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If you are looking for a story that is just "lots of hot sex", my advice is to read chapter 1 and then go hunt up another story, as by chapter 3, the sex is no longer the focal point of the story.

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The Conquered - Chapter 1: Predators & Prey

***** Don *****

You wouldn't think a security guard who was six-foot tall, two hundred and ten pounds of muscle, and a martial arts instructor would have any worries in the world. You would be wrong. I lived my life in fear of anyone knowing the truth. I was a closet-fag and it scared the shit out of me.

I can still remember when I learned that being gay meant having to hide. I was fifteen. I'd walked into the locker room after track and found Tom. He had been curled up in the back of the locker room, beaten and bloody. That was how our school handled homosexuals; they beat the sickness out of them. Tom had been senior on the wrestling team, a successful athlete, and had been popular. That changed when he'd been outed. His life was ruined because he wasn't like other guys. The backlash scared me to death.

I didn't want that to happen to me; so I hid in the closet, and didn't come out. I also decided to learn Karate. If I was going to have to protect myself, I was going to do it with a vengeance. I was also careful with my actions. I didn't use girls as a cover or bash gay guys. I made sure I never looked at guys longer than a moment, always avoided public exposure to too much male flesh, and I beat off a lot!

I discovered the Internet in college and learned the joys of online porn sites. I also discovered the joy of brown bag Internet shopping. Between the porn DVDs, the toys and a heavy regime of martial arts and working out, I kept my needs under control. I still wanted a man. I wanted to get my hands on some rugged, muscled body to suck and fuck. Being a twenty-five year old virginal, closeted gay man really sucked. If I'd been more self aware, I'd have seen that denying myself would not solve my problems. I wasn't, but it didn't matter; everything began to change after one fateful night at the gym.

I came in a little after eight for my evening work out. As usual, the crowd was thinning out. I used a smaller, independent gym; I knew everyone pretty well. I said "hi" to Lee, who handled the front desk most nights, and Andrew, one of the trainers, and went to get changed. I'd had a hard day and my only thoughts were on pumping the weights hard. Little did I know that weights wouldn't be the only thing I'd be pumping before the end of the night.

***** Andrew *****

I feel like a panther sometimes, sleek and dark, hiding in the shadows, waiting to pounce. At least that is how I felt tonight. He came in again to work out, the cute security guard with the shy eyes. He said "hi" to me and as usual, I got those vibes again. The eyes linger a bit too long, they avert at the slightest turn. But I can tell, this boy is gay and in serious need of being fucked. He needs an all out fuck and suck fest. The boy is aching for it. Begging for it!

I watched him work out as usual, pushing himself hard, harder than most guys ever do, as if running away from demons. Just watching that muscular chest, a smattering of hair peeking out of his wife beater, made me hot. I kept glancing his way, wanting to fuck that tight, high, muscular ass. And when he'd spread eagle to do his reps, that bulge made my hole twitch. I wanted to fuck that ass and get long dicked by that obvious pole.

Of course I'm no slouch either. I get no complaints. At six-four, two-thirty of solid, trainer muscle, I can take any man and make him moan or take the longest, fattest cock and shove it all inside me and make the other person whimper. Of course my black hair and deep blue eyes, cute as hell face and hairy body helped. I couldn't stop staring at him; watching him. I looked over at Lee at reception, that wiry little guy was a constant in my three-ways, the man loved to fuck and suck and be fucked and sucked as much as I did. I saw the raw lust aimed at Don. I couldn't blame him. Don had been coming in for over a year, hot and bothered, always careful to keep to himself. I wanted that ass. I wanted that cock. And divine providence just gave me his ass on a silver platter.

Don was doing presses when you could see his shoulder buckle and he winced in pain. I had the bar off him before it could do any more damage. That shoulder was going to be sore, and he was going to need help. With a shit-eating grin on my face and a plumping of my cock, I headed for reception just as we were closing; ready to take some action.

***** Don *****

Why did Andrew have to be so fucking hot? He was taller than me, bigger than me, hairier than me, and intimidating as hell. Not intimidating in a dangerous or threatening way, I can handle men like that in my sleep; intimidating in a masculine, testoseroned confident way that made me itch to be his bottom boy. I knew I'd enjoy having his obvious endowment tearing away my virginity and claiming me as a true fag. I had my own collection of toys that ranged from plugs to dildos of truly obscene proportions. I was only a virgin in the technical sense; in the practical sense, I'd had more variety of self inflicted pleasure than most men twice my age. If I wasn't such a chicken shit, I'd probably have been the slut from hell.

I was always doubly careful around Andrew; the last thing I wanted was to have someone figure me out at the gym. Though I could probably take care of myself, he was a distracting tower of muscle that might have been able to take me down. I tried my best not to look at him while he monitored the weight room. He was an excellent trainer, good touch, disciplined and able to read people well; which was, of course, exactly why I never used him.

I was doing a heavy set of presses, trying to really burn out before they shut us down, when it happened. Something popped. Fortunately, Andrew had seen it. He had the bar before I was able to call for some assistance. That probably saved me from a lot worse than a strain. He grinned at me as I mumbled my thanks and headed for the locker room. A hot shower and an ice pack were on my agenda for the evening.

Since it had been a light night, there wasn't anyone in the locker room. Seldom was, most everyone just brought their bags and left as soon as their workout was done. Still, there was something about the smell of a locker room that gave me both a chill and a thrill. The high school locker room was the heaven and hell of my teen years. I'd craved to be there, seeing the other guys stripping and horsing around, but I was terrified someone would know how much I enjoyed it.

I stripped down and headed for the shower stalls. There were only four, it's a small gym, but they were fairly private and I could just steam away the ache that was building in the shoulder. I was a little worried that I wouldn't hear the call for closing, but at the time my shoulder was talking louder than my caution. I just stood there, slowly increasing the heat of the shower, and trying to drown the stiffness that was certain to follow the ache.

