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Chapter 4: In Hot Water

The tractor-in-a-cage sorta thing rattled, shook, and groaned as I drove it across the driving range, picking up the balls. It was late in the morning on Sunday, and I was cruising along on `auto-pilot' as my mind wandered to its favorite subject lately; that grinning Aussie dude. For the first time in my entire life, I think, I hopped out of bed this morning with an overwhelming feeling of being loved, and looking forward excitedly to what the new day would bring. Strange.

As my thoughts wandered around, it occurred to me that my life was going to be pretty different from now on. On one hand, I wouldn't give up Lance for anything in the world, and I was damned if I was gonna hide my feelings towards him--it seemed so disrespectful to our love for each other to do so, and I just couldn't live with that idea. How can you be with someone you love and not show it? But, I wasn't stupid. I knew that meant coming out to the world at some time fairly soon, and that sounded all too much like suicide to me (and Lance is already worried about Brent outing him anyway...). Sounds like a no win situation, I thought to myself. If I do respect and show my feelings for Lance, I risk us being outed. If I try to hide it, it feels like I am diminishing our love for each other in some way. Oh man. I'm just not sure what to do. I am getting a bad feeling about this. Maybe I just need some more time to think on it...

BANG! Shit! What the...? I was startled out of my thoughts as a ball bounced off my protective cage. As I continued my cruise across the range, shortly out rang another BANG! Damn! Somebody was having way too much fun this morning...everyone just loves to try and hit the idiot in the tractor as he picks up the range balls. What fun those assholes must have! Jeez...some days I would come out of that goddam tractor with my ears still ringing from all the racket--it really was quite loud when you were sitting inside it!

BANG! OK, enough is enough already! As I swung around closer to the teeing area, I tried to spot the wise guy who kept creaming me. Of course, I recognized the swing instantly as another low hard shot tracked right at my head (safely protected inside the cage thank you!); the effortless, balanced, precise--basically perfect--golf swing belonging to a very handsome, dark-haired, 17 year old Australian lad. BANG! Lance was standing there grinning and waving at me. "Oh, he's gonna pay for this!" I thought to myself as I immediately began figuring a way to get him back at him for my torture.

I parked the tractor, and proceeded to lug the large baskets that collected the balls over to the machine that washes them, and dumps them into the bin where they nervously await another trip out onto the range. It was another one of those really hot, dry fall days that we get this time of year; it felt like it was well over 95 degrees today. I grabbed a Gatorade out of the cooler, plunked down my money on the counter, and walked over to sit down just behind where Lance continued to hit his balls, pretending to ignore me. So, I pretended to ignore him ignoring me, and sat there silently watching him and sipping my cold drink. I wanted to see who would crack first! As I stared at him intently, I caught him peeking at me out of the corner of his eye. That was all it took to give him an uncontrollable case of the giggles. He tried to suppress them long enough to hit another ball, but it was totally useless at that point.

He turned to me and said, "Hey Ricky! How go mate?"

I replied curtly, "Hey Lancer, got any Tylenol? I got a nasty headache."

"Oh...Sorry! Just having a bit of fun, there. You're not mad at me, I hope?" he said with a sheepish look on his face. How could anyone stay mad at him with those deep brown puppy-dog eyes?

"Next time, I'm gonna put a metal trash can over your head and beat on it with my 5-iron. We'll see how you like it!" I replied with a smile.

"Right, then. I'll be good!" he promised.

"I'll be off work in a few minutes, then I want to hit a few balls. Maybe you can help me work on my driving. Do you charge for lessons?" I asked with a cheesy smile.

He pretended to think seriously for a moment, then he said, "I think we can work out a fair trade, somehow..." as he winked at me. I blushed at the thought, and walked away to finish my work duties-- suddenly feeling a growing tightness in my shorts. Luckily, my usual combo of snug boxer briefs and loose cargo shorts kept everything nicely under wraps.

So, I was soon hitting balls with Lance standing behind me, studying my swing path (and probably some other things too I bet...). As with most people, I have a tendency to `swing from the top' and my body gets ahead of my hands causing a slice--or a dreaded shank--if it's too far behind.

"Don't try to swing the club with your body, Ricky...let the weight of the club swing your upper body around," Lance coached me. "Try and feel the weight of the club as it reaches the bottom of your swing and then turn your body loose to follow it. And don't forget to keep your cute little butt behind the ball--don't slide out, now!"

Of course, he got `the look' for that last comment. But, after a while, I was indeed showing some improvement in both distance and accuracy. Hopefully, I can keep it going tomorrow for the team qualifier. When I ran out of ammo, I sat down and wiped the sweat out of my face.

"Well, Aussie boy, now what?" I asked.

"I feel like some lunch and then a swim, how `bout you mate?" Lance replied.

"You like Mexican food?" I asked with a grin.

