The following contains material of an adult nature, specifically consensual sexual contact between men.  If you do not wish to be exposed to such material, or are legally prohibited from viewing it,  DO NOT PROCEED.  Certain acts depicted do not conform to safe sex guidelines.  The first part of this story takes place in the late seventies before the full extent of the AIDS epidemic was known, and should be viewed from that perspective.

Tales from the Weight Room

by K. W. Bennett

Chapter Fourteen: Out Of The Shadows...

    Into the morning light stepped the figures of Norm and Randy.  They moved in silence back to the Guesthouse.
    Randy removed a rubber band with a key attached from around his wrist.  He unlocked the door, and the two youths entered the building.
    The Guesthouse was once the gardener's cottage.  The property was once a retreat from the city, a sort of country house, and boasted a full compliment of servants who worked year round to keep the place in good repair.
    There was a small kitchen, a parlour, a bathroom, and one bedroom. Norm moved to a cabinet in the parlour.  He removed a bottle and two glasses, poured a small amount of amber liquid into both, handed one to Randy, then downed the contents in one gulp.  Randy did the same, then sat heavily down on the sofa.

"Norm, man!  That was some fucked up shit!  We go to get the key for this place and find Cam and Greg blowin' each other!  We go lookin' for your underwear, and there's Stu and Dan fuckin'!  Are we missin somethin'?"

"I dunno.  They sure looked like they were havin' a good time!  I hate to admit it, but I was gettin' turned on watchin' Stuie and Dan goin' at it like that!"

"What!?  You're kidding!  You too?  I thought it was just me."

"No, man!  At first I couldn't believe what I was seein', and it made me feel a little sick.  But after a while, it was like watchin' one of my brother's porn movies.  My dick just got hard seein' two people havin' sex."

"Me too!  I'm gettin' hard just thinkin' about it!  Does this mean we're queers Norm?"

"I don't think so.  Maybe yesterday I would've said yes, but after tonight, I think it's pretty safe to say we're just reactin' to what we saw.  It's like Dan said.  There's more to bein' gay than just the sex part."

"So if we messed around like we used to, when we were kids, we wouldn't be gay?"

"Nope.  We'd be having gay sex, but that wouldn't make us gay."

"I can live with that!"

    Randy dropped to his knees in front of Norm, looking up into his eyes for approval.  Norm lifted Randy up from the carpet and led him into the bedroom.
    The two youths were slim, but muscular.  They bore a striking resemblance to one another, and were referred to by all their friends as "The Twins".  They both had green eyes, and brown hair.
    Their torsos were hairless, but from the waist down each had a light covering of dark brown hair.  Their cocks were the same length and girth, but Randy's was cut and Norm's wasn't.
    Norm led Randy to the bed, sat down on the edge, then pulled Randy down to sit next to him.

"You sure about this, man?  I mean it's not like I don't wanna, I just think we oughta be sure."

"Norm, I'm sure I want to try this again.  I think I always have, but I was afraid of what it might make me.  Now I understand it doesn't make me anything except me.  We can do this now, and if we like it, we can do it again, but it won't change who we are.  It's just another experience."

"You're right!  I've been tryin' to put it into words all night, but that's it!  I can admit I'm curious, and I can act on that without it changing anything about who I am!  What'll we do first?"

"Why don't we try a sixty-nine?  I dunno if I want to try fuckin' or anything like that, but let's start out slow and see where it goes from there."

"Sounds good to me."

    The two youths stretched out on the bed, heads facing each other's crotch.  Norm leaned forward and licked the head of Randy's cock.

"That feels real good Norm!  Is it really gross?"

"Nah!  It doesn't really taste like anything.  Try it and see."

