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Chapter 2: First Base

My school day on Friday was par for the course, so to speak. Same boring classes, same boring teachers, and the usual idiots trying to make my life as miserable as possible. I only got pushed around twice in the halls today, and I even managed not to drop all my books and papers on the ground one of those times.

I spent most of my time in class today lost in my own thoughts. I just had this sense that there were some troubling issues floating around in my head today, but I couldn't seem to get a grasp on them. It was vaguely troubling; something in the universe was not right today. I knew something was bothering me, but I just couldn't really bring it into sharp focus. Alternately, at other times my thoughts would drift back to that handsome Aussie dude--inevitably waking up the monster down below. I had to linger a little while after two different classes (pretending to catch up on notes I had missed) so things would have time to subside on their own. In the end, I felt like a ping-pong match was going on in my head, bouncing from one feeling to the other. From a vaguely troubling, haunting, guilty kind of feeling to the warm, fuzzy, eventually stiffening kind of feeling. Man, what a day so far.

Other than my daydreaming, however, I hadn't actually seen Lance yet during the school day. But, it is a pretty big school, and I guess we must have different schedules (I am on the honors/accelerated track, and I'm not sure yet about Lance yet...), and we probably even have different lunch periods. However, he certainly did occupy my thoughts all day long.

As I approached my locker at the end of 5th period, there he stood: casually waiting for me, just being his cool handsome self. How did he know where my locker was? Anyway, he smiled brightly when he saw me coming. Boy, it sure feels good when he does that!

"How go, mate? Need a lift to practice, then?"

I smiled to myself. "Sure, Lance. But I need to get my clubs from the coaches office first."

Guys with their own car had a place to keep their clubs during the day (not to mention getting them to school!). But I had to schlep mine over to the coach's office every morning, and hope the office wasn't locked when I needed to get them out before 6th period (when all the sports teams have P.E.). At least they were safe in there, I hoped. I loved my clubs. I had worked my ass off all summer long so I could buy a used set of Ping I3 blade irons, and it took a long time to find a set to my spec's. Also, my most beloved possession in the universe was in my golf bag: my Scotty Cameron putter.

"Why don't you keep them in my car during school, Rick? Might save you a good bit of trouble every day, you know?" he asked with concern as we walked.

"Maybe so," I thought out loud, still feeling that happy feeling that you get inside when someone shows they care about you. "Say, Lance--how did you know where to find me, my locker, I mean?"

"The Johnson twins told me where to look, more or less. Glad I bumped into them in the hallway during passing period. It was easy enough to spot those two tall red-headed blokes, though," he laughed. "Are they ever more than three feet apart from each other?" he said with a laugh. "But, they were more than happy to help me out, it seemed. Happy lot, those two. Always going on about something," he observed with a wry smile.

As we walked along, I thought about the day before. Everything just felt so comfortable between us, like we had been friends for much longer than the 24 hours since yesterday's practice. It seemed like we just had this basic understanding of each other, a deep underlying connection. At the same time, it felt a little strange and uncomfortable given we had just met. I was not used to people dropping into my life that quickly. But, like two different pieces of the same puzzle, we just seemed to fit together perfectly.

I noticed Lance was just trying to be sincere and friendly today; he wasn't trying to put a move on me, or anything (not that he had before, either...). I could tell he was happy just to spend time with me, and I felt the same. It was so cool to feel what it was like to grow closer to someone; I just had to smile to myself--I had never experienced that feeling before. I also reveled in the warm feeling growing in the center of my chest that I had never known before. It seemed to fill a hole that had been inside me for so long I hadn't even noticed it was there before now.

