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The first time I saw Roberto, I was struck by the beauty of both his body and his handsome face. He was walking through the lobby of the university gym, his T-shirt stretched across his perfect peaked pecs, two matching mounds jutting out over the numbers on the front of his shirt. And his face -- clean shaven, pretty like a boy's yet still manly. The word Lifeguard spread out across the back of his broad shoulders told me more about him. The shirt tapered down his V-shaped torso and was tucked into his trim waist -- tucked into jeans that encased two round, high bubbles of beautiful boy butt. I stopped and watched him as he approached, his pecs bouncing a bit as he walked. After he passed me, I couldn't tear my eyes away from those two curved masses of his butt.

Later I found out he came in every night about the time I left for the day, to work the evening shift in the gym's pool. I checked the lifeguard schedule and found him there. On the 6-10pm shift, two female lifeguards and one male. Roberto. That was easy to find out, because I work in the gym's offices. I'm a computer tech for the university's athletic department. On a hunch, I also checked the men's swim team roster and there he was -- butterfly and freestyle. Well, the butterfly would sure explain those shoulders! Then I checked the employee database and looked for his birthdate. Oh my God, he was 18. He was only 18. Now I seemed to notice him around the gym all the time. Either he was suddenly around more or I was just now noticing him -- which I doubted because he was so gorgeous I know I'd have spotted him before. Each time I saw him I tried to be cool, but I know sometimes I stared at him. Eventually I think he noticed me checking him out. I tried to back off and keep my distance after that, but one day something happened that just blew my whole cover.

I was working in the pool office, covering an evening shift for a tech who called in sick. I looked up through the big windows looking out to the pool. Someone in a swim suit came out of the men's lockerroom and caught my eye -- I saw broad shoulders, big pecs and a V-shaped torso coming toward me. Mmmm, I thought. Wonder who this stud is. Then I saw his face -- oh shit, it's Roberto! I thought. I dropped my eyes, but his had already met mine and bored a hole right through my brain. I tried to focus on my work and ignore him, but as he passed the window, I looked up and saw his smooth, pumped chest moving towards me, his rippling abs echoing each step. He glanced my way, then must have recognized me. He stared back at me, but his face was completely unreadable! He could be glaring or smirking, I couldn't tell. I shouldn't have looked up but I couldn't help myself. His eyes stared right through me again before he passed and went on his way. He walked all the way to the far side of the pool, by the exit. I forced my eyes back down to the desk and hurriedly finished my work so I could get away from him before I got myself punched in the nose. Of course after a few minutes, I couldn't help glancing up one more time. He wasn't in the pool yet, but was stretching out on a mat by the door. Fuck! I'd have to walk right by him to get out of there.

OK. My work was done and I had to get upstairs, so I just steeled myself to march right past him. I left the office and stepped out onto the pool deck. The sharp scent of chlorine hit my nose and brought into clearer focus. I casually walked down the row of bleachers to the door, keeping my head up and my eyes straight forward. In my peripheral vision I could see that he was sitting with his back to me, stretching. I relaxed a bit, thinking I was OK. God, what a beautiful back he has, I thought, allowing myself a little look. Just then he turned and locked his eyes on mine, his expression still as unreadable as before. I froze, except for my legs which thankfully kept walking and got me the last few feet to the door. I tore my gaze from his as I pushed the door open. Out in the hall, with the pool to my back, I let out my breath. Oh, fuck! That was close. But then I did the stupidest thing. I glanced over my shoulder -- why I don't know, do I have no control? -- and found him still staring right at me through the glass door, unblinking, indecipherable. I rounded the corner, trying not to look like I was running away, and leaned against the wall once I was completely out of sight. "Dammit!" I said to myself, "what the fuck is wrong with you? Are you trying to get beaten up?" Or worse, fired. I caught my breath and started up the stairs. My mind was reeling, my heart was pounding, and my dick was throbbing. But by the time I got up to the main office, I had composed myself and was ready to get back to work. Of course, the thrill of the experience stayed with me all night. All I had to do to get myself riled up again was close my eyes and remember his handsome face and nearly naked body. And his deep, dark brown eyes! Eyes that made such strong contact with me but were so obscure. Oh well. By the end of the night I'd convinced myself that I'd been taking too many chances cruising the hot student boys at work and I'd better start being more careful.

When I finally finished my work, it wasn't too late, but I was still wound up. I decided to take a run on the treadmill before I went home. Maybe that would work off this tension and make me feel better. I went up to my locker and changed, then went over to the cardio room. It was pretty empty, only a few others on various machines around the big room. I had the whole corner of the treadmill area all to myself. By the time I finished my 45 minutes, there was no there but the staff and me. It was still a half hour until closing, but I guess on weeknights it empties out pretty early.