    Randy decided to be bolder than Norm so he took the entire head of Norm's cock into his mouth.  Norm gasped, and stuffed as much of Randy's prick into his mouth as he could fit.
    Soon the two athletes were moving their mouths up and down one another's hard cocks.  After a minute or two they established a rhythm each was comfortable with.
    Norm wiped his index finger in the saliva dripping out the corner of his mouth.  He moved the slicked up digit to Randy's ass and began to finger his buddy's sphincter.  At first he didn't try to penetrate the tight rosebud, but Randy began to thrust his hips backwards, indicating he wanted Norm to go all the way.
    Norm began pushing his finger into the tight hole.  Slowly his entire finger disappeared into Randy's ass.

"God, Norm!  That feels really great!  Poke it in and out!  That's it!  Oh yeah!  That feels so-o-o-o go-o-o-o-ood!  You gotta try this!"

"Well....OK.  But take it slow, and if I holler, take it out."

    Randy juiced up his index finger and repeated the actions Norm had performed on him.  When he started to insert his finger, Norm began to squirm, but he didn't say anything so Randy continued.
    When the digit was fully enveloped by Norm's love tunnel, Randy began to move it in and out.

"Oh yeah!  You were right Randy!  That feels so hot!"

    Norm sucked Randy's cock back into his mouth.  Randy did the same for Norm, and soon the two youths were blowing one another while finger fucking each other's ass.
    After about five or six minutes, Norm could feel his orgasm approaching.  He let Randy's cock slip out of his mouth and said,

"I'm gonna cum soon Randy."

"So am I.  Sorry bud, but I don't think I can handle tasting spooge.  This is great, but I just don't wanna go that far."

"Me neither.  Lets kneel in front of each other on the bed and jerk off."


    The two boys moved into position and began to slowly masturbate.  They locked eyes, each searching the other's for the first signs of an impending release.
    Randy reached behind him and inserted his slicked up finger into his own ass.  Norm did the same for himself.
    The combined stimulation soon brought them to the brink.  Almost simultaneously, each arched his back and began to cum.
    Norm's cock expanded and he shot his wad onto Randy's chest and stomach.  Randy came seconds after Norm, and his first spurt landed on Norm's chin.  The rest hit Norm's chest and stomach, the final few drops falling onto the cover of the bed.
    They fell into each others arms in the final throes of ecstacy, collapsing sideways onto the bed, their arms still encircling one another.
    Randy lazily raised his head and whispered in Norm's ear.

"That was fantastic, Norm.  Thanks a lot buddy."

"Thanks, it was great for me too."

    They drifted into sleep, still embracing, as the afterglow ebbed from their nerve endings.

        Both Gil and I were of course oblivious to the night's events.  We sat and talked for a while, then decided to go to bed.
    There was an awkward moment for me until Gil suggested I share the bed with him.  Normally, I'm not comfortable sharing a bed for sleeping, but his bed was so big, we both could have rolled around all night and not come in contact with one another.
    The next morning, we awoke around nine, went downstairs, and discovered the evidence of the previous night's activities.
    We found Dan and Stu asleep in the Rumpus Room.  Both were still naked, the remnants of their coupling plain to see.
    Ian and Jordan were asleep on the floor of the adjacent room, wrapped in each other's arms.  Ian was snoring gently, and Jordan's head was nestled in the crook of Ian's arm.
    Gil and I quietly made our way to the patio.

"I wonder where the other guys are." said Gil.

"How do you know the rest of them didn't go home?"

"I saw Greg's shirt back in the Rumpus Room, and judging from that pile of clothes over there, I'd say Cam, Norm, and Randy are somewhere around.  You check the Poolhouse, and I'll go and look in the Guesthouse."

    We parted to continue our inspection.  I found Cam and Greg asleep in one another's arms on an air mattress in the changing area of the Poolhouse.  Not wanting to disturb them, I left as quietly as I could.
    I met Gil back at the patio.  He told me about finding Norm and Randy asleep in the bedroom of the Guesthouse, covered in dried cum.

"I can't wait to hear the story behind this!" said Gil.

"Should we wake them up?"

"Nah.  Let 'em sleep.  You hungry?"


