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The Conquered - Chapter 12: Untilled Stones

***** Andrew *****

Running my own business was tough, scary and the greatest feeling in the world next to being with Taylor. I had a job I loved and was in business with my best friend. I couldn't call Taylor that any longer, not really. He was, but Lee had been my friend all along. It just took Taylor to make me realize it. By the end of the first couple weeks, we had worked out the schedule so one of us had a client while the other could man the office and reception area. I had clients at seven, nine and eleven. Lee took the six, eight and ten person.

Eventually we'd have to consider getting a front counter person, but that was something for the future. It was nearing seven, and my first client of the day was coming in. His name was Bill and he used to be a client at Charlotte's who had followed us over. A tall, muscular, sweet, all-American kind of guy, Bill was cute in a wholesome way. Bill was also married, with three kids, and a cop to boot. I'd never gone near his ass, but he had been a definite piece of eye candy. The man had never cared once that I was gay, but had simply wanted to be trained by someone who could push him to reach his final goal.

"Did you want to change any part of your old routine?"

Bill's grin was warm and lit up his eyes. "I don't think so. I'm thrilled that I have my range of motion back."

He was injured when a stupid kid without a license tried to get away from him after being pulled over. The boy was in jail and Bill spent three months learning to move his shoulder again. Not that he'd been out of shape before, but when he came in, I worked to rebuild strength, and the rest fell into line once he realized the benefits. Even after the state stopped paying for it, he kept coming. "You did all the work, I just helped you along."

"Damn good at it too. Why do you think I'm driving three extra miles to come here?"

I laughed and pushed him through his routine, working his shoulder hard, pissed at whoever had taken over for me and how he had slipped. "Damn. The fool who took over didn't help much. We have some ground to recover."

"Yeah, Charlotte sucks at motivation. Nice tits, but she knows nothing about squeezing that last set of reps out of you."

Charlotte. I should have known. "We'll get you back quick. Say... three weeks?"

"Sounds good."

At the moment, we didn't have any clients scheduled for after twelve and before four. It gave us time to work on business matters, get lunch, and fine-tune the schedule. While Lee was busy with his four o' clock client, Tyron slipped in the reception area and held his finger to his lips. I grinned at him, not even bothering to hide that I knew exactly what he was there for. Before Lee was done, Tyron slipped in the back while Lee was busy with his client.

Don and Sebastian came by on their way to class, dragging their friend Sean with them. The boy was cute but shy. He took one look at Lee and had no clue he was staring. It was cute as he blushed and I thought for sure he'd faint when Tyron came out of the back wearing only some clingy nylon shorts and a shirt twenty sizes too small, and wrapped his arm around Lee and kissed his cheek. Tyron was a massive, chiseled work of ebony art. The look on Sean's face was wistful I think. Hell, I didn't know. I couldn't read faces. Maybe he was bummed Tyron was taken. Of course I looked, but he didn't do anything for me. No man had since the day I realized I was in love with Taylor.

After the last client left, Lee and I shut the doors, turned off the exterior lights, then went into the back, laughing. Without thinking, I threw my arms around him, picked him up and swung him around in a great hug. All my dreams had come true. "This is so fucking awesome."

He looked at me, the grin still lingering in his eyes. "I agree." He started to laugh. "Do you mind putting me down?"

I grinned before setting him on his feet. I looked around again, searching to see if I'd left anything out of place. Not that I had been slovenly at Charlotte's, but, this was my place, and everything had to be perfect. A few doubts lingered though. It must have shown on my face. "Hey, what's the matter?"

I looked over at Lee, figuring I'd been vulnerable all day, might as well continue. "I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop."

Lee's smile turned up one side of his mouth. "You know, I was thinking the same thing."

I was relieved. At least I wasn't the only one who had doubts. "Thanks. I needed to hear that."

"I think we're gonna feel this way for a bit, until we're more established. But hey, we've got a good start. Only one person flaked out on us, and we knew him from before."

"Yeah, you're right. I know. I'm just... scared." I looked into his dark brown eyes. "This is a big dream. I don't want to lose it."

Lee smiled big, but there was a niggling remainder of fear in his eyes. "We won't. You've got me. What more do you need?"

We both laughed. Lee turned around, looking things over. "What the hell is keeping Tyron so long?"

