“Str8” to the Gym

Rob slept in very late on Monday, since he had the day off.  He had been chatting online with numerous Orange County women until nearly dawn, hanging out mostly in the AOL “OCstr8f4OCstr8m” chat room.  By the time he awoke and threw on his gym clothes, he barely had time to down a bagel and a glass of orange juice.  Rather than stopping off at Starbucks for a cup of coffee, as he had planned, he headed straight to the gym.  Knowing that he would miss his caffeine rush, he instead had popped a Ripped Fuel capsule just before bolting out the door.  He knew the MaHuang extract was certain to give him the extra energy he would need for the next few hours.

Rob arrived at the gym a couple of minutes before noon.  As he sprinted to the front door, a rumbling of thunder confirmed that the mid-winter rainstorm was increasing in intensity.  Rob slid his gym card through the scanner at the front desk, unwilling to wait for the employee on the telephone, who temporarily faced the opposite direction, to turn around and do it for him.  Swiftly, he made his way to the locker room, deposited his gym bag inside his preferred locker, and made a beeline for the aerobics floor, arriving just in time for the beginning of the warm-up stretches.  The elevating effect of the MaHuang was just hitting him, and he was psyched for the class, especially when he saw who was poised at the front of the room.

Of all the step aerobics instructors, brown-haired, green-eyed Shauna was Rob’s favorite.  Besides having a perfect, tight body and a gorgeous face, she had an extremely motivating personality which greatly complemented her music and routine.  Rob had been wondering, since it was Presidents’ Day, whether Shauna would be teaching the class or might have taken an extended weekend and gotten a substitute.  He was happy that she was there, because whenever he watched her go through her routine, as he copied it himself, he always felt a oneness with her that seemed to be the next best thing to actually experiencing intimate contact with her—which, unfortunately, was not likely to occur anytime soon, as she had a boyfriend and he a girlfriend.

As the stretching portion of the class progressed, Rob realized how sparsely attended the class was.  In fact, as he turned to look at the treadmills, lifecycles, and stairmasters, as well as into the mirrors on the side walls in which he could see the remainder of the gym hidden from direct view, he could see that only about one-tenth of the normal noon gym crowd was present.  Apparently, most of the regulars are out-of-town, he figured.  Momentarily, he felt dejected that he and his girlfriend, Candice, had had a stupid argument three days before, thereby wrecking their plans of spending the entire extended weekend together up the coast in Santa Barbara.  Of course, he thought to himself, then I wouldn’t have the pleasure of getting an eyeful of Shauna for an hour and a half.  A smile emerged on his face.

Shauna was in top form.  She leaped and frolicked all over the elevated step like a gazelle, eventually breaking a sweat in the usual revealing places that got Rob’s hormones flowing.  Although there normally was ample opportunity for Rob to girl-watch during the class, Shauna always captured his primary attention, especially today with such a sparse attendance.  During the abdominal exercises, Rob turned his head as usual to watch Shauna as she lay flat on her back, displaying her bare, trim stomach which rivaled that of any girl at the gym.  This usually resulted in a noticeable bulge forming in Rob’s gym shorts.  At times like this, he normally would count the ceiling tiles, locate a less than attractive girl running on a treadmill, or find some other distraction to calm himself down.  But today, with hardly anyone around to notice, he allowed himself the rare sensual fantasy of rubbing his hand over Shauna’s rippling midsection, as well as over other forbidden parts.  His gym shorts tented accordingly.  He hadn’t been with his girlfriend since four nights prior to that, nor had he even relieved himself since then, hoping his girlfriend would reconsider her refusal to spend the weekend with him.  She hadn’t, and his potent libido, amplified even more by the storm raging outside, had gone into overdrive.

During the final cool-down segment of the class, Rob closed his eyes and thought about body-surfing in the brisk ocean water, which he had in mind to do later that afternoon.  This mental picture helped him to return to a relaxed state of mind, enabling him to stand up without any detectable swelling in his shorts.  Walking toward the locker room, Rob realized that the strenuous aerobics class had not seemed to claim any of his energy.  If anything, along with the MaHuang he had taken earlier, it seemed to have increased his vigor.  He felt as if his 5' 8", 150-pound frame could lift the world, so he resolved to work out on machines and with free weights for awhile.  The ocean can wait, he decided; anyway, if I jumped in the ocean right now, I think I’d end up swimming all the way to Catalina Island, even in the rain.

As he rounded the end of the wall separating the aerobics floor from the other portion of the health club, he scanned the workout area.  Remarkably, there was barely more than a handful of people, mostly guys, working out.  He recognized all of them as hard-core regulars, and one person in particular stood out to Rob, as he often did.  That was Trent, who had just positioned himself on a bench, preparing to press the largest plates available, two on each end of the long, thick barbell.  He was dressed in a loosely draped, skimpy steel-blue tank top and coal-black gym shorts.  On his head was his trademark set of earphones, connected to a small yellow cassette recorder hooked onto his weight belt.

Trent evidently had been there for awhile, because his muscles clearly were pumped up to a greater than normal bulk.  Rob had been in wonder of Trent for years.  Trent, though about 5' 9" and around 165 pounds, appeared to be the strongest guy, pound for pound, at the gym.  At 30 years old, Trent could have passed for 25 and had more strength and endurance than most 20-year-olds.  (Rob had seen Trent’s age on his driver’s license once.  The license had been sitting at the bottom of the unlocked locker Rob normally used, but he had found that Trent already had placed his things inside.  Rob had wondered sometimes why Trent never used a padlock to secure his locker, as there had been thefts in the locker room, and figured he was just a trusting type.)  Trent’s ardent, even fervid workouts sometimes gave Rob the mental “boost” he needed to do a few more repetitions or even an extra set as he worked out with weights or on machines.