We hopped in his car for the short trip to the course, not saying much along the way. Just listening to the radio, and talking about what classes we had, what kids I knew that Lance had met in some of his classes, etc. I think we both had a lot on our minds, anyway. I was kinda going on autopilot, not really paying all that much attention to our conversation. Something else had grabbed my attention, and wasn't about to let it go that easily. I had noticed that Lance was wearing shorts today, as opposed to the more dressy `dockers' type golf pants he had worn the day before. As his legs moved back and forth working the clutch, brakes etc., I could see the fine dark hair on his legs. It looked very sexy to me, for some reason. Not too hairy, but just enough to show his maturity and sexiness, I guess. At that point I just couldn't prevent my attention from wandering a little higher up, so to speak (not that I really wanted to prevent it that badly...). I almost gasped out loud as I could pretty clearly see his dick outlined along the leg of his cargo shorts. Shit! It musta been fairly long, since mine could never reach far enough to even go down the leg of my pants. And the head! Man, you could see it outlined plain as day; it was so big in proportion. My heart was beating very fast all of a sudden. Oh God, I thought to myself. I am liking this way too much! Maybe I should just admit defeat and accept that I am gay...but it just didn't make any sense to me, though! It's not like I'm attracted to every guy I see. Hell, I wasn't attracted to hardly any guys, really. Ok, just one guy to be precise! And, like I said, I could still bone up over a girl with nice set of tits any day of the week.

On one hand, a loud voice in my head was constantly shouting danger signals to me: don't get too involved; don't expose your feelings too quickly, because you will surely regret it! Another equally strong voice just kept pointing out what was plainly in front of me: he was just so cute, so nice, and he made me feel that wonderfully strange feeling inside my chest. I just don't know which voice to listen to. I'm still confused, I thought to myself with a frown. As I came back to the present moment, I noticed that our conversation had stopped, and Lance was looking at me again with a strange expression on his face.

"Whatcha worried about there, mate?" Lance said, as he had obviously noticed my worried look.

"Nuthin. Just thinking, that's all."

"Righto, then. I just wanted to make sure you weren't getting' all buggered up about what Brent said yesterday. He won't be here today, I reckon," Lance added.

"How do you know that?" I asked curiously.

"Turns out we have one class together, and he wasn't there this morning. Maybe he's out sharpening his game for the team qualifier on Monday," Lance answered with a laugh (we found out later Brent and his football team buddies were just having a `senior day' at the beach with a few six-packs...).

It turned out the golf team was just practicing on the driving range and the putting green for today. Lance was very helpful, giving me subtle advice as he watched me hit a few range balls from behind. In the end, I mostly just sat and watched him hit balls. He was so talented; I could just watch him hit balls forever. Later, we played a little game of `horse' (kinda like basketball, but in golf you just call your target, your club, and the type of shot). Lance put me away after a respectable battle with "5-iron with a high draw to the 200 yard stick." Unfortunately, high, 5-iron, 200 yards and draw rarely happen at the same time when I'm hitting.

"No fair, Lance," I complained. "You know I don't have that shot!"

"Sure you do, mate. You just don't know it. Take your 5-iron and set up to the ball. Now, just picture it in your mind, Rick. Think `high draw' while your swinging and seeing it in your head, and it will just come out that way. Your body already knows how to hit that shot. You just have to relax and believe you can do it--know you can do it. If you have any doubts in your head, you won't. But, you can't force it to happen, though. You just have to let it happen, see? Give it a go, then."

I stood up to the ball, cleared my head, and just saw the ball in my mind going high and turning gently to the left. Almost without realizing it, I had already hit the ball and was watching it do just that.

"Fuckin' amazing, Lance." I said in awe.

"Not really, mate. You already have every shot you need inside here," he said putting his hand on my chest. "You just need to learn how to let `em out."

We stood there for a moment with our eyes locked together, his hand lingering on my chest, close enough to feel the rising heat. It seemed like an eternity, but I am sure it was just a few seconds. Jimmy (or was it David?) Johnson interrupted our little moment with a giggle. We both looked at him with surprise as Lance snatched his hand back to his side.

"You two are so cute together," he said with a sincere smile, and walked off to find his brother.

Lance and I both looked at each other with a guilty look on our faces. I quickly decided that I needed to end this awkward little moment. "Double or nothin' on the putting green?" I asked. "I'm getting thirsty, and you cheated me at horse, Aussie boy!"

"Let's have a go, then," he replied with a smile. "If you think you can beat me."

"Hmph! You haven't got a chance, Lance." Shit, now I'm rhyming!

Of course, I did get the best of him on the putting green. Now, Lance is a very good putter. Technically, much better than myself perhaps. All his putts stop just inches from the hole, but few seem to go in. I, on the other hand, tend to miss by a bit more when I miss, but my more aggressive style seems to get more in the hole. I think I just expect to make most of `em--sometimes I can just feel the hole pulling the ball in like the black hole at the center of the galaxy. And I'm definitely not scared of a two or three footer coming back. I can make those all day long--in my sleep man!