I ducked my head and smothered a chuckle. "Why don't you go check on him while I lock up out front?"

"Good idea."

Lee headed off towards the bathroom. I walked out front, double-checked the doors, and then locked up the office, the petty cash drawer, and the drink cooler. As I made my way to the back door, I heard Lee's groan and a throaty, deep moan from Tyron. I knew what was going on, and they'd left the door open. I snuck a quick peak, seeing Lee bent over a spare bench we had in the storeroom as Tyron drove deep into his man. It was a hot sight, but I left quickly. I had my own man to keep me satisfied waiting at home.

Taylor was leaning down to grab a pan in the kitchen when I walked in. It made me think of Tyron fucking Lee. My cock hardened instantly and I had to fight to keep from walking up and grinding against him. I'd never hurt him again, but... I missed fucking. Taylor was everything I wanted, but I couldn't share everything with him. We did what we could and I was happy with it, but every once in a while I wished for something more, some other way to be together. When he saw me standing there, tenting my shorts, Taylor only laughed. "I guess I don't have to ask you how your day went?"

I chuckled at him. "Yeah, it was awesome."

"I was going to make dinner, but since you don' t seem hungry for food..."

I growled low and deep before pulling off my shirt and kicking off my shoes. "Come here baby, I'm eating well tonight."

I chased him up the stairs into the bedroom. I so badly wanted to take over, fuck him hard and fast until he begged. The memory of blood, his blood, was enough to kill the idea. The temptation was hard to resist, so damn hard. I wanted him so badly, wanted to show him how good it could be. Each and every time I brushed his entrance the memory of his wince, the pain in his eyes would come back. Any desire I felt died right then. I went into the bathroom and splashed some cold water on my face, trying to calm my lust.

When I came back into the bedroom, Taylor was standing before me in his jock, tented, squeezing one of his nipples. "Oh fuck!" I moaned, "That's hot baby."

His eyes met mine as his hand trailed down that tight body of his and he slid his fingers into his jock. "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

***** Taylor *****

Weekends were supposed to be restful. This one was proving to be anything but. I checked the marinating shish kabobs for the tenth time as I wiped up the counters. The house was spotless, sort of. I'd given up on the spare room and our bedroom and had pulled the doors shut. The rest of the house, though, was as perfect as a manic, paranoid, anxious Libra could manage at the last minute.

"Babe," Andrew chuckled, shaking his head as he planted his ass firmly between me and my goal at the counter, "You're going to make yourself nuts. It's just an afternoon with family."

My eyes narrowed as I looked up at him. "An afternoon with your family, Andrew. Family I haven't met or even talked to on the phone. What is it with Jacksons that gives you people such delight in surprise visits."

"What surprise?" Andrew looked sincerely confused. "Moira was coming to visit Mom over the weekend and wanted to meet the guy who stole my heart and made life worth living."

As much as his words made me want to melt, I reached around his meaty ass and grabbed the cleaner from behind him. "That's sweet, but twenty-four hour notice is not much time to prepare for the in-laws."

Andrew grabbed my hands, keeping me from wiping another imaginary spot. "Taylor, I've been a bachelor Moira's entire adult life. If the place is too clean she'll get suspicious something's wrong." He kissed my nose before nuzzling my hair. "She's going to love you baby. Mom does, I do, and there's no reason Moira won't too."

Melting into him, I dropped the cleaner back on the counter and hugged him. "I didn't get a chance with Grace, Andrew. I want to make a good impression."

I loved when he kissed my hair. Sure, it looked like it was the big strong guy that cherished his little boyfriend, but I knew it meant so much more than that. Hell, I hadn't even cut the shit since we got together because he loved to play with it and nuzzle it all the time. Something about his fingers in my hair, the brush of his lips and the touch of his nose up there that made me feel loved. Stupid little gestures, but they made everything okay.

"Mom loved you from the moment she met you, Taylor." Pulling me up, he kissed me softly, and then let me step back. "Know what she said about when she saw you here, wearing one of my old shirts?"

I shook my head. "I don't have a clue."

He fingered the shirt that was draping me almost like a dress. I didn't look feminine in it, but I it was definitely a shirt I could curl up in on the couch. I still couldn't put my finger on when I'd just given up avoiding his clothes and started wearing the shirts regularly. "She said that she walked in and saw this perfect man in the kitchen, who was in love and happy, wearing one of my shirts, and all she could think was: Andrew, don't let this man go."

