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The Conquered - Chapter 13: Fertile Fields

***** Taylor *****

It was impossible to be a successful training facility and only schedule clients every other hour. Most people worked days. That meant that your primary client load was at night. After three weeks, Andrew and Lee had to admit they couldn't man the desk and handle their clients after five pm. Hiring someone was out of the question, it wasn't in the budget. When the going got tough, the tough sat at the reception desk. I suppose that meant I was "tough".

It was just after six pm, Lee and Andrew were with clients, when a familiar face came through the door. Of course, no matter what he did the first thing anyone saw was the heavy sway in his shorts. Hose.

I smiled. "Hi, Frank."

He returned a restrained smile, but it seemed honest enough. "Hey, Taylor." His eyes scanned the room for a moment, pausing on Andrew, and then came back to me. "You're looking good."

I grinned. "Yeah, life's pretty good."

He nodded. "The place looks great."

"Thanks. It was a lot of hard work but I think it will be worth it." I watched him shift nervously. "You okay? Would you like some water?" After much debate, we had decided a water cooler was a good idea. It didn't stop the clients from buying bottles, but made offering a small "cool me down" a lot easier.

"Sure." He waited while I filled him a small cup and refilled mine. After taking a sip of his water, his eyes wandering back to Andrew infrequently, he looked down at the appointment book. "Does Andrew have any evening training slots open?"

I nodded, flipping open the book. "What are you looking for?"

"I want to compete in the Fire Fighter Fitness Contest next year. I could use some heavy training to get me up to spec."

I blinked up at him. I hadn't known he was a fireman. "Wow."

He smiled. "Yeah."

I checked over the schedule. "He has a slot every night, how many days a week are you looking at?"

"Two or Three? I was thinking about HITT, but thought I should talk with Andrew about that." He finished his water while I looked at the schedule.

"How about scheduling a consultation? He does a fitness assessment, goes over your goals and then comes up with a plan." I was certain Andrew could fit him in any night of the week.

"That'd be cool." He shifted from foot to foot for a moment and then seemed to make a decision. "Could you make one for Leon too? It's time that boy balanced himself out before he tips over."

I laughed, which caused Andrew, Lee and their clients to look our way. I noticed Frank and Andrew's eyes meet and then snap away. Oh boy, another "picked cherry". I rolled my eyes, which Frank caught.


I shrugged. "You don't have to worry about horn-dog. I've got him on a short leash."

Frank looked at me for a moment and I wasn't sure if he was going to get pissed. Instead, he put out his hand. "I never did congratulate you on doing what no one else could."

I took it, but I wasn't feeling all that accomplished. Even though Moira and I had come to an understanding, the demons and doubts had only grown. There was one thing "everyone else" could do that I couldn't. I snapped out of my thoughts and smiled. His sentiment was real. "He was worth the effort."

He let go and leaned in, looking a little less tense than before. "Do you guys have couple's programs?"

I thought about that one. It wasn't a bad idea. I smiled. "Why don't I schedule you two to come in for an assessment and I'll leave the programs to the trainers."

Frank nodded. "What time is open tomorrow?"

"Eight pm."

"We'll be there."

We got home after eight and Andrew went straight for the bedroom. He was drenched with sweat. I followed, taking a deep breath as we got up the stairs. God I loved the smell of Andrew fresh from the gym, especially when he hadn't showered. That musky, sweaty, funk of his was something I really got into. As he pulled off his shirt, I couldn't stop myself from sinking my face into his armpit while his hands were overhead. I had my mouth open, inhaling through both it and my nose as I pressed in.

"Oh fuck," he moaned as his arms came down, pinning my face there. My hands dug into his back muscles and gripped his chest. I started chewing. His dick lurched against me through his shorts. He was getting off on this as much as I was.

I sank my teeth into his pec, pulling and chewing on his nipple after he let me free from that intoxicating headlock he had me in. God I wanted to fuck. I wanted to feel all that muscle against me. His hands slid down my back, into my shorts and gripped my ass before he lifted me up his body and savaged my mouth. Those hands felt so good, I flexed against them, wanting him to grip me harder.

"You're turning into a little pig," he growled into my neck as he bit me.

Yeah, that's what I wanted. The soft, slow lovemaking was great but I wanted to know he really wanted me. I wanted it to be uninhibited, not careful and restrained. At that moment, I had him unrestrained, and I knew he loved it.

I squirmed against him, one hand gripping the back of his head while the other twisted at his nipple with a vengeance. His whole body jolted from my assault and his hand slipped, his fingers jamming into my cleft. The sensation was jarring, causing me to flinch for a second before I trembled. God it felt so good.

It took me a moment to realize he'd stopped. How could he fucking stop? I don't mean just his hand, but everything. I pulled away from his neck and he looked at me like a scared kid. I could have hit him as his fingers retreated from where I wanted them.

"I'm sorry."

I was stunned, pissed and hurt as he set me down. "Sorry? Sorry for what?"

Andrew looked away. "I shouldn't have done that."

"Why the fuck not!" I actually yelled it at him. He flinched. "I'm not some porcelain doll, Andrew. I'm not going to break!"

He wouldn't look at me, but I could see the bulge in his pants was retreating as quickly as he was inside. "I hurt you..."

"I DON'T CARE!" Fuck, I had tears in my eyes. I hadn't realized how desperate and needy I felt. I couldn't stop myself. "How long is this going to last, Andrew? You can't go the rest of your life never getting to top!" I choked, turning to sink down on the bed. Fuck, it wasn't his fault. "You deserve a guy who's man enough to give you that."

"What are you saying?" He sounded like I'd just ripped his heart out. I knew I could. For as big and strong as he was, I knew emotionally I could hurt him worse than he had ever hurt me.

God I felt so small. I hated feeling small. "I want to be your man, Andrew, not the little guy you love and protect. I want you to be able to get rough and enjoy it. I want you that way... I wanted it our first night, but I wasn't man enough." I looked back at him, feeling lost and scared. "I want you to fuck me, Andrew... and I don't know if we ever can. I can't stand the idea that I'm not man enough for you, and there is nothing I can do to change it."

***** Andrew *****

"... I'm not man enough for you, and there is nothing I can do to change it." The words echoed in my mind. Not man enough? Taylor was ten times the man I was. The lost, hurt look on his face made me feel like a shit. At that moment I realized we'd tap danced around this for weeks. I wanted to yell at him. Big deal if he couldn't take me. Jesus! I was fucking thick. There was less than 20% of the population who could even face the thick monster I had between my legs. Logically, he was right; I doubted if we ever could have a full sex life. If there was a way to make him accommodate me, I didn't know what it was. But logic at this point wouldn't help.