***** Andrew *****

I watched that toned ass move under the loose shorts as he walked off to the locker room. Just as he entered, the last two members left and walked out the door. Providence is mine tonight. I sauntered over to Lee and told him my idea, watching his face flush with desire and seeing him adjust his ample, but thin, package. He agreed to follow my lead, locked the door early and made a half-ass attempt at announcing closing time. I grinned devilishly, knowing my dimples were flashing as I sauntered over to the locker room.

I walked in and saw that one of the showers was billowing steam; Don was there, trying to ease his muscles. I could do it so much better. I pulled off my shirt, running my fingers through the ample chest hair until I could tweak one of my nipples, then doing the same to the other, to let them bullet out. I kicked off my shoes and socks and lowered my shorts, adjusting my thick and hardening cock in my used and smelly jock. I slung a towel over my shoulder and headed over to Don's shower. I watched as the steamy water made a path over his shoulder, running down that muscled back, funneled into the defined crease between his shoulder blades only to flow freely down his hairy cleft. I wanted so badly to drop to my knees and delve my tongue into his hole. Be subtle. This was a skittish mare, and I was a patient stallion, assured of a long ride. I reached out to gently touch his shoulder, ready for and not disappointed by the jump; the tensing of muscles under my palm.

***** Don *****

I hadn't heard anyone come into the locker room to announce closing, so I stood under the shower and tried to steam away the ache. My attention was focused on my shoulder. I really didn't need a shoulder problem; it would screw up martial arts class. I was flexing the shoulder under the water when I felt a hand on me. I stiffened as memories of Tom came back. I managed not to lash out as I heard Andrew's voice.

"How's the shoulder?" I glanced back and saw he was standing there with a towel over his shoulder and only wearing his jock. I yanked my eyes away quickly; fuck he had a huge package.

"I don't think I tore anything, thank God. Just strained." I studied the wall over his right shoulder, not quite meeting his eyes and tried hard not to look back at the nipples that were jutting from his furry chest. The man was massive, hung and too fucking close to me. I felt heat that had nothing to do with the steam spread to my cock. Not now, I prayed and swallowed.

He his eyes seemed to devour me, which made it even harder to just stand there. I was drawn back to my shoulder when his fingers dug in and I flinched. "Turn around, I'll work it for you."

I swallowed. "You don't..."

"Just turn around, Don." I couldn't resist the calm assurance in his voice. It had a husky quality that made me want to look at his jock; I didn't, and turned around. His fingers dug into my shoulder, reaching over the front delt and working the pec attachments. I groaned and he moved in for better access. His body was practically brushing mine and I couldn't stop the affect he was having on my dick.

"Relax, everything's cool." His voice was so low, and smooth, with an undertone of authority. If what he was doing didn't feel so good I'd have been shaking. He reached past me to my soap and squeezed some into his hands. He began to work across my back, massaging in the soap and working out the tension. At some point I'd brought my hands up to the wall and was pushing back against his hands as he worked his way slowly, firmly, down my back. The soap hand trailed down and I could feel the suds between my cheeks and dripping off my balls. My cock was at full attention and I was lost in the sensations.

My brain came back as his hands made it to my ass. "Uh..."

I lost the ability to respond as his fingers followed the soap through my crack, brushing my hole before his hands gripped fully into my glutes. He kneaded my ass with expert skill, pulling my cheeks apart slightly to let the water trail down and wick across my twitching hole. Every so often, a finger would briefly touch my hole and I'd shudder. It took everything I had not to press back against that finger; I wanted it in me so bad I was hardly breathing.

***** Andrew *****

"Just turn around Don." Those words left my lips, through my tight throat. My God, just putting my hands on him made me hard. I worked those muscles in his arm, feeling them loosen beneath my fingers. The man was my idea of hot; always had been, and he was ripe for plucking. I could feel the tension of his muscle strain ease, all the while the tension in his crotch skyrocketed. He was hard, I know he was, he kept fidgeting that ass, and I knew he was rubbing his balls between his thighs, fighting the hard on that I knew was rising.

"Relax, everything's cool." I grabbed the soap and started washing his skin, wanting everything to be clean and tasty for what was to come. I moved my hand down and started running it through his crack, feeling the soft hair there, rubbing in that dimpled, and muscular valley. I brushed my knuckles against his hole, feeling Don practically pass out from it. His legs were trembling. Just a bit more was all I thought, trying to keep control. I wanted so badly to just peel the side of my jock up to free my hard cock and just drive it home. But that wouldn't do. I have seldom been this fucking hot for someone, but as I worked my finger, brushing his pucker, I knew that this hole might have seen a finger or two, but it had never been fucked properly. That almost had me on my knees praying, something that this sinner gave up a long time ago.

I heard a slight whimper as I brushed my thumb against his opening. I whispered into his ear, so close I could see the goose bumps, "Let go Don," and he collapsed to his knees. I followed him down, pushing my thumb against the resistance. It pushed right in. I kept pushing just the first knuckle in, over and over, twisting and turning it, spiraling the pleasure of being invaded deep into Don's virgin hole. I moved my hand up his chest, roughly moving my fingers across the corded abdomen and beefy pecs. I grabbed onto one of his nipples, just brushing it lightly, then harder and harder until I was pinching and twisting it. One simply whimpered word from Don, "Yes," was all it took for me to pull Don out of the shower and lay him belly down on the bench, me on my knees, holding the cheeks of his ass apart as I pushed my face in there, reveling in the animal, sexual musk that was leaking from the cutie before me. And with that same grin I was told could tempt a saint, I dove in, pushing my tongue as far up as I could. It was going to take some time, but damn the ride was going to be worth it!

