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The Queen of Gay Romance”


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Notes From Retta:

This story is written mostly as a retro piece. I intentionally made sure some prices were lower and I made sure the older stars were used in the piece. You need to realize this was written in the era of Bush I (around 1991). I did it from memory, so sue me if it's not completely accurate.

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Chapter Thirty:

When I hung up, we were in the penthouse. I thought of something and called Mike right back.


It's me. Look for some people out in Silicon Valley and see if you can find these companies.”

Ok, which ones?”

Google, Yahoo, and eBay. Ebay is going to be in the bay area up near San Francisco. Also, look into stocks for the big lumber companies with the Pacific last Louisiana Pacific, Georgia Pacific, and so on and so forth.”


First of all, in '93, a massive flood happens here in the Midwest. The deman for board feet of lumber makes them sell tons more. Also, we've got huge hurricanes which are happening which make Hugo look small.”


Yeah, but always keep ahold of the Stein stock when we get it.”

Ok, I'll do that.”

Thanks Mike.”

We hung up and I hugged Ren. “That phone is done for the day.”

You have to get up early.”

Yeah, but we've got to feed you.”

I turned and said, “Hi Jordan.”

Hey, how'd it go?”

Real well, I'm officially worth way more than ten billion now and can't tell the world because it'd hurt this take over I've got planned.”

What take over?”

Tomorrow, I'm going to own controlling interest of NBC.”


Yeah, isn't that cool?”

What are you going to do with it?”

Well, I don't know, but I think it's cool. Just think, when you take a look at the giant Christmas tree in New York, you'll see it in my skating rink and right in front of my building.”

What building?”

Rockefeller Center.”

Is that a big building?”

Yeah, it's famous too.”

Cool, it'd be neat if you could get something like the Empire State Building, or something.”

Yeah, but it's leased by the Helmsleys and they're not cool.”

Never heard of them.”

This woman has the nickname, 'the Queen of Mean' and she's living up to it.”


Yeah, hateful, hateful, hateful.”

Ok, so what are you going to do with NBC?”

I don't know but I want to shake Bill Cosby's hand and tomorrow night, when we're on Leno, I want to smile and think he's one of my employees.”

Cool! I never thought of that!”

Yeah, so when you think about that, just know all those stars on that channel are like my employees now....well, tomorrow they will be.”

He smiled, “You know, you don't seem that rich.”

I know. It's weird how you're going to be a sudden celebrity because you and I share an apartment.”

Well, you're my guardian, so that is why.”

Yeah, but I need to speak with you and Ren here in a moment.”

Ok, what are you making?”

What's Doll' got in here good for us?”

There's loads of stuff. Try that meat loaf because it's the best I've ever eaten.”

Meatloaf, yuck.”

Try it. I bet you think different.”

He reached in and tore off a piece and popped it into my mouth. I chewed, “Oh man, what'd she do to it?!”

It's good, isn't it!”

Man, it takes like stuffing and yet, there's apples and cranberries in there. I'm going to call her and see.”

I dialed and Jan answered, “Hi hon.”

Hi, ask Dolly what she did to this meatloaf because it's amazing.”

That's Thanksgiving Day meatloaf. It's ground turkey, stuffing, apples and cranberries. There's sage in there and it's really healthy.”

It's amazing good. Have you tried it?”

She made us one too.”

Tell her I'm impressed. If she cooked like this for the loggers, I bet no one left the camp!”

She chuckled. “How'd business go?”

Well, as of tomorrow, I'm going to have controlling interest of NBC, so take a look at that channel and realize those people are like employees of mine. Also, pat me on the back because I'm like a ten billionaire now...well, a little more, but it's kinda cool.”

You know when word gets out your world is going to change, don't you?”

Yeah, that's going to suck, but if it gets me to meet some famous people like Princess Diana and Elton John, that's cool.”

You could just about ask to meet anyone and get to meet them.”

Man, that's way cool. I'll get off here.”

I got off the phone and handed the phone to Ren. “Call your mama and tell her to pack that cross on the wall or she'll forget it and miss it every day.”

How'd you know...oh, forget it!”

He dialed the phone and said, “Mama, get the cross off the wall. Jake said you're about to forget it.”

He smiled real bid and held up his thumb and then began giggling. “Yes mama, I love you too.”

He hung up and said, “She'd forgotten about it and then said to tell you thank you.”

No problem.”

We made meatloaf sandwiches and went to the living room. Jordan sat with us and put the television on mute. “Ok, what did you want to talk about?”

First of all, we're going to be moving. If you want to stay here, you're welcome to, but we're moving to a subdivision where a bunch of our friends and family will be living. Our team owns the entire thing.”

Ok, do you want me to move with you?”

You can, but I'm not telling you that you've gotta.”

Uh, what if I want a boyfriend?”

Then get one.”

I've got my eye on someone.”

Here's what I'm going to say. IF you say the name DJ, I'll tell you a flat out no. Any other name on the planet, and I'm fine.”


“Cool, he's a great guy, is cute and he's got a great dad.”

Do you think he'd date me?”

Yeah, call him and ask.”

I'm afraid.”

Ok, let me call and see if he's interested.”

I dialed the phone and Roger answered, “Hey Rog, how's your world turning?”

Great. Jack just went home and we're settling in for the night.”

Can I ask you if Aaron has a boyfriend yet?”

He doesn't, why?”

Jordan is interested in dating him.”

The quarterback?”


Cool, I know he likes him.”

Is he there?”

Yeah, let me put him on the phone.”

Aaron came to the phone and I spoke, “Hey, how's it going?”

Real good, and you?”

Can't be better, I got me a boyfriend and it's working good.”

You're a lucky dog too. He's hot!”

Well, that's what I need to ask you about, what do you think of Jordan?”

Oh man, he's hot but he doesn't know I walk the planet.”

Hang on a second, ok?”


I held out the phone and said, “Ask him.”


Do it, he thinks you don't know he walks the planet.”

Jordan took the phone and I turned to Ren. “They're going to be cute together.”


I leaned in to kiss him and before I knew it, we were laid back on the pit group really making out. I heard Jordan's voice say, “Guys, uh guys!”

I broke it with Ren and leaned up. “Yeah.”

We were in the middle of a conversation.”

Oh...yeah... Well what I want to ask you guys is about quarterbacking. Are you two going to be opposed to us doing it as a tag team?”

Like how?”

Well, what I know is when I come out, you're supposed to go in, but us having Ren on is going to not give him much time to play. The way I figure is you're not getting much time to play now and that's not fair.

Rather than have first, second, and third, I think we should just break it up, lose our egos, and realize I'm good at long passes, Ren's good at short passes, and you're good at running. It's great over all, but what I think is we should feel free enough with each other to step out and let the other play when our game requires the certain specialty.”

Jordan smiled, “That's cool. I'm for it!”

Ok, I was a bit worried. I didn't want your feelings hurt, but I think you realize you're good at running and I'm good at long passes. Well, Ren's learning, but he's a great short pass player.”

I saw that. It's like watching you only he doesn't have the distance in his throws.”

Right, but here's what I'm going to say. On Sunday, our first major play will be a long pass, but then it gets to be short passes and runs. They've got a strong defense and we'll win if we concentrate on what we're good at.

Since the guys won't be able to really break through that easily, my long passes just aren't going to be needed. I'll pull out and let you two go in and do it. However, if I'm needed, I'll definitely get in there and play.”

Ok, that'll be neat.”

Now next week, Jordan, we're playing Indianapolis. It's going to be pass city. However, the week after up in Green Bay, we're going to be using you and me, but by then, Ren's going to have jet lag something awful.”


On Saturday, he's in Anaheim. A week from then, he's in Seattle. After that, he's doing six weeks in Australia. He'll perform there and then will fly back. It's going to be exhausting for him.”

Ren stood up. “I need to unpack my clothes and you need to look at my suits.”


He went upstairs and I said, “You need to take a suit tomorrow. Speaking of which, I need to call Chris and tell him to take his also.”

Ok, but what for?”

We're going to pay our respects to a little boy who died. He was a fan of ours and our team needs to be there and show we have his family in our hearts.”

Ok, call Chris and I'll go get my suit ready to take.”

I called Chris' number, “Hello?”

Hey dude, you need to pack your suit for Benny Turlock's visitation.”

It's hanging up on the door already.”

Look up the street one house.”


I want you to have that house. Now down the street between your house and the gate is the house I'm giving to the Turlocks.”


Next to yours is going to be mine and Ren's house. Now whatever you do, I want you at that airport waiting to get them off the plane. You're going to meet Mimi and you just be you.”


That's your future wife.”

Are you sure?”


I really don't like the sound of that. You know if she turns into someone who yells a lot, she'll be a screaming Mimi.”

You just save that for the bedroom. You can get her to scream.”


Hey, don't think negative. She's super sweet and you're going to love her. She's a tiny little thing and you're going to feel protective of her. With her dark hair and dark eyes and gorgeous olive skin, you're going to walk with her and feet ten feet tall and have the eyes of everyone on you because she's that gorgeous.”


Hon, you think of a little Barbie doll with dark hair and Ren's skin tone and you've got her except she's smaller.”

Really? How old is she?”



Well, you need to pick Ren up and take a Suburban because his mom taught him how to pack. How they pack that much so fast is beyond me, but you're going to have everything full in that truck plus the roof rack.”

Oh man.”

Yeah, I'd tell you to get a small trailer, but there'd be no time.”

There's no trailer hitch on the Suburban?”

Ok, we've got to change that and get a trailer. Just do the best you can, but you're going to have to put the girls in the back with the seat rest down and a trunk between them. All in all, there's going to be eight trunks.”


Yeah, but here's where you're going to find things different than me. His mom is going to meet you and instantly think you're good enough for Mimi. With me, she's going to judge me hard and finally think I'm good enough.”


Hon, let me say something. Over there, girls aren't that well thought of. If you've got a boy, it's like having a knight in shining armor.”


Yeah, so you get her with no fight. Me, I get Ren after I pass all sorts of tests.”

Well that's good, but I think you've already gotten him.”

Me too. Now, do you have your call list to call everyone?”


Start making calls and tell them to bring suits for that visitation tomorrow night after practice.”

Ok, call Grant and tell him to start on his list.”

I will.”

I hung up and called Grant. “Hey bud.”

Hi, I need to have you call your call list and tell them to bring suits to practice for the Turlock's visitation.”


Now can you keep a secret?”



You know if I tell you I will, I will.”

“Ok, but if you don't, I'll know because there will be a bunch of people at the stadium and I'll be pissed.”

What's that?”

Sam Walton and Warren Buffett are going to be at the stadium tomorrow. We're going to do business and then, they're going with us and we're going to the visitation.”


Ok, I spoke with Warren Buffett and told him I had to do business but I couldn't mess around because I had a funeral visitation. He asked who it was and I told him. He was touched and offered to move them with one of his moving companies. Then he said he'd call Sam and tell him to offer them a Walmart card so they could have an easier start over.”

Way generous.”

I'm paying for the funeral and the cost of the burial plot out here.”


They're moving out here. They want him out here with them. So, I'm paying to have it done.”

Ok, that's nice, but you realize Jared's visitation is tomorrow night too, don't you?”

No! No one told me!”

I'm thinking about canceling practice and having us meet up and go together.”

When's his funeral?”

Thursday morning.”

Ok,I'll be there. I'll call Jan and tell her Thursday is out.”