"Well, I had a taco at Jack-in-the-Box last week--it was fair tuck," he stated.

"I have no fuckin' idea what you just said Lance," I said with a laugh, "but Jack-in-the-Box is not Mexican food, my friend! We'll stop at a good take-out place I know. Can we eat at your house? I assume you want to swim there, since I don't have a pool. Duh."

"That'll do just fine, Ricky," he answered, "the parents are out today wine-tasting until after supper time," and we were off for some real food!

We arrived back at Lance's house, and sat down on the patio to do some serious eating. Lance had opted for the beef taquito dinner plate with salad, rice, and beans hiding under all the sour cream and guacamole: while I had my usual, the chili relleno burrito (yes, there is such a thing!) with extra sour cream. They knew me pretty well at El Loco--I usually didn't even have to `place' my order, the cook just started making it when he saw me coming. Now, this is eats!

We sat around in the lounge chairs napping in the shade of the patio for an hour or so after gorging ourselves, trying to stay cool and relax while our bodies worked hard on the contents of our lunch. But, before too long, Lance stood up and said, "Pool time!" and started to drop his shorts and underwear down to his ankles. As he stood before me naked for the first time, I could barely breathe, let alone speak. He was so unbelievably gorgeous, as he stood there looking very comfortable with his nakedness (and no real tan lines...hmmm). But, who wouldn't be if they looked like him?

"Uh, uh...ya know, Lancer...I didn't bring a suit," I said with concern. I had a feeling I knew where this was going, and I didn't think he would own anything that would fit me: at least not since he was like 12 or so!

"No worries, Ricky!" he replied. "You can go starkers here--Mum and Pop won't come home until after 6 or so. We got plenty of time. Besides, you got nothing to hide from me...I hope," he said with a gleam in his eyes. With that, he turned and dove right into the pool, giving me a fantastic (but brief) view of his cute athletic butt. When he surfaced, he swam back to the side facing me and put his arms up on the edge of the pool. He was clearly waiting for a show to rival the one he had just given me, but I was a little nervous about getting totally naked in front of him for the first time; and outdoors no less! I'm sorry, but I'm just shy, ok? I'm not nearly as comfortable with my body as Lance apparently is (with his own body, not mine...duh!). Besides, after his little show, I now had the hard-on of the century going.

"You waitin' to sell tickets there Ricky? Come on now--its no big thing,'ll get over it! Er, Oops! I didn't mean it that way!" he said laughing. Now I was really turning red with embarrassment, looking down at the ground still unable to strip. Lance hauled himself up out of the water, and walked slowly over to where I stood, still naked as can be, dripping all the way. His wet hand reached out and touched my chin, lifting my eyes up to meet his. His wet face hovered inches from me, his eyes feeding me his love and understanding. He reached around and pulled me into a dripping wet hug and a long slow kiss. "There, now you're all wet anyways," he said with a smile. Obviously, he had felt my throbbing boner poking him in his thigh, because he then proceeded to slowly, lightly trace it through my shorts with his index finger, causing me to shiver involuntarily. He grinned at me, and dove back into the pool.


"Dammit Lance! You don't play fair," I pouted.


Grudgingly, I took off all my wet clothes and put them out into the sun to dry. I walked to the pool as casually as I could manage with my aching erection leading the way. Fortunately, the cool water in the pool soon took care of any outwardly visible signs of our mutual affection. We relaxed and cooled off for a while, and I slowly got used to being naked around Lance.

At some point, Lance hopped out of the pool, walked away, and disappeared around the corner of the house as I admired his athletic butt again. "Man," I thought to myself, "he has the fucking sexiest butt I could ever dream of..." Soon, I heard the Jacuzzi bubbling to life. He walked back to the edge of the pool nearest me, and held out his hand, smiling. "Ready for a few bubbles and some hot water, Ricky my love?"

I took his hand as I climbed out of the pool, and he pulled me to him. He put both his hands on my shoulders, arms outstretched, holding me a little bit away from him, as he looked me over in all my erect nakedness. "You must be a dream," he said with a smile, "You are just too gorgeous to be real."

Boy, he sure knew how to melt my heart! I dragged him into the Jacuzzi, and pulled him into a deep kiss. "God, I love you," I said breathlessly, rushing the words as fast as I could, trying to squeeze them in between my frantic kisses. He sat back against the side of the spa, and I climbed into his lap facing him as he pulled me into another long kiss. Needless to say, were both now painfully hard. The feeling of our hard dicks rubbing against each other in the hot water was totally mind-blowing, as I sat on his lap kissing him. Nothing I had ever done before could have possibly prepared me for this experience. It was the first time we ever really had a `full-naked-body-contact' moment; and at the time I was sure it was as close to heaven as I'd ever get in this miserable life.