I practically climbed Andrew to get to his lips. We stood there, kissing as if our lives depended on it, and with me trying to wrap myself around him like a vest. Sometimes I got desperate for him, I didn't know why, but whenever he reminded me of how much he loved me, I had to get as much physical confirmation as possible. He had me up by my ass, pressed against him, until we heard a cough from the mudroom.

"Horny bastards," Grace chuckled as she stepped into the kitchen.

"Grace," I looked up at the wall clock as Andrew let me slide to my feet, "you're early."

She laughed, coming over and kissing me on the cheek. "Don't worry, Moira and Thomas won't be here for another couple hours. She wanted to come with me but I told her it would be rude to cut into your together time. You're still a new couple."

"And what's your excuse?" I laughed, reaching around Andrew again to grab the discarded cleaning bottle.

"Me?" Her feigned innocence was anything but contrite. With a laugh she discarded my question for the nonsense it was. "I'm the mother. I don't need excuses." With a small frown, she took the cleaning bottle from my hand, stepped around us and knelt down to tuck it back under the sink. "Besides, I know my boys are at it morning, noon and night. If I were to wait for you to not be at it, I'd either have to put up with exhausted, sweaty men who can't hold a conversation, or I'd die of old age."

Damn it, would I ever not blush when she did that? Andrew mussed my hair and kissed the side of my head. "She's got our number, you know. I say we just get back to it and let the old girl wait."

"I am NOT going to make out in front of your mother," I laughed, turning to grab my dust rag but Grace had already confiscated it. "Grace!"

"Taylor, you are the most obsessed man at times." She shook her head, but her smile was warm enough to keep any offense away. "I knew if I didn't come over here and assure you the house is fine, that you are fine, and that everything is fine, you would be a nervous wreck by the time Moira arrived."

I took in a deep breath, ready for the argument, but she just raised her eyebrow at me with the look of a woman who knew she was right and short of God saying otherwise she would not budge in her opinion. I shrugged, letting the breath out. "Okay, you win. I'll go get changed."

Grace rolled her eyes and jerked her head at Andrew. "Go with him and see if you can do something to calm him down? I'll be down here, far away, so I won't be able to hear a thing."

Andrew chuckled as I retreated from the room. It just wasn't fair that Grace could make me feel totally at ease and completely exposed all at the same time. Even Andrew couldn't manage that. He caught up with me in the bedroom as I stripped out of the T-shirt I'd stolen from the laundry that morning. His hands slid around my waist and he pressed gently against my back while bringing his nose to my hair again. "We've got a couple hours," he paused and grinned, "Ok, maybe a little over an hour."

"Why the edit?" I asked -- my voice anxious as his hands slid down to loosen my sweats. The man was going to have me naked and begging in no time.

He chuckled. "I know my sister. She'll be early." I flinched at his words, but his lips got to my neck about the time he had my sweats dropping past my hips. I didn't have enough brainpower left to protest as he pulled me into the shower.

"There they are," Andrew called as we heard their car pull up the gravel drive. I'd seldom seen Andrew get happily excited, but as their car pulled to a stop he shifted from foot to foot like a seven-year-old about to ride his first bike. I laughed as he barged out of the door like a bull after a red flag and nearly left a dust trail on his way to the car.

I watched from the kitchen window as Moira got out. I'd seen her pictures, so I already knew she was tall, dark-haired, dark skinned and as beautiful as Andrew was handsome. Their father may have been worthless as a parent, but he left them some pretty good genetics. Andrew swept his sister up in a hug as she hopped from the car to meet him. For a second, I felt a pang in my gut. I'd never had siblings. I snapped out of my thoughts as Grace put her hand on my shoulder.

"No point in staying in here."

I shook my head, smiling. "I thought I'd give them a few moments of brother-sister time before invading that." I nodded out at the two of them as they chatted like long lost halves of a whole.

The man who got out of the car wasn't quite as tall or broad as Andrew, not many people were, but he had an exotic look. He had dark skin, dark wavy hair, but bright blue eyes that could be seen even at a distance. He held out his hand as Andrew let go of Moira, and Andrew shook it.

