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Chapter 5: A Night to Remember

Lance grabbed me by the hand, and it felt like we were headed out into the world for the first time as a couple. I tried to keep up with him, so it wouldn't appear that he was dragging me out unwillingly to meet his parents and the world, although the slight bit of truth to that feeling made me wince a little bit inside. I vowed to myself to do my best not to feel or act embarrassed or ashamed. I didn't want him to think I had any doubts about us.

As we walked into the living room, I could see his parents standing there, patiently waiting for us, smiling expectantly. Lances father was a 50-something man of average height, perhaps a little shorter than Lance. He had red hair (graying noticeably), blue eyes, and a very pale complexion. If hadn't known better, I would never have guessed they were even distantly related. He had the typical look of your average stereotyped scientist, engineer or college professor, etc. Kinda frumpy, not too terribly stylish clothing, glasses, a few pens obvious in his button-down shirt pocket, and the trademark wool sport coat with the leather patches on the elbow--I kid you not! Lance's mother, on the other hand, was obviously from the same gene pool. She had his same darker complexion, his dark wavy hair (although hers was obviously much longer and showing just a respectable amount of gray) and his same warm, dark, sparkling eyes. I could see she had been a very good looking gal in her day.

"Mum, Pop, this is my mate from the golf team." Lance began.

I held out my hand to Lance's father. "Rick Williams. Nice to meet you sir."

"Sir? Let's have none of that around here young man!" he said smiling; all the while pretending to be serious. "The only chap in this family who goes by that title is my dear father, Lance's grandfather of course, who is thousands of miles away in a nursing home in Queensland!" he added with a smile. "You, Master Richard, may call me Mr. McGann, Professor McGann, or Andrew--if you dare," he said with a devilish look in his eye.

"Come now, Andrew, take it easy on the poor boy," Lance's mother jumped in. "You may call me Karen. Nice to meet you Ricky."

I shot a look over at Lance. I had absolutely no doubt where she had learned to call me Ricky! He just beamed back at me, pleased that all was going well so far. "Nice to meet you Karen."

"Well," she replied, "It is so nice to meet you too. Lance hasn't stopped talking about you since Thursday last. I'm glad he's found a new friend to do things with."

Surely she couldn't know how that sounded? I let out a quick little gasp. I quickly met eyes with Lance again, and he was about to wet his pants, trying not to laugh.

"Let's all have a sit on the patio, shall we?" she added. "What would everyone like to drink?"

She took all our requests, and we moved out to the patio table and sat down. Clearly, it was time for Lance's father to hold court and play the "lets meet the new friend of our son and ask him lots of uncomfortable questions and see how he squirms" game, but I was prepared to make a go of it.

"So, Rick Williams, I hear you're quite a scrapper out there on the golf course," his dad began.

"I do my best, Professor McGann, but I'll never have the natural talent that Lance has," I replied humbly, giving Lance a smile that showed him how much I admired his abilities.

"Yes, quite. The boy definitely has got a way on the golf course. Never could quite get the hang of the game myself," he said somewhat to himself in a thoughtful (and slightly distant) manner. "So, Master Ricky, what do you do with yourself when you are not on the golf course? Any other strong interests?"

Again, I hoped he didn't really mean that the way it sounded. I decided to play along, and gave him the politically correct (but truthful) answer.

"Other than school," I began, "I work part-time to pay for my golf, and I spend a lot of time at the Preserve up behind the house here, where I am a volunteer and a `junior naturalist,' mostly in the summer time. Also, I just spend a lot of time hiking around on my own up there. I bet nobody has seen as much of that place as I have. I am planning to study Biology and Plant Ecology in college. In fact, I hope to attend UCR where you are teaching now, if I can get a scholarship. They have an excellent program. Or, I just may go into golf course design."

"Ah, so you're into the natural sciences I see," said his father. "As you know, I dabble a bit in the sciences myself; but nothing as messy as biology, ecology and such. I prefer the more elegant fields of mathematics and cosmology," he said pompously, laughing at himself all the while.

Ok, time to play my hole card. Hope it wins me some major brownie points here!

"Yes sir, Professor McGann. I am a little familiar with your theory on the formation of the Solar System, although much of the math is beyond me. But, that whole business about super-sonic turbulence confuses me most. Then again, I understand it confuses a lot of people," I said with a smile.

Everyone around the table looked at me with a stunned silence. The look of shock and horror on Lance's face gradually changed to a huge smile. He beamed at me, and gave me a nod.

Lances father was looking me up and down, idly scratching at his chin, with a thoughtful look on his face. Ok, here we go again. Been there, done that, haven't we? The look on his face gradually warmed up, and he looked quite pleased that I seemed to know something about his work.