"Let's go for a bite to eat and a coffee.  They'll probably be up by the time we're done."

"Coffee sure sounds good, but haven't you got any food here?"

"Sure, but there's nobody to cook it.  Mom and Dad give the housekeeper the week off, and leave us some money for grub."

"Well this is your lucky day.  Point me to the kitchen and I'll see what I can whip up."

"You can cook!?"

"Why is that such a surprise to everybody?  How do you guys expect to get by when you move out on your own?"

"Never really thought about it.  I guess I'll just eat out a lot."

"Man oh man!  Never in my life have I heard such a shameful waste of money.  Cooking isn't some arcane art exclusive to women.  The best chefs in the world are pretty well all men.  You guys should try it sometime.  It's easier than you think."

"Well thanks for the lecture Escoffier!  You wanna see the kitchen or are you gonna critique my wardrobe next!?"

"Lead the way.  I'll be right behind you!"

    Gil lead me upstairs and to the kitchen at the back of the main floor.  It was big, and it took me a few minutes to do an inventory of the food and cooking utensils.

"You like pancakes?"

"Love 'em."

"Well, you've got all the ingredients.  I'll whip up some batter for us, and when we're done I'll mix some up for the guys."

    Half an hour later, we were sitting on the patio sipping coffee and smoking.  Gil looked thoughtful, so I asked,

"What's on your mind?"

"I still can't get over finding the guys like that.  I can't wait to find out what really happened."

"Well, judging by the distance, and the fact that they were all coupled, I wouldn't say it was something they all planned together.  We're gonna have to wait till they all wake up to get the full story."

"Any theories?"

"I don't know most of them well enough to hazard a guess.  Jordan and Ian are obvious, but the rest of them are complete unknowns to me."

"What about Dan and Stu?"

"Well, after what you told me about his response to you, I don't think he was the one to initiate it.  Dan's really bright, so there are two possibilities that come to mind.  Either he was forced, and I think you'll agree that's unlikely, or Stu presented him with an argument that made sense to him."

"How do you feel about that?"

"It doesn't bother me in the least.  I've never been the jealous type.  I have faith that no matter what happens, Dan will continue to care for me as his boyfriend.  Sex is sex and love is love.  Just because he had sex with Stu last night, it doesn't necessarily follow that he isn't in love with me anymore.  We had sex last night, and we're not planning to become a couple."

"That's different, it was only a blowjob!"

"It was still sex.  There's no difference between a blowjob and a fuck except the mechanics of the act.  The whole notion of assigning value to various sex acts is ridiculous to me.  In my eyes it's all sex, plain and simple.  I sucked your dick, you sat back and enjoyed it, but we had sex none the less.  You wanted to get blown, I wanted to blow you.  We mutually agreed that would be the extent of it, so we had sex according to those parameters.  Slice it six ways from Sunday and you can't get away from the fact that I performed a sex act with you.  You weren't sitting across the room as a passive observer.  Just because you didn't touch me sexually doesn't mean you didn't participate."

"I never thought about it like that before."

"I'm sure you haven't!  Most people never do.  They buy into the crap they've been fed since they were kids because it's comfortable and easy to swallow.  They can justify everything using the templates of society and what everybody else thinks, then they wake up one day to discover they have no real identity of their own.  By then they're locked into a life they neither chose nor wanted."

"Where do you come up with this stuff?"

"I read a lot.  I don't just read something and accept it as the gospel truth.  I relate it to my experience, other things I've read, observations I've made of other's behaviour, then I decide what's of value to me right now, and apply it to my life.  I don't confine my reading to things I already know about, or beliefs that I already hold.  I've read most of the major Western philosophers, and dabbled in a little eastern philosophy as well."

"But you're only seventeen!"

"I've been alone most of my life, and as you can see, my home life hasn't been a bed of roses.  I started with Nietsche because of my interest in the Second World War.  I moved on to the others because he wasn't completely satisfying.  I say I've read them all, but I haven't read everything they've written, yet."