You have that key to the city thing.”

Damn! Ok, how am I going to do this?”

Have Jan call the mayor and push it back an hour. Rather than going to the cemetery, go to the airport and have the little jet get you there to get the key.”

Ok, I'll do it. Man, that's going to be depressing.”

They're going to have school off on Thursday for it.”

Who made those plans?”

I don't know, but I didn't get told either.”

Where's it going to be held?”

At that church.”

Damn! Double Damn, that fucking church is going to be trying to claim his body. I should've been more on the ball.”

Hey, there's nothing you can do.”

No, but it doesn't make me happy.”

Me neither, but I just learned about it from my dad. He only knew about it because someone was telling him at the funeral home who embalmed him.”

Well, I'd tell you to have the Sheriff there for when we pay our respects, but he'd not show.”

I'll call and get all the deputies and cops I know to be there just the same. He may not do his job, but I can get them to.”

Good, I appreciate it.”

You're handling this better than I imagined.”

It's tough. You're right in the fact there's nothing I can do, but we're going to have to stand united and you really know them people are going to want to get to me.”

We'll speak with the team and have them throw up guards around you.”

I wish...hold on, I'll call Madonna and see if I can borrow her body guards. They'll probably know more about how to deal with a situation like this.”

Don't leave her vulnerable.”

I'm not, she's safe.”

Ok, get back with me tonight. Ok?”


I hung up and dialed, “Hello?”

Where are you?”

On my plane. Why?”

I need another big favor.”


I need some bodyguards tomorrow.”


I just found out Jared's visitation is tomorrow. It's going to be at the church of his father who killed him.”

Why is that an issue?”

His father ordered my death when I was three years old. That's why my parents were killed.”


Yeah, we kissed and the man made some comments. My dad and he got into it and he ordered me killed. They bungled it and messed up any number of ways, but finally they brought in another guy who cut my parents' brake lines and loosened the lug nuts. They were killed, so I had to move away. It let him not press it anymore, but then Jared heard some comments while growing up and he agreed to make a statement about what he'd heard.

Unfortunately, he made a comment while out on the football field that day and someone told his dad who caught him writing the statement. The man butchered Jared and in the deathfest, he also killed their daughter even more brutally. The problem was Jared walked on slit feet and dialed the phone with cut off fingers to get help there. By the time he got to the hospital, he was DOA, so now I'm going to the visitation.”

Oh man, are they going to try killing you?”

“I don't know. All I know is I'm going to that visitation with as many bodyguards and football team members as I can. I figure if they want to get stupid, then by all mean, bring it on.”

When we land, I'll send my bodyguards on, I'll send the ones from New York on out there. There will be about a dozen of them, so if anyone wants to get close to you, they're going to be pushed back.”

I appreciate it.”

Why is it at that church?”

I don't know. Someone took possession of his body and had it embalmed. IF it hadn't been for the embalmer speaking to Grant's dad, I wouldn't even known they were doing it.”

So you're crashing a funeral visitation?”

I don't know. I thought they were open to the public.”

They can have them private if the family requests it to be that way.”

His parents are both in jail.”

What about grandparents?”

I don't know. What I do know is I've got the assets frozen for the church due to my wrongful death suit I've got filed against them.”

Ooh, you might not be welcome.”

Let me see what legal ropes I can pull. I bet you if I can't be welcome I can sure padlock that church to protect my interests in the premises.”

She chuckled, “There you go, play hard ball with them. It won't bode well for good publicity, but I don't really think they want their publicity to be getting out.”

I'll take the bodyguards. If I don't need them, I'll give you a call, but I'm going to get my lawyer into action.”

Ok, I've got my cell. Call it.”


I hung up and called Mike. “Hello.”

Hi, it's me again. I need you to see if Jared's visitation is open to the public tomorrow and if not, I want you to see about slapping a padlock on the church.”

Uhhh, why?”

Unless you forgot, you've got a wrongful death suit against them. That church's assets are frozen and I can rightfully protect the assets of the building until the case has been decided.”

It's a church.”

Yeah, so? They...hang on a second. What's with the total ignorance about this case? You filed it didn't you?”


Then what's up with it?”

No date has been set.”

What religion is the judge who's deciding it? Do I need to take this out of your hands and get it to the state's attorney?”

Jake, these things take time. You're not doing too well upsetting the judges here.”

Oh, so I need to go to the press. Well, guess what I'll be talking about on the Today show and Leno tomorrow night? You kindly tell the judge to turn on this television and I'll convict them with the press.”


Mike, I'm sorry, but tonight I feel like I'm talking with Grant. If I threw out an anchor, I'd have less feet dragging than what I'm getting.”

It''s I'm getting a whole lot of flack here.”

Oh, well, mail the file and I'll hire an attorney who will get things done. Now, I'll kindly point fingers in the press tomorrow and you're going to be linked to the conspiracy which is making this thing drag. However, I'll make other calls and you will notice it's damned hard to have a funeral when the body disappears in the middle of the night. Now, I've got calls to make.”

Jake, I'll mail your file.”

So be it. If I happen to find myself arrested mysteriously, you best be advised I'll sue that county until they're bankrupt. AND, since I didn't get a copy of the restraining orders, I'll see if they happened to not be filed. IF that is the situation, you best be advised I'll have my new attorney file obstruction charges with the state's attorney and seek your license at the bar.”

Don't get this way.”

Mike, I'm sorry you're catching hell. I'll make a phone call to Mr and Mrs O and kindly lay it out to them how this is going. I bet you I can and will get a family meeting with your people damned fast. I think it's time it comes to a head anyway.”

That's none of your concern.”

Well, you didn't deny you failed to get restraining orders, so I'll go ahead and start pressing charges here. I do believe conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to commit capital murder, attempted murder, and attempted fraud and extortion all carry extraditable charges. You have a pleasant evening because my phone calls just began.”

I hung up and called Warren Buffett. “Hello?”

Hi, this is Jake Martin. I'd like a piece of advice.”


I need the best lawyer money can buy. Who do I call?”

What's it about? Nothing criminal I hope.”

Not for me. I've got a lawyer who's dragging his feet. He just quit and now, I have to find one who will go for wrongful death against a church. Then I need the lawyer to to get a restraining order for me and not care one bit I've happened to upset some judges.”

How'd you do that?”

A judge's daughter and the prosecuting attorney's son conspired to kill me. He got as far as being in my office this morning and put a pistol in my face. I threw a crystal paperweight football at him and knocked him out. I didn't seek charges, instead, we took him back to Missouri. Now I want to press the charges and get restraining orders since my lawyer didn't get them.”

Let me call an attorney friend I know there. He's got a lot of friends in high places and seems to get what he wants legally.”

What's his name?”

Vern Wheeler. He's a former judge.”

Ok, that sounds good.”

He's a night owl like us, so he'll call you.”

I appreciate it.”

I hung up and my cell rang. “Hello?”

Can we talk?”

No Mike, we can't talk. I just got Vern Wheeler on the case. Apparently, he's not afraid to get things done. If it takes money, I'll throw box cars full at it until I get what I want.”

Have you called the Oberlings?”

No, not yet, but that's only because I'm having you talk with me. They're next, trust me.”

My wife would like to speak with you.”

Sorry, if she can't show her face at my house for a barbecue and take money from our investments, then I just can't see what good it will do. She's obviously stepping in between you and duty, and you and a client. So, I'll get someone else to get that restraining orders and I'll get someone else to seek those charges. I'll also have him handle that wrongful death case and I'll just have to get off the phone so I can call them.”

You're not going to speak with her?”

Mike, listen. When Robbie is in trouble, I guess she comes down from Olympus to try to get me to back off. Well, she should've kept a pistol out of his hand and she should've kept his ass in Missouri. Instead, he's there extorting money and getting his ass knocked out.”

I guess we've got to file suit against you then.”

Good, how about I take it public and see who gets laughed out of court. You're forgetting I record every fucking thing in my offices. You're forgetting there's video of him pulling his bullshit. You're forgetting he knowingly got on a jet of mine and crossed multiple state lines with intent on committing the felonies.

You think about that because it's hitting the fan and I'm going public. Be prepared to have news cameras in your face in the morning and you best have not fucked with my money. IF you have, we don't need court.

Now, I'm getting off this phone because Mr Wheeler is calling me back. IF needed, I'll be flying back there and blowing off a Today show interview to be filing all the papers I need to in Jeff City to get you removed from office.”

Jake, let's talk calmly for a moment. I know you're right about these things. I know you know the law and I know you're probably going to be able to do everything you can. Right now, it's just a real hardship here. I've got a kid who is acting like he's possessed and running rampage in this house.”

Mike, excuse me for a second. You know what stops that little power trip?”


Force. You show him you're not backing down and you don't. Now, if you're coddling him, you just best believe Bubba's not going to go for that shit in prison. He'll be the bitch and he can rampage all he wants when Bubba's got him by the ears and has him choking on the bone.

Personally, he didn't get shit from me when he had a pistol and yet, he's not armed there and you're going against what feeds your family.

Now, let the kid grab checks out of your hand and let him decide more things for you and you ultimately have made that choice. My choice would be to show him the front door.

It's real amazing what a boot will do to an ass and gravel will do under feet to get realization to a brain.”

That might be your situation and tough love might work for you, but we don't use that brand of punishment in our household.”

Do you use it in your court? Because if you don't prosecute this when the charges come, you won't be in the office when you want re-election. I think it's damned funny when judge's kids and prosecuting attorney's kids get into trouble, they suddenly want leniency.

I'm sorry, but if they didn't learn what the law was about at the supper table, you weren't home enough. Now, get off my phone and let me make calls.”


Mike, you're to the point of costing yourself your career. You're to the point of costing yourself your family. Your to that point because you put yourself there.

Now, I've got to call the Today show and I've got to get Vern Wheeler hired and he's got to get there and get that file to see what you did and didn't file. When I find things not filed, I'm going to Jeff City personally. You best believe me there.

Now, you file your lawsuit and you file it either place. I'll have a battery of attorneys represent me and that's unless you've fucked with my money. IF you have, my next phone call is going to be to someone who definitely won't stop at a lawyer to get to someone who needs to be gotten.”

I pressed end and called Dan. “Hello?”

Hi, I know it's late, but I need some things done. Name your price, but I need them done.”

What's going on?”

Ok, you'll probably need a sheet of paper.”

Hang on.” I heard movement and then he came back on. “Ok, I'm here.”

Tomorrow night is Jared's visitation at that church. They took possession of his body and they tried sneaking it done.”

Who did?”

Your guess is as good as mine, but Mr Oberling spoke with a funeral director who embalmed him. The visitation is tomorrow night with funeral on Thursday morning.

Now, I've been told I could be kept from the visitation. I've also been told by Mike a lot of 'uh's' and 'buts' in hemming and hawing around like he's not going to do anything about suing that church.

He's also said it'd be easier if I didn't piss off judges. Well, that's the next issue.”


Kit Blackston was in on the thing with Robbie. Now, guess who didn't seek to get the restraining orders?”


It seems Robbie got home and found out he's not driving any car anymore and doesn't have a bedroom full of toys, so he's throwing a fit. Therefore, Mike can't have that, so he's letting me go as a client because I'm too difficult. I find that interesting since he earned thirty two million bucks last week. So, that's what's going on there.”

Ok, what do you want me to do?”