I wrapped my hands around each erection, squeezing them together as I kissed around Lance's neck and his shoulders. His large hands softly stroked my back, gradually moving lower, and grabbing my butt firmly and pulling us together more urgently. As my ear passed near his mouth, he gently kissed it and licked around the outside of it gently, whispering his passion to me. As I stroked both of our dicks with my hands, I was amazed at the apparent difference in size my hands were describing to me. I pulled away and looked at him. I felt an incredible need in me somewhere, and it wasn't about to be ignored. I had long dreamed about this moment; and I had suppressed this need deep inside me for most of my life. But, no longer.

"Lance, can I...well, I know, yesterday? What you did? I want to see you up close; you know... its just...Jeez...yours is so amazing! Its so big, it feels like it has mine by double both in length and thickness," I said getting red in the face--I was so totally turned on by his huge dick, it was kinda embarrassing to admit (ok, maybe I was turning into a little bit of a size queen...but wow!).

Lance lifted himself out of the water to sit on the edge of the spa, his huge erection right in front of my face. "Whatever you want, it's all yours, Ricky. And don't you worry yourself about sizes...I think yours is just right for my taste, so to speak," he said with a wicked grin.

I was just awed by his dick, standing so proudly in front of me. Everything was so perfect: from the small neat (trimmed?) patch of dense black hair, to the huge smooth hanging balls, to the thick tube curving upwards to meet the massive head. I just stood there in the water a moment mesmerized by its beauty as I slowly stroked it...worshiping it, kissing it softly all over. The huge dark pink head called out to my tongue, and I licked all around it slowly as he shuddered and groaned. I ran my tongue slowly around and around each of his big balls then all the way back to his slit. Then, like a 3 year old with a lollipop, I sucked greedily on the fat head. I could only fit a couple inches in my mouth along with the huge head, which left just enough length for one hand on the shaft to stroke up and down as I sucked the top, and one hand to gently knead his balls.

Three days ago, you could not have convinced me in a million years that I was gay, let alone convince me I would be practically begging a guy to let me suck his dick. Again, it just felt too weird. Weird, but good!

Lance sat there, leaning back on his elbows with his head tilted back, his mouth open--trying to make some sound to describe his pleasure at this point, but not succeeding in making any sound at all. I, however, was moaning and whimpering in total lustful enjoyment as I savored my prize with my tongue and my lips. Having never done it before, I was immediately becoming hooked on this new pastime!

As I felt Lance's fingers running through my hair, I looked up to catch his eyes looking back down into mine. They connected instantly right to the center of my heart, conveying the deep sense of love, joy, pleasure, satisfaction, etc. that we both felt at that moment. The sensation those feelings created in me, along with the sensual feeling the hot water jets and bubbles had on my body, sent me totally over the edge. As I desperately continued sucking on my prize with our eyes still locked together, my whole body shook and wiggled uncontrollably as I came with several massive spasms under the water. Seeing my whole body shake as I was cumming sent Lance over the edge as well, and my mouth was immediately overflowing with huge amounts of his blazing hot cum. Most of it ran down my chin, and I tentatively swallowed what remained. I can't say that I loved the taste, but the realization of just how it symbolized my success at giving him pleasure made it taste just fine.

Lance slid back down into the warm water again, and tentatively reached out to help wipe his cum off my chin. I used the warm spa water and my hands to finish the job, and climbed back into his lap again facing him. I brought my face close to his--our foreheads touching--and once again I locked eyes with him, communicating silently and deeply how much I loved him. We kissed gently for a moment with our eyes still locked together. I laid my head back down against his chest, and let out a deep sigh as he wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me into him tightly and rocked me slowly. I was totally spent: emotionally, physically and sexually.

As I lay there with my head on his chest for several minutes, I began to weep. At first, I think it began as just tears of happiness, relief, or maybe just emotional exhaustion. But, I was crying uncontrollably after a few moments. Silently at first, then with loud sputtering sobs and moans as I was totally overcome with a flood of emotions, both good and bad, that had been locked inside me for a very long time; emotions I was no longer capable of, or willing to hide from. From the absolute joy and thrill of finding my one true love (and finding myself, really, in the process), all the way across the spectrum to the suppressed hurt, fear, despair and anger accumulated over my entire lifetime. Lance just continued to hold me and stroke me silently as I clung desperately to him. I think his intuition told him, correctly, that was the best thing he could do at the moment. I had spent all of my life determined not to cry, no matter how badly they tried to hurt me; I always refused to give them that satisfaction. Now, I was paying my long overdue debt.

Ecstasy and agony I felt all at once, as I purged my entire soul of these old emotions to make way for a new life I could sense was beginning for me, for us. While I mourned the passing of my old life in many ways (but not totally!), I was also filled with the wonder and uncertainty I could see ahead of me. No, ahead of us. Was I really Gay? Were we? I still felt like the same person inside that I have always been. Did it really matter? What did it mean for our future? All at once, it just all seemed so overwhelming...everything would be so different now. Was that a good thing? At least, for the first time in my life, there was a future that I felt I could see quite clearly.