Grace laughed and pulled me out of the kitchen. "Don't be ridiculous. You aren't going to violate the sanctity of sibling love." She rolled her eyes as she pushed me out of the door ahead of her. "She doesn't bite... usually."

I glared at Grace as I stepped outside. She'd said that last bit loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Andrew, Moira and Tom all laughed. "Thanks Grace. That was just the opening I needed." Plastering a confident smile I didn't feel to my face, I crossed the driveway to meet and greet. "Hi. If you haven't guessed it, I'm Taylor."

Tom smiled, looking at me, then Andrew, and back. "Nice to meet you," he replied, sticking out his hand.

Though he seemed surprised, I suppose at the fact I wasn't six foot six and a wall of muscle, I saw no real judgment in those crystal blue eyes of his. When I turned to greet Moira, I couldn't help but notice her appraising look. Unlike her mother's from our initial meeting, I could tell what she was thinking. I didn't meet her expectations at all. She offered me a smile that came nothing close to her eyes and put out her hand. "Hi, Taylor, I'm Moira, Andrew's sister."

I took her hand, shaking it briefly, and let it go. "I hope you like shish kabobs." Smooth Taylor, that was really smooth.

Moira blinked, almost confused by my statement, but her smile stayed plastered in place. "Love them."

Before I could escape, Andrew slid his arm over my shoulders and hugged me to his side. My arms went around him automatically. Suddenly all I wanted to do was hold on tight. "Taylor's a great cook." Kissing the top of my head, he laughed. "I still do breakfast."

Moira laughed. "That's all you ever could cook, Andrew." She smiled from Andrew to me. "He definitely needs someone who can feed him something other than scrambled eggs and bacon."

"I do my best," I replied, patting Andrew's back, I pulled away. Even his arm around me didn't soothe the churning in my stomach. "Why doesn't everyone head out back to the deck. I'll get some drinks. We have water, ice tea, lemonade?"

"Lemonade," Tom answered with a smile, "it's hot as hell."

"Tea," Moira replied, putting her hand out to take Tom's.

"Water?" I asked Andrew as I started back toward the kitchen.

"Sure, thanks babe."

"Grace?" I called as I got to the door.

"I have a glass of tea on the counter," she called as she began around the side of the house.

I slipped back into the house and took a moment to breathe. I hated being judged. I swallowed down the insecurities that tried to claw their way up from my gut, got the glasses down and filled drinks. Everyone was laughing as I got out to the deck with the drinks. I tried to get the door closed, but with a tray full of drinks it was a tricky maneuver.

"Hey, baby, let me get that." Andrew jogged over and got the door. He kissed my head before letting me bring the glasses out.

I would have enjoyed the attention, but his actions brought Moira's gaze back to me. It made me uncomfortable as hell. Sliding the tray onto the table, I distributed the various drinks and took my own water. I moved to the railing to sip my water and listen to the conversation. Moira animatedly discussed the trials and tribulations of dealing with their new home and Tom talked about the challenges of being the low-man on the law firm's totem pole.

I hadn't noticed that Andrew had settled beside me, and I'd leaned into him, until Tom turned his attention to us. "What do you do, Taylor?"

I snapped out of my haze and pushed off the railing, and away from Andrew. "I'm a counselor at Kipling High School."

"That must make budgeting, essential," Moira commented as she sipped her tea. "The school system never pays anything close to what people are worth."

I shrugged. "I didn't go into child psychology for the money. I make enough to live."

Andrew laughed. "Enough to own his own condo and cover the expense of our starting a new business."

Moira looked at Andrew in surprise. "I thought you and Lee started Goals & Dreams."

"We did," he replied as he wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed the side of my head. I couldn't help but notice how Moira's eyes drifted to his embrace. "Taylor and Tyron shelled out the money. Lee and I have to make the business a success. My man is stuck with me now, we've got joint debt."

Tom chuckled. "Yeah, that's more binding these days than marriage it seems."

"You should know," Moira laughed. "Most of your income comes from divorce."

Patting Andrew's arm, I pulled from his embrace. "Division of labor, you start the grill and I'll check on the food."

"Okay, babe," Andrew chuckled as he pushed off the railing towards the grill.

