The following contains material of an adult nature, specifically consensual sexual contact between men.  If you do not wish to be exposed to such material, or are legally prohibited from viewing it,  DO NOT PROCEED.  Certain acts depicted do not conform to safe sex guidelines.  The first part of this story takes place in the late seventies before the full extent of the AIDS epidemic was known, and should be viewed from that perspective.

Tales from the Weight Room

by K. W. Bennett

Chapter Nine:  Carlos

    We arrived back at the van, and after some discussion decided to have our dinner at a local hangout, Spiros' Diner.  I told the guys I would be phoning my mother when we got to the restaurant.
    When we entered the diner, Dan, Jordan, and Ian went to find a table and I asked Spiros if I could use his phone.

"Of course my young friend!  Anything for such a reliable customer.  What happened to you?  I hope the other guy looks twice as bad!  How are your mother and sisters?  I don't see much of them nowadays."

    Spiros had known my mother when they were teenagers, and he always asked how she was.  I knew from a story my aunt once told me that Spiros had dated my mother before she met my Dad.  Whenever we had a family dinner, Spiros always served us himself.  Needless to say, we never went there when my father was in town.

"Just a little accident.  Nothing serious."  I said "It's my mother I want to call."

    Spiros gave me a look which indicated he didn't believe my explanation.  He nodded slowly then said,

"Give her my regards, and tell her to drop by for a meal sometime.  It's been too long."

"I will, and thanks for the use of the phone."

"Any time my young friend."

    He moved the phone out from behind the counter and went off towards the kitchen.  I dialled my home number and kept my finger over the cut-off button in case my father answered.
    The line rang twice then my mother's voice answered.


"Hi Mom, it's Keith."

"Keith!  Thank God!  Are you all right?"

"I'm fine Mom.  I'm having dinner at Spiros' with some friends.  How are things there?"

"Your father's gone!  He didn't bother to unpack his things.  He left me a note saying he'd be staying at a motel, and would contact me to discuss things in the next couple of days.  He says in the note that after last night he won't spend another day under the same roof as you.  He says he knows I'd never agree to kick you out so it would be better for everybody if he left.  What are we going to do Keith?"

"Crack open a bottle of champagne would be my first thought.  Change all the locks would be my second."

"Oh, Keith!  How could you say such a thing!?  He's your father!"

"Then why didn't he ever act like one?  Sorry Mom, but you of all people know how he treated me.  Why should I be sorry to see him go?  Why shouldn't I hope he never comes back?  I've got two black eyes and the memories of years of abuse at his hands to justify how I feel!"

"I know honey, I know.  It's just that I'm worried about how we'll cope."

"How are the girls?"

"They seem to be taking it well, but I think they're a little confused."

"They'll adjust."

"But how are we going to manage?  I don't make enough money to run this house by myself."

"Think about it Mom.  If he's left for good, one of the things he'll want to talk about is a separation or a divorce."


"Calm down mother.  It can't be that big a shock to you.  We haven't exactly been living on Walton's Mountain for the last few years.  I think you should phone Aunt Margaret and find out the name of her lawyer.  If he does want to separate, you'll need someone good to make sure Dad doesn't take advantage of you."

"This is all too much for me.  You're right though, I'll call Margaret as soon as I get off the phone with you.  Will you be coming home tonight?"

"No.  I'm going to stay with my friend tonight.  I need some time to myself away from there.  Thanks for calling the school.  I'm gonna take tomorrow off and go back Thursday.  I gotta go Mom, my friends are waiting and I'm starved."

"OK honey, you take care of yourself and I'll see you tomorrow night."



    I hung up the phone and pushed it to the back of the counter.  I located the boys at the back of the restaurant and joined them in the booth.

"Everything go OK?" asked Dan.

"Everything's great.  He left this afternoon, and from the sound of things, he won't be coming back."

"That's good for you, but how's your Mom?" asked Jordan

"Still a bit dazed, but when it all sinks in she'll be fine.  She's more worried about how we're going to survive without his support than about the fact that he's left."

"Well, I don't know the man, but judging from what he did to you, he can't have been an easy person to live with."

"He's a thorough-going bastard!   Ever since he started going out of town to work, he's been drinking more and more.  He used to be a 'happy drunk', but now he's just viscious.  He's always been a bit of a martinet, but since he took to the bottle he's become more and more authoritarian.  He used to offer advice, now he just orders us around."