Rob sat at the biceps machine and proceeded to execute a standard set of twelve repetitions.  Looking directly ahead, he had a clear view of Trent’s own salient biceps and pectorals, all like mighty rounded pyramids, as he pressed the iron weights up and down in a continuous, fluid motion.  The muscles throughout Trent’s body were not gigantic, as were those of many of the bodybuilders at the gym.  However, they were very solid and extremely well-defined.  Rob had overheard Trent tell a buddy once that he was not a “serious” weight trainer but did it merely for recreational enjoyment.  Rob wondered what Trent would look like if he focused on it more than he already did.  As it was, he easily could have been a very successful model.  There was not a detectable ounce of fat on his body.

Trent steadfastly persevered at his task—six...seven...eight times with seeming effortlessness.  Rob was quite certain that Trent did not take corticosteroids or other muscle-enhancing drugs.  Yet he wondered in amazement, as he often did, How is it that he can lift more weight than many guys twice his size can lift?  His muscles must be as dense as a neutron star.  Only on reps nine and ten did Trent manifest any telltale sign of exertion.  Rob added three more curls for “good measure.”

As Trent replaced the tremendous bar of weights on the rungs above his head, he sat up and looked straight ahead, in fact directly at Rob and, seemingly, right through him.  For a few seconds, he moved his head and tapped one foot to the beat of whatever he was listening to in his earphones.  The two had conversed a few times in the locker room and sauna (and Rob had found Trent to be one of the most amiable and quick-witted persons he knew), and they sometimes had said hello or had given each other a thumbs-up gesture in passing.

Notwithstanding this, at the moment, Trent seemed not to even notice that Rob was there.  Then Trent stood up and walked over to the water fountain.  Rob always had perceived that whenever Trent was at the gym, his total focus was on his workout.  Occasionally, he would remove his headset and speak with someone who approached and talked to him.  But rarely was it for any significant length of time; before long, he would replace it and progress to the next workout apparatus.  Of course, if anybody ever was in distress with too heavy of a weight, Trent was the first on the scene to give aid; but, having done so, he immediately returned to his own routine.

Rob began his second set of biceps curls as Trent leaned over the water fountain for a long drink.  Turning, Trent wiped his mouth with the back of one hand.  He glanced at Rob and then looked ahead as he slowly strode back to the bench, pausing halfway to simulate a single basketball shot at the top of a mid-air jump.  Rob noted something which he hardly had stopped to consider before: how extraordinarily handsome Trent was.  His piercing, cobalt-blue eyes were in stark contrast to his short, straight jet-black hair.  Normally clean-shaven, the contour of a dark, thick beard and moustache were present on his striking face, indicating that he probably had not shaved since the morning of the previous day.

Rob was unable to visualize anyone else—man or woman—with such a good-looking, symmetrical face, combined with a conspicuously developed body.  He considered Trent’s collection of beau ideal attributes to be unique.  Furthermore, he found himself strangely drawn to them.  Frankly, it wasn’t the first time, although whenever he had had that feeling in the past, he immediately had thought about something else—anything else.  He wondered what would happen if he focused intently on Trent and allowed his thoughts to persist unchecked.  But that would not happen—it could not.  He methodically continued his curls.

Sitting back down on the bench, Trent faced Rob again.  Then, to Rob’s surprise, Trent nodded.  It was not a gesture in time to the beat of his music; it was a single, deliberate motion.  It seemed to be a sign of acknowledgment, which Rob seldom had observed in the past.  Boy, this guy sure is unpredictable, Rob mused.  He nodded back.  Then, with no discernable change in expression, Trent lay back down, tapped his stomach alternately with the fingers of each hand, took a few deep breaths, and reached up to grasp the ponderous weight bar with both hands.

After his third set of curls (plus four) on the machine, Rob used his towel to wipe up his residual perspiration from the seat and back of the machine.  Then, after making a brief detour to the water fountain, he walked across the room to the free weight area.  After placing his sweaty towel on an unused bench, he retrieved a 25-pound dumbell, sat down, and began to do some more curls.  Following a set of fifteen repetitions with each arm, he set the dumbell on the floor and stood up to take a break.  The entire wall above the free weight racks was mirrored.  As Rob looked into the mirror, he noticed Trent lying on the bench about four feet away from his.  He had not even noticed Trent walk over.

Trent was rendering a series of flies with a total of 150 pounds of weight, a 75-pound dumbell in each hand.  This appeared to be an exercise of nonobservable effort for Trent; he made it look so easy.  As he set down the weights on either side of him, Trent sat up and immediately made eye contact with Rob.  This time, he raised and lowered his eyebrows, again with perceptible intent.  Rob instinctively smiled back, after which Trent arose and walked back a few steps to the waist-high iron railing separating the free weight area from the rest of the room.  Sitting atop the railing, almost directly behind Rob, Trent bobbed his head up and down slightly and patted the railing with his hands, apparently in time to the beat of his music.  Then he removed his earphones and hung them around his neck.  Does he want me to go talk with him? pondered Rob.

