Star Player, Star Shooter

Original Tarrius 2010, 2nd Edition 2012

(This is a short story I started originally in 2010 but recently did some edits. so I could post while I work on writing some new material. I hope you enjoy.)

Chapter 1


My name is Derrick; I am not what one would call athletic by any means. I am the classic nerd. I am 5' 8", white, thin with zero muscular tone, blue eyes, pressed shirts, and to complete the look, a pair of black glasses. I was always the social outcast even as a young child. I had friends sure, but I was never what one would consider "popular". I currently go to a small college in the middle of bum fuck nowhere Virginia. This town is so small it only has one recognizable store...Wal-Mart. I am 21 years old and I am currently working on two bachelor's degrees, one in History and one in English. There are few gay men at this campus. In fact I only know of 3, myself included. Anyway, the story I am about to tell all takes place because I the nerd finally got to use my skills.

Tommy is the classic jock 6'0", tan, brown eyes, built in all the right places, and an all around ladies-man. He had so many women hanging on him; it astounded me as to when he actually had time to play rugby. Tommy was indeed the Star player; everyone knew him and everyone wanted to be him. Tommy and I shared one class together, English. Tommy was very smart; however English was not his strong suit by any means. Tommy was failing the class and he had one paper chance left to get an A on his paper before he failed the class and could no longer play rugby. That is when it all Started.

Tommy came up to me one day after a meeting with our Professor, Dr. Johnson. He begged me to help him by looking over his work to make sure he did not make those small mistakes that he always made. I looked into those adorable brown eyes. How could I say no? After all he was talking to me! Just being in his room for an hour or so put me on cloud fucking nine!
Saturday night after the big game that we won, all thanks to Tommy no doubt, he called me.

"Derrick, hey can you come over to my apartment and look over this paper tonight? I really need to get this done! I completely procrastinated like a dumb ass and I am too damn tired to think," Tommy said.

 I responded with a smile on my face, "Sure Tommy I will be over your place in 5 minutes."

When I got there I knocked on the door and he answered and let me in. When I walked in the door the first thing I did was bask in wonderful aromas of manliness that wafted through the house. "Hey dude, my bedroom is this way I have the paper all set up on the computer." I followed him into his bedroom. It was quite the way I expected it to be. There was poster of a half naked chick on a motorcycle on one wall, a few dirty clothes on the floor, and the bed unkempt. It did not look dirty, just lived in. I sat down and Started reading the paper. I pointed out the mistakes and read his paper aloud to him so I could get his input as to what he actually meant opposed to what he wrote down.

We finished editing his paper and I was getting my things to go.

"Hey, Derrick."


"I really want to thank you for your help tonight; you did not have to do this."

"You are welcome anytime, I had fun hanging out tonight."

"Yeah me too, weirdly enough."

With that I headed to the door. Tommy beat me to the door and shut it and locked it. "What are you doing?" I laughed inquisitively. Tommy walked right up to my face and pulled off my glasses gently Staring me right in the eyes the whole time. He set them down on his dresser which was in arms reach.

That is when it happened. Tommy took my hand and pushed them against the door, bent down and planted his big red lips against mine. I have read that getting kissed can take your breath away. I was fucking gasping for the air I lost! I was hesitant at first because of his aggressiveness but I decided to give in. He probed my lips with his tongue, and I gave him access. The feeling of his tongue wrestling against mine was unbearably hot! He wrestled me to the bed and ripped off my button down shirt and tore of his muddy rugby shirt. The body I saw underneath was in no way comparable to what it looked like with his shirt on. Remember the statue of David? David does not have shit on this boy! I think if my boner were any harder it would have burst out of my jeans!

Tommy was rough, but not in a bad way. He thrust my face into his sweaty abs. I just wanted to lick this boy clean. I could smell the grass, the sweat, the masculinity, and I wanted to soak it all in! I licked up his abs to his nipples where I feasted on the sounds of his delight.


All I wanted to do was satisfy this boy and taste every bit of his 21 year old god-like body. I worked my way down his beautiful happy trail while sliding off his jeans. I pressed my nose into his manliness taking in every scent he had to offer. His cock was hard a rock. It was 8.5 inches thick and pre-cumming like crazy. I had to taste it! I dipped my tongue across the hole and tasted his sweet and salty goodness. I wanted to take this pleasure in slowly. Tommy had other plans however.

Tommy grabbed the back of my neck and shoved the whole of his cock in at once. He used my mouth like his own personal fleshlight, and I loved every minute of it. I looked up and saw his mouth open as he pumped his meat down my throat. He moaned louder than I have ever heard anyone moan. He pulled himself out of my willing mouth and kissed me. He pushed me on my back on the bed and flipped me over in one swoop. He ripped my pants of in a flash.

I sat there exposed of a few seconds. "So beautiful," is all he said before he bent down and Started swatting at my whole with his hot wet tongue. The surprise was welcomed by loud moans and my hand grabbing his hair and pushing him further against my hole. He insert one finger, then two, then three fingers to my satisfaction. He fucked my hole with his huge fingers, twisting and flexing them while he was inside me.

Without warning he removed his figures and Started pushing his dick into my puckering hole. He spit on his dick more and pushed in all the way to his balls. I have never felt so full in my life. Here was this god-like rugby player thrusting his whole weight and cock into my hole! I was in heaven!

"Fuck me!"

"What was that Derrick?"

"Fuck me harder!"

