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I did not get online last night, I got held up after I went to the gym.  I met Greg last night.  I had seen him there before.  He's about 29-30, slender guy but really tight.  His abs are awesome, you could bounce coins off them, heheh.

So he was cruising me last night, I was doing arms/chest/shoulder routine and working up a nice sweat (the a/c in that place wasn't working again) so I stripped out of my shirt.  Greg was watching me big time.  (He had also torn off his own shirt -- GOD!  That belly!!)

So being the tease that I am, I keep shooting him these sultry looks, like I haven't gotten off in a couple of weeks.  I was just finishing my pulldowns on the machine and felt him behind me.  (No one else was in the room.)  Without asking, he slides his hands over my shoulders and starts rubbing my chest and arms.  I was so sweaty and it was like I was soaked in oil and he was trying to oil me up.  He was moaning stuff like "Your body's looking sooooo nice" and I could feel his hard-on (trapped in his shorts) rubbing against my bare back.  He asked if I wanted to shower with him.  Back at his place!

During the ten minute ride to his place, he couldn't keep his hands off my body.  He had one hand on the wheel and the other down my shorts, rubbing my jock pouch and groping my ass in the back.  He kept sliding a finger into the crack and moaning at the sweat in there.  At a red light, he asked me to lift up my left arm and he actually put his face under my arms and was inhaling my gym scent.  Kinky!

We get back to his place and he tells me we aren't going to shower like he says.  Instead, he leads me up to the attic bedroom in his house and it feels like 200 degrees.  I swear to God.  I mean ten seconds in the room and I am dripping with sweat and he says, "This is exactly how I like to be, sweaty as all fuck."

He pulled down my shorts (I never put my shirt back on) and he told me to lie back on the bed in just my jockstrap.  He got between my legs and just started sniffing my wet sweaty ass, groping the cheeks like they were Silly Putty.  Greg must have a long tongue because his nose was pressed into my ballsac and I could feel his tongue poking me in the asshole.

After about five minutes in that heat both of us were sopping wet, glistening with sweat and the bed was just soaked with it.  The guy must have a taste for it, because his mouth and tongue was all over me: in my ass, tonguing my balls and my cock, licking the sweat off my belly and chest and even dragging his tongue through my damp pits.  Not an unpleasant feeling.... my cock was definitely hard.

Finally Greg stripped his jock and mine off and he lay on top of me, rubbing our wet sweaty bodies together.  His mouth was all over me and he was making sounds like whatever he was tasting was the most delicious thing ever.  He made out with me for a long time while grinding his hard-on against mine.  He came -- hard! -- shooting scalding cum all over my belly and chest.  It was so hot in the room his load just thinned out and ran down every side of me like egg whites.

I still hadn't popped and Greg was still horny as fuck; he flipped me over and buried his face in my crack.  Damn, does this guy know how to eat ass!!  He had my face buried in a pillow and me moaning like a slut.  He was getting his fingers all greased up with my own sweat and easing them into my hole.  Jesus, he knew just the spot to press on.  I warned him, "I'm gonna fucking cum all over your bed if you don't pull them out."  Of course he didn't.  He fingered me with one hand and cupped his under hand just under my hard cock.  When I started to shoot, he let it all blow into his hand.  I felt sleazy and turned on when he started rubbing my own cum into my back and onto my sore shoulders.  My hair, at this point, was wet and my face was dripping with sweat.  He turned me around and tongued me like a dog, his fingers still fucking my sweaty hole.

I wanted to shower so badly, but he convinced me into lying up in the hot attic bedroom for ten more minutes.  I just lay there while he tongued out my armpits and licked the sweat off my balls.  I didn't think we could get any sweatier, but we did.  I must have come out of that place five pounds lighter.  Finally we did shower (cold!) and made out some more.  I think he liked me better dirty and sweaty.  It was fun sex though.  He told me he wants to have me over this winter.  He says he likes to strip a young smooth guy naked and take him to the basement and crank up the heat.  He told me he has this bed down there he covers with polyethylene plastic sheeting and once the heat is up there, he uses a basting brush to coat the guy's naked body with MELTED BUTTER.  I don't know if it makes you hard, but I'm sitting here stiff as shit just thinking about it.  I bet it's messy though.  But good sex always is.