Within seconds, however, Greg, a good buddy of Trent’s, appeared and sat beside Trent.  Rob had seen Greg and Trent spotting each other with weights on occasion, although Trent typically did all of his weight lifting alone.  From Rob’s previous observations, Greg was about the only guy at the gym with whom Trent would take the time to have conversations exceeding one minute, sometimes for quite lengthy periods of time.  Rob knew that the two previously had been employed together and figured that Greg somehow had gained Trent’s confidence, something Rob suspected not many people were able to do.  As Rob sat down to do a second set, he overheard Trent and Greg’s conversation as he recurrently glimpsed them in the mirror.

Greg began, “Hey...ya havin’ a good three-day weekend, pal?”

“Hmm...coulda been a lot better if Monique hadn’t gone off to Palm Springs,” Trent responded pensively.  Rob had seen Trent’s girlfriend, Monique, with him once and remembered how stunningly good-looking she was.

“Well, it’s pourin’ out there right now...probly doin’ the same where she is.  So how come ya didn’t go with ’er, man?” Greg inquired with a backhanded whack to Trent’s bulging chest.

“Ha...you know...,” Trent shook his head briefly, “one of those stupid ‘girl’ trips...no guys allowed.”

“Oh yeah,” laughed Greg.  “Joanie was invited to go on that one, but she wanted to spend the weekend with me ’n’ the kids.  We all just got back from a great coupla days in San Diego.”

Displaying his trademark killer smile—the first time Rob had seen it that day—Trent turned his face toward Greg and asserted, “Ya know, bud, if Monique spent as much time with me on weekends as Joanie does with you, I might consider gettin’ married to her.”

Again Greg laughed.  “No ya wouldn’t!  You know you’re too independent to be married.  You remind me of a drop o’ mercury, man...no girl’s been able to trap you under her thumb yet...probably never will!”

Grinning slightly, Trent concurred, “Yeah...I guess.”  Then he faced forward again, glancing at Rob’s image in the mirror.

“Anyway,” Greg continued, “you know damn well that Monique’d do anything to get your ring on ’er finger.  She jus’ goes on these little side trips with “er friends, ’cause she wants to make you think that anytime you pop the question, then you can have ’er seven days a week.”

“Think so?” Trent queried.  Greg nodded with assuredness.  “Well,” smirked Trent, “all I know is that I haven’t gotten ‘any’ for three days, and I don’t know if I can hold out ’til tomorrow night when I’ll see her again.  Ya know, if she keeps doin’ this to me....”  A colossal clap of thunder shook the building, as if a jet plane had crashed into it.  Trent’s foot slipped off the bottom rung of the railing.  Rob spontaneously dropped his dumbell on the floor, barely missing his foot.  The lights flickered on and off a few times, then remained off.  After several seconds, an emergency generator kicked in and the power returned.

“Whoa, that was a close one...thought it was ’n earthquake for a coupla seconds there!” exclaimed Greg.

“That was fierce!” agreed a wide-eyed Trent, again turning toward Greg.  “This kinda storm is pretty common in the Midwest, but not out here...wow!”

“Yep!” replied Greg as he slid off the railing and onto his feet.  “Listen, pal...I better split home to make sure Joanie ’n’ the kids are OK.  They’re not used to thunder like this, and they’re prob“ly scared shitless.”

Trent stood up as well.  “You’re not gonna lift, huh?”

“Nope!” replied Greg, already on his way toward the locker room.  “I know how Joanie is...she’s a wimp.  I’m not even takin’ the time to change clothes.  Catch ya later!”  Greg jogged the remainder of the way to the men’s locker room and then disappeared inside.  Before long, he reappeared with his gym bag, gave Trent a backward glance and wave, and bolted out the door.

Trent stood facing the front door for a few seconds, scratching his bushy left armpit.  Then he turned and looked at himself in the mirror, adjusting the volume on his cassette player.  Rob, who had just put away his dumbell, studied Trent’s reflection.  The look on Trent’s face seemed to disclose abandonment, almost forlorness.  Rob sensed that Trent might have wanted—even needed—some consolation.  However, a moment before Rob could advance toward Trent to offer him a friendly word, Trent took a step toward his bench.  Straightaway, Trent sat down, replacing his headset and dropping his hands to grip his weights again.  Rather than stop to speak to him, Rob continued past Trent on the way to the locker room.  By that point, he didn’t seem much in the mood to work out anymore, and he figured Trent wasn’t in a frame of mind to talk.

Rob thought it funny how the two of them were in a similar situation, being without their girlfriends for the weekend, and how Trent’s apparent disconsolation had seemed to rub off on him.  The violent electric storm outside certainly did not help either; if anything, it just made Rob frustratingly horny.  Several paces prior to reaching the locker room entrance, Rob glanced back across the room at Trent, expecting to see him performing his astounding feats of herculean strength.  Instead, Trent seemed to be looking at him, although Rob considered that he probably was just looking at the torrent of rain out the front door.

Rob removed his sweaty gym clothes, unlocked his locker, folded his clothes loosely, and put them, along with his sweat towel, into his gym bag.  Then he took his bath towel off the hook, re-locked his locker, and headed for the shower room.  After rinsing off with warm water for a few seconds, he turned off the shower, hung his towel on a nearby hook, and walked over to the plate glass sauna door, adjacent to the shower room door.  Ignoring the sign which indicated that trunks must be worn in the sauna, Rob entered naked.  Nobody else was in the shower room or in the sauna; he had the place all to himself.