"How on earth, my boy, do you know anything of La Placian dynamics and super-sonic turbulence?" he asked in amazement.

"In Physics this semester, we've been talking a little about cosmology, the history of the universe, formation of the solar system, etc. Also, I read a lot, and spend some time surfin' the net and stuff," I explained. "I think I read a brief on your paper in Nature, if I recall correctly."

We spent the rest of the evening chatting on, Lance's father and I, as I explained my various interests in Physics, Cosmology, Evolutionary Theory, Chaos Theory, and the History of Science. I am really good on the over-arching abstract concepts, but I am terrible at the hard-core mathematics involved. I can usually grasp the big picture quite easily, but spare me the messy details and formulas! I am a voracious reader (and, having always been alone with myself, I've had a lot of time to read...). We talked about my personal favorite science writer, Stephen Jay Gould (R.I.P Stephen, I will miss your writing...), and other interesting things I've read. Professor McGann gave me a few suggestions to further my own reading as well.

Meanwhile, Lance and his mother had their own little quiet conversation going at the same time, but I wasn't able to really pay attention to what they were talking about. Professor McGann was indeed quite a handful--you had to give him your full attention at all times, or be prepared to look foolish.

After quite a while, I noticed Lance stand up, slowly stretch his frame, and walk over behind me. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. He felt me stiffen up in his arms, but whispered in my ear, "It's ok Ricky. Relax."

I glanced over at his father, who was obviously trying quite hard to not notice that Lance had just kissed me.

"It's getting pretty late. Why don't you just stay here tonight, Ricky?" Lance asked. "Mum said it would be fine, if you like. We can watch a movie or something."

Again, everyone at the table looked expectantly at me, waiting for an answer. I'm not sure if they were all hoping for the same one, though.

"Uh...well...I is Sunday's tomorrow...I don't want to be a bother. Maybe...I can call and check with my Mom?"

Lance practically dragged me off again with a huge grin on his face, this time into the house to use the phone.

Once we were inside, I turned him to face me and said, "Lance! You really put me on the spot there. That was pretty uncomfortable for me, the way they were looking at me. I mean, obviously they know about us. I could almost see what they were thinking. Jeez! I'm just not sure if I'm ready to deal with this yet," I said apologetically.

"I'm sorry Ricky. You're right. I was just so wound up, I got a little ahead of myself there," Lance said as he kissed me lightly on the forehead. "I just want you with me every possible minute these days. But, no worries...they just loved you, mate! You really surprised everyone out there, including me! I didn't know you were a bloody genius too, hah! Damn few blokes can keep up with the old man, even at the Uni. You were giving him a real go out there. He loved it. At the Uni, everyone is afraid to say anything to him. They don't want to risk looking foolish. But you just handled him like butter, Ricky."

"I am not a genius," I replied. "I just have a good head for the big concepts, and I read a lot. Or, at least I used to. But, somehow I just don't think I'll have as much time for that as I did before," I said with a smirk.

I called home, and luckily my mom wasn't in. So, I left a message telling her what I was doing. I was a little worried, however, that I might get a little heat for this later on. I was still wondering what she might be thinking about my habits lately. I never went anywhere after dark usually, and certainly never spent the night at a friend's house (duh, what friends?). I hope she doesn't get on my case and start asking too many difficult questions. I guess we'll just have to jump off of that bridge when we get to it...

Lance and I sat down and watched a movie together on the couch, just two guys enjoying each other's company, holding hands. I was still pretty freaked out with the whole `being gay in front of the parents' concept, so that was about as far as I was comfortable going at that point; not that part of me didn't want to just melt into Lances arms and smother him with long, wet kisses. But hey, I still have issues, ok?

I was enjoying the movie so much, and just sitting next to Lance holding hands, that my mind never had a chance to wander off anywhere else. When Lance grabbed the remote and turned off the TV when the movie was finished, I was startled out of my blissful little zone.

Lance looked intently at me for a moment, thinking. "Ricky, how are you really doing with all this so far? I worry about you. I know this is an awful lot for you to deal with, so quick like."

I had to think for a moment about what he said. My first impulse was to just say everything was okey-dokey and change the topic quickly to something else. But, I really wanted to give him an honest answer. Ok, here goes..."Well, Lance...I guess I am trying my best to take it as it comes. All this still feels pretty strange to me--kinda like a dream or something--not totally real yet. But, at the same time it feels so awesome that I don't want it to ever stop. One the one hand, I am a little worried about how fast things have happened between us. I mean, we've been told all our lives in different ways that it is best for things like this to develop more slowly between two people. But, this just feels right to me. So, I guess I don't care what `people say.' I'll decide what's right for me. So, screw them--Ricky likes it!" I said, feeling vaguely like I had just made those same conclusions to myself as I was explaining them to Lance. Nothing new for me, though. Sometimes it takes that kind of push for me to really process those kinds of feelings. Generally I just avoid them altogether. I guess this `relationship' stuff is good for me, huh?

