I'm into two full continents.”

IF you wanna go for three, I'll give you Africa!”

Hell, why not. We can ship the remaining towers over there. It might work out.”

He chuckled, “Ok, in one full swoop, you've got most of our southern hemisphere covered.”

What Asian countries do you have open?”

Singapore, is open, I know.”

Put that into Chris' name.”

Wait, I'm walking in there now.”

I heard him speaking to my phone guy. He came back open, “Malaysia, Hong Kong, Tibet, most of China, and as you know, Chris already has Japan. When's he putting towers up over there?”

He's one I'm going to be doing lends with.”

How about we ship two thousand over there for him and get those put up?”

Ok, do that for all his countries.”

If you do that, I'll get him Vietnam, North and South Korea, Laos, Cambodia, and India.”

How many towers will that take?”

Surprisingly, I'm seeing you at less than twenty five thousand of them gone.”

Ok, do that. Now, can we do the same with Renaldo's area in Spain?”

Ok, I see Renaldo diSilva on Spain. I'm seeing twelve thousand there.”

Ok, do that and now I'm still around a hundred and twenty thousand towers. DO a lend with Grant in Australia for what it takes there.”

That's a bit different because you're going around the outskirts of the country.”

Right, however, I want along that main highway system there into the interior.”

That's a good thought. Ok, Hang on. I'm running my cursor down there and I'm seeing you at eight thousand for Australia.”

Good, use whatever, but that's leaving me a hundred and ten thousand there.”

You're going to need forty one thousand for your South American.”

Ok, do those and what about Africa?”

Major Metros there, right?”


You're at less than five thousand off.”

Ok, so I'm at about sixty five thousand left, What am I going to do with those?”

Why don't you put them in up through Saudi, Iran, Iraq, the smaller countries there. In through Turkey, through Mongolia, China, and into Russia.”

IS all that open?”


Ok, now what did I just spend in towers?”

You've got about twenty two thousand left.”

“What countries in Europe?”

Let me mess around here and get them gone for you.”

Whatever he got for Andy over here, give him the towers he'll need for those areas and I'll lend to him also.”

Ok, that's only about fifty gone.”

Ok, let me know what I've got. When you figure it out. It sounds like I'll have to really concentrate on getting some store fronts opened.”

He chuckled, “Let me see what I can do. You're going to be a very wealthy young man.”

Yeah, but it's no good if I can't get the phones sold.”

I hear your team is going to represent us on phones.”

Yeah, but I've not heard back on contracts. I was hoping to hear.”

We're still figuring numbers there. If you get me multiliguists, I can do a whole lot more.”

We'll do them. I can and I know Renaldo can. I'll amaze you with the number of languages we'll come up with, but what I need is a backdrop so I can start filming.”

I'll get my people on it. Now, do you have a room we can use there for it?”

Yeah, we can use in my stadium a room.”

About the stadium, are you interested in advertising there?”

Yeah, but I haven't sought it because I'm going to tear it down and rebuild in the next few years.”

I'll work with you on it. Let me crunch some numbers and get with you tomorrow.”

Ok, if you call and I'm not able, please understand because I'm fighting a busy schedule. Now, the next question I've got for you is this, tomorrow, I'm going into talks with NBC about buying a portion of their company, are you interested in that?”

How much?”

About a third of the company. I'll go in with you if you agree to throw a billion into it.”

Hell yeah!”

Good, I'll tell the man.”

Get as much as you possibly can. I'll do halves with you on what you can get.”

Alright, I'll swing what I can. How do you want to do the financials on that?”

Tell me what we got and I'll get you a check.”

Ok, that's a good plan. I'll get off here.”

Bye Jake.”

I hung up and Chris was staring slack jawed. “You just fucked that man over the phone!”

Andy was smiling real huge and said, “I can't believe what I just heard. You just got fifteen percent of NBC without investing a dime.”

I smiled, “Well, that's how you get it done!”

Mama P smiled, “Jake, I'd say shame on you, but that was the best slick job I've ever heard.”

Chris high fived me and everyone had red faces from blushing. Renaldo asked, “What did you just do?”

Hon, I traded a cable company which had no use to me. In return, I got enough cell phone towers to do all of what you guys need and me two whole continents plus the one I share with Grant. Chris is owning a whole lot now and I think I just went to owning more cell phone towers than could be thought.”

He smiled, “Why are they saying you're slick?”

Oh, NBC is a network. I sort of spent the money I had planned to buy them on cell phone towers. I would've had to spend out of pocket, but I offered the man half for him to put up all the money. He agreed, so that's nice.”

He smiled, “There's a word for that.”

Chris said, “In our country we call him a shyster.”

Bandito.” Renaldo smiled.

Both” Andy said giggling. “However, I'm not complaining. It just took me totally by surprise.”

I said, “Seriously, they're going to come and set up a set for us to film commercials for them. We'll have to do them in every language and dialect we can come up with, but it's going to be pretty simple. It's just saying the same thing over and over again until we're insane, but Renaldo knows languages and I do.”

Chris smiled, “I speak dialects of English, so I can help.”

Mama P looked shocked, “You do not!”

Mom, I do to! There's English, New Yawkuh, red neckese, yolkel, hillbilly, and suhthuhnuh.”

She smiled, “If you dare, I'll say you're really Jake's brother.”

He smiled, “As slick as he is, I couldn't compare. I think he just made today his finest day with money.”

Tomorrow. Today I invested eight hundred million in the future. Our futures. Tomorrow, I'm going to be a little selfish and do it for me. By the way, I need to call Grant and tell him what I did for he and I.”

He's going to shoot you!”

No, he'll tell me I'm being self centered and selfish. He'll feel like he was left out and it all should be about him.”

IF he does, he'll deserve you popping him in the mouth again.”

Mama P said shocked, “You didn't!”

Yeah, I did. He said something way out of line and I popped him in the mouth. He went down, so I guess I got him when he wasn't expecting it.”


Mama P, if you heard what he had said, you'd probably done it yourself.”

There's no call for violence.”

Chris said, “Mom, the games Grant has played on him have been bad. I've put up with watching it and it's just been a gradual thing to where Grant has kept it up and kept it up to to the point that what he said today sorely needed it to happen.”

What did he say?!”

He signed everything that he owns into half mine and his names. He said it was because he didn't have any heirs and that my dad helped build what he built everything up from, so I deserved it. NOW, he says I basicly blackmailed him because he fucked with an underage kid.”


Yeah, had I known he was going to use that against me, I wouldn't have allowed him to do it. Right after he said it, I popped him in the mouth and told him to get it all out of my name, that I didn't need him, and I sure didn't need his money.”

That stupid man! Doesn't he know?”

He does now. He apologized, but I was ready to throw him out of my life for good.”

You should've!”

Well, it's all better now, but it was real tense for about twenty minutes.”

Ooh, I have it in mind to give him a piece of my mind!”

We can't. We've apologized and forgiven, but that's what got said.”

You've given to him in more ways than you should've and he said THAT?!”

Well, now you know what was felt underneath. I'm done investing with him and unless it's something I agree to like improving the size of the Pizza Hut there, I'm not going to get into working with his things.”

I don't blame you.”

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