The following contains material of an adult nature, specifically consensual sexual contact between men.  If you do not wish to be exposed to such material, or are legally prohibited from viewing it,  DO NOT PROCEED.  Certain acts depicted do not conform to safe sex guidelines.  The first part of this story takes place in the late seventies before the full extent of the AIDS epidemic was known, and should be viewed from that perspective.

Tales from the Weight Room

by K. W. Bennett

Chapter Thirteen:  Be Careful What You Wish For.

    At the sound of the voice, Greg and Ian turned their heads to the door.  A figure stood there, hand still on the door knob as he took in the scene before him.

"What the fuck?"

    The figure stepped from the shadows.  It was Cameron.  He was still naked, a look of shock on his face.  He moved to stand over the prone boys, the flickering red light from the fireplace giving his angry features a demonic cast.

"What's going on here?  You two are covered in jizz!  You've been fucking!  Holy Shit!  Now I've seen everything!  You just can't tell can you?"

    As he uttered these random thoughts, Cameron was clenching and unclenching his fists, becoming more and more agitated as the truth behind his discovery blasted its way into his mind.

"Fuck!  Greg, man!  How could you?  We've known each other since we were kids!  You can't be queer!  Did he make you?  You lousy faggot!"

    Cameron took a swing at Ian's head, but Greg deftly blocked it.  He grabbed Cameron's wrist and stood up, putting himself between Cameron and a very frightened Ian.

"Get a hold of yourself Cam!  Calm down and listen!  No, he didn't force me, and no, I'm not queer.  At least, not the way you mean.  Sit down over there and I'll explain everything."

    Greg's intervention calmed Cameron down and gave him the focus he needed to see things rationally.  He moved to the chair Greg indicated and sat down heavily.  He looked at Ian and saw the terror in his eyes.

"I'm so sorry, Ian!  I lost my mind for a second.  When Dan and Jordan told us they were gay, I thought I was OK with it, but I've been wondering lately, 'who's next?'.  I've even asked myself if I might be.  When I saw you and Greg like that, I guess I snapped.  I know you have every reason not to believe me, but really, it's OK with me."

"I'd like to believe you Cam," said Greg "but you were ready to hit Ian a minute ago.  Over something that really isn't any of your business I might add.  You said you were OK with Dan and Jordan, but when you saw us, you went crazy.  What happens the next time?  What if Norm, or Stu, or even Gil stands up and announces he's gay?  Are you prepared for that?  Can you handle it?"

"Like I said Greg, I'm sorry.  It was a shock to come in here and find the two of you like that.  Dan just got through giving us all a lecture about not being so close-minded.  He came off all high and mighty and I guess it got my back up."

"What did he say exactly," asked Ian "that made him sound so 'high and mighty'?  That doesn't sound like the Dan I know."

"It isn't!" said another voice from the door.

    Dan stepped forward, followed by Jordan and the other guys.  Like Cameron, they were all still naked, their hair wet from their recent aquatic horse-play.

"You obviously weren't listening very closely Cam.  Maybe the guilt you felt over making such a fuss about that bet made what I said sound condescending, but all I was trying to do was help you understand how things can be for us."

"Yeah." said Stu "He didn't sound high and mighty to me.  He made a lot of sense actually.  It's not enough to just accept the fact that a friend is gay, you have to try to understand where they're coming from."

"The way I see it," said Norm "I have to re-think what 'gay' really means.  I used to think it just meant sucking cock, but now I understand there's more to it than that.  Just putting another guy's dick in your mouth doesn't mean you're gay."

"That was my point." said Dan "I don't just see myself as a guy that sucks dick.  There's more to what I want out of my life than just sex.  Sex is great, but I want more than that."

    Cameron hung his head down, staring at the floor, ashamed for reacting so badly.  He was trying to think of a way to make amends.  Jordan moved next to him and put his hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Ian and I just started a relationship.  He means more to me than just a sex toy.  He's my boyfriend in every way possible.  I want to share myself with him.  My likes, my dislikes, my joys, my pain, everything that makes me, me.  He wants to do the same thing.  We're bonding.  Just like you've bonded with Linda.  Tonight he had an opportunity to share sex with someone else.  It didn't bother me in the least.  If sex was all I wanted from him, why would I let him do it with someone else?"

"You knew?" said Cameron. "You knew he was in here foolin' around with Greg, and it didn't bother you?  If that was Linda in here, I'd go nuts.  You guys sure have a different way of lookin' at things!"

"Now hang on a minute." said Dan. "Not every gay couple is as open as we are.  Some are very happy with the monogamous relationship, they like a one-on-one because it gives them everything they want.  Ian, Jordy, Keith and I look at it differently.  We don't claim to be the standard for gay life, we're just doing what suits us best.  Jordy used that example to illustrate his point, not to speak for every gay guy on the planet, or girl, for that matter."

"I don't know how anyone could let their partner have sex with someone else." said Randy "It just seems wrong somehow."