"It sounds like 'Good riddance to bad rubbish' to me, and as long as he won't be around to hurt you anymore, I'm happy." said Dan.

"We'll see.  I don't think I'll be rid of him that easily.  He'll find some way to come back into our lives after he's twisted the events of last night to suit himself.  He always has to be in control, it's one of the reasons he behaves the way he does.  Anyway, let's find something better to talk about before I lose my appetite.  I'll fill you in on all the details after we eat."

    They looked disappointed, but I was very hungry and sick to death of talking about my Dad.  We all picked up our menus and tried to decide what we wanted to eat.
    Spiros appeared at the table,

"Well boys?  Have you decided what you'd like?  Besides a raw steak for those two shiners on Keith's face!"

    We all laughed and gave our orders.  Spiros was taking everything down, but he was looking at me with a thoughtful look on his face.  It suddenly occured to me he might have been within earshot when I was explaining things to the guys.
     I decided to wait and see what would happen.  I knew he still carried a torch for my mother from the way he behaved toward her when she came to the restaurant.
    We ordered our meals, then sat back in our seats to have a cigarette.  I asked a few questions about the goings on at school, and we occupied our time with that subject until the food arrived.
    We made short work of the meals, and when we were sitting with coffee or tea in front of us I told them what had happened the night before.
    They sat in silence until I finished.  Ian was the first to speak up.

"I can't believe a father could behave that way to his own son!  My Dad has never raised his hand to hit me in anger.  He used to spank me when I was a kid, but that was years ago."

    Jordan was the next to speak.

"My parents didn't believe in spankings.  Whenever I did anything wrong, they sat me down and helped me realize where I made my mistake.  I always understood that I had done something bad, and I learned about consequences by being shown how I had hurt someone else.  Your Dad sounds like he has a real perverted idea of how to discipline kids."

    Dan sat silently for a moment then said quietly,

"I think you showed a lot more restraint than I would have.  If my Dad did the things to me that yours did, when I got him on the floor I would have kicked him until he was black and blue!  I'm not saying it would be the right thing to do, I just don't think I would be able to stop myself."

"I understand that, and don't think the thought didn't cross my mind.  I've got a lot of pent up rage toward him that might have been released if I had given in to the moment.  The only trouble was, I just couldn't get past my belief that violence doesn't solve anything.  In fact I believe that violence only makes things worse.  When I was in Grade Five, a bunch of kids stopped me on the way to school and pushed me around.  They threatened to beat me up at lunch time so I hid out in the ravine near our house for the whole day.  When I got home my parents asked me where I had been all day, so I told them.  My Dad got really angry that I wouldn't stand up for myself and started to push me around.  He thought it was a good way to get me to learn to fight back.  I wouldn't lift a finger to defend myself, so he kept getting more and more angry until he forgot he was trying to teach me a lesson.  He kept hitting me and putting me in headlocks, the whole time yelling at me to fight back.  He kept saying he'd stop if I'd fight back.  I was so terrified and sore, I couldn't have fought back if I'd wanted to.  The beating escalated until he was holding my head under the bathtub faucet, nearly drowning me.  It took my mother and sisters to pull him off, and to this day I'm convinced he would have drowned me if they hadn't interfered."

"All the more reason to have kicked his lousy head in!" said Dan.

"No.  My point is; he started out trying to do something good, teaching me how to defend myself, but he lost his temper, and because he was already hitting me he started to hit me harder.  The whole incident started out violently, then escalated to the point where I was almost drowned.  I think it even scared him because he apologized for getting out of control, and it was almost a month before he hit me again."

"Why didn't you try to fight back?" asked Ian.

"Because I was stubborn, and because I didn't really believe he'd fight fair.  If I'd fought back, the same thing would have happened, maybe even something worse.  You have to understand the way my Dad tried to bring us up.  We were constantly bombarded with contradictory instructions on how to behave, and we never knew at any given moment which course of action we were expected to take.  In this incident, there were two choices to be made.  We'd always been told to stick up for our beliefs no matter what.  Before the beating began I had expressed my belief in non-violence.  If I had recanted and tried to fight back, it's just as likely I would have been beaten for betraying my principles."

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't!" said Jordan.

"That's right.  He was always setting  little traps like that.  If you follow one rule you're disobedient, and you get a beating.  If you follow the other, you're a traitor to your own principles, and you get a beating.  Either way, his need for control is satisfied."

