Sunday Afternoon at the Gym

This is  my first attempt at writing  a story  like this  so I welcome reader comments. Let me  know whant you liked about it  or didn't like. sent comments to please don't be crude in any mail you send me as I will not resopnd to message like that. This  story is based on a true event the just recently happened to me.

Disclamer: this is a true story containing homosexual acts between adult males if you are under 18 or not permited to read such material where you are located for any reason please do not continue reading.

I have been a member at this gym since December, at first nothing abnormal happened the first month. Now in the last month or so have had a few guys checking me out. I met one guy I liked and mess around with him often but he wasn’t there this Sunday. I went though my weight training as I always be not really chatting with many people mostly being focused on my work out and trying to work around the other members with the gym being crowded when I got there. By the time I finished my weights it was 1pm and the place was empting out, so I went to use the treadmill for 20 minutes then went to the locker room to strip and go relax in the steam room before showering and going home.


I went in to the steam room hung my towel on the hook outside and went in and sat down to enjoy the warmth. Moments later another guy comes in, says hello, I return the greeting. He’s about 6 foot tall, maybe 45 years old, with a shaved head, nice dusting of dark hair over his chest and abs. He is somewhat lean and muscled with a nice cock that looks about 3 inches long soft. His overall look is quite butch/biker like, not a guy I would ever think of hitting on for fear of having my face beaten in. He sits down next to me, but closer than most guys would. My leg was only an inch or two from his. For a while we both just sit there quietly saying nothing, then I see him pulling on this cock out of the corner of my eye. I look again he is still gently pulling at his cock getting it to grow some. So I grope my balls some till he notices then let go of myself. We both sit a few seconds then he says he needs to cool off and leaves for the shower, I fallow a bit behind him. He looks me over as I walk past him in the shower room and take one across from him. He showers then goes back to the steam room.


I go in after him and sit next to him like we were before. He now begins stroking his cock faster and harder than before. I am now getting turned on and start stroking my cock too.
 He looks over to me and says “yeah stroke that cock”
 I just keep on going.
 Then he asks, “You want some help with that?”
I reply, "sure if you want." and give him access to my cock.
He gives my balls a squeeze then takes my cock in his hand getting me fully erect. He asks if he can suck me, I’m almost in shock that this stud wants to suck me, so I tell him I would love it. He goes down and kneels between my legs and takes my cock in to his warm, wet, skilled mouth sucking me so well that I can only moan while he continues to stroke his cock. After sucking me a bit he stands up with his beautiful cock in hand and asks me if I’d like to suck him. I said nothing, only motioned him to bring it to me as I lean forward to take his hot cock in my mouth. I begin to suck his cock like it’s the last one I’m going to get savoring the taste, the firmness of it and it’s silky smoothness as it slides in and out of my mouth. He moans a few times as I suck him then pulls his cock from my mouth and goes down on me again. I caress his shoulders and moan as he sucks me.
 He stands up again and Says “I want your load, will you give it to me?”
 I say, “Fuck yeah”
 Then he says I’m close will you take mine?
 I say, “yeah man I want it, give it to me.”
He begins to jack off and says “be ready to get it when I say”
 In only a few seconds he says "here it comes" and guides my lips to his cock.
 I take him in my mouth again as he shoots 3 long spurts of some of the sweetest tasting cum I have ever had in to my cum hungry mouth. I pull off his cock. He strokes his cock some more and more cum dribbles out. I hungrily lick it from his cock. Now it’s my turn to cum. He licks my cock then tells me to jack it off and holds his hand under the head of my swollen cock to catch my load. I unload my balls into his big manly hand then he takes his hand to his mouth and eats my cum as I watch. Next he turns and goes to the shower, I follow 30 seconds later. Back at the lockers he thanks me and I thank him but still I don’t even know his name nor him mine and I have his cum in me and mine in him. I meet up with him in the parking lot where he walks up to me and introduces himself to me. We exchange names and shake hands have a few seconds of small talk. He says maybe I’ll see you around again sometime, I tell him that would be cool. We get in our cars and leave.