As we enjoyed our cokes on the patio outside the snack bar--Lance's pay-off on our little bet--I could see Jimmy and David at another table snickering to themselves and occasionally glancing over at us. I was a little nervous about those two, but I think they mean well. I hope they won't cause us any trouble.

"Give you a lift home then?" Lance asked.

"Ya, sure, I guess. I'm just gonna go home and watch the ball game. This is the last week of the season, and the Angels are tied with Seattle and Oakland. Gotta root them into the playoffs, man!"

"Well," Lance said, "I don't know too much about your `Yankee' (no, not the team, duh!) Baseball, but I reckon you can watch at my house too if ya like. The `rents are gonna be out `till late at a University function. Maybe you can teach me about the game."

"Sure," I said with a flutter in my heart. Something inside wouldn't let me even consider saying no to his offer. "My mom won't be home till after 9 when she gets off work, anyway. I really kinda hate it there, to be honest. Mostly I'm just there by myself. When I'm home, mom gives me all the chores to do around the house, since nobody else is ever there to do them," I added. "I just eat, sleep, do my homework, and do the chores. Ya, I have a real exciting life," I laughed.

Lance gave me a sympathetic smile, put the car in gear, and we were off to his place. Again, we drove mostly in silence, as we both seemed preoccupied with our different thoughts. Myself, I was still wrestling with my growing attraction for Lance. As I squirmed in my seat, I could feel it `growing' all right!

"Here we are then, mate," Lance said as we pulled into the drive of a large Spanish style house on a huge lot. Around these parts, they call this a `ranchette.' About 5 acres or so, big pool in back; nestled up against the Nature Conservancy's Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Preserve (my second most favorite place in town after the golf course!). Beats the hell out of our little rented house in the `downtown' area of Temecula.

"Wow," I said. "Nice place! The Plateau is right behind your house too! That's like my favorite place in the world to hike and get away from stuff, you know?"

"Ya?" he asked, as we went inside. "You're gonna have to show me around up there, Ricky. I haven't had a chance to get out much yet."

I had to give him the look again. "Lance, It makes me feel like such a little kid when you call me that. Reminds me of my grandparents calling me that when I was, like, 3 years old for Christ sake! I get enough shit about looking younger than I am as it is..."

"What?" he asked. "Oh, well...I'm sorry, mate. I didn't think you would mind me calling you that since it's just us blokes here alone. I hoped you wouldn't mind. I mean, I kinda like to call you that, actually--and it's...well; it sounds cute, just like you, ok? There, now are you satisfied?" he said getting a little flustered. "I'm sorry," he added. "I'm trying real hard not to make you feel like I'm coming on to you, or pressuring you, ok? I know you realize how I feel about you, but right now I'm just happy for us to be friends. Best mates, ok?"

Some kind of switch just went off inside me at that point, and my heart finally melted for good. Suddenly, I felt a need inside me that was just too strong to ignore; and all the confusing thoughts I had struggled with all day long were now perfectly clear to me. To this day, I swear I don't know where I found the strength or courage to do it--it was so unlike me; it musta' been some form of alien mind control or something, hah! (Sorry, I'm a big X-files fan...). I walked over and stood directly in front of him, wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling us together. As I laid my head on his chest, I could hear both of our hearts pounding away. Wow. So far, so good!

I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent. "Sorry, Lance," I said. "I just don't think we can be best mates. Because...if we were, I couldn't do this," and I tilted my head up, looked him in the eyes, and gave him a slow and tender kiss that seemed to last almost forever (just like right out of my dreams last night!). When we both opened our eyes again after that first incredible kiss, I think we were both crying--definitely happy tears! Lance leaned down and kissed me again, this time with a little more urgency--still no tongue or anything--but I could definitely feel the passion `rising' between us.

As we finished our second kiss, I looked up at him and smiled what had to be the happiest smile I've ever had plastered across my face. I felt sooo damn good at that moment; it kinda made me feel like I was drunk or stoned or something (not that I'd ever really experienced what being drunk or stoned was like--maybe it was just the blood rushing out of my head to somewhere else...). I flopped down on the couch in a daze. As Lance looked at me, I could see him smiling a huge goofy looking (love-struck?) smile too.