"He's one cruel, fucked-up dude!"  said Dan.

"Yeah," I said "but I still remind myself that he wasn't always like that.  There's always been a little part of me that hopes one day he'll lay off the booze and turn back into the Dad I remember."

"I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!" said Jordan.

"I don't.  Realistically, he's probably too far gone by now for there to be any hope of redemption.  But I still can't help feeling sorry for him."

"What!?" said Ian.

"You've got to be kidding!" said Jordan.

"After what he's done to you, you feel sorry for him!?" said Dan.

"Think about it guys.  He's spent the last ten years alienating himself from his family.  Now he's gone, and if I know him he won't be coming back.  Oh.  He'll find some way to include himself in our lives, but it will be as an outsider.  Someone who shows up every now and then, but who's lost the right to fully participate.  He's going to be a very lonely, bitter, old man.  I don't dispute that he deserves it, but when I think of what he could have had, I think it's a shame."

"That's a change from uncorking the champagne and changing the locks!" said Jordan.

"I'm talking about the future.  In the here and now, I'm ready to celebrate like it's New Year's Eve.  'Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead' and all that kind of stuff.  But, speaking of the future, if you guys are done let's get out of here.  As I recall, there's a second part to our little deal.  I've told you about what happened to me, now it's your turn to tell us about Carlos!"

"OK!" said Dan "I'll pay the check and meet you guys outside."

    We tried to talk him into splitting the bill evenly, but he insisted on paying.  We gave in, and gathered our stuff together.
    Dan moved towards the cash register and the rest of us headed for the door.  Before we reached it, Spiros moved up beside me and asked to speak with me alone.
    Jordan and Ian continued out the door and I was directed to the kitchen by Spiros.  We stopped just inside the door and Spiros said,

"Is everything all right at home Keith?  I know it's none of my business, but I'd like to help if I can."

"Well Spiros, we've been going through a bit of a rough patch, but it's all sorted itself out for the best.  Thanks for the offer, but this is something we've got to get through on our own."

"I understand, but remember I'm here if you need me."

"I will, and Thanks."

    I gave him a friendly hug which he returned, then I left the restaurant and joined the others in the van.
    We had decided at dinner to return to the secluded spot we had visited the night before.  We stopped at a convenience store to stock up on sodas and snack foods.
    Ian put an ABBA tape into the stereo which soon had us singing and laughing as we drove through the warm suburban evening.
    We arrived at the cul de sac and were soon hidden in the dense foliage.  Dan cut the engine, and we proceeded to set up the cabin with the same paraphernalia as the night before.
    Jordan put the kettle on for coffee and tea, while Dan unpacked the candles and holders from the drawer under the bench.  He had packed two more candle holders, so there were four candles burning softly, imparting a mellow glow to the cabin's interior.  Two on the counter, and two on the table.
    I unpacked the bags of food, and Ian set the table with plates, cups, and cutlery.  We sat down, Dan and I on one side, Jordan and Ian on the other.  Dan was leaning on my chest and my arm was around his shoulders.  Ian was leaning against Jordan, happily resting his head on Jordan's muscular chest.

"Well, this is just fine." I said "If I had a place like this to escape to, I would have enjoyed the last two years of my life a whole lot more."

"It is nice isn't it?" said Dan.   "I'm always grateful to my uncle for giving it to me.  I've spent quite a few happy hours in this old boat."

"Me too." said Jordan.

"I think it's great!" said Ian.  "A nice little place to spend a quiet evening with your friends.  If it was mine, I'd use it to study."

"You're kidding!" said Jordan.

"No.  Seriously.  There's nowhere quiet to study at my place.  I share a room with my brother, and someone's always banging around in the kitchen, or watching TV in the den. I usually go to the library to work on my projects."

"I know the feeling." I said  "If I didn't have my little room in the basement, I'd go crazy.  And speaking of going crazy, I'll be well on my way there if you don't make good on your promise Dan.  Let's hear the Carlos story."

"OK...OK!  Don't get your knickers in a twist!  I was sitting at home waiting for Jordy to arrive, and was competely ignorant of what was going on at the auditorium."

    Dan took a sip of his coffee and told us the rest of the story.