Rob was quite familiar with the wide, two-tiered wooden benches located on opposite sides of the room.  In one corner, diagonal from the door, a newspaper was laying on the top level.  Having left his Sports Illustrated magazine in his gym bag, he sat down and picked up the paper.  Momentarily, he realized that he was sitting in Trent’s preferred spot.  Then he conjectured that Trent probably would be working out for another hour or so, having surmised from the conversation between Greg and him that Trent had the day off.  In fact, Rob supposed chances were excellent that nobody else would be coming into the sauna while he was there, since the gym was practically deserted when he left it.

Rob located the paper’s sports section and skimmed through the headlines.  Then, as a low rumbling of thunder penetrated the wall, his thoughts turned to his girlfriend, Candice.  Setting the paper next to him, he thought about her fiery eyes when she had told him to go blow himself after their argument on Friday.  She turned him on big time when she was angry, and he had wanted to have his way with her while she was giving him a piece of her mind.  But, obviously, that had turned out to be impossible, as she had proceeded to walk out and slam the door behind her.  He pictured her ravishing face and shapely body in his mind.  Closing his eyes and rubbing his right hand over his opposite, pumped-up upper arm, he imagined that it was she who was touching him there.  Then the voluptuous image of Shauna entered his mind.  Momentarily, he muttered, “Sorry, Candi babe—now it’s Shauna’s turn.”

With his left hand, Rob began rubbing his fingers through the thick brown hair on his chest.  Two fingers found his right nipple, and he massaged it between them until it was turgid.  In his mind, Shauna had sucked it into her mouth and was nipping gently on it with her front teeth.  The same two fingers on his right hand massaged his left nipple until it was hard as well, as the imaginary Shauna had moved over to work on the opposite side.  Rob was finding himself becoming very turned on.  Gradually, he moved the fingers of his left hand down the dark line of hair above his navel to the mass of tangled hair on his stomach, which he kneaded firmly.  He pictured the image of Shauna’s sharp, pink nails and gasped softly as they continued scratching lightly down the trail of hair beneath his navel to his pubic area.  From there, they scratched the inner thighs of his hairy legs, down one and up the other, over and over again.

Rob opened his eyes and looked down at his hardening tool.  Already it was 5½ to 6 inches in length and was on its way to expanding at least another inch as the enticing image of Shauna’s alluring face looked up at him, her tongue gliding sensually over her flawless lips.  He closed his eyes again, leaned back, stretched out his legs, and spoke to Shauna, “Go ahead, babe...this time, it’s all yours.”  Her glistening lips kissed the swelling glans of his shaft as his forefinger and thumb felt the first drop of lubrication on the tip and spread it teasingly over the entire head.  He reached back up and massaged his solid pectoral muscles, moistening his hand and fingers with the sweat which had accumulated on his abundant chest hair.  Then, forming a loose fist, he brought the end of it to the helmet of his now fully stiff rod and gradually descended the length of it in a purposefully controlled stroke.  “Mmmm...,” Rob instinctively responded, as he next slid his clenched hand and fingers slowly, ever so slowly, up the full length of his staff to the tip, then back down again.  The thunder outside boomed again, and the wall Rob was leaning against vibrated.  “Yeahhhh...that’s it, you fine babe...that’s it....”

A sudden, distinct creaking noise jolted Rob to an upright sitting position.  Familiar with the sound of the outer shower room door opening and shutting, he impulsively grabbed the newspaper at his side and positioned it in front of himself, focusing his eyes on an upside-down photograph of Michael Jordan.  After a couple more seconds, head still downturned, his eyes cautiously turned to the right to scope out the scene.  Through the door he clearly could see Trent standing with a blue towel wrapped around his waist, looking directly at Rob.  They maintained eye contact for a few seconds; then Trent disappeared from sight.  A few seconds later, Rob heard a shower turn on.

Rob stared at the smooth rocks in the wooden heating unit, shaking his head.  Then he audibly chided himself.  “You stupid dumb-shit!  Why’d ya have to go do that in here?  You could’ve whacked off in the shower and gotten your dumb butt outta here before....”  The sound of the running water stopped.  After what seemed an eternity but was only a handful of seconds, the door opened and Trent emerged, absent his towel.  Like Rob, Trent rarely wore anything in the sauna room; today was no exception.  He paused for a second, then nodded briefly at Rob.  It flashed through Rob’s mind again that he was sitting in Trent’s usual place and that he probably should move down a few feet.  But then Trent stepped up and took a seat on the upper level almost directly across from Rob.

“You lookin’ at the sport’s section there?” Trent inquired, his low, deep voice approximating the resonating frequency of the room.

“Uh, no...no...be my guest,” Trent replied, turning the paper right-side up.  He fumbled through it, separating the sport’s section from the rest of it, and stepped down to ground level to hand it over to Trent.  He then returned to his previous location and began to scan the first article he saw: “Interior Design in Five Easy Steps,” something in which he had absolutely no interest.  He figured he would pretend to read for five minutes, then take a quick shower, dress, and kick his butt all the way home for having done such a stupid thing in a semi-public place.

Then Rob thought of a way he possibly might redeem himself.  Lowering his paper, he looked over at Trent, who was hunched over the latest pro basketball statistics.  “Hey...uh...have you seen that gorgeous aerobics instructor Shauna around?”

Trent lowered his paper and sat up a bit.  “Actually, yeah...nice lookin’ babe.”

“Boy, I’ll say!” confirmed Rob.  “Every time I take her class, I’ve gotta resist the temptation to go up and jump her bones.”