Lance looked at me with a grin, shaking his head. "Sometimes mate, I am afraid to even try to keep up with all that goes on inside that head of yours. But, I want you to promise me that you will always be honest with me and tell me what you're feeling, ok? I promise to do the same. You know I love you more than anything in the world, right? Nothing you can tell me will ever change that, ok?"

"Ya," I said as I crawled up in his lap and looked into his eyes, with our foreheads and noses just touching. God, I love doing that. Sometimes, I feel like I could just crawl right inside him, and swim in his love for me.

"You know Ricky, I think you have the most amazing eyes I've ever seen," Lance said as he tore me away from my little moment. I sat back a little bit, cocking my head slightly to listen to him, and he continued, "I think every time I've seen them, they are a different color. Sometimes they are green; sometimes they are gold or gray. I think it depends on what clothes you are wearing, or what mood you are in. When you get mad, for example, they are a very dark blue-green. Kinda scary, actually! But, when you are happy, they are a sparkling gold/silver color, like right now. How do you do that?"

I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled. "You are so sweet, Lance. What did I ever do to deserve you?" I said as I laid a big wet kiss on him.

"Just being you, mate," he answered as he slowly leaned me backwards on the couch until he was on top of me, returning my kiss. Having him on top of me like that was a new feeling...a really good one! I blissfully ran my hands across his back and rubbed his strong shoulders as he hovered above me.

We tongue-wrestled for a few moments, and then Lance abruptly stood up, making the necessary adjustments in his shorts. He reached his hand out to me and asked, "Ready for bed, love?"

Then, it totally hit me. I lay there for a moment, frozen--just staring at him with a confused `deer-in-the-headlights' look on my face.

"Earth to Ricky...come in Ricky..." Lance prodded.

"Huh? What? Uh...where do you want me to sleep?"

"You're a quite the joker there Ricky! In my bed, with me of course!" Lance replied, "Unless you'd rather have the floor all to yourself?" he said with hope in his eyes, obviously wishing for the former.

"Ok. I guess I'll go with the bed option over the floor option, if you put it that way."

He smiled gratefully as he grabbed me by the hand and pulled me off towards his bedroom. When we were safely inside his room, he closed the door. "Don't worry, they respect my privacy. We won't have any visitors, I promise. You can relax, Ricky. Please? Just relax and be comfortable, ok?" he said looking up at me as he lit a candle on his dresser, obviously for romantic effect.

Still, I stood there in silence, my thoughts turned inwards, trying to come to grips with the moment unfolding here in front of me. We were going to sleep together for the first time. Probably naked! (Like there is any other way? Nah!). Wow. It seemed at the time like such a monumental thing...a big moment in any relationship. I felt like a virgin on my honeymoon, all of a sudden. So intimidating; so full of expectations, trepidations, etc. Lance walked up behind me as I was wading through all these troubling thoughts, and I felt his arms wrap around me, bringing me out of my worries.

"What's the matter babe, do you need some help getting undressed, there?" he whispered in my ear with a giggle.

I could somehow just tell that he was already naked. Between the feeling of his arms around me and his hot breath on my ear, I was quickly overcome again with that warm glowing feeling that begins in the center of your chest, and just radiates outward. All my previous thoughts and fears quickly melted away, seeming totally irrelevant all of a sudden. With a smile, I turned to face him and held out my arms--ready to be undressed by my love.

"I guess you do, then," he smiled. "Lucky me!"

He slowly and lovingly undressed me--lightly, teasingly caressing every inch of my body as he went. It was the most erotic thing I had ever felt. He even tickled the sparse hair under my arms as he was taking off my shirt. Once I was naked, his fingertips barely grazed over my achingly hard dick and my furry little balls, and I shivered with pleasure. I noticed his immense shaft was leaking profusely from the tip as it brushed against my side. I turned and gazed intently into his eyes, trying to communicate how much I loved him without using any words. At times like this, I was always reluctant to speak. Words just seemed so inadequate...