I said in awe, "I can't believe it, man. I just can't fucking believe it. I never imagined in a million years that I could fall in love with another guy. But I do, Lance. I love you."

Jeez. Now we were both crying again.

Lance sat next to me, and took my hands in his. His hands felt so warm and strong. As he looked intently into my eyes, I could clearly see the depth of his love for me. He said, "You have no idea, mate. No idea."

As we sat there for a while, just staring directly into each other's hearts, I started to giggle nervously. "Was I ok?" I asked, "I mean; I never kissed anyone before," I said looking down in embarrassment.

Lance cocked his head in thought for a second. Then, he replied, "I reckon you were good enough," he said with a sparkle in his eyes, and looking down to his lap where a very prominent erection was straining down his shorts (almost poking out the leg!).

Gulp. Oh boy. Time out! "Um, Lance...well; now don't get me wrong, but I think we need to stop here for now. I mean, it was wonderful to kiss you, but I don't think I'm quite ready for the next step yet, uh...physically, so to speak. This is all so new to me; I just gotta let it sink in for a while. Can we sit together and watch the ballgame and snuggle and stuff? I really just want to feel you holding me right now. Nothing could feel better than that to me. Nothing in the world." I added, "And, if you're a good boy, I might let you kiss me again."

"You might, aye?" he said raising his eyebrows in mock surprise. He stood up, took my hand, and led me through the house to the TV room. As I tried to find the ballgame on the TV, Lance said, "I'll be right back, then."

I figured out how to use their remote (never an easy task with a strange system, is it?) and got the game on. The Angels were ahead of Seattle 3-2 in the 5th inning. Cool! Ramon Ortiz was throwin' a good game for us, so far. He had only given up 2 hits--both home runs, as usual--but seemed to be in command now, as he was shutting down the evil Mariners with ease this inning. Wicked fastball combined with devastating change-up and slider. Way to go, Ramon!

"Just wanted to change me shirt," Lance said as he wandered back in to the room, naked on his top half, and a clean t-shirt in his hand. "Don't want things to get too smelly around here, do we?" he asked with a laugh.

My mouth went dry as I stared breathlessly for the first time at his smooth, perfect chest: just the right amount of muscle to show everything was where it was supposed to be. It showed the aftermath of a good summer's tan a while back. He had just the tiniest little wisp of black hair around each small dark nipple, and just the tiniest bit more trailing from his belly button down into his shorts. As he put the shirt on, I could see just a small tight patch of black hair under each arm.

Time in my universe definitely stopped right then for a few moments, I'm sure. I simply couldn't take my eyes off him. I couldn't do anything but take in the incredible sight as I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. As his head popped out the neck of his shirt, he noticed me staring at him, mouth open, completely dazed. "You can breathe now! Please Ricky!" he laughed.

I took a deep breath and snapped back to the present moment. Think fast, Rick! "Uh...We need to get you a little sun. You're looking kinda pale, Aussie boy."

"Well, Ricky" he replied with a laugh, "we don't get out much in the sun in Melbourne during the wintertime, mate. Gets a bit cool, there, you know? I think the weather there is about like San Francisco, or Seattle here in the States."

Duh. They just finished winter down under, I reminded myself. "Sorry, I forgot that your Australian winter is just over now. Too Bad for you, though. Winter is gonna start here in another month or so. But, fall can be pretty warm and sunny here sometimes."

"So what's all this baseball about, then?" he asked, sitting down beside me and wrapping his arm around behind me.


I leaned into him and rested my head on his shoulder. I inhaled the clean clothes smell of his freshly washed t-shirt, as I snuggled into his side. I was in heaven. Watching my team winning, with my boyfriend's arm holding me tightly to him. Wow. Did I say boyfriend? This is such a weird day. Weird, but good.


I explained as much as I could about the game, and my favorite Angel players as they batted or made a play in the field. "That Eckstein bloke is a real item, aye? Looks kinda like he could be your big brother there, Ricky. But seriously, he looks kinda like I would picture you about that age," he said with a blush.

"Well, `Ecks' (pronounced "X") is my favorite player, but you'll never see me with a buzz cut dude! That's for sure!" My hair was, like, my favorite thing about myself. I had perfected the `Randy Taylor' kinda look (gotta love JTT--some people even think I look a little like him, but my hair is lighter. Personally, I don't really see the similarity that much).