IF your people got the assets frozen of the church and if I'm suing them for wrongful death, don't you think I can protect my assets in that church by slapping padlocks on it?”

You want to do that?”

I'd love to do that, but it's also a misdemeanor to grab a dead body. Now, can you find someone who would do that?”


Ok, so grab the bodies and then slap locks on that church and then, find ways for me to fuck with Mike and that wife of his.”

How bad to you want to go?”

I'm willing to speak about it on the Today show tomorrow. I'm willing to spend the day in Jeff City to get his license pulled for failing a client and putting personal issues of his son first in obstruction of justice.”

Ok, now I see where it's going.”

He's admitted I've got him boxed in. He's also admitted this is all because Robbie has the house in an uproar. Now, remove Robbie from the house and get him back here to Ohio where I can get some charges on him for yesterday. When we've got the charges on him, then they're powerless there.”

I'll need your jet.”

I'll call and get it sent.”

Jake, don't fuck with Mike on this until I've got Robbie in Ohio. When he's there, you're holding the cards. He thinks that's the ace up his sleeve.”

Ok, so I won't ask you to do the other thing for me.”

“What's that?”

Asking Mike for my file so it can be brought here.”

Are you hiring Vernon Wheeler?”


You're doing good there. That man is like the Lone Ranger as far as justice goes. He goes in and doesn't care who he upsets to get things done. And when they have his back against a wall, he pulls out a camera and starts harassing them mercilessly.”

Ok, so I'm doing good there.”


Great. I'll send a jet.”

You're going to send the big jet. You're bringing Jared's body back there.”

I want his sister's body too.”

Ok, in for a penny in for a pound.”

It's twenty five dollar fines.”

Wish me luck. I've got to do a lot of this stuff myself.”

Dan, I appreciate it.”

I know you do.”

Call and see if I have my money from Vegas, or if Mike got my money. I somehow don't trust him on things.”

He's ethical to a fault. You can trust him, but I understand why you're upset. A double standard is applied when it's their kids.”

That's what I told him.”

Here's what I want you to do. I want you to do that interview up there and totally act like you got the best night's sleep and have no clue what's went on back here.”

Ok, but that church is going to be up in arms.”

Yeah, but I need to ask a question.”


How badly do you want that church?”

What do you mean?”

A church building doesn't sell for much. It takes forever to sell one and I think it makes more of an impact if we do what happened out there at Jacksonville.”

No, here's what I want done. It's going to take some doing, but it can be done.”


Take his and her body out and then hook up some fire hoses. If you use some drop clothes which are the sort which are canvas, you can nail them over the doors and windows. Then you fill it with water and it fills until someone finally catches on tomorrow morning the water lines have been running all night.”

I'll get that done.”

It's a brick building, so it'll withstand some pressure. The floors might give way, but I doubt if they do so easily.”

I think it's carpeted. If it is, that's going to help that weight hold.”

Ok, but I couldn't tell you one thing about that church. Speaking of which, I want you to do some snooping for me.”


Until tonight when I was telling Madonna about this situation, I totally blew off the fact Jared spoke about writing that statement on the football field and then getting killed while he was writing it. Someone on our football team is the one who told his dad. I'd like to know who it was.”

I'll get on that.”

I appreciate it.”

I hung up and my cell rang. I looked at the caller id.”

Hello Grant.”

You've stirred up a hornet's nest here.”

Great. I take it Mike called you?”

No, in fact, my sister did.”


She's begging me to speak with you.”

Grant. I'm sorry, but I've got to refrain from speaking about it. I've got a lawyer who is acting more and more like you in the fact he's stepping in my way. Now, I know you're acting better, but he's not.”

They're afraid you're going to pull out the cannons and start blazing away.”

I've got them in my sights Grant. I've laid out the articles of war and he's totally went off to doing everything for Robbie.

I understand Robbie is his kid, but ask yourself if he'd pull his punches if it was someone else's kid? You'd have to say he wouldn't.

Instead, he's got a wife who wants to protect a kid and a judge who wants to protect a daughter, so I'm an orphan and I'm expendable. Well, he's got my money and if you think I was all over your ass about stocks, you best believe I'll be all over him about ten billion worth of stocks.”

Would you give it until the morning?”

I'm not speaking with him again. I'm speaking with Mr Wheeler and I'm expecting to do this Today show interview, hop in a plane and fly to Jeff City where I start paperwork to lay out charges on the whole mess. THAT is what I'm waiting for until morning. You best believe me if I could get some people out of bed, I'd be doing it tonight.”

I know.”

In regards to your parents and the family meeting, you know as well as I, she's deathly afraid of that because of the fear her perfect little world will look like it's got a great big jagged crack in it.

It does, so why ignore it. Your dad would call it a crack and so will I. He's more honest that way than anyone, so that's why I want them called on the carpet.”

You're not doing things right there. I know you should do it, and I'd normally tell you to do it since it's her, but I'd like to ask you not to.”

Grant, listen. I'm going to lay the cards on the table with you. You know as well as I, my life's moving forward. I love your mom and dad, but when December is over, I'm not going to have a thing there I'm going back for. Yeah, that does mean them because I'm not going to go on a jet to fulfill my Saturday obligations.

Tomorrow morning, I'm having the little house packed and moved out here. Get what you want out of it, but it's moving when the truck rolls up.”


Because at the end of this season, I'm not going back there to practice. It's a headache and it's too disruptive for this team. I'd love to have it be my training ground, but that's got to end.”

What about me coaching?”

Hop a jet and coach. Or, hop a jet and come out. Either way, I'll have a coach with or without you. I respect you and I respect you too much to lie to you and say I'm going to disrupt life so you can have the high school team and the pros.

You know as well as I that I'm biding my time to make it to play offs there. It's that simple. When playoffs are over, I'm finished with it.

My grandma had me promise I'd go to college if I had twenty million in the bank. I've got damned near twenty billion, so I sure think she'd forgive high school.”

I'm not going to say what I think about your schooling.”

I know you've got an opinion and in an ideal world, I'd go. I'll not lie about telling you I think I need it, but Grant, running this team and doing the practices are two full time jobs. Throw in a personal life and ninety fucking commercials a week and it's burning up all my time.

Right now, Ren's upstairs unpacking and I'm sure he's seeing me down here on a phone I promised I'd lay down about thirty phone calls ago. It's not very fair to him either.”

What are you going to do?”

I told you. I'm going to burn bridges back there at the end of the season and I'm coming out here and calling it home. I've got a house to run to back there and that reminds me I've got to get her moved next Tuesday.”

Ok, do you want me to handle that from here?”

Can you? I mean, I told her I'd move her on the jet, but do you have any idea how much that damned jet is costing me?”


Practice each day is costing me twenty five grand for the jet. The fuel for it is a bitch.”

I had no idea.”

Yeah, so I'm biting the bullet on that because it's actually cheaper than keeping those other players. Just the same, I'm going to have a sit down with the guys and tell them if they want to be on the team, they've got to make the decision because next year, the practices are in the dome and I'm not moving them out of it.”

What are you going to do about Robbie and Kit?”

It's going to be a non-problem by morning. That's all I'm going to say about it. I understand why it's a problem, but they created the monster.”

What's the problem?”

They took away his toys and his car. He's throwing a temper tantrum and they don't know how to spank his bottom like a three year old. They never did it and he thought he deserved everything.

I'm willing to bet you they've given him back everything and now they're deathly afraid I'm going to throw charges on him and them.”

Are you?”

Most likely yeah.”

What can I do to get you to stop it?”

Grant, I could get really hateful and I could be a total bitch with what I'd say, so I'm not.”

What would you say?”

I'd tell you I'm sending a plane and I want all three of them on that plane. I'd tell you when they got here, we'd set three chairs out in the middle of the stadium and we'd hand the asshole a pistol and tell them there are three bullets in it and they're going to pass around the pistol until three shots are done. Their problems would be over and they'd not have to worry about it.”

So you're saying there's no way out of this one.”

I'm saying no restraining orders got filed therefore when he gets what he wants there, he's going to hop in the fucking car he's not supposed to be driving and he's going to drive out here since he can't get in my jet.

He's going to think he can throw the tantrum with me like he did them and I'm going to cave like them. I'll tell you now, the next fucking time he's in my office with a pistol, I'll be in there with my own. It won't be a crystal football that takes off his head the next time.

Now, did I create that monster? No. Did I give in to his little tantrum? No. Did I fuck up by taking him back to Missouri and hoping they would do what they should? Yeah. So, I learned from my mistake and they learned not to lie to me.”

“She said you wouldn't speak with her.”

Nope, I didn't. I'll also tell you I would've had Jared been in his body, but he's not.

I don't owe her anything because she raised a fucked up son. I don't owe her anything because she was too God damned good to come to a barbecue and play nice. I'll also tell you I don't owe her anything because until now, it's been a one way street and like Robbie, she thinks she can get it on her terms.

Well, that's not happening because I'm not playing into her power trip. I've got too many games of my own left to play.”

What are you doing?”

I'd love to trust you enough to tell you what's happening, but I don't. I realize when it's personal lives, you and them want to have a double standard. You know as well as I, if you or they called me and said Robbie had been arrested and charges were laid on what he and Kit did, we'd have me back down. Right now, that's the only way I'm backing off.”

Are you still coming this direction tomorrow?”

Yeah, and I'll also tell you there are going to be more press cameras pointing at me than you'd imagine. The second I'm arrested for any trumped up charge, a pre-recorded statement from me will be played on my network about what's happening. When that plays, the world is going to see a billionaire start swinging big hammers at the establishment and you best bet I'm not going to keep the mafia, or any option I have out of it.”

So tell them to back off.”

No, tell them to bring it on. Backing off hides the truth. Backing off is what they're doing now with Robbie and it's not causing me to back off. They're caught in the middle because they're trying to appease him when they broke their word to me. I'm not secure and he's not getting punished. So, why would I put up with a liar?”

I'll call and tell them exactly what you're doing in the morning. I imagine they'll probably want to talk about it.”

Tell them to go to bed. They've got a big day tomorrow and they've got hell in session if he's fucked with my money.”

If he has, how bad is it?”

If he has, he'll be given the option to say what he did with it before he's killed. That's how pissed I am about it. He fucked my parents and he fucked me, and he's fucked himself because he didn't fuck Robbie.”

He's painted himself into a corner.”

No, he put himself out in the middle of a lion cage with a steak around his neck. He's got more things which can take him down than I can count.

Am I backing off? No, I'm hiring a better lawyer and I'm going after everything he failed me on. Am I going to stop when the restraining order is in place? No, because he should have punished after he put it into place. He didn't do either, so I'll stop after Robbie has charges. I'll stop after Kit has charges.

I'll stop after his law license has been yanked, and I'll stop when my file is in my hands and I'm sure he's not fucked with my money.”

Ok, I'll get off here. I knew it was useless for me to speak with you about it because I know you don't back down.”

He knows I don't back down either. The question is how low will he go and how dirty will I get when he does? You might ask him to think about his options in the morning when he's hearing I landed in Jeff City because he'll see me going after him about the same time I'm going after Robbie and Kit.”

I'll get off here.”

Yeah, because I've still got to speak with Mr Wheeler and you folks have managed to keep my phone tied up.”

That wasn't my intention.”

I know, but you speaking with me didn't get me to cool off one bit.”

I know.”

Well, I'll see you tomorrow. We've still got a funeral visitation to attend.”

