WARNING: The material included in this document is of an adult nature and should NOT be viewed by anyone under 18.


This story is a real experience which happened to me in February. Please mail me your comments or your own stories/fantasies to: xoh87@dial.pipex.com





By Kyle


One of my favourite winter sports is skiing and any opportunity I have I head for the hill with my friends. Usually we take the ski bus which is shared by a number of groups.


This particularly fine morning in February the bus was quite quiet and was only just over half full. So I was able to take two seats near the back, spread out and relax. My friends sat mainly in front of me though one of my friends sat in the seats opposite. I knew this guy well, Steve was the same age as me (23) but was a good 5 or 6" taller than me and more well-built. He must be 6' 6" tall and his great shape kept attracting my eyes to him.


Our eyes had met many times before and on the journey to the ski slopes our eyes met again. Each time he made a gesture like rubbing the crotch of his trousers or spreading his legs a little more. A while passed and the journey was nearly over, everyone was getting ready for a great day's skiing, putting on jackets and sallopetes but Steve removed his shirt revealing a smooth well-defined body - my eyes were transfixed (and he knew it!). Slowly he stroked his pecs with his right hand, and flexed his biceps. My dick was straining so hard inside my sallopetes - I really wanted him. As we turned into the car park he put on a different top - long sleeved and figure hugging and then got ready for the day's skiing.


As I skied that day I could think of nothing else but of having Steve. The day passed slowly as I day dreamed about the return journey.




By Kyle


I returned to the bus slightly early in the hope that I would catch Steve. I put the skis in the hold and went to board the bus. Then I saw him, my cock had a mind of its own and it decided to come to attention. My short long-johns strained as he approached the bus, we exchanged smiles. I am sure Steve noticed the reaction in my sallopetes. I put my hand in my pocket so as to disguise the bulge and boarded the bus.


As I walked up the aisle I stopped to chat with one of my best pals. Dave was sitting in the window seat next to a guy from his college course who I didn't know. As most people had now returned to the bus, the noise level increased and I couldn't hear what Dave was saying. So I leaned over the other guy who I was introduced to as Jamie. Jamie was quite a smart lad, dark wavy hair swept back, broad across the shoulders and well tanned. Oh and the cutest smile. As I leant over my bum protruded into the aisle.


We talked for a bit and then I thought I felt something touch my crotch. I ignored it and carried on talking. Then it happened again and this time there was no doubt about it, something did touch me. I looked down and saw Jamie's hand gently brushed over the crotch of my sallopetes. I looked at him, he smiled and I gave him a wink.


As we discussed one of the more challenging ski runs, I felt two large hands grab my waist and a full male torso grind against my ass. Slowly it moved sideways and I felt this guy's manhood in my crack (and it felt real good). It was Steve. I finished my conversation, gave Jamie a smile and went up to my seat.


Steve sat opposite me again as I turned into my seat I looked at him and he smiled and raised his eyebrows twice.


I sat down and took off my ski boots and socks. This released more steam to the already steamy bus and the windows were thick with conversation. As the bus moved off, I undid the buckles on my sallopetes and let the bib fall. I took of the shirt I was wearing to reveal my running vest which showed off my fairly well developed biceps and delts. I was reluctant to take of my sallopetes right nowas my cock was still in a semi hard state from Jamie and Steve's contact.


I glanced over to Steve and he was back to the tight fitting top he had put on as we arrived. He was also wearing a pair of navy blue bermuda shorts.


My cock had returned to it's more usual relaxed state so I took of the sallopetes. I was wearing a pair of beige 501 long johns which went from my waist to just above the knee. I only wore them for sporting occasions as they gave me extra protection and stopped any flapping about. I took the towel out of my bag and was drying my hair off when two additional hands were controlling the towel. Slowly the towel was brought from my head letting to see who was drying me off. It was my good neighbour, Steve. Sensually he took the towel down my cheek bone and under my jaw. Steve gave a sign, sort of raised his head. I knew what he meant so I took off the vest. He took the towel again and ran it over my pecs. Steve bent down and teased my nipples with his tongue - they sprang up to attention. His focus then moved down my body to my abs and then his thumbs rested on my waistband. I was in ecstasy and my cock responded.


Now it was my turn...