***** Don *****

This wasn't happening, it couldn't be. My whole body was as rigid as my cock as I tried to resist the temptation to give in. I'd dreamed about having someone do this to me; hell, I'd dreamed about having Andrew do this to me. I was about to pull away when he pressed closer; his fingers still in command of my crack, and whispered, "Let go Don." It was like he'd pulled the release valve on an air mattress. I went down, not just physically, but I felt my resistance washing down the drain.

It was all but gone when his thumb pressed in and sent chills up my spine. I gasped as he fucked me with his thumb. It was so hot. I had no control over my limbs. If I had, I'd have been on my knees begging him to fuck me with that massive muscle of his. Yeah, I always knew I'd be a bottom boy. I suppose that was one of the reasons I worked so hard to become strong and able to defend myself. If someone could get past all that, I knew I was lost; he had me hook, line and sinker. I was still seeing stars as he twisted and pinched my tit to painful awareness while driving my hole insane.

"Yes." It was barely a whisper, more of a whimpered plea. I wanted whatever was coming. I didn't care any more.

My stomach lurched as he yanked me from the shower like I was a featherweight. I still didn't have my bearings, but with his fingers out of my ass my head was clearing a little. That didn't last long. I was face down on the benches, my legs on either side of the hard, smooth wood, before I could figure out what was going on. For a moment I thought he was about to fuck me right there. I wasn't ready, not for the lack of wanting it, but Andrew's package was too damn big to just take without prep. My brain shut off again when he pried apart my cheeks and his tongue lapped any remaining objections out of me.

"Oh God," I moaned as he lit my ass on fire with his tongue. Nothing I'd ever been able to do on my own could match what that felt like. Gasping, I felt another set of hands on me, and a pair of legs straddling my back. What the fuck? I thought before I felt those hands grab my cheeks and spread them further apart for Andrew. Those hands, damn; they were kneading my ass while Andrew lapped open my hole. Hairless balls were rubbing against my back as I squirmed. I didn't care if he'd invited in the whole gym, what he was doing to my ass was worth it. I started humping back against his face, begging for it in everything but words. I couldn't formulate words - that would have taken too much thought.

I heard Andrew chuckle. "I think we're ready for a real workout." I don't know if he was talking to me or to the man on my back. I heard the fabric of his jock tear away before my ass stretched at the pressure of something huge against my back door. Those hands continued to knead my ass as I heard Andrew grunt, "I want this ass." He got it; in one hard thrust he claimed my ass. Hell, with the size of the cock that was splitting me open, he had all of me. Yeah, I would end up being a size-slut. All I knew was my whole existence sank down to my ass, and that incredible cock that was raping my virginity like a fucking bull. I wanted to be bull fucked; that was exactly what I got.

***** Andrew *****

I pushed deeply into Don. One thrust and I was all the way in. Boy he was tight. I looked up into Lee's eyes, feeling his lust fuel my own. This was going to be one tight, hot, long ride. As I short stroked him, waiting for him to calm, Lee moved down, trailing his low hanging balls along his back, moving past his head and standing, long and hard, in front of Don's mouth. I waited, only wanting to see if he'd take the bait. I ran my hands along his sides, feeling Don tremble beneath me. It only took him a second before he was devouring Lee's pole, slurping it like Christmas candy. It was all I needed.

I rode hard, pulling all the way out only to push back before he could close. It was one of the tightest, warmest, wettest holes I'd ever been in. And he milked me like a pro. But I knew, the moment I plunged in, that this was virgin territory. It was too tight, too inexperienced, but he learned quickly. I pushed into him, as deep as I could go, grinding my pelvis into the muscular globes of his ass. Over and over I pumped him in long strokes, feeling his prostate pulse against me. This boy was begging for this; he needed this; and I was only too glad to give it to him. I pulled out again, pushing deep, hearing those moans around Lee's cock, watching as Lee threw his head back and started talking in that filthy, guttural way that always made me glad we did this teamed up, sharing our conquests. Out of my own mouth flowed a filthy litany of everything I wanted to do to Don, and everything I wanted him to do to me. I pushed into him, speeding up slightly, grabbing Don's hands, and keeping them behind his back so he couldn't grasp his cock or keep Lee from going deep down his throat.

"Fuck! Your ass is so hot Don." I swatted his left cheek, leaving a red mark. "You've been dying for this." I swatted the right cheek. "And I'm gonna fuck that hole of yours raw." With that, he moaned around Lee again and I sped up, driving him, piling into him. My hips jack hammered my cock in and out of his hole so damn fast it was a blur to my eyes. I was thrusting so hard that it was causing Don to take Lee to the base of his cock and actually push him back some. And I didn't care. This was hot, raw man sex at its best, and I couldn't get enough. I kept pushing deeper, trying to meet Lee's cock somewhere in the middle of Don's hot gut.

I felt Don tremble, his ass clamping my cock hard, and then he moaned deep. I knew he was cumming. It just made me hotter, but I wasn't ready to cum yet, not until Lee had gotten his. I kept pistoning my hips, driving harder, watching as Lee's chest heaved in great pants, his own cries devolving into whimpers as he stood on the balls of his feet, feeling his balls tighten. Then he was crying out in deep, almost angry shouts as he flooded Don's mouth. It was all I needed. I pulled out again, ramming back in ten or eleven times before I flooded Don's gut. I kept thrusting long after my cum was drained, my erection never flagging, until Don shot again, whimpering and screaming now that Lee had stepped away. I pulled out, and my rock hard cock hit my belly as I leaned down and sucked out all I had shot into Don. I walked around the bench and knelt down, grabbing Don's face in my hands and kissing him deeply, sharing my seed and his ass juices with him. I stood back and looked down at him. "You've been waiting a long time for this, haven't you?"