Only one?”

He said he's not done anything about the suit and thinks because he never did anything about their assets, nothing has been done. I'll tell you now, my name is on the lien holder of all their properties already. I'll tell you I've got more things for the church's assets than you can imagine.”

So you're not attending the visitation?”

Who's saying there's going to be one? I'll tell you I'm attending the visitation for that boy and I'll tell you I'm going to do a business transaction out there on that field tomorrow whether Mike's head is on a stick, or not.”

What's that mean?”

It means if he fucked with my money, he's not going to live to enjoy it. IF he did that, he best be running now because my new lawyer is going to be there getting that file.

The second the file is handed over and he's seen to have fucked with the money, I make a phone call and I'll take what comes after there's enough evidence to arrest. You know and I know that's not going to happen. You know and I know my word means enough to me I'll sell every fucking thing I own to make enough money to do the transaction and when I have to go that route, you'll know and I know I'm not going to think one thought about what happened to him because of it.”

Do you want me to go over and get the file?”

If you do, will you do with it what I want done with it without questions?”

What's that mean?”

It means my ass is staying awake tonight until the file is in my hand and it means my phone doesn't shut off until I'm assured all is in that file which is supposed to be in the file.”

Let me go get it.”

Grant. I'm going to tell you something. Why don't you call them and tell your sister to bring that file to you. Then you call me back to assure me she's on her way and that she had to do something instead of you. She's rubbed your nose in the puddle long enough, so let's see if she made one.”

What's that mean?”

I know your family is punishing you for the way you are. I know that's the reason they are the way they are, so fuck them.”

I'm not following.”

Ok, you give raises. Then you gloat over it to them. They can't stand it and they grew distant, however, it's passive aggressive and they don't quit and take you out of the control over their lives. Instead, they hate you silently and they let it build each and every time you give them a raise and do it all over again.”

Who said that?!”

Let's just say I heard it while I was speaking with Mike earlier. Now, do you want a way to solve that problem?”


I'm half owner. Let me handle it and give them half as much as you gave them. Suddenly, I'm the asshole and they can't say anything because you're not the bad guy any more.”

He chuckled, “You know, I'm tempted to do that.”

Well, either stop giving raises and gloating, or stop giving raises and let me give half as much and be the asshole. I happen to think you're fair with them and I happen to know you worry about them because we've went head to head over that before.”


Well, they don't know you saved their jobs because they're too busy thinking your an asshole. However, should you want to see your family in a panic, tell them you're coming out here and you're thinking about shutting everything back here. Suddenly the jobs are all dried up and suddenly, all the properties on the strip aren't any more because you own them. They'd have to figure out how they're going to survive and they'd have to figure out how to do it while still trying to say you're the asshole who kept them employed all that time.”

I guess I probably deserve what has them upset.”

You might, but at the same time, you probably deserve some recognition. Maybe if they stop to count their blessings they'd see you didn't have to employ them at all.”

I'll get off here and call you back.”

IF the phone is busy, it's me speaking with Mr Wheeler.”


I hung up and called the jet. “Hello?”

We need the big jet sent to Missouri. You're going to take on two cargo items and at least one passenger. When the passenger gets on, if he's not bound and gagged, I want him frisked to be assured you folks aren't hijacked.”

You're bringing him back?”

Yeah, his dad is my lawyer and he's also the prosecuting attorney there. He's now no longer my lawyer and he's now refusing to even get me a restraining order on him. SO, he's coming back here to face the charges on all he's done here since his dad has no jurisdiction here.”

Is it a secret mission about the cargo items also?”

Yeah, it's two caskets. They're being buried here because it's the right thing to do.”

Ok, I'm not asking.”

Sometime when I've got the time, I'll tell you what it's about. Basicly put, someone stole their bodies and I stole them from the thieves. One of them is a former lover of mine and the other is his little sister. Both were butchered by their preacher father and his wife.”

Who stole the bodies?”

Their church. And yes, I did steal their bodies from a church, but that church is being sued by me for the wrongful deaths of my parents and has me listed as a lien holder on the deed, so in effect, I own the church.”

Ok, can I ask someone ride with the live one?”

There probably will be and there will probably be some form of restraining devices on him again to see he's non-combative.”

Ok, I'll land and bring the plane on into the hangar to off load.”

I appreciate it.”

I hung up and my phone rang again. “Hello?”

This is Vernon Wheeler, I hear you've got a problem.”

Oh yeah, do you have a moment to listen? I'll lay it out to you and then you can see where I want to go with it.”


To make a long novel shorter, I'll just say I told him everything. He said he wanted the file and I told him I'd get it for him. HE said he was three towns over from Moberly in Sheraton county. He said he'd call Mike and get the files. I told him they were going to be with Grant. He said he'd call Grant and get them and I gave him Grant's number. We agreed to speak about everything once we saw what was in the files.

We hung up and then the phone rang again.


She's taking the file to Grant. I'm not going low with this. I could be tempted to do so, but I'm hoping you'll settle down when you see all of it is in there.”

Are the restraining orders filed?”

The one for Robbie is, but not for Kit.”

You're wrong in not thinking a crime was committed by her. I'll have Mr Wheeler seek those charges.”

Are you filing charges on Robbie?”

Not there. The laws were broken here. I'll have them filed here and leave that open for when extradition is done.

You do know you've got a crooked Sheriff and I do know he's most likely going to pat your back and give the good old boy smile when he doesn't arrest him, but you rest assured the moment the elections happen my money will be affecting who is the new Sheriff. When he's elected, don't rest assured much longer that Robbie won't be arrested.”

He'll most likely be in college then.”

He'll most likely have me there contesting any bar exam he ever applies for. You know as well as I do they run checks on people and they do arrest in the exam room.”

You're not letting it go.”

No, and neither should you. You gave your word and now you've let him bully you into making your decisions. They're now made and we're reacting accordingly. All I can say is I hope it was worth it.”

I really wish we could come to an agreement.”

Send him back for trial and let him stand judgment. Represent him and fight your best fight in front of a judge.”

With a stacked deck.”

He stacked it. I've got video and I've got audio. You know that and he did too. It puts the judge and jury in the room and it lets them know exactly what was said, how it was said, and I'll tell you now, he'll go to prison.”

You've done enough to go to prison, so why not show some leniency.”

Mike, pulling hole cards isn't what you should be doing. Yeah, I've done enough to be there and had I been arrested, I would have a lawyer hired to beat the charges. IF you want, we'll both go to the prosecutor here and Robbie and I can both be arrested...and we'll take our chances.”

You've gotten rid of your video.”

Yeah, and I've not gotten rid of the one which protects me because you didn't.”

What makes you think he's going to jeopardize your security?”

He lived. He thinks because you raised him to throw temper tantrums that's what it takes to get off of things.

He thinks he's still owed something by me. Therefore, because he lived, he'll come back and try it again. However, because he can't fly on my planes and because he can't get a pistol on an airplane, he'll most likely take the car you gave back and he'll drive out here, but I'll tell you right now, it has crossed his mind to get on those planes Sunday and come down there to try it.

His mistake is I've got Madonna's bodyguards on their way here to memorize his face and to stand there and be assured the planes aren't boarded, by him.”

I'm glad you're protecting yourself in that manner.”

And you should be glad he's not gotten that fucking mental with you!

Yeah, you and she caved so you didn't have a pistol put in your face, but what if you had? Would you have given everything then? I imagine you would have, but I'll tell you now I wouldn't have and I won't when the situation ever occurs again because he'll die.”

Are you threatening him?”

No, I'm telling you there are armed guards protecting me and the second he shows with a pistol and aims, he's a dead person. It's justified and there's not a damned thing you can cover up then.

And yes, I do know you're recording this call.”

I'm not!”

I'll get off the phone. You face it. You're a pathetic liar and you really should know once I read someone, I can read them at will. Not only can I read them, but I can read those around them and those in their house...or not in their house.”

What's that mean?”

Go check his room and then ask yourself if you made me safe.”

He's gone?”

Heading down the road and heading this way.”

You've got to protect yourself!”

Oh, I am. I've already told you I've gotten armed bodyguards. Now, ask yourself if I meant what I said?”

Jake, I'm sorry. I'll try finding him.”

Protect your family because he didn't take that car. Once he realizes he didn't, he's probably going to come back for those keys. When he does, I'd give them to him and hope he has enough money for gas so he's not killed trying to rob some gas station.”

Oh dear Lord!”

Mike, have a good life. You sold out a client to protect your kid and your family sided with a bad bet. Now, what happens when he gets here is on someone else's jurisdiction because he is coming this way.”

I'll try getting the Sheriff to find him.”

He's wearing that black outfit. They'll not find him without infrared.”

How's he going to get there?”

I've already told you he's not thinking rationally. He's most likely going to get back to your house and get those keys. I'm going to get off here so you can call Grant's and tell him to keep your wife there. She doesn't need to come back and be hurt over her car.”

I'm going upstairs to get my pistol. I'm locking the doors now!”

Remember the garage door to the outside. It's unlocked.”

Ok, I'm sorry Jake.”

Protect yourself.”

I hung up and smiled as I dialed Dan. “Hello?”

You're safe. The plane is on it's way.”


I'd go to Columbia. It's not that county and you're going to be fine.'

He was easier than I thought, but I've got Kit too.”


She was in bed with him.”


You heard me. I don't know why, but I think it's pretty shitty of him to let the kid have a girlfriend over.”

Well, he thinks he's on foot and coming back there to get the keys to his car. He's gotten out a pistol and called Grant to tell his wife to stay there. He's afraid for my safety now.”

Rotten bastard.”

Did you get Jared and his sister?”

Yeah, it was easier than I thought.”

Ok, I appreciate everything, now are you coming back this way?”

Yeah, and so is two of my partners.”

Ok, now what am I going to do about this because I'm going to need to have cause why she's here.”

We'll come up with something and come up with witnesses to it.”

I appreciate it.”

I need to get off here. I'll call before we land.”


I hung up and my phone rang again. “Hello?”

Jake, he's on his way over there.”

Grant, I need to tell you something.”


He's not going to make it that far. I told Mike he's coming back and Mike's got a pistol.”

Oh dear God, you're not telling me!”

Hey, I do know he's going to come back and get keys, but what I need to do is ask you if your sister is within earshot.”


GO to the other room.”

What's going on?”


Ok, I am.”

First of all, look through my file and see what all is there.”

It's real thick.”

I know. It's held together with silver paper things with slides on them. They're by different categories.”


On the left side is the stock certs.”

I'm seeing them.”

Read me what he's got?”

I'm not seeing the Kmart. Oh damn, he's gotten rid of the Kmart.”

He sold it. I know he did.”

Ok, good, I was worried.”

Look to see if he's gotten rid of the Logitech yet.”

It's not here.”

Ok, it's been sold back to the company. They're probably overnighted to them.”

Ok, as long as you know...”

Now, flip that up and look in the back of that in the pocket. IS the asset list there for the savings and loan?”

What's it look like?”

Light brown and bound. It looks like leather, but it's paper.”

Ok, I'm seeing it.”

Open it and see if he's got the Goodyear there.”

What's it look like?”

It has their logo on it. It's blue and white.”

Ok, I see it. It says five hundred thousand shares.”

Keep that out.”


Because all the rest is going to be given to Vernon Wheeler who is on his way over there. You sleep with that stock if you gotta because it's worth seven and a half billion.”