Finding an inner well of courage and a hefty dose of strength so I could keep my raging lust for him at bay, I called up every raw, sexy thing that had happened from the moment I got home, and realized that Taylor was as much into raw, hungry, hot sex as I was. No, we couldn't do an all out fuck fest, but damn, we sure could have some fun. He sat there, near tears, and I knew that my own fears were insignificant. My man was hurting and afraid. If anything else, I'd make sure he never felt like less than a man ever again.

Without giving him time to think, I grabbed him by his ass cheeks, hefted him from the bed, and mashed him against my hips, bringing my lips against his, molding his mouth to mine. I knew I was bruising our lips, but fuck it, it didn't matter. His moan was soft at first, muffled by the surprise. Before he could recover, I'd ripped his shirt off him, burying my face in his sweaty, salty pit, licking and chewing at him. My cock near burst from the freedom I was allowing myself, but I stamped it down. This was for Taylor, all about Taylor.

I pushed Taylor onto the bed, falling with him, giving him all my weight, grinding my throbbing, shorts covered cock into his leg. I grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled back, not too roughly, but not gently either. I buried my face in his neck, licking and chewing on his skin, taking a big bite of him, scissoring my teeth together, and grinding his flesh. I felt the tremor go through Taylor, heard him gasp my name. One of my hands grabbed both of his, lifting them over his head, pinning him to the bed, the other moved down and yanked his shorts down, then ripped his jock from him. I grabbed his balls, none too gently and took up all the excess space his scrotum had, cupping them in my hand and rubbing his testicles against my hairy belly. That's when I noticed how much he leaked. I released his neck, moving down his chest, nipping at his skin, downright biting into his tight, muscular body. When I got to his nipple, I latched on, chewing, suckling, biting, teasing, laving the hard nub, hearing Taylor whimper and gasp.

I grunted around his nipple, laving the nub between words. "You... love this... don't you? You... can't get... enough."

His response was a choked, "Andrew!"

If I had thought for a moment I was hurting him, I'd have stopped. But he had taken one of his legs, and wrapped it up over my waist, his ankle digging into my back. I let go of his balls, trailing my finger lower, letting my blunt-cut fingernail scrape against his perineum. For a moment, I thought Taylor would buck me off him, but he quickly melted under my hands and mouth again, letting me move from one nipple to the next. I was so fucking hot, finding myself grinding in a slow, hard movement against Taylor's leg. Just that simple pressure was better than most all out fucks that I'd ever had.

I moved my hand lower and lower, letting the pad of my index finger brush against his hole, waiting for that wince that killed me each time I saw it. But it never happened. If anything, Taylor began to buck his hips against my stomach, rubbing himself harder against my finger. I lifted off his chest, staring at the hot man beneath me, feeling all the love I ever felt for him fill me. I moved down to kiss his lips, taking them roughly. I had spotted his little puddle of excitement and dipped my finger in it before going back to his hole, smearing it around, amazed when he opened slightly, as if to suck me in.

I moved up often to take more of his precum as I continued to kiss him and me breathless. When his hole was practically dripping from his precum, I moved in, pressing slightly, feeling him pull my finger in almost to the first knuckle. I had let Taylor's hands go a long time before, but now, they closed around my shoulders and head, pulling me against him. I moved my finger so slowly, back and forth, and then pushed in a second. IHe was so warm, so tight, so velvety smooth, my cock begged for released, so it could go there. When Taylor bit into my lip, moaning loudly, I knew I'd hit my mark. I smiled against his mouth as I concentrated all my motions against his prostate.

I lifted on my elbow, so I could watch his face as I kept plunging into his ass, he cried out as I got a third finger in. My hand could just reach his nipple and I kept pinching it as his eyes locked on mine. Each time I'd hit his trigger, his eyes would cloud and his mouth would `O' around a deep, throaty moan. My cock throbbed painfully and I thought it'd split in half. I knew I'd be sore later, but I didn't care, my jock and his thigh were allowing me to ride good, and it felt damn great.

Time stood still for us, as my little pig slut rode my fingers. I was giving him this. It was me! I could do this for him! I was on cloud nine. When I felt his cock throb against my belly, I sped up on the fingering, watching his eyes cloud and his breath fail him. Before I knew it, his cock lurched and his eyes shut as he screamed out. Rope after thick, creamy rope leapt from his cock, coating my chest and belly. When his hole stopped clamping around my fingers, I slowly withdrew it.

I watched Taylor as his breath started to even out, I lowered and flicked his nipple a few times with my tongue, but I mostly just let him come down from that high. His mind was blown; he was gone for the night. My cock ached and I wanted to cum so damn bad, but it was okay. I rose over my man, curling his limp, sated body to mine and kissed his forehead, chuckling slightly.

"Not man enough for me? Bullshit."

***** Taylor *****

If it were anyone but Andrew, being so completely overpowered would have scared the shit out of me. This was Andrew. This was the man who needed me to hold him through the nightmares and who nearly died any time I winced. He was the man who loved me so fucking much that he'd nearly busted his own thick head trying to "save" me last week when a safety latch hadn't been set on the weights.

Oh fuck I wanted him. I half expected him to rip off his jock and try to take me again. The way he was throbbing and humping against my leg was driving me nuts. Instead, he did what I'd wanted before I'd thrown my stupid tantrum. No, he did a hell of a lot more.

Some of it hurt, but damn if I didn't want it. The teeth, the rough kisses, how he pinned me, helpless to his assault. God, how he opened me! There was no "are you sure" or "I'll be gentle". He knew my ass was his in any way I could give it to him. He had me, and everything he did felt so damn good.

God, those fingers. Those meaty, strong, demanding fingers of his. It was him in me; it was him fucking me with them. He didn't treat me like a broken doll or some little guy he had to be gentle with. He was taking me for all I could give. Somewhere, in the back of my brain, I knew I could let him take me because he wouldn't go too far. He'd promised he'd never hurt me again, and Andrew had never lied to me.

Maybe he had had ten, twenty, or fifty first fucks. Sure, maybe all of them had been able to handle the monster that I couldn't, but the man who had made them men came home to me. I had my own issues, my own demons to fight, but this was one I could let him fight for me. I don't think I'd ever cum so hard in my life. Even the first time Andrew had let me top hadn't been this intense.

Maybe that was it: the freedom of it. The ultimate trust and freedom to know I could hand over the reins to this man and he'd take me where I couldn't go on my own. I'd think about it later. Right now, I had the hottest man I'd ever known wrapped around me after fucking me through my first hands free blow. His hand, his tongue, his dick, it didn't matter if he had used his nose. It was him, my man, and God I loved him for it.

"Not man enough for me? Bullshit."

I'd have come back with a snarky remark, but I just felt too damn good. He could win this argument. I was too tired to put up a fight anyway.

I drifted asleep and dreamed of him fucking me. Long, hard, deep. This time the dream wasn't anxiety filled, didn't leave me with the dread that it was something I'd never be able to have. I didn't know how, but I knew that this wasn't a pipe dream. This was one of those dreams you held onto, like the image of winning a race, and you simply dedicated yourself to make it real. Somehow, someway, I'd get there. When I did, my man had better take his vitamins. I was going to be the best damn fuck he'd ever had.