Moira's gaze locked with mine for a moment as I went past. The look wasn't hostile, but there was no acceptance there. I broke the gaze and retreated into the house. I'd never really had to deal with any of my girlfriend's siblings, though I'd met more than a few of them. We'd never gotten serious enough to make the meet and greet aspect of the relationship important. This was important. It was fucking important. Grace had been easy compared to this. What did you do if an in-law didn't like you?

I had the meat and vegetables up on the counter, and was pulling out the Greek salad when I spun into someone behind me, nearly dropping the bowl. Grace steadied the bowl, and me, before letting go. "Jesus, Grace," I tried to swallow my heart back down from my throat, "don't sneak up on me like that."

"You need to calm down, honey. It's just an afternoon cookout, not the inquisition." She pulled out a stack of plates from the cabinets as she talked. "Everything is fine."

I snorted, "Yeah, right."

Grace laughed. "Just remember one thing and you'll be fine." She grinned at me as she pulled out the silverware.

I arched an eyebrow, not convinced. "And that would be?"

Setting the silverware on the plates, Grace came over and cupped my face. It made me feel so small, but safe in ways Andrew's arms didn't. "I think you're perfect." She kissed my nose, which I'd seen her do to Andrew more times than I could count, and let me go. "A mother's opinion trumps a sister's."

I smiled. I didn't think my parents had ever called me perfect. I had a sudden desire to call home, but I knew Mom and Dad weren't there. They were on their summer road trip in the motor home. There was another month before they'd get back to the house. It had made this transition a bit easier; no questions, no visits, no explanations. It wouldn't last forever, but I had another month or two of reprieve. "Thanks, Grace."

Chuckling, she dropped the napkins on the plates, picked up the whole stack, and started for the back deck. "I'll set the table. You get yourself together and get out there before Andrew burns down the house."

"He knows how to use a grill, Grace. I've seen him do it." Was I trying to protect my man from his mother? God forbid.

"He fakes it well, but his testosterone always flares when Tom's about." Shaking her head, she moved out of the kitchen. "Alpha males... can't live with them, can't put them in cages."

Laughing, I finished my preparations and went back out to save the house from destruction. Lunch went well, and I'd relaxed enough by the time evening rolled about that I wasn't feeling much pain. I suppose that could have also been due to the beers Tom and I had nursed most of the afternoon. I wasn't drunk, but I definitely wasn't nervous any more. I heard Moira talking in the living room when I came in to claim two more cans.

"I don't remember the couch."

"Taylor brought it with him when he moved it," Andrew explained, pausing to take a drink of his water, or at least that's what it sounded like. "It's a lot more comfortable than the old one."

"How'd you two meet?" Moira didn't sound enthusiastically curious. She sounded perplexed.

"He came in for training, Charlotte probably thought it would be a riot to give him to me." He chuckled, even though his tone was a bit strained saying Charlotte's name. "He wasn't my usual."

"Dating a client," Moira made a clucking sound, "not good form, big brother."

Andrew coughed. "Yeah, well, that'd never stopped me before."

Was I eavesdropping? I knew I should have left, but curiosity and the mellowing effects of the beer held me fast.

"At least you have someone to take care of." Moira sounded resigned. "Mom's too independent and I've got Tom."

Andrew chuckled. "We take care of each other, sis." I could imagine how his eyebrows lifted suggestively by the tone of his voice.

"Ewww... I don't need to know the many ways he calls out your name, Andrew. Leave me a few mysteries."

Andrew laughed. "Sometimes I think you're a closet prude, Moira."

Moira snorted. "Not likely. I've been accused enough of having Tom PW'd to recognized when a gay man's been ass-whipped."

My gut clenched. Ass-whipped? What was I, the little woman? Grabbing the beers, I left before I could listen to any more. The soft peaceful buzz I had was gone. Ass-whipped. Didn't I wish.

***** Andrew *****

All things considered, lunch with the family went quite well. Okay, so not well, but we got through it. Taylor was a wreck nearly the whole time. Well, until the beer started flowing. Thank God Tom drank. Ever since that first time getting drunk, I even avoided the glass of wine or the single beer. No thanks; I didn't want to revisit that nightmare, thank you. As I watched Taylor clean up after I'd brought in the last pile of dishes, I noticed the tense set of his shoulders and the almost angry way he was scrubbing the pan. Damn it. I knew Moira's overprotective kid sister routine had affected him. Mom tried to hint at it, but I didn't want to listen.