Oh jeez.”

I've got that sold to Sam Walton. He's coming to get that. Then, I'm getting the NBC stock from Buffett.

Now, in that asset list, is the cable company still there?”

What's it look like?”

Very plain. White with black block lettering. Up in the right corner it says Akron Ohio Cable Limited.”

I'm not seeing it.”

He might've already sent it to John at the phone company.”

How does he do all this over night?”

He has envelopes he puts things into. He calls them and they come get them and get them to Columbia where the bus comes to get them and take them on to the airport either in St. Louis and Kansas City. There, they are flown to either Memphis, or on down to Jefferson Street in St. Louis and sorted to where they're supposed to go.”

Can you read where Robbie is now?”

You want good news or bad?”

What's that mean?”

The good news is he's out in the woods by the corner to their street. Now, the bad news is he's not alone, but I bet if you turn and smile at your sister and ask her 'who's with Robbie?', she'll go pale as a ghost.”


What would you NOT do if you were a parent who is supposed to be punishing a child?”


Would you let them have a sleep over with their girlfriend?”


Yeah, so out there in those woods is Robbie with Kit. They're waiting on your sister to get back to get that car.”


Because Robbie's pissed at his mom. She said some things which upset him about his intelligence and he wants his mom to know she made him mad. His problem is we've outsmarted him.”

Hang on.”

I heard him say, “Sis, who's with Robbie?”

I heard a faint “I don't know?”

Tell, put her on the phone. I'm tired of these lies.”

I heard the phone jostle and a “Hello?”

You know and I know you're just as bad of a liar as your husband. Now, the proper answer is Kit is with Robbie. The proper answer is Robbie's pissed at you because you called him stupid, ignorant, dumb, and retarded. He's there in the woods with her waiting because he wants to get you out of your car and beat you down in the middle of the street.”


Because you called him names.”

He wouldn't do that?”

Trust me, he's not thinking rationally. Now, you think about that because he's out in the woods and he's getting cold. He knows you're coming back and he's going to realize you're not coming in about an hour and he's going back to that house where Mike has a gun.

When that happens, he's going to be in a full blown rage and you already know what that's like.

Now, what's Mike going to do? Is he going to give those keys? Or, is he going to pull that trigger? If you think Mike will hand over those keys, you think again because you're the one who gives in to him.”

Oh no!”

I'm able to read your thoughts. I know what went on and I know what was said. IF you think I don't know why he's the way he is, then think again.”

You're guessing.”

Ok, let's try the lucky guess of you standing him in the bathtub with the wet sheet he peed over his head and you having him piss in a cup so you can pour it over him each time he wet the bed.”

Oh no!”

Or the time you made him stay outside and sort the gravel into the separate colors because he tracked it in on your carpet. OR the time you told him not to go near his new baby sister because she was pretty and he wasn't. Should I go on you vindictive bitch!

You wonder why I didn't want to know you and you wonder why I think Grant plays games. Well, let's just say your dad wasn't home and your mom left the kids to watch each other. Well, you sure watched them, didn't you?”

It wasn't fair!”

No it wasn't, but you made the choice to have children and now we know why they are the way they are. Only now he's pissed at you and he's bigger.

I now know why Jared didn't stay in that body and that's because forgiveness was too mild for what was continuing to happen there in that house.”

I've stopped!”

Stopped abusing? Try again. You wore down with physical and keep them in line with verbal, mental, and emotional. You knew I read people and yet you wanted me there. Well, I'm not there and I'm reading you loud and clear, so you think about that family meeting because when I start reading people, I'm letting it all out and most of that shit flows to you.

Now, you pray he doesn't get this far because I'll kill him before I allow one bullet to come my direction.

Hand me back to Grant.”


Grant, I ripped her a new one. She now knows I know the truth about what she did to you and your family. She now knows I know the truth about what she did to her kids, so trust she better never lie again when you ask her a question.”

What do you know?”

How abusive she can be. How scheming, conniving, manipulating, and evil”

It's all different now.”

For you, but not for her kids. The game's still on. Ask her to tell you and if she lies, I'll know.”

Ok, so what do we do now?”

You turn and you tell her you forgive her. It gets you back to being close, but you also tell her the second she tries pulling shit on you, I'll be there with the acid bath she deserves. Only that would rid her of what evil resides in her soul.”

There's good in her.”

Yeah, when Mike's home, when your dad's home, and when your mom is around because they didn't put up with it.”

Ok, I'll need to get off here.”

Grant, I love you, but whatever you do, don't let her leave until daylight. IF she does, it'll be because he's called her and told her to get home.”


Robbie. That's one pissed off guy and he's totally went over the bend with....oh jeez, damn.”


He just got a ride. It's Kit's dad!”


He's giving them a ride and is giving them money to come here.”

Oh no!”

Grant, you know as well as I when a car has that judicial sticker on it, he's not going to be stopped. I'll tell you now, when they get here, he's going to die.”

You need to keep everyone away from the stadium!”

No, you know as well as I do he'll head to the penthouse. The good thing is it's going to take about eight hours to drive here. I'll get Jordan and Ren away from here, but you know he knows how to remove the video surveillance tapes now because I showed him that night.”

Oh dear God. He's really went around the bend!”

I've got to get off the phone, I just read his thoughts and he's planning on making love to her on that heart shaped bed with me laying there dead.”

Don't go there.”

I'm here now. I'll be gone, but you don't see what I see. He's going to be arrested here with her but it's going to be bad.”


There's going to be a shootout a cop's going to die. I need to get off here, this is too bad.”

Give me a call.”

I'll stay in touch. You tell you sister to stay there until daylight even though they're going up sixty three right now, Mike's armed in that house.”

“Why are they going up sixty three?”

They're going across highway thirty six. They dropped her dad off at the truck stop. I'll tell you, without parents like them, I'm sure the prisons would be empty.”

You stay safe.”

I am, I'll stay in touch.”

Ok, we're probably going to go to bed here.”

Tell her I forgive her for what I saw. And you tell her you forgive her too. It will make her realize there's a new beginning.”

Ok, good night.”

I love you dude.”

I love you too.”

I hung up and turned. Ren had shut off the light. I went upstairs and went into the bedroom.

You came up!”

I'm sorry.”

“I know you are a busy man.”

It will be better.”

I lay down with him and he snuggled into my arms. He looked up at me and asked, “Why does Jared matter so much?”

Jared and I were born on the same day. Our souls were split into two separate bodies. When you're soul mates with someone, you feel like the other half of you is just missing if he's not there. His dad killed him because of our connection. Now they want his body too.”

But if he's dead his soul isn't with him any longer.”

No, but they took away the body therefore they took him away. He came back for a moment in Robbie's body. That is why Robbie and I were boyfriends.”

Then why didn't he stay?”

Sometimes good can't overcome the evil no matter how good it is...without help.” As soon as I said that, I knew what I had to do. “When Robbie is brought here, I will do some things which aren't going to make sense, but I'm going to fight a battle which is going into the depths of Robbie in order to fight that evil. If I don't, he's going to do something which will condemn his soul even worse than it already is.”

Why save that soul if it's not Jared's soul?”

It's a soul just the same and that soul is worth saving. You know and I know that God loves us all. Evil gets in and pulls some away.”

SO why doesn't God find a way to save them?”

He has. It's people who are the rescuers. People like me who can go in and read what happened and what went wrong. Sometimes, it's not from this life but previous lives where it went bad. I can't repair it, but I can bring about forgiveness and coping which heals the wound.”

Isn't that dangerous?”

Yeah, but ultimately what saves me isn't anything they can stop.”

What's that?”

I'm in them without their knowledge or consent. I'm in there giving suggestions to get them through hard times and helping them to overcome the evil themselves. I've already done it with Pete and now I've got to do it with Robbie.”

I'm seeing what you're going to do. It's good.”

Can you see the baby?”

Yes, I feel love radiating from him.”

That's Jared's soul. My other half.”

Oh! IF the baby is born, will you not have time for me?”

Read me and see.”


You're touching me. Ask the question and go inside me to see.”

But I!”

I knew instantly he was there. When he was done, he kissed me and said, “It is very sad.”

Did you see the joy you bring?”

Yes, but I saw all the sadness. It is is like it is a dam inside you which you won't let go because you're afraid it will harm you.”

You're probably correct.”

You love and yet, that wall won't let you get close because it will drown you.”

You saw Jared though, right?”

I did. You loved him very much.”

Good, you saw I love him.”

We kissed and soon our kisses became more erotic. I felt more on fire for him and each kiss became less frantic and more sensual. Tongues explored and hands caressed and moans were shared.”

Oh Jake, I want you so.”

I want you too.”

We must wait.”


We must be tested.”

Ok, we'll have the team doctor do it tomorrow.”

I am sorry.”

No, I'm glad you stopped us from making a mistake.”

I want you so.”

I do too.”

My phone rang. I rolled off him and he said, “Answer it.”


It might be important.”

I grabbed the phone, “Hello?”

Wow, that was less than charming.”

Oh, hi. I was on top of my lover making out hot and heavy. The phone rings and...”

She chuckled, “And you're blue balled and stuck talking to Madonna.”

No, we can't make love until we're tested.”

Smart thinking.”

It was his thinking. I was going like a house afire.”

Well thank him for me. I'd like to keep you guys around.”

You're stuck with me.”

I'm at their villa. His mom can be quite wonderful, but she can also be quite bitchy. Please don't tell him, but she sure was mad I'm staying here.”

Well, she probably felt compelled to not let you because she thinks she needs servants.”


Yeah, but she was afraid to come over because she thought I wanted them to be servants. She now knows I'll get her some should she desire them.”

We all have some diva in us.”

I understand.”

Do you still need the bodyguards?”

Yeah, it's better to be safe than sorry.”

Ok, I'll get them sent. Remind me to send David Letterman some really huge apples.”

Where'd that come from?”

I just thought about it.”

He'll laugh. He's a fun guy. He dislikes me, but that's ok.”


Because I expected provisions in my dressing room.”

Ok, what sort of things so I can have them here for your video shoot.”

No! I didn't mean it like that. He just thought I shouldn't expect them there. I think he's wrong, but what do I know.”

I see both sides. You're boosting his ratings and he's boosting your sales.”

True, but I have sales moreso than he. I could go on MTV to boost my sales.”

Not everyone has MTV though. Are you going to do Leno more?”


I'm taking over NBC tomorrow.”


It started off as a lark for me to put some money and now, I found out I could easily buy the company. Tonight, I arranged for twenty one percent from Warren Buffett and tomorrow, I'll buy the other portion.”

Do you realize how much money that'd take?”

Yeah, it's going to take about six billion dollars give or take a billion.”

DO you have that sort of money?”

Yeah, I bought a savings and loans' assets for half a billion because the football team was in it. I found out there was a cable company which I sold to a friend for eight hundred million and got a bunch of cell towers. Then there were five hundred thousand shares of Goodyear which I sold to Sam Walton for twelve and a half each. That got me enough money.”

Holy crap man! You're speaking about money the likes I've got to work years to earn and you just get it!”

Well, it's worked out good, I didn't need the Goodyear, but I do think it'll be sort of neat to buy NBC.”

You're probably on Letterman's shit list now too.”


He's the competition.”

Do you think so?”

It's a fierce rivalry. He's had you on his show and the very next day, you're buying the competition.”