***** Don *****

Fuck, it's Lee, was all I thought before I dove onto his long, narrow pole. Lee was hot in an entirely different way than Andrew. Andrew was the epitome of masculine virility; Lee was masculine grace in action. He only stood five-foot-eight and was the ultimate mix of western and eastern features; I think he was part Korean. He was a hairless Adonis with shaved balls and a perfectly sculpted body. His cock was a mirror of him: lean and hard as steel. It was just right for sucking to the base.

Of course, I couldn't really think at all. With Andrew taking my ass to Mars, and Lee feeding my new favorite food, I didn't have anything left to think with. My life consisted of muscles, grunting and raw hot lust. If they could bottle those two hunks, it would have become the latest addictive drug. It was a drug I was quickly losing myself to. Andrew kept me from doing anything but squirm on that smooth, hard wood and moan against Lee's cock. I was their sex toy and I was happy to comply.

I didn't hear the trash they were talking; I had my own sensations to listen to. My cock was rubbing against the smooth wood with each of those bull thrusts Andrew used to tear me apart. I was glad the bench was so smooth; I'd have hated to get splinters from this. I couldn't stop the quaking as my body spasmed from my first, no hands orgasm. It fried my brain and had me choking on Lee as my body tried to understand all the sensations. My cum lubricated the bench enough that I was sliding in rhythm with Andrew's thrust.

Lee was the next to let go. How could a small guy produce so much cum? He yelled out as he slammed down my throat and held my face against his crotch till he'd fed me my first man protein shake; I only wished I'd been able to taste it. My senses were just coming back full force as Andrew pistoned me through a second, earth-shattering blow. I screamed to God as my voice strangled out. I'd never shot twice in less than five minutes. The way my body was twitching, I think he could have slammed a couple more out of me before I lost my mind completely. It didn't happen; Andrew bellowed like a bear in heat and injected me with his own man protein.

I gasped as he yanked out of me. Was it over? Had two hot men just fucked me into submission and now I was just going to be left, whimpering on the bench? My fears were blown away as Andrew ate his spunk from my raw, hungry ass. My eyes rolled back as he did that; it was so mind blowing to think that I was being feasted upon like that. He left my ass, grabbed me by my hair, and hauled me up. My balls were crushed against the bench and I could feel my cum dripping from me as he bent my head back and devoured my mouth. I could taste him and myself on his lips. I couldn't even see clearly because I was so fucking burned out.

I was barely able to hold myself up against the bench as he stood back and looked down at me. "You've been waiting a long time for this, haven't you?"

How the fuck could he have thought I could respond? I was too drugged up on sex and testosterone to hold a conversation. Not to mention, there was a massive, throbbing cock not inches from my face; the very cock that had proven once and for all that I was a fag. I did the only thing any sex starved, closet fag could do. I dove down his meat and feasted my way to his bush. Lee had opened up my throat like a pro, and my gag reflex was non-existent. It took four or five bobs to get my nose to his pubes, but Andrew didn't seem to mind.

"Oh, fuck..." It was drawn out and droned from Andrew's chest. His hands gripped my hair; but surprisingly, he didn't try to force me down on his pole. He let me do it; his hands just gripped my hair for support.

I was still straddling the bench, but I had gotten my arms working. My hands were gripping into Andrew's rock-hard ass while I strangled myself on his fence post. I felt him tremble as I moaned around him. Lee had gotten behind me and just shoved his cock up my well-lubed and hungry ass.

"Yeah, Lee, fuck him... make him moan." Andrew was really getting into the blowjob. I kept deep throating him as I pried is cheeks apart and dug around in his hairy cleft. I found his hole and teased it while I sucked him down to my gut. He growled out vulgarities that confirmed I was doing it right as my middle finger sank into him to the second knuckle. Maybe I would get to sample some ass for myself.

***** Andrew *****

I could hardly breathe. Everything was centered on my cock and ass. Don's hungry mouth was taking all nine inches of me. He was forcefully raking his nose through my pubes as he plunged his finger up my ass, pushing my prostate, and stroking me to near ecstasy. I watched Lee pummel Don's ass. He had such a graceful way of moving, and he was long dicking Don hard. I've never seen Lee not be smooth in his movements, but this wasn't our normal fuck. Don was like a sexual bomb we'd just set off. The absolute joy and shear, raw lust on Lee's face was telling me that he was getting that whirlwind milking action on his cock. Just the memory of it had my knees buckle a bit. I caught myself from falling by tensing my fingers around Don's head. He must have taken it as a signal, because he ground even harder, really working around my tortured cock, making me shout in pleasure. "Oh Jesus. Oh fuck yeah." I don't know how he did it, but with my cock deep in his throat and his finger as far up my ass as possible, he snaked his tongue out past his over-stretched lips and flicked my balls a few times. That was it. I couldn't take it anymore. The predator had become the prey as I stumbled back, spewing cum all over Don's face as I sank onto my knees. As I watched him try to suck my cum stream from the air, gobbling up what ever he could reach, my ass clenched hard and I came again, still riding that finger. This time my cum was practically water as I sprayed Don's face, his hair, hell, I even hit Lee. When my spray hit Lee, he opened his eyes and it was as if whatever thin tether on control he had let loose; he bucked hard while cumming deep inside Don. When Lee yanked out, Don pulled his finger from my ass and flipped over. His gorgeous cock purple from abuse against the bench and his furry belly was completely coated with his cum. I watched as he flexed up, grabbed Lee by the back of his neck and dragged him face first onto his crotch. He impaled Lee on his thick, monster cock, down to the pubes, and practically choked him. I sat back, catching my breath, and watched as Don face fucked Lee with abandon. He was thrusting that ass off the bench as he dominated Lee completely. I wondering when we'd lost control of this little adventure. I needed to get it back. It came to me as I studied how Don's face was arched back, gasping with lust. I was straddling the bench Don reached back and squeezed my ass. He pulled me forward with one arm, while keeping Lee on his cock with the other. I stood and he maneuvered me, pulling me down once I was over his face. His talented, slick tongue went up my chute. I lost it. The hunter was in a fight for dominance, and it was going to be a life or death struggle. Grinding my ass against him as he drove me wild, I gripped his pecs and bore down. "Take my ass, Don. Eat it babe, it's all yours."