"Wrong for you." said Ian "That's one of the problems gays face with people in general.  People insist on using their own standards to judge what's right and wrong for someone else.  Dan, Jordy, Keith and I see things differently.  We don't have a problem with an open relationship, so no-one gets hurt.  Someone else sees what we're doing, you, for instance, and because they can't imagine doing it, they say it's wrong.  Now, you might not judge us so harshly that we can't be friends anymore, but someone else might.  You've all admitted you have to re-think what your definition of 'gay' is.  Here's my contribution.  That's the biggest hurdle you'll face.  If you've already accepted us as gay based solely on the notion that we suck cock,  when you discover the rest of what you're looking for, use that as your yardstick.  Don't ask yourself, 'could I do it?', as far as I know, none of you suck dick, yet you've already accepted us, and we do.  If you can handle that, anything else you find out shouldn't be hard to swallow.  Pardon the pun."

    Everyone laughed, and the tension in the room relaxed a bit more.  Cameron was still struggling with his earlier outbreak of anger, but throughout Ian's speech he was nodding.
    He got up and moved to stand in front of Greg.  Greg smiled, and Cameron drew him into a light hug.

"It really is OK with me if you're gay.  It won't change a thing between us."

    Cameron turned red and sat back down.  Greg smiled, and said,

"I hate to add another complication to an already overloaded situation, but for the record, I'm not gay.  I'm bisexual.  I like girls every bit as much as you, Norm, Randy, and Stu.  It's just that I also like guys as much as Dan, Jordan, Keith, and Ian."

    Everyone started talking at once, and as soon as the babble died down, Dan said,

"Let me get this straight.  You think you're bisexual?"

"No, I know I'm bisexual.  Like I said to Ian earlier, I've examined this six ways from Sunday, and the answer keeps coming up the same.  I am attracted in every way possible to both men and women, not just physically.  I can just as easily picture myself in a full blown relationship with a guy as I can with a girl.  I'd want all the same things from both, apart from the obvious physical differences.  I'm not a 'fence-sitter' I'm not 'confused'  I'm bi!  End of story!"

"But how do you know?" asked Randy "I mean how did you find out?"

"How do you know you're straight?  How did you find out?"

"I've always known.  I get a stiffie just thinkin' about girls.  I love everything about them.  The way they look, the way they smell, the sound of their voices, it all drives me crazy!"

"Substitute 'girls and guys' for just 'girls' and you've answered your own question.  Oh sure, it took me a while to put a name on it, but the feelings have always been there."

"Make the same substitution using 'guys' and omitting 'girls'," said Dan "and you've got our experiences as well."

"Shit!" said Stu "It just keeps getting more and more complicated.  I always thought it was a choice.  I always admired you guys for having the guts to make a choice like that."

"Did you have a choice?" asked Jordan "Did you wake up one morning and decide to be straight?"


"Then what makes you think we 'decided' to be gay?  Who would wake up and say, 'I think I'd like to be a social outcast.  Yeah, I'd like to have to spend my life hiding my feelings, risk being beaten up or killed, and possibly spend the rest of my life alone because I can't tell anyone who I really am.'?  What took guts, was admitting the truth to you guys about who we are, considering the amount of societal pressure on us to keep our mouths shut!"

    Jordan was clenching and unclenching his fists in anger.  Ian moved up behind him and wrapped his arm around Jordan's waist, calming him down.

"Sorry, man." said Stu "I'm just tryin' to understand."

"I know," said Jordan "it's just so frustrating sometimes to realize that the simplest thing can be ignored, or not considered at all, when it's hidden behind a mass of societal conditioning.  I get so pissed off when I think that if it wasn't for all the shit society shoves down people's throats, I could walk down the street holding my boyfriend's hand, and maybe even introduce him to my parents.  It's not easy living inside someone else's box!"

"I never thought about it like that before." said Norm.

"Why should you?" said Dan "You don't have to hide your feelings from the rest of the world.  If you get caught having sex with your girlfriend, you only have to face angry parents who don't like the impropriety of it all.  If we get caught, we could end up in a mental hospital, or worse!"

"You're kidding!" said Cameron.

"No I'm not.  There's still a very large school of thought out there that believes gays are mentally ill.  I saw an article the other day about a doctor down in the States who claims he can 'cure' gays.  I don't tell anyone about it, but I've got a cousin who was locked up for being queer.  They gave him shock treatments, doped him up, then let him back out.  He got himself a girlfriend, and they almost got married.  He had a breakdown two months after the engagement, so they called it off."

"Where is he now?"

"He found a psychologist who doesn't buy into that crap.  He's spending his hard earned money to undo the damage that society forced on him."

"That sucks!"

"You're damn right it does!  Maybe one day it won't be like that, but in the here and now, it seems like they can do whatever they damn well please.  After all, what's the life of one miserable faggot, compared to protecting society from the evil he represents?  There's no shortage of zealots out there who will gladly see your friends locked up, away from the rest of the world 'cause 'The Bible tells me so.'  I just get so outraged every time I think of it."

    Stu put his hand on Dan's shoulder and said.