"Who's you're favourite?"

"I don't really have a favourite.  I've taken bits and pieces and incorporated them into my personal belief system, but that's in a constant state of flux as I have new experiences and meet new people."

"I guess you're gonna go to University and take Philosophy."

"No.  I really want to take psychology.  I've got a few of the first year texts at home, and I've been through them.  The human mind fascinates me.  It's both simple and complex at the same time.  It's fiercely independant, but able to be influenced by so many external factors.  People will claim a belief as their own, even if they've never really thought about it.  Like your perception of sex.  You could have come to the same conclusions I did if you'd taken the time to think about it.  You might have come to entirely different conclusions as well.  I don't claim to have the right answers, because I don't believe anything connected with the human mind is set in stone.  My beliefs are mine alone.  If they make sense to you, you might incorporate some of them into your personal beliefs, but you'll only take what's reasonable for you and discard the rest, or keep them in mind for future reference.  Either way, you personalize them and they cease to be mine."

    A voice from behind us broke in,

"Jeez!  It's eleven o' clock in the morning on a Saturday save it till Monday!"

    We turned to see Jordan and Ian standing naked in the doorway.  Gil laughed and said,

"Mornin' Sunshine!  How's about puttin' on some clothes.  What'll the neighbors think?"

    Jordan hefted his cock in his hand and waggled it at us.

"For your information, my gym bag's in the Poolhouse, and my clothes are in that pile over there.  We came to get mine before searching for Ian's in the Rumpus Room."

"Maybe you better lend something to Ian for now." I said

"How come?"

"Dan and Stu are in there and I don't think they'd want to see you at the moment."

"Whattaya mean?  I thought they'd still be asleep."

"They are.  But it seems there was a bit of, shall we say, an understanding between them last night."

"Quit bein' so coy Keith!" said Gil "They were fucking last night.  The evidence is still there, and I don't think they'd be too comfortable wakin' up with you two standin' over them."

"You're shittin' me!"  said Jordan.

"God's honest."

"Well, last night sure was a wing ding!  Ian and Greg got caught by Cam when he went back to look for something.  I thought there was gonna be a real nasty blow out, but things calmed down pretty quick.  You OK with this Keith?"

"Don't be a goof!  You know it's no big deal to me!"

"I know, just thought I'd ask."

"Greg's gay!?" said Gil.

"Bi, actually." said Ian.

"No way!"

"Yep!  He came out to me before these guys came stormin' in to play strip poker."

    Ian described the rest of the events of the evening until the point where he and Jordan left to shower.
    Gil and I sat dumbfounded as we listened to Ian's story.  When he was finished, we sat silently until Gil said,

"This is what I get for leavin' you guys alone for the night!  You turn my house into a brothel, and I miss out on all the action!"

"Thanks a lot!"  I said.

"OK, well maybe not all the action!  I guess I can't complain!"

"That's better!"

"Jeez, Gil!  Don't get your knickers in a twist!" said Jordan "It's not like the whole bunch of us were screwin' all over the house!"

"Actually, it's a lot like that!"


"I wouldn't advise you go into the Poolhouse for your gym bag.  You might disturb Cam and Greg.  The Guesthouse has a surprise too, Norm and Randy seem to have baptized the sheets with cum."

"Did somebody spike the sodas or somethin'!?" said Ian.

    We laughed, just as Dan and Stu came out to look for their clothes.

"What's so funny?" asked Dan.

"You and Stuie have a nice sleep there, buddy?" asked Jordan.

    Dan turned red and looked at me.

"Uhhhh...I guess you know then?"

"We figured it out."  I said. "And don't ask me if I'm OK with it, cause you know I am."

"I wasn't gonna. I was just gonna explain what happened."

"I'd rather wait to hear the explanations all at once."


"It seems that you and Stu aren't the only ones to have made a little connection last night."

    I went on to explain about the others.  Dan listened with growing surprise.