    Dan was sitting patiently on the couch at home watching TV.  The phone rang and he answered it.  Jordan was on the line asking Dan to come and pick him up.
    Dan agreed, and in a few minutes was pulling up in front of the auditorium where the competition had taken place.  He was surprised to see the young bodybuilder who had come in second standing beside Jordan.
    Jordan opened the sliding door then threw his gear and the stranger's in the back of the van.  The two boys climbed into the cabin, and Jordan introduced Carlos to Dan.
    When they were settled and belted in, Dan asked,

"So where do you live Carlos?  I'll drop you off if you'd like.  Tough break today, you were the only one up there who had a chance of beating Jordan."

"Thanks." said Carlos "I guess my heart just wasn't in it.  I appreciate the lift home, I live down by the Bluffs."

    Carlos gave Dan the directions and soon they were travelling along the dark suburban streets towards Carlos' house.  The three made the trip in silence and in about ten minutes arrived in front of Carlos' home.
    Carlos retrieved his bag from the back of the van and opened the sliding door to get out.  He turned to Jordan and said,

"Thanks for everything Jordy.  If you were serious about what you said outside the arena, I'd like to take you up on it."

"Great!  Would you mind if Dan showed up if he'd like to join in?"

    Carlos looked Dan up and down then grinned.

"That would be great, the more the merrier.  Thanks again for the ride, I'll see you both tomorrow, I hope!"

    He shut the door behind him and Dan turned to Jordan.

"What are you up to?  He called you Jordy.  And what would I want to join in on?"

"I'll explain it to you over dinner.  I'm starving.  Let's grab a bite to eat and I'll tell you the whole story."

"OK.  But this better be good.  You know how I hate being left in the dark."

"Patience, oh hot headed one.  All will be revealed.  But not until after I've eaten."

    Jordan sat back and refused to say another word until they had finished the take-out meal they picked up on the way to the park.  They were sitting sipping coffee and Jordan told Dan the whole story from beginning to end.
    Dan was riveted as the story progressed through the various twists and turns, culminating with the hot sex in the mirrored room.

"Holy shit Jordy!" said Dan when the story was finished. "I can hardly believe it!  He pulled all that shit just to try and rattle you, then got hoist by his own petard?  Serves him right, the bastard!  I can't believe you let him fuck you!"

"Calm down there Grizzly!  You haven't seen his dick!  And besides, I figure losing the competition was punishment enough.  He's learned his lesson, case closed.  He's really a nice guy when you get to know him.  We had a talk while we were cleaning up, and later while we waited for you.  His old man is a stockbroker and he was brought up to believe that everything's fair game as long as you win."

"Well, just the same, I don't want anything to do with him.  Ten inch dick or not.  That was a slimy trick he tried to pull, and you're just lucky it backfired on him."

"Thanks a lot!  Are you saying he would've beat me?"

"No.  You were the best one up on that stage.  I'm just saying it would have been a hell of a lot harder on you if he hadn't lost his concentration.  He was the favourite, and you were the dark horse.  It would have been a tough choice for the judges cause you're both pretty well evenly matched.  If you'd both been at top form, and they had to find something to break the tie, it wouldn't be the first time a decision was made based on familiarity."

"I see your point.  But you better re-think your position on ever seeing him again.  We're gonna be working out with him tomorrow at school."

"What!?  No way Jordy!  You might be able to forgive him, but I can't!  I can't stand people who think it's OK to mess with other people's heads."

"I told you, he's learned his lesson.  He wasn't doing it because he got off on screwing around in other peoples minds.  He didn't know any better cause his Dad drilled it into his head that you had to do anything to win.  Look at Gil on the hockey team.  His Dad never let's up on him and he's the best player we've got."

"Yeah, but he fights dirty!"

"I don't recall you ever refusing to take a win that came as a result of his dirty tactics.  You still hang around with him and call him your friend."

"That's different."

"No it's not.  You're just pissed cause Carlos did what he did, to me.  I agree, it was slimy, but he's genuinely sorry and I think he'd be as good a friend as Gil, maybe better because Carlos recognizes the error of his ways.  Gil still thinks what he does is OK."

"Well, for your sake I'll come tomorrow.  But I'm not saying I'm gonna like him or become his friend."

"All I want is for you to give him a chance."

"OK, I guess everbody deserves a second chance."

"Great!  I told him we'd be there at eleven.  Let's go home now.  I'm bushed and I still haven't had a chance to bask in the glory of my triumph!"

    Dan reached out and squeezed Jordan's cock through the fabric of the jeans.