I looked at the clock as I shuddered awake; it was only ten thirty. Andrew was breathing into my hair and was still wrapped around me. He usually was when I woke up. Sometimes it was because he needed to hold onto me through one of his nightmares. Sometimes it was to express his love. Sometimes it was that his body needed to confirm that he wasn't alone. This was definitely the love hold.

His thick, jock covered meat was pressed between my cheeks. His jock was still moist. Had he cum? I didn't think so, but he'd obviously dripped himself a flood. Then it dawned on me, he was pressed against my ass. He wasn't just against it, he was wedged up and the fabric was teasing my hole. Andrew never slept with me like that. He always pressed against my hip or my thigh. I trembled a little at the emotions that stirred in me. He wanted me too.

I flexed my ass and was rewarded with the feeling of him thickening. Even asleep, his body wanted me. Of course, I wanted him awake, asleep or dead. I couldn't take out that monster and give it the attention it deserved. Dreams or no, this was reality. However, that didn't mean I couldn't give him something he wanted.

Pulling from his gentle embrace, I smiled as he groped a little, rolling further into his belly while absently trying to figure out where his warm snuggle had gone. God that man had an ass; a big, meaty, hairy ass that I couldn't get enough of. I slid up his legs, bringing my nose to his hairy cleft, and I took a whiff. I almost moaned. He was musky and sweaty and it was like a drug. I kneaded his ass, pulling his cheeks apart, and I took another slow long inhale as I ran my nose through there. This was the smell of my man, of his deepest need. I flicked my tongue out and tasted it, savored it. I was hard and trembling. Ok, Andrew was right; I was just a little pig. I liked it raunchy and sweaty and rough.

Luckily, I'd fallen in love with a fully-grown, hairy swine. I don't think either of us was going to complain if we squealed a little more tonight. Andrew's ass flexed and his hips pressed up against my face as I licked at him again. Gripping his cheeks more firmly, I peeled them apart and thrust my tongue against his hole. I knew he loved his ass being worked. He loved to be fucked. That was something I could do just as well as anyone else. I could breed his ass and have him begging for a second round.

I knew Andrew was awake when he groaned and pressed against my invading tongue. "God, yeah..."

I slid my hand into his jock from behind, stretching it down as he pressed against my face, practically fucking himself against my tongue. I didn't want to take the time to pull it off him, but I didn't want him folded over. His monster leapt free of its cage and was at full attention in my hand as Andrew bucked a little.

"You fucking little pig." He gasped as I squeezed his balls and thrust my tongue back in.

I slid up him, pressing my shaft against his low back as I bit into his earlobe. "Yeah, you love that I'm a pig don't you."

His ass kind of humped up at the air. It missed me. I didn't plan to let it stay lonely long. "Oh yeah, I love pork."

I slid back, my dick trailing into his cleft, and his hole all but grabbed the head of my cock. I didn't even need to look. Reaching around him, I found those nipples that I loved to chew and I twisted them, yanking them down like anchor bolts while I thrust into him.

Andrew bucked and cried out. Damn he was a loud fuck. I was glad he'd convinced me to move into his place instead of him moving into my condo. At least with the house there weren't any shared walls for people to listen through.

He grunted a few times as I did several full strokes. I fucked him the way I wished he could fuck me, the way I'd want to take it. He started humping back against me as I found the right angle and began hitting his prostate.

"Oh fuck..." Andrew grunted with my thrusts. "You're my man, Taylor. You're all the man I need." I knew I wasn't anything close to the biggest he had. Thank God I wasn't small. At least I'd been given enough to really work him with.

I kept remembering how it felt with him biting and finger fucking me. How incredible it had been. I wanted him to feel as good. I kept scraping and twisting at his nipples and chest hair. I'm surprised I didn't tear the damn things off to be honest. Always before, when we made love, there was a kind of restraint to it. I think I worried about asking too much and he was scared to go too far. This time, I just went at it.

Andrew howled as I tried to yank his nipples to the mattress. He went with them as I plowed his ass, smashing against his prostate with abandon. Then he clamped down on me, and let out a long, pained, ecstatic "Fuuuuuuuuck..." He blew up against my hands, his chest, the sheets.

His legs just splayed out, his knees wide and his ass still hugging my cock. I wasn't done. I wasn't close to done. Damn if he hadn't thrown my switch earlier. I just braced my hands on his low back and kept thrusting. His body twitched from his release and the continued stimulation of my hitting his button over and over.

I think I kept it up for another fifteen minutes before I felt my balls tightening. My second blow always took forever. I don't think Andrew minded. He groaned, moaned, and told me how good a fuck I was. I leaned in planting my hands on either side of his torso as I tried to pick up the pace for the sprint home.

"One day this is going to be you, Andrew. One day I'm going to be the one on the mattress, telling you what an incredible fuck you are. I'm going to be the one gripping you and begging for you to flood my ass."

His breath came in short gasps. He was so close. I slammed in faster, driving as hard as I could. I could hardly find my voice through the panting.

"Have I ever let you down?"

"Nooooo..." he groaned, shaking his head a little against the pillow.

I had my chest against his back and I was thrusting with my last bit of will power. I was going to blow. "I promise, Andrew. I promise some day I'll be the one you're fucking. I swear."

I bit into his back as I blew. I think I was crying. His body was heaving and shuddering as I regained my senses. I slid out of him and he rolled onto his back. He must have blown a second time because his monster pulsed and drooled as he caught his breath. He pulled me to him, savaging my lips and throat.

"I love you, Andrew. I love you so fucking much."

I settled against his chest as his hands calmed and started to stroke me gently. After a moment, he began to chuckle. "I think I've created a monster."

I grinned into his chest, feeling one hundred percent man. "Nah, just one hungry little pig."

He pulled my face up, licking his lips as he grinned. "No, one hot pig; bacon. You know I can't resist the smell of bacon."

I smiled, feeling completely loved and desired. "Yeah, I know. We've got five pounds of it in the freezer."

He shook his head, his eyes glazed and sleepy. He kissed my hair as I settled back against his chest. "No. You're my bacon. Just you, Taylor... only you."

***** Andrew *****

At eight, Frank and Leon came into the gym. I wasn't worried about working with Leon, provided he'd listen for once. But Frank, Frank was a different matter. I'd fucked him raw, and I definitely knew that that wasn't some place he'd wanted to go. I'd fucked him into submission. I'd forced the issue. Before, I'd never have cared. Now, I had a hard time looking at him.

After pushing them through their paces, finding out where they were and what they hoped to gain, I sat them both down and gave them a schedule and routine, went over their diet, and offered some tips. Leon was a hard sell. He'd worked so hard on his chest that even his arms were out of proportion with the rest of him. "Leon, you need to work to balance out. Your legs, ass, belly, and arms are really lagging behind."