"Taylor? Are you okay?" Brilliant move Jackson, start out with the meat of the problem and hope he'll spill. Yeah, right.

"Sure. I like Tom. He's a sweet guy who loves your sister to distraction."

Shrugging and rolling my eyes, I figured `what the hell' I could play at this. "Yeah, he's wonderful. But the sad part is, I gave him ten different kinds of hell before I accepted him." Moving up behind him so I could catch the sock to the gut or the hug, I spoke into his ear. "She's doing the same thing. We both are overprotective of each other."

I watched as he let the pot scrubber and pan sink into the sudsy water. Taylor's shoulders slumped almost imperceptibly. If I wasn't right next to his ear, I wouldn't have heard the small sigh. "I suppose she has a right."

I turned him around by his shoulders. "No, she doesn't. She doesn't have a right to make you crazy and doubt yourself." I shrugged before pulling him to me. "She only has the right to be my sister and worry about me."

His palms pressed firmly against my chest and he shoved me away as hard as he could, anger spilling across his face. "I'm not doubting myself!" I just stood there with one eyebrow raised. Taylor shrugged and let out the breath he was holding. "Okay, maybe a little."

The small voice he used had my heart breaking. I was no good at this. Every time I took a step into the world of emotion, it was like standing on the edge of a cliff. One false move and I tumbled down, usually taking someone with me. "Baby, don't let her do this to you. You're everything to me."

His eyes melted as he placed his hand against my chest again before curling up into my arms. "I'm sorry. I just heard a few things that hurt."

I rubbed his back and kissed his hair. "Care to share them with me?"

His chuckle was almost a sob against my chest. "I felt like the little woman. That I wasn't an equal, but just a plaything."

It took everything I had not to tighten my arms around him. How could he think that? Why would he think that? I wanted to kill my sister. "Was it just something she said or did? Or have you felt that way before?"

Taylor pulled back so he could look into my eyes. "Sometimes I feel that way."

"When?" I held my breath as he said it.

"Look at us, Andrew. You're the big strong alpha man and I'm... me." His analogy sucked, but I got what he was saying. Snorting in frustration I took his face in my hand and kissed his lips, brushing over them lightly, feeling my heart take that plunge to my gut.

"Taylor, have I ever made you feel that way?"

He shook his head and swallowed deeply. "Never."

That was a relief. I let my breath out as I looked into his eyes. "You are so much more than a boyfriend. You're my partner, my equal, my lover, my everything."

His body curled around me as he began climbing up my torso, pushing his lips against mine, moaning into my mouth as I cupped his ass. He pulled back to whisper against my lips, "take me to bed, Andrew." He kissed along my jaw until he could bite my earlobe. "Fuck me."

My heart shattered at his words. I would if I could. I'd loved to take him upstairs and shown him everything I felt for him, shown him how good it could be. This wasn't about getting off, but about showing my love for him in a physical way. I could say it in every known language, buy him presents, be there for him for every hurt, but this last barrier was one I couldn't pass. I pulled Taylor's face back to me as I kissed him, pushing my straining cock into his balls as I started the trek to our bedroom.

Taylor ground his cock against my belly as I walked up the stairs. He moaned and groaned as I pushed him onto the bed, pulling clothes off of him as I sank to my knees, grabbed his legs, and pulled him and separated him in one motion. I had my face in his crack and my tongue lapping that sweet hole faster than you could say rimming. The sweet musk, the soft, pliant skin, and heated whimpers fueled me, made me hot and randy. Oh God, I love this man. Taylor loved having his ass worked. A finger, my tongue, it didn't matter, he loved it. I lost track of time as I kept lapping and diving at that sweet hole. When my tongue began to cramp and my lips were numb, I pulled back, seeing Taylor more open than I'd ever seen him before. Grabbing some lube, I doused my fingers and pressed against him.

The first finger disappeared to the second knuckle with nothing more than a moan from Taylor. The second finger took some work, but he took me. As I began moving my fingers in and out of him, Taylor started humping against them, crying out incoherent sounds as he rode me. After several minutes, I added a third finger to the mix. It took some time, but Taylor took it. At the rate we were going, he might be able to take me. The thought had my cock hard to the point of bursting.