(Lance's P.O.V.)

Sorry to interrupt here, but Ricky is being way too modest. He's doing a fine job with the story so far, but I just have to jump in for a sec. Now, don't let him mislead you blokes--he is just the cutest boy I've ever seen in my life! Incredible soft, light brown hair; parted in the middle--I just love the way it hangs over his eyes when he looks down at the ground like he does when he's being his shy self. And those hazel eyes, oh god! If you look closely, there must be about a dozen colors all mixed up in there: shades of green, blue, gold, silver, gray, light brown...You can just see the warmth, intelligence, and occasionally a little fire behind them. And, such a cute little nose surrounded by just the trace of freckles. Not a blemish anywhere on his lightly tanned face. I think he's a ways off from his first shave, and I just love his peach fuzz! But, the best is his perfect pink lips...nothing could possibly be more incredible to kiss than those tender lips. Wow. And, I know Ricky's a little sensitive about his size and all--but everything is in such perfect proportion that he doesn't stand out as being short unless you stand him up against someone much taller. He is simply the most gorgeous boy I have ever seen, and don't let him convince you otherwise! And, for the record, he doesn't look that much like JTT--he's much cuter!

We ordered Pizza, and watched the Angels hold on to beat the Mariners 3-2 and take a one game lead in the division (Yahoo!). But, the 9th inning had been a thriller. Percy (Troy Percival) had come in to close the game. And, as typical for him, he struck out the first two batters he faced and then walked the next two. Then, he had to face Ichiro with the winning run on base and two outs. It was classic `Percy Time.' Right off he came in tight with two wicked 98mph fastballs on the inside corner for two quick swinging strikes. "Way to go Percy!" I shouted, "Get right in that fuckers' kitchen!" I knew what was coming next and I leaned up on the edge of my seat. "Come on Percy, bring the hook..." I pleaded. Lance gave me a curious look. "Yes!" I shouted, punching both my fists in the air and jumping up out of my seat, as Percy dropped a perfect curveball on the outside edge of the plate for called strike three. Whew! It doesn't any better than that! What a blast.

"Take it easy there, mate. Don't wet your panties!" Lance said with a laugh.

I had to give him the look again, for the second time that night. "Don't do that, ok?" I asked. "I get called enough cruel things at school all day long, and I get real sensitive about that kinda stuff. It just bugs me sooo much, I can't even stand to hear people do it to someone else. I know you were just joking. But, I guess I am kinda worried. If people do find out about us, what's gonna happen to me? I'm already the favorite target of so many assholes, I just can't imagine how bad it would get."

"Ya, I know," he said softly. "I've been there and done that once already. It's not easy, but I can tell you're a scrapper. I know you're not the biggest bloke around school, but I already think you got the biggest heart. And, of course, you won't be goin' it alone mate," he said bringing me to him in a big hug. I just sat there and cried all over his clean t-shirt. At that moment, I didn't want to ever move again. I just wanted to spend the rest of my life being held by Lance's strong arms, feeling loved and appreciated. Accepted. Fuck the world, I thought. I just wanna get off this stupid ride right here. And take him with me!

Eventually, I pulled away from his hug and looked at my watch. "I gotta go home," I said with a pout. "But maybe we can get together tomorrow (Saturday) after I get off work (I still work at the driving range on weekends) and have a hike on the Plateau till sundown. I can show you some of my favorite spots. And, you have a lot to tell me, Lance--I wanna know everything about you," I said with a wicked grin.

"Sounds like a plan to me, Ricky," he said. "Let's get you home, then."

When Lance dropped me off in front of my house, I got my first official `good-bye kiss' in the car, and boy was it incredible! As I walked (floated?) up to the front door, I was still enjoying that warm cozy feeling inside me. "God," I thought to myself, " I feel like such a girl right now." Why did people think it was so wrong in our society for a boy to feel weak in the knees when being kissed by another taller, handsome boy? How could anything that felt so wonderful, so totally right and beautiful and awesome...possibly be wrong, tell me that? To hell with them, I thought. It was worth it. Ya, it was worth more than anything in the world to me right now to feel that someone could actually love me. ME of all people! To feel it in my heart. "Ya, fuck `em all," I thought out loud to myself, "the assholes."