The Shirtless Club
By Magicmark <>

When my brother Joe called from college to say he was moving out of the dorms and needed to borrow Dad's truck for the move, I eagerly volunteered to drive the truck up to the school for him. I was just 17 and jumped at any chance to drive -- especially if it was Dad's big, brand-new, dark-red pickup. Getting behind the wheel of that truck always made me feel like a real man.

'Course, I was starting to look like a real man -- at 6-foot-2 I was taller than most of the adults I knew, and wrestling team workouts had really had an effect on my bod, which was rapidly filling out with muscle but still (fortunately for my game) staying lean and lanky -- but I didn't always feel like one, especially around the house and at school, where I was always Joe's kid brother even after he'd gone off to college. So I was really excited about getting out of town, even if it was just to drive the truck up so I could help Joe move.

It took me a while to convince Dad to let me go, but he wasn't in any hurry to go himself. Finally he said I could, if I was careful. I promised I'd be good.

The night before I was supposed to go I ran into Tony at the mall. Tony's on the wrestling team, but a year older and the next weight class up. He was a little shorter than me and a shade darker -- I'm blond and really fair -- but he'd really built his body up, even over the year I'd known him. It was his broad shoulders, thick rounded pecs (bigger pecs than anyone else at school, even the seniors), and biceps that made the arms of his shirts strain that I kept in mind for inspiration when I worked out. We'd ended up as good friends, and I always enjoyed being around him. There was something about him that made me feel really good when I was with him, and I wasn't sure what it was or what it meant.

Anyway I told Tony about the trip and he said, "Hey, I was thinking about applying there -- why don't I go up with you, and I can check the place out while you're helping your brother?"

I looked back at him and smiled, wondering why I was noticing how thick and moist his lips were. "Sounds like fun, dude," I said. "I'll swing by your place tomorrow at 10."

"Come to think of it, Johnny might want to come too," Tony added, meaning his twin brother. "He's gonna be applying same time as me."

"Sure," I said. "There's room for three."

The next morning was warm and bright. I dressed light in a t-shirt and shorts and hurried out to the pickup. I opened the garage door and just looked at it for a minute -- it was so masculine. I wanted one of my own in the worst way. I opened the door and got behind the wheel, and I realized I was getting a hard-on, it felt so good to be in the driver's seat of this truck and have it totally to myself. I adjusted my cock in my lap (which took a minute, because it's inconveniently big), briefly considered jerking off, and instead turned the key and grabbed the gear-shift, yanking it back into reverse. The gear-shift felt good in my hand as it vibrated with the power of the truck's engine, and I was reluctant to move my hand away off of it to drive.

It wasn't far to Tony's place. I pulled up the driveway and honked once. Tony immediately appeared at the door with his twin brother Johnny. They looked a lot alike, of course, but Tony had the edge in size -- he worked out more. Johnny was a baseball and basketball player, where different strength requirements pertained. Still, Tony had told me that Johnny had started to get envious of Tony's build and had been putting in long hours at the gym so he could compete with Tony. Naturally this only spurred Tony to work out more to stay ahead. So as they approached the truck I could tell Johnny was more built than the last time I'd seen him a couple months before, but Tony -- who was wearing a sleeveless muscle shirt and cut-offs as if to help me compare -- was still bigger and better in every way.

Tony jumped into the cab in the middle, Johnny next to him. "Hey guys, you ready?" I said.

"Let's go," Tony and Johnny said.

I immediately realized I had a slight problem: the way Tony was sitting the gear shift was between his legs. Tony seemed oblivious and I didn't want to say anything about anything that might be between his legs, lest I open myself up to some sort of taunting; so I reached between his legs and grabbed the gear shift, pulling it into reverse to back out of the drive. As I kept my hand in position to shift into first, I had little choice but to rest it against Tony's muscular leg, and I was started to feel my still-hard cock pump with excitement.

As if reading my mind Tony looked down and saw the outline of my cock in my shirts. "Looks like someone forgot to whack off this morning," he said with a wicked grin.

"Not me," said Johnny, who got a nudge from his brother. He looked over at my crotch and said, "Oh, him."