"Well if it's any consolation, I don't think you're crazy.  This little conversation has opened my eyes to what I've been missing in all of this since I first heard about you and Jordan.  I decided then that it didn't change you as people, and I thought that was enough.  I didn't think about what it actually meant, 'cause like Ian said, I couldn't get my head around something that I'd never considered doing.  The only way I could look at it was to believe you were making a deliberate choice, and I admired the guts it took to be so open about it.  Now that I understand a little better, I admire you even more."

    Dan put his hand over Stu's,

"Thanks man!  It really means a lot to hear you say that.  It's not easy to go through life knowing there are people who hate you for who you love.  To me that's the bottom line, the worst aspect of the whole sorry business; love spawning hatred in others.  It's twisted!"

    They all sat in silence for a while, contemplating Dan's last statement. Norm, Randy, and Stu were assimilating the new information.  Cameron was contemplating the disastrous results his outburst could have caused, and was thankful for the second chance.
    Dan, Jordan, Ian, and Greg were thinking about how long the road was that they still had to travel before they could assume their rightful place as equals in a society that condemned them for who they loved.
    Ian broke the silence,

"Shit!  Look at the time!  The sun'll be rising soon, and we haven't been to bed yet!  Where do you guys sleep when you're here?"

    Norm broke out of his reverie and smiled,

"Pretty much wherever we drop.  Sometimes we don't sleep at all!"

"Well that might be OK for you football jocks, but this brainer boy needs his shut eye!"

    Jordan pulled him into a hug and said,

"C'mon Red!  I know a nice cosy place that should suit you.  You might want to have a shower though!  You're kinda funky!"

    Ian blushed.

"Point me to the showers!  I sure as hell don't want to offend your delicate nose!"

    Everyone laughed, then the group broke up to find places to sleep.  Ian and Jordan went to the nearby  bathroom, Norm, Randy, Cameron and Greg went back to the patio, Dan and Stu remained in the Rumpus Room.

        When they reached the patio, Greg turned to the three others and said,

"I think I'd like to take a dip before I turn in.  I'm gonna use the shower in the Poolhouse."

    He set off, and Norm turned to Randy and Cameron,

"Let's sleep in the guesthouse tonight.  It's the only place we haven't tried yet."

"Cool." said Randy.

"You guys go ahead." said Cameron "I need to talk to Greg.  I want to apologize again for being such a shit."

"Don't beat yourself up over it man." said Norm "It had to be quite a shock to walk into that when you weren't prepared for it.  I can't swear I'd have reacted any differently before we had that little talk."

"Thanks Norm, but Greg and I go way back, and I owe him an explanation."

"Ya gotta do what ya gotta do." said Randy "I'm bushed!  You comin' Norm?"

    The two youths headed for a building at the far end of the property.  It was about the same size as the Poolhouse, but resembled a small cottage.
    Cameron stood alone, gazing at the pool, then decided to follow Greg into the Poolhouse.  When he entered, he didn't hear the water running in the shower.
    He checked the changing area, but Greg wasn't there either.  The only place left was the sauna.   When he opened the door, he found Greg huddled in a corner, crying.
    Cameron moved to sit beside the weeping youth, guilt gnawing at his heart because he believed himself to be the cause of his friend's distress.  He put his arm around Greg, then said,

"It's OK Greggie.  I'm so sorry, I'm such a fucking jerk!  I should never have tried to hit Ian like that.  I just lost it!"

    Greg turned and looked at Cameron.

"It's not that, man.  I understand about that.  It's just, the whole thing made me realize what I might lose just because of who I am.  I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone, Cam! I can't bear to think about that!  Now that my secret's out, I'm afraid of what might happen!"

"Wattaya mean?  The guys won't tell, and I'm sure as hell not gonna shout it from the stage at school!  Not 'cause I'm ashamed of you, but 'cause it's nobody's fucking business!  I behaved like a jerk back there!  Not so much 'cause I was shocked, but 'cause I thought I'd lose you!"

"Lose me!?  Lose me how!?  We've been friends since we were kids!  This can't change that for me!  It hasn't so far, and unless you don't want to be my friend anymore, I don't see what's different beyond you knowing the truth!  Unless you suspect...."

"Suspect what?"

"Cam, don't be pissed, but if your gonna know the truth, you might as well know the whole thing."

    Greg moved away from Cameron and stood up.  He shifted from foot to foot nervously, unable to form the words.
    Cameron stood and moved in front of Greg.

"I think I know what the truth is.  Stop me if I'm wrong.  You're attracted to me, and you're afraid to tell me 'cause you think I'll get pissed again."

    Greg nodded, and Cameron continued.

"I thought so.  Believe it or not, I'm not pissed!  I'm glad!"


"That's right!  Glad, happy, fucking ecstatic!"

"B-b-but why?"

"You remember a few years back when we messed around in your basement?"

"Y-yeah.  It's when I first realized I liked guys."