I had to see his face. No matter what, I had to see him. I flipped him over, carefully keeping two of my fingers in him. His cock was angry red and oozing a ton of precum. Taylor's face was scrunched up in pleasure, sweat pooled off his forehead. His chest heaved so hard from his panting breaths, I'm surprised he hadn't fainted. I put the third finger back and watched as Taylor's face revealed every ounce of pleasure. "That's it baby. Ride it, feel good."

I lifted myself so I could kiss Taylor. Mating our tongues together, I kept the rocking motion of my hand inside him. When I pulled back, I could see it in his eyes. He wanted to try again. Steeling myself, fighting inside for a few seconds, I knew I couldn't deny him anything. I grabbed the lube and coated my cock with enough slippery help that I could have inserted it into a Cheerio without breaking it. I removed my fingers and pressed against him. I didn't force it, I didn't press forward, just rested the head of my cock against his open ring. It felt so damn good, I almost lost it and came right then. Once the feeling passed, I started to move, slow, gentle rocking of my hips until I started to press in.

The moment the thickest part of the head was being surrounded by his ring, Taylor tensed up and winced in pain. Without pause, I pulled back and in one motion, ran my hand once over my cock, slicked my crack, then planted my knees on either side of Taylor's hips. I pressed down, taking all of him in one hot, burning plunge. I didn't even wait for me to adjust. I started riding, long and hard. Being so turned on by all the foreplay, I was ready. We rode hard and fast until we both exploded in pleasure. I dropped to Taylor, kissing him deeply. "I love you, Taylor."

"I love you too, you big gorilla."

I chuckled, but I could still see it in his eyes. He cuddled to me fiercely as we curled up to sleep. But he doubted. He worried. So he couldn't take me. Big deal. I'd rather spend a lifetime of being fucked, than even once hurting Taylor like I had. It was a long time of listening to Taylor's heavy breathing before I could fall asleep.

The next day, I met Moira for lunch. I chose the usual hangout with the big booths that reached to the ceiling, insuring lots of privacy. The food was great, but I had to have a serious talk with my sister. When she arrived, she kissed my cheek and ordered a diet soda. "What's up bro?"

Sighing, I took Moira's hand in mine. "Sis, we have to talk."

She laughed and patted my hand. "This sounds serious."

When I didn't smile back, her own smile faded. "It is."

The waitress came by to take our order and give Moira her drink. "What is it?"


Moira rolled her eyes and laughed. "Geez, and I thought it was serious."

"I am serious Moira, deadly serious."

All pretenses at joking left her. "Okay, what's going on?"

Christ! How to start. Oh well, cliff-jumping time. "You know how important Tom is to you?" She nodded and I continued. "Multiply that by a million, and that's how important Taylor is to me."

"I see."

"No, I don't think you do." I shrugged. "Taylor has gotten me through some really bad shit. He's everything to me. Absolutely everything."

Moira sat back and sipped her drink, staring at me. After the tension built to the point I wanted to pull her hair like I used to she nodded at me. "Okay, so why tell me this?"

"Yesterday didn't go all that well. Mom adores him. You treated him like he was less than a whole person."

She looked shocked at what I said. "I don't think that."

"Are you sure?"

"Andrew, he isn't like anyone you've ever been with before. He's short. He isn't buff, and he just doesn't seem like your type."

I hung my head. Damn it, the sins of my past still haunted me. "Things change, little sister. They really do."

She thought about that for a while. "Tom wasn't my first choice either. I went for nerdy, brainy guys." Her voice trailed off to something silent, almost a whisper. "Guys who were nothing like daddy."

I shut my eyes so I wouldn't see her pain. It didn't help. The sperm donor struck again. Bastard! "Moira..." I sighed. "I was running away too."

She scoffed at me. "Yeah, right."

"No, it's true. I went out to prove that I could top any bad ass, buff dude out there. Because I was running away from my own past."

I think she saw it in my eyes. Leaning in, she squeezed my hand.. "Want to tell me about it?"

"Not yet. Soon." I laced my fingers with hers. "Taylor got me through most of it. Without him, I'd be a vegetable in a mental ward right now. Trust me, he is absolutely everything to me."