I was blushing fiercely, but my cock was only getting harder from the attention. Meanwhile my arm was still draped across Tony's thigh, since I was still only in second; I felt Tony flex his muscle against my arm, pulsing as if in time with the throbbing of my cock. I was afraid to look at him, but I could feel the grin still burning. I wasn't sure if he was just enjoying taunting me, or -- something else, I wasn't sure what. I'd done plenty of rough-housing and proper wrestling with Tony, but this felt a little different.

I tried to be glib. "Yeah, it's got a mind of it's own," I said with a weak smile. "I think it wants to drive instead of me."

"It wants to drive, huh?" Tony said. Johnny chuckled.

I looked over and both of them were staring at my crotch, fascinated. Johnny said, "Bro, you didn't tell me it was that big!"

"I didn't want to make you feel bad," Tony said.

"Hey, mine's plenty big!" Johnny said.

"Let's compare," Tony said casually. To me he said, "Come on, Dave, whip it out."

My heart pounded. We were just pulling onto the interstate. I didn't need to shift any more, but I couldn't move my arm away.

"He's driving, he can't whip it out," Johnny said. I glanced over and was startled to see Johnny's fully erect cock sticking straight up from the fly of his jeans. Tony was pulling his out, too. "I'll help him as soon as I get mine," he said, sounding as if he were struggling.

"I'll get yours and you get his," Johnny said.

"O.K.," Tony said. Immediately I felt Tony's hands working on the fly to my shorts. I was too stunned to speak; it was all I could do to stay between the white lines. Tony opened my fly and reached in his hand to find my cock. I glanced over and saw Johnny hauling Tony's rock-hard boner out of his shorts. The thought that they both had the same long, thick cock was interrupted by the sensation of Tony's strong hand wrapped around my cock. He pulled it out through the fly, but didn't remove his hand.

"Well, dude," Tony said, "looks like you've got us beat!" As if to accent the last word he started to stroke my cock, his wide hand filled with my wide, thick, rock-hard slab, his hand moving very slowly up, them down.

My breath was coming in gasps. "Dudes, you don't want me to crash, do you?" I said.

"Don't worry," Johnny said, "we'll all keep our eyes on the road." But at the moment his eyes were fixed on my big boner. I looked over and saw that like Tony he'd kept his hand on the cock he'd fished out and was stroking it like Tony was stroking mine. Tony had meanwhile reached out with his other hand and was caressing Johnny's thick hard-on.

Tony was looking straight ahead, a look of pure enjoyment on his face. Suddenly I felt like I shouldn't be the odd man out -- I could be just as bold as them. Slowly I moved my gear-shift hand back, toward Tony's crotch, which seemed to be radiating heat. I felt a bead of sweat trickle down between my pecs as my hand found Johnny's. He moved his hand up and my hand wrapped around its first cock other than mine -- it felt hot as hot coals and harder than steel. Moving my hand with Johnny's I started to stroke that cock, and my breath suddenly released in a long sigh that became a moan.

I kept my left hand on the wheel -- we weaved a little but fortunately there was not much traffic. On impulse I moved my hand off Tony's cock and ran it up his hard, flat abs toward his chest, where I stroked those thick, full, 17-year-old pecs. Tony gripped my cock a little tighter, began stroking faster; it was lubricated by a steady flow of precum. He pressed his muscular arm against my own pecs and I moaned again, my cock jumping in his hand.

Suddenly I saw the warning sign for the upcoming exit we wanted. "Dudes, we're almost there," I said, breathing hard.

"I know I am," whispered Johnny. I saw Johnny's hand whipping Tony's cock -- Tony started to do the same to both of us. I was flushed with erotic pleasure, my whole body quivering as if it wasn't just my cock that was going to cum. I continued stroking Tony's pecs through the sheer fabric of his shirt.

"Our shirts!" I said abruptly. "We can't come -- it'll go all over our shirts!"

"Then we'll have to do without," breathed Tony, and for emphasis, even as I pictured the three of us arriving shirtless, he yanked my cock, jacking it better than I ever had, and I gasped as I felt white-hot cum boil in my balls, build up pressure as I trued to hold back, then rocket out of my cock, splattering on my face and chest. I saw stars for a minute but with a herculean effort I kept us on the road.