The whole room echoed with moaning, grunting, slapping, and creaking.
It felt he was fucking me for hours, and I loved every minute of it. He refused to allow me to pump my dick. Then all of a sudden he pulled us both up off our stomachs and grabbed my dick and Started pumping me. He breathed hard in my ear and Started to cum hard into my ass. I could no longer hold back myself! "I AM CUMMING!" I screamed. He tilted my dick up and I came all over my stomach and some got on my lips. Before I could wipe it off he lifted my chin and pulled me into a hot jizz kiss. We stood there kissing for what felt like an eternity.

"We have a paper due next week right?" Tommy asked jokingly. KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK.

"Tommy, open up its Jason. Me and the boys decided to come over and have a victory party! Come on buddy!" Tommy and I looked at each other and exchange a mutual OH SHIT look.

Chapter 2

Tommy whispered to me, "Derrick hide under my bed!" I did as he asked. I did not even have time to put back on my clothes. So here I was naked, hiding, and laying flat on my stomach under the Star rugby player's bed. SHIT! Well at least they can't see me.
Tommy finally opened the door and let the guys in. He only put on his underwear and grabbed a clean towel. "Hey guys, I was just bout to jump in the shower." Three other rugby players walked in, Trevor, Kevin, and Michael. Trevor is a 6' 6" monster of a man. He is not that built, but he was toned like a swimmer. He has black hair and blue eyes. Kevin is 5'8" with fire red hair, fair skin, and green eyes. His lack of height however was made up by his muscle mass. He was indeed built like a brick shit house! Finally Trevor is a hyper active Latino. He is 6'0", brown hair, brown eyes, and a perfect olive complexion. He has tattoos all over his arms and legs that give him a bad boy persona, but in reality his personality was that of a good Christian boy. This group of boys is definitely an odd mixture, but they fit together so well.

"Nice briefs dude," Kevin spouted at Tommy.

"Thanks dude, your sister likes them too," Tommy retaliated.

"Fuck you Tommy," Kevin said.

"Usually your family members ask, can I fuck you Tommy? That is weird how the manners did not run off on you," matched Tommy.

 From where I was laying I thought, Oh God these guys are about to kill each other! Boy was I ever wrong!

"I don't need to ask, do I Tommy?" Kevin prodded.

"You should know the answer to that Kevin!" Tempted Tommy.

With that Tommy Started fondling Kevin's crotch. Kevin pulled Trevor down from his peaking height for a tongue wrestling match, and Michael Started licking down Tommy's broad muscular neck. Was I really seeing this?

By the time I realized what was going on they were already undressed. Tommy was bent over his desk sucking Trevor's 9 inch monster cock. Kevin was kneeling pulling his 8 inch cock and eating Tommy's puckering tight hole, and Michael was standing on top of the desk pulling Trevor's mouth over his uncut 8 inch cock.

The sounds of masculine groans, slurping, and scents of sweat filled the room. My dick was as hard as a rock and I was mashing my leaking cock against the carpet trying to get relief.
Kevin Started fingering Tommy's tight hole with his fat fingers. I saw 1, 2, then three of his rather large fingers disappear into Tommy. With each added finger he moaned louder on Trevor's monster dick that was fucking his face. Kevin spat a big wad on his hand and smeared it into Tommy's hole and then on his hard dick. Using the desk chair for leverage Kevin pushed his thick cock to the balls into Tommy's willing hole. The whole room gasped as on satisfied person after another expressed their sensations.

I was about to explode at this! How was it that 4 of the Rugby players were fucking and nobody knew? I was so fucking hard. I didn't think I could hump the floor harder.
Kevin Started to get louder and fast. I knew he was not going to last much longer. Who could fucking an ass like that? It was like watching a group of Olympian Gods fucking! Finally Kevin Started shuttering and wailing. Tommy took Trevor's cock out of his mouth long enough to yell, "Cum bitch, come inside my tight ass!" Kevin thrust a few more times and pulled out of Tommy's now gaping hole. His hole looked so tantalizing from afar. Kevin went to where Trevor was,

"Clean my dick bitch, yeah get all of that cum and ass off of my dick, lick it CLEAN," he spouted at Tommy.

Tommy obliged joyfully as Michael pushed inside of Tommy's waiting hole. Michael was a lot rougher than I expected him to be. Evidently his rough persona came through only when he was fucking! He pulled Tommy's hair and plowed into Tommy. Tommy didn't even need to suck Kevin's cock, Michael fucked him so hard he did the thrusting for him.
I was officially dying. I was so close yet so far away. And I could not even touch myself. What the hell?

Finally Michael came inside of Tommy and traded places with Kevin getting his dick cleaned. Kevin and Michael must have cum a lot because when Trevor pushed his monster cock inside of Tommy, cum Started surrounding Trevor's exposed dick. It was oozing around the base as Trevor Started massacring Tommy's hole. Tommy must have loved every minute however because as he was gagging on Michael's dick a moan and 5 jets of cum came shooting from Tommy's dick across the chair and Michael's feet.
I thought I was going to come right then!

While watching Tommy cum I must have missed Trevor cumming inside of him. When Trevor's dick pulled out and what looked like a cup of cum Started pouring out of Tommy's ass I came all over the floor.

"I almost forgot guys," Tommy Started, "We have a cleanup service."

Kevin and Michael came over to the bed and pulled my naked body from under it. I looked up at them and then down at their hard dicks. They had other ideas first however...


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