He smiled back at me as we crawled into his queen-sized bed and melted together. I think we both loved the erotic feeling of being so totally aroused, so physically close, that we didn't want to do anything more for a moment--just savor that exquisite feeling and soak it up as long as it lasted. But, soon enough, other urges asserted themselves. As our passions started to rise, we wrestled around a bit on the bed, each trying to feel as much physical contact with the other as possible, and we kissed more urgently. Before long, I found myself in the same position as I had been earlier on the couch; laying on my back with Lance on top of me, holding himself up on his arms so as not to crush me. It just felt so natural and so right to have him there above me like that. It felt so safe, so protected and loved. I traced my hands lightly over his strong shoulders. By instinct, my legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him down closer to me, grinding our extremely hard dicks together. Lance's instincts soon took over as well, and he began gently stroking his huge member between us. Both of us were leaking substantially by now, and it was more than enough to lubricate the action. Lance's kisses grew more and more passionate, as he moved down to my neck and my shoulders while he kept stroking away between us with his huge dick. The feeling of his tongue tracing small circles on my neck was so incredible; I exploded immediately between us with a loud gasp. Hearing me cum, and feeling the new warmth and wetness between us caused Lance to start bucking into me more furiously now. The stimulation of his humping had made me continue to stay painfully hard, and I reached in between us and squeezed our erections together between my hands as he pumped back and forth, driving us both crazy. I scooped up my cum in my hands and covered both our dicks with it, as he continued to stroke. I could feel his dick against mine growing even harder and swelling bigger than before, as stroked faster and faster. Lance threw his head back; his eyes closed, sweat dripping off his face onto my chest. Then, he let out a huge groan as he shot several rockets of cum from my chin down my chest to my navel. I had never seen so much cum in my life!

As he came down from his orgasm high, he resumed kissing my neck an shoulders, and moaning my name over and over (Wow, I think he likes me!). He quickly licked off a little bit of his cum he found on my chin. He rolled off to my side after a bit, and we shared another silent look between us in the candlelit darkness.

"Uh, Lancer?" I said, regretfully breaking the silence, "Can I have a towel? I think you were trying to drown me there, or something."

"Sorry, Ricky. Let me help you clean up."

"Don't be sorry! I loved it babe! You can give me a cum bath any time you want to, you big Aussie stud," I said with a grin. "I knew you were full of it, Lance--but now I sure know what `it' is!" He gave me a knowing smirk as he handed me a towel.

After we cleaned up, Lance crawled back in bed and we fell asleep in each other's arms, still as hard as we had ever been in our life. I also know for a fact that we stayed that way all night. I found myself awake at some point in the middle of the night; Lance was spooned up behind me with his arms wrapped tightly around my chest. His huge hard dick was poking out under my balls from between my legs! I heard Lance mumbling into his pillow in his sleep behind me, "mmmm mm kiss me mmm Ricky...mmm love you mmmm mmm..." It was so cool to hear him loving me in his dreams--I just hugged him to me tighter and drifted back to my own sleep. We both still hadn't moved an inch when I awoke the next morning, and we were both still painfully erect. Needless to say, to this day it was the most incredible night of my life.

So, this is love, huh? Ok, count me in!

Perhaps the only thing better than falling asleep in Lance's arms, was waking up the same way. There is something so wonderful about waking up feeling that warm fuzzy feeling inside that you get from being held by your guy from the very second your eyes open in the morning. It just gets everything off on the right track, I guess. How could you possibly have a bad day after beginning it like that?

This morning, I had awakened unusually early for me--just as the first light of day was barely noticeable. I slid out of bed, and went to relieve my piss-hard like usual. I didn't think it would be a good idea for me to get back in bed with Lance, because I was now totally awake and ready to go. If I got back into bed now, there was no way I could stop myself from molesting him. Better to let him sleep; he deserved the rest. So, I got myself dressed. Besides, I was enjoying myself just sitting there and watching him sleep. He was sooo cute like that-- a little bit of drool running out of the corner of his mouth, hair all mussed up, snoring softly. Just adorable.

Sounds of activity, and the smell of coffee drew me cautiously towards the kitchen. I am one of those people who just loves the smell of brewing coffee, but absolutely cannot stand the taste. Lances mom was already dressed, busy doing the Monday morning mom/wife stuff. She saw me tentatively sit down at the breakfast counter, watching her in silence.

"Well, good morning there, Ricky," she said warmly. "Did you boys sleep alright, then? I reckon Lances bed is big enough for both of you boys to get comfortable in."

I couldn't help it. I just turned bright red, looked down at my feet, and mumbled something that I hope sounded like a credible answer. She walked over to the breakfast bar and sat down just opposite me, putting her hand on mine.