"Well here's a news flash for ya!  I didn't want it to stop!  I know I'm the one who ended it, but I just couldn't handle what it meant to be enjoying it as much as I did!  I didn't want you to think I was a fag, and I was afraid of what would happen if we got caught!  Ever since that day, I've wished that I could tell you how I really felt!"

    Understanding hit Greg like a slap.

"But your girlfriend!  What about Linda!?  She wears your ring!  You're the model couple for the whole fucking school!"

"I hate to burst your bubble chum, but she bought that ring.  Actually, we both have one.  You know her friend Delia?"

"The one from that private school?"

"Yeah.  Well, they're lesbians!"

"You're joking!"

"God's honest.  So you see, when I found you and Ian together, I wasn't shocked at what you'd done, I was jealous!"

"But the words!  The anger!"

"I'm not sure I'm ready to be as open as Dan and the others.  I was so jealous, I just went on auto-pilot.  I heard every word that was said, but I was kicking myself at the lost opportunity of getting what I've wanted for years!  I also wasn't sure how the other guys would take it.  A lot of what I said is how I thought they'd react if they found out.  When you go to the lengths I've gone to, you learn how to react like they expect you to."

"And now?"

"Well that kind of depends on you."


"Yeah, you!  I need to know if I've fucked things up completely, or do I still have a chance?"

    Greg looked at his friend through new eyes.  Before this moment, Cameron had just been someone he was attracted to but couldn't have.
    Now everything had changed.  He allowed himself to see his best friend as a potential lover.  Cameron was a stocky youth, five-eight, with a dark complexion and hazel eyes.  Puberty had brought with it a rapid growth of hair.  His body was covered with a dark mass of black, coarse, curls. The only places not covered in fuzz were his face, his palms, the soles of his feet, and his penis.
    Greg examined the hard organ with re-discovered lust.  Cameron's cock was about six inches long, curving upward from the base.  He was circumcised, the scar an inch below the flared, mushroom head.
    The heat from the sauna had relaxed his balls, and they hung low beneath his cock.  Cameron's entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat that pasted the hair to his skin.
    Greg stepped forward, stumbling in the heat.  Cameron reached out to catch him.

"Whoa there buddy!  It's a little too hot in here!  Let's go out to the change room!"

    They exited the sauna, careful to turn the stove off as they knew no-one would be using it again that night.
    They moved to the showers, turning the taps to cold to revive their heat soaked bodies.  They towelled off and moved to the change room, sitting next to one another on one of the benches.
    Cameron put his arm around Greg and said,

"You were about to say something before you nearly collapsed from the heat?"

"Cam.  This is a lot for me to take in!  A little while ago you were standing over me looking ready to kill 'cause you found me having sex with another guy!"

"I told you..."

"I know, and I believe you.  Fuck!  I feel the same way about you!  But..."

"But what?"

"But I need a minute to think this through.  I want you.  I've wanted you from that first time in my basement.  If I'd known!"

"All the more reason to make up for lost time!  Look, Greggie.  The way I see it, we've both been stupid!  If we'd been honest from the beginning, we would have been a couple from day one."

"Y-y-y-you want to be my boyfriend!?"

"Why do you think I'm telling you all this, you big goof!?  I lay awake at night thinking about you, about those nights!  When you went out with what's-her-name I died inside.  It was like my world ended!  Linda and Delia did their best to cheer me up, but it was no use!  When she dumped you I was over the moon!  I know it doesn't make any sense, but I thought there might still be a chance."

"You're right Cam, we've both been fools!   I know I love you!  I've loved you nearly all my life, but I didn't think I could ever tell you!  When you and Linda started goin' steady I was crushed!"

    Greg threw his arms around Cameron's shoulders. The two youths embraced for the first time as lovers instead of platonic friends.
    Cameron crushed their heads together and they kissed.  For several moments there was nothing in the world for either of them except the other.
    Their hands played over one another's bodies. Petting, stroking, caressing, kneading each other's flesh.
    Their cocks sprang to life, mashed between their grinding bodies. Cameron broke the embrace and lowered himself to his knees.

"My God, I've dreamed about this for so long!"

    He took the base of Greg's cock in one hand and brought the head to his lips.  He kissed the tip, moving down the shaft slowly, saluting every one of the seven inches with his lips.  He kissed the nut sack with a reverence approaching worship, giving each egg-shaped testicle a small lick, as if in tribute to their purpose as the factories of future generations.
    Cameron moved back up the shaft, pausing a moment before engulfing the head with his warm mouth.
    Greg gasped with pleasure.

"Oh yeah, Cam!  Oh shit!  Suck my cock.  Suck it! So-o-ooo hot!  That's it baby!  Oh yeah!"