Oh fuck this was going to be a good night.

***** Don *****

If anyone had told me this morning that I'd be rimming a guy's ass and fucking another guy's mouth in the locker room tonight, I'd have thought they were nuts. But there was no denying that I was completely overloading with it as Andrew clamped that hairy ass down on my face and gave me full access to his horny hole. Oh god I loved the raunchy musk of his ass. The way his hands were gripping my pecs as I tongue dived into him was so hot. He was growling and telling me to eat him, while I frantically slammed my way down Lee's throat.

I had to have his ass. I had to know what it felt like to drill that fuck hole and make him my bitch. I was already his, and Lee's. I loved it, but I wasn't anyone's masturbation tool. If I was giving up my ass for them, I was getting some for me. With a shove, I pushed Lee off my dripping pole and grabbed Andrew's hips. I pushed him up off my face and shoved three fingers into him before he could figure out my game plan. Andrew's ass had spasms around my fingers as he bellowed. "Fuck, yeah!"

He fell forward, grabbing the bench below my balls as I literally hefted him up by the fingers in his as and slid down the bench. He was calling me all sorts of nasty names, but I knew he loved it. If he wasn't, he'd have hurt the hell out of me. I sat up behind him, jabbed him a few more times with my fingers, and then grabbed his hips. I slammed him down onto my fuck pole. No ceremony, no more prep. I was digging for gold and he was my mine. Andrew held onto the bench for dear life and swore at me as I pushed myself up and began to drive into him. If he was in pain, he didn't indicate it. The nasty shit coming from his mouth made me to go harder and faster.

Lee must have gotten tired of Andrew's bellowing because he grabbed him by the ears and drove his dick down his throat. I could hear Andrew moaning and cursing around Lee's dick. Lee didn't appear to care. He grabbed up under Andrew's armpits and roughly twisted the man's tits. Andrew groaned around Lee's dick and Lee just twisted hard. "Shut the fuck up, man. You talk too much!"

We rode him like a ten dollar whore till his body quaked and he blasted the bench beneath his sweaty, heaving body. His ass nearly sucked my cum from my cock and my balls felt like they were going to implode as I flooded his ass. "Fuck!" The word was dragged out from my gut and stretched the length of my orgasm as I spurted into his stretched ass at least four volleys of cum.

Lee followed shortly there after. He had his eyes clamped shut and was whimpering how good Andrew's mouth was as his knees buckled. Andrew hungrily followed him down, pulling himself off my spent dick as Lee fed him his third load for the night. We all sat on or gripped onto the bench, panting and shaking. Even lust has to give pause for physical endurance. Lee shot me a wicked smile over Andrew's back. "Steam room."

I wondered what the hell was next.


I love it when a guy rims my ass. If he has a longer than average tongue, I'm in heaven. It's the fastest way to get me to sit on that cock and ride us both to hot showers of cum. I always ride. I don't do the 'missionary' and I don't go belly down on the bed. Or so I thought. When Don lifted me by my hole with those fingers shoved up there, I was his. My forearms went straight onto the bench, keeping me from going face first into the hard wood. I would have protested, but I was too turned on to worry about bruising. Then he pulled out, and my hole actually tried to beg for his fingers to come back; but they didn't. They were replaced with something better. He pulled me down onto his cock while he rammed it in, in one thrust. Oh God. I almost shot right there. I only know I was moaning and talking filthy as he pounded into my ass. I had no idea what I said; I was lost to the pounding of my prostate by that knobby cock head of his.

My cock was dripping steadily when Lee pulled on my hair and shoved his cock in my mouth, down my throat, pushing deep. But I kept talking, my litany of "fucks" and "oh Gods" and "yeahs" around that thin pole. I finally just closed my eyes, letting my mind focus on my ass and cock. I don't know how many times I came while Don was fucking me, but I know it was at least twice. When Don finally shot up my ass, I was barely able to register when Lee shot down my throat. My whole body twitched as they both pulled out of me. I was on sensory overload. It wasn't until I rolled over and saw the smug look the two shared, the smirk and glance and the hushed words that I realized I had lost control. That got my attention. I was in charge. This was my show. Lee would never have had the balls to even approach Don, let alone seduce him into a fuck fest. When I got to my feet, my legs were shaking. It infuriated me. This wasn't me. I was the conqueror. Just because the last hour was probably the best time I've ever been fucked didn't matter. I was in control, and was going to stay that way.

As we sat in the steam room, I noticed Don's eyes getting a little droopy. I could tell he was in that moment between going to sleep or getting up and doing something. Lee had a look that I had seen before, basically looking like his hole was twitching to be filled by a hot cock. I knew Lee would follow my lead, being as starved as he was to be filled. I slid down to the bench below Don, lying out, Lee followed suit rising up to the bench above. Don easily followed suit. I stared at the long, fluid line of him. His body was muscular but graceful; dusky with swirls of hair. It was easy to climb up the stair, lean over that chest and take a lax nipple in my mouth. Don started to stir, almost violently, it was even easier to pin his hands down, stretched above his head, where he had been considerate enough to place them for me. I kept working that nipple, licking, sucking, nibbling and flat out biting it into a stiff, red peak. Lee had gotten the signal immediately and braced Don's legs under his armpits while he worked all over Don's belly, thighs, and ball sac. I would have watched, but I was too into Don's tits. He had responsive nipples; I could feel his moans against my chest and the trembling under my tongue. I moved my face up and lapped and nibbled his armpit, tasting him, teasing him. His heavy moans replaced the feeble protests and he just went with the seduction. We were all tired, but I knew we all had at least two more good fucks a piece in us.