"I worked so hard on my chest."

I tried not to roll my eyes. "I know, but you need to give those pecs a break. We need to focus on the rest of you."

He acted like a spoiled child. Any moment I expected him to hold his breath until he turned blue. "Why do I have to back off on my chest?"

I'd explained it several times. Frank sat there with a smirk and a `here we go again' look. "By leaving your chest alone and focusing on other areas, we'll gain more muscle. We need to keep your chest where it's at, not add more with the rest."


"Leon! Listen to the man." Frank finally put in his two cents worth. Finally!

Leon sat and fidgeted for a moment. "Okay. For you."

This time I did roll my eyes. "Not for him. For you. Only for you. If you don't do this for yourself, there's no point in being here."

Leon looked at me with surprise and a big dose of respect before looking down at his shirt. He'd had to buy a size so large that he looked like he could breast-feed orphans in India, but he had no arms. "Okay. We'll do it your way. When do we start coach?"

I set them up with a plan to start working every other day for three weeks, then move it back to twice a week from that point out. We agreed that the next night at eight would be day one.

We started the next day. I didn't really need to work so much with Frank. He had a very specific goal; he just needed some work on pacing, technique, and scheduling. Leon took most of my time. Once he finished and I'd sent him off to the treadmill, I made my way over to where Frank was doing leg extensions.

"Thanks for coming over here. It means a lot, Frank." His smile was less guarded today, more open. "You've done a lot for us. Least I could do."

His words confused me. "You already had a great physique. I just pointed you in the right direction."

"It has nothing to do with my workouts. I meant that night you came over."

The energy drained out of me. I wasn't sure I wanted to talk about it. "Okay..."

"I didn't believe I could want it, you know?" I must have looked oddly at him because he shrugged before continuing. "I'd never bottomed before, but you knew that. For a while it fucked with my head pretty bad." I could imagine that. With a dick and body like his, he definitely wasn't used to being the one taken for a ride. "It gave Leon and I a lot to work through. Made me realize there was a lot more to us than just hot fucking." His eyes scanned over to Leon and he smiled the way I did when I thought of Taylor. "Made us stronger I think." He'd stopped his reps while he smiled at Leon as he ran on the treadmill. "So thanks."

Well hell. What was I supposed to say? "You're welcome?"

He laughed so hard that tears started to form in his eyes. "You're a riot."

I remembered what Frank was packing in his pants. He was thicker than me, and a good three inches longer. Without thinking, the words left my mouth. "Did you ever have a problem with a guy who was too small for you?"

I could have killed myself when I realized what I'd said. Frank took it in stride. "Leon couldn't even take me at first. I've had lots of those experiences. We worked it out though."


He rubbed his eyebrow. "Well, we used a lot of lube, a lot of fingering and rimming. When that didn't do it, well... we got some dildos. Within a few weeks, he could take me and the rest is history."

That gave me a lot to think about. After how badly I'd hurt Taylor, I'd never force the issue with Taylor. Hell, I wasn't even sure Taylor would be comfortable with toys, but I knew how badly he wanted it.

Frank looked from me to the front desk. Taylor was finishing up appointment calls and the daily accounting. "Similar problems I take it?"

Shit. Could I talk about this without asking Taylor? "Yeah," I sighed, still feeling a bit defeated over the whole situation. "He wants it so bad. I never thought I'd wish I was smaller."

Frank nodded, finishing his reps. "Yeah, I've had that thought more than once." He slid his legs out and straddled the seat. "It was harder on Leon that me, I think. He was scared I'd give up on him."

God, that sounded so familiar. "Yeah..."

"You'll get there. If a skinny ass like Leon can take me, that hot little man of yours can take you. It'll just take time." He got up and clapped me on the shoulder. "It's worth it."

"Thanks, Frank."

As Frank and Leon made their way to the bathrooms so they could shower and change, I stared over at the counter where Taylor was locking up the cash drawer and making notes on inventory. God, I loved that man. He really was everything I ever wanted, even before I knew what I wanted. I'd given myself to him in every way possible. He hadn't been able to do the same. I'd seen the looks he tried to hide. They were more frequent, more desperate. It was eating him alive.

After we'd locked up, the drive home was mostly silent because I was lost in thought. Once home, I took a long shower while Taylor read through some notes for a meeting he had with the staff at school the next day. Until I was involved with someone in the public school system, I'd always assumed that when the kids were out, the staff was too. Wrong. They worked half days in July and part of August, but they worked year round.

Taylor stripped off his clothes as I came out of the bathroom. My thoughts still centered on what Frank and I had discussed. As he crawled naked between the sheets, I knew that later wasn't an option for our conversation. I sat down on the bed beside him; naked as the day I was born.

"Sweetheart? I think we need to talk."

He looked up at me, smiling. "What about?"

Not sure how to begin, I fidgeted for a few seconds. "I was talking to Frank earlier..."

"Was it uncomfortable? Having to work with one of your fucks?"

My smile was quick but faded away. "No, it wasn't that. Frank's shorts don't lie. The man is huge, a hell of a lot bigger than me." I looked away for a minute, then stared straight into his eyes. "While we were talking during his workout, I remembered that and asked if he'd ever had problems..." I ran my fingers through my hair. This was hard. "If he'd ever been with someone who was too small to take him."

For a second, the walls seemed to come up and the Taylor I knew and loved pulled away from me. God, it hurt. "I see." He shut his eyes for a minute and I cursed myself for being selfish and a clod when it came to this shit. Then he opened his eyes and there was moisture there, pooling on his lids.

I reached out to touch him, placing my hand over his heart. I couldn't take the tears. "I love you, no matter what."

Taylor sniffed, holding back the tears with a strength that I always associated with him. "I want it so bad it hurts." I pulled him into my arms. I hated myself for making him feel bad. "Sweetheart, I'm fucking huge. Do you know how many times I wished I were normal sized? How many times I remember how badly I hurt you and hate myself for it?"

He pushed against my chest, angry. "I love you the way you are!"

I grinned at him, sheepishly. "I could say the same about you." I took his face in my hands and brushed my lips against his. "Don't you think it's time you let go and forgive yourself for being who you are?"

He rolled his eyes then punched me in the shoulder. "Yes, counselor, it is." He kissed me, brushing his lips against mine. "Provided you forgive yourself."

"That's a deal I can make." I stuck out my hand and he shook it.

"Good." We didn't let go, and my fingers made small circles against his wrist. He bit his lip and stared at me. "What was Frank's response?"

I chuckled and shifted so I could lean against the headboard and cuddle my man to me. "He and Leon used dildos to gradually get Leon up to taking Frank." He tensed under my arm, and I brushed my hand against his shoulder 'til he calmed. "It took time, a lot of patience, some serious lube, and a lot of love. They made it work." I looked down into his eyes, grinning widely. "That and some serious rimming. And I know you love when I chow down on your ass. You little sizzling piece of bacon!"