    Cameron moved forward with one quick stroke and swallowed the entire length of Greg's cock.  Greg's knees buckled and he fell forward, breaking his fall by placing his hands on Cameron's hairy back.
    Cameron moved his head back and forth, swallowing, then releasing Greg's prick.  After a few moments, he moved his mouth from the penis, and began to lick and nibble Greg's ball sack.
    Greg was almost catatonic from the pleasure his friend was administering.  He pulled back and shifted position, bringing Cameron's throbbing cock within reach of his own mouth.
    In a frenzy of lust, the two youths began to thrash on the planked floor.  Their mouths devouring one another's pricks with wild abandon, their hips thrusting back and forth in savage rhythm.
    Such intensely erotic love-play couldn't be maintained for long.  Both Cameron and Greg soon began to grunt and moan, each took the other's cock deep into their throats as they simultaneously began to ejaculate.
    They could both feel the throbbing of the other's dick head as pulse after pulse of molten spooge emptied from their loins.
    Their thrashing subsided as they parted and lay on their backs, staring at the ceiling, spent.
Cameron shifted position to lay on top of Greg.

"Greggie man, I love you so much!  Nothing, nobody, has ever made me feel like that before!  That was the greatest sex I ever had!"

"You're not so bad yourself, lover-boy!  Nobody's ever made me cum so fast!  I usually have to go for half an hour before I even start to feel it!  This is the greatest night of my life!"

"Mine too!"

    They began to kiss one another gently, but passionately.

        Two figures moved from the shadow of the doorway out into the night.  The pair moved into the house and paused outside the Rumpus Room door.
    It was partially open, but no sound came from within.  The only light was the flickering of the logs in the grate.
    The two figures glided silently into the room, taking up a position in sight of the fireplace, but unseen by the two youths laying on the floor.
    Dan was asleep, Stu was laying with his hands clasped behind his long blond hair, watching the flickering light from the fire on the ceiling.
    Every moment or two, he would turn to look at the muscular youth laying beside him.  After ten minutes of alternating between the ceiling and Dan, Stu sat up.
    Trepidaciously he leaned forward and took Dan's penis in his hand, hefting the limp slab of meat curiously.  He let the flaccid love pole move in his palm as he gently stroked it up and down.
    Dan stirred, and Stu snapped back into a prone position.  When it became apparent that Dan wasn't awake, Stu moved into a kneeling position between Dan's splayed legs.
    In a move which surprised the watchers, Stu leaned forward and tentatively licked the head of Dan's cock.
    Though he was still asleep, Dan's cock responded to the stimulation and began to grow erect.  Stu continued to lick the head, pausing every few moments to evaluate the experience.
    He obviously decided it wasn't as bad as he might of thought, because he took the rapidly inflating organ into his mouth and began to suck gently.
    As the nine-inch cock grew bigger from his ministrations, Stu became bolder and began to take more of it into his mouth.
    The inevitable occurred.  Dan could not stay somnolent while his penis was being manipulated by a warm, moist, mouth.
    He slowly regained consciousness, and at first lay back enjoying the sensation.  When he became aware of his surroundings, he sat bolt upright and removed Stu's head from the now fully erect cock.

"Stu!  What the fuck do you think you're doing!?  Christ, man!  That's like rape!  I told you already, it's a bad idea!  Jeez!"

"Sorry Dan, but I figured this was the only way I could show you I was serious.  I really want to know what it's like for you guys."

"That's a helluva way to find out!  It's nothing personal man, but I know what happens when a straight guy says he wants a blowjob.  He loves it while it's goin' on, he might even be OK the next day, maybe will even do it again, but eventually it sinks in what he's done.  Next thing you know, you're running through the moors chased by a pack of villagers with torches."

"I know, you told me all that.  I just figured if I blew you first, you'd know I was serious.  Gee, for an open minded guy, you've got some pretty rigid ideas!  I don't like bein' lumped into a category with everyone else. Did you ever stop to take me into consideration?  That maybe I'm not the stereotypical  'straight guy' you've pegged me as? Maybe I might be able to handle it?  Might actually be curious enough to try something new without freakin' out?  Talk about reverse stereotypes!"

    Dan sat back and thought about it.

"I see your point, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm with Keith now.  I'm not interested in tarting around with every guy who wants a quickie.  You're right.  I'm gonna have to rethink my opinion about straight guys, and I'm sorry I included you in a broad generalization, but Stu I still gotta say no."

"At the risk of sounding corny as all hell, your mouth's sayin' no, but your dick's sayin' yes!"

    Stu pointed to Dan's cock, which had remained rock hard throughout the entire conversation.

"That's just the monster!  It'll go down when we've settled in for the night."

"The monster!  You've got a name for your cock!"

"Wasn't my idea!  Jordan calls it that, and now so do Keith and Ian.  I guess I just got into the habit."

"Well they're not far from wrong!  I've never seen one that big before!"

"Oh, is that so straight boy!?  And exactly how many stiff pricks have you seen up close and personal!?"

"After tonight, two.  Mine and yours."

"You're joking!  You never fooled around with a buddy when you were younger?"

"Nope.  Never got the chance.  You know me.  I'm pretty much a loner.  Didn't make many friends when I was a kid, and never got close enough to anyone to do anything like that.  That's probably why I'm curious now.  I figured this was a golden opportunity, so I shouldn't pass it up."

"Are you trying to seduce me Mr. Robinson?"