"I know this is hard for you, son. It's hard for Lance too. Harder than you might think. It can be such a big scary world out there sometimes. But, I can see how he looks at you. He loves you more than life itself, I think. Do you love him, Ricky?"

Instantly, my eyes shot up to hers, meeting her gaze without hesitation. "Yes. I can't even tell you how much..." I said with as much sincerity as I could muster, hoping to stifle any doubts she (or the whole fucking world, for that matter...) might have about that!

"Don't worry son, I believe you," she said with a chuckle. "I just want to be sure you believe it too."

We sat in silence for a moment.

"Then, you boys have nothing to worry about. You have everything you need, as long as you have each other. I won't promise it will be easy for you, make no mistake about that. But, as long as you have what the other brings to you, I'm sure you will make it through just fine. Just promise me to appreciate what you two have together, and never take it for granted, ok?"

"Yes mam," I said in a whisper. I could feel the tears beginning in the corners of my eyes, and I think she saw it too. She came around behind me, and gave me a motherly hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey there mum! Don't be nickin' me boyfriend now!" said Lance from behind us with a laugh.

I soon felt a new pair of lips on my other cheek, as Lance kissed me good morning. I looked up at him with a smile. He was so cute standing there just in his smiley face boxers, hair still all mussed up. I don't know he did it. A simple pair of boxers left no room for modestly with Lance. But, he was apparently unfazed displaying what he had in front of his mother. She was a doctor, however.

"Well, I'm off to the shower. Maybe you could do with a good wash up yourself there, Ricky," Lance said giving me a wink while holding his nose.

We headed off grinning, hand in hand, to Lance's bathroom. All I can say is, the `mutual shower' may have the `make out naked in the Jacuzzi' beat all to hell. But, I definitely think some more trials might be in order though, just to be sure. Uh, yeah. Just in the interest of science, you know? Right. That's it. Scientific interest. Yup.

I was the last one getting back to the kitchen for breakfast, as I had taken a short detour to make my morning visit to the `library.' As I nearly reached the end of the hallway to enter the room, I hesitated as I heard Lance talking to his mom.

"Yes mum, I know...I'm trying real hard not to push him. I know it's been hard for him. All I can do is just love him mum. More than anything, that's what he needs. Sometimes I think he's like a little puppy, he just craves to be loved. It hurts me to think he's had so little love in his life. Things have been tough on him for quite a long time it seems. But, I hope to change that." I could literally hear him smiling when he said that last bit.

"Well dear," his mom replied, "it's plain to see he loves you to death. Don't you dare do anything to hurt that wonderful, adorable boy!"

"Really, mum! How could you even say that! I'd sooner die than let anything hurt him!"

Their conversation appeared at an end, so I strolled in and sat down. Lance's mom fixed us a fantastic breakfast, and we were soon stuffed and heading off to school. Lance unlocked the doors to his car; totally unaware that he was about to get another dose of my sometimes bizarre sense of humor. What can I say?

We hopped in, and before he could start the engine, I leaned over and playful began licking his ear lightly. Lance looked at me with a confused expression on his face; I pulled back a little and just looked back at him with a stupid grin.

"What's all this about, then?" he asked.

"Woof," I replied and started licking the side of his face.

He laughed and gently pushed me back over into my seat as he wiped his cheek with his hand. "Sounds like someone's been eavesdropping on me," he said, raising one eyebrow the way he does.

"Thank you for loving me," I replied sincerely.

"Not like either one of us had much choice about that, mate," he said, giving me one of his heart-melting smiles.

He gave me a quick kiss, and we finally sped off. We stopped by my house so I could change clothes and pick up my books. Thankfully, my mom never awoke to interrogate me. My good luck today was still holding, so far.

We cruised into the school parking lot, and walked into the school chatting away like best friends. Lance had his hand on my shoulder for a moment, but I shrugged it off casually, apologizing with a quick look. But, I wanted to make sure we weren't being too obvious. The way we looked at each other (it's hard to control that sparkle in your eye when you're looking at the one you love. You can control most everything else, but no one can control that...), maybe it showed a little anyway. At first, it didn't seem to me that it should be too obvious to anyone, but I was getting steadily more and more uneasy as I noticed people looking at us oddly. People don't usually even look at me at all. Today, I felt like I was getting noticed way more often than I was used to, and I was getting a very strange vibe from them. Maybe it was because I was walking with Lance. I didn't know quite what to think about that, as I walked along beside Lance. Weird, I thought.

"G'day Brent," Lance said, in less than his usually cheerful tone; catching me by surprise.

I looked up to see Brent and a couple of his football goons standing directly in our path, glaring at us with a hateful look. My stomach sank instantly down into my shoes.