After at least a half hour of feasting on Don's body, torturing his tits, lapping his pits and sucking on his neck, I was ready to fuck again. I moved up to let Don go, whispering in his ear as I sat up. "Fuck Lee. He needs it bad." I grinned cockily as Don grabbed Lee with his now free arms and spun him around, facing the benches. Lee braced his hands as Don moved up behind him, fingered his hole, found that it was loose enough and shoved on in. I sat back and watched for a few minutes, watching Lee move his head back and forth over his forearms bracing in front of him. It was with a cocky grin that I watched Lee blast the bench with his cum as I stood up, grabbed a bit of it and smeared it on my dick before I stood behind Don and slid into him. We were one writhing fuck sandwich and Don was the filling. I held his hips in my hands, forcing him to stop thrusting as I drove both of them hard. I pushed and pushed and pushed, grunting in satisfaction as Lee cried out again, followed quickly by Don. I kept my pace steady, and moved a hand off of Don's hip and grabbed his hair, pulling his head back as I leant down and bit his neck as I sped up, driving hard, feeling Don cum around me again as I burst, biting harder and moaning around the salty flesh between my teeth.

***** Don *****

I'd thought we were done. The steam room felt so good. We all lounged, quietly trying to recover from the incredible shit that had just happened, and I started to feel a little sleepy. Andrew must have had the same idea because he stretched out below me and Lee took the level above. I stretched out, putting my hands over my head as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ache in my ass and the incredible sense of liberation I felt. I didn't expect to feel Andrew climb over me, pinning my arms to the slats of the bench with his knees, and start chewing my nipples back to life.

I arched my back, groaning and trying to tell him I'd had enough, but Lee got to my legs and started working me from the other end. How do you resist two hot guys, who've already fucked and sucked you to oblivion, when they set about to drive you insane? I was squirming and moaning under them. It was almost painful. I couldn't do anything but thrash and struggle against them as they worked me further and further towards a state of mindless lust. I couldn't touch them or myself; whenever I'd try to reach up to lick or kiss Andrew's chest or belly he'd just chuckle and pull up out of reach. Lee was no kinder. He worked me, never actually touching my cock but touching and tasting about everything else.

I lost track of time. It felt like my whole body was thrumming with the need to cum, but the bastards wouldn't let me trip. I was panting, completely lost to the sensations, when Andrew drew back and pulled me up. He whispered into my ear, "Fuck Lee. He needs it bad." That was like sending a bloodhound after a fox. I grabbed Lee, as he pulled off my balls, and spun him around. His ass was already twitching for me when I grabbed his Asian-boy hips and slammed home. His yelps only made me thrust harder and more desperately. He took me like a champ and was gripping my ass with his first orgasm as I reveled in how tight a fuck he was.

Andrew came behind me, slicked up his dick and raped my ass for the second time of the night. God he was huge. He didn't give me any time to adjust, not that I really needed it, and pistoned me like a damn jackhammer. He was controlling my thrusts into Lee and Lee was getting off again. I couldn't last... the feeling of being fucked while my cock was being hugged by someone else's hole just blew me away. It was like I was fucking myself. As I cried out with my fourth load of the night, Andrew bent me back and bit into my neck. I'd never imagined that having someone tearing at my flesh would be such a fucking turn on. I cried out in a mixture of shock, pain and pleasure as my body convulsed and I had another orgasm while Andrew bred me like a bull.

I sagged against Andrew, totally spent. I think only that bull cock of his was the only thing holding me from going to the floor. He was still doing little thrusts into my gaping ass, causing me to groan. I was one happy butt-slut and he knew it. The two "pampering" things the gym did have were the steam room and a whirlpool Jacuzzi. I was dragged, moaning from exhaustion, to the Jacuzzi and we got in. The hot water felt so good washing against my over worked, over stretched, over spunked hole. I needed to get a grip on myself, or I wouldn't be able to walk in the morning.


My thighs and lower back were sore and rubbery. Thank god the hot tub was sunken into the floor. I would be stiff tomorrow, but it was a minor price to pay for the hot fucking that I'd had tonight. Goddamn! I've been doing this pretty much since I figured out what my cock was for when I was fourteen. I'd find some bulky, sexy guy who gave me the slightest hint that he played for our team and I devoured him. Any resistance was gone before I'd ever shoved my cock into him. There were never any complaints either. I was the master of all I surveyed, and I surveyed a field filled with tight, muscular asses and big, fat cocks. They were all mine for the taking; as soon as my muscles snapped back. I must not have stretched properly. I needed to remember that I was almost thirty.

We sat back in the hot tub, absolutely drained. My balls were enjoying the water, trying to recuperate. Don sat beside me, his head lying back on the side of the hot tub. I was sure his ass would be sore for days. I almost chuckled out loud. I'd had cherry asses before, but not even the most experienced slut had milked my cock. Damn, that boy had needed to get fucked. Just thinking about that ass of his made my cock think about rising again. I almost moaned, wanting just to go to sleep. I think I might have for a moment, because I woke up when Lee left the hot tub, his slim body dripping water as he walked out. I looked over at Don and he had this look on his face. It was hard to describe. If I didn't know better, I'd say he was hungry for more.

Don moved up to me, straddled my waist under water, grabbed my hands and lifted them over my head, pinning them back. It kind of freaked me out. Not enough to panic me, but I was definitely not liking this. I was in control. I was always in control. Then Don started sucking on my neck. Oh God that felt good. He played with my nipples and licked my chest. His lips closed over a clump of my chest hair and pulled, over and over. That little sting was making my body light up with electric sensations. Damn it all to hell; my cock was rock hard and straining. I was squirming under the water, practically begging for his cock up my ass, wanting anything to sooth this ache. He lowered down to my ear and chewed the lobe for a bit before pulling back and whispering. "I want your ass again. Lie on your back, let's fuck."