Trent chuckled.  “Wonder what your girlfriend would think about that.”

Rob recalled a few weeks earlier—in fact, the day of a strong Los Angeles earthquake—how he and Trent briefly had discussed their girlfriends while drying off after showering.  Hoping Trent could relate, Rob replied, “Candi’d probably shoot me...or maybe not...hasn’t talked to me for 3 days, which is why I totally couldn’t get my mind off Shauna after I worked out today.”

Smiling knowingly, Trent nodded.  “Yeah, I think I noticed!”  They both laughed, and Rob felt relieved how nonchalantly Trent was acting after what he had seen him doing only minutes earlier.  Trent continued, “Actually, I’m sorta in the same boat you are; Monique’s been outta town all weekend.  I’d probably jump Shauna’s grandmother’s bones at this point.”

Rob roared with laughter and slapped his knee.  “I hear ya, man, I hear ya!”  Then he brought up his paper again, found an article halfway down the page describing cloning, and folded the page in half so the article was at the top.  Not having even finished the first paragraph, though, another peal of thunder sounded outside, reverberating through the walls and increasing Rob’s arousal again.  His thoughts drifted back to Shauna—her luscious body pleading to be released from her two-piece workout ensemble, her eyes, her hair...her lips.  Man, she’s driving me crazy!  he obsessed.  I wonder if she’s sitting in the girl’s sauna right now...shaving under her arms...and along those silky legs....  He tried to resume reading where he had left off, but he could not eject the image of Shauna’s curvaceous body, moist lips and lapping tongue from his mind.

Rob felt his boiling blood begin to rush into his crotch area again.  Casually, he looked over at Trent, who scratched his bristly cheek and continued to read.  Trent also had folded his paper; and with his legs spread widely apart, everything below his indented bellybutton was visible.  Although Rob had seen Trent’s naked body many times before in the showers and in the sauna, he had not paid much heed to it.  Now he did, realizing that he never had discerned how notably hairy were Trent’s arms and legs.  Then, inadvertently, his eyes converged on Trent’s genitals.  Even completely soft, his penis was pretty long—maybe 6 inches—and remarkably thick.  The shaft and head were perfectly symmetrical and flopped straight down over his scrotal sac, inside of which his two large, well-defined balls were of equal size and hung at the same level.

Without inhibition, Rob allowed himself to take in the whole physique of Trent: his exceedingly handsome, virile face; his muscular, tight, chiseled body; and his well-proportioned, hairy arms, legs, and genitals.  This guy really is a specimen of masculinity!  He must have been dealt an extra Y chromosome or something, Rob marveled.  How could anybody, female or male, not be captivated by this?  As he continued to gaze at Trent, unwittingly he pictured him and Monique together, naked, embraced in a deep kiss and with Trent’s stiff pole shoved inside her.  Some of the blood drained out of Rob’s brain—much of it seeming to go directly to his own stiffening pole—and he experienced a substantial rush of dizziness.  He could not recollect ever having felt this way before while looking at a man.

At that moment, while unfolding his paper to turn a page, Trent casually looked up at Rob, who still was staring at him.  Trent stared back for a few seconds; then his eyes seemed to be drawn like magnets downward to Rob’s 7-inch soldier, standing at full attention between his legs.  Realizing only then that he was completely hard, Rob blushed and looked back down at the paper he still held.  Man, that’s it!  I’m gonna go take a cold shower and get the hell outta here!  he mentally reprimanded himself.

No longer than half a minute passed, and Rob stole a furtive glance at Trent.  Not only was Trent’s attention still fixated between Rob’s legs, something else was happening: Trent’s member itself was stirring.  It had lengthened about an inch and had thickened a bit, and the wide mushroom-like cap had begun to arc slightly upward.  As soon as this became plainly evident to Rob, his mouth became dry, he felt his heart pounding in his chest, and he became momentarily dizzy again.  This time he did not look away—he could not, entranced by Trent and every aspect of his impeccable manliness.  Deep inside, Rob felt an instinct he did not realize he had: the compulsion to bond physically with the male person sitting a few feet in front of him.  Somehow, it made more sense than anything ever had before.

Feeling as though a strong aphrodisiac was circulating throughout his body, Rob reflexively grabbed his rigid cock and stroked it a couple of times.  This resulted in a further lengthening and upward pulsing of Trent’s hardening cock.  Trent reached down and cupped his balls, his thumb and forefinger partially encircling the broad base of his prick.  Again, Rob’s eyes met eyes as blue as his own, and immediately there was an inexplicable understanding between the two men which transcended ordinary intelligence and cognition.  Then each pair of eyes focused again on the targets protruding from the hairy bushes in front of them.

Continuing the slow, deliberate strokes on his dick, Rob saw that Trent began to match his every movement.  As Rob gradually increased his momentum, so did Trent.  With his free hand, Rob rubbed up, down, and around his sweaty chest and stomach; Trent did the same.  Within a minute or so, it felt as though the heavy air was saturated with male pheromones and that testosterone molecules were rebounding in a superheated frenzy off of all the surfaces within the room.  Finally, Rob’s heightened sexual state compelled him to stand up and step down onto the floor, only a couple of feet directly in front of Trent.

Pausing, Rob looked toward the glass door, estimating the line of view into the sauna of somebody who suddenly might appear on the other side.  Rob motioned for Trent to scoot down a few feet further.  Trent complied.  Then Rob slid the newspaper Trent had been reading over next to him, after which he reached behind himself and, after retrieving his own paper, laid it on the bottom tier in front of him.  Trent nodded, and Rob knew he had been successful in conveying to him the idea of quickly covering up with the newspapers in case they suddenly heard someone about to intrude into their man-space.