"I get it. I get it." She smiled at me. "So... how do you think I should fix this?"

As our food was served, we conspired and whispered like we used to when we were kids, huddled under a blanket while our parents fought, just before the sperm donor ran out on us. By the time lunch was over, I felt better. Moira might not have completely understood all that Taylor was to me, but she at least knew that he was important and not temporary. Hopefully, that would be enough.

***** Taylor *****

Carole buzzed my office as I finished reviewing the plans for the up coming school year. Another month and I'd be packing up, with luck, by six instead of at noon. "Oh, Mr. Madison?"

The amused tone in her voice made me instantly suspicious. "Yes, Carole?"

"There is a strange woman out here asking to see her 'brother in law'. Since Charley isn't here, that leave's you."

Brother in Law? Oh Jesus Christ, what now? "Tall, dark haired, exotic?"

"That would be the one," Carole laughed. I was either being played, or I had some explaining to do. Either way, she had gossip.

"My house-mate's family has a twisted sense of humor. I'll be right out." Would that fly? I hoped so. Shutting off the computer I grabbed my daytimer and left my office. Moira was all smiles, laughing with Carole about who knew what, but probably about me. I wished my smile was sincere. "Hello, Moira. What are you doing here?"

"Taking my brother in law out to lunch," she laughed.

I wasn't amused. "We'll try to find him on the way," I grumbled and turned to Carole as I pulled open the door, "I'm gone. Call if anything comes up."

"Over the summer? That'd be new." She waved me out the door with a smile. "Good luck finding her 'brother in law'."

"Thanks," I replied dryly, holding the door for Moira as we left.

"You're in a sour mood for only working a half day," Moira observed as we walked to faculty parking.

"I'm in a foul mood because I'm not 'out', Moira. I suppose you expected me to swish and wear a dress at work."

"I have a gay brother, Taylor. I'd never think that of him." She frowned as we got to my car.

"I think it's been made perfectly clear that I'm not like him, Moira." I grumbled. I may have been intimidated Saturday, but I had had Sunday to work on a few calluses. I may have wanted her approval, but I didn't need it. "Regardless, we aren't 'married' and we couldn't even if we wanted to. You're my boyfriend's sister, and just the sister of my roommate here." Pulling open the door, I dropped in my day timer and cell.

Moira glared at me. "I came here to apologize, Taylor. Andrew made it clear you two are more than a passing thing, but I don't think I like the idea that you don't love him enough to be open and honest about it."

I slammed the door shut. "How the hell do you know how much I love him? I'm just his little woman who has him ass-whipped!"

Moira blinked. "You heard that?"

"I heard enough," I snarled. "And for your information, he cries out my name, not the other way around. I don't wear dresses and I don't need to be 'taken care of'."

"What you need is to get that chip off your shoulder before I smack it off." We glared at each other, neither backing down. Surprisingly, Moira was the one to concede first. "I'm sorry about over-stepping in the office. It never occurred to me that you wouldn't be out."

I shrugged. "That wasn't your fault. I didn't explain the situation very well on Saturday."

"I suppose I really didn't give you a chance." She stuck out her hand. "Hi, Taylor, I'm Moira."

I blinked. I couldn't be that easy. I looked at her, studying her face, and I could see Grace in there. I took her hand with the first smile I'd actually meant in the past three days. "Hi, Moira, I'm Taylor."

We shook and she let go. "You doing anything for lunch?"

"Yeah," I grinned, rolling my eyes, "I'm probably going to be eating humble-pie with my sister-in-law."

"Make that an order for two," she laughed.

"I really do love him, Moira." I shrugged. "This is still really new. I just need some time to figure out who I need to come out to and who can fuck off. May parents don't even know yet."


"I don't look forward to it." The conversation lulled as I tried not to think of all the horrible scenarios ahead of me. They wouldn't stop me, or make me doubt what Andrew and I had, but like having to see the dentist, I knew there would be some pain involved.

Moira shook me back to the present. "So, lunch?"

"You're buying."

Moira looked at me in mock offense. "Why?"

"Because I'm just a poor social worker and you're married to a lawyer," I laughed as I pulled open the door again.

"Oh, that makes sense," she agreed while moving around to the passenger seat, "but you're driving."