"Very funny!  But it's Mrs. not Mr. and my last name's not Robinson.  But yes, I am trying to seduce you.  I'm not looking for anything fancy, just a simple exchange of a mutually pleasing act. Coo-coo-kachew!"

"Now who's being funny!?  Look Stu, I know you're sincere, but I just can't.  It wouldn't be right."

"My previous comment still applies, the one about your mouth and your dick!  Dan, I'll level with you.  I understand about you and Keith, and I wouldn't want to do anything that would come between you.  I know I'm straight, but right now I want to do this.  I really can't explain it and I don't think I'll ever try.  Do you really think that Keith would get upset if he found out?  He seems more level headed than that to me.  I don't know him well, but I've talked to him before and he just doesn't strike me as the jealous type.  Is he the real reason you won't, or is there more to it?"

    Dan was silent for a moment, then said,

"OK.  You levelled with me, now I'll level with you.  I really don't want to hurt Keith, but I'm pretty sure he'd be pissed at me if I turned down the chance to have sex just because of him.  The problem is that I enjoy sex a lot.  Not just the physical act, but the spontaneity involved in pleasing someone else.  With straight guys, there's always things you can't do.  'Don't kiss me!  Don't put your dick anywhere near my ass!  I'm not gonna put my dick in there!'  those kinda things.  I can't enjoy rote sex like that.  There's no trust, no bond!  To me, sex is sharing.  I give to you, you give to me.  If I want something you don't want to give, you tell me during the act, not before.  I can adapt, but I can't function with a rule book in my head.  It takes all the fun out of it."

"That's it?  That's the big deal?"

"Yeah!  You seem surprised."

"Well pardon me for going over old ground, but that's another generalization.  It pre-judges every straight guy as a controlling, scared moron. And incidentally doesn't apply to me."

"But you said 'nothing fancy'.  That implies preconditions."

"If it was meant to apply to the sex.  I meant emotionally.  My primary interest is to blow and get blown, but I'll consider anything physical when the time comes.  What I meant by 'nothing fancy', was no emotional connection, as in love or relationships.  I don't think either one of us will come out the other end madly in love.  This is an experiment to me, and any scientist worth his salt doesn't contaminate the analysis with prejudices."

"That sounds so cold!"

"Well, most experiments require a degree of detachment.  In this case, I want to understand and experience having sex with another man, you, to be specific.  I've known you since grade school, and we've been friends for a few years.  I can't detach myself from that.  Also the act implies a certain amount of emotional connection that I wasn't aware of before.  I can't turn my emotions on and off like a faucet.  I know I won't fall in love with you, but while we're doing it, I'll care how you feel."

"Well thank you Mr. Science!  Can the lab rat say a few words!?"

"It's not like that and you know it!  I'm just trying to show you why I want to do this, and refuting your prejudices at the same time."

"You know, for a dumb jock, you're a pretty smart cookie!"

"Thank you, I think!  Does that mean you'll do it?"

"Why don't you ask my dick?"

    Stu looked down and saw that Dan's cock was still fully erect.

"Cool!  And, thanks!  What do we do first?"

"It's your experiment, you decide!"

    Stu reached out and began to stroke Dan's cock.  He was surprised to find it so soft.  He leaned down and put the head into his mouth.
    Awkwardly, he began to suck.  Dan hissed, and gently but firmly removed Stu's head from the throbbing member.

"Teeth, Stu.  Cover your teeth.  You keep up like that, and my dick'll be hamburger!"

"What do I do?"

"Here, let me show you."

    Dan leaned forward and took Stu's cock into his mouth.  The young footballer's prick was a slim six and a half inches.  Dan made an exaggerated show of drawing his lips over his teeth.  He put his mouth over Stu's dick again and began to give the youth his best.
    Stu was ecstatic.  He put his hand on Dan's head and ran his fingers through the dark locks of hair.

"Oh yes!  I see now.  Oh mama!  That feels so good!  Suck me!  That's so nice!"

    Dan wriggled into a position where Stu could reach his dick.  Stu mimicked Dan's performance to cover his teeth.  He took as much of the mammoth cock into his mouth as he could fit.
    Stu co-ordinated his movements with Dan's, and soon the two were bobbing up and down with a parallel rhythm.
    Dan moved onto his back, lifting Stu to a kneeling position over him.  Dan removed Stu's cock from his mouth and began to lick and suck at Stu's nuts.  He shifted slightly and began to move his tongue toward Stu's pucker.
    Initially, Stu felt like protesting, but decided to see what would happen.  He had to admit, it sure felt good!
    Dan began to tongue Stu's rosebud.  Stu stiffened. He'd never felt anything this incredible!  He moaned with pleasure, the vibration causing Dan's cock head in his mouth to expand and contract.
    Stu considered trying to do the same thing for Dan, but couldn't reconcile the thought with action.  The furthest he could go was to lave Dan's scrotum and testicles with his tongue.
    Dan continued to probe the puckered orifice with his tongue, eliciting more moans from Stu. Slicking up a finger, Dan gently tickled it into the now relaxed sphincter, as he moved his mouth back onto Stu's cock.
    When Dan's finger touched the prostate, Stu lifted his mouth from Dan's balls.