"Oh yeah!" said Tony and Johnny, and I felt Tony's body shudder as he came, a burst of his hot liquid splashing on my caressing hand. Johnny cried out and I looked over and saw him shoot, to my amazement, over his shoulder into the back seat, a second burst falling across his chest.

The three of us fell back and said as one, "Wow!"

Just then the exit opened up and I pulled off, my heart still pounding, my cock still rock hard, standing straight up from my fly with Tony's hand still tight around it.

* * *

I pulled into the first gas station as we reluctantly and with some difficulty stowed our turgid cocks. As I parked we shucked out cum-stained shirts, tossing them in the back. I used a rag Dad kept in the cab to clean the cum off my face and off Johnny's head-rest. As I leaned across to do the latter Tony caught my face in his hands and brought it up to his, and I got my first kiss, sweeter, hotter, and more luscious than anything I'd imagined. My heart started pounding again and I barely heard Johnny say, "Hey, someone'll see us!"

Tony pulled my face away so he could say, "Who knows us here? Besides, Dave has me so turned on I can't help myself. You're just jealous."

I looked at Tony and smiled, emboldened by his praise. "You're right," I said. "We mustn't play favorites." I leaned across toward Johnny, who eagerly brought his lips to mine and kissed me passionately, and before I knew it I felt his tongue in my mouth, dancing with mine, and I thought I might cum again. Tony took the opportunity to caress my torso.

Finally I pulled back, and Johnny said smugly, "So, which one of us is the better kisser?"

I grinned and said, "I don't think I have enough to go on yet." We all laughed. Tony moved to kiss me again when Johnny said, "Check it out -- the attendant's digging this."

I looked over and saw a tall, lanky college kid with broad shoulders under his uniform shirt and long sandy hair, watching us from the office, his mouth open, his hand moving absently across the crotch of his jeans. He seemed to realize we were all looking at him and bashfully looked away.

Tony and Johnny grinned at each other as if possessed by the same idea. First the kissed each other for a minute, which was almost as hot for me to watch as getting kissed myself. Then Johnny opened the door and jumped out. Tony followed and beckoned for me to come too.

We marched into the office and stood in front of the guy, who couldn't take his eyes off us. I felt a weird feeling of power as I saw this guy was totally into our bods and the fact that we were into each other. Johnny asked Bob (his shirt said "Bob" anyway) for the men's room key and he handed it over as if in a daze.

As we walked around the side of the building Tony asked, "How long do you think before he shows up?"

"A minute," Johnny said. "Maybe two."

Once in the bathroom Tony said, "I'll wait here," and took up a position near the slightly ajar door.

Johnny led me back into the room. "Damn straight!" he said. "It's my turn to service this beautiful cock." Before I knew it he had falled to his knees and was shicking my shorts. My hard cock slapped against my abs.

"What are you--" I started to say, but Johnny had already wrapped his mouth around the head of my cock, his eyes looking up at me with delight.

I closed my eyes and shuddered with pleasure as his hot mouth was filled with more and more of my rock-hard cock. His tongue, which had so recently been introduced to my mouth, now lolled about my thick cock, making me moan again and again in newfound delight.

The door opened and the attendant came in, walking slowly toward us, rubbing his crotch. Tony came up behind him and removed his shirt, revealing a defined, hairless torso -- and a cock long enough that the head peeked over the waistline of his jeans. Tony whistled and zipped open the boy's fly, revealing a long, thin cock sticking straight up from a sparsely-haired crotch. As he continued to stare at Johnny's incredible ministrations to my cock, Tony got to his knees and took that long thin cock into his luscious mouth. "Bob" threw his head back but said nothing.

Meanwhile my breath was coming in ragged gasps as Johnny sucked my cock -- my dick felt like it belonged in his wonderful hot mouth, and I pumped my steel-hard cock into that mouth gently at first, but before long harder and harder. I looked down and saw that Tony and Johnny had both freed their long, hard, thick cocks, but weren't rubbing them. Instead, Tony sidled closer to us, bringing Bob with him, so that they could reach out and jack each other's cocks.

This was a major turn on for Bob and me both, and even as I heard a whimper escape him I felt cum surging in my balls again, and before I could even warn Johnny I started to shoot; but he pulled off just in time, getting most of the burst full-impact against his face. Bob watched me come and them stifled a cry as he came, pouring torrents of cum onto Tony's surprised face. Tony and Johnny jacked each other's thick cocks harder and faster, and then suddenly they came together, leaning back so that the cum splashed across their chests.