"But last night Cam was ready to kill Ian when he....Fuck!  This is turning out to be one hell of a weekend!"

    Dan, Jordan, Ian, and Stu went in search of their clothes, and soon we were speculating about the events in the Poolhouse and Guesthouse.
    An hour later, Cam and Greg emerged from the Poolhouse with wet hair and a change of clothes on.  We filled them in on the situation and forestalled their story until Norm and Randy got up.
    Around one in the afternoon, Norm and Randy came striding up to the porch, the evidence of their ablutions in their shining, slicked back hair.

"Mornin' Twins." said Gil.

"Hi guys!" said Randy "That sure was some night huh?"

"Yeah!" said Norm "Everybody was as busy as beavers last night!"

"Whattaya mean?" said Greg.

"You know!  You guys in the Poolhouse, Stu and Dan in the Rumpus Room!" said Randy.

    They were both stunned at not getting the reaction they were expecting.

"Yeah guys," said Gil "Cam and Greg in the Poolhouse, Dan and Stu in the Rumpus Room, Me and Keith in my room, and Randy and Norm in the Guesthouse!  I think we'll rename the place.  How does 'House of Sex' sound, or 'Football Jock Heaven'?"

"What!  You know!"  they both said almost in unison.

"But..." said Norm.

"You see..." said Randy.

"Save it."  said Gil. "You go last.  Dan and Stu have been waitin' since eleven.  Them first, then Cam and Greg, then you."

"What about you and Keith?" said Ian.

"OK.  I'll go first."

    Gil told everyone what happened between us.

"OK, but..." said Stu.

"Maybe we should let everybody tell their story, and save the questions and discussion until later." I said.

    Everyone agreed, and half an hour later, the events of the previous night had all been recounted.  There was a lull while everyone assimilated the information.  I made a suggestion.

"Why don't we move to the kitchen?  I've got a container of batter ready for pancakes, and we can put on another pot of coffee."

    They all agreed, so we moved upstairs and sat down at the table in the kitchen. It was more like a preperation surface than a table to eat off of, but there were enough chairs for everyone to sit on positioned around it.
    I busied myself making the coffee and pancakes.  Randy was the first to speak up.

"I can't decide which thing is harder to get a grip on Cam.  The fact that you're gay, or that your foxy girlfriend's a lesbian!"

"Well it's all true buddy boy!  And guys,  this has to stay between us!  Linda and Delia trust my judgement, so don't screw up.  If I ever find out one of you ratted them out, I'll find you and tear your nuts off!"

"Don't worry about it Cam." said Dan "Nobody here'll squeal.  They've kept quiet about me and Jordan.  I think they can understand what's at stake."

"I know, but those two are really great people and I'd hate to be responsible for makin' their lives miserable.  And another thing, I'm not sayin' anyone will ask this seriously, but never, and I mean never, ask either of them if you can watch, even as a joke."

    Norm nodded his head,

"I can see where you're coming from Cam.  Girls don't even like talkin' about sex.  At least not with guys."

"I'm glad you understand."

    Cam got up and poured two cups of coffee.  He brought them to the table and set one in front of Greg.

"I guess I'll have to learn how you take your coffee, among other things."

    Greg smiled, reaching for the cream and sugar.

"Does that mean you're gonna wait on me hand and foot?"

"Hah!  That'll be the day!"

"I guess this means you guys are a couple now?" said Gil "You already sound like one!"

    Cam reached over and put his arm around Greg's shoulders.

"We hadn't really talked about that.  We were...kinda busy last night!  But I know I'd like to be.  Whataya say Greg?  Will you be my boyfriend?"

    Cam got down on one knee, trying to keep a straight face.  Greg turned red, and stifled a laugh.  He looked sidelong at Ian and Jordan.

"I don't know Cam.  I was kinda hopin' to steal Ian away from Jordan!"