Rob proceeded to stroke his hard cock again with his left hand, and Trent followed suit.  Slowly, almost cautiously, Rob approached Trent even more closely.  He felt like a kid about to place his hand into a forbidden cookie jar.  Observing no change in Trent’s demeanor, Rob reached over and rested his right hand on Trent’s left knee.  There was no reaction from Trent, so Rob began to rub Trent’s hairy thigh.  He rubbed it up and down repeatedly, around the outside, then over his knee, along the inside, and all the way up to his groin.  Again, there was no resistance, so Rob moved his hand underneath Trent’s scrotum so that he was cupping it.  Trent shuddered and, closing his eyes, ceased his stroking and placed both hands at his sides.  Rob supposed that Trent never had had another man’s hand on his genitals and may have had to stop handling his dick so as not to ejaculate from the stimulation.  Moreover, Rob never had felt a set of balls other than his own.  They were warm, firm, and wet.  They felt so good that he almost unloaded on the spot, and he had to remove his other hand from his dick to prevent himself from doing so.

With one hand, Rob gently began to knead Trent’s scrotal sac, and with his other hand he reached up to feel Trent’s chest.  The black hair was straight, unlike the wavy hair on Rob’s chest.  Although Trent’s chest hair was not as dense as Rob’s, there was a nice abundance of it, and Rob rubbed his fingers through it gingerly.  Rob was not surprised to feel pectoral muscles denser than his own, partly because he fully expected all of Trent’s muscles to be hard and partly because Trent was a few years younger than he.  He rubbed over the full extent of them before progressing to Trent’s right nipple.  Again Trent shuddered as Rob lightly pinched and massaged the nipple, making it become rigid and hard.  Then he did the same to the other.  Trent licked his lips once.  Progressing to Trent’s stomach, Rob observed a firm and well-defined six-pack.  He outlined each ripple with his fingers and then pressed hard against Trent’s abdominal muscles, massaging them with the heel of his hand.

Looking further down, Rob noticed that a shiny, clear droplet of liquid had oozed out of the slit at the end of Trent’s near-stiff cock.  He withdrew his hand from Trent’s solid stomach and scooped the sticky globule onto his forefinger, a thin thread stretching from it back to the piss-hole.  He examined the bit of pre-cum on his finger and then brought it to his lips, where his tongue licked it off.  It tasted salty and sweet at the same time, and the intense thrill of what he had just done brought back the feeling of lightheadedness for a few moments.  He would not have traded this unique moment for the opportunity to be in a shop of find chocolates, all able to be sampled freely.

Still massaging Trent’s balls with one hand, Rob then wrapped as much of his other hand as he could get around the base of Trent’s beautifully sculpted, thick tool and gently squeezed it.  It felt like granite.  Slowly, he moved his thumb up the underside of it, as though bringing toothpaste to the opening of a tube, until he reached the top.  He was rewarded with another discharge of gleaming pre-cum, more than the first time.  As it began to dribble down the front of the throbbing shaft, Rob approached it and licked the stream all the way back up to the opening.  Then he flicked the slit with the tip of his tongue, enjoying every bit of this super-stud’s man-juice.

A clap of thunder caused Trent to open his eyes, which he affixed once more on Rob’s.  An expression of rugged camaraderie was exchanged between the two, and then Trent closed his eyes again.  Rob decided that he wanted to give his new bud every bit of pleasure he possibly could stand.  Since this was Rob’s first intimate experience with a man, and presumably it was Trent’s as well, he wanted it to be an encounter well worth remembering for both of them.

Rob knelt on one knee on the first step, bringing his face close to Trent’s ball sac.  I almost could see these looking up his shorts while he was doing bench presses, Rob recalled.  Now, here they are in front of my face.  He inhaled Trent’s musky manhood deeply, then again.  Whether it was due to the stark excitement of the risk they were taking, or simply to the arousal he felt being stimulated by Trent’s man-smells, Rob knew he readily could have given a couple of jerks to his own engorged prick and jettisoned his entire load in seconds.  Instead, he chose to prolong his ecstasy, even though he thought his balls might explode if denied a release for too long.  Carefully, Rob extended his tongue and licked Trent’s sac from bottom to top on one side, then the other, repeatedly washing the sweat beads off of the crinkled skin.  Trent gasped twice quickly, and his rigid cock quivered.

Gently, Rob took Trent’s right testicle onto the tip of his tongue and drew it into his mouth.  Trent immediately winced, took a sudden deep breath, and laid one hand on Rob’s head.  But Rob was very careful not to pull too hard, nor did he allow his teeth to come into contact with Trent’s skin.  I wonder if he’ll trust me to do this like he trusts guys around his unsecured locker, Rob hoped.  Trent gradually lowered his hand again, although he continued to tremble and take brief, short breaths as Rob did the same thing to his left testicle and then to both of them at once.