Taylor's grinned and blushed. Using my pet name for him did that every time. After a moment, he shifted. "Maybe I should ask Leon about it. Commiserate on how huge our men are."

"I'll come out the short end of that conversation."

Taylor laughed, pulling me down to meet his lips. "Thank, God. There has to be something about you that isn't the biggest there is."

"You like me big." I mumbled into his lips with a grin.

"Yeah... I'll like it better when I can get my fill of you." The lust in his voice had me humping against him.

After some long, drugging kisses, we moved to soft, slow, tender, powerful lovemaking. I hitched my hips up, so he could brace himself between my thighs as he slowly moved inside me. It wasn't my favorite position as far as sex went, but being able to see into his eyes, watch as he moved, made the connection of lovemaking more intense.

When we were spent and limp, I spooned my body behind his, wrapping both arms around him. I held him tight against me so he could know in some small way how much he meant to me, and how much I loved him. As we drifted off to sleep, I thought about how Taylor had said we needed to have friends to be a couple with. Now I knew what he meant. The little shit was always right.

***** Taylor *****

I slid up and down again, grunting and gasping as I worked at making this happen. I wanted to do it. I wanted to make myself a better lover. God I wanted to have Andrew fucking me.

How could something so frustrating feel so fucking good? I couldn't do this with Andrew around. It was too personal; too, well... it made me feel like I had sex-training wheels. I hadn't even been able to get my brain around it the first few times I'd tried. I finally decided if a big, butch guy like Leon could do it, so could I. How the fuck could a piece of silicon feel so damn good?

I had finally "graduated" to the seven incher. Not that I could take it all, but each dildo in the set Leon had helped me buy got progressively longer and thicker. Ok, so Leon bought it for me. I could barely bring myself to step foot in the adult toy story. Picking out and buying the shit was beyond me. Tonight had been my second time trying to get my ass to accept this size. I just couldn't get all the way down it. I'd actually cheated on my stepping up. I hadn't been able to take a complete dildo since the five incher. After that, I'd just gone down the shafts as far as I could. I found I really liked the thicker ones once I'd gotten used to them. I wished they were Andrew.

I was on a down stroke, really beginning to work up a sweat, when I heard the chirp from the alarm system. My eyes darted to the clock. It was only half past seven. Andrew had to close tonight. I was there, sitting at the edge of the bed, a seven inch dildo imbedded about five inches up my ass, as Andrew bounded up the stairs and into the bedroom, his face obscured by the shirt he was peeling off.

"Hey, babe, John's got the flu and Lee said he'd close tonight since Tyron's out of town." He got the shirt off, and his eyes met mine as he dropped his arms. "I was thinking..."

Was I blushing? If I wasn't I felt like my skin was on fire from the tip of my ears down past my nipples.


Oh? He walks in on his boyfriend, who can't bottom because his ass is too damn small, riding his way on a piece of plastic, and all he can say is, oh?

I wilted on the spot, and I dropped my eyes, wanting to curl in on myself, I noticed a distinct twitching bulge in Andrew's shorts. My eyes flashed back up to his, and he was smiling. Oh fuck, he looked at me with that look that always made me sweat. It was the look that before we'd gotten together would have had me running for the hills. Now all it did was fuel my desire to have him fucking me.

"How's it... going?"

I swallowed. "I'm up to the seven..." God, how humiliating. Why the fuck was he beginning to push down the leg of his shorts? Couldn't he see how this made me feel? I looked away.

Andrew dropped to his knee in front of me... his finger's stroking my cheek to make me look at him. "Do you want me to go?"

I didn't know what I wanted. Yes I did, and I couldn't have it. "I wish it was you..."

Andrew looked at me; his eyes were a quagmire of emotion. In all of it, though, the love in them was what kept me looking at him. Finally, he stood up, sliding off his shorts, and let that horse dick of his slap up against his hard, furry belly. I wanted it in me so bad. I watched in disbelief as he pushed me back, till I was flat against the bed and pinned under all the fur-covered muscle, and he whispered, "Okay," before kissing my shocked expression off my face.

His hand trailed down my body, slid past my confused but growing cock, and took hold of the base of the dildo. I shuddered as he pulled it out, slowly, gently, all the while kissing me as I moaned. He rolled off me, giving me a view of all that gym honed muscle, and my mouth watered for the one muscle I longed for more than all the others. Then he did something I'd never expected. It had never even occurred to me to think it. He braced the dildo on his abs and looked at me.

"Let me fuck you, Taylor. Let me be a part of it." His voice was so full of need and desire. How could I have thought he'd think less of me? Why was that demon still in my head?

I got up, straddling his waist, and braced myself on the slabs of his pecs. "I love you so much."

"I know."

I sat back, letting the thing enter me. I could feel it move slightly as Andrew breathed. It didn't feel so much like a tool. I had my eyes closed and I focused on letting it sink into me. That was the hard part. I had such a hard time relaxing into it.

He started breathing more forcefully, and suddenly the dildo seemed to lurch upwards. I gasped. My eyes snapped open and we locked gazes. He looked so serious, so controlled. I felt like the thing pulled back, and I looked down. He had sucked in his abs, pulling them toward his spine, and the dildo was going with them. Then, as it got to my ring, he inhaled again, and his abs rose, thrusting the fake cock into me, this time a little deeper.

I stared at him, realizing I was rock hard. He did me again, and I groaned.

"You're so damn tight, Taylor. So fucking hot."

If I weren't so wired, I would have laughed. It sounded like phone sex. I looked in his eyes and realized he meant ever word. That caused me to shudder, and the dildo sank a bit deeper.

"Yeah baby, take me... I know you can do it. You're my man... you're my hot, tight stud." He thrust into me again, and I think now I had a full six inches. It didn't hurt. Every time before, when I'd tried to go beyond five, the strain was too distracting. I didn't feel the strain at all... only the sensation of Andrew's muscles between my thighs and his hands roaming over my body.

He flexed his abs again, his fingers finding my nipples and twisting them. I cried out, clawing at his chest and losing myself in the added stimulation. Then he stopped. His fingers rolled my nipples more gently and he just breathed slow and controlled. At first I thought he stopped, but then I realized I felt fur against my ass and balls.

"I'm all the way in, baby. You took me in only five strokes."

I couldn't stop the smile that lit my face. I felt like I'd just won a marathon. It was stupid, but I was so proud of myself I wanted to yell. Andrew smiled at me, love burning from his eyes. "We're going to get there, Taylor. It won't be long before you'll have all of me... not just my ass and my mouth and my heart... you'll own all of it."

I don't think I could have loved him any more than I did at that moment. He'd taken something that had been a sign of weakness, and made it into a badge of honor. I leaned forward, letting the hard won inches slide out as I kissed him. "Fuck me, Andrew. Fuck me like you mean it."