Well, I'm sort of glad I'm doing Leno and the Today show tomorrow then, but the problem is I can't say anything about doing the buy on the Today show.”

Why not?”

Because I'm buying that other forty percent after that interview. If I announce it to the world, there'll be a run on their stock and then I've got to pay more for anything more I get.”

Sheesh, I'll keep my mouth shut, but what are you going to do with it?”

Actually, I don't know.”

Can I give you a suggestion?”

Yeah, I'm all ears.”

Look at buying Viacom. It's got MTV, VH1, and a good number of other cable channels. If you consolidate them, you have good numbers by trading shows amongst them.”

Hmmm, that makes a lot of sense. I'll check into it.”

Paramount is about bankrupt too, so that would give you some films to show on them all.”

Yeah, but it gets me in deep into the media industry which would have me running all that.”

No, just hire good managers. The one good thing it'd do is it'd secure you in that industry for future references.”

Like how?”

If you have a player who wants to go into acting, then you've got an open door. If you want to try that, then you've got the open door.”

I hear all that takes too long.”

Yeah, but my suggestion is to start buying up specialty channels. The world is going into more and more television watching, so you want to make money that way.”

Who has ESPN?”


Oh, Disney's going to buy that.”


I looked forward in your life and saw that Disney had ABC.”

You saw that through me?”

Yeah, it was cool.”

What else did you see through me?”

I see you need to go to a beach over there and get some relaxation.”

You're not going to let me rest until I get to a beach, are you?”

You make decisions there.”

Ok, I'll get to a beach.”

Hon, do me a favor and don't let the world know where you are. Be a person instead of a personality. Take a vacation from your persona.”

Great advice. If I could just do it.”

You've got the best opportunity to do it now. You don't have a entourage and no one really knows where you are. Because you're there staying, the press might know you're there, but they might be confused if I show up here with him.”

Shrewd. They all put out reports I'm here having a secret rendezvous with him and then you show up with him.” she said chuckling. “It's really a dig at Letterman because he initiated us meeting.”

He did?”

Not really, I heard about your video and saw it and then asked where you were. Someone said you were right there in New York, so I trotted down there to get to meet you.”

I need to ask you a question.”


You've got a script someplace, why aren't you reading it?”

I need to develop more before I get into acting.”

This one is different and fun.”

Are you saying I should do it?”

I'm saying the lead man part isn't cast yet, but I know who is going to do it. You'll do well in it and come away with a life long friend.”


Yeah, so give it a shot. What's the worst you can do? Waste three months of your life? If you do, I'll give you three of my months and we'll be even.”

She laughed, “So if I don't do well in it, and I don't come away with a life long friend, I get you for three months.”

Uh, yeah, but you will, so it's a safe bet.”

It's about baseball! What can I do with that?”

Think about it. It honors the women who entertained us doing the war while the boys were away. It empowers women and it helps show you can have a little fun while stepping outside of your persona.”

So step outside of Madonna, the persona, and have a little fun?”


Ok, I'll get off here. Are you taking him to New York with you?”

No, he's got to be here with Chris to pick up his mom and his sisters.”

Oh, I forgot. Remember my jet goes faster.”

How long are they going to be?”

It'll be cruising about nine hundred rather than seven. I could call and find out.”

We'll need to do that. It'd be bad if he wasn't there.”

I'll call you back.”

I hung up and he said, “She's as bad as you about working.”

She had the hots for you.”

I like men. She's not a man.”

Lucky for me.”

He rolled over and rest his chin on my chest. I leaned up and kissed him again. He slid his leg on over me and straddled me never breaking kisses. I thrust up and he pushed down and ground his softness on me.

You are big.”

And you are making me insane with lust for you.”

He smiled, “You do like?”

Oh yeah, very much so.”

Good, I like you too.”

You are tiny, you know that?”

I can't grow. It's the one thing I wish.”

I didn't mean it as a put down. I meant it because I really like your size. You're easy to hug.”

He smiled.

My phone rang and I answered it, “Hello?”

They're in the air. Four and a half hours.”

Ok, I'll call Chris and tell him.”

I'll call you and see you're up.”

I appreciate it.”

I hung up and said, “Four and a half hours.”

Oh! That's fast!”

Yeah, they're making that jet move.”

I dialed Chris' number. “Do you realize what time it is?”

Four and a half hours is how long they're going to be landing.”

Man, do you realize what I do for you?”

Yeah, I'm getting you a wife. Now, shut up and get back to sleep.”

Man, I'm coming over. When I get there, I'm kicking your ass.”

If you come in this bedroom, you're getting tag team gang banged.”

I'll be there in fifteen minutes.”

Ok, let me know when you're here.”

I'll call. You better be up.”

Man, when you get here, you've got to try some of the meatloaf Dolly made, it's damned good!”

Meat loaf?”

Yeah, it's healthy for you too. It's Thanksgiving day meat loaf.”


Shut up and drive.”

Man you're bossy. You tell me to get to sleep, then get into bed and now you tell me to drive. Sounds sexual to me.”

I've been hard twice and have had no relief. Wanna knock it down?”

Man! I'm off the phone.”

I chuckled and hung up. “He's on his way over here.”


Once Chris gets woke up, he can't get back to sleep. Then, there's the promise of food.”

Oh! We need sleep.”

I'll sleep on the way back from Los Angeles.”

That's a long time away!”

Yeah, but you can nap now if you want. I'll be sure you're up.”

No, I'm excited now.”

I am too. I get to meet your mama. Let's go shower.”


Yeah, get wet...slip...slide...kiss...make out.”

He smiled, “Chris, he will be here soon.”

You want him in the shower?”


Ok, let him eat meat loaf.”

How will he get in?”

He'll call.”


We went in and showered. Running my fingers through his hair to lather him, I found out he's really turned on when someone runs their fingers through his hair. We ended up wet humping as I lathered his scalp. Soon, he and I both were kissing feverishly and over the edge with both of us crying out and moaning. Our kisses melded into panting and holding each other up.

He pulled back and smiled, “That was the best.”

It was, wasn't it.”

You don't think?”

Yes, I agree.”

I thought you didn't like.”

I know it's going to be great every time with you. You turn me on so much.”

I excite you?”

Yes, very much.”

Good, you do me too.”

We finished showering and then got out of the shower. We dried each other and had just put on our robes when my phone rang.

Yeah, I'll be down in a second.”

Hurry up, it's cold!”

Hey, I'm moving. You should have called five minutes ago.”

I did.”

Oh, well, we were making out in the shower.”


Shut up, or I'll tell you all about it.”

Get down here.”

I went down and pushed the button to release the elevator to come up. Soon, he was standing in the kitchen.

Man, what kind of robe is that and where in the hell are the rest of your clothes?”

This is a bull fighting cape and what you get when you get me out of the shower is what you see. Fuck you.”

I'd get sequins on me, that's for sure! We sure know why he's a matador because you're hung like a bull.”

It's not on the menu, but try this meat loaf.”

You know I hate meat loaf, right?”

Try this. I do too.”

Mmmm, man, pull that out and let's get some sandwiches of that.”

On that bread over there. Dolly made the bread too.'

She cooks like this for you guys all the time?”

Yeah, you should try some of that chinese she made last night.”

I pulled out the chinese stuff and heated it up too. He stuck in a fork and said, “Oh man, don't tell my mom, but both of these are way better than anything she's ever made.”

She cooked for a logging camp in Canada. I'd say the guys didn't leave.”

And all of this is healthy?”

Yeah, that meatloaf is turkey breast ground up. No fat and only one egg in the whole big loaf.”

This is excellent. The Chinese dish is awesome.”

I know. Did you try that bread?”

Not yet.”

Try it and you'll want a whole loaf.”

Mmmm, man, what's in it?”

Honey, whole wheat, oats, and some rye. Look how big and puffy a loaf of it gets compared to store bought.”

I am, man that's huge.”

I've seen some Amish bread like that. I'd say she uses real lard when she cooks and real butter. I know the Amish do and their stuff is amazing. Did you get any of those pies when they were selling them down at the Walmart parking lot?”


Oh man, you missed it. Their pie crust was enough to make me want to get more. I ended up buying every cherry pie they had. My grandma thought I was nuts until she tasted them, but then we made it our late night snack with ice cream.”

Ren came down in a pair of jeans which showed how tiny he is. He got in the refrigerator and bent over, Chris stared and said, “Man, his ass looks just like a girl's.”

Yeah, I'm getting' wood staring at it.”

What size of waist does he have?”

Twenty two for crying out loud.”

Man! I graduated out of those when I was in the fifth grade!”

I'm graduating into them in order to get him out of them.”

Chris whispered, “Is she built like that?”


Oh man.”

And she's beautiful. You just wait.”

Oh man.”

Make me go over by the house tomorrow to get you that engagement ring.”

How'd everything go?”

It's going well. Dan and some guys are bringing Jared and his sister's bodies this way and they're also bringing Kit and Robbie.”

What are you doing with them?”

I'm going to get into Robbie's head and do some work. I'm study his soul and repair it.”


It's another way for saying he's got a fucked up soul which makes him do what he does. Sometimes a soul is predestined to come here and do things bad to make it closer to Satan instead of God.

Rather than let it happen, I'm going in and doing some exploring and patch it all back in shape.”

Can you do that?”

Jared could. I know if Jared could, I can. I'd never thought about it until I realized I was about to put him away for something which might not be his doing.”

He did it. You wouldn't have done what you did if he didn't.”

No, what I mean is this... we float out there as a soul near God in that orbit. Look at Heaven as being rings around a planet. The closest ring is those who are way up there near God like Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Jesus Christ, and super great people. Then there's a second ring which is people who do great things also.

Then the next is out and it's not as many good deeds. Then there are rings for each level until you get to us and then, there are more rings and each ring has more sins.

However, way out there in the cold like Pluto is the cold where the Devil reigns. They're so far away from God, they're easily plucked off and they're willing to do it because it's the want to be wanted by anyone in order to be loved.

Now, imagine that soul choosing to come down and be in a body. They do bad without getting a real choice because they're in a lock with what they know. They don't even think about wanting to be better because it feels good for them as they are.”

So you go in and repair. How do you do that?”

“Think about a dirty room. In it are tons of beer cans, cigarette butts, dirty clothes, and just plain everything which isn't good. Now, think about that room and then look over in a corner. There's a Bible. Yeah, it's got a beer can on it, but it's there.

The bad in that room just outweigh the good. Now, what I do is I go in and I remove the trash, spruce it up, do the laundry, and when I leave, that Bible is open to John 3:16.

He goes back in and he sees the bad is removed and he sees God loved him so much he gave him Christ to take away all that sin. Sometimes, it takes learning about Christ in order to know simply believing in him takes away all that bad stuff.”

But you took it away.”

I took it away so he didn't have to deal with all the trash left over from someone else's sins. Would you move into a motel room as I described it?”


Think about that answer because it's a blizzard outside, It's the only room available. You're cold, you're tired, you're wanting just to get some sleep and you tell yourself out there on the road, you'll stay anywhere as long as it's got a bed. Guess what? it's got a bed and it's free.”

So you're saying choices got made.”

I'm saying we don't get a choice in our souls. We're given choices in life. However, what happens if you've got a mom and dad who give in to every thing you want and they're completely willing in filling your room full of shit?”

They did that?”