"Man," said Tony to Bob, who was already slipping his uniform shirt on, "how long had it been for you? Jeez!" But Bob just grinned sheepishly and left, leaving us three to collapse against each other until we had the strength to wash up.

* * *

We flirted shamelessly with Bob when we returned the key; he was obviously embarrassed but also very happy. As we walked back to the car I looked at my friends, feeling as if I was seeing them with new eyes. I took in their trim torsos rippling with muscle -- muscle that now seemed more beautiful than anything on earth -- and shook my head. "You guys," I said, "you guys are just too fucking hot. You should never wear shirts, ever again."

"Same for you, dude," Johnny said.

"Yeah," Tony added, wrapping an arm around me, cupping his free hand around one of my pecs. "You are starting to get an awesome bod."

"O.K., then," I said as we got into the truck. "From now on, the three of us will only wear shirts only when absolutely necessary."

"Deal," said Tony, shaking my hand as he climbed in next to me. Johnny did likewise, and we grinned at the formation of our silly little club as I pulled the truck out of the gas station onto the main road leading toward campus, legs pressed together and laughing at anything.

As we got to the campus Johnny whistled. "Man, I think they have our club here already," he said. I looked around and sure enough, the place was crawling with hot, muscular guys, many of them without shirts on this warm spring Saturday, walking around, playing Frisbee, reading books in the shade. "Holy shit," I said.

I fished out the directions to the dorm, marvelling that the number of shirtless hunks seemed only to increase as we got deeper into the campus. As we got to our destination Tony checked out another shirtless hunk, tall and long-muscled, standing by the entrance. "There's one," he said.

"Yeah, look at him," agreed Johnny.

I was about to agree when my brain pulled up short. "That's Joe," I said, parking the truck.

Nonetheless as we got closer I had to admit they were right. I hadn't seen my brother in months and it looked like he had spent every day, all day in the gym. He had always been exceptionally good-looking but now, with that body and a new, close-cropped haircut, he was gorgeous, and I was startled and a little afraid to realize that I lusted after him, that I was checking out the outline of his cock, which was clearly visible in his sweats -- Joe hated underwear.

Joe saw us and quickly covered the distance between us, taking me up in his muscluar arms in a big hug. "Great to see you kiddo," he said, pulling away so he could look at me. "Man, look at you! I remember you looking like a scrawny bean-pole. What, did someone leave you this hot bod in their will? You win it in a contest?"

I was a bit flustered by his reaction, particularly his use of the word "hot," so I just grinned and said he looked great too. "Thanks, kiddo," he said with a big smile. "Actually I was really depressed a couple months ago, so I found solace in the gym. So who are your friends? I expected you'd come alone," he added, and even though he didn't wink it sure sounded like he should have. I blinked and turned to the twins, who were staring at Joe with obvious lust, which Joe seemed to notice with a smile. "Um, Joe, these are my friends Tony and Johnny." The brothers extended their hands automatically, and Joe shook one, then the other. "They came to check out the campus in case they want to apply here."

"But we'll be happy to help you move," added Johnny. Tony nodded mutely. I glanced at them, surprised -- and even more surprised to be aware that I was a little jealous at the attention they were giving my gorgeous brother.

Joe agreed enthusiastically to the extra hands and we swiftly loaded up the truck. I expected Joe to follow in his own car but he clambered into the truck as I got in to drive, sitting in the middle before Tony or Johnny could get in. They seemed dismayed but Joe said, "It's not far. One of you can sit on my leg till we get there."

"What about your car?" I said as Tony and Johnny scrambled to get in, Johnny eventually winning the race to Joe's lap.

"Crashed it in January," he said. "That's why I got depressed. Don't tell Dad."

Johnny favored me with a dirty grin as he settled back against Joe's impressive torso, Joe's pecs thick enough that daylight showed between Johnny's back and Joe's eight-pack abs, and through that gap I could see Tony's hand on his crotch. Joe wrapped an arm around Johnny's torso, for support (I told myself).

Once again I remembered where the gear shift was. I hesitated and Joe said, "Well?"