He fucked me all right. He had that dildo slamming up into me with abandon. All I could do was grip onto his chest and enjoy the ride. Oh God did I enjoy it. I'd never cum with a dildo up my ass before. I'd cum with him rimming me and with Andrew's fingers massaging my prostrate into submission, but never with a dildo. At some point, I know I cried out and blew, but I just kept riding. I wanted more. Andrew gave me more. He "fucked" me through two orgasms and then let me pull off and service the real thing. I hardly had him to the back of my throat before he was bellowing my name and blasting his salty essence down my throat.

I crawled back up him; the dildo discarded at some point, and shared some of his cum with him. He loved that. He loved the taste of cum. Andrew moaned into my mouth while his fingers traced down my flanks, over my hips, and found my now much looser hole. I trembled as he slipped a finger effortlessly in.

"Keep that up, and I'm going to need another round," I whimpered into his neck as he slid a second finger in and gently brushed at my button.

Andrew chuckled. "You're my hot, sizzling pack of Bacon, you know that?"

I still couldn't believe he'd come up with such a nickname for me. What I really couldn't believe was that it had stuck. Hell, even a couple of our closest friends had begun to call me that in private. Ok, so I was a little sex-pig. With a stud like Andrew as your lover, you would have been too.

"Oink," I mumbled into his neck as his fingers kept reminding me of just how much I loved to have him doing anything to my ass.

He tilted my sleepy head up and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Oink, oink." Yeah, I may have been his bacon, but Andrew was a full-fledged hog.

***** Andrew *****

I stayed awake for a long time after, holding Taylor to me. Watching him squat on that dildo had turned me so on. The look of mortification cut me deeply. He shouldn't have felt that way, it was hot to watch him, but it was even hotter to play a part in it. His hot body rode against my belly and the look of wonder on his face almost had me losing it several times. I loved him so much, and just being able to be a part of his stretching had been more satisfying than any of the previous asses I'd fucked.

When we began this whole process of starting to make him ready for me, I seriously doubted if it would work. Hell, my cock was huge. I'd always taken pride in it before, but when I had hurt Taylor, I had wished with all my might for a more normal sized one. As Taylor snuffled and burrowed deeper against my chest, my cock started to plump up. I looked over to the bedside table, to look at what he'd had inside him. It was an inch shorter and about an inch smaller in circumference than I was. Soon. Very soon.

I had told him the truth all those months ago. If he were never able to take me, it would have been okay. Taylor knew how to fuck me into nirvana. His cock in my mouth or my ass was all I ever needed. Hell, the few nights we'd simply lain in each other's arms, stroking each other slowly while kissing, were so much better than all the previous sex I'd had. But now that it might actually happen, I had to admit I was looking forward to it. Even though the memories ended so badly, I could still remember how wonderful it had felt to be inside Taylor. He was mine in every way but that one. God, I was trembling and shuddering with it.

Without thinking, I rolled us over so I could pin Taylor to the bed, biting into the back of his neck as I moved my fingers to his ass, parting him, slicking against him. He moaned hard and clamped my fingers as I pushed into him. My little bacon was a pig slut and he loved it. Without stopping, I pulsed my fingers, stroking his prostate until he was talking so filthy and raunchy; I almost came against his back.

When he'd clamped against my fingers, soaking the sheets, I pulled away, breathing hard, flipping him over and sitting him against my belly, so my cock rested in his ass crack. He looked in my eyes, grinning devilishly at me as he rode my shaft, squeezing it between the two mounds of his ass. That's when I started the filthy talk.

"Ride my cock, bacon. Make me cum."

He moved fast against me, riding me hard, slamming my balls with his ass. God! I loved it. Within moments, I was shooting my spunk against his back, almost up to his neck. I pulled him down roughly, taking his lips with mine.

When we'd both calmed, I looked in his eyes. "Soon, Taylor. Real soon."

He looked sheepishly at me. "We could try..."

I put my fingers over his lips. "Not yet. Not until you're able to take the last one. But I want to be there with you. I don't ever want to not be a part of you."

His eyes gleamed. "God, I love you so fucking much."

I chuckled as I drifted asleep. "Ditto, Bacon. Ditto."

***** Taylor *****

Fuck, I'd wanted to just tip him back and try. I honestly think I could have done it. Maybe not all the way, but I could have taken him a few inches down, maybe even half way. We'd tried that, the second time, and it hadn't worked. Andrew wasn't ready. He'd been damaged more by what had happened than I had. It had damaged his confidence, his identity, and his ideas of sex.

Ok, maybe I wasn't being honest about how badly I needed to have him in me. I did need him in me. I needed to be that for the man I loved. I needed to have him going where no one, ever, had gone. I needed to be able to give myself to him in every way imaginable. I needed to be his bottom. Not always, not every time, but I needed it. I needed it as surely as he needed me to be it as well.

Andrew honestly thought he could go without being a full Top with me. It would have been ok, for a while, but the inequity of it would slowly erode what we had. He wouldn't have wanted it to. He would have denied that anything was wrong, but eventually, it would affect us away from the bedroom. We'd express it in other inequities, other areas where we couldn't fulfill one another. In the end, we'd have failed as a couple because we had tried to ignore the basics.

We didn't have to split things 50/50. No marriage was like that. I stopped when that thought came up. I looked at my sleeping lover. If I had fallen in love with a woman, I'd have proposed. If I'd been a woman, Andrew would have proposed. This wasn't just two guys who found they had a couple things in common and had great sex. We'd been through too much, personally and professionally, together to be anything less than forever.

Forever. I had a man in my life for life. How the hell had that happened? It was only a matter of time before I'd enjoy the final step in our physical intimacy. It was no longer an eventual thing. We didn't have much further to go. Did we have any further to go emotionally? Were there any other barriers we had to cross to make "us" permanent? As Andrew pulled me closer, holding me to him possessively, I knew he owned me. I wasn't available. I was taken and I wanted a way to express it.

I didn't need a wedding, or some publicly acknowledged piece of paper. I needed something, no matter how small, that I could use to symbolize my commitment, my status as a committed man. I went to sleep dreaming about us, and wondering how to best express it.

***** Andrew *****

The next day at work, any time I even so much as thought about the previous night, I got so damn hard it ached. After a while, I finally gave up and simply pulled the monster up and pinned it under the strap of my jock and pulled my tee out to cover it. It was no use; I would to remain hard period until I saw Taylor again. Just the memory of watching him ride against my belly had me trembling with desire. It was so fucking hot to see him adjust then find pleasure. It filled me with such hope that I didn't even shower before going home.