As Rob withdrew his mouth from around Trent’s balls, he found that he had been rewarded with the most bountiful flow of pre-cum yet.  Eagerly, he bathed the full length of Trent’s boner with his tongue, savoring every bit of the tangy nectar.  He could not remember ever having been so turned on.  I can’t believe what I’ve been missing out on all my life, he thought.  At the top, he swirled his tongue around and around the swollen bulb, bringing a low “Mmmmm...” from Trent’s throat.  Then he engulfed more than half of Trent’s cock into his mouth, the tip pressing against the back of his throat.  “Ohhhh,” moaned Trent softly.  Rob felt like he was going to gag on this titanic piece of man-meat, so he pulled back about an inch, paused, took a deep breath, and relaxed.  He didn’t know how, but he wanted to eat all of Trent’s choice tube steak.

After a few seconds, Rob eased his head back down.  Feeling Trent’s cockhead at the back of his throat again, he relaxed his pharyngeal muscles, took a slow, deep breath, and continued his downward movement, feeling the head slowly snaking its way further and further down.  He paused again, successfully suppressing the gag reflex, then continued.  Little by little, inch by inch, he finally found that his nose was pressed against Trent’s bush, having successfully swallowed his entire 8½-inch cock.  Trent moaned again: “Ohhhh, yeahhhh, man...that feels so gooood on my dick....”  Rob closed his eyes and cleared his mind, afraid his own enlarged balls were going to empty their cargo uncontrollably, even though he wasn’t even touching his dick.  For the time being, the ecstatic sensation inside his balls subsided somewhat.

Next, Rob slowly drew his head backward, feeling the hardness of Trent’s pipe and its thick crest rubbing against his throat and the inside of his mouth on the way out.  At the same time, he grasped the shank, sliding his hand up its full length as it emerged from his mouth.  Bringing the beefy log all the way out, he massaged the slick head briefly with his fingers and then went down the full length again, this time a little more quickly than the first time.  As he did this, he tickled and gently squeezed Trent’s balls.  Rob knew what felt good to himself, so he tried to duplicate the same feelings in Trent.  This combination brought another primal groan from Trent, as well as, “Ohhhh, shit man...you’re drivin’ me wild....”  Repeating this cycle, over and over, a little bit faster each time, resulted in a concurrently more rapid rate in Trent’s breathing.  It wasn’t long before Trent was moaning almost constantly and repeating, “Ohhhh, yeahhhh...ohhhh, maaaan...that’s it...don’t stop...right there...yeah, right there....”

Rob knew Trent was nearing the brink.  He decided he wanted to watch that nice hard cock unleashing its big load straight up in the air and all over himself, since the showers were conveniently close-by.  If this guy hasn’t cum in three days, it ought to be a drencher, Rob contemplated intuitively; so he wanted to maximize the output as much as possible.  From personal experience, he knew that whenever he massaged his own prostate gland while jerking off, he usually shot a bigger than normal load.  Removing his left hand from Trent’s sweaty balls, he extended his middle finger along Trent’s perineum and inched it between his firm buns, all the way under him until he found his tight hole.  As he pressed on it, Trent jerked and tensed up.  “Relax, man,” Rob encouraged.  “This is gonna be the best climax you’ve ever had.  Just relax.”  Trent’s heavy breathing continued, but his tension lessened a bit.

Rob paused.  He withdrew his finger and then soaked it with the sweat from underneath Trent’s ball sac and rubbed some of Trent’s pre-cum along the length of it.  Then he continued his deep sucking of Trent’s dick as he replaced his hand underneath Trent and gradually began to work the first segment of his slippery finger up Trent’s ass.  Trent winced again, apparently in mild pain, but he allowed Rob to continue.  Rob’s longest finger went up, up, up, until finally he found the bulge of Trent’s prostate gland.  He applied a little pressure to it.  Removing his mouth from Trent’s trembling cock, he asked, “Feel good?”

“Yeah...sure does!” came the frenzied reply, then, “Oh, shit...I really need to get off bad!”  Trent automatically reached for his cock; but Rob seized his determined hand and gently pushed it aside, after which Trent sternly commanded, “OK then...do it for me, man...just do it!  I can’t take it anymore!”  Trent again had his eyes closed and his mouth mostly open, his brawny chest heaving rhythmically.

As Rob gently massaged Trent’s quivering prostate, he grasped Trent’s pulsating cock with his fist.  Slowly at first, he sucked the full length of the tortured cock into his mouth and then jacked it all the way up to the tip as it came out, over and over, continuously prodding the acutely aroused stud’s prostate with his finger.  Before long, Trent locked both of his hands on the back of Rob’s head and involuntarily began bucking his pelvis up and down, jamming his cock down Rob’s throat as he thrust upward and Rob’s finger up his ass as he sat back down.  “Yeahhh, oh yeahhh...!” he panted.  Rob knew that every movement Trent made resulted in intensifying ecstasy for him and that he rapidly was reaching the point of overload.  Trent’s respiration rate increased dramatically, and his movements became faster and faster as sweat poured off of his face, chest, arms, and legs.

Then, just when Rob thought his own balls surely were going to erupt forcibly in the intensity of the moment, Trent exclaimed, “Oh, shit, man...that’s it...I’m cummin’, man...I’m gonna shoot it...I’m gonna shoot right now...!”  At that moment, Rob felt a noticeable swelling of Trent’s prostate, followed by a contraction as it pumped its first load of fluid into Trent’s scrotum.  At the same time, Trent’s ball sac retracted closer to his body, and he howled, “Ohhhh, yeahhhh...!”  Rob, his finger still inside Trent’s tightly constricted rectum, felt the hot juice rising inside Trent’s burning cock with his other hand.