"That feels so fucking incredible!  It's like your finger's inside my cock!  Oh man, I never realized it could be this good!  Can you give me more?"

    Dan grunted in the affirmative, and began to insert another finger into Stu's asshole.  When it was in all the way, Stu began to purr, a gravelly trill from deep in his throat,

"Hh-h-h-h-h-h-hr-r-r-r-rr-rr-r-m-m-m-m-mmm!  Oh God, yeah!  Fuck me with those fingers!  So fucking hot!  F-f-f-fe-e-eels  S-s-s-s-s-so-o-o-o g-g-g-g-goo-o-o-o-od!"

    Stu began to lick Dan's cock up and down the shaft.  Pausing to take the head into his mouth and gently nibble the swollen glans.
    Dan readied a third finger, and when he began to insert it, he swallowed Stu's cock down to the pubes.
    The combination of having his dick swallowed and a third finger filling his ass put Stu over the top.  With a final grunt, his balls slammed up to his body and he began to shoot his load into Dan's throat.
    Dan swallowed rapidly, and not a drop was lost.  Stu collapsed with Dan's still erect penis in the crook of his neck.

"Y-y-you swallowed it!  Holy shit!  That was fantastic!"

    When the last waves of orgasm ebbed from his body, Stu pulled himself back onto his knees and began to work on Dan's cock, determined to bring the muscular youth to orgasm.
    Dan slowly removed Stu's rapidly deflating cock from his mouth.

"Nice load, straight boy!  Hold up a second."

    Stu took his mouth off Dan's cock as Dan slid up into a sitting position.

"You're the first straight guy I've been with who liked having more than one finger up his ass.  Would you like to try being fucked?"

    A look of fright mingled with lust crossed Stu's face at the suggestion.  He took Dan's cock in his hand and hefted the ponderous meat with a speculative grimace.

"I admit the thought crossed my mind, but I don't know, this monster looks like it would hurt like hell going in."

"It only hurts for a minute, and if you relax enough, it doesn't really hurt at all.  You're already past the worst stage, and with a little more stretching, it should be a piece of cake.  It's up to you, I won't pressure you if you don't want to, I just thought I'd suggest it."

    Stu looked at Dan's cock and smiled.

"Well like the saying goes, 'In for a penny in for a pound'!  There's just one thing."


"I think I'd like to smoke a joint before we do it."

"That's fine by me, but the weed's out by the pool."

"Not all of it, I rolled one up just after you fell asleep."

    Stu reached out and pulled a joint from underneath the pillow he had been laying on.  He lit it and drew the smoke deep into his lungs.  He passed it to Dan, then lay back on the floor, spreading his arms out to either side.  He patted the floor with his right hand and said,

"Why don't you join me?"

    Dan moved to lay beside Stu, resting his head on Stu's arm.  Stu leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth.

"My God, straight boy!  You sure are getting into this!"

"Stop calling me that!  Here I am trying to broaden my horizons, and you keep shoving that label down my throat!"

"Sorry!  I was just jokin' around."

"I know, and I know why.  It's OK Dan, I'm cool with this. Really!  You know me well enough to know that if I didn't want to be here, I wouldn't be.  I've already discovered more about myself in the last few hours than I ever realized was there.  I don't feel like the 'straight boy' thing applies to me anymore. Don't get me wrong.  I'm not tryin' to say I've discovered I'm gay or anything.  I'm just starting to view sex in a different way.  I think the words 'heterosexual', 'homosexual', and 'bisexual' contain prefixes that don't apply to me.  This experience is making me realize that the word that best describes me is just plain 'sexual'."

"Some people might say that's a cop out.  That you're a bi trying to hide from the truth."

"Then they're idiots!  As far as an emotional relationship goes, I still only see myself with a girl.  I don't think I could ever fall in love with a man.  But as far as sex goes, I can get into it with anyone.  There's an emotional connection during sex that makes it OK to kiss another guy, but it's a different kind of emotion.  The kissing enhances the sexual contact, makes it more than just rutting like pigs.  I'm not kissing you out of emotional love, I'm sharing a physical sensation that stimulates the act we're engaged in."

"That's all so clinical!  Makes the whole thing seem sterile."

"I'm just thinking out loud while we finish the joint.  None of this is running through my head when we're doin' it.  I'm concentrating on my body, your body, doing what will make us both feel good.  When you stuck your finger up my ass, I almost did the same for you.  I stopped myself, and now I regret it.  From now on I'm going to go with how I feel, not what my rational mind is saying to me during sex."

"That sounds kinda scary Stu, and I'm sure there aren't many girls out there that'll go for it."

"I don't mean lose my reason as in go crazy.  I mean letting myself do things that I want to do instead of analysing them before I do them.  If I'd gone with my instinct earlier, I would have given you the same pleasure you were giving me.  I wanted to, but I analysed the image and my rational mind rejected it.  Instinct told me you'd enjoy it, and I should have acted on it.  If I'm with a girl, one who's really into it, and believe me I've met a few, I don't think I'd do anything she didn't want me to.  If she told me to stop, I would.  That's what I mean about not going crazy."