His mom is Grant's sister and she's an evil bitch. She's sly, but I'd tell you things which she's done to a lot of people which would make anyone evil simply from learning what she's dished.”


Yeah, but the bitch knows I know now and I fully expect her to play games.”

What sort of games?”

She can't fuck with Grant. She will, but it's all going to be designed to alienate him from me. She'll do the same for Mike, but Mike's already fired and Grant's got choices to make.”

What choices?”

Ok, next season, we're not going to Moberly to practice. I'm sorry, but I found out that 747 costs me twenty five grand a day to fly it there. Rather than do it, I'll tell the guys they've got to come to the stadium. IF they don't, well, we've got a team anyways, so I'm not sweating it.”

Man, I had no idea about the cost of the planes.”

Me neither, but I can afford it, so I shouldn't be complaining but one week is real expensive. A month is a fortune. And, a season is just a fucking outrageous dead expense.”

What are you going to do about playing the guys?”

They've got choices to make. Grant has a choice to make. IF he chooses to stay in Moberly, then he chose that and I hire someone who will live here, work here, and allow me to not have to move around.”

You're doing it as a time savings to you.”

Yeah, if you look at my time per day, you'd see me working three full time jobs and juggling a love life. It sucks, but I'm making the choice Ren means more to me than that. I'm making the choice, you mean more as a friend than that, but look at the amount of time we've spent together and realize it's sucked.

Now, we've got to tolerate it because the entire situation sucks right now, but when the season is over, I'm out of school. I'll go and get my finals taken and then ask to take my finals so I can get a diploma. That way, I don't have to go that direction and can concentrate on getting everything done here.

What I've got to do then is I've got to manage, and get an assistant who books my time and gets things shoved at me so I'm not looking like I'm staggering from the load.”

Who are you going to get?”

I have no clue, but you need to take my lead and find someone also.”


How many commercials do you have to film a week?”

I don't know.”

Think about it because I've booked myself way heavy. I've got to get commercials filmed at a rate which is just stupid. I'll do them, but if I spend a whole lot of time doing them, I'm losing time because I've got to run a team and also be a player, lover, friend, and out in the community representing the face of this beast.”


Yeah, so flying back and forth and not acting like I know what I'm doing is costing me a lot of money. You heard my schedule for next week and yet, think about that commercial schedule and then think about running the team, practicing and playing, and making time for Ren and friends.”

Ok, we've got to find some people who will do that for us.”

Let me call Madonna and see who she has. I'm sure she could tell us.”

Ok, but put it on speaker phone, I'd like to hear.”

I dialed and she answered, “Hello?'

It's me again Madge. I've got you on speaker phone so Chris can hear.”

How'd your shower go?”

Hot, steamy, sticky, panting making out with a gooey ending. Other than that, we got clean.”

Sounds great.”

Ren sort of has a thing for someone rubbing his scalp.”

I know someone like that. It must be a thing with the latin men.”

Probably. The reason I called is where did you get your personal assistant?”



I called the record company and they sent her. She's great because she schedules me completely.”

Chris, Ren, and I are going to need someone like that.”

Buy NBC and then ask them to provide you people. I'm sure the brass there will have people standing in line for jobs like that. I'd tell you to call an employment agency, but that sort of thing is specialized.”

I know, that's why I called you. I'm drowning under the weight and Chris hasn't began yet. Ren is going to be pulling some endorsements which are going to dictate a lot of his time, so we really need to have our game together.”

What's Ren going to endorse?”

He wants GE. I hadn't thought of them and no one else had them, so he got them.”

They're big around the world. Well, RCA is also. You could do a lot of things for him.”

I could, but we've got to get tested first.”

No silly! I mean I've been thinking about that and you could do a latin channel.”

Ok, so he would be a VJ?”

Yeah, that'd be cool. You could break MTV into latin, Asian, and Portugese, but what I was meaning is you're going to have all those shows in the vaults which can be dubbed into Spanish. You could do those and have a latin version of NBC.”

Do you think an Asian NBC would go?”

It would be worth investigating. I mean it's territory which is open.”

Ok, well, we're eating meatloaf sandwiches and Chinese which are just amazing.”


Yeah, I hate it, but Dolly made it for us and it's amazing. She calls it her Thanksgiving meat loaf. It has ground turkey breast, stuffing, sage, onions, cranberries, apples, and I think pine nuts in it. She put it out on a flat tray instead of a loaf pan and it got really crunchy all around. When we put it on some of this bread she made, it's amazing.”

What kind of bread?”

It's whole wheat, oat, and rye with honey in it. It's risen to the point it's got a head on it the size of a basketball so it's huge stuff. One slice makes a great fold over sandwich.”

Who's Dolly?”

She's my mom's cousin. She cooked for a logging camp.”

Chris said, “The Chinese dish is incredible. It's sweat and sour chicken with chestnuts, cashews, and celery. It's full of crunch and sweet chicken.”

Oh man, you guys made me hungry.”

When you're here next week, I'll have her send over some food. She cooks at the stadium and then ships us some and feeds herself and Jan. I'm not complaining with anything she's made yet.”

Chris said, “My mom is a really excellent cook and this is better than stuff she makes.”

I added, “His mom is a real excellent cook. She treats you like family and gets you fed. Ren had stew tonight while over there. For being so little, he sure puts away some food.”

Is he going to Dallas with you?”

Yeah, but he's got to fly to Anaheim for a show on Saturday. I've got to go to Houston to film commercials.”

You guys might look into doing some commercials in Japan. They pay a lot of money and stay there in the country.”

How much money?”

I went over and made five million doing a commercial as a lead in for one of their shows. I spent one day and that was flying from New York, shooting, and flying back.”

Chris smiled and said, “I'll learn Japanese for that.”

I said, “Let me teach you. You'd be amazed at how fast you learn.”


Ren has learned if he hugs me, he learns as I learn. I can read someone and learn the languages and dialects and then all you gotta do is hug me and you learn.”

Dude, you just want to get your freak on.”

Madonna said, “We could make it a three way.”

Chris smiled and said, “I'll let you hug him and then hug you.”

You sorta forgot the reason you're hugging me dumb ass. You just want to get your freak on with her.”

Shut up man, she's on the phone!”

She knows you talk trash about girls. I told her.”

You did what!”

Madonna laughed, “Chris, don't think I don't know you jack off thinking about me. I get fan mail with all sorts of stupid stuff in it.”


You'd not believe the stuff I get. There's one guy out there who sends used rubbers with letters telling me he jacked a load in it.”


It takes all kinds guys.”

And I just ate meatloaf.”

Oh, sorry guys!” she said giggling.

Well, we'll get off here. I appreciate the advice.”

Chris said, “You're going to be here?”

Next week. You can be in the video if you hang in a sling and let me shave you.”

What sort of video is this?” Chris asked.

A new song of mine. You'd like it.”

And they're going to play it on MTV?”

I like to push the envelope. Well, bye guys.”

Bye hon...and thanks.”

Don't think of it.”

We hung up and I walked around the pit group and lay down next to Ren. I used the cape to cover us and he smiled. “That cape is the one I was using when I got struck in the groin.”

Chris gave a look, “BY A BULL!”

Yeah.” Ren stood up and pulled down his pants. “See?”

Chris' eyes got big and said, “Man, he nearly got you in the nuts!”

It hit my femoral artery. I nearly died. A man put his finger in the hole and stopped the bleeding. They were afraid my leg would die without the blood, but they got me to surgery and I am better, see?”

And you still want to do that?”

Ren turned pulled up his pants and turned around. He yanked the cape off me and held it out like he was fighting a bull. His pose to the side was awesome.

Chris said, “You sure make an awesome looking picture.”

Instantly, I said, “We need to get a promo poster made up of you like that Ren. We'll have you in pose as a matador and then have you in pose throwing the football. It'd be amazing.”

Chris said, “He's quite built for his size.”

I know. I'd say there wasn't any body fat on him at all.”

Ren came over and swung the cape over me. “You are nude.”

Yes, and tend to stay that way while I'm in the house.”

My mother would not approve.”

No, but she's not here. I'll dress in front of her that way she doesn't get offended.”

Chris cracked a smile. “Dude, dress before you meet her. She might think he's a sword swallower.”

I smiled and Ren gave a perplexed look. I patted the pit group and he lay down so I was spooned behind him and had my back to the cushions. The cape covered us. In no time, I was dozing.

When the phone rang, I sat up abruptly. “Hello?”

Wake up, it's time to get to the airport.”

I looked at the clock and said, “Thanks.”

I patted Ren on the hip and said, “Come on hon, it's time to get up. I've got to go get dressed. Get Chris up and we'll go get them.”

You're going too?”

My flight doesn't leave for an hour. I can go out and meet them and then catch my flight.”

Oh, ok, are you riding with us or driving your own?”

I'm driving my own so I can get back when I arrive. You can ride with me, but you need to wake Chris and I've got to get dressed.”

I ran up the stairs and into the bedroom. In no time, I had a pair of Levi's, a polo, and tennis shoes on. I figured I could go casual since it was the Today show.

When I got back downstairs, Chris was up and said, “I was having a dream I was in that sling getting shaved. She nicked my dick and laughed.”

Cool, did you bleed?”

Man, I wasn't looking!”

Come here.”


Get your ass over here, I want to try that and see if it works on you.”

Ok, but don't let this get out.”

He hugged me and I thought about the Japanese languages and dialects.

Hey, I can see things!”

That's what I see when I read people.”

Cool, it's like a video but all the feelings and information goes into you.”

Hang on a second, I want to show you some things.” I flashed on Robbie's mom and showed him.

That bitch! That scheming low handed bitch! She only does it when no one's around! Mike thinks she the perfect mother and she's not!”

Now you know what I mean about her. I had to show you in order for you to believe it.”

Oh man, I now understand him so much better. That's sort of scary.”

Yeah, but do you realize you're saying everything in Japanese?”

He looked shocked and said, “Oh man, that's so cool!” in English. “I learned a language and know it like it's a part of me!”

I switched to Portuguese and he gave me a startled look, “You taught me Portuguese?!”

You now know a hundred languages and dialects. You can go most anywhere in the world and speak as well as read the language.”

Oh man, that's so weird.”

Ren came over and said, “You're Portuguese is very good.” In Portugese. “I need to learn all the languages from him.”

I smiled and said, in English, “Guys, let's get to the airport.”

We went down and Ren rode out with me in the car. Chris drove the Suburban.

When we got to the airport, I called Andy. “Are you coming?”

I'm on my way. My car had problems starting since it's so cold.”

Is it running ok?”

Yeah, it's just a piece of junk.”

Pull one from our lot. We've got plenty.”

I might do that. Why are you out there so early?”

Ren's mom is arriving from Spain.”

Oh! Well, I'll be there in a few minutes.”

No problem.”

We're eating in the green room, right?”

Do they feed us there?”

They usually have a buffet laid out.”

I didn't know that. Yeah, we'll eat there. I do want to walk around and see Rockefeller Center.”

It'll take a while to tour it.”


There's quite a bit to it.'

Ok, I've never seen it. I guess I'll see it.”

I'll be there.”

I hung up and saw a jet coming to the private hangar. When it stopped, the door opened and we went towards it. Mimi got out and ran to Ren. They hugged and then he introduced me. “This is my Jake. He is my boyfriend.”

She smiled, “It's good to meet you.”

It's a pleasure meeting you too. I brought a friend out to get your bags and take you to your house while you live here. His name is Chris.”