"Maybe we can both bask in your triumph, oh demi-god!"

    Jordan laughed at the corny line, and Dan joined in.

"Thanks, Danny.  I know it might be hard to believe, but I'm pooched.  If you play your cards right, tomorrow you might be able to enjoy two demi-gods!"

"One's enough for me."

"Well this one couldn't muster the energy to live up to his reputation, deserved or otherwise."

"No problem Jordy.  You must be exhasted,  I've never known you to turn down a chance at sex before!"

"Believe me, if I wasn't so tired I'd be champing at the bit.  All I feel like doing is falling asleep."

"Well then , let's get you home."

    They cleaned up the dishes and stowed away the garbage.  Dan got behind the wheel and  in twenty minutes was pulling into his driveway after dropping Jordan off at home.

    The next morning, Dan was up at nine.  He left the house at eleven and arrived to pick up Jordan ten minutes later.

"Sorry I'm late Jordy.  I hope Carlos isn't too pissed at having to wait."

"He might be if I'd told him to be there at eleven, but I took your chronic tardiness into account and told him to be there at noon."

"Great!  Let's go grab some breakfast."

"Doesn't your mother feed you?"

"Sure she does, but I'm a growing boy!"

"Well, I already ate so I guess I'll just grab a coffee and sit and watch you eat.  Always a high point of my day!"

    They went to a local fast food restaurant and ordered a take out breakfast for Dan and  a coffee for Jordan.  After arriving at the school parking lot they ate and drank in silence, waiting for Carlos to arrive.
    At noon on the dot they saw a black TransAm drive into the lot.  Carlos got out of the car and stood waitng.  Dan and Jordan grabbed their gym bags and joined Carlos at his car.

"Morning Dan, Jordy." said Carlos.

"Morning Carlos." said Jordan.

"Hi." said Dan.

"You guys ready to get pumped?"

"We're always ready." said Dan. "What about you?"

"Can't wait."

"Good." said Jordan. "Then let's get to it!"

    Jordan unlocked the door and the three muscular youths entered the school.  They changed in the locker room and walked up to the weight room.
    When they turned the lights on, Carlos whistled.

"Man, this place is great!  Look at those mirrors!  What's in the cupboard?"

"Free weights." said Dan. "We made them keep them after they bought the Universal.  The administration wanted to sell them or give them to another school, but we talked them out of it."

"Cool.  That Uni doesn't look like it has much to it."

"It doesn't," said Jordan "it's OK to get a pump going if you're willing to do a thousand reps, but otherwise it just takes up space.  Typical administrative bullshit!  They thought they were doing a good thing, but they didn't want to spend the money to get something we could use.  They bought the cheapest one they could find."

"Be fair Jordy!" said Dan "They didn't expect to have a competition winner using their weight room.  It serves the purpose for the football jocks and other team athletes.  Be grateful they let us keep the free weights!"

"Let us!  I seem to recall you threatening the VP if he didn't leave them here!  If Coop hadn't stepped in you were gonna rip that guy's head off!"

"That's only cause he got so arrogant and made that crack about the 'muscle-heads' thinking they owned the school, and that we ought to join a gym to be with the other 'freaks'!"

"Sounds like my school" said Carlos "After I won the first competition they were all over me, but none of them really appreciated what I'd accomplished.  They just saw it as a way to promote the school.  They were nice enough to me, but you could see how uncomfortable they were whenever I was around.  They'd listen very nicely and pat me on the head, but they never did anything to help.  You guys are lucky.  Sounds like you've got at least one teacher who knows where you're coming from."

"Yeah Coop's pretty cool." said Jordan.

    While they were talking, Dan and Jordan had unloaded the weights from the cupboard.  The boys began to load up the bars with the weight they intended to use.
    When they were ready, they began to pump.  They ran through their regimens, spotting one another when necessary.  When he wasn't concentrating on an exercise, Dan would ask Carlos questions about his life, his interests, and what got him into body building.
    By the time they were ready to take a break, Dan had revised his opinion of the dark youth.  He decided Jordan was right, the guy wasn't a shit after all.
    The three boys were sitting on the floor with their backs resting against the wall.  A heavy sheen of sweat coated their muscular bodies, making them appear to be oiled up for competition.  The air was filled with the manly aroma of  sweat and iron.
    Dan gave Carlos' crotch a quick glance and was impressed by what he saw.  The combined effects of the pump and the testosterone of three teen males had caused Carlos to become semi-erect.
    The outline of his cock was clearly visible pushing its way up toward the dark teen's belly.  The two huge testicles strained the fabric underneath.
    Carlos became aware of Dan's scrutiny.