    Dan took the last drag off the roach and tossed it into the fire.

"I think I understand, but if I were you I'd think about it a little more before you do anything.  Some of it still sounds a little scary."

"Like I said, I'm just thinking out loud.  Besides, I've still got some more experimenting to do, like fitting that monster prick of yours up my ass!  You ready?"

    Dan shifted position and knelt between Stu's legs.

"Oh yeah!  But I think it would be more appropriate if I asked whether you're ready."

"I can't wait, what do I do?"

"Well, normally I'd lube you up real good with somethin' slippery, but there's nothin' around..."

"Does baby oil count as 'somethin slippery'?"

"Sure, that'd be perfect, but we don't have any."

"I left my gym bag in here before the party started, it's under the pool table.  There's a bottle of baby oil in the front pocket."

"What's it for?"

"My skin gets dry when I swim. I always rub a little oil in to keep from gettin' flaky."

    Dan rolled over and fetched the bag from under the pool table.  He found the baby oil where Stu said it would be.  He pulled out the bottle and brought it over to the hearth.

"OK, Stu.  I'm gonna rub a bunch of this into your hole, and slick myself up at the same time.  You just lay back, lift up your legs, and enjoy the ride!"

    Dan poured a handful of the silky oil into his left palm.  He moved the cupped palm to Stu's ass and began working his index finger into the pink rosebud.  Once his finger was in, he tipped his hand up and allowed some of the oil to coat his half buried digit. He slowly worked the finger in and out of the tight hole, tipping his palm to replenish the oil as it was absorbed into the young footballer's love tunnel.
    When the level of oil in his left hand was at a point where it wouldn't spill onto the carpet, Dan picked up the bottle of oil and began to squeeze tiny amounts onto his prick until the top was coated in a shiny film.  Before it could start leaking down, he took his right hand and began to slick up his throbbing cock.
    Dan began the process of widening Stu's ass to receive the big organ.  First the entire index finger, then a second digit, closely followed by a third.
    Dan thrust the fingers in and out of Stu's butt as he shagged himself with the slick right hand.  Stu began to wriggle in ecstasy, and Dan knew the time had come.

"OK, Stu.  I'm gonna stick my prick inside now.  It might hurt a little at first, but I'll go real slow.  Try and push against my cock with the muscles of your ass.  Like you're taking a crap.  It'll go in faster and easier.  When it's all in, I won't move until you say so.  Just lay back and get used to the fullness.  If you want to stop at any time, just say so.  Ready?"

    Stu nodded and lifted his legs higher into the air.  Dan positioned his cock at the sphincter and began to gently push it in.
    There was resistance at first, but he felt Stu pushing down with his ass muscles.  The resistance ceased, and Dan's nine inch cock began it's journey into Stu's bowels.
    He slowly pushed forward, not wanting to hurt Stu.  With a sudden, swift movement, Stu leaned forward, threw his arms around Dan's neck, and impaled himself on the young muscle boy's cock.
    Dan was stunned, but became even more so when Stu began to swing himself back and forth, alternately ramming in and pulling out the hard teen meat.
    There was a look of sheer ecstasy on Stu's face as he rode Dan's cock.

"Man!  You weren't kidding Dan.  This is fucking fantastic.  It doesn't hurt a bit!  I've never felt so goddamn good!  Lay down!  I wanna ride your prick like a pony!"

    Dan shifted his position, and Stu crouched over him, the big cock still firmly in place. Stu began bending and unbending his knees in a steady rhythm, his long blond hair flying up and down with the force of his movements.
    Dan began thrusting his hips, establishing a rhythm to match Stu's wild bucking.

"Ride my cock!  Ride it baby!  Oh yeah!  That's it baby!  That's it!  I'm gonna cum!  I'm-m-m-m cum-m-m-m-ming!!!"

    Stu leapt from his perch and knelt between Dan's legs.

"Cum on my face Danny!  Cum on my face!"

    Dan let fly, and the first spurt landed on Stu's forehead.  The second tangled in the long, blond locks. the rest flew consecutively onto Stu's nose, mouth, chin, and chest.
    Stu wiped the glob from his forehead and lay back on the carpet.  He began to frig his cock with Dan's spooge, and quickly brought himself to the brink.  He stiffened, and began to spew his own jizz onto his heaving body, leaving a trail of spunk from his chest to his pubes.
    He lay back on the carpet and began collecting his and Dan's combined loads onto his fingers.  He brought the dripping digits to his mouth and began to lick them clean, savouring the new taste.
    The two watching figures moved toward the door.  As they exited the room, they heard Dan say,

"Stuie.  You are one crazy fuck!"

    Then Stu's reply,

"I know you are, but what am I?"

    The sound of laughter pursued them down the hall, and out into the morning air.

End of Chapter Thirteen
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