Chris came forward and I saw her attraction instantly. I turned and saw Ren running to his mom. I walked over and took her hand to help her down the stairs. “So you're Jake?”

Yes ma'am, and I'm honored to meet you.”

She smiled, “I'm sure you are. I'll see if you are when I'm done seeing if you're good enough for him.”

Mama please!”

I said, “Ma'am, if I may, I could make it easier for you.”

How would you do that?”

For new members of our families, we have a custom. We hug.”

She looked at Jake and he nodded. “It's ok mama.”

She hugged me and instantly, I focused on it so she read me completely. She gave a startled gasp and hugged me tighter. “Oh my! You are so gifted!”

Yes ma'am, now you know me inside and out.”

She smiled, “Please forgive my protection of him.”

I understand, but as you see, I am growing to care and protect him also.”

And be very intimate. Do you love him?”

I will. As you see, I used to use the word frivolously. I now am more cautious, but you saw everything, do I grow to love him?”

Completely. I saw everything. I trust everything now.”

She turned towards the plane, “My daughter...” She paused and smiled, “You already know! Did you show me that on purpose?”

It's how I do things. I can read you and get your daughters and Ren read at the same time. I can read Ren and get you and your family. You saw both daughters, correct?”

Yes, how do you do it when you know everything already?”

I tell the necessary to change things at intersections, but I don't divulge all.”

You are very wealthy and grow wealthier.”

It's just money. It's like playing a game for me, but you know that.”

You are very good with it.”


She stopped talking and went over to Chris. “You two have my blessing. Stop beating about the bush and realize you're destined to be together.”

Mimi gave a shocked look. “Mama!”

Go hug your future brother-in-law. It's their custom.”

Mimi walked towards me and I hugged her. I turned it on and she gave a shocked, “Oh!”

The images flashed and when we parted, she said, “It's all so real and beautiful!”

It's your future. You saw mine and you saw everyone else's.”

It's quite much.”

Yes, but now you know.”

She smiled and went over to Chris. “Are you ready to take us home?”

Yes, but I've got to get your luggage.”

Oh! I forgot!”

I started to get on the jet when Bernadette came out looking flushed. “Oh!” She said.

Hi, I'm Jake, Ren's boyfriend.”


Did you get his number?”

How'd you know?!”

We welcome new family members with hugs.”

She gave a Ren a look and he nodded. Instead of walking into my arms, “Did mama do this?”


She turned and yelled, “Mama! Did you hug him?”

Yes, it's ok.”

She gave me a look and said, “They didn't ask for it on the plane?”

They're not future family members. We welcome family with hugs.”


She stepped forward and tried to hug me real quick. The flashes started and she gave a startled sound, “OH!”

I stepped back and she said, “That is the strangest thing I've ever experienced. It's like I now know everything.”

You do. Now, what are you going to do with it?”

I need to get back on the plane and have you show him.”

He might not trust as easily.”

We got on the plane and she told him, “You need to hug him.”


It's a custom future family members hug each other.”

Is this your brother?”

No, my brother's boyfriend.”

I'm sorry, I don't hug guys.”

I lifted my phone. “Hold on a moment.”

I hit speed dial and she answered, “Hello?”

Your plane is here and you pilot is afraid to meet his destiny. How much do you want for the plane so I can buy it and fire him?”

What's he doing?”

Future family members hug each other to be welcomed into the family, don't they?”

Do they?”

Do you hug your family?”


He's interested in Ren's sister but is refusing to be hugged into the family.”

Put him on the phone.”

I handed him the phone. “There you go. Now see if you hug me or if I buy the plane and see you never fly privately for anyone again.”

He snatched the phone, “Hello!”

He listened and then handed me back the phone, “I'll hug you but I ain't no fag.”

See if I'm interested in that after you hug me asshole.”

He stiffly stepped into my arms to hug me. I read him as he was allowed to read me. He gave a startled yelp and then parted, “So that's why you wanted me to do it?”

Yeah, you need to know for your destiny to be complete.”

It was wonderful.”

I agree. Now I need to speak with her, do you want what was shown?”

Very much so.”

Good. I'll speak with her.”

I put the phone to my ear, “Madge?”

Did he do it?”

Yeah, now I need to ask you to release him from his contracts so he can come to work for me.”


His destiny is to be with Ren's sister.”

You showed him that through hugging him?”

He saw his past present and future as did I. He also saw mine and each member of this family.”

You can do that?”

Yeah, Chris now knows over a hundred languages so guess what he did.”

Oh man, do you know what your hugs are worth?”

Yeah, a hug in return. It doesn't do a thing if I don't turn them on.”

What's that mean?”

If I hug you and don't have it turned on, it doesn't do anything. If I have it turned on so you only learn about me, then you learn about me. IF I want you to see your future, then you see it. Or, I can do it to teach you specific things.”

Interesting. I still want to hug you.”

I know you do. You want me to see how kinky you are, but you're forgetting I already touched you.”

She laughed, “No, not for that. Heck, I imagine you could teach me a thing or two if you wanted to.”

Yeah, one second, I want to try that.”


On your pilot. I'm going to show him something that's going to make him a very happy and talented man.”

Hold on!”

Hang tight sis, I'll be right back.”

I turned and said, “Will, I need to teach you something, come here and hug me so I can show you.”


I hugged him and turned on Mike's talents in the bedroom. The scene flashed and then I saw flashes of Will doing it on Bernadette. I knew it was taught.

I stepped back and he said, “Oh man!”

Do that and you'll have no problems in bed the rest of your life.”

I'd say!”

I put the phone to my ear and said, “He learned, he's in agreement.”

What'd you teach him?”

I'm going to try it over the phone. I've read you, so it might or might not work.”

I tried, “Oh man, oh God! Oh....uh...uh...”

You there?”

Jake, that was incredible where's you learn that?”

A guy I know. Now, you know how it was done and you know what it felt like.”

Absolutely mind shattering. That wasn't fair. You know that's phone sex with me having better than I've ever had and that's from a gay guy?”

Yeah, now, do you want to see something which will have you thinking about a whole lot?”


I flashed her life images all at her. When I was finished, I said, “That's why I'm telling you to go to the beach.”

Oh man, you knew all that?”

It's your destiny. You saw your future, your past, and you're seeing your path. What you see is the course changes you can make and what it does with each.”

Oh man, that's overwhelming.”

Yeah, so write the songs and be ahead of yourself.”

That's incredible. I've got so many things rolling around in my head now it's just insane.”

Yeah, so hang up and follow what you see.”

You know that's cheating so bad, don't you?”

It is? Well, consider yourself way ahead.”

Jake, show me yours?”


I want to know you.”

I flashed them at her. When I was done, I said, “I'll get off the phone now.”


You know. Now you see it all and you know. I've got only a set amount of time before my flight leaves and I'm not being a pain, I just have to get off the phone.”

Call me from your sky phone when you get in the air.”


Are you ok?”

Yeah, you know I'm ok.”

I do. That's amazing, but my God you've been through some stuff.”

Yeah, but it gets better.”

You deserve it, but you're right, I'm going to do that movie.”

Whatever you do, don't try cheating yourself the pain. I tried and it's caused me problems.”

I saw that. I'll have to do it as I saw it. It ended up good, so I'll be fine.”

I'll call.”

I hung up and said to Will, “We need to get their luggage off the plane.”

Do I have permission to leave my duties?”

Yeah, she didn't answer, but she now knows it's your destiny.”

Who do I apply with to be your personal pilot?”

Over in that office.”

Ok, do you want me to fly you this morning?”

No, you need to go to New York and gather up your life and get down here.”

I'll do that. Let's get their things loaded.”

I paused and said, “Will, what I shared and read with you is not known completely by them. Don't feel insecure about things.”

Ok, what matters is the future?”

Right, but some people hold the past up to use against someone. That's why I show everything. It shows the person's past, but it shows their future.”

What if they're suicidal and don't have a future?”

Like your brother had?”


Your brother had an imbalance chemically in his brain. It was left undiagnosed. Well here...” I sent him the images of his brother.

When he saw them, he said, “I never knew.”

No one did. Not even the professionals. You know and I know he tried to get help, but didn't. Now you know more.”

You'd have a great benefit to mankind if you could stop those sorts of things.”

You know my future, but if I healed and diagnosed illnesses, you'd see people thinking I was a Messiah. I'm not.”

You're Blessed though.”

I have talents as do you. You utilize yours and you have a great life.”

I do. Would you perform a reading on my co-pilot?”

Yeah, I'll read him, but I'm not sharing any teaching with him until I know him.”

Ok, I'll see if he'll do it.”

He opened the cockpit door and soon came back with the guy. “You can tell my future?'

Yeah, I have to touch you in order to do it.”

He gave me a strange look and said, “I was told I had to hug you.”

When I teach you, that's what has to be done. It's the only way unless I shoot the images at you. With you not being prepared for it, I want to be sure I've got ahold at you. All that's needed now is your hand.”

He held out his hand and I read him, “You're going to fly for three more years on this plane. You'll then have enough you can buy your own and then lease yourself out to other stars. Well, come here and I'll show you. The price for this is you must never let anyone know I can do this. IF you break my confidence, I'll change yours. You got me?”


I hugged him and flashed him the images. “OH!”

There you have it. Now, I threw in the language course because you'd need it.”

What's that mean?”

I turned to him and spoke to him in Swahili, “You understand me and you can read it and speak it.”


Yeah, now speak it in English.”

I was speaking it!”

Yeah, it's cool, isn't it?”

What's amazing is what I learn when I read more and more people. I know there's the languages I taught you, but there's so many ancient and broken languages I'm learning from people, that I know it's coming from their souls and previous souls.”

So you picked that up from me?”

Yeah, and what you just taught me is I need to go to the Edgar Cayce Foundation and read his works. I can identify with him so completely.”

Do you see the dire predictions?”

“The upcoming wars, financial crisis, and the riots, looting, famine, and the lead up to the eventual end of life as we know it and then the beginning of the new beginning?”

You saw all that?”

Yeah, but don't worry yourself, you won't see it all happen.”

SO it's after my death in 2018.”


I do see the financial crisis and I do see the riots, looting, and famine.”

The financial crisis was the final lie by our government by the Bush administration. You know as well as I it was orchestrated by the financial leaders to get a final pay back before he left office.”

I do. It's a shame, but he hurt so many people it should be tried in the courts.”

We don't try our leaders. It hasn't happened and it doesn't. It's disgusting, but they become untouchable even though they create great hardship on the followers.”

Lets get the luggage off the plane.”

I turned and went to the door of the jet, “Guys, let's get their luggage onto the truck.”

All the guys moved towards the jet and soon, we had all their luggage offloaded and packed into the Suburban. Ren turned and said, “I don't need to meet my mom and miss going with you, do you want me to come?”

I'd be happy if you came. See if it's ok with your mom?”

Mrs diSilva nodded and I went over to Chris. “Would you see they have everything they need for their house?”


It's pretty stripped bare of linens and things. Remind them they need them for their beds.”

Are Bernadette and Will getting a house?”

On the other side of Mrs diSilva. She's got an awfully big house, but grandkids can have rooms.”

He smiled, “Thanks.”

Don't mention it.”

I walked over to the little jet and got on. Andy smiled and asked, “Is Ren coming?”

Yeah, just as soon as he is assured they're all going to be ok.”

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