Breaking Trent’s tight hold on his head, but maintaining a firm jacking motion on Trent’s cock, Rob stood up above Trent’s bursting piston just as an immense ejaculate of semen, as thick as a piss flow, blasted straight out of it.  It was as if Trent’s hose were connected to a sperm bank.  The first jet rocketed almost to the ceiling and came down all over Rob’s hair and left ear, followed by the second eruption which fired directly onto his cheek and mouth, then a third spurt which rammed into his neck.  Four...five...six...seven...each shot coincided with a contraction of Trent’s prostate, and load after load of white-hot spunk was deposited onto Rob’s hairy chest, stomach, arm, and hand.  The last stream of cum, continuing to emerge steadily for a few more seconds out the tip of Trent’s still-hard prick, dribbled down the front of his shaft and into the hair on his tightened ball sac.  Finally, Rob withdrew his finger from inside Trent, and Trent took a long, deep breath, leaning back against the wall, exhausted.  Rob released Trent’s dick, and it continued to pulse up and down for a few more seconds, commencing its gradual descent.

“Don’t take a nap yet, bud...I need your help!” asserted Rob.  “Grab my dick and jack my load out of me, man...I really need to cum bad!”  Obviously relating to the severity of the moment, Trent reached for Rob’s throbbing, swollen cock, but Rob grabbed his hand and diverted it to his chest, which had been soaked with Trent’s hot cum.  He rubbed the palm of Trent’s hand into his own thick white jizz and then charged, “OK, man...now do it...slow and firm!”

As Trent placed his cum-slicked fist firmly around Rob’s rock-hard pole, Rob reached his right hand up to his own face.  He wiped an abundance of Trent’s still-warm sperm off of his cheek and onto three fingers, then plunged them into his mouth, licking them off hungrily and relishing the essence of Trent’s manhood.  At the same time, a great clash of thunder sounded outside, and the building shook for a few seconds as it had about an hour before.

Trent’s strong hand jacked off Rob’s bulging cock with a slow, steady motion, squeezing the head even tighter on the upstroke and releasing slightly on the downstroke.  With his other hand, Trent collected a long strand of cum hanging from the end of his dick and wiped it onto Rob’s turgid cockhead.  The profuse sweat from Rob’s chest streamed down onto Trent’s hand, adding to the lubrication.  “Yeah, that’s it...that’s it...that’s exactly how I do it...ohhhh, man that feels awesome...just keep it up...don’t stop...yeahhhh...!”  Rob brushed the back of his left hand up and down against the black stubble covering Trent’s cheek.  Then he drew the middle finger of that hand near his nose and took a brief whiff of the inside of Trent.

Within seconds, Rob’s cum-swollen balls contracted and compressed against his body.  He thought they were going to rupture before the white lava could propel its way up through his convulsing spike and out the opening at the top.  “Aaauuugh, yeahhhh...!” Rob bellowed as he gripped one of Trent’s hard trapezius muscles with one hand and, with the other, the flexed biceps on the arm of the hand jerking off his exploding volcano.  The first two molten blasts were hurled squarely onto Trent’s cheek, some of it splashing back onto Rob’s stomach and blending with Trent’s seed, which had been deposited there shortly beforehand.  Trent pointed the cum-firing pistol downward slightly, rising up off his seat a few inches, and the next five rounds sprayed forcefully onto his neck and the top of his chest, gushing like a flash flood down the valley between his stone pecs.  Trent then sat back down and milked the remainder of Rob’s pearly semen out the end of his pounding cock.  It dripped straight down and collected on Trent’s softening but still firm cock below.  With his hands still grasping Trent, Rob surveyed the deluge of cum he had just shot out all over this Adonis.  Then he closed his eyes and replayed the prior few seconds in his mind.  “Whoaaaa, was that ever hot, man!  That felt incredibly good!”

Rob opened his eyes after Trent, who had sampled a small amount of the seminal fluid soaking his hand, remarked, “Mmm, not bad...yours tastes really sweet...or maybe it’s mine...hard to tell.”

Collapsing next to Trent, Rob leaned back against the wall and laughed.  “Yeah...that’s what Candi and other girlfriends have told me...at least the ones who’ve tried it.  Most of ’em won’t touch the stuff.”

“Yeah,” agreed Trent, “and most of ’em won’t even give head...afraid they’re gonna mess up their lipstick or somethin’, I guess.”  Rob snickered in response.  “Anyway, none o’ the ones who ever did me made it feel as good as you did, man.”

“Hmm, I guess I’ll have to take that as a compliment!” chuckled Rob, pounding Trent’s hard thigh one time with his fist.  “I’m surprised I knew how...first time for me...guess it takes a man to know how a man needs to feel.”

“Guess so,” returned Trent.  “My first time, too.  I might hafta try doin’ that myself sometime...wish I could reach my own dick with my mouth!”

Rob laughed hard.  “Yeah...I’ll hafta do more stretching exercises so I can become flexible enough to do that.  Then when Candi tells me to go blow myself, I can!”

The two guys had a good, long laugh.  Soon, they used the newspaper to wipe up their abundant mass of male discharges from the wooden sauna benches and went to wash off the copious accumulation of sticky spunk and sweat on their bodies in adjacent showers.  Then they dressed and walked outside together, joking as they went, and discovered an awesome, rare double rainbow arching all the way across the clearing sky.  Viewing it for several minutes, until the second bow had mostly dissipated, Rob asked Trent if he could buy him a beer.  Trent readily agreed, noting that it would be the perfect ending to a weekend which had remained uneventful—that is, at least until that electrifying afternoon had transpired.

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