That woke me up. He wasn't taking over again; this was my party; I would stay in control. He had let go of my hands quite a while ago, but I had kept them over my head. I didn't even think about the humiliation. I'd been slipping, giving way, and that wasn't going to happen again. I grabbed Don under the arms and stood us both up. I lay back against the floor all right, but with Don's legs still straddled my waist. My arms locked around his back, I found my target with my hips, and I plunged right in. I was expecting protest, but Don only whimpered and adjusted his hips so his own hard cock was against my belly. He arched his back, trying to sit up, to have a bit more range of motion. I didn't want that. I kept my arms locked around him, sucking on his neck. This was my piece of meat, and it didn't get up and walk away.

I fucked that ass, feeling him milking me. I knew he was close; I could just tell, the tight balls, the thickened, strained cock, the tightening of his ass. Then I heard a splash. Lee was back in the hot tub. I felt his legs resting between my widespread ones. Then I felt that thin, long cock against my balls as the head started snaking up. Holy shit, he was going for it. I couldn't believe it.

When Lee's cock pressed against mine at that tight hole, I figured Don's cherry ass couldn't do it. How wrong I was. Lee pressed forward, slipping in with me on one of my thrusts. Don cried out and I felt his hot cum shoot all over my belly. I still had his head against mine. Lee kept pushing, allowing me to relax and enjoy the ride. I kept myself busy by pushing Don up and worshipping his chest and shoulders. We hadn't really kissed, except for that one time I felched his ass and shared it with him. I found my lips meeting his, more just to find out how he was doing with two long cocks up his ass. I don't usually kiss my prey, but something about Don got me.

All I saw when I turned my head was a look of pure bliss. I could feel my cock head grinding and rubbing his prostate. His eyes were shut as I felt him cum again. Lee picked up the tempo again and pushed hard. Don came again within seconds, crying out, opening his eyes and staring right through me as another and another and another orgasm hit him. His ass was clamping so hard around my shaft, I felt my balls burn for release. He kept cumming; over and over. His dick had long stopped spitting out anything, but his cock and prostate were in the throes almost non-stop. I heard Lee cry out and felt him spunk against my dick. When he was done, he pulled out and Don whimpered. His body had calmed a bit while Lee stopped moving. I flipped the guy over, my feet still in the water, and lay against his chest as I began to pump into him. I was going fast, because we'd been at it almost four hours and I wanted one last hot cum before we left for the night.

As I pistoned in and out of Don's ass, he looked almost incoherent. His belly was a sticky, shiny mass of cum; but his cock was still rock hard. I pummeled that ass, working my hips so fast and so hard that I knew it wouldn't last long. Just as I was beginning to reach the point of no return, Don opened his eyes and stared at me. His ass started milking my cock again and he said two words. "Fuck me." I lasted ten more thrusts before I shot. It wouldn't stop. It kept going over and over, Don squeezing my dick with his ass, prolonging it, and milking every last drop of cum I had out of me. I was spent. My mind and body drained of everything.

Then Don gave me a truly conceited smirk. He wasn't getting control again damn it! My cock wasn't soft, but it wasn't hard either. As long as I stayed buried, I wouldn't have to worry about it falling out. So I picked up his knees and placed them on my shoulders. I was determined to fuck that last bit of resistance out of him. I did. I picked up the pace as I pummeled him with my barely hard cock. When he threw his head back, whimpering my name, I got rock hard again. Taking down a stud like Don was my blood and guts; I lived for it. I pummeled that ass over and over and over again. I fucked that over worn hole until he came again. He was limp below me, his mind and body total spent.

I continued to fuck him. I pushed into him and kept going. His pitiful whimpering just pushed me on. When it was time for me to cum again, I pulled out, straddled his chest, and tugged on my cock until I spunked all over Don's face. I used his chest hair to get the last few dribbles of cum off my dick and stood. Without a word, I headed for the shower and washed off the raunchy smell of sex. I grabbed my clothes and made sure Lee was gone. Don was getting dressed as I laced up my shoes. I didn't say a single word to him as he grabbed his bag and left.

I made it home about ten minutes later. I stripped down in bed and lay back. Staring at the ceiling for a long time, I chuckled when I realized that I had another cherry convert on my hands. The next day I'd have to stock up on my vitamin E.

***** Don *****

I had no way to explain how I was feeling as I looked at Andrew. He had those massive arms spread wide along the edge of the hot tub and he looked so fucking hot. While the heat of the water smoothed out some of my aches, I kept thinking about the whole experience. I loved being fucked; I really loved it. Lee had been good, but I honestly kept being drawn back to how incredible Andrew's dick felt in me. He was so fucking big. I remembered how he'd gotten off when I'd fucked him in return. He'd loved it.

I'd given in when he'd taken me in the shower. I'd been hot, horny and scared, but if I hadn't wanted it, I could have stopped what had happened. I'd wanted it. I'd wanted it so bad that there was no way I could resist him. I'd given myself over to Andrew and Lee and they'd fucked the fear out of me. Maybe I had a case of puppy love or hero worship, but I wanted to show the stud who'd taken my cherry exactly how good it had been for me. I slid over to Andrew as he lay there, and I started worshiping him.

I didn't want him to have to do a thing. This was for him. I was going to show him how much I'd learned and how much I appreciated the instruction. I got his hands over his head and pressed him back so I could feast on all that muscle. By the time I was done chewing at his fur I could feel his ass squirming beneath me. He wanted it bad; he wanted to be fucked. I'd been ready to give him my ass again, one last fuck for the road, but if he wanted it the other way I was happy to comply. Chewing on his ear I let him know I was more than willing to give him what he wanted. "I want your ass again. Lie on your back, let's fuck."