When I got home, Taylor was cooking dinner. I made it into the shower and gave myself a quick but thorough wash before I got out, grabbed a few items then headed bare assed into the kitchen. Watching Taylor bend down to put something into the oven stole my breath and made my mouth dry. Before he'd even stood up, I was crossing the room and picking him up, slinging him over my shoulder only to carry him outside. Once on the deck, I sat him down and pulled off his shirt and practically ripped his shorts and briefs off him. His eyes were big and round, but I knew it wasn't fear. He wasn't afraid of me anymore, and now I finally believed it myself.

I picked him up in my arms and set him inside the hot tub before climbing in myself. Once seated, I grabbed Taylor's arms and pulled him to me, kissing him deeply before pulling away and smiling at him. "Hello, sweetheart."

His chuckle was hoarse and he looked like he could explode at any moment. "Hi, yourself."

I pulled him so he stood on either side of my hips on the bench seat and took him in my mouth, devouring him. While my mouth was busy, my fingers explored his hole, which twitched around my fingers. His fingers clamped in my hair and I heard him gasping as I moved on him. When I had two fingers inside him, twisting around, I pulled off his cock and watched his face grow taut with need. God he turned me on so much!

When he backed off my fingers, I knew that I'd pushed him almost over the edge. I let him kneel down in the water and play with me for a bit. The way he stroked me, moved his fingers around me had me moaning deep. After a few heavenly minutes, I reached over to the bench outside the tub and grabbed the seven-inch dildo we'd used the previous night. I had seriously thought about getting the larger one, but I wanted to make sure he could take this one without any problems before going bigger.

I stopped his hand and stood, letting my hard, drooling cock brush against his body and catch under his chin. When he made a move to take me in his mouth, I twisted away. I pulled him out of the tub and moved to the chaise lounge, lying back and pulling Taylor on top of me. Last night had been about raunchy, dirty fun. Tonight I wanted something slow and sweet. I wanted Taylor to take all of the dildo, while I looked in his eyes, letting him see how much I loved him.

With Taylor sprawled on top of me, I took the plastic and toyed with his hole for a bit, feeling him squirm as he bit into my chest. After a quick slather of lube, I pressed it against him and pushed him so he was sitting up, like the night before. When he'd slid down on the thing in a loud, achingly sweet moan, I let him ride for a bit until he was comfortable. When he started moving hard and fast, I flipped us over, so he was lying under me. I had to do some creative holding of the dildo, but I had him firmly, his knees pressed to his chest, my cock riding against his tailbone. When he whimpered I looked in his eyes, but saw nothing but absolute giddy satisfaction. I moved. I started slow, staring in his eyes as I rocked into him. Between his own grunts and my deep moans, we were a loud, undulating mass of turned on men.

"That's it baby, take me, all of me."

"Fuck me Andrew!"

"You're so tight, so hot, so wonderful."

Feeling him shake as his legs and arms wrapped around me and my own cock, wedged between the smooth skin of his back and the fabric of the chair cushions, I was about ready to blow. No matter what, I refused to stop moving, I refused to stop pounding into him. At that moment I realized how badly he needed this. He needed to give me all of himself the way I'd been able to give all of myself. Damn, I felt like a fool. This man was so much a part of me.

"I love you Taylor. I fucking love you!"

His body tightened up, and all he did was growl and claw at my back. "Ride my cock. Make me cum, bacon."

When his body arched and he cried out, I kept moving my cock between his back and the chair and blew hard, crying out before collapsing against Taylor. I knew I was too heavy on him, especially when he squirmed his legs and allowed me to collapse against his belly, causing his cum to squelch into my chest and belly hair. The heady scent filled my nostrils as I kissed him.

"Hello, dear. How was your day?"

We both laughed for a long time before going in and having dinner.

***** Taylor *****

My ass still twitched as we walked the mall. It was all I could do not to slide my arm around Andrew's waist and lean in as we walked. He'd "fucked" me every night this week, and even did me this morning before carrying my limp, sated body into the shower. After the second time, I'd gone out and bought a strap on. Damn but my man could fuck. I think I liked it best when he pinned me to the bed, like he had our tragic first time, and he fucked me through two brain-melting orgasms. I also liked the feel of the real him sliding beside my shaft on the bed while that torturous plastic stretched me to within an inch of my life.

"So, why are we here again?" Andrew hated the mall. He was one of those rare gay men who actually hated shopping. In fact, he would have been the perfect candidate for the "Queer Eye" crew, if he hadn't been gay.

"Your sister's birthday?" I grinned at him, arching an eyebrow in mock superiority. He growled.

"Yeah, yeah, you're a freak. I think you've memorized the birthdays and anniversaries of every relative and friend."

I laughed as we turned towards the jewelry stores. "And every coworker's and client's."



"Monkey boy."


Andrew suddenly yanked me into a side access between the shops and crushed me up against him as he captured my started cry with his mouth. His hands firmly gripped my ass and working the fabric between my cheeks. I squirmed against him, boning up before I could even think. If he kept that up, we'd be fucking at the mall. That would have been all wrong. I gasped as he pulled from my lips and leaned in, chewing on my ear.

"You're the little pig in this relationship, Bacon." His voice was hot and low in my ear, and it took me a moment to realize I was actually humping against his leg. Damn, him. The fucker could start my motor without even breaking a sweat. I slid out of his hands and adjusted myself as he chuckled.


It was his turn to arch an eyebrow at me before we stepped back into the concourse. I sighed, shaking my head, and let him win the argument. If we argued like that any more, I wouldn't have been fit to be seen in public.

We spent nearly an hour in the jewelry store trying to find the perfect gift for Moira's twenty-fifth birthday. Andrew hated shopping, but when he did he made sure he got exactly what he wanted. I found myself distracted by all the ways someone could express love and commitment in jewelry. I didn't want wedding rings. To me the things were impractical. With all the weight training and yard work, Andrew would never be able to keep the thing on. He was adamant with his clients, male and female, about removing their rings before working with weights. He'd had had a client, when he first became a trainer, actually crush a ring once using heavy weights. It had to be cut off the man's hand.

For my own part, wearing a wedding band would raise the questions of "are you married", "what's your wife's name", and such. I had determined I wouldn't hide, or lie about our relationship, but I also didn't want to wear a badge that said "bisexual man in a gay relationship." It was a dilemma I hadn't resolved, either for "coming out" or for how to express our relationship symbolically.

Andrew settled on a beautiful pendant and earring set for Moira. Being the satisfied "hunter," Andrew was now willing to indulge my more "gatherer" tendencies and wander the mall without complaint. We hit a few shops, stopping by my favorite men's clothing store. It had the largest selection of smaller men's suits and dress clothes in town. I loved the fact that I didn't have to wander near the "boys" section to find suits. Andrew still grimaced at the truly hideous ties I'd purchased, as we came up on one of those body jewelry, trendy, piercing shops. The idea hit me, and I turned to my man.

"What would you think about my getting an earring?"

Andrew blinked. "What?"

"An earring, Andrew... You know a gold hoop or something?"

He looked at me for a moment. "Are you allowed to wear one?"

