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Remembering Ken - Part 4

It's a weekday evening and I've just gotten home from the gym. I was pretty horny at work all day, with residual images of my favorite young and unbelievably huge bodybuilder floating around in my mind. (That and the selection of deliciously hot guys at my office to stare at in the hallways.) Thinking about this newly arrived god of all things muscle, who is dripping with potential and plans to get *bigger* this season had me thinking back to my afternoon with Ken the bodybuilder and wanting to tell you more about what happened.

It's very cold where I live right now, so instead of sitting down naked to write, I am wearing my favorite baggy gym pants and oversized sweatshirt. With clothes this big on, they move differently against my skin and I am much more aware of my body than with normal clothes on. I'm very conscious of being naked under my clothes and that heightens the experience. I've fluffed myself a bit on some muscle Web sites and my cock is swinging fat and heavy in its ring, grazing my thighs ever so gently on one side and then the other.

There I was, a step or two back from Ken, drinking in all of his muscle that my eyes could swallow. I wished I had two dozen more eyes to focus on all of his magnificent body at once, instead of having to let my set of only two shift lustfully from bulge to wondrous bulge.

Ken closed the space between us, grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up and over my head, dropping it on the floor next to the rest of my clothes. I was now fully naked too, my cock a raging signpost, pointing up at his cobbled abdominals. He stated kneading my own muscles (they're not what you would call big in any way, but they are more or less defined and I am quite lean) and he murmured his approval at what he felt.

The fact that this mountain of paper-skinned, veiny man beef, was lusting over my body drove me to a level of pleasure and desire I didn't know was possible. I cannot find words to express the feeling that rushed over me. I had never imagined in my wildest dreams that my slender frame would be the object of desire of one possessed of such muscular perfection. But it was on that day at that time and that realization made me somehow want him all the more.

Ken wrapped his arms around me, squeezing me to his chest and began to feel me up by flexing his pecs. My cock twitched from the sensations his muscles made as the kneaded and pressed against my chest and I think it probably stretched to a new size as more blood pumped into it. Ken's cock, long and thick, pressed between us and our two cocks rolled this way and that, beyond our immediate control but driving our pleasure and mutual lust. We made out passionately, tasting each other and swimming to new heights of sexual desire.

Ken turned us around so his back was to the bed and he lay down, pulling me down on top of him. I pressed every inch of my own length against as much of his skin and muscle as I possibly could, trying to feel his body with every nerve ending, every cell in the front of my body. Our cocks squeezed this way and that, rolling sideways between our abs, pressed together in passion. I broke our kiss and put my hands in the middle of his pecs, pushing myself up to kneel over him, my legs on either wide of his waist, trapping his cock beneath me.

I stared into his deep brown eyes, sending him my lust and looking for his in return. In response, with no visible movement of his appendages, his chest flexed and tightened, his pecs puffing up beneath my palms into two, round, deeply striated meat pillows, fighting to escape from their prison of skin. I bent my fingers to follow the newly-formed contours but squeeze them I could not; they were as of stone. Hot, swollen, breathing, granite-like flesh, gently rising and falling with his breath. This provoked a new waive of twitching for my cock, which I slid back and forth against his stomach, slowly fucking the groove between his columns of abs. I leaned forward and thanked him with a deep kiss.

My cock has now reached its fullest length and girth and is begging for release. I am denying it at the moment and will take a moment to digress from the story to allow it to soften a bit while I look at some new muscle pictures on my favorite online archive. One of my favorite kinds of bodybuilder pictures is where the subject has made eye contact with the camera and the photographer has managed to capture something of the muscle man's soul in the image. Looking at the picture, looking into the bodybuilder's eyes, it's as if you get just a taste of what it would be like to be that big, that perfectly built. You come tantalizingly close to beginning to project that feeling of power and mass as if it were your own, and then your eye shifts and you are once again looking on in awe.

Our kiss ended and I sat up again, looking down in wonderment at the torso of muscled perfection emanating from between my legs and I began to run my fingers delicately around the contours and shapes of muscle, tracing the outlines and breezing over the skin with a soft touch. I found his nipples, no longer pointing towards the floor, and begin to play with them, tweaking them slightly. My gentle, intimate touch and nipple play touched Ken's sex nerves perfectly, striking a chord that originated from his cock and resonated throughout his oversized body. His cock pulsed below me and pressed itself up between the cheeks of my ass. His legs, which had been casually bent in relaxation, tensed instantly, the columns of his quads expanding as they hardened, the weight of my body insignificantly resting on top of them. As his legs tightened, his feet pushed against the bed and we slid a few inches along together. At the same time, his back arched in ecstasy and he threw his head backward, hanging it over the edge of the bed, yielding himself to me.

Pleased at the reaction my playful touch had evinced, I was newly awed by the scale of Ken's body and the development of his muscles and my lust was renewed and driven to higher levels by the knowledge that I could have this effect on this muscleman, wielding a power I didn't think possible. His great chest heaved in breath as he came down from the ecstatic jolt and it looked up at me briefly, and smiled.

I smiled back at him and tweaked his nipples again, provoking a similar reaction as before. As I watched him in his moment of immersion in sexual nirvana his head again thrown back in total submission to the power of the sensations coursing through his body, my eyes focused on his neck and throat. I realized that his thick, muscular neck, with the lump of his esophagus running along the front, covered in paper-thin skin snaked with veins running here and there, looked a lot like the underside of a giant, erect cock. As if to prove my observation true, I slide backward over Ken's quads, allowing his cock to spring free from beneath me and to flop up, landing firmly and solidly against the lumps of his abs.

My hands reached out and I took his cock gently in one hand, holding it up and away from his abs while the finger of my other hand caressed the underside of his shaft, feeling its throaty nature and enjoying the soft skin they found there. My sudden attention to his cock brought Ken back from his trip over the moon and he tilted his head up, looking to see what I was doing. Our eyes met and I leaned down, taking as much of his significant length and girth as I could manage into my mouth, keeping his eyes with mine all the while.

There is much more to "cum" and I look forward to recounting more for you. Right now, however, the memories of muscle-filled sex play of the past are vastly outweighed by the urgency that has built in my cock in the present. It has swollen again nicely and my cockring is making it deliciously turgid. It is time for release.


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