After some while (I really don't know just how long), Lance spoke gently in my ear, "Hey there, I think we better get out before we get any more cooked than we already are, Ricky."

He gently tested to see if he could pry loose from me, and I squeezed into him more tightly and desperately than before. "Noooo," I sobbed haltingly.

"Come on Velcro-boy, you're gonna be alright," he said tenderly as he stood up, lifting us both out of the water in the process. He carried me over and sat me down on a patio chair, and wrapped some towels around me as I sat Indian style in the chair, staring blankly at the ground.

After a moment, I noticed Lance returning to the Patio from inside the house with a towel wrapped around his waist, and a cold soda in each hand. I just had to smile to myself as I noticed the obvious outline of his equipment through the towel. That was mine, all mine I reminded myself! It made me feel sooo good inside to finally know in my heart that I had the ability to make someone I loved feel so good. For the first time in my life, I felt like I had totally, unreservedly, shown another human being the depth of my feelings for them. Wow!

Lance knelt down next to me and gave me a questioning look. Upon seeing the happiness in my eyes, he leaned in and kissed my forehead, handing me my drink with a gentle smile. "Everything ok now, mate?

"Ya, I'm fine I think. I've just had sooo much stuff locked up inside me all my life, I guess it reached the point where all the feelings--good and bad--just had to come out," I tried to explain. "I really felt like I just had to...I dunno...dump out all that old garbage inside me because I was starting a new life, a blank slate. I guess it's kinda hard to explain."

"I think I know what you mean, Ricky," he said with a look of sympathy and understanding. As he sat down across the table from me, Lance began again: "On that note, the folks will be home pretty soon. You gonna be ok with that? If you feel up to it, I want you to stay for a while and meet them. Don't worry--they're right good people; I'm sure you'll like them. And I know they're gonna love're just too irresistible Ricky!" He continued on without waiting for a response from me. "Mum is the most accepting and caring person you'll ever meet. She won't say a word about us being together, but I know she is totally ok with it. She'll act like she's known about us forever, and that it just naturally is the way it is; nothing out of the ordinary." He looked back at me for approval to continue, and I nodded my acknowledgement of what he had said so far. "Now Pop, he's a totally different fish," he laughed. "He won't say a word about it either, but his way of dealing with it is to pretend it doesn't exist at all--to ignore it whenever possible. It's been a little hard for him--he grew up with some pretty conservative thinking back home. He isn't real comfortable with it, but he is trying to accept it. He really wants to be a good Da; and, of course, if he did say anything bad, Mum would kick his arse clear out of town!" he chuckled. "So, for him the best policy is nothing. He won't talk about it, good or bad. But, he'll ramble on about so much other crap; you'll think he just didn't have time to fit it in! And, fair warning Ricky--Pop has a truly wicked sense of humor--so watch yourself! His way of making people feel welcome is to tease them unmercifully. But, only if he really likes you, of course."

I took a deep breath, and decided to boldly go where this boy had never gone before. I was soon going to face two complete strangers, while tacitly acknowledging that I was gay and in love with their son. Whew! No looking back now. Lord, give me courage!

"Ok, I'll stay if you want me to, Lance. Let's get dressed."

We both walked into Lance's bedroom, so he could put on some clean clothes. As I dropped my towel to put on my shorts and shirt, Lance looked over at my naked body and shook his head with a shy grin. "Just fuckin' amazing, you are," he said softly. I unconsciously licked my lips when Lance turned around and bent down to but his boxers on, giving me another great look at his cute butt.

Once I was dressed (and finished blushing again), I sat down on his bed. As I looked about, taking in the new surroundings of his room, I was drawn to a small, nicely framed picture on the bedside table. I picked it up to have a closer look. A boy who seemed about my age, with short platinum blonde hair and ocean blue eyes full of life (and not a little bit of mischief), looked back at me intently.

Lance sat down close beside me now, having finished dressing. "Corey," he said with a wistful smile.

I stared intently at the picture, absorbing the image just as I do when I meet someone new in person. Perhaps it was just all of what Lance had told me before, but I could just feel a real person behind that image. As it hit me, I could feel a deep sense of brotherly love, caring and acceptance pouring out at me.

"Thank you, Corey," I said after a bit, staring into the image. "Thank you so much for bringing him to me. I swear to god I'll do right by him; you'll see. I promise." I held the picture up in front of me and kissed it, then placed it respectfully back on the nightstand. As I turned to look at Lance beside me, I could see a single tear running down his smiling face.

"Hello, Lance? We're home, son," a female voice called from across the house.

Lance hopped up gleefully, wiping his eyes. "Well Ricky, you ready for prime time?" he said with a grin.