    Jordan snorted,

"Good luck!  What would he want with your flabby ass when he's got this gorgeous slab of muscle to play with?"

    Ian laughed and said,

"Well you know Jordy, there is something to be said for having a soft place to lay your head on after sex!"

"Maybe, but during sex there's no such thing as too hard!"

    Jordan grabbed Ian's hand and placed it in his crotch.  Ian could feel Jordan's stiff cock under the fabric of the teen god's flannel sweats.

"I see what you mean." he turned to Greg "Sorry man, I'm not ready to trade up just yet.  Check back in about twenty years!"

    We all laughed.  Greg turned to Cam who was still kneeling on the floor.

"I guess that settles it!  If you want me, I sure as hell want you!"

    Greg pulled Cam off the floor and wrapped him in a bear hug.  They kissed, just as I approached with a plate of hot pancakes.

"Save it till later guys!" I said "The straight boys are watching!"

    Norm, Stu, Randy and Gil were shifting uncomfortably in their seats.  A look of relief came onto their faces when I arrived with the food.  Gil got up to get another cup of coffee.  He turned when his cup was full and said,

"I know it's hypocritical, but I still have to get used to seein' two guys get all mushy.  I don't know why, it just looks creepy to me."

"Me too." said Randy

"MM-mmmmm." hummed Norm through a mouthful of pancakes.

    I sat down with a coffee and said,

"Well, that relates back to what we were talking about earlier Gil.  It's not part of the conditioning we've all been through.  It's unfamiliar, so it's scary.  We never see two guys kiss on TV or in the movies.  Nobody does it in front of us.  Being boys, there was a point in our lives when we had to stop giving Daddy a kiss goodnight, if we ever did in the first place.  We're raised with the notion that Boys Don't Kiss.  Boys don't hold hands, boys don't express affection.  Even I have some trouble watching two other guys kiss.  It's going away, but there's still a slight visceral reaction at the beginning."

"But you're gay!" said Randy.

"Yeah, but I was raised the same way you were.  I was taught pretty much the same things as you.  I see the same TV programs, the same movies.  Our parents try to pass on the same values to us.  I have to fight to overcome it the same as you do.  The only difference is, you can walk out of here and probably never be exposed to it again if you don't want to.  I have to live with it for the rest of my life.  It's who I am, it's who we are.  It's an expression of love between us the same way it is between you and a girl, but all my life I've been told, directly and indirectly, that it's wrong."

"Told by who?" asked Norm.

"Society, my parents, authority figures, TV, the movies, everything I've already mentioned."

"I don't know if I'm following you." said Gil

"Look at it this way," Ian broke in "You know you can't go out in public naked because you've been conditioned to believe that public nudity is wrong.  Your parents raised you to believe it, you don't see people on TV or in the movies running around with no clothes on.  If you do, there's always some negative comment or result.  Remember the Streakers?  Every report on the news or in the papers implied or said outright that those people were crazy.  You were in the cafeteria when Miller decided to Streak through.  How did you feel?"

"I laughed like everybody else."

"Right, but how did you feel when you first saw him?  Didn't you react the same way as when you saw Greg and Cam kiss a minute ago?  Didn't you feel uncomfortable, even for just a second before you started laughing?"

"Well, yeah.  Now that you mention it, I did feel kinda funny."

"That brief discomfort was the result of conditioning.  You don't have to be told or constantly reminded it's not acceptable.  You've been brought up to believe it's wrong, and because of that, your first reaction is to feel uncomfortable.  If you interacted with naked people everyday, you wouldn't feel that way.  It's the same with two guys kissing.  If you saw it everyday, it wouldn't bother you."

"I get it," said Randy "it feels like a gut reaction, so we think it's instinct, but really it's only the result of how we were brought up."

"It's a lot more complicated than that, but basically you're right." I said.

"So what can we do about it?" asked Norm.