"See something you like?"

    Dan's face turned red at being caught.

"Just checking to see if Jordy was pulling my leg about the size of your equipment."

"Judging from the bulge in your sweats, I'd say you were no slouch yourself, but why don't you take a closer look?"

    Carlos hooked two fingers around the bottom of the leg opening on his shorts and allowed his plum sized balls to flop into view.
    Dan swallowed and reached out a hand.

"Go for it stud!" said Carlos in a husky voice.

    Dan moved in front of Carlos and leaned down to remove the dark teen's shorts.  Carlos lifted his ass from the floor to allow Dan to remove the shorts completely.
    Dan pulled them down and off, tossing them into a corner.  He turned back to look at the massive ten inch prick.
    By now, Carlos was completely aroused and his mammoth meat was standing at a forty-five degree angle to his muscled torso.  He reached out and grabbed the waistband of Dan's sweats and pulled them roughly down.  He held them as Dan stepped out of the confining material.
    His cock was fully engorged, and Carlos gave a nod of approval.

"Nice!  You're almost as big as me!"

    Dan removed his shirt and Carlos followed suit, standing up in the process.  He pulled Dan into an embrace, mashing their crotches together.
    Dan could feel the heat coming off the other teen's prick as their huge cocks parried and thrust together with the undulation of their hips.
    Jordan moved behind Carlos and parted the chisled ass cheeks.  He leaned forward and began teasing the pink rosebud with his tongue.
    Carlos hissed in pleasure and pulled Dan closer, burying his tongue deep in Dan's mouth. Dan reacted by wrapping both hands around their swollen cocks and pumping his hips back and forth.
    The friction of the two pieces of teen meat rubbing together brought Carlos to the brink of ecstasy.  He broke the embrace and gently pushed Dan away.

"Man that's so hot!  I don't wanna cum yet.  Give me a sec."

    Jordan stopped his ministrations, and leaned forward to put Dan's cock in his mouth.  At first he just teased the head with his tongue, but soon began to slide as much of the nine inch prick into his mouth as he could fit.
    Carlos stood watching, and after he calmed down, began to stroke his cock while watching the other two.  His foreskin slipped over the head, hiding it, then back to reveal the swollen glans.  A thin stream of pre-cum was flowing from the slit, coating the head and making it shine like it was waxed.
    Dan noticed the motion, and gestured for Carlos to come closer.  Dan bent his knees, forcing Jordan to lay on his back,  Dan's cock still in his mouth.
    Carlos moved to stand in front of Dan.  As soon as he was close enough, Dan wrapped his lips around the massive tool and began to suck on it.
    He moved his tongue around the head, and teased a few drops of pre-cum out of the slit.  Dan stuffed as much of the ten inches into his mouth as he could without gagging, then began an up and down motion with his head.
    As Jordan's mouth went down on Dan's shaft, Dan's would move back on Carlos'.  A rhythm developed, and soon the grunts and moans of the three muscleboys reached a feverish pitch.
    Carlod was the first to cum.  He uttered a gutteral cry, and thrust his hips forward, jamming the head of his monster prick into Dan's throat.  Dan gagged and Carlos withdrew completely.
    Dan grasped the base of Carlos' dick just as the first rope of cum shot out the tip.  A thick stream of the salty fluid hit Dan on the cheek.  The second flew into his mouth.  The third and subsequent volleys jetted out to splash on Dan's chest and abdomen.
    As Carlos' second spurt landed on his tongue, Dan stiffened and pumped his huge load down Jordan's throat.  Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed over Dan and the volume of cum he pumped out proved to be too much for Jordan to swallow.
    Cum was flowing out both sides of Jordan's mouth as he felt his own orgasm take hold of his body.  The first two spasms arced up from his cock and landed on Dan's ass.  The rest fell on his chest and abs, coating the already shiny muscles with the milky, translucent fluid.
    Dan and Carlos fell to the ground, Carlos on his back and Dan on top of him.  Jordan's head was nestled between their muscular thighs.

End of Chapter Nine.  Coming Soon, Chapter Ten: Football Party

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