Star Player, Star Shooter

Written by: Tarrius 2013


Foremost I would like to apologize for the time in which it has taken me to write this next installment, to be as real as possible I have been going through some work issues that has taken me away from my passion, but I hope to be on track from here on out. I hope you enjoy.


Characters Thus Far:


         Derrick- Me, the classic nerd. I am 5' 8", white, thin with zero muscular tone, blue eyes, pressed shirts, and to complete the look, a pair of black glasses, 7 inch cock.

         Tommy- the classic jock 6'0", tan, brown eyes, built in all the right places, and an all around ladies-man, 8.5 inch cock.

         Trevor- a 6' 6" monster of a man. He is not that built, but he was toned like a swimmer. He has black hair and blue eyes, 9 inch cock.

         Kevin- 5'8" with fire red hair, fair skin, and green eyes. His lack of height however was made up by his muscle mass, 8 inch cock.

         Michael- (correction from Chapter 2) a hyper active Latino. He is 6'0", brown hair, brown eyes, and a perfect olive complexion. He has tattoos all over his arms and legs that give him a bad boy persona, but in reality his personality was that of a good Christian boy, 8 inch cock.


Chapter 3


Tommy bent down and offered me his sweaty hand to help me from beneath the bed. "Derrick I would like you to meet the guys," Tommy said pointing to his teammates. As I stood in front of this group of men I felt like a soul waiting to be admitted in the Elysian Fields by the Gods. They all Stared at me, scrawny and bookish me, and one by adopted a grin of mischief.

Trevor began to eye me and walk around me like I was a car for sale. He even lifted my hood and checked my oil. After he pulled his digit from my hole he put it to his mouth, "mmmm tastes like our boy Tommy has already given you a welcome. However, before you are formally welcomed into our little group each one of us need to take you out for a test ride, you up for the challenge?" How could I deny this Colossus of a man? To signify my agreement I simply fell to my knees and took Trevor's 9 inch cock down my throat to the hilt in one motion. "Holy shit, boy now you are going to fit in just fine," Trevor moaned.

Kevin took up behind my ass and began finer fucking my hole. Having already been fucked once already this evening, my hole was already fairly loose and ready for another go. Kevin raised my hips, pushed my head into Trevor's crotch, and pushed his cock all the way home. I gasped at his invasion, and gagged on Trevor's throbbing member. Kevin was a jack rabbit fucker, and pumped me like a jackhammer pounding a sidewalk. He was not rough, just youthfully exuberant in his need for speed. Regardless of his obvious inexperience his enthusiasm and constant pounding of my prostate had me moaning on Trevor's leaking cock. I felt Kevin's cock swell as he dumped his hefty load inside of me.

As Kevin pulled his spent cock from my gaping hole I felt a bit of cum run down my leg. I did not have long to wait before that feeling was replaced by Michael's hot prick. He was just as long as Kevin but he had the Latin length and stretched my hole even further over its limit. Michael was all about the hips while he fucked me. He pushed into me and rotated his hips to get me wider and thrust back into full throttle while whispering sweet Spanish nothings into my ear. This Pit Bull stud had me cooing into his mate's crotch as he exploded his hot seed into me.

Finally it was time for the monster that I had been sucking on for the past 30 minutes. Trevor positioned his monstrous cock head against my hole, but stopped and waved Tommy over. "Keep him occupied as I work this into him, we don't want our new friend here to wake the whole dorm do we," Trevor smirked at Tommy. I was expecting to get a mouthful of cock, but instead Tommy bent himself over the chair that Trevor had been sitting in and pulled my face into his used hole. I could smell the cum emanating from his gaping hole. "Clean me up Derrick, we have plans after." I did not waste anytime digging my tongue into his salty cum filled hole.

It took all the strength I could muster to get my Trevor's cock into my hole. I thought I had been stretched by Tommy, Kevin, and Michael, but they were beginner's toys compared to Thor's hammer I was taking. I must say though after getting past the first few minutes of agony I was in heaven, and I did not know how to split my focus between this glorious cock wrecking my ass or devouring the sweaty man treat in front of me. Somehow though, I found the balance. Unfortunately this could not go on forever. Trevor shook, "AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK," and came buckets inside of my bowels and laid all of his considerable body mass against me pushing my tongue deeper inside of my Super Star.

Trevor eventually pulled out of me and I felt the flood of cum begin to escape from my gaping hole. "So guys how did I do," I asked completely winded from the nights events. "You...huuuuuu, boy you got me out of breath, you did awesome," Trevor exclaimed. Tommy smiled and planted a kiss on my mouth. I smiled and lifted up him and planted one back on his beautiful lips. "Put some pants on handsome, we are heading out," Tommy said to me. "Oh? Where?" "We were just your warm up, you still have to meet coach," Tommy said smiling with admiration, "and he can get a bit kinky."

I just stood there wide-eyed and slack jawed Staring at Tommy. I just had sex with 4 men, 3 of which I just met... how could this get any kinkier? What have I gotten myself into?



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