"Well, that depends on what you want to do about it.  If you think it's OK for two guys to kiss, you have to remind yourself there's nothing wrong with it when you see it.  After a while, the discomfort won't surface anymore.  You might feel some discomfort, like you do when you're with a straight couple, but that's motivated by a different form of conditioning.  Most people feel some embarassment when they see others express affection."

    We all sat in silence for a while, then Gil laughed,

"This sure has been one hell of a party!  I didn't think we'd end up like this!  I've learned a hell of lot in the last twenty-four hours!"

"Me too!" said Stu "I've got a whole lot of thinking to do, and a lot to assimilate into the way I look at the world.  Thanks to Dan, I've got a new area of sex to explore."

"Yeah," said Randy "last night was incredible!  I'm not ashamed to admit that I wish Norm and I had gone a little further than we did."

"What!" said Norm "I was only holding back 'cause I thought you wanted to.  Don't get me wrong, what we did was great, but after you stuck your finger up my ass, I was wondering what your cock would feel like."

"Me too.  I was scared though.  I don't know what I'm doing and I was afraid it would hurt to much."

"Maybe one of these nice homosexual gentlemen would like to show us how it's done."

"Very funny!" I said "Maybe Gil should rethink the name he came up with earlier and change it to Homo U.  'The first lecture in Buttfucking 101 will commence in the Rumpus Room at 14:00 hours'!"

"I'm serious!" said Norm "If you'd told me yesterday I'd be saying this, I probably would have punched you in the face, but after everything that's gone on I'm not ashamed to admit I'm curious."

"Me neither!" said Randy "The minute I realized that having sex with another guy didn't mean I was gay, I wanted to try as much as I could.  When I was falling asleep after Norm and I came, I was trying to figure out a way to ask one of you guys to help me out."

"Now hang on a second." said Dan "Do you expect us to believe that two rabidly heterosexual boys like yourselves have suddenly decided to try out every aspect of gay sex, just because of what happened here last night?  I have to admit I was shocked to hear that the two of you went as far as you did, but I just chalked it up to feeling left out.  This is some heavy shit you're talking about."

"We know," said Norm "but you didn't have any problem believing Stu here when he told you what he wanted.  What makes us any different?  I feel like I've discovered a whole new way of seeing the world, and I want to explore it.  I don't know if I'll ever get another chance, or if I'll even want to after this weekend."

"And that's what worries me.  You're all high from these new experiences, but what happens after?  What if you wake up Monday morning and realize you've made a mistake?  How's that going to affect your friendship with me?  With Jordy?  I'm not trying to discourage you, but these are the kinds of things you have to think of."

"We know." said Randy "But whatever happens, Norm and I will still be the same guys we were before this happened.  I'm sure as hell not going to blame you or anyone else for doing something that I asked you to do.  Like Norm said, this is a perfect opportunity, and we'd be fools to let it slip by."

"Hypothetically, I mean if you really are serious, just when were you thinking of putting together this little tutorial?"

"No time like the present!" said Norm.

"Hold on a sec!" said Gil "What about the rest of us?  You guys'll go off and have a good time while we sit here twiddlin' our thumbs!  If there's any action goin' on, I want in!"

"Me too!" said Stu.

"You guys can't be serious!" I said "Fun's fun, but do you really know what it is you're asking?  Before last night, this was all an abstract concept to you.  Hell, you didn't even think about it beyond knowing that Dan and Jordy were gay and that they sucked one another's cocks.  The only one who did any thinking about it at all was Gil.  He was curious, but not beyond a specific act.  Now you're all ready to jump in feet first.  I'm not saying you're not sincere, but before I can agree to this, I have to be sure you understand.  Dan makes a good point.  You might think you're ready for the consequences, but do you really know what they are?"