I nodded, looking back at all the dramatic body jewelry on display in the window. "Yeah. The issue of earrings and body jewelry was settled a few years ago. I can have earrings if I want. I bet it would piss off the Principal something fierce." I grinned. "Which would just be a bonus."

Andrew grinned. He'd met Principal Harris at one of the athletic events we attended, and he hadn't been impressed. "As tempting as that sounds, why?"

I shrugged, feeling a little nervous. "I don't want to stand naked on the rooftops waving a rainbow flag and declaring I'm in love with a man." I'd dropped my voice, but I knew he could hear me over the ambient noise of the mall. "I just want something that I know means 'committed', 'taken', and loved by a good man."

When I looked back up at Andrew, I swear his eyes were moist. "You mean that?"

I smiled, resisting the urge to kiss that big-hearted guy right there in the mall. "Yeah, I do."

With his hand on my shoulder, he spun me about and gave me a little push towards the door. "Ok, let's do it."

Thirty minutes later, we stood in the food court grinning like idiots. I felt like a seven-year-old who'd just gotten away with something. The slight stinging of my left earlobe was almost as satisfying as the ache in my ass after being fucked. I laughed as Andrew flinched as his muscle shirt shifted. The protruding bulge under the shirt made me smile and roll my eyes.

"Why did you choose a nipple piercing?" Not that the technician or I had minded when Andrew peeled off his shirt for the procedure. That girl would have been so disappointed to know Andrew played for the other team.

I swear he blushed, but he grinned past it and leaned down. "Because it's closer to my heart."

I melted. At that moment there wasn't anyone else in the world. I didn't realize we were kissing until we were interrupted by an amused, familiar voice.

"Ok, ok, get a room guys."

I snapped my head back and saw Becca grinning at us with raised eyebrows. A few other people stared for a moment, before diverting their attention. I think I was red all the way to my toes. It was then I saw Larry's dumfounded look. Shit.

"Um." I slid out of Andrew's arms, but I found my hand in his as I tried to face my surprise like a man. "I guess we got a little carried away."

Larry shifted uncomfortably, apparently unable to come up with something to say. I think what held him there, instead of spout off at the fags and leaving, was that I was one of his closest friends. As upsetting as our little scene was to him, Larry couldn't just abandon a friendship. He really had a big heart.

Becca ignored the obvious discomfort of the situation and smirked. "I've seen a lot of kisses, guys, and that one was definitely not one of the run-of-the-mill variety kisses. What's up? One of you pregnant?"

Andrew laughed first, stepping behind me and wrapping his arms possessively around my neck. I sank into him, hoping that warm safe feeling I always felt when he held me would hold back the increasing sense of dread I felt under Larry's uncomfortable gaze. Not that he looked at me. He looked at anything but me while still looking in my direction.

"No, but not for the lack of trying." Andrew squeezed me as he said it.

Ok, now I was ready to disappear. It was one thing to get caught by my friends while I kissed my man. It was another to have it declared that we fucked like bunnies every night.

Becca was a hound dog when she scented something was happening that she wasn't a part of. Her eyes narrowed and she frowned. "Taylor, when did you get an earring?"

I couldn't stop my embarrassed grin. "About a half hour ago."

"Oh you little shit. That's what that kiss was!"

Becca came over and pulled me into a hug. Larry looked confused. She eyed Andrew, her gaze trailing down `til she got to the bandaged lump under his shirt.

"You didn't."

Andrew grinned. "I didn't want an earring."

Becca rolled her eyes. "Marriage piercings, what will they think of next?"

Larry coughing, touched Becca's arm and she looked at her watch. "Damn. We have to meet Kate and Bart for lunch." She rolled her eyes. Becca had never been fond of her sister-in-law, but I knew she loved her brother. "Congratulations guys, and really... get a room."

I stood there, a bit stunned, as Becca and Larry walked to the escalators. Becca's animated gestures made it clear she was still excited and delighted. It was Larry's posture, movements, expressions, that had me worrying about Monday.

"What just happened?"

Andrew shrugged and pulled me into walking again. "I think you just came out, babe."

I sighed. I'd planned on it. I refused to hide the most important thing in my life. Finally I grinned. Life wasn't fair. That is what I always told my kids. It was time to take my own advice and put it to good use. Andrew caught my look and raised an eyebrow. I smiled.

"I'm just wondering if the mall is having a sale on rainbow flags."

He laughed, and took me home.

Monday I couldn't bring myself to go in early and swim. I ran at the house instead. I found myself wondering when the hammer would fall the entire day. All that happened were the reactions to my earring. As predicted, Principal Harris was none too pleased. I commented on the fact that I was flattered that my choices of personal adornment were so important to him as to merit an office visit, and then went on to ask if he was flirting with me. Suffice to say, he left in a fit of indignation, and I smiled for the rest of the afternoon.

I sat on the bleachers, munching on some chicken salad, when Larry started climbing up my direction. I hadn't realized how much dread I would feel with the prospect of losing a friend. I decided it was best to act like nothing was different, and just kept eating.

He sat down, looking out at the field, and opened his cooler. After a moment of silence, he held out a can. "Diet Ginger Ale?"

I grinned, taking the can as a peace offering. "Thanks."

We sat there, chewing quietly and stared out at the football field.

"Can I ask you something?"

I shrugged. "Sure."

"You really gay?"

I was proud of myself. I didn't even blink. "I suppose there's no point in arguing bisexuality. I met Andrew, fell in love, moved in, and made the commitment. I guess that makes me as gay as they come."

"I never imagined you were a fag."

I looked at him, my eyes narrowing. "You know Larry, I don't call you a -breeder- so I think you can drop the fag shit. Call me that again and you won't have to worry about what my boyfriend will do, I'll kick your ass myself."

He nearly spit his drink, a smile creeping across his face. "Cool."

I looked back out at the field. "I'm really no different than I was before, Larry. Well, okay, I am... I'm happier now and I'm not alone."

He shrugged. "That, and with all the time you're spending at the gym, I think you might have a chance of kicking my ass." He chuckled, and looked at his sandwich. "You can kick it any time you think you can, just don't grab it, okay?"

I laughed. "No worries there. Not my type. You're a terminal top, Larry, even for a straight guy."

Larry stared at me, mouth open and sandwich half chewed. I decided I'd given him enough to think about for one day. Okay, maybe just one more thing. I stood up, grabbed my stuff and wiggled my eyebrows before heading for the stairs.

"Yeah, I make my man squeal like a pig and beg for more." With a swagger in my step, I started down the bleachers. "I only get into real men, Larry, and that means he can take as well as he can give."

I left Larry to chew on that for a while. I wasn't about to apologize for who I was or my choices. I never had to before. If Andrew were a girl, Larry would have been all about knowing how loud she called out my name during sex and whether she liked it rough. He was just going to have to get used to it. I wasn't likely to change any time soon.