I could see Joe's cock. It was draped along his left leg, looking bigger than it had a moment ago. Frank and Johnny said, "Well??"

So I reached over and, my forearm against Joe's thigh, put us in gear. As I pulled out, I kept it there, because I needed to shift again soon (I told myself).

As I upshifted and Joe gave directions, I felt something touch my arm. Joe's cock had snaked down the leg of his sweats and had now come up against my arm. From the look of it it was still not fully hard, but it was already bigger than mine. I had never seen my brother's cock -- had always tried not to -- but now I could hardly take my eyes off it. "Watch the road," Joe said softly.

We rode in this way until we got to Joe's new off-campus apartment, Tony and Johnny with their eyes closed from pure bliss. Joe seemed very relaxed too, and my whole body was immersed with lust for this man, this dream, who was my brother.

I parked and for a long time nobody moved. Finally Joe said, "Let's unload. Then I'll treat everyone to pizza." Without saying anything Johnny, Tony, and I got out and together the four of us silently, quickly, and efficiently unloaded Joe's furniture and boxes into his new, more spacious digs. When we were done we stood in Joe's living room amidst the boxes, looking at each other. Actually, looking at Joe, who was looking at me.

Finally I stepped forward and, standing in front of him, staring into his more experienced eyes, untied the drawstring to his sweats. They fell to the floor and I looked down to see a cock of enormous proportions, inches longer than my impressive cock though not much thicker. Johnny and Tony were undoing my shorts, both of them incredibly turned on by Joe's and my newly awakened lust for each other. My cock was freed and it leapt to be next to Joe's, stretching to be as big. I felt four hands wrap our cocks together and, still looking into each other's oeyes, we both moaned. As they caressed our cocks I brought my lips to Joe's and we kissed: sweet and subtle at first, then growing in hunger, our hands roaming each other's bodies.

From somewhere the twins found lube and they applied it to our cocks, stroking our giant cocks together as we explored each other's mouths and caressed each other's muscles, our cocks pressed together like lovers, an incredible feeling. I was in ecstasy, no less because Joe seemed to be as well. I immersed myself in the moment, throwing consciousness to the wind.

Some time later I felt a cock against my ass and realized that one of the twins must have moved around behind me, through they were continuing to stroke our cocks with all four hands. I felt a chest press against my back and decided it was Tony's. My dick, already rock-hard, stiffened even more, and I felt like it was growing, trying to be as big as Joe's. I opened my eyes and looked past Joe to see Johnny, humping against Joe while stroking our cocks insatiably. He winked at me anmd I smiled back, even as Joe's hot mouth found the side of my neck and I nearly melted.

Meanwhile Tony was humping my virgin ass, sliding his cock up my crack. To my relief he took the time to loosen me up, retrieving one of his hands from the jerkfest so he could slide first one, then two, then three fingers into my tight, twitching hole, and initial dose of pain rapidly giving way to a new level of pleasure as he took out his fingers and slowly slid his big cock into my tight, easger ass. I kissed Joe hungrily, our cocks seemed to grow together into one giant slab of pleasure. A fire went through my body as he twisted one of my nipples.

I was overcome with sexual pleasure. I wanted it to never end and yet I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. Joe brought his sexy, sensual, muscular bod closer to mine, sweat lubricating our pecs as they rubbed together. Finally we started to get close and we each joined in the jerking of our massive cocks, eight hands working together in increasingly frantic rhythm until we couldn't stand it anymore and we erupted, our cocks unleashing bolts of white hot cum that hit our faces, our chests, our shoulders, everything. They came again, and again, even as the twins pulled out and shot all over our backs.

My cock finally softened for the first tiome that day, though it stayed half-hard as if on alert, as the four of us joined in a big hug. I don't know how much time passed before we disentangled ourselves and took showers. Afterwards as he ordered pizza Joe offered to lend us t-shirts, we declined, laughing, and I told him about our "club" -- in fact I offered him membership, which he accepted with a grin. His membership was ratified by the full group, and my cock started to plump again at the thought of Joe sitting shirtless in class, drawing looks from all around.

Even as I was thinking this the pizza guy arrived. He was a handsome devil with short black hair and green eyes, and as he looked as the four of us a lustful smile spread across his lips...

But that's a tale for another day.