"We've got a pretty good idea!" said Stu "I've already done it, and I know I want to do it again.  If I'm understanding you, you're worried we'll wake up at the end of the week-end and regret what we've done so much that we'll hate you guys for doing it.  It's a valid concern, but we've addressed that already.  I don't feel any differently than I did yesterday before it all happened.  I'm not questioning who I am, I haven't suddenly decided I'm gay, I understand what happened and it's OK with me.  If Norm and Randy want to try something new, I can certainly recommend the experience.  The point is, they want to try it, and they're more likely to resent you for denying them the chance than if you give them what they want."

"I don't want to say no, especially to anyone who is showing a genuine interest.  I'm just concerned about the repercussions.  It's way too easy to say 'The nasty homo made me do it.' after the fact.  If you go in with your eyes wide open, understanding what it is you intend to do, it's less likely you'll blame us later. Dan explained the difficulties we have to face.  We can't afford to have this get out and become common knowledge.  I'm not willing to risk becoming a pariah over a little slap and tickle.  I've got a boyfriend, he's all I really need in the way of sex.  If you guys are serious, and you understand what's involved, then I'm more than happy to help you explore it, but if there's even a shred of doubt or fear, I'll pass.  Now that's my opinion.  What about you guys?"

    I turned to Dan and the others as I made the last remark.  They looked at one another uncomfortably for a few moments, then Dan said,

"I think we pretty much feel the same way as you do.  I have to admit I had a great time with Stu last night.  Jordy and I have speculated about the Twins in the past, before we found out what we were really looking for.  I'm game if they're serious about it."

"Everybody feel the same way?"

    Cam, Greg, Ian and Jordan all nodded their heads.

"I guess that leaves the ball in your court gentlemen.  Are you serious about this?  Do you understand what you're letting yourselves in for?"

    Norm smiled,

"We saw what Stu and Dan did last night, and we experimented with it ourselves.  I think I can speak for Randy when I say that we want to try the real thing."

    Randy nodded.  I turned to Gil,

"This goes a lot farther beyond what you outlined last night.  If you're serious, I'd like to know what changed your mind."

"To tell you the truth, you did."


"Yeah.  After you stuck your finger up my ass just when I was cumming, I realized that the curiosity I was experiencing hadn't gone away completely.  I thought about it before I went to sleep, and realized that I had set my sights lower on purpose.  I was afraid that if I could get a gay guy to blow me he'd want to go farther than I was ready to go.  I was scared I would lose control over the situation if I didn't set the limits up front.  You were so considerate about everything; making sure I was comfortable, not wanting to cum yourself, so I was forced to look at the whole thing in a different light.  My preconceptions of what gay guys want changed as a result.  I can trust you not to go any farther than I want to go, so I can admit I want to go farther.  I never had the experiences I've heard the other guys talking about.  I never experimented with another guy until last night.  I know I'm not gay, but I can't get rid of the curiosity I have until I actually do something."

"Well, I'm convinced." I said "The only thing left is deciding who wants to go with who."

"Why don't we just all do it together?" asked Ian.

"An orgy!?  Where?"

"Why don't we all take a dip in the pool, and then we can move into the Poolhouse?" said Gil "We can throw the lounge cushions on the floor."

"Sounds good to me!" said Cam.

    They all got up and headed for the pool.  Dan hung back and turned to me,

"You sure about this Keith?  It could turn into one hell of a mess come Monday morning."

"I know, but I think it might have been worse to say no.  Stu made a good point about them resenting us more if we refused.  It might have bruised their egos to the point where they felt we believed they weren't good enough for us.  That would have created more problems than it solved.  Besides, I think they are genuinely curious.  If they regret it come Monday they can chalk it up to experience and move on."

"What if they don't?"

"I think the chances are pretty slim that they'll all have a change of heart.  If one of them balks, he'll turn to the others and they'll help him through it.  In any case, who'd believe it?  Six guys from the football team and the President and Social Convenor of the SAC having a wild gay orgy over the week-end?  Not even the most desperate gossip in the school would dare to try and pass that one around."

"I guess you're right.  You about ready?"

"As I'll ever be."

    We left the kitchen and headed for the pool.

End of Chapter Fourteen
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