I went back into the locker room, thinking I'd take a nice hot shower and call it a night. It was pretty empty in there, too. I threw my sweaty clothes into a bag and pulled out my towel, wrapping it around my waist. As I sat down on the bench, I heard the door to the shower room open. I was rummaging through my knapsack trying to find my shampoo, when suddenly I realized - felt more than saw - someone had come around the corner and was standing right next to me. I smelled his soapy scent and felt the warmth of his presence. Finally finding my shampoo bottle, I sat up - and froze. Standing next to me, opening the padlock on a locker inches from mine, was Roberto. I moved slowly, as if that would make it so he couldn't see me, and put my knapsack into my locker. He opened his, turning a bit towards me as he swung the door open. That's when he realized it was me, and I think he froze for a second, too. Then his mouth crept into a sly grin. He reached for the knot in his towel. As he pulled it open, he glanced over his shoulder at the door, then back at me. He dropped the towel to the floor, and my eyes journeyed down his beautiful, muscular body. My mouth gaped open as he revealed his cock, hanging large and firm, and definitely growing. I couldn't believe this was happening!

"You're a cocksucker, aren't you?" he whispered, grinning broadly now.

"Yes." I gasped, my eyes glued to his growing cock, getting slowly closer and closer to my dangling tongue. It was as beautiful as the rest of him, long, thick, uncut. Most of his plum colored head was already out of his skin, and as it grew towards my mouth it pulled free of the overhang completely. I fell to my knees before him, and as a first drop of precum appeared at the slit, I gently slurped his dripping cockhead into my mouth.

"Ohhhhh, yeah," he hissed. "Suck it, man." I ran my tongue around his head, and slipped another few inches of him into my mouth. I couldn't believe this was happening! I began a slow up and down on him, taking a little more and more of his length each time. His legs were already trembling, and when I reached up and palmed his balls his knees buckled a bit.

"Ohhh, fuck yeahh." He moaned, steadying himself against the locker, and started pumping his hips some. In a few strokes I buried my face in his crotch, swallowing every fat inch of his beautiful hardon. I pulled off him, locking my wet lips tight around his shaft as I came up to the tip and then plunged back down on him, reaching behind him and pushing him into my face. He growled deep in his throat and ground his hips into me. I wrapped my hands around his smooth butt and thrust him in and out of my suctioning lips, lavishing my tongue around his throbbing shaft. I would have rather slowly teased and edged him until he was crazy, but I really didn't want to get caught sucking off a student in the lockerroom. I picked up the pace, driving him deep into my hot wet throat, and he grabbed my head in both hands and proceeded to fuck my face. Panting above me, he rammed his throbbing cock in and out of me faster and harder. I succumbed to his lust, and tried to work my wet tongue around his meat as much as I could while he impaled my throat over and over again. I kneaded his balls some more as he plowed me, and was rewarded with more of his hot talk.

"Fuck yeah," he growled, "That's it. That's fucking it." With a few more savage thrusts, he plunged in deep and erupted, his meat swelling in my throat and pulsating with each shot of hot cream -- so deep I couldn't taste it, but I pulled back enough to gasp some air and taste his seed -- fresh, teenage mancream! I sucked and swallowed every musky drop of his juice and milked out all he could give me. And he gave and gave! Blast after thick blast of cum attacked my throat, almost faster than I could gulp it down. He collapsed against the locker and I nursed on his dick, still hard and big, but not as rampant. I licked up every drop that escaped my sucking mouth and cleaned him off good. "Oh, fuck." He kept saying, over and over. "Oh fuck, man." When his panting finally slowed down, it was like he suddenly remembered where he was and stood upright, pulling out of my mouth. He checked over his shoulder again, then visibly relaxed when he saw no one was there. "Fuck, man. That was awesome."

"Yes, it was" I said. I reached up and stroked his softening cock. He jumped at my touch, then moaned. Suddenly, I felt bold. "And that's nothing compared to what I could do if we had some privacy." I looked up at his surprised face. "I could do that for hours on end." I said. "Hours. Imagine how that would feel for three or four hours."

His eyes widened, "Three or four?"

"Easily -- I love it. I wonder many times a hot young stud like you could cum in four hours of that kind of cocksucking." He was silent. "Just kick back, relax, and let me worship your cock, man. You'll love it." I pulled one of my personal cards from my pants pocket and handed it to him. "Think about it. Nobody will know but you and me. Give me a call anytime." I stood up, closed my locker and wrapped my towel back around my waist. He was still in shock, I think, and didn't say anything.

"Like you said, I'm a cocksucker."

End of part one.




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