That got his motor running. He pulled me up with him, but held me against his body as he laid back on the floor with his hips at the edge of the tub. I'd have to get back a ways if I was going to fuck him. Apparently, that wasn't his idea. I wasn't prepared for that huge cock to be shoved all the way up my ass. If I hadn't already been fucked loose enough to take a horse, it would have hurt as hell. Instead, it was shocking but began to feel good almost immediately. Ok, he wanted my ass again? Sure. I tried to get back into a position to really ride him good, but he wouldn't let me. That fucking confused me. If he wanted to fuck, at least he should let me give it to him the best I could. His dick was still big enough, even at the poor angle, to rub me the right way. I felt myself building again as he humped me while chewing at my neck. He was sucking and biting so hard I knew I'd have marks.

Then I felt something new. Lee had gotten behind us and his dick was rubbing against my overworked ass. There was no way. I'd taken some huge things in my ass as I'd tried to satisfy myself without a cock to ride, but two dicks? I didn't get the chance to object; his long ass-killer pushed in with Andrew's before I could do anything about it. It sent shockwaves through me like a bomb had been set off in my ass. I blew, crying out from the overload. They kept riding me further, not letting any area of my ass rest as I was pushed back. Oh god, now he moved me to the angle where everything got hit at once. My whole body was shaking as I built up again. Then Andrew kissed me. Oh fuck, that did it. It was like a circuit had been closed and now the feelings were recycling on themselves. I slid into someplace where all I could do is exist as a living orgasm.

I kept cumming and cumming to the point of complete melt down. I didn't have any cum left and I still kept going through an ever-shorter cycle of releases. Could you die from too many orgasms? I didn't know, but I was certain I was well on the way. I whimpered from relief as Lee pulled out. Thank god, if I'd gone through any more orgasms I might have lost my mind. Andrew wasn't done yet; he flipped me onto the tiles, his cock never leaving my ass, and he began to piston me like a machine. With as loose as I was, he just felt good and I wasn't going to "O" again. I wanted him to give me one last ride before we called it quits. I met his eyes and urged him on. "Fuck me." That did it, he gave me his last hurrah and it felt so good.

He was shrinking in me as I looked up at him and smiled. I felt so good. I'd been able to take it all and match his lust. I felt like one incredible stud and he knew it. Something in his eyes shifted as he looked at me and he hefted up my legs and began to pummel me again. It was too much. I didn't want to be fucked again. I was sore and exhausted and my balls had already given up everything I'd ever had and probably some of my future jizz too. I whimpered his name, I wanted him to stop but he didn't. He just got harder and rougher. A part of me loved it; it loved being pushed where I hadn't thought I could go; but another part of me cringed and wanted nothing more than for him to stop. This last fuck was demeaning. He didn't give a shit if I wanted it or not, he was taking my ass and using me till he was done.

He literally forced another orgasm out of me. I was surprised I wasn't spewing blood. I'd given up. I wasn't in pain so much as simply pushed beyond human endurance. I just wanted it over. He pulled out of me and climbed up my helpless, heaving body to spunk me in the face. A half hour ago that'd have been hot as hell, now it was just humiliating. Why'd he do that when it was obvious I couldn't enjoy it? He left me there, wasted, to go get his shower. My shoulder didn't hurt any more, but something else did.

I think I'd have curled up around myself and retreated if it hadn't been for Lee. He stretched out over me, gently, and kissed me. It was the kiss I'd wanted to give Andrew; it wasn't love or some romantic shit like all those pussy girl writers seem to think guys who fuck suddenly feel; the kiss was an affirmation that we'd done it together, we'd made each other feel like men. It was also only my second fucking kiss of my life. Andrew's had pushed me over the edge, but Lee's had been the lifeline that kept the experience as a positive one.

I clung to him, desperate for that reassurance that I hadn't been just a cum-dump. He gave it to me and let my trembling subside before helping me up. I was leaning on the sink after washing the cum off my face when I realized he hadn't left. I smiled at him. "Thanks, Lee."

He gave me one last, slow kiss. It wasn't a promise of anything; it was like a handshake between friends but more intimate. "You cool?" There was a touch of concern in his voice that brought me the rest of the way back; I was a person, not a fuck, and I realized that he'd just made me a friend for life.

"Yeah; we should do this again some time." I grinned. Ok, so I didn't want it any time soon, but I knew I wouldn't be able to go back into my hole and stay there.

Lee chuckled. "Yeah, you're cool." He patted my shoulder on his way back to the lockers, and then stopped. "And sure, if you get the itch, I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine." He wiggled his eyebrows and left, walking as stiffly as I felt.

I packed up my shit without a word from Andrew. I had no idea what was going on with him, but if he treated all his fucks like this afterwards, I sure as hell wasn't going to repeat the experience - no matter how hung he was. I thanked God it was Friday, because there was no way I would be worth a shit tomorrow.

I got home, showered and hit the bed. Even though I was exhausted, my mind was too busy to let me get to sleep. I lay on the bed, unwilling to touch any part of myself because it all was too sensitive, and thought about the future. The guys had fucked the fear out of me; at least the fear of sex. I didn't want to run out and proclaim my fag-hood to the world, but I wanted to enjoy it from now on. I was definitely going to have sex again, hot and regular if I had my way. A part of me knew I'd try again with Andrew, but on a more equal footing next time. I could deal with the attitude; I had no illusions about love or romance. Andrew would never be anything but a hot fuck; he'd made that clear tonight.

Lee, well honestly, Lee would be a great friend with benefits, but I didn't see that going anywhere. I didn't want the drama of a gay relationship. Let's face it; most gay guys you hear about didn't have relationships that lasted. I didn't need love; I needed sex, and lots of it. Maybe Lee and I could do a bar or a club together. If I'd learned anything from the guys that night, it was that it was easier to hunt for fresh meat in packs.